The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 18, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1927
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

NIQITGOES TO LOCALS Independence ik Defeatjfl Here 26 It 9 24J'in Fray Which IS SJow at VirtiiMiy mes ad e Ibla Junioi' ecrs defeat* d on the local «:|jurt 26 to 24, anl fifth place jr ior; College! t ainfefence in gamewhidi vas glow virtuja |ly at:ali tim|iS| was' tiireo miiujtes. K-aja th 'en| liL-ndi'iico cou'ni Wfrit iiito a until ik-arly lialj'. Indpi j)()iiils ht'fon coiinTinr two tin II lUlll'pC'U src re Ivas lu at tlic llikr. :{otli tcaiiiK ill |tlie"'last lAd uii.j j In Co All lege basket- Ijidependence •last nigii^, anqed, ^into kansasj Jian- Baker university ililycd a.jiblflar defensive BMnieljefe last niRlill a defeated Kansas Halina 2:i tu 9 fcrence '(t'•'^u^ Id iVesli'Vtin fnjm In I a' kaiisas toh- Islowly and before In^ci KID EASTER TO FIGHT IN SECOND Bdu[r j Efforts Are BeinR Mad^ To Find Opponent foii, Chanute Boxer; ' Two Other Bouts. - Jack Delancy Maloney in Perfect Condition for Bigr Battle ich it retaliifctl i Tohlght. a ^ee throw ajiijl wh clofse of the iUx lijni.- ( scored Six counted. loli the! field aii I pvjved and t^i; or the' visitor > ;.ffo|u encf icj. « .sbowi d imi)rovenujn,t hiilt. ai (I scoring pepr l4 MiJl eight niiiii uies ofiplay ij'ridili counted a liilld Matin aiided Jwo f"''a lead, but Iiir 'Jim ili'Pen <r <!iii.-o, c- iiiio- liadk 5w( L 'ai .points of III- dosed, i Hd m score, an<l I ij^h jfor I till.': IdcalHl ifouf lit Id Rot^lsj M>lii today witl .Xe,w York. PH.. IS. (.U')-l- Kapler fsfs iiii ).hick nrhiney. niastir li»;lit hc -uv.vwelirht :ind the Itluilifeeii strokes oi* .lliii Muloiiey, lloston irismt. uiilmix tonltriit at .MtKlKtm Square (isii;- deii. The flRht will he t«ii rounds. Hoth fiithters are reported In perH'ift 'eoiKllllon. Wei(,'now that -Jack Oclaney. tli Johnny Wagner of Ft and Floyd.IJ'ower.s of G and Jilhl^''" tiie main b [the Aniepcan Legion show at Memorial Hall, day, March 1. This was assured todny the .niaiiuf;enienl'-''or the UiKlil wired Sam Kraiii.-r. e loiala before tjie fiionk countk'd flvd from tho fiqid and' ileckert scoi'k.-ii im for flrBl standings. Ft;. FT. io take I'arsbijs riiito camp iJ'ri lay. I I'arsjjiiiKiis he other teain |%vhlcli Itila hits defe ited thU yciij |anit Is at prwefit " ipla^'e In coiif" ! TI M - box SCI 1 Ijila (nn il:u|Kcr, f.- ; : JFrnnk. f. ! jMajin. (Cf c.i' ! .Mi-uzici t;.; c.^ .Meffon, B. - Clojpiite, K. 41 i 4ota ;is i I idpndc. dM) i Kmll, r.- / i Fairell.: f. I l-'a; tiiiati. f. 1 Vaoghn, f. 1 lie kert. c. j.Sailrlefs. g. I lloifniiin. g. Totals --: llcferce—llciiiken.l The jPresb>|t<.'i|iat\s] Mi-thodiists a 'third PRESBIES IN WIN ' FRdM M. E. FIVE year, junior odists The in the high schoo* gVm. The Meth- Wicre nol ilaying up to (orin. jllrst half clos last half the ni'cans pla> etf Inst ekil lo came -l^'ack sti'ojig. This ntakcs ond the series of games Methodists Won that tournament must bii b.jtwcen of therfi gusly planned, only jvill be played U nd WO ofithes^ will rec the visitors preparatloliiK Sco^t I licagoj; )iit j.f l|p.