The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 21, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1891
Page 2
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TtaPosttllle Weekly Rwiew frOBTVILLE, BATVAY, 31. •W. N.BTJBDIClK.Bditor. Mnttrtd atthc Poitoffit* at PottvilhSft WE.VTANT TO KNOW, =4 Thoro nro a grout many tilings in this world that w« don't kuow nnd novel' ilinll know whiio in this valo of tsars. Ono of thoso thingi is litis: Why should Anybody in Iowa now oppose a locnl option license laiv* Do you answer boeauso you still favor prohibition P But why do you favor prohibition ? Do you not know that only wliero it can he onforcod l.« it possibla to hayo prohibition anjvray? Wo have prohibition now in I'ostville as much as anywhere in Ilia slato and our supposed ton open saloons ire n constant reminder that thero is no prohibition hero, nnd is not likely to be. If iu Fayette, Osage n few othor towns nnd cities of the state thoro »ro no saloons, there would bo none there, under local option; mid so none of those toirns would bo injured, nnd nil would bet law abiding citizens. We nro ono of Ibo last men in tho world who would favor (ho forcing of a saloon into a •onimiin- ity where Uio majority of tho people do not want it, nud hence wo have always favoiud locnl option, lilting oaeli com- inun'uy deeido that matter for itaolf. ttut porhnps some ono urges that lluro would ho a warfiiro every two years in tho hope of voting the saloon into towns from which it had liton excluded. Supposing theio is. Don't we have a warfare every two yours to decide who shall bo governor nnd who shall go to tho legislature? Is not this lifo made up of a warfare in polities, religion and even for 'the bread that perishes?" If a question thai w»s settled once waa seitWd for all time there wouhl bo no possibles use for tho multiplicity of oleelious that wo havo in a republic, and a monarchy would bo just tho thing. TIIIB is not tho theory of an onliglitonod republic, either iu tlio world of thought or of business. The farmer don't use the harvester thai ho usoil ten years ago. lie may not us« tho plow that lie used a year ago. liy the breaking up of church creeds within tho past year lis mav not hold tho sumo religious viows thai ho bold a year ago. Certainly it i» evid.'iit thai many thousands of voters in this state did not voto this year as they did a fosv years ago. A year ago tho republicans had a majority in tho United States house of representatives. Now there is an ovonvholmiug majority of that body democratic. But in every ono of these instances tlio individual voted or acted his preference, and who shall "say him nay?" If prohibition don't work satisfactorily ill a town it will try license for two yoara. and if that is more of a failure it will go back to prohibition as soon as it IUH a chance. In tho mean time force being lakon out of the qucsi'u-'.i morals will como in with a ten fold power. You nevor roado a man real good morally by standing over him with a club or a drawn sword. Bu*. when you go to him kindly and plead with him, for tho lake of his family, socloty and himself you have a lever that will move the world. But another "good christian friend says tkat it will not do to license an evil. That depends upon tho conditions and circumstances.O if an oyil exists, so wldosprond that the law aud tho church are Impotent to oradicato it, nnd so popular that not a man in tho • community daro do a thing to suppress it, is it not tho part of good sense to control it in mini manner? If by liconso one-half of tho evils can bo got rid of, by{ closing half of„lho places whoro it is sold, and by making restrictions thai will cut oft'the drunkard and tho uiluor, has not] something boon gained for reformP The man who disputes this would maintain that half a ]onf of bread is no better than no bread at all to a hungry man. Tho world cannot bo transformed from pandemonium to tho mlllonium in n day, a century or a thousand years: The man who scouts anything but prohibition in dealing wilh this question stiillliios tho history of tho ages and of all reforms that havo over biossod the world. Thoro is nothing worth