Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 28, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1898
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glXTY'THIRD YEAR, (Bttefcllrttl Juury 14,!«!».)» ALTON, ILL., MONDAY, NOV. 28, 1898. TBN CENTS PER WBBK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You«-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. Pslntlnir and I ilbe Wily go together naturally. Piint luTho oulward sign of prosperity. FBlnt MTM Itfopwjj. I&oreMM IU value. Twenty dollari worth of paint oftfln »dd« two hundred dollars to the market value of a property. All owneri reckon with this strange foot. But manypul oirpnlnt- Ing too innt. or mint without puttinB enough brf Ins Into ,tb choice i (hat are i wnen reckon wlttt tun strange mn. BUI many pui on-painv mt too lon», or paint without pulling enough brains Into the holoe of DAlnt, and their property "run« down.*' Th» palott hat are moaoT>V thoughtful people for thoughtful people arc THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Their mftkeri have tried for thirty yea™ to mi alnt-tue most enduring paint. They have very can of TheSherwIn-WlniamH PalnU l> fully * guarantee, and back of the guarantee are »)T tho resource! of the coranany. Yoli can Klnt by r^djng^H'ttlntpplhU,'; an Illu wblol *"»' I free on request. to make the beit. "bttve succeeded, fully covered by, ! tee are the reputation and can bo fully,polled on | Illustrated ffitW ! H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Conditions Make Outlook Trade Very Roseate. for WEEKLY REVIEW OF H. 0. DUN & CO. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of alUkinds,, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HO WELL, 117 West Third Street. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, f And invite you to inspect our Jin ; of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal .with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SOTTBR & SON 210 Third Licensed Ocacral Superintendent tad Mecnsnlcal Dr«uf ht»m»n. >tiln Letter* fitert OD uew Inrentloot or Improvement. i ipeoiao«tlon> Uit nuke »|ip!lc»tloiu tfi patentee. W. THIRD STREET, Third Floor J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street. AUon,_Tll. Fire and Water-Proof ^JOOfTh Gravel sa Composition as ROOFING MATERIALS ation nipMftl with Greater rroapor- ItyTImn forThht.v VPBW— Mnrk«d In- cre*M In Oonfldvune — Intlnitrlm All toolng AcmnrkKbly Well— KxporU of Wheat ftncl ICIonr— Incren-B of Iteonler* for MCII'B Sprllifr Woolei)». New Yorh, Nov. 28.— R. G. Dun & CO.'B weekly review ot trade Bays: Thanksgiving In 1898 means more than for thirty years. The "Harvest Home" hns never recognized larger crops on the whole In this country, the general prosperity 'Is attested by the largest volume of business ever recorded, the people's verdict has given reason to hope that the soundness of the currency and the nation's honor will not agnln be In peril, and a war not matched In history for swiftness of success with smallness ot loss has brought more perfect union than ever between north and south, and closer bonds than ever with "kin beyond the sea," ending with the most Important Increase of territory since California was, added to the Union, The year BO exceptional In magnitude and variety of blessings draws near Its end with yet another good gift, a marked Increase of confidence In prospects for the year which Is to close the century. Iiiduntrlci Doing Well. The Industries are doing remarkably well considering hindrance until of late by unseasonable weather. With storms and cold many branches now get larger orders. There has been more liberal buying of cotton goods in part because" of last week's reductions In bleached goods, and the. curtailment of production in print cloths has caused an advance of a sixteenth, while the export demand supports heavy brown goods, B,nd all are helped by the feeling that cotton has probably seen its worst, Yet wide sheetings are still Irregular and some 6 per cent, lower. There is slight Improvement In reorders for men's spring