\iiig tues- heavyweight. <-lianipi(>n. aiijl .Maloney, the lioston Jglanl. ai I rc/iLjiled ill pel feci condition fn ;lthe ibig battle tonight in .Madiso^i S<|uare garden, better slip on yoi; overcoat and slip down to 1 I K - 'Kerf- istei' office. • Jtist walk In and iii:ik<r yoiirsejf at home. Tlu> Iteglster liiiagin it wi.I be prelly ^ehilly toiilKlll spite the fiKt* tbaj the sun has b!'( ii peejiinc out. so lliere will be plen y of heat emerging from the of file riidlators. Fans ill Miidisoii Sifuare Cardi may got a little cblily wuichli 'i' Hie fight, bill It Is assure llil ig I will not. if you attend the UegH .} ler's fight party. I J l Anhimncing.of the fight will i, I gin promptly :it S o'clock. Coin j, 'down early and get a reserved p »-: _].!sitlon. VoiVll have to los.'ive 11 jj i yourself. I however, as, the Iteglst j I just can't play favorites. 1 !ni:ihager. that tiieijwo will i Itlie reiiiiiifd weight; winnc • lake iafl. ! The date luis been deflnit'ly sei : 'at .Man;h.l. wiili th.- .-^ign IM '>( \ j these two men. ' | Kansas Kid Kasier -ol" (; u.iiiil' , ' will be one ol ilit' principal.' in an, jei"1>t rce-d bout wl):i!i will bo <li.• jjonii-wlndiip of the fight cii (1. Ef-' il;i:t»' 111 I' now being, tiiadi.' lo'find siiilabli' opponent I'oi bin . Two good proliinin;i: ies will J ! M- l';i!cn*cd with local.boxers m il: • card, the figlil• liianagi-im nl -iaid. Tickets will bi- pla'c -d , oi s.ile V. thin a slior'i lime. ' I n 1 iH-1 Ottawa V. I handcU- defeat of night in ed 7 to 7, but .Presbytcriahs viclory'o the Presbyteriaiis [the team win ler of the seci i bis year while he first. Thi!^ these wto teainsi re gpmes as preyi-| .three game.'^ |the winner of live'the cup. TRACK CAPTAINS ARE SELECTE Track captains for the vario classes comiieting in the inter-el;i nil el wei-e chosen at the hi nc\ ool today. ' Roiini of the mei to lie entered by lola were meritiofi- ed 'at the meeting. The sophomores elected Myr in Funk who made a very mod reeo d while in junior high.' William Dojn- aldson was elected to^ captain I junior hope.s. BarlnTj stUr Ira man of lola. was chosen as cajitdin for the seniors. Abbiit fifty boj attcnileil the track meeilng. Tola plans t^o enter the state inii- fation meet at Lawrence April 5. This probably will be the i flist meet in which Srott: will ent^r I is men. Other meets to be enter-d are Haker Relays. TrpClty. Courjty and Ft. Scotr Dual meet. ._ •. T'liiver.sity . College. I.,ond< which Is abolit to celebrate the o hundredth anniversary of its foun|rl- ing. was the first' institution of kind in the world to offer educli tion without consideration of daijs. race, sex or creed. Fandom Wants Facts TUKVEIl ill thri **• j jivill ihjiiiing camp, news nxii-J! Welcome than The ba.-teball jfans! up] iiii scandal ••'"11 '.s afler a long •lit. iilleil'nith things lhajl > d this year, have been f s wjfll as the pol They are eagi |of tlijcigam change of Idict seball fact.