having bnt takos A long time to attain. God did not soo .fit to uanlsU evil from tho garden, and Christ had no hope of doing it only through tho slow prooesV inherent in roan. Nearly nineteen hundred years havo elapsed slneo lie onme, and still man'* heart is ft* prone tb'ovll as tho sparks aro to fly upward. Legislation cannot spread tho gospel or forward any moral reform. Tho inquisition could torture and kill tno body but it novor made a slnoero convert. About the only thing prohibition lias nopom pllshed in Iowa has been to dethrone and almost fatally slab tho republican party. Tho party has but one more ohftiioo for Its life, and that le to this 1 winter frame and pase, by tho assistance of tho democrats, a judicious and stringent license lavr. If it don't, do this now tho epitaph of tho party in this statu might just as woll be .written, for it will pass out of tho history of tho. state except as a memory. There nro fifty straight republicans in Post township, who volwd tho tiokot this your without a sarulch, who villi nevsv again vote a state tiokot on a prohibition platform. Tlioy are not, and peynv, h»yo v been prohibitionists, hut simply republicans. On national issnoi Uioy will ,: ,i -Tote with their, party.- but tboy ..will no ; longer give «ld and oymforl to tho ^:#(5ratiki whoi/liav* rulneol limit party c9'd';-.MMompllih«d no good. It I* too ' l*He now to talk about resubmission m . asking I lie ropubligan. house to stand ir • Arm" for , prohibition, Wat U»ue Js Let all understand that from henceforth Iowa is not a prohibition state, and ho is no friond to tho rcpuVlicnn party who would longor advlso carrying tlio dond issue. IT will bo but a few weeks until tb(? legislature moots and then wc shall see what tho democrats propose to do about it. They aro in a position now where they must show thoir hand In an unconcealed manner on nil legislation. It will not do for them to spring legislation that they do not nt honrt favor, knowing that thu republicans will defeat it. They must mako mi honest showing, not only on tho "conspicuous iisun" but on transportation and all other questions that arise. It is vory evident that by sonio understanding tho railroadR went to the support of thu democrats, nnd they don't do this eithor for fun or for principle, because with theso corporations thoro is no such word ns principle disassociated from selfishness. If tho domncrats have pledged legislation favoring them there will be fun at Des Moines beforo spring. The people are anxiously waiting the . denouements of tho next few mouths. IT beats all how many advertising dodges thoro aro in the country. Wc oxpect tho fakirs to try to work thoir schemes when they can. but wa do not look for the newspapers to holp them In the nefarious work. But hero wo linye I lit* Burlington Hawkoyu requesting us to give about n half column write up of a now institution for the cure of drunkenness, witli the explanation that "it is not an advertisement." Tho fact is it is the very best kind of an advertisement. Tho further' fact is that there is no business in the world that can so wull afford to advertise in every paper in tho statu and country as thin. So far as the REVIEW is con corned its columns aro open for legiti- matu advertising at regular rates. If wo havo any fnyors to bestow gratuitously wo propose to give them to the ImsineM meu of our own town. Tho llawkeyo can do the same^if it chooses. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. •—'the theory that fietica doaling exclusively witli refined nud poetical love ia best written by women will bo proved true if other women can write such ardvnt and tropical rapbsodius as Mrs. Amelia K. Bnrr's latest work '•Love for an Hour is Loye Forever.' it may, however, bo justly doubt whether any other woman can produce so CMpiisitively tender, so warm and so charming a love story ns this, Mis Barr's favorite nnd masterpiece. Till much of the theory is eorlainly true that no male author can compete with Mrs. Ban- in tlio portrayal of idyllic love. "Lovo for an Hour is Love For over" will begin in tho Now Yor! Ledger of November 21. —One of vho finest among thoDocem- bcr magazines is