Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 18, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE iFO'liR lOlA DAILY HEGISTER Ct^AS. P. 8CPTT .'^tetjed Rt the lola a id Second Cliss Slatter. :chaij -T«lep|ione ..{....i. (Private Branch E, - - I 'All pep^rtmetita) Off^lal Paiier CI Official Pa^er CI . — y of Official Paper Al en; < By Cirrier Iri tola. One Weclf One Month One iTear One 8ls Klonths Three! jMon One Tear •»x M-bnths Three |Mon One Hpnth Inlah titled SUBSCRIPT ON GaS id Bkssietl BY MAIL Out«lde Al iear h^ Allen Wembfer of -r 1 , Natfofial Editorla Askoclatlon. Kansks Pk^s Asiocia Ion. The Kansas Daily Ueigoe. Audut Bureau of ICIrc ilatlon. PreisI Congrest of Dally Pres^ 3ER AssodiAT ogistek" carrc: The , , Prfess ifeport Iby triei The A3!)oclated Presk is to the bse for all ne dispatches dre< not o IJerwIsel ci^l ed . and a the lineal newii iti In." A 1 1 rights! or reWbl! cial ai;patcho.^ herein an !»ATEs. : I ::itjc LaHarp* 16 Centi , 70 Centi 17.80 en dounty T js.oi, l2.B«i 1 ;.$1.5J: Couhty • ..,.»4.0i ........!.»2.W ..........»i.:6 ......SOq World, .dwelatlon. ECf PRESS.: 4bel Associated! I ^ASed- wire. xcJuslvely en -J rAiUbllcation. oYi U?d to It or n :thia paper, lublfthed hcre- |:atlon jof spe- also reserved. Bible Though rait><! h' Kood to sinjj; It nr ddfl: for it ifi, i is coniely.—lP84 .1 .1 Rf he' informa- BOyernment, lyj wili (leeliijie to acci pt tho Invl- ^ tationof Proiiidcnt Coclldgc to join In a sorond ; Inter lail >nal confcr- TjHK L()( ', Kroni Pariii oomcs" tiori ilbai the Frei ch cV |er so politely bijt ei cnete for Ihe j>urpOse ing fijrlher reduction pC, conslder- )f naval ar- dedlensiion vrlll be manu^tit. The baned ' iipon the fakt tAat the mat- t(?r of idi .sarma,nienl aleady Is under of no of <tenaideration NiJt nel juf;^ of which I i ons, aiid tHaL' France does s ^i} how it' caIn Y i taken out th< hands of tl le'1-eague. ii the retort cqu'^tsous form, 1 ut it is a b )dy Bclf-ai^f urance of yjur the same. It i^ he stood in thei League of Nationsj coticeilri and a gr and that it cannotj be no:|ed even byllie jrca richest nation on etrth calmly ig- est and the iThe Unit: ed States is a great =pjw|er but It Ms arr<|>ga'ting a littje'tjo^much to itsfjif mony Un tedji States would have almost illimitablo influenc^ it as a leader it vere in an org^n|z itlon where Icai ler liip can be dser :ised. But '.wh'c >t deliberate! r,-^ ndeed inso- leu ly and defiantly—fuses to cuter tl at organization by what riglit loes it even tJff>r to lead? Fifty-eight natiohs )f'tl e world, by ent^ri4g the. League of Nations, 1 and their hav p.declared their wi intefation to bring.tJo that organiza- 'tionj . whi expt'ct jTiati ".ielv; icallly that alon wie c| by •Postoniee M lee iConnectlnt lola. Basaett. lounty. THE F£DERAL AID FALLACY. The House of Representatives the Kansas Liegie^ature sets a gdod example to all the other .Suje^ when it adopted la resolution aslc ing Kansas f:;|ngi-essmen to lisc their influence to discontinue al Federal aid prWects. The langua^' m 'fdr Today. braises unto nidasant; and 147:1. is sweeping and outlines ' should, would mean the roads, experiment if the policy ii be followed . ^ii withdrawal ol Federal contriiiuiions from man) projects In whicli by long usafet we have £ome to lean upon them.