The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 18, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1927
Page 3
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taiktioisc that phfe! Iti ptav ' —For a "bomtcix^ed" Cbidcett Caff o*er who ;.J T ••till on 3puttf Bkreel Tsill be gkd ng from her abroas frorti Flire Station. Sunday go fb« 12(y hbnlre i* ijomorrow. s4 Slpener'a ; and MrsJ T to KJaiiiiaft Cirv ijaiit ehdl ih« wtek —Special chick ill KVaJise's Cafe —iJrtw far will Mrlv. iiioriiow In front Ml ha.s iitr ! fatni n !wh«?n h(- ^.i CP. liorlulcl Iwjei) viKll Ijiter, Mrs >| returnerl —See Jack Anif'r!<:in DnimAicr Ifen^i'ibs as -Vj^nhei l)(isch jin "Wintim .luniir High sib —pi. A. B. New aioba Bldg. ilaiqr Earl t:iii; J?'.nft of visitors in lola timel tjiey atunded' iJr'tKe local tavairy ^ffir^rii. Pitter^on and Ca JYates 4 Yb :ir Jiiiii • i -Ma| I'll en| in "Winii ijroell rec Meadtly Inf bnt illness. to Ijewipan 'B ha 4 keVley weilt pight to visit with tJief Margaret Kelle [g the Natloij is there attendiri ailing H<:1)O<I1 fop deaconesscj hvifcslonaries iMn GOd ^top uf "VVarner hav at 12:."JO u Sleeper's? 1. honi «*ifflri lis , Jr., an an and Dolpi 5 r HertogeiJ f Holland" ol I ebrnary 18. Ttraddl. Osteopatki Phbne 191. 4- the mill .Si:lKKi . Mrs.iJcilin Ke.yst Mrs tail! this .son.s • * < ingi .Manga rjet Irovei -V"-, |m )rning for. :i AVarri-n uiiid D. liitli jColli i uriaiinsj ni— . Mad^ Like lelightlfo th Ji'eper.i lia All •Hiniv<-y Fouhh strfeet.i i^» Iwitli f<M}l a l<ill.'4 )r. Krfd iilM-cia}inl [and r. Tu< nwon Oiir. hmisehulM sdrvico is a lesbit Clefiierti Pfcoji.- li he fl w«ikenert a 'che^ ln'i' forlreHid •il7 West Madu o 1. Wjoodii rt^a 12 ;:',(• tomorrow • .Slnepur's. r Tli; revival ni •hnr< incrl strf- aiid Mill f-etink; at the Frj li oiil fa.sin lire w ^ll aiijended. Bev. W. M<'tHtf(list Offii Phil t;- ari! •nin.- 12<i hoirs fill be up S ill be up it :Warner at inner Suuda of Erie. wh|n the home 'pidxmith aii|(i • today. Center wetcv: Wednr sday at whi< he' inspectitj troop by am yl Sbottii State; street,, who,has b^^n HI of the fin. is reported better day. ' FORT SCOTT MAN SPEAKS AT CLjUB o- —Harper Belding is a very sijic CesstuI composer in' ,tlie Junior High School operetta, "Windmills of Holland," Febrnao- 18. Ars. C. Cordon and Mrs. C. A. Anderson were culling chickens' or Delmiar iBrower north of town yes- tertlay. ; ! —Sp «4jul Sunday THnan- nion and oenijiic. Keller Hotel I)lh jKooni and Coffee Hht^i.. I Mrs. M. A. Gantt is spending fiiw we^ks with her daughter. Mrs. H J. E. Childress of 708 N'orth Buckeye street. —t,?Ila Grace Swanson as Vrbw Hertogenboifch-in "Windmills Holland" makes a rery attract wooden shitpi of HoUauf 1 Feliniary Shampooing rihone ."I'JV. ker of -Mou arrived in loja i.sit -wMh h R. Turker d street. Bd lirap«'rie'( Sen <-ai eful liouse- e vol tried it'.' 