Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 26, 1898 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1898
Page 8
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ji ja t ^Yf t °^^ J ''^'^~- u ^--^^^--- J ^- 1 r -r-|"T "™A-.n: in . ~. ^ ----- ••• __MI .._I.L_ -j.-r- —-JJ_u_^looi—J iLuj- U__L_ULJ—UJLUU-J um-mir-rT ' iimimrmmiii.TiiiiiLi LII :i m i j" J. -i/i " i r.- - - " - -»«aa»Ma»aMsi»i^aaMsaiaam.«aMaa»s»s»s*gM»j^ L..-L!i^g!S!Sr!!!SSi 'UL'J .!_J-^^^^r^r^g^^?r^^^"!?f H *?'^'' p 'i > ''' l '** M ^'^P 1 f?^^ To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Accoun t „. .-«.•••-* WHO fctre t» atftnd on their feet most of the Slme work an hard ai any day-laborer yet they do not g«t what ia rightly cabled exercise. Cloie, confining, Indoor occupation gives no exhlllratloB to the nervous' ayatem nor active circulation to the blood. It wears, tears and draff* « woman's lire away. The whole physical ay at cm growl sluggish anil torpid under It No wonder ao many sales ( firla and factory tlrls And hqu*ew!re« anf- fer from iiidlgrfltton and constipation and bilious troubles. No wonder they ore .subject to the diseases of the delicate Bpcclnl I organism of tliclr sex. The wonder la < rather that they can stand It as well aa they do. But "a poor weak woman," as ahe Is termed, will endure bravely and patiently agonies which a strong man. would,, give way under. The fact is women arc more patient than they ought to be under nuch troubles. Rvrry woman ought to know that ahe may ojptaln the niost eminent medical ad- ifat/rttjOf charge, and in absolute confi- dtnct and.privacy by wrillng to Dr. K. V. PieTM,-chief .cmuulllriK physician of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. Occupying thin position for thirty yean he has had a wider practical experience In the treatment of women's diseases than any other physician in this Country. His medicines arc world-famous for their astonishing efficacy. The most perfect remedy ever devised for weak and delicate women is Dr. I'ierce's Favorite Prescription. His " Golden Medics), Discovery" Is the only permanent dl- Ifestive and nutrient tonic. The two medicines taken alternately, form the most perfect and successful course of treatment ever prescribed for female troubles complicated with a sluggish, overwrought, nervous, diseased constitution. In severe constipation Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should be occasionally taken with the others. They never gripe. Costa Rica's President at Treasury Department. KS( 1 ()RTK!)THH()IMJII TIIU VAM/r.N. Ho Arrnngcmdiln Mnil« Thin Inr for n Conflali .Ildtwoen Ilin l)l«llni(iil«hMl Vl«- Itur anil Prmldnnl McH inloy 'I hr Ilnll- «d fttnten t(i For(>« Nnn OdinhiKo to I'ny the ORAIIIA HrldKP Award Mittto In l-'nrur of Matlmnlel »lvKit<r of >Vnnhl»Kl"». WndlilliKton. Nov. 2li. 1'ivshlcnt rglcBlnn of Costn Klcn, nc-cninpniilcil li> members of hln ptnff oticl (.'ol'UK. 1 ! Curler, t'. S. A,, vlBlti'd Hie li-esiHUi-y de- parlment, nnd lifter lieliiB jii-eHenti'il tn the chief ofllrlnlH, WHK cBcurted .hrough the money vuultH nnd Hlmwn .he niorln In whlc'h fhe government dloR Its v«ft Htores of roln nnd ciir- •cncy. He. then vlnltecl (JeorKetown lefip, where two of hln lirodicra nre tuclelitn, One (if flu-He, It IB experted, vlll enter the United Hint en military nidemy Bl We«t 1'olnt. under 11 spprlnl et of conKress exlenclhiK this courteHy to Costft lileii. SBfMMUaf 10 Flnt-ol*«f tasur- IBM Companies. FOR BALE. The Dr. Hardy property corner 6th and Alby stay .tot UOxliO feet-wltn 2 dwellings. A 4-lfoom dwelling onEuaton street bet, loth and Iltn its; Lot 45il20 feet. Price tTOO. The residence of.Geo. Klraoh on Belle street; • roomi and bath room: In good re lair. x'Th* 10-room residence of 8. H. Nichols ot Laptdonat. Lot 70x170 root. A fine location. A nneS-roo-n dwelling (nearly new) with bath room! heated by fnrnaoe; In Middle town. The flne lot of David Doyle on Bluff street with I-room brtok dwelling. TheJ. M. Tonsor homestead containing, abont a aoresi flae 10 room dweningitralt of tu kind. , Some dn« lota on Bluff street with brio* paving sad Mw«ri DO grading, In T. L. FooWildd ABB* (-room briok dwelling, heated wlti Lot 120x120 feet) fine frnlti half block Jolt. One of the finest » A ft-room dwelling wli and. Pine fruit and aL__ s oar Una la Upper Alton. fine lot OB 4th atreet. 