Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, August 23, 1972
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A-2 Alton Evening Tolegraph Wednesday. August 23, li)72 Illinois delegates vote conservative, defeat for Percy MIAMI RKACH. Fla. (AP) — Tho Illinois delegation tr. thr 1\ppuHiran N;tiM'i;il Convention voted JiO-S ap-MiiM n liberal dolrpatP :in- porlionmonl plan linokod by Son. Charles II. Perry and then voted in favor nf i ronservnthT-bni'kod plan. The liberal plan !o apportion delepates to fut'.ire conventions was offered as an amendment and was defeated 910-I'M in a convention roll- call vote. Perry voted in favor of the liberal plan lio had boon advocating for weeks, but. Gov. liTiinrd Orrilvie and 40 other Illinois delegates voted a.u.iinsl it. The senator did not speak up for the liberal plan Tuesday although in the past lie had considered leading a vigorous floor fight over it. Tn lielit of the overwhelming sentiment voiced earlier in the day in favor of the conservative plan during an Illinois delegate caucus, Porey said he felt a floor fight no\v would be "somewhat futile and possibly counterproductive." "I support it," Ogilvie said of the conservative plan that will shift convention power to Southern, traditionally conservative states. "It's belter than the current one and its desirable to avoid a floor fight." The liberal plan would have increased the delegate strength of (he 'arger, move urban, more libera' Northern states in the 'mpe that this would make it easier to nominate a libe-vl Hepublican for president in Wfi, Debate in the Rules Committee—which vetoed llvj liberal plan — included frequent references to Vice President Spiro T. Agncw as the favorite of the conservative-state group and Percy as prominent among the Northern state group. Percy characterized the conservative plan, which had been compromised earlier to eliminate some liberal objections, as a partial victory for his side since it would increase the Illinois share of the total GOP delegation from 4.3 per cent this year to a maximum of 4.9 per cent in 1!)7G if Republicans win major Illinois victories. lie warned, however, that if Republicans lost major state contests, the percentage could drop to 3.8 per cent. Percy's plan would have given Illinois an even greater voice in the 1076 convention, up to 5.2 per cent. Under the new adopted plan, Illinois could have as many as 102 votes in 197fi if President Nixon carries 1he state this year and other Republicans capture major offices. McGovern tells veterans arms fund cuts needed Former President Lyndon B. Johnson seems to n« a devotee, of the, long-hair look, as Uvo of these three LOO It portraits suggest. Left to right show him: when he was President in 19(18; in April 1972 and on Tuesday /Ol* JT J"} J when he met Democratic Presidential hopeful Sen. George, McGovern in Stonewall, Texas. (AP Wire- photo) Mrs. Pittman says she was beaten (Continued from Page 1) Protests more violent, 216 carted off to jail ;md swelling. The incident occurred about 7:45 p.m. at 3rd and Piasa streets, Sicmer said, after he and another officer placed two blacks in a squad car. Sie-mer r,aid he got no threat from Mrs. Pittman but said she cursed and kicked as he dragged her to the car. Sicmer was the last witness p r c s e n t e d Tuesday by Assistant. State's Attorney P. J. O'Neill, who rested his case. Shortly after, Judge John Gitchoff denied a motion by defense attorney Keith Fitzgerald which sought to dismiss the action Mrs. Pittman. The string of Alton police officers testifying that they received death threats in- eluded detectives Ray Galloway, John Parker and James Casper, officers Britt, Bill Peterson, Sgt. Donald Loyell ami Bob Albrccht. Galloway testified that Mrs. Pittman's threat against him was followed by the firebombing of a house owned by a neighbor of one of his relatives. Galloway said an informant, told him the firebombing was related to the death threat. At. the police station July 21, with about 40 blacks and 20 police locked inside, Galloway said Mrs. Pittman said to him: "Hey, you white mother . against honke pig. I'm getting tired >tf this s . . .; I'm gonna