woolens, though neither Jobbers nor clothiers have yet been buying freely. The bulk of the demand is for medium plain fabrics, especially serges and clays, bv.t high grade goods are qultt. More Is doing in dress goods, but not enough for producers. Sales of wool have been 35,976.000 pounds for four weeks, Including about 5,000,000 pounds for export, but mostly at concessions which have been this week a little Increased on line unwashed fleeces. A " 0*ntlcinen'> Agreement," When the steel rail contract was ready for flnal signature withdrawal of one large company killed It, but a working compact is nevertheless said to have been made, apparently a sort of "gentlemen's agreement," in which more confidence is perhaps expressed than Is felt. The market for Bessemer grows stronger at Pittsburg and gray forge advances to $9.25; billets at Pittsburg are In heavy demand at $15.25 and Steel bars at $10; the Edgar Thompson works have started on rails with three to four months' orders ahead; Chicago works have booked further orders for platea, Including one for 1,600 tons, and statements made by the Iron Age ahow that bids for the 75,000 tons needed In the Coolgardie pipe lines, with other heavy export contracts, are hindered pnjy by an ocean freight syndicate. Whsat has again advanced a shade, though for spot only % cent during the week, while western receipts are heavy, fpr four weeks having been 38,034,29}. bushels, against 29,119,104 last year. Ktporti of Whei|t und Flour, The Atlantic exports, llimr Included, have been 3,957,876 bushelswpr the week, against 3,628,448 last year. Pacific exports, 371,185 bushels, against 1,626,959 last year, making for three weeks of November 13,642,066 bushels, against 15,}95,209 last year. While Atlantic shipments exceed last year's, a decrease from the Paclflc affepts this market but little, Moreover, corn exports continue heavy, In four weeks 10,583,218 bushels), ; agalnst 9,328,788 lost year, lifting thfe price % cent, and showing a continued demand for nearly five month! tilmost! to the unprecedented ^demand of last year. Failures ffpr thejriyeek have been 188 in the Unit- e4 pistes, against jwer4y»one RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powders are, the greatest menacera to nealth of the pretent day. BOMl MRIHa MWMB O0.i Ht» YOB*. Another New Battleship Slides Into the Water. EVENT CHKGKEI) 1JY THOUSANDS. 236 last year, and Canada, against twenty- JOHN H. SELLERS, ot '. Louis. -sawws a Drop»po.Ulwoio»«oB E. C. MACK, AQT. Co • WILLjfttY ANI) UArMK THK COLON, Lieutenant liubttuti Conndont That He Can i Slive till' SpuillKh Ship. Norfojk. \a., Nov. 28. — Lieutenant Hobsori, who has arrived at the Nor- fplk navy ynrd aboard the United States ^repair ship Vulcan, talked .freely to aipreporter upon the condition of the cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa as she |ay ash«r« at Cat Inland. £}p BBjifJ that he agreed with Captain )tfpiC»l|)> thul (i|l fiope of again resurv raptlnKWhu Teri'*"* l» futile. The loss Of the'ITeresa, Hobson said, hod only made hjim more determine* to try to raise th|i Colon if permitted to do so by the dep4rtmont v He said thot his plans WPr 8 njrefeoted; that the government g|repdy|has the needed air bags, and If glvpn hjne weeks' time and abpuf $20p,r QPIJ for Expenses ho \vua confident tlmt tip couli raise that »h|p, wh.lch is PltlSONUK LIVES HIGH. Drroii Bcldnnfelit AVcll Cnrcil for While In Jail. Chicago, Nov. 28.— Good clgnrs, wine, and choice edibles are things which as a rule do not enter Into the bill of faro In the county Jail, and when they do the prisoner who gets (hem Is the object of much envy. Such Is the position of Baron Curt von liledenfeld, who Is held for the murder ot Detective McDonald. The best Is not too Rood for him. During the day hl« wife and friends carry him delicious fruits aud good cigars, and, jail life, to him, Is In this, way made eanier to bear. While other prisoners cat what the county provides for them their olfactories remind them that the German nobleman Is more fortunate, and consequently there Is much