The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 18, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1927
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

TfJiit Hhs G ODS i ^fore ^ Death! strikes UAltRKft FOL<$0:11 while swimming kt. Ocean jrown,. JX. J. After biiing per- functori^ly examined! by la doctor, »e body; brouglit j to tlhe Hotel lMaJusa<ia. where au inquiry is Started.: i i • ! Fqlsohi's bathing! companions }iad h^en ROGPRi XBVlLLii MRS. HELEN BARNA6Y. and CAR.MEI..ITA V ALDOX. |U is ea- tabliHbfd that Folfibm. just ber fore his death, had bceii staadj- ing next to Shin BARROK, known as the opDqr kijig. Th"n the HtartJIug ai^bunce- menit is made that ;Folswm had i)eei slabbeci to deutji in ithe wa- »>r. H<),S.S, hlH vul|'t. ik- qiie«- wife; bill 110 li^lit I H H 1|(;(1 im lll(> jnyM((Ty \ | A.VAHTA.SI.X; FOLHOM.. ••r .pn- Irlc uui\ iiiiixlcrful HJKU:j| of thi* f-oniinaiid. fHiiibllijifi iton WII'M At the i ihnl llic pl(-Ha'|. ! knife. uii <r thilt it HI ij Ilk Kcii'h- tiarit iiail bi-i-n piirrh ixcd jc-ii Iho ! Iinjirdwjilk. . 1.1 Some isiisiiiclo^i aOiichcH; to oiu' i OltOYUO.N SICAUS. who IK a »olv !. ji 'dor (ij riiriouW. blud-il wfapoii.i, • iiiitl Aiiasl.isia as i x 'riTr.S. l!{H;(;s, |an ai<lihf< I to :try Jo .sdlv*" 111" murder. IThafsi i:> Oil Wllh tlhe St^Tf CHAPTER XX; . all riRht, thAn." i'M a!;t:isi.i iMdsoni to HiKfi.'*. wijsti-"iio'niore time no|»-. I'Ti'pi of alJ.'.h BligUtesl |iloa of an^ wtjom.yoii: coiiHider vi> ni\! ic'iiUiiii'.s (li-athV, "No. 1 libvcn't. cXiepi to say. that any OIK - near, him in II nioViilii'.; iliii^iit. ho ihc •'J'liit i wif I aii't hjl<' the haUifis in ilu- oi time. iVf inii!-:i K<'| ai i v::i'y." • "Anil i >i !rliai>.s- ihe'In thirnivh ilin motive." '•.V<Av Ilial":i .a sens Of (.'iviiso niu.-'t \v the imotivi'. And ihai I t^in'i-coiici'ivf 1)1'. any ;on>- '.^aiit tu kill AVhyi! fjarnit was the tin- !\vorI<l. The Uiiesl auii ti'.lcoK i(||ie|<l It \K fleiiijh WKH- Orienial An- wcll over. ,it just VP yhu the ' individual ponsi )le for f ocean that murderer.' to <M )urt all ean at that xmmi otiier -CI m, J?EBRtJtARY il8. KAfiSA'S WEEKLY CROP * • • • • TopeKa, p"<al way is |l)l<' remark. rk throiiKli is juMt'j what I law j could iiy brpther? jcm man In character, the deiirest lir|»t.h« r!',' •[.Sow. iiiivv, dear lady^ I inalie all nllti'j \'anii |i for the di-votioii ;or an aff ^'-Hionati- r-islfr. Inil jyon yiiistn'l ldifaliz«- I lie man. •4''Irst of flIU HI K^ Folsom, I u.-j Ktifse anil itaiiers.** •ephew. and Mt. Ro ^er Xeville. j ^Ve each get about hirreti's estate." "'.-yid| as I exclude •oil loved your broth •lude .Mr. PeJion, beeliuse you tell me he was in Xew ime. dial leaves onl :J' (I he discussed. >Vhai •\tint If kiii-U' liiiii Hei •xni\ :\ . • 0/ kl| tlioilfini'l." 'I|iiim U' ahilul Caril furiiliiiiti : whjil he h ' •varljii 'i' \y true. Kv( will ifll yo rema rkaM< ry «n<t who ll the :»rtmc. iiiHir-a man «Pf. had lif'ard' |iniicli .-•tt Fi'liioni •iiiiic Ilie nii- I'jn'H death, kind m'pM t>( III lie^fd \v ;iM |);reaily ai V.'i: ihi- l«'l Mirhiiin .ll Kli bin j isle a lic'iiiliiili ideal;!, loo he olily .-^ald: Hliiiici!* Ill reason i''l< opitlious. lalioiil I II M- Iriiilelyj : .JMlsHiFol- Soiii. liial isciiiieljody biitist iliavi looked uixiii your liro li[er w|lh a less kriiilly eye Il^iii J^our inWli. . 1'iilesH .\lrj Fii;|Moiir wuM kllleid by niiijakc." ' ••I)o you think Unit |jrf^)abl4V i "Franklyt I don't. Though it is posMble. Iliifif we're to find out theliruth Wi' ''an't deneiid oiij im _ qgiiii<ie:s or yag"*'siinpisltlons: Wei l^uifjt pet down to factK To ^•Itfence- and proved tHstiinony." . ; y. "1 "ghat's jiist it:" and face brightened. "•But. cdn'see. We have no e fault. I .Mr no tesfimotiy of any account.''