Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, August 23, 1972
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2 «m Gardening liotes from Fred BY FRED CLAUSEN Telegraph Garden Columnist ; ) Ribbed Knit POLYESTER PANTS Colors: Red, Grey, Black, Navy, Maroon. Stitched Down Seam. Sizes 8 to 20 Average & Tall rue P*ce £ettei- 215A. VV. 8rd Si. . . . Downtown Alton Last week we visited some nice people way out in! the country. We sat in the shade enjoying a cool lemonade made from spring water, settling the worlds problems and other small talk. It was mentioned that the place we sat at had onfle, a long time ago, sold for SO cents an acre, plus one chicken to settle the bargain. That is in the deed. Yes, there are still quiet places like that to be found> but one wonders for how long, and no more land for 50 cents an acre. It was a nice visit. FREft Seeks advice for new lawn Could you please tell me what type of grass is on the lawn of the Municipal Building In East Alton? We are moving to Godfrey in September and the lawn at the "new" home is In very bad condition, weeds, thick grasses, etc. How could we get our lawn to resemble the one at the M.B. Can shiinbcry be transplanted? When? Could you also tell me what the name is for the type of shrubbery that Is dark green towards center and lighter green on outside leaves and does It require special care. Could you give me a few tips on the care of such and also when should these be plant I called you in desperation several months back concerning the house plant given to my son the day he was bom, Which had no water for a lengthy time. It still had one stem about 3 inches long that was yet green. I put this in water to root, then planted in mixture one-half earth — one half peat moss. (April-May) Plant is still green yet and is beginning to brown and I can not tell as if the plant has grown at all. Plant will be 2 years old in August. Help! MC. Thank you. I do not know what kind of grass they have at the M.B. in East Alton, but will try to find out. (Why don't you call and ask). A lawn responds to the care and preparation one is able to give it. When you get to your 'new' home cut the lawn real close, rake stuff off and then rake surface so you get an inch or so of loose soil on top. Then sow grass seed and apply fertilizer at recommended rate. (Depending on what you buy) Divide grass seed in two halves and hand sow half lengthwise and other, half crosswise to get even distribution. I prefer hand sowing on a still evening. Grass should need one cutting before winter. Unless you are able to give special care use good grade of Kentucky blue grass free from Kentucky 31 Fescue. Must have more information about that shrub. Transplanting Azaleas Dear Mr. F. Clausen: Need your good help again. Would you please advise when to transplant our Azalea plant, it did not bloom this year because of too much shade, I think. Thank you. Mrs. O.E.S. You can transplant an Azalea when we get the fall rains. They prefer high shade with plenty of light. Must have good drainage, so elevate plant a few Inches above surrounding ground and give plant a mulch of leaves or sawdust. Buds are formed in fall so plant may not bloom good next year. Feed next year with Azalea food. Mulch for roses and evergreens Mr. Clausen: Would sawdust around the base of roses and evergreen be beneficial to their growth? D.F., of Godfrey A few inches of sawdust makes a good mulch, but when used a light feeding of nitrogen is called for. If mulch is put on now do not feed till next spring. This especially for roses as feeding this late may cause soft growth which will winterkill. Care for Gloxinia Dear Mr. Clausen: I received a Gloxinia plant while in the hospital and would like to know what care they require. Enjoy your information on many plants and will be waiting for your advice. Sincerely, Mrs. F. Klunk of Moro. P.S. Enclosed is a leaf from a tree we have in our yard. Can you tell me what kind of tree it is? Keep the Gloxinia growing till fall, then taper off on water and set pot in basement to dry off. Water once a month to keep bulb from shriveling and when new growth start in late winter bring pot to light and increase watering as plant grows. Feed plant during growing period. The leaf is from a silver Poplar, a tree that grows to good size and have the habit to send up sprouts in the lawn. A nice tree for the edge of woods where the silvery underside show up when ruffled by the wind. Bug is ruining tomato plants Dear Sir: This type of bug is chewing and stripping our tomato plants. What is it please and what can we do to control it and how often? Bug enclosed. Thank you, A Telegraph Reader. Bug is blister beetle. Can be controlled with two tablespoonj/ul sevin in gallon water. Pick ripe tomatoes before spraying. After spraying allow three to four days before picking tomatoes again and then wash fruits before using. Advice on trees, vegetables Dear Mr. Clausen: We have appreciated all the help we've gotten from your column. We've planted several types of shade and fruit trees this spring. Please tell us if we should fertilize them. If