our old friond Peterson. Its general mnkeup is vory attractive, wilh its beautiful engravings, colored fashion plates nnd work table designs, nnd any number of lino illustrations. When examining its contents one is struck by the excellence nnd varioty llioreof. It is ono of tho best magazines published for ladles nnd he household, nnd furnishes a forgo nmount of useful and interesting roati- ng matter. Its contributors have always been among- tho most popular ritors of America, nnd for 1892 quite number of othor notod authors arc lded, among them Hawthorne, Octave Thanet, Kate Wallace Clemmonts, etc. Wo cannot too warmly •commend such of our readers ns are not already subscribers to tako Potor- son next yoar. Tho price Is but $2.00 per year, and much lower whon taken clubs. Many useful and valuable premiums are ollercd to thoso who will get clubs. Send for a samplo copy itli clubs tonus nnd premium ofl'eis. Address, Poterson's Magazine, 306 Cl^tnii^^'bjladnjphin. A National Family Paper. Tho announcements of the Youth's Companion for 1892, which wo have ccuiyod, seum to touch about nil heal thy tastes. Its Action embrace* folk- ore, serial, sea, adventure and holiday stories. Frank -Stockton, Clark Kussell. Will Allen Dromgoole, Mary Cullv rinoLuo aro a few of the distinguished sloiy-irrilors. Its general articles cover a wide ange. Self Education, Business Suc- ess, College Success, Girls Who Think i'huy Ctvn Wvito, Natural History, itail- ay Lifo, Boys and Girls at the World's Fair, Glimpses of Koyalty, How to See Grant Cilios, Practical Advico are some of the linen to bo written on by cminoiit specialists. Gladstone, De Lessops, Vasili Vcrcst- chagin, Cyrus W. Field, Andrew Car uegio, Mrs. Ilonry M. Stanley nro among tho contributors. Tlio Companion renders thus eomn into porsonnl ouch witli tho pooplv whoso greatness make our ngn famous. Its flOO.OOO subscribers show how it is appreciated Whoever subscribes now for 1892 gets il free from^tho lime the subscription is received till Jan. 1, I89B. $1.76 your. Adc'ress, Tho Youth's Com panion, Boston,/Musi. THE South American war cloud is DO ; very likely to break on North American soil. Blaine is at the liulm and will look out for tho interests of Uncle Sam. A GREAT MAGAZINE. The Century's Programme in 1892—A New "Life of Columbus'—Articles for Farmers, Etc., Etc. That grent American periodical, the Century, Is going to outdo it« own unrivaled rocornVin its progrnnimu for 1892, and as many of its new features begin with tho Kovombnr number, now renders should commonoo witli that issue. In this number are the opening chapters of "The Naiilahka." a novel by ltiidynrd Kipling, tho famous author of Plain Tales From the Hills," written in collaboration with an American writer, Wolcott Bnloslier. It is the elory of a young man and a young woman from n "booming" Colorado town, who go to India, ho in search of a wonderful jeweled necklace, called '•the Nnu- lalika" (from which tlio story takes its name), nnd sho as a physician to women. The noyel doseribus their romark- ablo adventuros at the court of an Indian mnliarajah. Besides this, the Century will print threu othei IIOV«IR during tho year, and a great number of short slorios by the best Ainorienu story-writers. The woll-known humorist Edgnr W. Nye ("Bill Nyo") is to write a seiios of nmusing sketuhos which hu falls bis "nti'biogrnphior," the lirst onoof which, "The Autobiography of n Jnstioe of thu Peace,"^is iu November. This numiier also contains a valuable and suggestive nrticlo on "Tho Food-Supply of ihc Future," which evoly farmer should read, to bo followed by a number of others of great practical value to farm ers, Iroaliug especially of the relations of t'.io government to the farmer, whnt it is doing nnd what it should do. This series will include contributions from ollleera of tho department of agriculture, and other well-known men will discuss "Tho Farmer's UiscontODt," "Corporation," etc., etc. A uuldliraled Spanish writer is to furnish a "Life of Columbus," which will be brilliantly illustrated, and tlio publishers of tho Century have arranged with the raanngors of tho World's Fair to print irtielcs on