1 One lota on Belle street between 1Kb " Afwoitoryhrlc tall and Vine sta. A good Investment, , , « flne lota on «h street near Mr, Oarltang nie*flne - doubledwomngotMr. R. Qarstang, Mated by steam with modern ImprpTBmaasi.. A very desirable 8-room brlok dwelllni; IU B«U« *tr*«ti with all modern Improwoanft,: The Plasa Fooodrr. everything oqmpiatej in- oding to Iota | awltoh connection .wjth O.:* A. Alton Novelty litff, Oo. property on ad Itreet, nolndUut 4 Iota. 4 flnelota In Highland Park, each 70 by about fast. A all room dwelling op State street. Pilot \ good I-room dwelling pn Second street, fwo Una lota on Alby street; TM double brtok d,wellijUi corner Third SH4 »Iby itraatt/awjof *3J»'^%}» in Allot . A aaw t& room dwelling ID Upper Alton, toot 00 Baston street, 1 with Itk lota In lilddto- lolor Pine looatlon. A i»BM of Albort Wade on Bella rooms and finished attlo, batt . Ooodoellar. Ou and water thouse. Lot H feat (rent. ptMrtarapK the afl.rrnonn rullH were rx- cliariftcd bi»lwt'cn I'lVHldiMit iRloHlns and Vlt-p 1'rpnlilont llnluirt. Mnny mpmbern uf thn dlplnmntlr rorjn> luivu paid their rospc'ciH toI'ivHhlcnt IgloHluM, one of tho fjrnt cnlloiH Iwltin Kir Julian Faunrefnte, the Hrltlsh unilwiraHilor, Who as donri of tin 1 rorpo, PxprifHRi'il tin 1 woll wlBhpH of thp fori'lRM rpprcsiMitu- tlYCH. M. Thloliiiiit, Kronch rlmi'Ri' (1'nffalrt'H, anil n nnnibpr of rpprpsi'iita- livpH of Spanl8h-Aincrlr<iM couiitrU'n wore aniiniK Ihe -lay's rullorH. Thus fnr no nrriumorm>nts Iiiivr bepn made for n cnnfpronrp holwccn I'ri'Hl- dpnt MrKlnlcy anil I'rpslrli'nt iRloBluK. althouRh It Is hellRVcd thrro will he opportunity during the visit, itpnrt from the social pxchnnRpii, for an pxchangp of vlowfl on public quoBtlons liptwppn Ihe two prpHldentd. It IB said, however, by those familiar with President Igle•las 1 plann that thorn IB no prp-ar- rangpd purpose to bring forward the Nicaragua canal (iiiestlon, Central American union, or any othpr BUbjpctB In which thp two president?, have some mutual Interests. Alcrnly n ColnolflelKic. One of the chief officials of the Cuatu Rlcun party Bald that It was merely a coincidence that thlH visit happened at the moment when the Nicaragua question was assuming unusual prominence. At the same time, ho said, the officials of Costa Rica, were deeply interested In the building of an Isthmian canal, for outBlcle of C'osta nicu's rights In the canal, it wa» recognized that the enterprise would be of incalculable value In Btlmulatlna business throughout Central America, mnklnpr that part of the country a highway for the World's commerce. This olllclal said that while the present visit would not bring about any formal propositions or declarations of policy on the part of Costa Klcn, It was quite likely to lead to a better understanding as to the attitude of that country on the canal anil Its Identity of Interest with the United States. What Shall We Do ? A nerlouH and dnngeroun disease prevail)) In tint) country, dangerous beoBUBO «o deopptlve. It comeo on so nlowly yet nurely that It IB often firmly flentod before we are nware of It The namn of this tllnease which may be divided Into threo distinct stages Is first, Kidney trouble, Indicator! by pain In the back, rboumatlnra, him- bngo, frequent desire to tirlnnle. often with a burning sensation, tho flow of urine being copious or scant with slrong odor. If allowed to lulvnnce, this renchps the second Place, or Hlftdder trouble, with heavy pain In the Abdomen low down between the naval and the water passage, Increasing desire to urinate, with scalding sensation In passluir, small quantities being panned with difficulty, sometimes necessary to draw it with Instruments If uric aold or gravel Ins formed It will prove dangerous If neglected. Tho third stngo Is Bright's disease. There Is comfort In knowing that Dr. Kilmer, tho great kidney and bladder specialist, has discovered a remedy famous, for its marvelous cures of the most distressing cases and known as Dr. Kilmer's Hwamp Koot. It Is aold by all druggists. As a proof of tho wouderful virtues of (bis groat discovery, Swamp Hoot. a sample bottle and book of valuable information will be sent absolutely free by mail on application to Dr. Kilmer & Oo., Uinghatnton, N. Y. When (writing kindly mention- that you read Ibis liberal offer in the TKUSUUAPH. KVACtMTtOX DAY OIISKHVKK. I'lttrlutlc Sorlpllcx l.omiliemnrnlti tltc An- nlvcrnny at Nntv Vnrk. New Vork. Nov. lit!.— Kvacuallnii day, (he anniversary of the departure of the Hrltlsh troops finrn New York, was commemorated by the customary fUiR- ralsliiK and other ceremonies under the allspices of various pat riot le societies of Now York and vlcllnlty. The scenes of the different observances were the blockhouse In Central park; Mount Vincent, where old Fort Fisher stood; Fort Horn, at MornlnKJdde avenue and One Hundred and Twenty-third street; Hattcry park, and other spotn of historic; interest be< anse. of their association with events of the Urltlsh-Ameri- can war. Flaps were rals >d on the sites of these old forts and In Hattcry park at sun- rifle in the morning, and appropriate exercises commemorating the clay were held under the auspices of different pa- trlntic oi'Kanl/.atlonH, amons them being the Old Uuard. Juclsnn Kilpatrlck post, Q. A. H., and the Anderson Houavo Vet- , eran association. A svoitv or M.tss.intr;. •fl««€.