Jealousy. When the hour comes for throwing down the bars and the prisoners file Into the great corridor, fortified on all sides by Iron walls, for their dally exercise, the distinguished slayer of Charles X. McDonald Is the one object of Interest. All eyes are turned upon him. As he walks leisurely up and down, associating with no one In particular, and puffllng curls of smoke above his head, his brothers In crime look on In wonder. To none of them will be talk of his case, as the ordinary prisoner Is In the habit of doing. In his cell things are- not so monotonous for him, either. Every morning and evening he receives the dally papers and reads them with care. When he has finished those, boohs and magazines are at his disposal. Guards come at his beck, and all In all the baron, though confined like other prisoners, Is In a position better to enjoy himself than any one who has been sujbected to a similar fate In Cook county for many days. __ TESTIMONY IX MtlRPEU TJUAL. Hr«. Sanderson Agnlu Accused by. Her Former Maid Servant. Battle Creek, Mich., Nov. 23.— The examination of Mrs. Sanderson, accused of murdering her husband, was begun with Marie Jioberta on the witness Btand. The witness was subjected to a rigid cross-examination. Tho defense sought to prove that Miss Robertson had been discharged from various places for dishonesty, as a servant, She admitted that a detective had found $70 worth of goods In her room In Port Huron, and that she was placed under arrest, but that her father settled the case. She did not look Into tho coITcemlll found In the Sanderson house to see if glass was being ground there, neither did she look into dishes that were brought up from the cellar. She said she saw Mrs. (SpndtTHon place ground glass In OHtmenl f»r her husband. She knew her mistress' secret, Hlie said, but was not afraid that Mrs. Sanderson would do away with her. The glass was not stirred in the oatmeal, she said, but placed In the center of the dish. Young Actress SeeliH Death. Scranton, Pa., Nov. 28.— Mrs. W. H. Miles, a 19-year-old actress, playing with the Rush Buylesquers, in the Gaiety theater, made a double-barrelled attempt at suicide. Upon her return from the evening performance she went to her room in the hotel, took a dose of laudanum, blew out the gus and threw herself upon the bed to await developments. Fortunately a bell boy happened along the hallway shortly after, and, smelling the gas, traeod it to Mrs. Miles' room. A doctor was called, and at last report H was thought she would recover. ' ___ ___ _ ________ flic YrMel CliHMam'rl liy Mtfls Kltxaheth RtnjthetiMtn, Two Kliulfl of Wine, French nnd California, Being Itaetl In tit* Oero- inony— The L.Mitt Nnnport to tile Velnel Kcmovccl liy Ulllfl Mill I.ucllo Gag« bjr tho I'reftuire or an Klertrlc Ilotton, Ban Franclscd, Nov. 28.—Saturday morning «t the Union Iron works another gient marine lighting machine WOR added to thfl alrrndy large fle6t of Pacific war vessels. The vessel which slid from the ways In the morning was the balllcBlilp Wisconsin, the largest of tho vessels built for the United States government by the Union Iron works. ru«t Sued, Cincinnati, Nov. 28.— Suit was begun In the United States court by the Standard Distilling company of Cincinnati, which is not In the trust, against the Standard Distilling and Dlbtrlbuting company, the newly organized whisky trust, to enjoin the latter from the use of the name "Standard." The Standard company claims to have used the name for fourteen years, and that its adoption by the trust IH injuring the of the old Hrin. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at ton ***** 'you know of any manufactrer who s seeking lo- ^t^SS^^to running E.evators; II kinds of machinery; pumping water; in fact any operating all kinds ot macni »nv mechanical application, call on us for Electric 11 Lights, KU'ed (U« Hrolher. Jefferiqhvillc, Ind,, Nov. SS.