Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on November 19, 1947 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1947
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

INESDA Y, NOVEMBER 19. 1647. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE. IOWA PAGE SEVEN. > he Herald's Homemakers by Iowa State College Home Economists I Thanksgiving Day— TURKEY TOPS THE MEAL ;'s good news for the home* these days. When most are scarce. and high-priced, will come to the festive board in quantity ! Key prices, poultry experts lire now under those of last Thus turkey really is as ical a buy as any to be in the meat market. > I Decide on Size. Jbig birds are on their way ie 17 to 20 pounders. They fine for family reunions, birds will be sold in half rter-size portions, or even -in steaks so that the folks mall oven space can have al bird just, the same, ing the size of the bird you is not always easy. If the is dressed, but not drawn, on about one pound per per- hat allows for two servings first meal and some tidbits, e turkey is all set for cook- 1th no effort on your part stuffing it, then allow three- of a pound for each guest, in use this same method to |for a half-turkey too. I Hen or Tom. that you've done a little arithmetic, if you want an ^5-pound bird, choose a hen Poultry experts say they mally better finished than rkeys of the same weight, heavier bird, take the torn Hens usually have more eat; the toms more dark I. H. D. COLE Dentist Over Citizens State Bank f. Myers, M. D. jfTice Over Huebner's . „ Telephones: .OSfce 188-VV Residence 188-X nb- one lie? the bad CCS. T 1, otal 61 .11 rate fee- his. ved 1 of the the tion' ccp- 1 :y in Dr. R. F. Schneider | VETERINARIAN FlMW No. 170 Postville, Iowa —** In Iris Theatre Building gseph B. Steele WTORNEY-AT-LAW Over Abernethy's Store Telephone No. 240 ?. W. Kiesau, M.D. 4. F. Kiesau, M.D. pver honk Sehutte * Sons -Dally 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 Jept Friday afternoom. land Sat.—7 to 8:30 p. m. iUIS SCHUTTE ,ARD SCHUTTE jtl Directors * Embalmera lowers For All Occasions rling & Palat JBNEV8-AT-LAW Iver Pestvllle State T. OPSAHL fCHIKOFKACTOR tee Over Abernethy's M to It an* 1 to 5 • Wednesdays, Fridays Preparation Is simple. Take out pinfeathers/ with tweezers; then singe the bird, clean it well and rinse the cavity with plenty of cold water, until yoii stuff it and roast it. Cook promptly for they won't keep long. The' stuffing can be made and put into the bird at once. One cup of dressing to each pound is the limit. And, regarding temperatures, "slow and low" is the best motto. This means 300 to 325 degrees constant temperature. Place the bird breast side down on a rack in a shallow pan. He'll be fine that way without basting or rearing. Count on three to 3V4 hours for an 8 to 10-pound bird; four to 4V6 hours for a 14 to 18-pounder. If you have a set time for your dinner, give the bird at least hour extra head start. NO PARTY. At Independence recently, two men who were enjoying a convivial evening mourned for the companionship of an associate, who at the moment was languishing behind prison bars in the Independence county jail. They decided to go over and cheer him up with a few bottles of pop, into which they had injected certain invigorating ingredients. Sheriff Hart interrupted the surprise party; one of the men joined his comrade in jail and the other, being fleeter of foot, disappeared into the night. Both have been charged with disorderly conduct. WE ARE SORRY ! When wc planned the Masquerade Dance for last Saturday niglit, we looked forward to one of the best masquerades wc had ever had. Unfortunately weather conditions and car trouble prevented the orchestra from getting here. We, alcng with our many friends, were disappointed. . . . However, save your costumes, for we will hold a postponed masquerade later. WATCH FOR THE DATE! LAKESIDE GUTTENBERG, IOWA NOTICE OF INCORPORATION *NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 16th day of October, 1947, the Secretary of the State of Iowa issued Certificate of