^ arii what fandojii' crAvi copt ah gam*, jliwcvcr. ba Heball enthusiasjs ore ^mincnll.vfiir. themj remain \oy catisi^ they feel i Imli idual. no i^att Star he may be. hope TJjey Ce^ \i /^iETTING $50,1 V jplaying 154 iga:n lotjipr 'money-. • P^r.sonally. tl }n>t> hft cry of baseM 11! winter of di |S-; many uiiplea:s^, idn't help the; A majority of aj t» the game be- igger than tf e liQW great a E )laggerated Figures A I^TKK the ! caiulal had beein *V straightened out. I was hopefi 1 (hat some real f: cts would take tlte place of. aUege<l < TOO cedness. The signing of JTy Cobb and Speaker, (he in omeht they "were cleaijert of thei ha/ges of having Ihro^vn a ball, gtmc. became paramount to tiie scandjEl 1 issue. Ha.ving been hai ded a lot bii ik during th< w nter, I am iik. rlitied to think t lat Tew of the faus lodklthe salai^yjc ues ion relative tp Cotib and'Spwaise : se-iously. i ^peaker'ia. rjeiiortsd to have r^- leVyed JaO.OOO? fotj ligning a. con- r^ci with Washkng on. Cobb was Brit said to <iaVe, r ?ceived 575.000 fot putting his signature to a Phil4-_^ . leiphia-sontractr The figure wa !s| latler changed ip| $6().OpO. SQUAl TOKCMEET A. W. Buton of Moidn Tik Scl c^ol Record [High Jump—Will Ent(TlK.C.A.C. Meet. I rack paiiy sas (;j tvhicli .M.iipiatlaii. teen iiieiiiber and fiiild Coach :^ly Athl will Kans.. Feb. |16. « f the Kansas S squad will accjim- iachman 16 tho Kajn- 'ti,c Club indoor n LC I like place in: Conye!"- Iion! hail in Kansas City Saturllity. i K -an:ias Sta j none too brid liti. although at cut it is diff c^It tu cstimui ireijgth of tl "Tvii-^ ;i ii;iri:y evenicu; ;il lii tr nbl 1 l.irvunl's Mills .•-f;ij:ril :i iiiiv;iii' liillc iiie|( liLsl, by live li^ijiir^ In I llie iini\er.--ilv iiuilio ;'il''->^ are thri'e of liieTur'v-n: .)• Iii>> il iliin;''!' ill ly j-nl H;^:e*!l ;»I*isoii< .Mjies I'emlier Spurts Killtor I'lirsiins Ili'iMililictin Myles. .Mjles. .M .viir -s. >|lies .Mure .Miles. I.IIIIe .did I (hiiik. nhei »e «ere venturing nrfti al nrii-iip iind dof\n Uie oinipiis »itli uiir lia's oi'f. our lisiir slicked i own niiii our liell lioilomeil tutus.' ers, iiiiil I WAS ,ipa!ous of }<iu liecause your bells were wider th:iii mine, that il nould loer .eoiiiii to this. ('ainbriiige couii filler llivii .u liiirmi eni en cli.ii);! - of i pe;ice. .Vole tile biiil'l.meii !f „|ii. In .i itll ' " '•aluera':. Jii-i'el nirin:; c;i,-. I * j . ; . j . FANS DM ON PROBLEM OFBASESALL iiibriiii;i-. .Nbi ' IV hli A:I - i\'A .'iboi'I tiiisy' l(> lift A III liie jiii'lit ,.. win il piil.i-i •.a> sun •I :il!lle. e leavi; li.slui bit an. I I he I'lliiilk In avo' are ,|rc|s- , thei J - ejteam. Track pros lects were brightt'njd conssderably n! a recent iliter- i SC I KW I' indoot meet in" ^hicli reconjs iwerc equiilled showing ! was I sjrlu ol ! the all-around ^ conling to Ct ach Uachman. bjet •.h:iH i: ha-s b Ty.-o relay eil in the griup which will f ['ete; in the rK 1 f:iirj anil I thiiig ! Mire; g thej K the I •i\ the I nrlay bei.s iiai'liiiian has BUliERRUNS SEpDNOW m SC(RINC thciiij iwo- i Ihe j and I on it I Algol icity. ! will I lonri i of th tor, a mile', tear IC. S. A. [hree of llieii. Cii Ilia.. I.,, and A. jigaiii be lialf-m ni.iy .Mairl ilidat pie I can forgive you when yi ,j. i I punish typewriters lor 1 Tyoii ouglil to see the sli:i| lone is in i- but when you I -lecuse me of punishing my I ers. I take exception to it. - ! 