—Boy No. bin, »'P 16-year-old hoy, accklcrttally uhot ami killed hid brother, Floyd, 13 years old, nt their home near SellerH- burg. The boys had Just returned from hunting: and "'en- talhlng about their merits at markHnien. Floyd aKked till brotheri-what ho would do If a burglar got into the house. Hoy picked u|) tho gun an* pointed It at hln brother. A loud report followed and the lad sank to the floor fatally wounded. He died goon after. Roy did not know the gun was looiBed._ Army Vayuiunttir'n ](«|iort. Washington, Nov. 28.—Thu annual report of jpayinautcr General T. H. Stan- tpn of tjip nrmy shows an expenditure of 123,4^,110!*, »n IncreBHo ot t2,326,804 coinpur«d with l"»t year, Uoneral Htftntonfrecommenda that to tho regular pay * or l JB °' tlle ttrmy lhere Ue ttd ' 1 " cd thrall ttHdlntant paymasterH general, five dejluty uaymaBters Keneml, ai)d The Mot Mlve In the world for oote, • i, Borea. lUoew, aalt »'l«ettn», f*- ra, , , , ver taw, tfltter obapped banda, phll- bUUuJi.oomti.wwl alT akin eruptions, uJi.o. , •ad poalUveljr oaw pitea, or ao pay . It to gUMMjte«d to give perfect sa«*f«tlon, or money refcuii- JX PrtoeJfl cent- per box. For wile B. Miurfb- Alton »nd Pppur Alton ~' " Horrible Crime of a Mother. Guthrle, O. T., Nov. 28.— Mrs. William Santele, wife of a farmer living thirty miles northeast of here in Payne county, after a quarrel with her husband, took her 10-month'a-old baby and kllltiil It by throwing 'it In a deep well, and then committed suicide by jumping Into the well head foremost. A little son, aged 6 years, and a daughter, aged 7, saw the deed and reported It to tho neighbors, the father Having- gone to town. _________ _ _ __ I'rliv Vlglilvi- In it Hail Way. Louisville, Ky.. Nov. 2<i.-'!V)m Lansing. the well-known mlUille-wclght pugilist, who until recently assisted In training James J. Corbett, Is lying critically III at hlu home In this city a» a result »f a turrlllc blow on the back ot the head delivered by Juck Root, in their recent flRht '« Chicago. Lansing Is almost entirely paralysed, and IB barely able to speak. He can move only a few portions of his body. Cuiml l'r<U uo ' or * Jill, Hunt* Lansing, Mich., Nov. 28.— The ^cor- porators of tin- Laky Superior and Luho Michigan Ship Cunul and Dock company urn JiihlUinUJVer the proBpprlH fur building u cmiHl Ijclwfen IhiiKe two lakes H«-r«'BH Alucr, BchuolcTUfl, and Delta counlli'H. Tho prellmlnurlvH have developed «.i rapidly thut tin.' capital slock nf $!iO.OOU provided for In HH.I arll- vluH IH«-il u month HB» In ubuul t» be In- '.'UBed iwciily-llvi- fuhl. )m« Mnltitli A"i>L'alN l<> Hlnntln''pfr. N»v. '« ">e MIBS ELIZABETH STEPBENSOH. Bhc' struck the water at »:22 o'clock. The launching of tho big vessel was effected without a hitch, and she now rests calmly on the waters of the bay. When the big vessel slid down the ways the warships in the harbor fired salutes nnd there was a terrific din from the steam whistles. Two KlnilHof Wine UHCil. Tho controversy over the kind of wine to be upeil in the christening was settled In the morning by the use of two bottles of champagne, one of French make, provided by the Wisconsin christening committee, and another of California champagne, provided by the Union Iron works. All morning long the street cars let down their loads of people at the ship yard, and all the nvnllable boats on the bay were pressed ;mo service by people anxious to see the baptism of the great vessel. Thousands of people saw the plunge from different points of vantage, and the platform, especially set aside lor the guests of the Union Iron works, was crowded to its full capacity. The Wisconsin delegation of "chrlHteners," which came all the way from the Badger state to witness the event, was given the place of honor upon the platform with the representatives of the state, city, and the Iron works responsible for the Kflfe delivery of the craft to the government. l.tttlo Miss Prettied the lintton. Por nn hour before the plunge a large force of workmen tore away chock after chock whlcli supported the vessel, and they finished their task almost to the minute of the prescribed time for the launching, leaving only one chock to riHtrain tho monster, and this was the support thnt little Miss Luclle