burn you all and kill your kids " Galloway said he did not By TERRY RYAN MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — As Republican delegates renominated President Nixon, police skirmish lines swept streets surrounding Convention Hall to climax a day of protest marked by 216 two bystanders were injured. Stepping up their militancy Tuesday, protesters harassed delegates, pounded cars, threw rocks and broke windows throughout the afternoon and into the night. A police lieutenant, a protester and two bystanders wire injured. Earlier, Vietnam veterans marched against the war and two Students for a Democratic Society crashed a Republican brunch attended by Mrs. Nixon and daughter Tricia Cox. The Zippies, an off-shoot of the Youth International Party (Yippies) demonstrated against world imperalism. North Vietnamese shell Da Nane ior third time Seeks more registrars EDWARDSVILLE - A mandumus suit filed in Madison County Circuit Court today asked that County Clerk Eulalia Hotz be ordered to appoint two deputy voter registrars for each 10,000 population in each of the 24 townships. The suit asked that the court direct the selection of the deputy registrars so that there will be an equal number of registrars for the two political parties in each township. The suit asks also that the clerk be ordered to stop her current procedure in appointing deputy registrars which, the suit says, is illegal. Attorney Ben Allen of Alton, who listed himself as a registered Republican, filed registered Republican, filed the suit and claimed that he and other voters are being denied equal protection. Allen, a fomer assistant state's attorney, is a law partner is Marshall II. "Zeke" Smith, another former assistant. By GEORGE ESPER Associated Press Writer SAIGON (AP) -Heavy mouth of the Que Son Valley Tuesday, and 30 miles to the north the North Vietnamese shelled Da Nang for the third time in less than a week. Officers in the field said South Vietnamese infantrymen and rangers advancing into the valley ran into three North Vietnamese battalions numbering as many as 900 troops. The Saigon command claimed 108 North Vietnamese troops were killed, but reported only 24 weapons captured. South Vittnamese losses were one killed and 28 wounded, the command said. The South Vietnamese launched a spoiling operation Monday, two days after the North Vietnamese ran them out of the valley. Now they are trying to keep the North Vietnamese from continuing, their push toward Da Nang and the populous lowlands along Highway 1. Enemy gunners fired five rockets into Da Nang before dawn today, wounding 11 civilians and wrecking five houses. Twelve mortar rounds hit the Marble Mountain air facility on the edge of Da Nang, but there were no reports of any U.S. or South Vietnamese casualties. Eighty miles to the north, the two-month stalemate in the battle for Quang Tri continued with casualties mounting on both sides. respond to t h e threat. He said ho was threatened again the next day at the booking counter of the police station when Mrs. Pittman was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge. Galloway said that since the threat and firebombing of the home, he has taken precautions, asking the neighbors to "keep a close watch" on his house, watching where he parks his car and staying up late some nights. The six other officers testified that Mrs. Pittman spat obscenities and death threats and said they feared for their families. Detective James Casper, who said Mrs. Pittman threatened to "get my wife and my babies", testified that "Shirly's threats played upon my mind. The more I thought about them, the more I became concerned." Casper said, though, that he has seen nothing other than the attack on Siemer which would indicate Mrs. Pittman intends to carry out the threat. He said, however, that he believed Mrs. Pittman was capable of carrying it out. Defense attorney Fitzgerald, in his cross e x a m i n a t i on of officers Tuesday, asked if they were part of a plot with downtown businessmen to keep Mrs. Pittman from engaging in picketing. The questions were objected to as irrelevant and sustained by the judge. LIKE EXTRA CASH FOR YOU! Alton