so, when and with what. Also please tell us what Kind of vegetables can be planted now for a fall and-or winter garden. Thank you for all your advice. Sincerely, Mrs. J. B. East Alton. Feed the trees in late winter with an all-purpose fertilizer. Water Is the most important item first year. You can sfnfsow'radishesrbeetsriettuce, or endive now. Also turnips. You take a chance on beans. But with a late fal' you may get a crop. Identifies tree leaves Dear Mr. Clausen: I am enclosing two different tree leaves and asking you If you will please tell me what kind of trees these arc? The one with the smaller leaf I think would make a very good shade tree and so would the other one but some tell me that the leaves of this tree are falling all summer long. This Is the one with the large leaf. This tree is a very pretty tree too and a very large one. Dr. Frank Bemfs has both of these trees in his yard. The smaller one is more to the back of his yard. You probably know where his place is. It Is here on Elm Street near North Alton. If you would give me any information on these trees I would appreciate your kindness. Sincerely, L.B.L. Big leaf is from a Sycamore tree. These trees are called 'dirty' trees because they drop leaves all summer and also shed pieces of bark. Many people 'inherited' these trees when they bought a house or lot. Not recommended for planting in new subdivisions. To keep these trees from becoming too large they are often seen being 'dehorned' in late winter. Trees recover from this treatment quickly. Small leaves are from Shingle Oak. All Oaks make very very good shade trees, but are rather slow growers. Trimming of trees Dear Mr. Clausen: We read your grand advice and Information every week and it has been of great value to us as well as the surrounding community. We have red bud, dogwood, blooming crabapple and tulip trees (variety increased). With the small space we have they avc out-growing our yard and are much in need of trimming and shaping. Would you please advise us what time of year this could be done successfully. Thank You, An all-time reader. The enclosed leaf is from a Magnolia Soulangeana. These trees can be trimmed back for shape right after bloom. Any other trees except Maple trees can be trimmed during winter. You may have to cut out some entirely to give room for remaining trees. We all face that problem at some time, so take a good look and decide which trees and shrubs must go. Maple trees are trimmed in summer. FASHIONS MONTICELLO PLAZA GODFREY, ILL. Paillette's Presents— MRS. EDWARD H. CORNELL For those very special occasions an elegant flowing gown ot blue chiffon, with full chiffon sleeves, and beaded waist band. Just one of the lovely gowns from Paulene's couture collection. The silver evening sandals from the shoo bootique. ALTERATIONS WELCOME FASHION SHOWS EVERY MONDAY EVERY WEDNESDAY 13:00-1:00 pin JS.-OO to 1:30 pin Steakhouse liiwuy House Phone 4UC-38Z1 Open Mon. & In. 0:30-9 1'ues., Wed., Thurk. to Mat. 0:30 to 5:30 Alton Evening ielegraph Wednesday, August 23, 1972 A4i Polly's pointers Let's protect our wildlife MR. AND MRS. GERBIG Anniversary celebrants Fast growing Black Locust Dear Mr. Clausen: Though not much of a gardener, I read your column in the Telegraph with much interest and have been helped by it more than once. Now I have a question. I am enclosing leaves from a trte, which has frown up much too near to my house. Will you please identify it for me (I've been told that it is a black locust) and tell me if it is worth transplanting, if so, would it be suitable to put in the parking between the sidewalk and the street The tree is two years old, about six feet tall and slender. Thank you for any information you may give. Sincerely yours, L.S.B. Leaves are from Black Locust which too have the habit to send up shoots all over, eventually, where left alone forming a thicket. A fast growing tree but after 10 years you wish you had planted something else. Collects seeds, pods, cones Dear Mr. Clausen: Twice In your column, recently and a couple of weeks ago, you have printed letters mentioning interesting seed pods. I have been collecting seeds, pods and cones now for several years to make Christmas wreaths. I would appreciate it very much if you could put me in touch with the people who wrote about the seed pods so that I might add something different to my wreaths. The lady in a recent column was Mrs. W.F.S. The other person had written about pods found on some trees on the grounds of the Alton State Hospital. I must tell you my husband and I enjoy your columns especially since we are new to mid-west country. It Is not only a pelasurc to read, but a great aid to us in our new yard. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely, Mrs. R.L.B. The seed pods mentioned are from.the Koelreuteria tree. Also called Golden Rain tree. You see those trees planted on several streets and in many yards. Pods are 'Balloon' shaped, about two inches in diameter and contain several rather large seeds. I am sure when you see one of those trees the owners will be glad to let you have some. Gardeners are friendly people. I do not know how they will hold up in a wreath. The 'out of the way' roadsides often supply collectors with interesting material for this work. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Gerbig of 3317 Jackson St., Alton, will observe their ROlh wedding anniversary Sunday with a family dinner at the HiWay House, Godfrey. Married Aug. 30, 1912 in the Cherry Street Baptist Church in Alton by I?cv. S. D. McKenney, Mrs. Gerbig is the former Miss Carrie Johnson. They are the parents of four children, Arthur F. of Leavenworth, Kan.; Robert!, of Godfrey, Mrs. C. H. (Evelyn) McKinney of Alton and Mrs. John (Mary Ann) Beard of Godfrey. There are nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Mr. Gerbig was employed for 36 years at Alton Laundry before retiring in 1962. DEAR POLLY - Human hazards to the outdoors often seem innocent enough unless we think about their full implications. Cut-out plastic covers which hold a six pack of beverage cans together can be .dangerous to wildlife. An observer saw a duck die when it caught its head in one of these rings. It attempted to free itself and drowned when a foot was caught. Birds will pick up pieces of monofilament for their nests but sometimes become entangled and die. Neve rthrow away tin openers from beverage bottles as they have been found in the throats of fish. Let's protect our wildlife. —MARY H. DEAR READERS — We all need to be reminded of the thoughtless acts we can do. Thank you, Mary. —POLLY Today's Problem DEAR POLLY -Some of the plastic squares in my kitchen are quite dull and look dirty all the time. I think this dullness is the result of smearing from whatever adhesive was used to apply them, as the house was new when we moved in. Also, I have a pink double sink in the kitchen. One side of the bottom has a chipped place and the black shows through. What can I use for patching this? Places that sell such sinks have no help for me. — MRS. R. J. DEAR POLLY — My Pet Peeve is with the manufacturers of young boys' slacks and jeans. I wonder why they do not make them in different lengths as they do for men. My son is short, so I have never been able to buy bellbottoms for him. When the pants are bought with the proper waist size so much has to be cut off the bottoms that there is no flare left. Don't the makers of these pants realize boys come in assorted heights? - MRS. M. L. DEAR POLLY — Mrs. B. B. wanted to know how to make quilt tops with old neckties. Clean, rip open and press out the ties. For a pattern, cut a paper square that is 12 by 12 inches, or larger if so desired, Place one tie through the middle of the block, crosswise, right side up and then place another by it with the narrow end of one r.gainst the wide end of the other. Sew together and trim straight so the seam will be even. Press seam open. Finish out the corners of the square with crap from the ties so as to make it just the size of the pattern. When you have made several of these nice Bethalto couple to mark 30th wedding anniversary VACUUM CLEANERS WASHING MACHINES MIDDLECOFF'S PARTS & SERVICE 828 E. 7th 462-4428 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Phillips of 827 N. Prairie St., Bethalto, will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary with an open house celebration from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday in the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Philips, 407 Albers Place, Bethalto. Mr. Phillips and the fornv.r Miss Ilene Cook were married Aug. 22, 1942 in St. Louis, Mo., by Rev. 0. R. Shields. Besides Jerry there are two other children, Ronald of Rosewood Heights and Cheryl at home. There are four grandchildren. Mr. Phillips is employed by Illinois Bell Telephone Company where he has been an employe for 31 years. Invitations are not being mailed and the requests no gifts. couple 125% DISCOUNT | ON DRAPES NATIONAL CLEANERS East Alton Watch For Our Ad Each Thursday! Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily! 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Sew enough blocks together to make the desired length of the quilt, then add rows at the side until it Is as wide as wanted. This same method can be used to make beautiful throw pillows, too. — MRS. A. D. H. DEAR GIRLS — Mrs. G. S. A. makes her patterns out of cotton scraps, such as old sheets, cuts them In either squares or rectangles and sews teh squares to ten cotton block so the quilt holds its shape better. Erma puts her finished quilt top in a quilting frame (frame not absolutely necessary) and then feather or briar stitches over the seams using three strands of embroidery floss in her needle. —POLLY Write to Polly in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph. Cooking cues For an interesting sandwich filling mix flaked tuna fish with very finely shredded green cabbage, mayonnaise, prepared mustard and lemon juice. KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. 29 E. FERGUSON AVE. — WOOD RIVER, ILL. Westingheuse Air Conditioners ft Appliances GUARANTEED SERVICE Quality Appliances At Low, Low Prices. 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