— stations, county field agents and tlie like. But tii principle undeniably, is sound Partnership between the Govert ment and the'states has some advantages, but it has two disadvak- Itages that outweigh all that can be| E iaid in its favor, he temptation to hemselves more than their peop; are able; to pay tfj) match dollaijs with the Government, on the theory jthat the dollars of | the Government One of them is States to t^ e cost them nothing: and the oth thir tlje a that in such a -partnership states inevitably ' lose somelhinig If their initiative and surrender something of their proper sovey- ;ignty. In adopting this resolu- ion the members Of the: I^egislsj- ure probably wen;, aiming chiefly |o deliver another ^iow at the Statjo' ^ystem of roads v hiich they see to be madder at than anythin ilse. But in making the languagj tlieir resolutfon general the; Alaced themselves on absolutely tjolid ground. All iiartnersbi) llrbjects betWecn the Federal Gov • drnment and the ^ta'tes are intmil- cal to the intercHts of both: and .Should ceasn. 'I N.B. But they I won't! the League in blow to the Uncle Sama reminder need that Is a going pwitig concern l.V TlIK IIAVS >EWS. Major-Gencral jiihn Duncan, ihc Royal Scottish! Fusiliers, w A -ho is in command of the. Shanghai Dej- fense Force, has li^d a long and distinguished career as. an officer of the British arniy. The son of ^ Ileutenanf-general. he was born forty-five years agp and entered upon his military/ career wheil Ijarely twenty-one.' In 1897-98 ht GISTER. FMDJY iVENING. flEBRUARY 18. : 327, INCOME TAX ductionj Where stances Unpa Your- X( . 28. Bad ^cbts ma - be deducted fn i iconie in coniputibg net ih-. come cnly for he yearj in whidh they ai e ascert ined to l^e worthless, an the tax attach fl charge 1 off the: books bf myer.. ^ lie taxpayer shoujd o his relurn a statement showini the propriety of any d claimed the surrounding circudi-i show thtt less an I uncollel gal acti 9n, in al not av! il. proof] sufficient of the d^ loans or friei ds with tatioii ( f the|r ductibli. but are If a dept is fbrg|ven, il claimed A val (1 debt pj-oVed to! less is i0t jalwajjs a pro| tlon. F )*• cxamp reprege iting .w:i rentals, or simil^ income are not a debt; is worth- ;:tible, aiid that Improbability, wou of these facts r worthlcssness. made t > relatives little or no expe^- iteturn a -e not; d^ regardqd as gift lions unless incliuded in itor's return for previou pected does no taxable Parti:<I deducti with re Amount on accpi count "6 previou apect to s p subsecniently for incqme. tax ri nvhen it assiimes of the whole -wiorld. the internatilOBa Jj:oncern them. \ 'hat can we ;but rebuff iwhei we volun- intcrnatlonal leadcpshlp wh|lc rejecting interiiatlonal orgahl- ranriers how maiy such re-r tecrl yet 7.atU )n 'i One huffs ^j-p ,muHt receive lefore It begins t (||dawn on tli^' s atesmen- at WaHliingtOn that if we want tp in- fluepcd natjons we mui t go where <)n* d are. We ajlreai y have re (jinc, in bein^ "tol j dlploniat- f?ut with ei^tire Hstinctfaesj World Cou^t eould gef; '|ery well vflihou;-us unless tioMe to enter it uplc n the sanie tcrmp its had those inc uded in its present: membersliiii. And now comcis another in!this -French re- mindler in th is decliied with tha^lcs; because of a previous cngagemehtj ;WitU an- Ifjader. Each; of ' these re- has set the-United Spates dis- othei . buffs tinctly of w(irl mined world is say No kind evi portubity of leadi have amounted to a . ancc n the world, &s at the close of the World! that thd; was lo^l'cqual {to the. unparalleled oppor unity! tie m have Willi a wou hotel • actor. ;off ha |n4 : ia bad have io that our offelr o matter of naval d,i3armament arther in 1 authority, to isolate taking us alb o inc. "Very well the hege- 'The problems served on the nortlj frontier of In- dfa. and'foi; his sorvices in th< tie w-as- awarded iService Order South African war the Distinguished and the South Afriian medal five clasps. At the coihmencemcntj )f the war in jEuripe in ^914 he' iccompani'ed one o' the I ingents of Briti idross to France. le took part, in th paign. He also- co ^iion of the British jcratlons in Macedonia. ' I A. R. Schlickau the Kansas wheat champion.',w lo lives in Reno knows how to rafs! wheat. But he also knows how t( maintain . the fertility of his soil,l—aiid that is the firfet con- troops sent er in the war (}allipoli cam- ii|iaBded a .divi- army in the op-! champion. The| o ti^e hackground Ha ourselves, the nation in the history of man- er had sd splendid an op- brship statesmanship of America ileadership ing deter- word and • isolated. hat would ijljite domin- merica had War. Alas Tholrc are no longerjja ly jails or prlsors in Russia. Under the gen- nini jtratioris ofjihe J oviet (hey al become "i^oiisi s oif Sus- 4 ^njild name pendeji JlLiberty! indeed a milllioi been pu .•years, for ht| ! dent famili Iwlld fior houses where more than p jnien and >^ wo nen have III lo death in the last eight great majorat >r of them (|tlicr reason I that; the accl- liaving heeiij ' orn into )^ a certain. s(jc al rahk. d wife, a foraeij; wife and he wife all ^hde :the;8ame as Robeijt J^i le's, noted Chicaigo, it w mid seem ks if Mr. JAni e i! must be tpr or he Tnevsr would nto such k hi. reason he is whea manure spreader E ^tarts operations on his farm every year aboui March 1 and it k about the middle olf April, hauling ids many as ten loi ds .a day when the weather permits. ' And while wheat isiljis principal crop " Mr. Schlickau raises c( rn and alfalfa ^nd potatoes and : good garden and turns off a car load or two of baby beeves every:-par and keeps six dairy cows' anei 300 hens aiid turns off a crop of 35 or -40 pigs every fall. As a nisult of which jhe lives in a comnodious house; jlth electric lights, running water, lirnace andradio, and sends h s :hildren to coHegc is they becon e Id enough to go. And he doeshi't pehd a minute a day thinkin'g about what Congress is going to lio tlo "relieve'; him! tllK (illKATKST IXvSTITOTIOX J.V THE WOR^Jl. j "jl'lie Iiilernufionul Sandhy Srljool lies.son for FebmaiT 2() Is **lSflrV- tntr In and ThronRh thp Cbnrth" —Malt. o:l.1-l6; Acts S:«-47.| Here is a quotation for your scrap book—if there still is anybody -80 old fashio led as to kee;p a strap book. It is from Logaii Pearsoll Smith's "Trivia^" arid happy is he who may have, formed a hahit which will. enable him to appreciate it: ; ' '"Theiother day. eiepressed. on the Underground. 1 tried tp cheer myself by thinking oer the joys bf our human lot. But there wasn't 6ne of them for wh ch I seemed to care a hang;—not wine, nor friendship, nor making le ve, nor eating, nor the consciousness of virtue: Was it worth while, then, going uji in a lift into a worl^ that had nothing less trite to of?er? Then I jthought of reading.-^lho nice and subtle happiness of reading. This )*as enough, this joy^ not dulled by af^e. this polite and .unpunished yice, this' selfish, scircno, life-long ntoxication." I (By William T. Kills.) Consider a contrast. Once a sfcn- ational, Toucher from tho hill country |of Galilee spoke to a gr-at iuititu(ie at the head of the Late. His address is called "The Sern on on the Moun^." Various sites 4re suggested as tlie scene of t lis ii'essage; the one 'that appeils r lost to me being a gentle slo le, 6 ice . grassy. , now stone-coverid, directly at the center of the t pp ;r end of the Lake of Galilee, m d- vay bet\teeh the cities ofjCapcr- lum and' Bethsaida. The; plioto- g "aph. I took shows emly one l^e- djpuiti tent and ji small tree on the iitire hillside}. In this simple, ^at iral setting. His hearers - reclin-' il g on i the ground before Him. jle- is set forth the Platform of His Kingdom, the Characteristics jof His Church. From that beginning has |ie- vHoped a contrast that is incolm- p ehenisible. For .the Christian c liirch is today th^ largest the | |<mo8t widely distributed, and i|he j n^ost powerful.institution on earth.' lainst that stony and ba;re balik- gijound of the Hill of Beati.tuiles y memory places famous akid m reijpresentalive church edifices i in tiich I have worshipped—I he Ckurch of tlici Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem; St. Sophial in Const n- ti loplq: St. I'eter's. in Rome: St it. sphan's, in Vienna; Westminster AUHey, in I^ondon: i St. Giles', in K: Inburg; Noire Dame, in Pars; St Isaac's. In Petrograd; tie CI apel of llie^ Burning Bush, m .M . Sinai; the Armenian Motier CI urch at Ktchmiadzen. under le shidow of Mt.-.Ararat; the t ly .N'estorlan chiirches of- Western Persia; Coptic! churches in Egy i t: tlcss. .mat-floored churches jSn Jahan; the Anglican Church in I^ja- ' ^1. Persia; the'native c-hurches many irarf.s of Korea. Chii\a. Inijia sinil Ti pijnoramii- of houses iif Ch folds before a chijrchi 'S! of around arc mPny to the In the copy server which morning there famous up in Sill the dup| in 1162.1. fed* ten Ch'r tall This and ive dissc iUv longing c'vi-.s arc iAn<l Ihc great (Munch vie ' ,Slijtll iK- the Cliurch a* hlcst," jiorious 11 rest."' iSdltlioj attitude of .".a person w rki-y-rwliat a long diverse yot kindred •islian wor.ship uti- ravellers mind! Th6 .Christ, the world aji unshakable testi- grcatncss of the Chtirch of Christ. ! China's >>sl«riiin Tublel. If The Christian Ob- canie to hand thi.s is a translation at •.Vi'storiaii Tahlet," iisi rl'rovince; China, lahlrt. wliicii i.-i nine lirce (ce\ wide, and t of t revcrenjtf appri^acheis the suhje^ C'hnrih islioiild he one o|f, and ioioijaiice and knowledge. 11 man jsociety has produced no otlil injitiljutioii, ex< ept tlie ' vetinerahl^. so far-flung fliiential jupon life as tlije Christiin Church. i. Illsiijry's <;rej|lesl Y urppscs iniludfe in grosi inconi year iii ivh^eih received. have.Ioijgotten th unto .Met ati lye t heavy ladeii., ancj tak^; My 'n, i)f -Me ly rest; and lea and lou| rind rest u, yoke Is light.' ilepartu by an •"111 forhier! time rinder. beajitifully eaived. contain.-- ani-x- tation upon stian Relik on. ex'pressi'd the ill ternis sliowiiiife profound Chinese InfJ lenci- upoi.iht- thought and laiiguage of tin? autlior.s. who were Xeb orian mis ioiiarie.s of ihu sey- entl centur . The ' .Ncstorlari chuj-ch sent ijs representatives in China in the >ear 6.{.".: and for t huDflred year; influence: no traeje of them Chitia, except This vivid tiqiiity and w| the I missionai: tianity recall.-j the* Ivarieiy of Chuf-ch. Wiirj ed |ljo ; hi Ilk o terms "of our tiori or deiioii let Ipur iiiinel i the centuries, .literally a;i tl; contemplate 11 vcrsity and vitality Unliersal. "Klflct from rlvery nation. ytt one o'er Onq holy bi'am^ Pirtake.s onei With every I. Uotnanre -crowded history has no Other! tal^' so marvelous as this one ofitlie riMe and spread aiid potency of; I hi- Christian Churc i. in tlie days jof the Apostles, t Iiristianily comi>ris.>^ small groups or broth- erhro Is. ^-entering in individual honif!. iN'one of our elaborate. mo <lei |u |ecclesiasticism existqd. TheToi Wore no speci il church huildings.i Yet this AjmstolJt; Christian • Church had " (1> -organl- zationlr" (2( fellowshij) that eoiJ- stitutfld a genuine Ihri^herhood: (3) regular services: of jworshipj; two-} they wielded great IV. alas, there is no or of their work in his uneapthed tablet, (•rniinder of the an- Ide.