the buildings, eto. Ono of the i ovols to nppoar in 1893 is "A Story of New York Life," by tho author of -'Tho Anglomaniacs." and tho magazine will ooutaln a great deal about tho metropolis during tho yoSr, --among other things a sories of'illns- Iratod articles on "Tho Jews in Now York." In Novembor is an illustrated description of "Die Player's Cluf),'' founded by ICdwin Booth, and nivruoi tlui features of tho splendidly- illustrnt- ed Christmas (I)oeember) number is an artiele on "Tho Bowery." To get iho Century send tlio yearly subscription price ($4.00) to The" Century Co., Union Squaro, New York, N. r. J. BECKER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AMD SUIIOF.ON. Offlco on Hcooml Floor o! Purkor 'i Unlliltng, near I'o.tofflce, roitvillc, lowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, MUSICIAN A SL'IIQIO.H, Office and Hosidencu Southwest par •f town. All sails promptly attended J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, v. i. panion IIXAMIVIH. Ofllc* M reil<lon«o on (Ireon »tr*et, •••ond Uout» Ha«t vt Hoy A McNeil 's L } RAILROAD TIMK-TABXEB DANIBL A. JEItALD, '3^ercH.a33.t Tailor, rostville, Iowa. All work A wnrrantcd j 0 give satisfae- lion. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. VTK. snarnsan. i. i. luirmiD. NtlEPItMRD BUOTIIHT1S, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Iniuranco Agcnti nnd ColUatnri, Anthorlied «o vrfc«Ue-» In iM tlio COTITU of Ui* •tits. OfTlcn ovm I.fou'i store, brick block. POSTVILLE IOWA. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any "building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. CLOTHING- ! The Old lleliaWc Meat Market, JOniT .'B, HART, Proprietor, Opposito - Po3tviHo - State - Bank. None but the best meats purchased. Everything in lirst-clast shape. Conr- leoiu treatment to all. Prices ahvajs the lowest. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Vet-2rln.ar3 r Starg-ecn., 1'OST, IOWA. Ollico lirst door Kast of the Commcr ial House, (Jreen St., I'ostvillo, Iowa A Alio set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answorod CO 51 P pa EH Is a fair exchange in which neither party has any advantage over the other. This is our position with you. On and attor Sunday, Juno 20, 1890, trains on tho C. M. & St. P. Ry. wlK cave I'ostvillo as follows. GOING HAST. Passsngars. No. 2 4 :65 p. m No. i (night) S:32 a. nj. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight No. 9 Time Froight No. 11 Time Freight... GOING WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. 3 rroighta. No. 10 Chicago Stock 11:05 a. m No. 6 Way 4:83 p. m. No. 12 Milwaukoo Stock .6:10 p. a. All Freight trains mentioned, *ictp" No. 12, carry passengers whou HrpTidud with proper transportation. No. l'J between North McGregor and Calmai U. E. WH1P.P, Agsat. 33. C.R.~&W.R. R. 11:05 a. ti ,. 6:10 p. in .9:56 p. n. . .12.10 »• n: . .10:25 a. ao. ANCLO-SAXON COURTSHIP. Ihi Children's Sociable. Who doesn't know that childron like to go to sjcinbles? Now let ovory child (and every grown person as well) who wants to havo a genuine good timv>, bo on hand at tho M. K. church, Friday evoning. Nov. 27lh. A short prograi has been prepared, consisting of songs recitations and a cln«» drill by tho littlo folks. Kxercise.'j to begin^nt 7 o'olock, After ^whlch refreshments of apples pop corn, nits and candv will bo sol and tv social hour onjoyed. No supper, T*n cents admission will bo takon at tho door. All children twclva yoars old nud under admitted free P. S. But p\ronts do not'forget to givu tlio childron a good supply of nlcklos for rofroshmonts and save them lho L lroublo of asking for thorn. c .IJ Tha Tolado 'Wookly Blado.Proo. Tho propriotors of tho Toledo Blado, tho best known political weekly of tho United States, are making pruparntious to cr"ato a sensation this winter by seuditig a million specimen copies to as many reador.