|iKi.|-« nnil < n-n on mi .\lmkiitl Hunt M iirili-i ril hv lniMfiii«. IVuiiS'>nil. Wn.ill.. Nov. IS. Tf v nf It. M.I!..lii.ff. \vlni nirlvcil fi-nni NniiU:ih Ivliiml. Alnskn. Is lh<- |t:i^^- ni.--M- ;iinl 'Ti-\v of UK* ,l"y.,|... IHIMll" rillK Ilfti-I'll. WITH III';! ,'ll till! Iliolllll i"f I'll' K'llfl- kuulni rlvrr MH ii'pnfliMl si-vi'i-iil wei'UH HUH. lull «c'H' Mllllili It'll lij IllillllliaX Mnl'ilii.fT s.'ivn .11111 ln'fiirf hi- li'fl Nunl- vnl< lilnnil Hi'• liuliiin wlfr nf M llllTltfl' :iinl Irml.'i- iniiiiinl M.HBi.'iii ivlnnii In Nunlviik fi-niii Kiiski'ivlin, vvhiTP olin Iniil hi in vislllii!: ti'latlvis. anil n>I in In! that wlirii tlic MlfamiT Jt'Bsle nnil luiiiri' Mln'r\.i NM'II! iiMliorp In thp hci'iikcr.". n nninli'T "f linllanH \VITI' on tln> lii'iii'h ;iinl irndrnil iiv«l.j|nni.'i' In Kdlliu; Hi" wlilli-H iisliiii" nnil savlnjr Hiipplii s fi inn I he I'M t i4i'. AfliT |ii-li;B '•iitMl'iH-tu'ily ramped HIP Tinl!:u]s ili'iMiimli'il ii liirs' 1 piirtliin of til' 1 piij>p!li'!' IIH p:i\'iii»-nt fur porvlrp.-. whlrh fiiiiiMlIu^ to tin 1 lirllnti woman 1 ? fUnry. was ii'l'iispil, A frw Highlit later, \\lilli- nil wi-ri' Msl.-i'p, Hi' 1 linllanii niaili' n rush mi flu- rnnt|i, UillliiM; the entire party. In linllmv Mlss'oi.nry \Velihpr, his wlfr. ami i lilli.l. Alti'r tin. 1 miifianrri' the liiullps weir- stripiu-il iif I'lnthliiK iinJ vnluiilili'S. Thoy \\fri 1 tht'ii taken In mum.* a frrl.iin lUstuntp ffiuit shorp nnd thrown Into the s''d. MM'OMOTIVK ItOII.KIt KXI'I.OIIKS. Niirrnu- C'liiclnmill, of .lores' stati Hamlltiin th r and l-'lrcimin t« Ktornlty -- CHcape for I'llHniMigf-fK. Nov. 2">.--i)ne nilic mirth on and five miles south of lot omutive boiler of a .dwelling on WlUlaa atreet. j'dwalUng with 1 good lota on Ptttk S.NM, «MM otTCdJe street. Prloe, 11,900. Afoodi rooa, brtok dwelUng with I lota OB A good 7 rbon|dwal)IU: wtth ana rlvarvtf.w, kMted by hot water. FOR ffNT. TU two etorxbrlok dJWJllM with 8 rqoma.on B*U»vlew avenue now oooupled by J. Moulton. A»-nom l dfaUlw..on,tod street with bath roon with modern fixtures, .New store room and two 4-room teoamants with bath room i tad street near Qherrr The L. J. Clawaon homestead in Upper Alton with 10 rooms, barn and garden, now oooupled by Mr, Oeo, Levls. Possssslon given by July 1. REAL B5TATE, INSTANCE, and LOAN AQEM ftQOM M, P. 0. BUILDING. rORBALK4 A toe bnUiing let Mxl4S on Liberty atreot between Grove and Frankllq, (or tsoo. A m,«ot« farm B miles aonth of Brighton, •••-Safin oomraUcn, one-halt good pasture, to? W.OOp, , A bargain. A new two story brick modern dwelling near Ik* oaraer ot Third and Oeorge streets, "A li-room dwelling bouse with large lot on Uagdoa atreet soutE ot Twelfth atreet. Tb» OB* itory frame dwelling No. Ml eut Mtetbjgrtwj, tor 11100. Lot Wiflo. Good street A ooublefrane dwelling, house and another totUlaj IMMM. ilTon onjlot In good looaUon taHBntini«wn. RenU for 88 per month t lMonOak atreet between the f«ur R. R, traoka, suitable (or ! */ nl*jNio» residence on State atreet on J5I& 1 "----tat manufacturing purposes Monawtalde ot Alton street, bet. —i, for WOO. . ^--^o'»«o a ?ri»/. bi »" tt ' "SgffSffVSl.?™** ^-VoVSV 1 , JMO.JjMjrj-buUdllH.MW WILI, COI.I,K«T M'KAV CLAIM. Dulled Statim tu Furro Sun Diiiiilngo to 1'uy lln Dolitn. WnBhlnsrlon. Nov. 2IJ.—Pressure Is be- IDK opplltd to San Uomlng;n by the United Staten to secure tlis payment ol the Oxatfit brldire award. T.'ilie awarJ was made two months ago In favor of Nathaniel AIcKuy of tills city. It amounted to u little more than SSO.OOO, 'ono-fouith of which was to be paid ut once unil *l'i! rest In thr»!-s ec'iiui in- mullments of J20.00II euch. The tecond payment la duo noxt month. llio first payment luis never tieen siitl&f't-ci, and tho aUministivtlon recently envo some cunBldei-utlon lo the- propriety of dispatching a man-of-war to San Domtngo to collect the award. A communication has been reciMvuU from the minister for foreign iiffiilrs of San Domingo indicating that his government will soon settle the first payment, and U Is expected delay will be aaked with reference to the payment of the second Installment. It Is not Intended by this government to wait •on Ban Domingo any length of time. Should the necessity arise—which, however, Is not anticipated—no doubt exists that the authorities will semi a man-of-war to San Domingo, to hasten the payment. The state department hns been Informed by the American minister tr> Pera that one house of Hie Peruvian congress has passed a Mil appropriating I'"' amount nf the award In the famous McCord claim, and there Is llttl.