! • Thais pretty nearly true. of :ill. what about the [nan. Rriss? Is he absolutely nnsusfectable'j'f "Ah.solulely. I wish, noni^ Way. I could sa.«pect Ross.' 1 mean it .WOI IM be |a losical Wi y to look. But he tan't jui'-sibly 1 e at He is iillcrly respectahl* and quietlived: lie !ia^ always hdeii .devoted to (;ai-Vell'!-- well-being, anil he is, in all le^ipects. the ideal servant, •with 1:0 underli.inded w(ays or ulterior niotive.-i." ••'Does^ 111! sain anyiliir.f.- from Mi-. Fiilsoni's wilP.'" . -There is abeiiuest til tlionsand iloilar.^. iliit never tempt him to: nl ; master, for I happen to "I - can't believe Roger -Neville kill.-'d (iarrejt—I've i o reason to ! t;hink he did—but that is one of the t.hings we must find nut. As you Know, the ma\i who did kill hifii iiinsi be some one wl o knew: iiiih, a';ii <r for some reason vunled to put him out of the \i\xy. Now, 1 know of nil reason'for Rogfr Neville de- sfriiiK (iurrett'A death, yet I sup piiNci thot nldH of It nil .41 be looked liito." i "•Khe HUHppets NfjviUe," Jlt« Kil'gs a)|slireil ihiliiSe) , bili. aloud lie Hiild; Thiifs right, MI HS one-third of [you, heeause* r, and \ ex- Vork at the .Mr. Xeville about him? iliii view ll from I' rut your brilllii'r any h|s life-; KHiwclully liny nnbappf olie'.'" ~ • !• ' ••.Vol III fiiy kinwlei! ;e." She replied, after a niomenl'i hesltiilfoh. •'He may have liiiil. 'I here, again, isi a roail to be followe 1. . I •Yes. certainly. 'Xolw—but I'm sure .Mr. Folsdm was in no way finandially emliarrassell or wanting for money." I Hlle positively wa.s; 11 ni>V;|ilenty and of late ha .^nastasia's so 'far iis 1 idence ami >t. ' He had I had some (lod fortuii'j of .soni<| sort that [id. or was about to. Hring him in y\^\\ can 1 ti iate his. "Olsinn. We ery angle, roinaiice In nt a look Info .Hr. FolM »ni> iHir in America—.sopieone d ne lere ••-M any rale we must try l<| do •o. ' 'riiere's the dagger, you know. That ought 10 he a cine |. doubt K. I know how these )wn ajietfons down- her* are' riin. I niean auction sales Hx unimportant g|x>ds.' If that had been really valuable Oriental curio, of cours«;i|], »I record would have, been made ^i,, tie bu.ver and the price and all that. But there are: thonsandfi pt eiieap Items sold at auction thif| are not recorded, and no reason wjhy they should be." b-'AII true enough. And with the ocean to clean it, there's no chance of any: finger prlnt^ Ota the knife. .Vo, it doesn't, seemi hopeful as a c qe. Yet the first liripciple of de- tictlon is investigation of the ^1 weapon used." •< "Well It's beep Investigated, jni nn unreasonable, .Mr. 'Rlggs. I d in'l expect you to .work miracles. Bjil I do want you to u«e. your common sense, which is more ihnn Kiiiiip iletccllves do. iind work with n e Knd see If we can't succeed." ':ril do that. I acci'pt your p opoKltlon. .Miss Folsoni, and we 'll liavi! your very generous offer as ! II salary open for the time being, when J prove 10 be of some real I nil" to yoii then we can talk of re- nninerailon. I know, as' well, as i yon lio. that it seenis: absurd fiU' a man lo try ileteetlve work without any training or experience of aiiy soil. But you can also employ skilled detet lives, and if I fall dow'i on the job they may be able to carry on." "I shan't i-ail in any one else uli 'fl I see lulw you get iin. Hiif. of nuirse. if I ilie iwlice continue I the se-ircli I shall be interested. tAiso the iiotet 'detective here is ; rather a clever sort. .