Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1959
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

-Junior Editors Quiz on- FOOD QUESTION: What country first grew watermelons? ANSWER: The watermelon is a fruit that grows on a long vine. It is related to the pumpkin, squash, muskmelon and cucumber. And it is called watermelon for a very good reason. It is 93 per cent water. Watermelon has very little food value, but it has a delicious taste. Watermelons were first grown in Africa and spread in early times to southern Asia. Eventually it was brought to the United States, which is now the chief source of the fruit. Water* melons are grown in the deep, sandy soil of Georgia, Florida, Texas, South Carolina and Alabama. FOR YOU TO DO: Why not have a watermelon party? Have enough watermelons to give each guest one piece and have one piece letf over. Before you begin eating, have each guest guess the number of seeds in his piece. After eating, count the seeds. Whoever comes closest to the right number of seeds in his portion wins the other piece of melon. (Jay Gourley of Sharon, S. C, wins $10 for this question. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP News- features, in care of this newspaper. Mrs. Higgins will make the final selection if duplicate questions are received.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer "That Jimmy Watkins! His idea of a successful evening is four cylinders all hitting at the same timtl" 1 —•————————————— SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh •v m f * in * • T.M. R«j, U,S. Pat. Off. "I don't know how I feel about Fred. I still write to him twice a week, but I've stopped perfuming my lettersl" 'I'm trying to win a scholarship to Harvard!' By Kate Osann (J) 1953 by NEA Sirvier Inc. TM. Htf P»t- O". OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS 'Honestly, between homework and housework I hardly have any time to relax!" Dinner Call Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Woody fruit 4 Meat dish 8 Vegetables 12 Greek letter 13 Forfeit 14 Wicked 15 Pitch 16 Mediate 18 City in Oklahoma 20 Having aural appendages 21 Scold 22 Level 24 Table scraps 26 Berserk 27 Sol 30 Sulked 32 Monster (prefix) 34 Charge 35 Redacted 30 Meadow 37 Make out 39 Clamp 40 Rope 41 Franklin 42 Soft drinks 45 Pigeons 49 Temporary 51 Beverage 52 Merit 53 Tense 54 Faucet 55 Prayer 56 Otherwise 57 Measures of type DOWN 1 Seines 2 Western state 3 Poisonous spider 4 Arm support 5 Sound 6 Regard highly 7 Tiny 8 Praline ingredient 9 Always 10 Assistant 11 Snow vehicle 17 Smoked 19 Kind of basket 23 Recorded choice 24 Jewel 25 Part 26 Revoke 27 Shiny fabric 23 Indians 29 Knot 31 Exit 33 Fasten 38 Beg 40 Politician 41 Montana city •J- Pace 43 Spoken 44 Venture 4fi Burden 47 Cut out 4I\ F.nervalcs 50 Follower BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Feeding the Fish BY EDGAR MARTIN SAV, WHAT ARE VOU OUT ON THE PORCH ROOF LIKE THAT?I THOUGHT WHY MOTHERS GET 6RAV 1»M Ml i.r OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLi THATIS dfik HOUSE CLAREMCE- VOU-RESTTTI^W a f!£rJi OM,STR ANSSR.' HE'S" WANTED SACK lt4 ARlZONA# <£^= *5?,7i FEfi? A tfANK SOB.' I'M A DEPUTY 5HERIFF ~ne?i£n MV Ff?0M PIMA COUNTY" AW I COMB UPHER& M^/^p TO 6EIN6 HIM SACK, SUT I'M REAL ^^• AMVVVUU« TW ASHAMED TO SAY HE 6TOL& ,\tf*SUM^Hlfh^i F^ufMuT . AN* GINS ME "W SLIP/ SHORE SLADrH#7 "ITUVPMP CP ll BROUGHT AW XOPS ALOM<3.' ATI \'?ZZZ&\\ CTi "ni fli I it Ti ¥| TUMiTHOUT IT/ FOO_- 4 BUGS BUNNY Friendship Pays BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP A Possibility ITS THAT OXY GUY.' I TOLD 'IM HOW TO FIX HIS HW,WAW,HA.V\*, BUSTED UP 0\L TIN MAN AWRIGHT/ HAW*^ I TOLD 'IM, HAW, HAW HE OUGHTA MAKE ITS HAW [ WHY? HAW SO'S HE COULD PUT A BIGGER | O BRWN IN! IT... / \ HAW HAW / p • YEAH.' BY V. T. HAMLIN [""IT VEAH.' DOESNT THAT FOOL REALIZE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THAT CRAZY MOONMAN JUST MIGHT MORTY MEEKLE Stranger Than Fiction / HA.'I ALMOST / BELIEVED YOU. I NEVER SERIOUS \ FOR A MINUTE \ ARE YOU, V. HARRY? BY DICK CAVALLi WT, .... FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Learning His Lesson BY MERRILL BLOSSER GOSH (VCU SHOULD TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMEMr THAT I COULDMT TELLYOU WERE STfeAieHr ^[ WRIT7MG, [JROM TEACHERS' COLLEGE/ J— 9 _£L! . Inc. T.M. B.g. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE One Solution BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY HKANUONLYTWO OF ZE 5IX I MMN CCNCe -RNEP WIS ARE LEFT...CLIVE WIN &T0N AMP PENNV BURKE! ...VOU'RE 5(PUMPER ASLEEP N0WL YOUR LEFT FOOT 1$ STUCK TO THE FLOOR', TR/ WALKING TO WE...VO0 CAM'T LIFT YOUR LEFT FOOT 1 . . Last Hope Q)ti£ 15- ABLE TO 51EP FORWARD...THE OTHERS OLE IM VMMi THO CLWE RAISES HIS HEEL 5 ( THAWK YOUl THPa r V £L1NMNIATES YOU BY LESLIE TURNER 5TRU6- LljHTLY ^T \ DIP YOU NOTICE CLIVE WINSTON BARELY PASS ZM* TEST? HE CANNOT PASS ZE NEST ONE 1 . KJ0...Y0UR LAST HOPE fOX i A SOMNAMBULIST IS MISS BURKE 1 . BUT BEFORE I TEST 'HER FURTHER,SEE IF CLIVE^ MOTHER FOUND A COPY OF HIS QRftPUATlON SPEECH 1 1

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