-jpread growth of activity of Chris- the vicisitudes and f;hrist's many-named |iieyer we are tempf- tlie Church only in own little congrega- iiiation. it is well to nge far.back acreiss nd widely afield into e lands of earth, to e magnitude ani\ di- of the Chilrch all l;hc •parth. Her charter of salvation One Lord, onff faith, one birth; she blesses, holy food. Aneli to one hqrre she presses Yt*:*i. 12..- 1 ] race endued. (4) the sacraments; • (.' listic activity; (fii syste anthropy:, and • (7) Divin and oversight. These groups of discjiplcs were J the Early Churci rapidly and became sol )! evange- nititlc phil- ^presence that iwithin three: cent was rbs.siiii; and 11 e times o the Chriit took in the Roman Kmp the fjivor of emperors wojn. the result \vas a s ecilesjiastical organization Churtfli ol! Christ seems it have tiiken preicedence of tl of the Church. AVherea i the re il P.urpiise and power of tie* Chun h is w lollv dep^mdent ipon tie Spirit wiijhiii. which in iriires tie life ajiid spreads the Gos lel. Wlier- ' ie| first \){. nell mo ;t f' men, it ever a church ceases to all sjiiritnal, and conce of a I cease Oft ".Mid toil and tribulation. Arid tumult >f her war. She; waits the onsummation Ot peace foi, evermore; After stijcking aroi nd the Legislature a wpek or twe- the editor^of 1 the Wichita Beacon jkve it up and went home. He dec||ires the lower I House of that body [is so reactionary that it won't even amend the! primary law for no thtin it has been oh bojoks twenty years. N'ornian [Hapgocrd declares that the mind oX Gov. Al,- <:rete and pictures miist leave; the Governor wondering cpmpUmented I whether, he'has been or i maligned^ : other reason 1 the statute with the souls to bo Christian. m. throughout tho ^gjes. tliep- logical dimmsslon and strife>j' have been paramei Chiirth. to tlie unmeasiirlr'e the. -Chrititians. As Sir Scottj wrote, •111 fareslit with the fle^rk If khepiierds! wrangle wolf is nigh." In ler davs of pride, t has eiften; departed froiij plicitji wealt rhnre the: ni of the Ciospel of .re |in^. The the glory, the po Il hive many timei nds of her officers wl^o grew f o powerfil lirics Ties they re. Whe ii .lesus \^asl |bitin): ly characterize? arly. wfi er in thb word^ we had golde |den croziers; an I the sheeipi Nov bishops, wit rid tho sheep feeji bishops, the shenlie we hav golden the s.hedherds." Reiaiiil We 1 look at us have reganl -split as visions jtheiChUrth of history. Le aii equdlly opeii-minde^ or itlie ( hurch o today ;he is ijit( . innumerable tii ihich nn st distress .th her Iy)r( . As our lessoij :orth. the! Ghurcl; lif righteousness of the ci rth.the llight o d. If til ere be sign.s. o fcay in a Christiaji socia .sectari; n lit in file hurt )f Waltir hen tl^ lie; Chureih Ihei siiii cept the what-is \<e had not be S( And. implies, ivithin may heslj .Our day have sorj conimitt |i\-or of tli.e *o fille that the smith Is "con- lue." Which ^ I "VMiere is that ground hpg? .11; .V.::. VAJE'vE St -r AT| eAViQUE ^TT-TA 8 LE'=> •F JUL cf'CLASS AKsi- BKjE DES5eprte, ViORv^S OF A |hrr "fO ifiCKLE PALATt vME VAPH BE sbnr o* IUONM SROVM, , BOT rr SOK|E:HOSN LACK'S Ti^' W ^ic |K FOLVJ L PAT. Off. :'Lvh ...-.i.