-Xiid re-;t as- surei! I shall not be^idle myself. V may not be able to do a man's work, but there are kinds of detection wherq a woman's intniiion and quiet cleverness may be of service." "Tlial is certainly BO. X OW . first of all. Miss Folsom. I want a lo<)k into .Mr. Folsom'.s luggage and papers." ' (To Re (nnfhiued) Folsoni's iif phew arrlrei on the scene, nnil BI ire Is learned altunt the slramte ilolN in I he dead man's rooniJ Ketid the next rkapler. • <f <> • 4:f>'^ •« « * « • <i • • * FCan, Feb. IC. — week brought very little moisture 'orl Kansaid jrery dry \% e- stale iiho|w lent t fure since ^onIed_ ia wbeat. It contiines tl]je western thirl of vhe •& most counties lan half aS' much, i^ois- re- jwh'eat helt a y« ar igo. In thej cei^tral September as was and • Last in Eastern': Kansas ^ubsoil inoSstuije is good a!nd jsnr- ^ace condition of the.^11 generally ^tlsfactory ' ' " • - - •' • hare Ueen dan niaterii lly In 's( me western i ties—they are r fill in Cheyenn Ing sui; alfalfa ed for Beal^in farij). nilleji south As I aitt leaving the farm miles wC !»t and lPl(|nii. on 927; exchangies loea many s^ections. ed as week (Jf warm some Forage suppli] ample, of the Eastern Kansail [plus of 1 and will! 7'* V aging wheat fielpisi ported very piQn|ti-j County^ Out ^oor farjn work was! posfei -t .week.Field pr^ seeding oticup! the, tinie of maiiy farmers in sonthern counties. Seed safes aht ly are reported Xo oats are fepoi having li|pen drilled hut weather woiild |eed in t|ie ground." 1 t »s continue to prove for live.«itock needs in mi state ex|cept the norihweiti. I counties arf find-ay locally and soiie hay is being offi r4 of tatt St 2 miles eaxi ami Beginning I IIORSKH span of in: Height abo| Coming 5 weight i;oii 6 years ^olij. broke. TAtTLK old, freshi nrst ing 2 gallni s of fresh .i_ji iA iril-j years old; rivirij, day. willj b< fresh in ers. hallj lings; 1 iJe I.HI>I,E .1I with box! mowing ^ bale racki I harrow'; n:i AKII Ml'I.FS On eilncss; 1 sriiall res lit : ear;; 1 l-Oi iit 1 o'clock the following dejscrjheil iroperl.v; _ 6 and .600: 1 7 years iolil. JiloK cliiiins and mare iiiple. niiiiiel-rtiis fo m old. well, broke. [ horse hiule coming: j \eighf l .n.-.n. Well I Bronxe Tnrlder Tom and :{ heiJx. .Misr Ion" ket lELL.tXH !e: 1 Eel .separa!<>r: 1 S-.5; stands of bee." in ('Iiicken jlionsj!; oiher articles ti^o;: nlioii. r fU'S— One i:?n-g:^l- momr Kind crea e red .cow 7 years , ,. j.^. of .\pril: I spoiled., cdw. hairj,^ersfl.v. fi years old. ^iv-j . , • .,. milk a day. will be .\pril; lieif-., , .1,, , llenisey. coming year- lion barr.'l '<-hiint:i 1 snake killer, goiii rse.y calf. male.. •:yTK -One high wagon riding cullivatoij; I ehiiie: 1 hay rakej 1 I lister corii cultivator; old ground plow;j I walking lister;: 2 old sets of liar- hanel; jl .lii-gnllj other "arlieles 1 menlibn. . •FEKil Some jjoose hay in barri l.'iii. Jinshelsj some kani 1110 bushelsivclli kali CO rill TER.H.S Ol| .S.iI,E-rASH. ; i ?lo prjniieHjr In be removed Innfil settled fur. Public A H I nm leaving the farm I will sell at Public northeast of lola, 1 mile east a'nd three-fourths ml . . ',4 miles south of t'olony. oppoilte ihe Bennett Htoiy Point farm, on— ftt^s.. Feb. BexiniilllK iit III crdock Ihe 116w Hoss has a gniicl-sized bank .-kci-oanl of his fiwii.' .My bi-oHicr gjivi- him a gein roiis sa^lary. and paid' aH his llviiii; expepses, even to | clothes .Vo. Ross (iavreti's and had deal a small motor car.. 1101 hill.!!: trt gain by 1. aiitl miicif to lose \Vhat. about other se "ijhey are iill at /)iir| Chii-iiRo: ••'Ijhreceive .bequpf .Mr. iKolsoii.'s will?" do. Bn .sniatl Ujii'.icfe;., flh. tin are iiiil ol l,lie question. "Who does bi itefit bv "Olnly in.vself. .Mr. Pel Don him of a hat would hi u^i immense aum! ' .\\\ hf;se things find out wlJen you inves- busine.'^s, but I feeU .