> doubt that similar action will bo taken by the other houw. Upon Its approval by the president a chock will be sent U> the state department, which will hand It to the ulultnani. Amerlvnii Cuttle Nhut Out. Washington, Nov. SO.—Ai-mixllng ti> Consul General dowdy at Paris then- lire no laws or regulations which prohibit the Importation of live nine-It into France from the United BUM'S, but tin- Importation of Hv<< cattle Is absolutely prohibited. Jlogs upon in-rival are auli- jected to a sanitary examination, anri If found h«ilthy are allowed to enter the country, but If uny contniflous disease In detected Ui^tnlinul IH killed ut once and tho othoi-8 put under mirvoll- lance. Tho prnduatlon unit the consumption of nil live iiulinulH in France this year nre very Hourly balanced, with tho exception of Hheep. There is morn dunmnd for thosu animals than fdr any other live stock. Opening for JuilR* Uiij. Washington, Nov. se.—H JudK» Tuft of the circuit, court In the Ohio dln- trirl is made vrt'sldivnt uf Yale, ns intimated In thn newspaper dispatches, an opening will lw made for the fulfillment of the ambition of Judge lluy. Ho would, In all probability, receive tho appointment lo fill the viu-nncy vaused by the resignation uf Judgn Tuft, n Js an open aecrnt among the friends of Judge Day that hu desires In go on the federal liem-h. and It Is known that tho president will appoint him to Ihe lint vacancy. Mated Diplomatist mul Author Di'ud, Berlin, Nov. S«.—Theodore Hedgewlck Fay, the American diplomatist and author, la dead. Ratted tlwOravfl A »UrUlDg Incident of wblou Mr. John Oliver, of FhUldelpbln, waathe flubj*ot, !• owrdted by him aa follows: ''I WMta ft moat dreadful condition. My KUD wae ftlmoat yellow, eyes tnnken, toogno orated, pain oontlnu- -"-'~ bMk ftad sides, no appetite growing weaker day by day. bad given me up. Mend advleed trylnn ." and to my great , the nrtt bottle made 'Vwneut. i continued week«|and am now {know they saved my ' ftite gr*ve of another 'one would fall to try Murdorors Iliiiifi'il ut ICihlyvlllo. [[ j., an J Cluliurnv, Tux. Dallas, Tex., Nov. 26.—John B. Shaw was hanged at cichurne at noon for killing Thomas Cralnc a year ago. Shaw, who claimed to lie an Infidel, had refused all along to have any talk with, or visits from.preachers, but at the last moment he relented and permitted a preacher to be with him on the scaffold. Hcldyvllle, Ky., Nov. 26.—William Cato, who killed Charles Askew on Sept. 19, 1S97, paid the penalty for his crime here, death reuniting In seven mlnute.M. He was strangled. Cuto was S'anie to the last. The execution took place Inside the penitentiary walls and wttJt witnessed by few. Cato and John Holly killed Askew, who was an old and Inoffensive man, hy braining; him with an ax. Holly was convicted and got a life sentence, while Cato's guilt was more clearly established and the death penalty Indicted. I'rlvittv lluxrrt £oot<>il. Topeliu, Kan.. Nov. 20.—The discovery 1ms been made Hint the private deposit IJOXUH In the state treasury have been looted within the lust week. The discovery was tlrst made by Governor Lepily, who went to his box to get Boiiie money but In; found his box emptied,. He had ?icr, In It. Mrs. J. M. Herrington, widow of the stale house guide, who died Thursday, went to the treasury and asked to get the money from her husband's box. The box was found to be empty, too. Mr. Herrlngton told Assistant Treasurer Williams that he had $r>00 In the !iox. An investigation showed that the locks on us many as six or eight boxes are alike and one key will unlock several of them. Pirn In u Medical CoIIego. Indianapolis, Nov. 20.—The building of the Indiana Medical college, a department of the University of Indianapolis, was gutted liy lire early In the morning, The lire wns caused by tt defective furnace, the llami'S shooting up the Htnlr- way cutting off the escape of the two Internes. Dr. Norman Bhobe of l.lgon- ler, liul., a .< Dr. H. CJ. Morgan of Plali Held. Dr. Morgan used the flr« escape from the third Moor. Dr. Sholie attempted tn escape by means of tin; stairway, but he was caught be- Iween the second and third Moors and perhaps fulally burned. He was rescued Intel- by the (Ire escape. The loss will amount to $40,000; Insurance $3!i 000. lli'iith ol <l«n«i'Hl M<iK«ynoliln. Musken-oii, Mich., Nov. 26.