Incorporation to POSTVILLE QUALITY FOODS, with principal place of business at Postville, Allamakee County, Iowa. The general nature of the-business shall be; To buy, grade, preserve, process, package, and self all types of farm livestock and produce, at retail or wholesale, and to buy said livestock and produce for resale generally; to manufacture, grade, process, package, preserve, sell and generally market all and various by-products which may be obtained from the processing, curing and packing of said farm livestock and produce; to make, patent and sell all and various types and ktnds of food products generally; to purchase, erect, operate, maintain, lease and control a packing plant .or plants, food products plant or plants, warehouses, allied buildings, and buildings of every description, and to buy, retain, sell, convey, lease, market, incorporate and improve such real estate, buildings and personal property as the business may require or as may*be convenient for its operations; to prepare and publish such circulars,*statements, bulletins and periodicals as it may require; to borrow money for the furtherance of corporate business and to give security therefor; and to do and perform, either, for itself or .its stockholders, any and all acts and things, and to have and exercise any and all powers as may /be necessary and convenient to accomplish any or all of the foregoing purposes or as may be permitted by the provisions of the laws under which this corporation is formed, and to exercise any of its powers anywhere. The authorized capital stock is $200,000.00, to be divided into (a) 1000 shares of preferred stock of the par value of $100.00 each, and fb) 1000 shares of common stock of the par value of $100.00 each. The preferred stock is guaranteed a "YOURS FOR DANCING" SHERIFF TOM OWEN — and his — COWBOYS SAT., NOV. 22 SHOWER DANCE — Honoring — Miss Betty Nieland and Mr. Vernl Overbeck of Guttenberg Music By DON RHINES' RIDGE RIDERS The Entertaining Dance Band TUE., NOV. 25 Thanksgiving Dance LAWRENCE FOS T E R — and his — ORCHESTRA "With That Different Style" Thur.,Nov.27 LAKESIDE Guttenberg, Iowa ATTENTION FARMERS! Until Further Notice We Will Pay Up To FOR DEAD HORSES and COWS (HIDES MUST BE GOOD) And Your Assurance of— * Prompt Service on All Small Animals * Free Gifts for Small Animals •* Sanitary Removal * 24 Hour Service * Tankage for Sale to Farmers * We Pay All Phone Charges For Prompt Rendering Service, Call ALLAMAKEE COUNTY RENDERING SERVICE Postville—Phone 555 ' — or — COLE RENDERING SERVICE Waukon, Iowa—Phone 600 V.3';*v. • ... :fe LICENSE! NO. M four percent (4%) dividend for each year, payable in full with accumulations before any dividend is set aside or declared for any common stock of the corporation;, the preferred stock has full priority over the common stock as to payment of the par value of the stock and accumulated dividends in the event of liquidation or dissolution of the corporation; the preferred stock has no voting power, except that upon default in the payment of two (2) consecutive annual dividends upon preferred stock," the holders of the preferred stock, voting separately as a class, are entitled to elect a majority of the full "Ipard of Directors; the preferred lock is further protected by pro- isipn against further issues of preferred stock or any other security convertible into shares which rank prior to or in a parity with preferred stock as to dividends, and as to assets on liquidation or dissolution, unless in each case authorized by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the total number of shares of preferred stock then outstanding, given by vote at a stocKholders' meeting called for the particular purpose; and the corporation is under obligation to'es­ tablish a sinking fund in the year 1951 for the purpose of retiring outstanding preferred stock at 100% of par value plus accumulated dividends, and must retire preferred stock outstanding as such funds are available in the said sinking fund. All stock when issued to be fully paid for in cash or property as provided by