«nre oOr way does not lie in such paths, lith-nk it was some 1 ei.sonal ili- eniy or sonTe-Jmiseral Ic coward wlio killed l.'ni in. soiiie yiirit of piiny revenge or imagined injury;" •'Was lii'—excuso nie—but was Folsom ^ ever, to your knoul- crls •. a v;j;lim of blackmair/': r'J am not offended- never hesi- t:ite to speak fraiikly to me. .So l"i|r as I know he ne\er was annoyed in that way, but it may have brfiMi. Iinioctiil men aro bl.lck- niiiiled.. rv«> no doubt.' ; "Tney surely are. So we must! try e\?'ry trail we C.T J II think of. ui'der his f'hasn'i he'/" Mr.. Folsom [has ira h.'anf.s?" in s.' undPr they are servaiiis ; »-III:A» II 6 K,SE.S. » TeulU of black mures, 7 ami Mituru old, well mulched, sound 11' oort workers, weight i.'iui) lbs. (ioiplng ^-year-old draft filly; i|racker span mules. lo years ii v-eljght 2-11)0 lbs. «-HKAI» CATTLK -« Seven head nice choice red m tows, some fresh and all will Ik be oon. to 0 yetars old; 1 yearling lielfer. 2 -IIKAn lHI <i .S-2 1 red sow. weight 3."i0 lbs.; 1 vlilte sow. 'weight about :!0U l^.s.. vill farrow in March..: FAR.1I .nAtlll.VKRY One :•'/; high wheel Sfoughtjon Kvagon with grain box: .lohn. l)eere eled a lot. be on. I HIT my • 'r Yes. and he had Ilalely spent three .Viears abroad. He hail been back t!^(ini that trip o ily a short' lini..-." . r riien. for .ill we know. this trsit :e'ly niay be lhe..rCsilt ofjsonie episode'or trouble tha happened while he was abroad." '•It well ma.T be. . But that seems to; render it hopeless, floesn 'l it'/" and Anasla.sia looked ' leeply dis- coiira .CMl. - ' • ^ VOh, maybe not. That niny help lo'simplify matters. Perhaps Ross caiiMell lis something.' •|No. I've asked him. If he. knew anything he'd ttill. But I'm hoping yoii can ,pill Ihuicrimeqn to some- t ]flin(^ This Portage rollowlng described Auction. S miles e north of Carl.yle, property: MifCormIck .l-fij. good 'COIidlllo)| rake, self duni disc, good: Avij rods wire, and section harrow mowing niachlne. Deering sulky p; Osborne ry corn planter. s6 in good shape; 2^ garden plow; H- RfI.F .r, Anriloneer.j srindstone: : 1 in )o iiiinierons .coin in i cril fodder in S I IOC I J I w corn. e;. is-- beJn k :^done either on wheat Or native irass. f The Flint Hills di strict repdrts sub-soil moisture as satisfactory and offers the promisif of gooB early pasture when vfamj weather arrivies. Or^at: thoughts nev man while' he is di- fretful, j r It ?,s no use to ba I'^ss [we work for ihil come to a (iontented or ideals tin- it perfection. Carlyiri on Deer Creek I Will sell at Public Anotion at the Krupii farm. 2 on- iniles Beginning at TW0 weight walking srcraper HOR 1.30b lbs. 1 o'clpck .sharp the follijiwing <le.=cribe,l j toperty; is E H-pOne mhre 1 new; | 1 Ko<id farm wa itm • 1 horse, weight I „!.,.,„„^,. , ^ ,,,, kood cows Riving I ^ "^"'f' ^"J^ Slacker. d one yearling jhelfor. • .WACHtXERV— Two cnl- I corn bfanter and wire; plow; 2 l.:!00 lbt». rOWH—Three milk ai FAR.* tlvntor.-J I maniitc spreudijr; I disc; 1; good 3-secfloh steel roj>e:| 1 ){us engine FqrdHon tractor anil sU nf I ,ilou|ble shmel; z sel an'il many oilur aril.-' arrow; 1 I$-lnch eron.-tl to nieiiiinn. .\|| hay forks; I road' Is pniciicaliy ww. \»-\ I wide fire wagon, almost a yejii-. TKRlf.S t'A.SII^If eredif Is desired sei. ji,„i- banker. MRS. L KRUPP r. .I. B ^.mi «P, Ai^tl<ijiieer. lOLV STATE l ^ANK east of. 21 iiille.i[ lUII .i>i I s toil r i>; lis 3 niow- |t rake; and |saw; I plows; ariiesH. niim- ftbovij I only Clerk; ; I . . ,1^. \ i i -M "'"'^ «KA(;<i(ll Aucnoheers. 1 =vTtor V- r'r k , . u^' I'""'' « IV. eon- • 1 snr'ir- ' ^'""'^ )eerinK mower; 0 Having decideiJ to qnit faijming. I will hell ai I'uhljc A. cti.m I , ... ctiou ;ai niv on what is known as Ipiej'.dd Ifilly Hoj{;.»is farm. 2 miles \ve.-;t ol" on ' lies sonth and west of Moran. lililrei'l. and place of residence, Tueakfay, Feb&fuarif ^2 ) o'clock a. hi., the followirig de.scr!l>ed p Beginning at 1 All (IK ^•lert. Geo. Diinawajy ; HE ; WI;LES;old'. weight L.