-.. thai the serving whole cc life, is bjj poses a Christiaii And He SKVKX Patient Longfclle Forgivij need and Bushmjll.! Do all By, a In a At all - To a items lillowed year. the ye£(r Iriie fac ncome wlas - not decrearf^ income. mt of ba a part with wo( nin rdf ^i•oodeI^ rozjer .s, a live s fe: the takeii for bad debts. tan not be went hill, to visit the be worthier dcdu: e. unpaid!amounts ges. s4laries (r ojf taxab e as dedu the cree- or in that ex- receiveld the ainount' eJf |ms ar$ [lecific ( 1 debts, if sji 'ch ly chargeidoff aij allow'cfl ebts onl recovered or on ae had debts d allowc must bh k for thi Saviour's "Com fiat labor and ar I will give yo i yoke upon yoi for I am mee c rt; and ye shall iir souls. For M d My biirden iU irch's occasional he standiU'ds o pay's I'lireiit. a rather larg' iptaDding^ AUgnified jUnfs Comb. on their iilnd legs ranking their toflets. :|; i . : j. • An an^ camel out of the hill; and Id, "1 suiipo^ lyou are wurieier- ing whai vre are djolng." "Look at Ime for i moment*^ It.stoe^ up on its hind legs!and lliegmn to comb its back hair. |-We comb oor, h'atr with our ejombj and ,l»re Very particulajr atKiuf our ap- lB>eannoel'* it said. \ I conld scarcely believe my ryes, icossin TJed. On the ant 's ^ronk lej; wasj a perfect little comb. ; Standing jflrsw on one foot arid thcii on aiiotber.lit combcdits hair, i liheld my |8ide^ with my big paw j and landed and laughed. : I i i I'suripiee it eloes look ! fiinny. Chum, but an ant ii* veryl pariicii- ilar not jto have my dirtloii its body. We wa.'h onrsclve>s ii mid comb ooij hair mori often thaniany inii.'it Ij^ok neat." said tflie anul Whije. hill, my her ski'ti fyinp fl.i I was .Mttiir^ mistre-sjs dime bins. r<t(l and wa.vis irinn the ant anilj drewi Itsj" piotbm yeoxi an Id jIn a n't maanifij-iri, of ; I coir |t-s led ani f: k: -to send it to .Mrs, niacins itK toilet. i ytiu .'Jhe sat do\5-n a Kvery; little .Sli. too. j<he (ind placed it i;r,slas.>- :inil dnetv th^ part; •ifcit had the^ , i ad ^^he ilrew ir -for .«he .Isi a chance to l.y the jantt, .-ilongj 'vrlthi(. her nsagnl-t. Uttlpl jvhilcj iShei Hen caught 1 under 1 theI qomb.) . ; S,. It yvilli 's^ie an antj I jthikik that youi .M .-iknifiril .Vnt Cotpbinb Its Hair. heai^t of so cxplit itly sets is the e veiifplar tlie salt ' " the worl moral d order. wSiat else ejan it meitn thaH tliat tlirj Behini of "t he- wave." • cial «!t'(;:: ominous and Chr salt has lost itsi savor all of x ur pranicjky tallJ ^noral slu^p." "thb crime! orruptioji." "so forth, lilrks the] t if the Church political and s(| truth thii expression of the their dii lamental y there i le eondit us. ;is jiijsnibers o •ilreadful jwrong w t is hy'c|' tie Churc [Stian holies whicW are ar hurch. hbci done ould be :io sucli on as e.xi Us. Lel the Church, ac [responsih; lity foij th our world. I lieen bettfT, society wouli j) bad. the titje of the Lesson fort and u-orshiii that ChHsfians serve Gid and HiA is orgaiJi every cojiceiv.'ible ing with the.s'c. it eties an<l movements ami es and mpleix devotinfj highe Churci Church ^at shap| help bo, ed i}ie Chrij short zation-ma^d. W< conferences fori purposed Speak due appreciation o' all of [may be .'jolemnly declarer! icient niHhod of most ef bur jgenjeration. in Ihel ealm of modern our deepest pur- t powers tol the n : ii the !s human ideals s and gir sj meiii len. to brte!ome intelligent When ,w and woni consecra taking anielioral cial and jiolitlcal ajnd econonlic aiidl feillow Ihtians. wjo St road : »o personal Christ. We lead th ion of all of the days' so- ills. when we^ world th Him |s the world's only hope. enduran w. • world are the .SK\TE >rK SKK.>I »S. ness . is highest! he good N-ou can, in all the ways As long as ever A Chri.< God and soli.' As the the .snow eth not earth, ai; and hud. the sowe j so shall i forth out ^tian is v his OWE return unto me Void, but lit accompliiii that w^ich I pleas brosper it shall whereto i I: have tri V want t know I want !t( Always t the e I don't wint to st I Kducati : fined in (Of progrefcs.