the laws of the State of Iowa; and when issued, all shares shall be fully paid and forever non­ assessable. The corporation, may commence business when $50,000.00 of common stock has been issued. The corporate period of the corporation to begin October 16, 1947, and to continue for a term of twenty (20) yqars thereafter, with .power of renewal,' unless sooner dissolved by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of all stock, both*common and preferred, then outstanding. The affairs of the corporation to be conducted by a Board of Directors of not less than five nor more than seven directors to be elected annually at the annual meeting of stockholders to be held on the third Monday in January of each year. The officers of the corporation shall be a President. Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and such other officers as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine; officers to be elected by the Board of Directors, each year at the Directors' annual meeting'following the annual meeting of stockholders. Until the first annual meeting in 1948, the following persons shall constitute the Board of Directors: Fred W. Groth, Postville, Iowa Dorothy Groth, Postville, Iowa W. H. Burling, Postville, Iowa M. F. Kiesau, Postville, Iowa Ed McNeil,. Postville, Iowa Lloyd Schroeder, Postville, Iowa Willard Sehutte, Postville, Iowa Until the first annual meeting in 1948', the following persons shall constitute the Officers: President, Fred W. Groth Vice President, W. H. Burling Secretary and Treasurer, Dorothy Groth. The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from corporate debts. Dated at Postville, Iowa, October 25 1947 POSTVILLE QUALITY, FOODS Fred W. Groth,'President. Dorothy Groth, Secretary and Treasurer. BURLING & PALAS, P. O. Address: Postville, Iowa JOSEPH B. STEELE, P. O. Address: Postville. Iowa Attorneys For Corporation. DANCE TO TOM OWEN AND HIS COWBOYS Monday, November 24 at the Ossian Opera House OSSIAN, IOWA | I. i SALE Having decided to quit farming, I will hold a Closing Out Sale on my farm, known as the Ben Krambeer farm in Franklin township, 6 miles north of Luana, 12 miles south of Waukon, and 10 miles northeast of Postville, on .24 Lunch served by Luana Choir 40 HEAD OF CATTLE 40 Consisting of 26 Milch Cows (18 Brown Swiss and Guernsey cross, 8 Holsteins) 10 fresh since Oct. 15 and some springing; 6 2-year-old Heifers, 1 is springing; 7 Yearling Heifers; 1 high grade Brown Swiss Bull, 2 years old. Sale to commence promptly at 10:30 a. m. 3 HEAD OF HORSES Consisting of 1 Sorrel Team, 7 and 8 years old, weight 1700 lbs. each; and 1 Black Saddle Horse, 6 yrs. old, weight 900 lbs. ABOUT 25 FINE FEEDER PIGS CORN, OATS AND LOOSE HAY About 500 bushels Boone Oats; About 40 tons Loose Clover and Timothy Hay; About 200 bushels Corn A FULL LINE OF FARM MACHINERY, ETC SOME OF THIS MACHINERY 1^ NEARLY NEW ! 1941 Oliver 70 Tractor, with lights and starter, on new rubber, with Cultivator; Set Steel Wheels for Oliver 70; 7-ft. John Deere Tandem Disc; McCormick-Deering 16-in. Tractor Plow; John Deere No. 10 Corn Picker; 1931 Chevrolet Pickup; No. 8 Massey-Harris Manure Spreader; John Deere Tractor Side Rake; International 9-ft. Grain Drill, tractor Hitch; John Deere 999 Corn Planter with fertilizer attachment; 3-section Wood Drag; 16-ft. Grass Seeder; 7-ft. McCormick Grain Binder; International Webb Hay Loader; Rubber-tired Truck Wagon with 7x14 platform box; John Deere Steel Wagon; 2 Wood Wide-Wheel Wagons; 2 Wagon Boxes; Hay Rack; John Deere 2-row horse Corn Plow; 3-unit Surge Milking Machine, complete with pipeline for 29 cows, and motor; 2 New 4 McCormick Mowers; 9-in. Red Head Hammer Mill; No. 17 Galloway Cream Separator; 12 good individual Hog Troughs; Jamesway Self Hog Feeder; a 16-ft. Hog Trough; 14-ft. Hog Trough; 2 sets Work Harness and many other articles not mentioned. Terms of Sale will be Cash unless arrangements are made with Clerk before sale. LYNN HANGARTNER, PROP. EATON WATERS, Auctioneer LUANA SAVINGS BANK, Clerk

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