-lim; years old. weiBhl j iiiare !) j^eais old. ildack niUre 4 years ' l.-liw; I l)lac:k iiiani HORSES AM) One bay inare 10 years ,1 bay horse lii !l.4ti0; 1 black .1 miles Weill north of B; Wddiiesdt^y, reb i BeglnnjiiK III 10 o'clock a. m.. ron wheel wagon; sood hay rack: cultivators. .VVery -l-shovel ridfng: C-shovel Bee riding cjilvator: . -l-sho*-:^] Pallee walking ultivato'r, all inj.good conditlnjn: TERMS OF .SALE ("ASH-ll' in. walking lister and drill; 1-liole corn shellejr; feed cutter; ball­ bearing KrindFtone; scalding ketlle: 4 water barrels; .'iO-gal. oil drum; No. 12 pel ,airal cream separator: 2 sets work harness: extra collars. I A tm Enril runnlnr order Feed and Orain— 150 bu. assorted, corn; 100 111. oats; 4 tons alfal- 1 stacl? prairie hay; hay: about inO orn fodder. Rhode Island Red I. R. roosters. I fa hay in barn 1 stack suda^ shocks kaffir About i 100 hens and 3 R articles too n riNtdster In c»nd 7 HfjAI) OP IIOKHE.H 1 bay ma'e. » years old. wli IC'in lbs.; black mare, n years old. wf. nJiMi lf»s.:i bay mare, smooiii mouth, wt. 1250 lbs.; brown marp. smooth month, wl. 1250 lbs.; spot-• Some.household goods and other iimeroiis to mention. credit Is deslreil sl-e joiir local hanker, Ed Clijliillbets, owner and IV^ miles south |of .Mildred. ifyhrd. 4 miles east andr.';'^ mile!i ijorih or I lion .•ll my ifarm^ \tesi aiiiL 1 1 mil llarpe, on i Ihe fvllowlhg ib'serili k23H led iproperi.v': •re disc si'iiles. I ilers for .loliii !)• p.lairoriti 2 self-teij row cull .loliu I ).'«ire srain in good repair: ti larrow; pair oi ii|(aciiy i ;iMl jibs.: logs; I llaliT 2- vator witji 4-horse hliih: binder. .s-ri.| cut p bnggy: 2iset? ss: set singid ted Arahinn pony. 5 years old. a i b-avy work barn.... good one; span 5-year-old black driving harness: -iaddlle: i!0 hedgi liorses. wt. 241)0 lbs. | posts, and pnmerc| m\n OF ( ATTI.E ! : HOISEHOI 4 good m,iilk cows, all fr^sh now. Kitchen cabineil average 4i)l:allons each per dav: 1 "'''h springs .veariing Whiteface bull calf. ;•> • ; iHnlng rj >om tabl 39'HEAD OF HOfJS IIS snmll tools, ill OOOIIS : cupboard: and maftre.s.«es: I . dresser: car-| pets: chuiir!^: oil sJove; cook stove; heating .ttove: 11 Chester White brood .sows—, bred to faijrow in April; 22 head i" of fall shOiJt."!. weighing from fio to ; ''nifn :ind Feed .So lbs. each. son l.ii. of corn: ( FARM ilMPLEMENT.S. ETC. I l>ay: about 10» bu Two wagons. I narrow lire. 1 Chickens — m , will.' tire ;l lay rack: 2 riding cul- 'lOrn pullets: .v i liviitors. fit-jhovel: Janesville .sulky | M-ghorn roosters, plow. I6-iricb: n-inch walking. Ford foiirin!: f; plow: Daih: mowing machine, .".-ft. ::nd 1 Ford traili cut: hay rake, self dump; harrow: wheels. COL. C. S. BiSJiOP. Anctien^r. I.iincb on ground!] R. BOWLIS. Clerk, serred hy Curljlf ladies. L rhe iadies seetn to have ill the belt till or down.. This is a ftmtijm winter pariurall. 'chairinslpai'i . Thel men see y Canafla—they ride up. ToroMo peopl^ to be.-en^oyioi^.tiy «t the As we are leaving the f.-'im known as Hie James Ij'owell fain eled road 1 mile east and i% mi iof Colony, on graveled road, on-f Iwill .sell at Public .•Vuctlonsoh what is . 4'4 miles [northeast of lola. bn graves sonth ol'Carlylc. and 7 miles .south Wednesday^ Feb. l^m Beginning at 10 o'clo<:k a. tf) the following property to-wli: 44 ur.\n LITESTOCK About SO bead registered nijil ligh grade .lerseys; 1 registeri d Jersey cow 10 years old. giving 3 4 (allons milk dully; 1 . registeri|d lersey cow S years old, Just^fr'esi (iving SVi gallons milk daily; 1-1 •eglslered Jersey cow 7 years ol I vlll be fresji In. .March, giving 2^ ;allniis milk daily; 4 reglsierid lersey heifer 2 .vears old, giving 2 ;allons jiiilk daily, fresh In .