Savings Continuous Compounding And Monthly or Quarterly Dividends On All Certificates Take Your Choice/ 5% Savings Certificates o'/i% 3 Month Ortififates 5'!',% 1 Voar Certificates 6% 3 Year Certificates 620 And Loan Association • PHONE 485-4483 LAST THIRD SI. • ALTON By II. L. SCHWARTZ HI CHICAGO (AP) - Sen. George McGovern lold the American Legion today that despite a campaign pledge to slash military spending, "no hostile power will succeed in threatening this country if I am president. No foreign power will push us around." "We will always have sufficient power lo resist attack, the threat of attack or diplomacy by blackmail." the Democratic presidential nominee told the Legionnaires. McGovern. who has pledged to slash $32 billion from the current defense budget of more than $80 billion, said that even with those cuts "my budget would give us enough fire power to destroy Russia and China simultaneously 20 times over." The South Dakota senator commented in remarks prepared for the Legion's national convention. President Nixon speaks before the Legion Thursday. McGovern also plans to meet today with Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, whose support is considered Dinner flights over St. Louis WASHINGTON (AP) — The Civil Aeronautics Board Tuesday authorized Ozark Airlines to charter a 97-seat DC9-30 jet for a year-long experiment in sight-seeing dinner flights over the St. Louis area. Ozark plans to charter the plane to Arthur Skeats of St. Louis, doing business as Din« and Fly, at a price of $1,140 for each one-hour flight, plus $4 for each passenger meal. Dine and Fly will charge each passenger $19.95. "The type of service and price should make the operation attractive to a large segment of the public, including persons who might not otherwise have the occasion or opportunity to use air transportation," the CAB said. ••••••••••••••••I CLIP THIS COUPON MANHATTAN INSTANT COFFEE important if McGovern is fo carry Illinois, a crucial swing state. McGovern flew in to Chicago fresh from an effort to win the whole-hearted lUpport of another old-line Democrat, former President Lyndon B. Johnson. In his speech to the Legion, McGovern over and over reminded the veterans that he, too, had served in a war, as a bomber pilot, i.n Europe during World War II. "Everyone who ever served in the aimed forces knows that our military spending is riddled with waste and inefficiency," McGovern said. "We need an invincible and invlunerable defense. "But we also need to rein in the high-flying military spenders who think the sky is the limit." Daley, who was barred along with his Cook County delegation from last month's McGovern - dominated Democratic National Convention, has said he endorses the Democrats' national 10 OZ. JAR 99< WITH THIS COUPON BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MARKET 2530 E. Broadway, Alton ••••••••••••••••i Acceptance speeches (Continued from Page 1) for the presidency in l!)7fi. In Convention Hall, meanwhile, delegates mn\;\l quickly lo the major business, the renomination of Nixon, alter finishing 'ht preliminaries in an afternoon session that ran nearly fist- hours. At 9:46 p.m. F.DT, Chairman Gerald R Ford signaled the start of tiie roll call for presidential nominations. By 11:02 p.m. he was declaring Nixon the nominee. If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 p.m. phone 4G5-G641 before 6 p.m. and your copy \vill be delivered. The nominating speech for the President was delivered by his erstwhile-rival-turned booster, New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. He declared: "We need this man of action, this man of accomplishment, this man of experience, this man of courage-." Then came the 11 secon- ders, ranging from the conservative Buckley to liberal t'dnner Inionur Secretary Walter .1. Hickel, who was fired from tin- Cabinet by Nixon two years ago. Fifty minutes had elapsed when Ann,. 