11 s.iy 1 ilo • lliis Ici^eiV reaii- In the first place. I iloii'l liiMe jiny readers. .\s in- ii-. reports' liave rolled In, niy col. uiun is read only by Ihe lii)o. type operutur uiio sets it. aUil , the proof reiidpr^ They're no| ! punislieiU l »«^aIUs<• they re: d il [for u lit inc. autf nothing can ' punisli tlieni. ' How^'ver. 1 believe yon ar« forgiven, as 1 guess you iiiea I aiii punishing you. as yoi shown that you have read a one of my direful wailings. ts jBut todayi, I am in good hiini' or iiud r.ani niniost readi to forgiie you—yes; 1 >vill I'onrive you. "IVhy." you iisk, "ci|!ii I fonrite such an liisult t <K my readers]" Let me riish to e.\plain. loin junior college jwiii' a game last night, iiml nou is in;l'lt'fli place, nith tno teams stiuubling behind it. . Many Suj^gest IJol^ lijfht Leajruc and ISemi- Pro l^aseball fbji' Fans Tills j : Vcai-. Twi- \ohn of Parsbns Leads oi'lst ilivid Th l*ac,K in Kansas .lunior CVill(yrc Con ^ With mi Third an |!<« I 'll 1' -I.- n .-i.-^el'iill r.iii-; of Ii>!a spiiiiiling I'eaiiily lo i>i" ii'lery as |i> -.ylyit MI .IH:! Ii;;ll Is iliTiiieil liei'' .I .iiliiMiii I". Iin'iealiiilis Vioni. Ihe i -.irlv !i;ili.s .lie I')la ll-.^i!''-: 111.til: a Iwi- lii^lil l-:tKMe ami a MI I II prnf. - r-i'ilial lia'ti. .••Ilhiiiiuii ^licli .s-Ml- <ip-.-riis are no; iiinivcrsa!. (•Ill li'Ml •Ml,. II, i - alike II. I!'; •.\hil.- 'l "a .!iJ||.i!iiill ,i'if .seoi - ; i\.vli.-a- •I fai^:!!!.' fraie fii I i .t ! v.ii -n •.lijUMir CiillcA^i \i.;.n ran;;y jiiaii.r ("He!; • smrilig bum Inlit riiniilni' til be I thai have least Several nit. r ill'- Ml:i:: .1 t\\ .'Ii;;!lt l<a;.'iii- w na. . ! I raviliu nt laii.^ ami iHa.v I'.r W;ii li.ill .uaiai.s. v. iijijui! all (|.rp-iisiv prniin.-ilinli. iilliers ( nine lia' Ii « il! lie,. ibitiW! tn his irl I il I r I pnints. i:i!i ;al if-i.". liell! gi-al iln-in< pii.' ilinsij, la!), v.i^lli L'l i.'lily ,!lirn«>. Ilial a gnni' s-mi-prnlis-:i>ii;;l t^nii nf I wiiiiM draw i io«iis an. ipay' ii--own wav. W.ilier .Maiiijlin. Ui. ^ji.'jtcr linotype liperalnr. Is slloll',; ijnr .1 Iwi lislil lii.iune. Ili'satil: "Ijl./n's my idea. AV!ia' '.Ve wan! i -ajuji .iil Ivi light l.a^eiill; iiav:il •. bull V, ill iiMi 1 ay to;- il i Jj. iir-i'':' III Inl::. .\nil .sn, ju.-^l lo relieve your niiiiil. [wore.. They have done much folr 'baseball, have helped put the gaui|« orer. , Yet, the figures do not ring Irufc, •Kklion you consider that Cobb ri- ccived $40,000 a year plus a bonij of $10,000 for (managing and pla ing atiDctrolt' That was durinL; the days when! Cobb was baseball[ greatest attraction. . fepcakcr ha.s admitted that h salary as player and manager f<jr the Cleveland club-brought him similar amount. , I hope it's trpe, but,it hardly seems conceivable that these tvo stars as mere players, past the pea k of their game, .should receive inu -h and more than ever before ^ {he r careers. j 1 am in-Mined to think that a mk- ,jority of fandom have read^thois. jfit;ijre.s and' simply regarded ft ijj! • more hokum. :' j i No Official Word ' i and tn esi.ipe punishing you. il will ! close, hoping to-seeijilie jil'imani I remain in snutlieastern Kansiis. ! I'. S. Von doirtiieed to ^ub If lu nliout tluit