-i In all parts of tho United States, who do not now tako thatpapor. To that ond they invito everybody to sond tho nddrossos of as many people as they caro to, by postal card or latter. Sond ono namo, tou, twenty, ouo hundred or a thousand. As many as you havo ;tlmo to write, only tako oaro to sond correct nddrossos of people that yon know appreciate good rending. It will cost bnt a littlo trouble, nnd tho thousands who roeelvo samplo copies will fool gratofnl. Send all tho names nnd addresses you ploaso to The Blade, Toledo, Ohio. A Olo*ti:il Vlow of IMncIn? unci Cuino of "Hkliirtlng Mutchm*." yuan Iltdug-fu, who recently recorded in Temple Bar his Impressions of Kugluml from a Colonial standpoint, wiV3 a good iV.'.ivl pwi/.iovl by what ho evidently as our frco- und-caay methods of courtship: "Beaido-i invitations to dinner," ho writes, ••there nro invitations to tea parties, such us aro occasionally glvon by wealthy moichants or distuingished otlle'als. When tho time como3 nn oquul nutnhor (if men nnd women a;i- somblo and tya. Htigivr, inilk, bread and the lileo nro set out an aids to conversation. Mora particularly nro thoro invitations to rkip find posture whon the host declOos \vhnt man is to bo tho partnor of what woman, aud whnt woman ot what m-.m. "Then, with both arms grasping each othor they leave tho tubUs In pivlvB, nnd leap, skip, posture and pranco for their mutual gratification. A man and a woman previously unknown to ono another may take part in it. They call this skipping lunxhtn (dancing)." Tho reason !o;' this curious proeooiling on the part of our countrymou was well explained by a recont wrilor in u Cbineso illustrated papor, the IIwu Puo. •'Wo3toru etlquolte requires," lio says, "tho man in toarch of a wifo to wrlto to tho girl's homo and agroo upon somo time un:l placo for o skipping match" (:-CI7IVW, ti dunco). "Tho day arrived, 'youth in red and maid iu greon,' they como in p.-.irs to the brilliant, spacious hull, whero, to tho emulous sound of fluto and drum, tho youth clasping tho maiden's waist and the maid resting upon her partner's shoulder, one pair will skip forward, nnothur pranco backward, round and round tho room until they aro forced to stop for want of breath. "Aftor thl.i they will bocomo acquainted"—only aftor this, observe— "and then, by occasional attentions over a bottle of wine or oxohanjjo of confidences at tho tea table, thoir intimacy will doopen, tho maldon'u honrt becomo filled with lovo and thoy will mate." Agricultural Socloty Heating. IWaukou Democrat.] All annual mooting of the Allamakoo Couuty Agricultural Society was hold ] at llavnard s Hall, in Waukon, on tho 11th day of Novembor, 1891, com mono? ing at 2 o'olock, p. iu. Officers pros- ent; M. Kelly, vlua-nrosidont'; L. W. ' Horsey, troivsuror; M, B. Hohdrlek, seorelury. Mooting oallod to order by Ur. Knlloy noting as presldont. Report of sserotary road .nud approved, said report showing total r«uoipts of fair for 1891 to have beea 93.832 50. Amount of promiums awarded, 41,707.00) exponse of fair, SM52.86; receipts in excess of premiums avid oxponsos, $772.60; costs of improvements duritig the year, $205.93, Tnotvoasuv«i ,, » report, waa rend ami approved; tho bill of W. M. Katon for sovvioei was presented and nllowstl In the sum of »)10.00. Tho mil of Opfev Bros, was pruseuled and nllowod m tho sum of $10.00. The meeting thon proceeded to tho oUotion of oilleors for tho ensuing yoar wilh tho following result: President—J, R. Baxter. Vico-Pi'osident, K. T, Anderson, Treasnvof— U. W. Heraoy, Snorotavy—M. B. Jlendrick. MavahRl—JYB. Mlnert. M*«0TOBS. Center,'Ja's. Cavers; Fairviow, A. Kane;-Franklin, Goorgo Clark; Fronoh Creek. (Jims. Smith; Hanover, Tlios. O'Brlon; lowtt, J. T. Uoblnson; Jott'iii- son, Jits. Briar; Lahslug, Louis Hiilh; Lafayette, M. Plilpps; Llnlon, John Cast; Ludlow, Jus. Molklo; Makee, Ch»s. Binnph; Fuint Crook, W. M. ICol- ly; Pmt, J. H. Molej-j UnioniClty, Hon- rv Uuters; Union Pra|d#. jGtl.MetftiOiigUi Waterloo, Lottie Coppersmith, , ,. On motion tho boped of d|i«otoi '8 ATxitinbots, Tho Sandwich Islands alpliabot has 12 lottora; tho Uurmoae 19; Italians, 20; Bnngaluso, 21; Hobrow, Syrian, Chnldao, and Samaritan, 22 eaoh; Fronoh, 2.:!; Qrook, 21; Latin, 25; Germun, Puteh, and F.nglish, 2B each Spanish and Sclavonic, 27 each; Arabic, '>H\ Poraluiv and '.'opUo, 8'2; Georgian, !3'); Armouiiin, 38; Russian, II Sluaeovito, -IS; Sanscrit uud Japtvnuso, 50; Ethiopia and Tartarian, 