--General Andrew T. Mcltcynnlds, who was lha first and m ly |» -son commissioned by 1'rcHldeiil Line In d reft, lo raise a regiment diirlim I lie ivh: Illcin, Is dead, aged HI, at the Inline nf hln daughter, Mrs. Frederli k Nlins. Deceased served In the Mexican war nnd was promoted to major for gallantry ,,t I'tiuruliusen. H,, served us United Stales, district al- tnrncy and rendered distinguished service In the civil war. General Meltey- jioIdH claimed to lie the oldest Knight Templar In the I'nllcd Hfales. Me was always a liemnerat. Ari'UM'd or Kllllnir I he MiilU. Montgomery. Ala., Nov. 20.— Postal t'lork William J. I'urdon, running between Atlanta and Montgomery, has Iwn arrested hero charged with steal- Ing Jll-':i from registered money order rt'inlttances coming to this postolllce. The Inspectors nay Curden has stolen J2.270 since ISM. During the yellow fever Heasi-n Inril your, when malls won' delayed and diverted from their regular cmirse. he Is xnid in have taken $S;U) from one letter sent by Ihe postmaster at UriindUif.e to (he postmaster ut Montgomery. Bo much depends upon tlu< purity of the blood that by taking Hood's Sarenparilla many different dUeaaea are cured. north-hound freight train on the Cincinnati. Hamilton and Dayton railway blew up on a viaduct, hurling Ihe engine into the air. wrockinj; U\ . iity-three. cart'- and tearing up fifty yards of the road. 'f'he capualti'-.-i an-: Fireman Dan Donaldson, crushed to d-'ith; Knglneer Charles I'oyer. plnnc'l to his place In the cab and fatally Injuve-l: A-slstant Flre- ninn I'M Mtirllndiilo. blown Into a field and badly dnzc>i: r.rakeniiin Hurry Met/., thrown ihio'igh u tree and badly bruised. He era \vled to the iv;ir and llaggetl an incoming puss-e.igi r I rain, saving many lives. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Mlohnel Curtain, PlainHeld, 111., makes the statement that she caught cold, which Bottled on her lungs-, abe was treated for a month by her family phyaieltti), but grew worse. He told bor Him wan a helpless victim of coneumption unci no medicine coulJ cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Oon- sumptio:-; she bought a bottle and to her delight found hc-reelf benefltou from the firatdose. She continued it» u-e and ader Inking six bottl-m, found herpflf sound and well, now does hpr own housework and is as well as • he ever W»H Free trinl bottles of this Great Discovery at E. Marsti'a drug store, large bottloeSOc and 91, Mr. N. N. (Jsburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lame back. Ho was persuaded to use Chamberlaiu'ePaii) Balm. Itgave him relief In one night. This remedy is also famous for its cures of rheumn- ti»m. For sale by E. Marsh and S H. WVBS. ^VERY-DAY HEROISM! RlniRglliiB; throitjfl life, curncd with catarrh, is a common experience. However heroic the fitfht catarrh generally wins. Under Rome namo or othei it pots Uiu best of us. Frank IS. IngallR, Wneo, Tex., and thousands of others have been permancrutly cured of eatarrh by Dr. llnrtmnn's successful remedy I'o-rn-na. Hero is Mr. Ingalls' letter: Dr. S. II, Hartman, Columbus, 0. DKAU Kin:—"Pe-ru-naand Mau-a-Hn have ciireilmeof one of the worst cases of catnrrh any one ever had. My ease was no severe that I was compelled to discontinue my business, that of conductor on a railroad; but I nin now entirely well." Ordinary treatment of catarrh is for local relief. Cures arc not expected. Dr. Hartman's method eradicates catarrh absolutely. Get his latest book ami learn how to combat this insidious disease. The Fe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbus, O., will mail Dr. llartman's books free on application. II. A. Scott, Hurt, Tenn., writes: " I feel very thankful to my Maker and your great, medicine that I am cured. I would not bo without 1'e- ru-no iu the house." Pe-ru-na has been curing 1 catarrh for forty years. It plucks out the roots of catarrh and builds people up. All druggists sell it. Ask any druggist lor a tree Pe-ru- Almanac for the year 1899. How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks with colic and pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the while until I used Obamberlain'a Colic, Cholera and Dlarrhcoa Remedy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many people.—Mrs. F. Butler, Fairbaven, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as soou as the Orst symptoms appear. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the UFW food drink called QRAIN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. The more Grnin-0 you give the children the more health you distribute through their systems. Orain-O is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about onn- half as much. All grocers soil it. 15c and 25c. $100. Or. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. 91. Sold by 8. H. W> BS. Druggist, 652 Second at.-eet, AltonJUl. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foley's Honey and Tar taken in time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh and B^B^ Wyes. Delays are Dangerous. 4 Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley 's Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It Is guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh aud S. H. Wyss. RheumaclBm cureu in a Day "Mystic Cure for rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures in from 1 to3 days. Its action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once the cause and disease immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits, 75 ots. Sold by S. H. Wyso, Drtgdst, At n, 111. Mpunivr Arthur Orr'ii Total Loss. DuluUi, Minn.. Nov. 26.—Captain Alexander MacDougal, tlie shipbuilder who went out with the representatives of the underwriters who had the Insurance on the Htenmer Arthur Orr. which was wrecked nt Baptism river, on the north shore of I^nke Superior on Tuesday last, has returned and reports the vessel to he a total loss. She Is hard on the rocks and KO badly damaged that she can't be floated. Worked with 1'owilitr While Smoking. Fatlurah, Ky.. Nov. L'6.—News of a terrible aeeldent nt the cool mines in Dawson county has reached here. Will Barnes, a miner, was emptying a kes of powder In the house while smoking. A spark from his pipe dropped Into a can of powder. His mother was Instantly killed and he and h's sister were seriously Injured. One end of the house was blown down and the ei ft B build- Ing was damaged. Kloctrlu ICull\Tu.v Ordered Sold. Columbus, O., Nov. '26. —Judge Taft of the United States circuit court has ordered the sale of the Zanesville, O., electric railway on Jan. 3, 1899, at the company's offices In that city. Will Christy was appointed special master to make the sale. Suit was brought by the International Trust company of Massachusetts on account of a default. In Interest. Over $300,000 principal and Interest Is due. IfiiopiNG COUGH One of the most distressing sights, is to see a child almost choking with the dreadful whooping-cough. Give the child Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the greatest pulmonary remedy, and relief will come nt once, the coughing spells will re-occur less frequently, and, in a few days, the sufferer will be entirely cured. No other remedy can boast of so many cures. Dr.Bull's Cough Syrup Cures Whooping-Cough quickly. Dosex nn- sinnll anil pleasant to tnkc. Doctors rccoinmtml it. Price 25 cm. At all druggists. mi: NEWS IN TlH' .\Ml"rlr:'.!: Klri'lH'onf Wood com- piinj was Im iupi'!Hl''d »t Trcntnn, N. .7., with ll capital .if H.tiWI.HOO. Til- Illlest il":il rri'illti (1 t" Joseph loiter. of rlilniKn.jH (he cDiiRtrnctlon of a milk trust. former Henntor OhnrleB H. Farwell Is coiiMtied to hl« home at Lake Forest, Ills., with an iitttii-li of neurulKln of the stomach. (leorire Heymnn. (In 1 New York furnl- Inri. dertlrr.'lms failed. Ills liabilities nrc tL'dl'.cmi. Joseph Murphy, the actor. Is planning lo embark In the summer hotel IniHl- nens In New Hampshire. Or. M. H. Hogttti assaulted In the Rtrr"t nt Kuri'lci .^prliiRs, Ark., by J. I). Williamson, n Chicago capitalist, and Ri'ViT.'ly bi'iilen with a heavy cane. Trouble between their children was the nllwil cause. A ronti-nllirm Interest In the newly- fcirmed Union Tobacco roinpuny Is re- porled to have been sold to the Wlde- ner-KlkliiM syndicate. The will of the late lOdward Austin. of IloHton, bequeaths Jl.lllH.OOU to public UHCS. Sennr Salvador Mendonca. former minister to the United States from Hrn- 7.11, has practically been driven out of his own country. Colonel Joseph Henry, of VnnceburR, Ky., Is the great urandson of Patrick Henry, nnd Is said to be the only living direct descendant of the patriot. Prince Max of Saxony, who has been appointed bishop of Kiilm, Is the only person of royal Mood now In holy orders. Oriental advices say that the houses (U-Klroycd by lire at Hankow Oct. 1 numbered more than IS. 000, and that 3,- fiOO persons were burned to death. Iloir lloercli. a New York musical prodigy, has applied to the courts to have liln name changed loHrnndt Rant- f.uu. snylng his real name Is too plebeian for on" contemplating an artistic career. Under the laws of Arkansas a fine of 5 Is assessed on the company permitting colored people to ride In sleepers. Herman Herman. 