Gage, rtnughtir of the governor-elect ot the state of California, had been assigned to remove by means of a guillotine and the Inevitable electric button. At a given signal the little miss pressed the button, and the crash of breaking timbers announced to the thousands of anxious spectators that the vcB»el was about to leave the ways. Slowly the Iron msnster moved toward the bay and sll eyes turned to watch Miss Elizabeth Stephenson break the bottles of champagne upon the bow of the vessel. Just as the mass of iron and steel touched the water the fair christener raised the ribbon-bedecked bottles and let them uplit on the nose of the vessel. The roar of applause which greeted th« final act was almost deafening. Many I'eoplo Wet. An amusing feature of the launching was the wetting of a number of peopls wiio were standing on tho adjoining beach. The rush of water following the baptism was so great that the people on the beach could not escape It, and many of them were thoroughly wetted. A number of Whitehall boats narrowly escaped capsizing. Prior to the launching a gigantic flag of the Union, measuring twenty-seven feet long and fourteen feet wide, was presented in honor of the Wisconsin. Tha flag was the result of the combined efforts of SOD children of the Irving M. Pcott public school, who at the suggestion of their teachers commenced work upon the flag on Oct. 25 of this year. Mayor Phelan of San Francisco read nn original poem, written for the occasion by Miss ]/,H Price, entitled "To th* Cxur. ir, entreating Tclpphon* f | warm, gratefa,^_ ~ When unlTeriDg from a aeyere cold and yonr throat »od lungg (eel, toko a dow ofT" Mid Tw, when - wlfi be atoned * , j Hoeey the eorenew relieved, a 'e« M n g and him I" iibmiili'ii I''" liitentlnn of Hund- Ing V'rlwe Ueuruv of Ureece to Civtu us hlifli I'imimlKrtliiluT of thu puvvuru In that iHlund. Turktmn J'ahha recently >v«nt "n a m»"'l»l mlH»lon to IJvuilIu With the Hume object In vluw. but WUH '/-.. 'I .jU/ttit.'Mt.j.V,, COUCH !8YRUP Pleurisy and Pneumonia, for Jung ftffeotfpofc THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to the originality and simplicity of tho combination, but also to the caro and aklll with which it U manufactured by Bciuntillc pvocussuti known to the CAJ.IFOIINIA Fia Sviiur Co. only, and wo wisli to impress upon all tho importance of pui-chutting tliu true and original remedy. An tho genuine Syrup of l f lg& is muiiufuuturud by tho CALIFORNIA Via Sviiui- Co, only, a knowledge of tlmt fuut will assUt one in avoiding the worthier InxltHtiona rnivnufiictniri-d byothiirpiir- tioa. Tho high stun ding of the CAM- FOUNIA Fia Hviiui' Co. with tho modi; cul prufcialou, nnd thu satisfaction which tho genuine Syrup of FigH has given to millions o! families, make* tho uumi) of the Ck>mpuny a guaranty of the oxcellonco of itu romody. It 1» fur in advance of all other laxatives, as it aeU ou the kidneytt, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it "Iocs not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get UB beuuflvial effects, ploiuio remumbur tho name of the Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AN HtANCUW, C»t Cough Not worth paving attention to, you ssy. Pcrnapg you have had it for weeks. It's annoying because you have • constant desire to Cough. It annoys you also because you remember that weak lungs is a Family falling. At first It Is a slight cough. At last it Is a hemorrhage. At first It Is easy to cure. At last, extremely difficult. Cherry Pectoral f quickly conquers your little T / backing cough. -j A There is no doubt about ,the cure now. Doubt comee I from neglect. For over half a century Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has been curing colds and coughs and preventing consumption. It cures Consumption also if taken in time. ^^f^f Keep OM oi. W. igcr's CMrrg Peeioral Plasters ever BOW hogs U g«a COO§IL Shall we send you • book on thU subject, free? Oaf MMf&M/ Doptrtmmt. If you havo ouy complaint whatever aud deilro the boat medical advice you can possibly obtain, write the doctor frooly. ¥ou will receive a prompt reply, without cait. Addresi. nit. J. O. A7ER, Lowell, Mati. Commencing Nov. 16tb, until fiirth- er notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Prlcti: All our INORAIN OAKPETS from the cheapest to the Best all Wools at a reduction amounting to 15 per cent. Brussels Oarpeta aud Velvets enough for a room at prices. Bring in your measure. 