1 Armstrong of Texas, coehairman of the Republican National CnnmiiMee and the convention secretarv, began to call the roll lor voting. The Nixon tally mounted steadily until Missouri put Nixon over the top in a vote that its chairman, Lawrence K. Hoos, said showed "its regard for Sen. Tom K a g 1 e t o n . ' ' MeGovern dropped Kagleton as a running-mate after the Missouri senator disclosed his medical history. Alton Evening Telegraph PuM'shed Dally by Alton Telegrapn PMJl "s* ( obSLHY prescient Oem-ial Manager. STEP HI- N A C'OUSLEY hd'tor 4. Aa-.iotuni u the Publisher KK HARD A CUUSLliY Vue Hu-bident and Clas.vfied Mgr HENRY H McAHAMS Secretary and Assistant General Manager. MEMUKR OF THE ASSnriATl-D PRESS ( i r.e Absuc luted Prebs ib exclusively tii'irit^l 10 Hit u&e of putilK ation c*t all news Jibpuirhe' ciedi'.ert in this paper and to the loial newt pub 11?,!.ed ; itrem > S :.:.<- .[jt.uli jjl'ne b. Carrier. bUi w-.-vK'.- ?1 J bu r>e-r < uiendar rii(<nth by n.ail Si7(Ai a \c-m $:? ou bix m : >nt!i in Diiin.. 1 -. and Mibsf-un $25 IXJ a \t-ar, |li bo b!>. nicnihs In a!! oliit-r biatts Mail iuhii-npiiorib not accepteU in "iiwnb where larnt-r delivery li Second Clasb Postage paid u, Alton. Illinois 6iUCi MtWBtK "Hit ALL/11 BUkh/>U UJ- CIK. t'J-AflON Local Advertibing Hates urid Contract ml'ji rnu;iuji or uppli'ati'.-u at Ihe K-lejjripi. baaintit 'jtl-.^t ill Hail brcadwa> Alton 111 B^UW Na tioaaj Ad'*c-i t:. 1 -in^ Repjtr&eiftat.-, c-r. Branhara Moloney' IDC. New York. Chicago, Detroit wad Si- LttUH BACK TO SCHOOL? Vuu nmy not know which school hut it \\ill in- "\- licnsive. Shop eurly and Ixmng made quickly a n d confidently on .signature, Auto, Furniture, Diamonds, etc. ( oalidciitial loans to women. 1'hoiie for an appointment or -top in... Open Tuts, thru Tliuis. 9 AM to a I'M Mon. 'til 6 — l-'ri. 'til 7 SEE MIKE NEAL AT t. liKOAUVVAY AL10M. 11 LINOls When insurance counts, you can count on MILLERS- MUTUAL Behind every Millers' Mutual policy stands a company with over S37 million in assets, a nationwide claims service .)nd a 94 year-old reputation for prompt, satisfactory loss settlement Foul ijenorations of policyholders have relied on Millers' Mutual with confidence. So can you. S. HAKO1.D (COTTON) JSOIJKUT.S Olticc 4ti5-5531 Alter 5 p.m. 41)5-5818 MILLERS' MUTUAL ^INSURANCE AUTO. HOME BUSINESS uinnmerani for the two pieces The official scarlet all knit gym shirt and shorts for girls. The stripe top is a blend of cotton & polyester in sizes XS-S-M-L-XL. The shorts are 100% nylon in sizes 5 to 17. The shirt and shorts may be bought separately, also. Park Free! We validate! Phone 462-9751 Daily 9 to 5! Monday & Friday ticket. But Daley pointedly has refrained from a specific embrace of McGovern and has refused to say if he will work actively for McGovern and His vice presidential running mate, Sargent Shriver. In a planeside interview Tuesday night after arriving here from his get-together with Johnson in Texas, McGovern said he planned "just a friendly visit" with Daley. They are to meet at Democratic headquarters at 2 p.m EST. "I didn't come here to tell him anything," McGovern said. "The mayor hns graciously agreed to meet with me and we'll see what develops." Newsmen and news photographers were- barred from the meeting between McGovern and Johnson at the the former President's LB.I ranch, 65 miles west <if Austin. But a photographer provided by Johnson was on hand. After the discussion of more than three hours, in which Shriver also took part, McGovern said, "We did tell him we hoped he'd do everything his time and energy and his position would permit" in the presidential campaign ahead. The former President. McGovern added, "left that possibility open." But McGovern said the meeting was friendly and would turn out to be one of t h e most helpful such meetings during the campaign. Johnson, whose Vietnam policies provided the issue with which McGovern won the Democratic nomination, did not attend the Democratic convention in Miami Beach, Fla., last month. Last week, Johnson issued a statement saying he supported McGovern's presidential bid, but that he reserved the right to disagree with the South Dakotan. A Bushel of Fun... from Buster Brown BjEjii mm Turtleneck sweater in your choice of color, 2-6x at 2.29 Brush denim jeans with cargo pockets, polyester/cotton, boxer back, belt loops sizes 2-6x at 4.50. 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