•Vpri! ; registt-red .lersey heifer 2 'yeai s »Id. just fresh, giving !t gallons iillk dally; 1 reglslered Jefsetr lelfer. just fresh, giving :i gallons nilk dally; 1 registered Jeise/ I ow 4 years old. fresh in April; I eglstered Jersey heifer 2 yean Id, fresh in March; 3 yearling Jei- 4ey heifers, eligible to register; I |eifer calves eligible to register; I -iQonths-old bull calf, eligible 11 i|effl8ter; 1 grade Jersey!, cow I ears old,'fresh in .March; giving f a'llon milk daily;. 1 fine grade'jer ley heifer 1 year old; 1 r^gistere i ersey bull 2 years.old, to| be soli alt private sale, one of the liest hrei lulls in stale; -1 roan Sliorthort luH 9 months old, eligible to reg} i iter; 1 White . Shorthorn : bull, B Month sold, eligible,^Lster: 3 good cows 2 years old, fresh soon; 1 good cow 2 yeai;s old. fresh in fall; 3 good milk cows; ,*» coming yearlings. i ' fi HEAD OF HOHSE.S— One black Percheion mare. 7 jlears old. wl. 1,400 ibs.t In fonl by horse; l sort rel mare 10 years old, w:elgh( 1400; 1 combination saddle and d 'Iving niarc 8 years old, weight l.OOl lbs.; 2 sorrel Illlles. coming 2 yeais old. well,matched and a real leim; 1 black fllly colt 6 months old. 4 HEAD OF IIO «)»-Two pure bred spotted Poland China sows weight ,100 pounds each, farr )w in .March;. 1 pure' bred spotted Poland China lioar. weight 4O0 I is.; I red Dnroc sow, farrow .M»y 1 FARM .HACHWERT -One good sulky plow, 14-inch; 1 6-shovfl riding cultivator; 1 e -sliovel ,A oline walking cultivator; 1 whe^t drill fertilizer and seed aftachmeu; 1 new cnltivotor; If new disc I!mer- .'^:on; 1 Kingman sniky plow; 1 old planter:; 1 McCorni|ck com biuler; 1 disc-narrow; .1 horsepower feed grinder; 1 buggy; many other articles too niiiiierous to mcntioi. FEED— About 12 tons timothy and plover hajr In stack; some coin. weighi :i.2r.'(: i Old. ' weight sniootli mail 111. welghi IjCflO; 1 bliick horse.niiile. coming 2 yi-ars oldi; 1 browp. Shetland jmiiy •'" yearsjold. geiiil,' ami Iren. ,f < • .IlII OE CA'iTI.E—AHMhesf Well biolje for Chi IH HE I ,^-(iws exci arliiig PARI! Ill fllW cow. 4 yi :I vears I Id: I red yi'ai's old oiiiing yi , :{ yean; feers. ifP(Eii^'>'r.s. aj< new; I IV rniuu' 7-foof .M l)ieering !iOfl one; Xeere cor harroW; a walking Us« 1 jKmerson C-sl or; 1 Ohio C-sli or;-l liaiiil cony Ishel 1 ' ojveT ivel |pt Ihe (iri fresh In lie spring}. j5 .vears old. giving ' ow 4 yea] Ind wliili! •I dark rol J.f;lil: roan r )an. coVv. K years ii cpiiilng 4 red: r, red cow sr three will be Om- red cow niilk; I brindle iis old. giving milk: 1 red spoiled ci'^w. ':i years old; year:^ old; 1 ITS old; I (lark Id; I red cow. ^liiM'tliorii bull. can tte |e)',|r;- jarliug liriler : old; 4 riiiitltig (>;ne ..MolinV wide ifi. iron whe i-rc, w;iKoli, good b!d Wagon and 1 Deerliijg corn binder; Ivvaiikee )^rain hindeir; I ng Inaeliiiie. a lirrow; 1 John fool mow 1 disc h |i planter TEK.MS CA.SH' Iilow; ciiltiva ciiltiva small fteil grinder: water lank: 2 oil barieis; 2 sets of breei'lilng liu'nies:4: several horse collars^ toiils :iiiil iiiiinf-riiii.s other arllclefj. II4ir |iKH0Lll «.'O.OlH iTwii iron beds, springs ami iiu llressli».s; 1 loiii? diiveniKirl: 1 priicjss i ress- er; I r.O-llt. refriKeraiiu ;. 4 leiiher sealeil dak dining eliaiiii:; V e lild'n rockej-; 1 cliilil's .hii;lj iciiajr; I wicker ;iu|ul lalile; I i' table; 1' lfl.(chen cabiiK .\ci,rn l>ak healing siiJvei; I jgray lialllei I .year: liliien |l lillllej ('OMlI'liI I iixl2 linoleiinil liCii 1)11 ill r. used I Aladdin Hems.'ne Iliad' ••;l/e ir. I)e|,d Hep :ir;ili.jr: I power v;jishing 'liiiie; IjiMips; pictures: cuoklng iilenslls:. I cliipdii wii I'OI l.-lltV ir .n or WhileWlyaiidolle he:is. FEEIIJ -Abimt 2im slii; kalllr fodder; 17."