202 eaoh. SHERIFF'S SALE. 8TAtE OF IOWA, aSlrdi Wed »Md *y, J« Sfprenibps, 1891 Allsmttkoo Co, By virtue of a Special FiXcontion, to mo uireotod. Issued by the Clerk of the Uistrlot Court of said eotinty, in favor of Doll J, Clark and against Pormllla Slllllons and Jake. Stilllons, 1 havo lev ied upon nnd will soli to tho highest bidder, at. publio auction, at tku Ivont door of the Court House in Waukon, iu said nounty, on tlio 12th day of Decern bev, A. D., 1891, at 9 o'clock, A. M. your interest in and to the following dosoribod propsrtr, to-vvlt: The N. i of N. IE. \, see'ion 19. *twp 98, range 6; E. \ S. K. \ of N. K. ). soe- tion 8, Twp. 90, range 6; S. E, part W J S. p. i N. E. J, soctlun 8, Twp. 96 range (, siinatod in Allamnkeo oounty Iowa. Takon u.nd lovled upon and to be sold to sntlsfy said writ of execution and all scorning oosts.' Dated at Waukon, Iowa, this 6th day of November. A, Di, 1891. J, B. MINEBT, Sheriff. By Oreo U*,Q»S[, Uonuty. WANTED-Salesmen! Local ami Travoling, To represent our< well known house...-You need no oapital to represent tv Uvttt -VUivt- „v»»r». rantt mii'tery stock (lr«t>olnsi nml true to name, WOHK ALL THE) YEAH. 91QQ par monUt tt» tlw right w.a». Apply quick, stating age. • v ' L..L,MAY.£CO.. Nunpryuipn, I'IQIIBIS naf Simmmh ST, VAVlt, WW< J'REU. N. BEEDY. r •.-PHOTO G-RAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa THE BEST OP CHILDREN'S MAGAZINES. The publishers of St. Nicholas, that famous young folk's magazine, are Doling to send a sample copy, frue of barge, to any fatliur or mother who would like to considor the question of taking a children's magazine durin tho year to come. Csrtainly if that rjuoslion is up for iscnssion in any household St. 'Nichoas will be the maga/.ino solnatcd. •'rom its lirst numbor, iu 1873, tho pens of the greatest writers of tho English world, and the pencils of the most famous illustrators, hxro boon at its errice. fonnysou, Lougfellow. Biy ant, Thomas liughes. Whlttior, llrot Haite, Bayard Taylor, Airs, liurnett, Mis Alcott, Donald (». Mitchell, George Macdounld, Mrs. Oliplianl, Professor Proctor are a few of tho many great nnmos which havo boon upon its list of contributors. Mrs. Mary Afapos Dodgo s the editor. Kverythlug in it is illus rated. Iu tgaa there are to bo serial stories by lirander Matthews, Lieutenant Koh- ort II. Flotcher (thu author of tlmt oharmiiig book, "Marjorio and Her "apa"), Laura E. Richards, William O. Stoddard, Charles K. Carryl (the author of "Davy aud the Goblin"), and Frances Courtunay Baylor. There will bo short, stories by Thomas Nelson Pago, Mary E. Wilkins, Mary Halloek Footo, Richard Malcolm Johnston, Octavo Thanet, General O. O. Howard, and many othors, with papers'of travel and ndventuro by J. T. Trowbridge and Lieutenant. Schwatkn, and usoful articles oh "How Columbus Beckoned," "William tho Conqueror," Volcanoes nnd Earthquakes," Straight Lines and Circles," etc. In Straugo Corners of Our Country," the Grunt American Desert/the • ClilV Dwellings of Arizona, and othor interesting plaaos, will bo described, aud in "Honors to tho Flag" and "Boys nud tho National Guard tho patiioiism of tho young readers will bo aroused and stimulated. Julian Kalph is to dos- oribo "Tho Unking of » Groat News paper," and tho aro and inenndosaent ivloulrio lights nro to bo clearly oxplain od. Applied Christianity is what St. Hich- olas teaches;- unsoillshness, faithfulness, courage, truthfulness-those things are t might In a hundred ways by storie>, poems, nnd pictures. Do you need such nn assistant in your work with your boys and girlsP If so, and If you aro not alrbady familiar wlOi St, Nioholp, send a postal oard to 31ie Century Co., Union Square, Now. York, N. Y,, nnd'nsk to soe a samplo copy; A yonr's subscription to St. Nicholas makes a splendid Christmas prosont; for it brings Christmas twolvo times a jwi'. . We Give You Your Money'sSWorth'i^ Every limn you buy an,' goods of m. Wc would bo much pleased to havo you call and inspect tho New Suits and Overcoats for both Men and Boysthat we aro opening up this week. J. H. GKEtAY-THE Tj. T. K. CLOTHIER. pacouAii mvition. Time Tablo in efTect Nov. 15, 1881 Passenger going North... 