I'ltotball game. I)is| fall, nc knou l')ir>|ons Junior college witu it. W'v , wouldift »M* hollerliig niny. if ' we iiad lost only one Imsket- bull gume. < 0(| fand $60,000 for kiid'i Cobb are fi^ttiUK «U llu^t ^uU ICS of ball, is ii both Speala npnUE, neither the management. the ^Vashlngto^ or Philadelph clttb has made any officii! » ment as lo the salaries, paid tlje two big stars. It Isn^ custdmary. Possibly the $30,000 and: SBO,Ol|0 fi.gure 6i-iginated In the: ferti brain of some scribe whO|Scentdd jia gbod story as a result: 6t tlje \ pa'dded numerals. . ' \ It is in a sense, baseball pu))- licityj hilt unle-ss istruei is form jot press agehting that real doesn't help after ail the ''dirt" • the •winter. Publicity not based on fact nev^r helped any enterprise. Th|e fingi r (if suspicion tlftt has pointed- : ,t ii baseball since tlie close of jthe set;S <m is .going tO; riiake the publ i iloaBTt'he authenticity of tlie Cobtv .Speaker figures given out. | Let 's iiavc more -tacts and le ^s fancy; i 1 The nine Ilidge League will go 16 Imt this spring with the;s•tnl«^ I six-clnbsVc' imposing the circtiii a.s ' last year, i • i I I : i i I lOLA TO PITTSBIUIK; SATIRDAY NKiHT Iiil.-i ili;;:i SiLiiol's iiiii iiivail.'- I'it!.- Iim.t; loiiiiin . : Ml ;iij al li-iiip' In iii.-i 1^ I .Seven" l.-ail!-i-.~ I.Ill I.I I'ii'l' i-l.-ii-' ; III .-I pr •()'; ellilHilll .)!• |n!;i iraine <ii!l I..'I the iji'l of i:i ..-core. At l!ial (iine :-e\,.j:ij| of ihi- lola men v.i're nol in iiaiiilin;; ami • •virylliiim favaicd a I'llliliiiri;-VK lory. Sin;- .has lii en iiiiitJnt liis ini-ii llirniicli .sniiie slri-moiis prai- lic'-s tlii^ Week ill [irepji •;itinii I'lir , Mnrgan's^ Tiiili. I'iltsliiii-u has I oiae tliltiiigli with a mind K'aM.ii ^ti far llii* year liavin;,' '.•in n-il tin defeat 1. vli.l. lola r;iiik-< w.ifilown in (liV staniiini;. .J piiiii <;ro!'f il- til'.- Clei ta'il III elT.' I- •iler i.i.'i i; I li: I !r. t^il has .'/I field ioals and ten Unr .'I'l [Ilia! r Cnil'i-v villi li-Jlil '^oals an] or ."..'i jiniiil liifs is fnurlli \^t s. ranks well ni^ jijii^'iie. baviiii iti lor tenth rkinl leads I'.i-r.s. wi^ ir \r!;ansas ills Fori -ScutI o;iim lea.l for ercncl; I die. 1 i was ' Wieil i .ill .r I e • low M t'or the so men, ^Iso mak with I along lialt.-ili and A .Vinbiirn { aii'l Aim Hani Itniling. g-t io Ihe rel: in;i in the cniiiereiicre, center from leading,the K. H. A •Cord of ied by III in till will tij ticks at i <;ien LN'Lxon of ; (jarlner will i Aggids. j In pie liigii j ilonr record o (e.-- w^s tied liiir track prospects eh for sevei^al >ieai}s. «i'ms will be in C. A. C. meet. IcaiH.s iJecm to be the lierson'. return losing a Kan>^a^j ball lvalue tif 4a to ;21 IV. lj;pe<ial home I iilay al'i ennfeieiiee bask; el'lii-rsnni hen; iji .st LEADING IN te tfcr Wiii Virtually Assures (he Teachers Pennant in the l^ansas Conference In Basketball This Ycari Toil WashSiurii and virtim chum ence to luil- liouship basketball]. .