12 years old, a Chicago boy, filled Ills mouth with gasoline and squirted the fluid at a lighted match. He will die. The strike at "(lie Corbln and Excelsior collerlcs at Hhamokln, Pa., has been declared off. the operators agreeing to lower the price of supplies. . li. F. Pierce has resigned as receiver of the Clover Leaf railroad on account of ill health. _ _ I A\t8elablcPreparalionforAs- slmllotlng UfcTood aiKlRe^ula- ting itSeStomuchs amlBowels of For Infanta and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the BrrtnOtesTMgesUon.CJKCTful- tiessandrtest.Contalns neither Opium/Morphine nor Mineral. NOT NARCOTIC. A perfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca, Worms .Convulsions.Feverish- ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP. facsimile Signature of NEW YORK. You Have [Always Bought. GASTORIA iB'iirliaijtonl Route BEST TRAINS 170 Heliraska,Montana ; Puget$ount[ m Every) Bottle ) and wrapper of the genuine IT. Bell's C ^ i'ine-Tur-Honey IK priutuil tin* above ( ,-_ ilcsinn. It Is both tnulo-nuirk mid ( ^j irniininli'p—u wnmint. Hint the »•-,•.!i- < , cine contitinod In tln> bailie \\i. i-oiiiiiiH. cokln nnd all I'lujr, i 111 id finis L iron hies mim- quickly tn id j hiilechially ttmu any oLlit?r remedy.! BELL'S •Tar- Honey ' Is sold ny all druKglils or sent upon receipt , 1 of prl.-e-fflc., we. mid 11 per bottle by j ~ •• »:. K. Bulhn-luul ItaUtliu te., JMotti, Ij. S Henry Meyers Butche? and Packer *o< dutor la Fmt tst SaH Meata tti L«r4, aid «•«> ladntr a) Saiurt. 5!» BAST 8BCONO • • ALTON IU ALTON TIME CARD PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. \leo brat of Teai and Chlneie Noveltlei 01 band. 624 But Second st. . 306 State «l fiV8AD£ ME A MAN AJAX TABLETS POSITIVELY OUP,£ A LJ. A'*r»oi** nUea*e»— Failing Mem orr. Impotenu/, Ej!ieMleM&eu, etc., uatiaed b/ AbuBuuDn outer Exctx&m and IndU cretloii*. Thity Quivktv and •urcjfa rastore Lost Vitality in om or 700119, and At a man for itudjr,batlneai or marriage . -, jVruvont Innonlfry and Consumption H tbboQ In time. Their ae« tihowa tmmealat« ' ownt and pHecw B OUBB wbere allotbera Mint upuu havma tba gonalno AJax. Tablets. . UB . have oared thousands and will cure 700. We cive s itivBwr " "" * — • • r - .. rittcn vaaraotee to effect a cure In « ot ^Mfuod thti tnonor. Price OO cents i NO SUNK* NO SKIPPERS. I NO HO I III.-WHAT, liol.onoiisli for 600 Ilia, poet-imld,nnTecuipt of 6uo. I'riunrtrillca Co.. la Cudar &-. N. Y. A Queer (?) Meulcme. There ia a medlolue whose proprietors do not claim to have discovere>' eoino hitherto unknown Ingredient, or that It ia a cure-all. Tbla honest medicine only claims to cure certain diseases, and that Its ingredients are recognized by the moat skilled pby- okdaua tu being the best for KUInov •nd Bladder diseases, It Is Foley'a Kidney Cure. Bold by B. Marsh and 8. H. WysB. * How to Prevent a tola. After exposure, or when you feel » ooM ooming on, take adose of Foley's Honey and Tar. It never falls. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. UlHtresslng Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonlo. Invalids need suffer no longer beoauae thin great remedy can cure tbem all, It fa a oure for the whole world of stomnuli weuknosa and tndi- peiiUon. The cure begins with the flrnt dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. U makes no failure; never disuppointo. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure IK certain under the use of thin great health-giving force, Pleasant and alwaya safe. Sold by 8. U. Wyss. t tills the Spot. When suffering from a severe cold and your throat_and_lung8 feel sore, take a dose off jFoley'a Honey and Tar, when . 'the soreness will be at once w Ir e I I e v e d, a warm, grateful . jfee ling and healing of the pariu affected will he experienced and you will say : "It feels ao good. It bits the opot " It Is guarautoc.!. Sold by K. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. "The worst cold I ever had In my life wad cured by Uliamboi'laJu'a Oough Hemedy," says W, H Norton, of Butter Greek, Oal. "This aold left me with a cough and I waa expector- atlgg all the time. Tho remedy cured ine, and I want all my frleuds when troubled with a cough or cold to ueo It, for it will do them good." Hold by K. Marsh aud S. U. Wyss. CASTOR IA For Infants aud Children. Ybs Kind You Hans Always Bought Beer* the BtfAMveof HENRY J. KLUNK, Fore ale by E M oh iDdS. H Wyaa. Dr. Wuiiums'iuUliiu t j il< Ointment will uuro Uiltid luuUiuf; and Itehinv H. It absorbs the tumors uyn ttio itchtny at once, Edmund H. Blair Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. £ Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1886, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, an follows- For Chloaso.NorUi and East— *l2:3Si j m, *8:10 am, *8:47am,«10:OSpm. ForSprIiigaeld-*12:88 am, »8:10 m, "8:17 am, *8:20pm,!»10:06pm For Peorla—*8:47 a m, *10:05 p m. For Kansas City and the Weal-* 47 am, (6:20 pm, »»:60pra. ' 'Dally, (Except Sunday. [See joint C. & A. and Big Four time table for trains between Alton and at* Louis. | WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster PriOMto a*et competition, Oooda dc llrered. elephone 1M. Office 107 Weit Second Street I BHiuR a poultl(!»j, frivea Instant relief. IJr. Wilituinji' Indian Pile Olnt 1 merit i«prepared lor Pllei and Itch ing of the private purts. Every box it warrant;*!]. By druKgiKtfi, by mall ou re celpt or price. 50 ceuu an3 $1.00. HINIJFACTIIRINR Pn Prnna. Cleve! mobe c0frtu«, metallic ca*»*, metal- ikliuislvra v .ir,n*ia *», PILLS 1 and Only Genuine. Veterinary Surgedti DR. D. M. MAHER. tradnats Ontario Veterolary Collage, omen oTsr The Modal stor*. "OR .THIRD AND PIASA DTK , Al.TflV IL1 GJiondeioFourJoiniTimeioDieoiTrolos Between Alton & St. Louis. Lv. Alton For St. Louis. Ar. St. t, 8 J8am ......... c<fc A daily 820am .......... ..Big Four, dally. '.03! A BgFour " •• o ou am SSS: 7 20 am . .... 780am A, dally.. ........ 800aS ex-dun ..... . swim i Four, dally l40pS 648pm 5 27 pm 803pm 620pm Lv 8t L U 8 708 am 744am 748am " dally... •C. 4 A. dally... • C&A, dally.... •C&A,dolly..... For Alton .C&A, daily. .. Iff Four ex-Sun.. .C&A,daily.... Big Four, Sat only.' .BlgFour, ex-Sun. -.„•—-- C&A, dally ... 5«P m Big Four, dally.. ......... Big Four, dally.. £&A,daily... T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and Bitlmate Furnlihed. jog Belle Street, Up Stalrt. • C&A, dally. - V."i: V C&A, daily... WC&A and Big Four tickets, .... 544pm .... 6 M pm ....632pm .... 706pm . .... 8.24pm Ar Alton • • . 810pn .... 910am .... 847am ....1140am .... 260pm . .. 6 86 pm .... 616pm .... 6 40 pm .... 910pm .... 948pm ...,1005pm ... USD am Alton aud our Agent C. C. C. & St. L.— Big Four. £)rs. Q. PHYSICIANS AND SUKQEONS. OKKIuE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Easion ate. Pbonea 138 and 171. L t F. SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMEOPATHIST and SURQBON OFPICBUKO RBH'DWCB, HOTBL MADIBOi- Tdnphonii I no /)/*. E. C. * H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFPIOB HOURB: 7 to » a.ui 11 lo i, 8 lo » p.IT. TELKPHONB 87. « Hnars: B. KOHL AND, OfiNTIST. 11 m. to I) • ra. i* I tn u » THIRD R»HT THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street. • Alton, III, All kinds of Granitoid Works a tope, noorlni, ato., done and the 1 tyo! •aterlal anl work guaranteed >)» Ball vlll noelT* vmaitt aluntlaa Idewalks, eat quail- Orirn Burlington Route. (Suburban sorvloe) Arrive St. L AND PRINCIPAL DISCHARGES OBTAINIID IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys SoO Belle t«u«Bt, CITIES OP TEXAS. WMNER BUFFET SLEEPERS - AND FREE RECLINING my CHAIB CABS DINING STATIONS OPERATED BY TH« COMPANY SUPERIOR MEALS, ^fc*^ FIFTY CENTS, James Parker, ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tU BBLLB STREET. Money to Lota oa Improved Property RENTS COLLBCTBD. Leave Alton 660am Q 710am 800am •• .1 o-utlm 1006am •• ,? S*" m *w Hi 6 40 Dm 6SOpm 810 pi, Arrlra Alto* 8V am II 15am U 46 pro 866pm 669pm 685prr Q t 8 40 pn inn? lns « OD PS?. t „" L » n *?on street for Uqloa 428pm O I 70Bpm W Leave St. L. 741am 821am 1020am 1100am 800pm 600pm Dally tt Dally ex-3uu Pally ex.-flun Dally ex-Sun Bt. L. Through service. K. & N. W. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BA4T SECOND ATRKBT Qt*U**s«a wko •n>fj>f IM * ent-oiHa, ui TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. -At MODERATE PRICES, Ton an tartU* l« Mil tat MMIO* a» NbW STOCK OP GOODS 1809pm. C. B. ft. Q. (Ridge at. Station) 'V T IU " 1 P 1 '*' 1 ' °* 1 ' '° 8* Paul and j Ul B 0 %"5'Ai?A'S Jr ne o ! Ilt '5 "orti v Y, . . en Pasa.Agbnt St" Ixiuia 01. i-ouis-Pcoria 18t. L. C, 4 St. P. liy.j On and after Nov. l« 16K6 tralos wlil leave Alton an follows : Leave Alton for Peorla— »8 (Ml am ,.k*.* Te AU°9 ' or J'fseiTiUo and 8arln»i'«ld- IJ.6.) am Pralibtud Aoo,. •«;'<lam, (6 67 um LMV. AlWBlrpfT5r«Sen'-'..8.6« Jm,' lo:67p5. Leave Alton. ForBl.Loul* 19 H10 am Bicopt fluniay JHpm JDally * Leave dt. Louis fur Aitun I iff am Dally 4:08 pm Exoept 8uo •Dally. IB»-8un, {Sun only," R.B8BAB8KTT, >UK. A«ont Aiwa. (>7pni. Arrive . ... U U an . T ArrlT* . . IK

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