5-.10. P VS South, 4:J0, " Freight. " North 2:45, P. V J. E. Pirnit Agsat. If no ,»k my agents for W, I,. IISBSISI «h«»i. r mnl# Iu yoar »l«ce itik J< I «I- send for omnloaMQ, ••cui-i, tUo aconcv. aud ce( them for yon. (TTAKl MO 8UUST1TUTK. -^3 oy & McNeiL P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origina. Postville Dray Line 1 am prepared to do all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at the service of the public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, iu town or country promptly done. Granite Oometery Work, Iron Fonceo, Curbing <Sc. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will tind it to their advantage I > uxamiuo M. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing livst-class work at as low prices as can ba procured iu the country. If he has not called upon you drop him a card at Dccorali and ho will bo pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Graulta, at tho lowest possible prices. M.V.KIDDER, 34mO Decorah, Iowa. HIS IS MY POTS JCAW k A pamphlet of Information andsb-, ^.stract of tno lawg,showing lloir tov^ '\Obtain Fatants, Cavoat a. Traded 'VMatU, Copjrlahu, tent Sui.7. VAddmi alilNN A CO., isXOl llreadwnr, ^ .KawTatk.* ' L. STROEBEL & SON, — l'lioniinroas oy — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (IT AnMOTllONO a HOLTKIt'O O^D STAKD.) Havo a full lino of Boots, Shoes, Slip puis, Bobbers and everything kept lii a No, I general shoo stove.. Custom work nnd repairing neatly and promptly done. Every pair war ,'ranlod. Wo keep no shoddy. It. N. DOUGLASS, Pma. J..F. SMITH, V. P, JAS. McEWBN, C*»HrBii. CITIZENS STATE BANK POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAID UPCAP1TAL, $25,000, 3 SHOE G 2 N T efivi En THE BEST SHOE IH THE WORLD FOU THE SUrrp It IB «,»u*mltM sUun, TfUll HO t*cV.»ot TT»X UnO to hurt tlio Tt«t; in*clo of tlit> b*»t Hao nlf, it/lw. and CM;, «.nd btciiu** \t* wn.Vj mor» a\o*i •/ f.vw prad* than any athtr manuftwturir, 11 ko,*i- i*vrot\ fihoof cu»tlnj from 6I.CO to $ C7 00 CJcniiliie llxiiil-wswwil. tfit fliMt •«..< <**>m »h '»o orctr ofTarott Tot $1.01; oquili frt*4Ji l;iinorl»d shoo* rrhlch coat from >l.Ccto |13.C*. CiJi 00 llMiul-Mftrarf Wmlt IVV**, flu* #*!r. *>P & C« itjlltii, comfortable J\:HI Ulnfttii*. Wtit time ertr uffcrcct >t thla prlco; **un* |iido u csu lom-i'.iArirt iliosa co*tluc from Q(.CO lu ttXti. CO .50 Police Hliam /triniri, Rftllrctd X«n +i?£3m jt'id J.«tter('Arri«rai\H Tr«trthtm; CuitU.*, ir;i»mir:t«, •mooth Inside, ln *rjr thr»» tolei, •xlm- ilon «d*o. (»no pair itill T»»nr a /t »r. «5 f>) 3d flno rr.lft tio tetU: fc'Joti »tor otr«rt).] *l Ult&n llila price; cuo trlnl vrUi c;iutjn«* I***.- rrhti trtnt n alios for roinforl aiu'. ltrrlc*. CO \V'orIilnicnt»»'« i'»«5*4 i&t&m nro Terr r.\rtni\i fe "il dur».bl», 'iliott >iiu h*v« nt Ten thfiin a r/lll waar no oihnr nuif. — 1 S'J.OO nud St.75 «c!,ooL 6co»i \ruru bjtho l)ciTnnTcrTTTtitir6: tiicj«• .1 oil their merit*, an the turrcoti:^ tzl:t »titjrr. Bu £lUIC «9 lJtmnolR, Tftrfrtjllih;onuiv;srr«j:J linportutl KIIOU* cMtlu^rrom ti.vj to S6 .W. Lmllo.' '^..10, 3M.0O niul fit.7.1 shc^ :c. llliaos tho bust flno Uour.ulsu fitj IUU *,uil dm. (!nution.~&0D tlmt \V. h. DousK*.!' n>.m» a-i i prlct) are sUunpud on tho bottom of •acli IUQQ. W. U. UOUULX3, Crooktoa, Hus. ELECTION IS OVER ! And we <-re elected to show the people of Postville and vicinity the finest line of Ladies' and Gent's Watohe-, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Artists' Materials, and Optical G-oods that has ever been displayed in 1ST, E. Iowa. New Goods ai^xiving daily. Fine Watoh Repairing a Specialty and all work warranted. Also Sheet Music and Musio Books of all kinds on hand, or obtained 'on short notioe. Call and see tis at Gray & Oo's old stand. Yours Respeotfully, W. J. HANKS & CO. l)o a Genoral Hnuking Business, liny Mid Bell Foreign lend Domestic Kx- oinngo. Aooounts of Farmors, Mer. chnnts nnd others received and carefully protected. In tarns t pnld on Time Deposits. Investments made for outsido parties on favorable terms. FOR CASH' 1 will toll Watches, Cluuks nnd Jewelry nt the Lowest Figures ever sold NovtheMiern