-Mtlinngll l:'in{: in fir|st place nili- The beiit laiili .oil The i purple, and (-1 ijeeii- working ouple months. I won that ;eveii : ii C.; meet a year ig >, tho men \vho plain I'iuil iVxtell M Moody of Llunc tic |1. '.McCratli of P lo oii the team. Tl lei- will probabl.f playe poria Tcad of 111 game Bee numb tcaniH il one liioji-e game ti Snun-he < Of Cleburne.. ' "w Miiody and Sinen hi k the iiiile''relay liain. ul Gartner of J aii- |.\. Hrockway niong the ot;lie'r attan.- A s for th.- ielay teanis. 'I| of St. Josei)h, n i of .Manhattan lid if thcyj do ys will eiilei- tin jiall distance events. •s. with 15i>r -ij„,^^^ff„^ 0. iniloor high tnr- five year:s isliiinfiiig •. ;M. Fairfhild n-ceiit indoor nf V both the liigh he K. C. A. I ('. nj|r Medicine Lodge ;ilso hurdlej for jump the Bi-iionI live feel, ten ii y A. W. iiurtpiil excellent -p^os- I'ti^n's. i-niiil. •llil for a to.:'T has a to- aijil ton free and. second ranks .jlliiril 1 iw elve' free .\lcKlwuin itll. a total of ineligible bill high are tlJe result pract liim White noint-carning sea |of years of consti have finally pla Ilcy runninK. nil-red in the o lump as linittacheil. i Annt freshriian. II. in slamliiigs :!•; points to osilioii. Caple Inilepend- liinilcy the "ily. .\l(;Cnr- ind Itiissel is I ford t Kansas ('ily. Texasi Uyan .J. honia taii w| the; I weigh their on th I-:. Sinilll iWoodward. OHlaii and: Ce |ii do the irple. s -lor {success caliber Mi.s.sotiriiValle Joe Irvingj Ciants .Manager liitchi in Sf^- OI L.OL.OGY a freslinan from Heloit will be will run] lis sprint. St -yker. S rykcr will 1 .Mi-Cr siemi-pijo' .Jer.sey on \n< ed lllOTl is varsity (.onipetiipon Ryaii on eiltereil un tiie open Jiuandr.: Verif :ittacl [irge Lyon. !."MunI weight heaving 'ithiiy both push ir distanf;(;s. ^vijl depemt larg| of competition t;oyferenc'i can a I "kid bnither" formerly wiih nise of iliri'ereiu es r of gaiies sclieillii this yi-ai. Kniporia ish lii-st. Pllt.-jbiirg Wichi sets Pitt two riamesithl.'i week, aijd win week whichl o i team lory li!\vi: race. leii lei- )ir. ed. eka. Fell I'ail4-d iniporia here .1 Teachers;! Ily assured tliemSe ?linrg Tt ill-hers by virtue; il>l'| liav and Wii •rs arii li ijir-'o I oth. but Willi; t .'ol lege i.l' may i se Itiiliiblinif. asf night liiiiinnledl l.s. ISpijciaE) iisi n IS ;lit Kan.siis Wali.4l kei s I'f: a ! Con urn thita and il for .seci n'jii. K aiiis lia;i l|ist III iljliy •Aim \>--:,\ ill ipn 1 1^111 pi a lliird if. then- .a.i standings. <biirg,- jiliiiys Hays \iyh ji-oU-^ (III- I miiii Iii-lal ••Xpell lory I shoiili pioiisi TiiacI I aires a game «i .sill Kliip. IMilsl III th ,.\ Was ill)a ni virtually v.i Kmiioria Irom M.\Ti,\Fii:s 2 :1111 •)•. m. - liaily lli.iiil of Ihithr l''i^tuir.'i~- ! : • i f" • . . ! iJiist 'I ViHory L Over Coff^yville st Night Did Trick; Tvjo Gamds Are Billed for Toniglit. rl4 I Kail ioi'^ joi fill: IniUiiend-nce Oarl ir- iist in- ing :in- iia .M"i !h.-| !<1 I :i<i 'ill.!••'- >iii Ml'- rs liild lii-n riiy. xt i?'g •ie- llilil ^jie cam Slamlingsl iiiisaf I'ily . •ity , - ^Scojlt - ... eyvilli! j; 1 len < len ( peni Ily; .IJ) ames Tojlilght. ame 'ity at encei at nsai City siiliged iiisa? v.liinior last nic yiiiinry over Co I'irsons, t asf light, no] went inio li ot'l ere vir ip t .j Pet. .800 .750 .fit >7 .fibti .500 • .250 .1B7 \ .000 r Jtahsis \ City. 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