7. W. BURGESS, GROCER, Cor. Sixth and Alby sta, Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Free Delivery to any Part of the City. Telephone 69. FALL andWINT 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced-before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, iia West Third st :;;.;,-,. r»m Bany nephew. Chicago, J*ov. 28.—John Ahren accidentally sfcot and killed his 15 rnontlia old ncplirw at 688 South HaJsted street. A revolver, which Ahrcn was examining, was discharged and the bullet entered the abdomen of the child, which was lying asleep on Its mother's lap, but a few feet away. Big Haul by Snfo-lllower*. Walpole, Mass., Nov. 28.—The vault of the Wrentham National bank at •Wrentham was blown open by burglars and rilled. About $2,COO In cash and notes valued at 566,000 are mlBBlnf. Two Presidents Meet, WtiBhinston, Nov. 28.—President Mc- Klnley had an extended conference with President Igloslas of Costa Rica. President Igleslas was accompanied to the White House by Minister Calvo of Costa Bicn. They \vcrc the only ones present at the conference, which lasted two hours, a much longer time than President McKlnley usually devotes to a single visitor, and was evidently wore of a business visit than a social meeting. Immediately following the conference at the White House President Iglesias and Minister Calvo went to the state department, where they had quite a long talk with Secretary. Hay. Went Inuino Over Prim Plglit. St. Louis, Nov. 28.—John Leonard, 45 years oid, a native of Holland, was placed behind the bars in the observation section of the city hospital, and the physicians say that his mind Is a total wreck. They ascribe hla loss of reason to the Corbett-Sharkey right. Leonard hns always ardently admired the fight- era of this country, but Corbett was his Idol, and his grief over the result of the recent encounter IB pitiful. With his hands to his eyes, which stream With tears, he sways on his cot and over and over moans, "Corbett Is dead." A man who registered as Charles Walnwrlght, Omahn, Neb., committed suicide In the Pllster hotel, Milwaukee, WIs., by shooting himself In the head. During a quarrel near Hlndsboro.Ills., Ruben Piles shot and fatally wounded Perry Prosser and Hick Thomas. All three are fanners. We Have an Elegant Line} of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 1 203 West Third Street. THE HOLIDAY SEASON Is at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushes, And many other beautiful and useful things. HENRY J. KLUNK, mob* caf5n«> metallic ra»*», mttal* lie an6 cloth ca«tt»t*. tfurtut eob»» toelabl**, 0*utl«m*n tml> Henry Watson, McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always on band. Also v Dealer In Cement, Lime, Sand and Piaster Paris Side Trick* Running Into the Quarrie*. Bin OKU*. ifloa. U. S. MXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plana; and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OPPIOBOVBl VU'l'J tUVI'O'J BANK DR. POTT'S They overt-onio Wi:ultni'«», h- rririlurlty uml owlHMoim, lii- crcuMi vigor uml buulfcli "puiiiH uf uiin&truutlon." Tlmj' "f "Life Savers" 'to«lrl»»t wrnmiitiood, alillnij ,_ — ilevulopmenl of oruiuia »'«' body. No known remedy for womun tMiums thoiu. (Jumna do harm- III" Ud'oiuus u pniiMi- ure. VI |»r lx« by mill. \W &>l>l l>7 druwloU. OH MOTT'8 CHEMICAL CO., CjenlaiKJ, Ohio For 8. B. Wyw. Telephone No. 31. Residence 6a8 Alby »t II I U-O-o Here is one of those who are either BO prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who wifl succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley's Honey and Tar for oil Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO.

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