Iowa. , • "Wfttob, Olook and Jewelry Repairing Mid 8 a Specialty. AH work w»rr»nte^. Spoptftoles for every,variety of oyoi, C*l| ftpd got my prk'os,. TONS: MAIWHAUi, * ^ Consumption Cured. ,An old physician, revived from prao- tleo, having had planed in his hands by "nn ^ast India mlMionnry tlio formulo of h'simple vogolable vomody for the speedy nnd porntw »nt euro of Consumption, Bronohllis, Citturrli, Asthmn and Lung AiVootions, also a positive and rivdleitl otiro for Nevvoui Debility and Nervous Coinplnlnitf, ivfler having lost od Its wonderful ourtUlve, powers iu tliousnnds of casus, lias felt it his duty to iuHlto .it known to his sullerli))* ful- lows, AM wilted by this motive and » desire to relieve humsn suffering, I will <iond fi 'oa ,of ohnrgo, to nil who do^iro H, this vt>elpo, in Govm«n. Fronoh, or jBneilsti, with full, (lirpotlons. for pro. •pvlnjj ftntl tislnff, Siont by ; mull by wUlrefftinaUwUh atmiftn, nftwUta ythls, j?«pqi f , YV, A, ^MojtKB. SSQ J?«|ivof*« TONSOEUL PABLQE. MEAlt THE VOSTOtTIdK. I oordinlly invito new putronngo. Give us ti triiil for H mngtli. heurn oui'.mnnnor »nd way ot ilolnjf tlio business, I believe we oim plutisu you. v. T. PAKKKU , Prop., Foitvii'le, Iowa. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I NOHVfcSR BHQS.t *?»op». We hnyo oppnoU <i N«w Moat M»rke in tho Mott building u»po«Ito tbo post- oinoo. whoro wo BhaU jtqep a full ag- eortment ot tlio best of mentg at Hie lowest prjgos tho innrkot wllj^ uttovd. Wo »ollolt.«n VMpeottoii Qtonu, g^oJc ami mnnner of doing b|s|Hosa nnd in WONDERFUL ! The ouros whleh nro being effected by Dvs. Stwkoy & I'alon, 1529 Avch St., P'hiliidolphia, Pa., in Consumption, Cutnrrli, Nournlgla, llronohitls, Kheum- ntlaiu, and all ohroniu diseasos, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, are indeed mnrvolous. If you nro n. suflurer from any dls ease whioh your physlolan hns failed to cure, write for information about this treatment, and their hook of •-'00 psgos uivitig a hislorv of Compound Oxygon, its ni^uro nmt ulTuotc, with numerous testlmonluls from patients, to whom ' you may refer for still further Information, will bo promptly seut, without I elifirgo. **. This book, aside from Its great merit ns n medical work, giving, as it does the rut-nit, of yotirs of study aud oitporv I'lioe, you will find u-vory interesting one. , Drs. STARKEY & PALEN, «23 Atch 5\„ F'nlladelphla, Pa. 120 Sutter St., San Franclwo, Cal Plevie'TOontion this paper, im Don't forget, when you want plain or fancy Stationery, fcnat WWB^yiew, o»oeis,tt»eplaoe LUHMAN SOI.II - & SANDERS. WJSL MILLS. C. P.fDARLING. (buecessor to Darling iiStiles.) —DKALKlt m — Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellers &c In wind mills I furnish pumping and guarod mills combined, nml both sisal and wood pumping nr.lls. Oilion nnd shop lirst door south of Hoy & McNeil'* 'hardware stor«, Test- vlllo, low*. POSTVILLE LODGES- OUVE BRANCHILOBGEHo. 11 • KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. Mostson thu second ami JouitUi j'»lilsy»»anin u otioli moutb, Vslttiig bretlren In lood alaad alwayB woluoine. DA1UU8 ORB, 0, O. Oms. BKBLTON, K of H ii ti MOBLELDDGENo 51. ^1. 0. u. w. The Loyal Ancient Order of Unl»«d VVorkmon moots the Second and fourth Saturday ovonings in oacii month, in tho Masonic Hull over tho Brick Drug tore. JOHN WKLZBL, M. W. JAIIUS PKIUIIT, Ktcorder. BKOTHERLV.XOVE ULODGE, No. 204, A. F.AA. M. Regular moetlngs on Tuosdnyjovan- ing on or bofore the full of tho UIOOD. All brethren in good standing aro oor­ dinlly invited to attend, K. D, STILES , W. M. Wtt, MOTT , Seo'y. CHURCH DIREOTORY. CONanEaATIONAIA-tlcv. N. L. Burton, rss- toi. Fmavliliit! ovory Sunday atlO-.SO A.M. ana 7:30 p M. eabliath Keliool lavoeflUtaly aftor snnrniag sorvloo, Y, 1>. 8.0, n.wsst* »v»ty Sunday availing at 0 US. Vtttjtr M**l< tog Wednesday ovoiilugs, MHTHODIST.-RBV. E.;J. tookwooa, Psitot, Vreaolilng servloos «vwy Sunday at 10 :M A M, <md7iW P, H, Sftuhath 89I19QI imnisai' ajtoty after WPTOlwg servloo. Tlio SJpirwttl pofH«« *very Sunday «t^n)na«te;00 «'«)«(#, Vwi»v HM«'y»S' ov«y yf«dtitld|,J.»T«»h>l! »l.

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