> bale prairie liay; 75 linsliebjlTi-xas 1: 2-secfionseed iials. Ill' credit is desired see yinir local bnnkeif. Harry Springston , (OI.. (lIAfS. IIRAiaiO. Auctioneer. .ill IJIREII STATE B.i|\K. (^lerk. Ladie^J Ol' Wesley Chapel Will Serve Lnnch. cpokinK tides. -.About ufen.*jils:: 70(1; toil •opept |ef: Ii sulky •iding filling er; I kalv:^nized iilid dining ]l Hi'/e IS range. : ,11.'Ill iif sej a|ii|i V !<l C illsheH used -egg son; with vain ina- and gon. «"qd k'H of good i.r .\o. 1 Red PUBUC , j .As we are leaviAg the farm v.-e will ofl'er at Public Sale or 7 tons tamejj jjpLjj„g,,,jp ,•.,,.,„ miles south of the Commonwealth Oil f'-M'*- |l h(iles soiitjli and 2-'^i miles east of .Moran. Imile .=otith am >z.| White , I .eg- • west oC Bijonson. .-injl S miles nor:ii of Eismdre. on — • Tuesday, February ^2 blood Whil<>! o^ thfJ old. ^{eJinery. 2 nhiles r in irood repair; with standard 1 TER.Mj] CASH-If credit Is desired see v^nr Ircnl IrJL. JACK$0N (01,. CHASl DRAfiOO. Aiiclloneer^ t MILDRED STA 'i k BANK. (lerk. jl iLadies Aid of Wesley ^apel Will tServe Liincli. .^8 I ani going to quit farming IwlH sell lai Publi place 2 niil^s.west and one-half mile soiith of jSlildred. 2 mil|8 west and one PNDAY, ReglnnMg nt 10 n. m.. the follifwing descrihed pmpprty: TERM.S OP SAfcE (ASII-r-H ej-edit Is desired se^ ronr lorai backer. k.F.PETfiltS0N&H.N£WT6M 01. ii. D. SMOf K and A. k OLH EN, Anets^ iOLA RTATE BAi«K,i-tk. Lnnch on Gronnds bjr Kocli Creek Mo<Ial Club. 1 :2 HEAD jllF^One giejr niari" 7 years old. weight 1.500, iij foal! by Peri heron horse; 1 gre>j mare 7 years old. weight 1.400; liay mare !» Vears old. Avelghl 1.250 :in foal by I'ercheron liorsi black mare 4 years old., weight! 1.300. in foal by Percheron horse; I bay geldli g 4 years old. weight I.3.5U; 1 blai weight 1.250 3 years old coming 3, ik gelding 4 years old. 1 black mare coning 1. dark grey mnre ye irs old; 1 giiled sad -l|^ Fair>iaiiks-.Mi weight about March TERJirX CASifl. FARM LHI>LKM Mc('ormicli( (;raiii corn .plaiilli-r with V 12 Inch ('a win 2-row ciilllvalor; mower;' !• i)ain 4-w I lliiosier ;l2-disi fertlli-/er alltaclinieijl; 1 Kmle nia- siire spieailer; 1 1 KMiiili talking rtlow; 1 I-liiirs.e drill: 1 w ;i gon will die iharejS >'eara old. in foal by 5 gettfld horse 1 black mare luiuing 2 years pld,: 2 coming yearling colitt. good ones. » HfeAD if CATTLE-tine black cow 9 years old, Iw fresh in spring; 1 roan cow 0 years old. be fresh iii spring; l rii cow C years old. be fr^shl .Marcli 15; 1 roan ' coiv fi yriirs^ old,;l)« fresh in sprin'-V. 1 roan iieifer 11 months old; 2 r.-d beifel>i S months old; 2 red cows, 7 and !• vearij old. bd fresh in spring. • S; HEAD: OF HOiSS-S:. si.oal.- weight from 90 to 125 lbs.; 2 red 2.50 lbs., v.ill pig 10. DRAI.'no and DWIOIIT SMO( gojid'sbap'j; lolsof as iifd mowing iiia livators. Two sets harness and .some MI.S(EL.l\EOIS and hover, phont ; 22 I.OOO cli all hedge posts.. Al> AND FEED' w|-ight 1.2(j0; 1 bliiiili mouth, we black liors iiiare conii arcuiid -1.2 siQooth nint saddle mai Auction at my ailimt l.O.'iO 21st is HEAI tveiirs old. Ill, fresh: bM. fresh: N 'I 'S Oil" l^.it hinder; 1 ITase Kfi rods of iiew gang idow; 1 Da in C-irnot jieel buck rake; Kralii drill will kectioh harriow; box; 11 \i: rs>' euginf in jiink Irion such bines and jciil- oC breeching ollars. 1 0 n e broiider •k size; I iele- 40 sn bu.sru'ls. of gooil' coi bushels Kanola seed els kallir in; bin; prairie hayj; 140 shil der. • j CHICKENS— 100 large hddge posts jaiid hens, most jail pulle MILDREII STATE K. Atlrtioiifipni. Fiirniern' ITnion Will W. W. HASTIl^G About 1.300 in « rib;I 1511 (ibrs: 511 bush- ill bales: of cks kanir fod- Legliorn hit.' ilANK. Clirk. kerve Liiiirh. The following described properly: 11 HE.