—Johrt '. something /with their he time.'j re is Godlike.— man's deepest achievement.— 1 the meiins you ca lyou can. Ip the plates you ica^n^ you e -an. I the poftple youicdnj you can. 'John Weslevi hat he is; hetwe>en from hehven. and return- hither. but watereth the :d maketpi it bring that it ihay giveis^ed to and bri ad to the my wor T he that eater: gbeth of my mbuth; it shall 1 not in the: sent it.-|-Isaiah .55: live witj bo fit be able look lii e: ting .<|un. I Anrl hate myself f<^r the things I've done.4-Guest. in must always ' lie deforms of life, of growth. Grier HIbben. Men who hang about wailing to turn own slej soul.—Joh meth dowri |h myself lapd so f to ni 1 Ma- 'and 1 Claver aii-, • oil - Wednesday | E. J. Kaiilkiier t on TiieH^lay. ii contest to .Tfi. iXKVJ \\ Wii IjWash : l-ri-(ii( ! iiei;li< ! iliiriii: 1 ii II I'OS in; llj II al i Pleasant Valley P^ili vJtLsabel CJalviii) Feb. ITP^.Maynan' sent froili school Ibecause itf illness. I 3rlr.; ahd Mrs. moved iii Humboli This caiiHcd us to lose anotlier pupil, Dellal She will attend sciiool lu Hunibiildt. We arc! having which sijle of th<^ school lum .se can bo kept the ne Tin- sm- pils on thjO side fha;.lo.«e will trca.l the side that wins. On .Monday afternoon we celebrated St[ Valentii e 's . day. LI.'OIIM Stotler aid Delia Kaulkner von prizes in' guess'iig contest.-;. ; U 'e also had i valentine box. Harold Colv'n an I IJ-IUKI Sioili-r, won the e-ontest in ;ood KiiglisJi. : |!<'or(!lii |;M Those ileither ah-icnl nor tanl.v ! Iiiit!i >.s! lO during th4 month ol" .laniiary are: ; I ; Charlie C< Ivin. Boytl Stotler. I .(|'!iia Stotler. Ipabel t!t)llviii. l ^iwntiK ill.—Miss .May j3 suri>ri.>:e<l a-<:I w;ais -te* n fK-rfect comb thi;! arit: le-g. Goodnifebt. .-CHOM,- CpSS CURpNTSl n v>li(> t;ike ami r.'tiiio ill the v Stotler. Harold Col Balzcr. Tciacher. i The annual iriiloi field meet jof the K: l(!tic CliihJ to be li Tjieleli ijl-ll IKireiii; ir track siiiii : ] lisas I'il.v ArU- ; ' |.;v.. (I this veaii on ' f^ebruary !.'». has l}een - a" l<.i.|inu j f '"' athletic fixtnre in-the .Midillo West-i •]'"'^'" f6r over years. -onlv il What dncn the book say abmit ( I ; ing r,ice? it li thc .'boilin^ ^I 'H a Olllc at a t n:r, al lo 'lowtjr th(r , Hills Bjrs. fiilratv a ii principlf of ctiitrol in r |xi ,t : inp co^cc. jOnly a pmnds at a fimrirc roa id, EO thai tvf.ry tioun'l Rcl •! anj Cii'al aiiinunt bt brat, ijai •form flavor is the rcult. ri.n y i I I'll Vf to worry fi )iit! r KOIIK! elllinils lis 11 I chilly (le IK -viT lelljn;; lie nor radio \i liiii'-. .von liiivi- In wh 'i (111" hi.-i-p il Iroiii - * • .•^oiiielliinK ti eondit i.ons: ly do disci liliat irried man ii:-lT if he II: llie (Imnce ly.spcpsia. up g^iilj in iritcr Ithing George i 'Cve:| a - lie- a? in rogue littio siricc tlic liiii-oii? into, hrinking i lii- sal I for The (ihild- ilihe their tijinks' llie I JrenTainiHh lif-d IS satis shbrt-cut roasting ROASTIXG coffee in ibulk can nfcvcr pro 'ducc the rich, flavorful guoflncss thajt Hills ^ros.' patented process of Controlledi Roastingj creates.' forth shall; ^. and thing to, 11. for myse as days go , [yself straigh. in nd with the Het- hy Jnly even and a feiv poinds at a tune, inar temperature—that's; the:sccret, Just try a can of Hills Brdk you'll be anjiazcd at the superb arjoma for the Arib onitHc vacuurri tin. Send, for and flavor in every f cup. Ask Hills Bros.jby name and look fp fret; bookle|t, "The Art of Entcjr ing." Address Hiljs Bros., Southwest Blvd., Kaiisas City, jupT.should begin tres. ain^ ^525 H^LLS BROS COFFEE 19U. ortgtital^ pack, opened Frrih fAm the 1 lily xith a

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