^D OF HORSES— One lirown ma ye 9 years old. weight l.iiOO; 1 blown hor .se 9 years old. wi'ight 1.2()0; 2 bayl m :ires coming years ol black hoj weight. 1.3." lyears oh miiles com miire mulH I. weight j around 1.3011; |rse coiiiing, 5 years old. (i; 1 gray horse coming . weight 1.400; 2 horse ng 5 and 6 .vears old; 1 coming 7 years old. marc, smooth i)?lit 1.4011, a good one; 1 smooth mouth.: .1 bay ig 4 years old. weight ip; 1 bay saddle mare, luth; 1 ctiestnnl .sorrel :e^ 9 year*; old. weight (ATTLE fresh: •rtfi Whilefaci Whltefai half .1 cow I otiiing 5 yi} i-ad siei- jrs coming liead of .'iteers c<iii ; 5 lieirers coining 2 years old; •alves, bi- 1 year (}dd in spring; .'Ollllg I 'lBlves.' Cattle havi'i been >U{ full feed all wiliti:r. IMMiSOne Poland China briMjil o|v. weight f'. weigl P' ltllllrleref> 1 Map luigaliy libr rsey cow years old -Red cow 8 cow 5 years •cow 5 years i:ow 5 years •1 years old: .lersDv cow .solid oak dresser; 3 sanjitiarv ficoil [lillry rner 'ierfetj Hi gas (ik. ars old. fl-esli in April: years old: ing 2 years ;!7 .'i llis.j 1 fJiiroc brood 375 'lM..\ with 4 pigs; boats, wj-ight around I2n lbs. 'OI'LTRt- -About' llets Just eghorn la.M.. IIOI'SEHOLD (JOOllS- One nia- ogany bool^case wifji glass front: oak daveiipOrl. full bed iry table; dozen Whiti beginning to •spring rocker; I .Ma- 2 .Mahogany li'jkiiig clralrs; I ..Alahogany table; rfed chaii ; 2 oak nickers; 1 oak hair Willi iirms; 1 oirk dining |al ^l ^t 10 dini 1^ <'liairs;| I oak re lijerator: j 1 walnut .magazine ac-t'; 1 wjriiiHt finispied wrilnig esi; 1 «litie enameled kitchen labinel; 1 solid'oak' double cup- io:ij-d: 1 oak chiffonier dre.sser; 2 ikitM tables; 3 iron I led steads; 1 M. churns, cans, ere other art IMPLE son tract Osbiirii ( erson gang plows, good Iniower; I Flyinkq' Ou ch- Ileering man corii planter. 90 rids pew wire; -.1 :Mc('oiiiilck-I)e-Hng 6- shovel culliv:itor. .nearly 1 new Busy Beii cnltivaiors.-Ii shpveU ;" cots, bed and 2 full bed size: 2 sets ti , springs: 12 sets of hea'tv wOven wile bed sjirings; 1 Ivoify. ^mjaple bed rooiii set. dresser, dressing liable. 2- ivory chairs lo mate!;: I oa's 1 Old Trusty ini-ubafor size: 1 Old Trii;-;y iucu^ator egg size: I galvaniziil ji( per; 1 I'l rfeciion. :!-bil cook stove with ovi-u; 1 oil heater, good as new; nor. gooij! as new; 1 cU rihie keeper; 1 DeLavaf cream rator .\"i>. 12; milk croi Us. cooking utenjiils. dish paii.=;. iluil jars.' dishes, bucket ;.| cr^ain jam jars, and niimei ^OuK clesi MEXTS. ETC .-tjlii^- Eijier- br. 12-20. in goi ll- repair: 13-IU)itojm, tractor plow jgood|; 1. Kood John Deere grain nuden; I irn binder;'2 12|ipch !i;ra- tone.'j; 1 enamjeied [nn chair; 220|-egg 110- dlp- oii tion- rez--' iood sep- 4- Jolili peij 're disc cull ivatii>T; :diovel cultivator; 1 fl-f^eclion Har- riiw with irailor. Keysion •; disc"; 1 . Deering disc harrow; Dei ring hay ; rake; I ]4-in<^h walking plowt 2' lt;-lii <h CJase walking pl< ws; Half i, liorsi- Koik Island. gas)|ine jen- 1 gine; I hog feeder; 4 .waj ons with double I K.X; 1 wagon will irack; 12 \ .callle feed boxes; 1 set nl* double harness }.l%-lncli. with ; 2-lnch | traces, aK-^o collars; C sel ; lOf dMu \J ble breeching harness; 1 i4| inches J» and collars; 2 good stock'.saddlf^: *p I good'rii|ing bridle;: 1 bi gfey pftle and neckypke; 1 ton bf hi l^d pijai- riCi hay. giooil; 2>,teel dri lis wstli good lock'ifaiicets: 3 water liarrejs chains. pitchforks.; axis; troughs, c^iicken I roughs i coo|i and many erous to riiention. lijog ipR. other articles ik)6 nuhi- TER.M.S|CASII^Ifjyou desire credit see your lianker. OtS. SM«K^K A.ND HARLAN. Anctloneer.s. PEOPLE'S .STATE BANK, OI MnranJ -.MellKHllsf Ladies* Aid of Bronsoii niji Serve Luncli. X and S. E. Perry, Owndrs Clerk.

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