317 II fined Nor to U ury, gradiia|f«j s_^rorii«, .Ij ^n . eftr. No e'xt^d calls. Pho Ion. I'e Warner r is opudndiing ik c; s. Lamljeth. .Surgei [e; phone 2.i6: litk. pliqne 6^ will aftetfrioonsl only be in my li 9. Bay. Ribert W. iPay on, bpth srantjed license BUwlb; Jadkp Smith ydsteriay. and May oif SsJvonburg. w 6 nii rry by Probjitie RerNtntibn - for the puiposej the office of:jh Cit| of I(^a. ij: from S o'cjlock: p. m. begi.'nninpj e Ci insak i. mi ^'aiicl jclosing Fe irua ".'ho if! who,'did i ot Alote at the G^t- . pra|iKIetjion-1 or iwho liave eld han ilemle slrijce, njust - -'v them to nary t[o b? litl Pri the M enli tlie; iote held City 1 Election coun iss Round, is checkinit Teachers" held recently. shd SIM «.'.( Idaji frei 3 (I'll Ifverything iiibbery. ber Delicious peach kberries, ilduni. J. tl Fa iii^ ris • '«( Hi pa rt stjrt re iS :l>eH TP' •m North KouHh. lii Bureau I tbti hoin alt Muiran Spet'iiil Peanut Howard' Moran- ini fron •North Third in inter 'ai; motlier. At Junior High Schjjol February 18.; • Defbcrt Southard ofi Piqua. 'ho has been spending a f^w days with his ibusin. I^wrence Gordon, turned home'yesterdaT.. —Just like Angel JFood Cake, Van Hoozer'a Bread. 2 for 16e. Cal Perkins of Topeka, passed , through lola today oti his" way| to I Coffeyvllle.on busines.*. —If you want lo biiy or builA a home. The lola Bt>ildlng frLoan Association will loan you jrhe monesv. eas.v terms, no comrnis- sions. Organized in 1885. Now located Southwest corner of square. G. E/ Pees.'Secretary. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fr.ver, turne/l last night from Kansas (j'iiy where they had been attending autoriiobile show. —Treat vour Piano as a musl Instrument. Have it tuned e^iery 6 months. Call T. O. Canalsey Roy Gwin. county agent, is out today with Mt McAdam atteni ins poultry nieellnj5s in different i >^rts of the country? The 120 jiours will I»e up 1:12::{i» tomorrow. See Warneii * ;' Sle^•per•K. t! .Arthyr C. Goiiis and Bertha K. V Collins, both of C.arnett.i y ere *;»fi:ante<| marriage license Feb. 16. Probate Juilge Smith performed the eremony at his office. 1 ; ''r' 11 cei thejiservjceh. he: Allen, who has been ill. retuijn€<d to Kansas City this afternoon. Her, father accompanied her bacH lo Kansas City. .Aliss Mien tea<lies office in tll^le shorthand at the. Huff Comme.^dal Mr^. College there. —O. L. Cox. M.' D.,: Speclallatj Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. —Try It once-r-?oa w^ll hare nd 5bUce. of registration y Clerk of he will be oiiejn till 10 o'cl .dk February 16, 1! 27. last Noveml|itir, ^ed their cgister to [at the con: March 8th. jii^d o be held Ap«il 5. l!927. ^ B. L. Mi-XlEt-, City Clerk. y auperintt nft up on returns i tJni xamfination whifh [in bi y pl| app reeS, :i.r.o M w lbs, evergre? ^nts and tn^ e, treei, 506 iror H Uar, Car eld of bday B. IJEATIELL. M. D. Special attintlot given Diak gases' of C« Ion , Electro The Phyiioth [Office lola Phoaes4-147 ponca tnient Tctxas ai City ii;nat4<i by as a mail a-s soon a on jthe pone con^plete^ tliltl«''''»' ddle of Mar has the stop roil s wt v 25. 1927. 2.'>c and JOic; per liund jarford'INiirs Phone 10:{7 aturday: 20<Klli. dy .Sh«y). if the •Womlen 's clothing ni»4t- ilrs. Frank Ilir- —.Soft Straw Hats (bat take placf of felts, in all colors, at ft icdw ^jTds .Millinery. .Mr. and .Mrs. p. C. Minesinji liave returned fr«Tm Bolirar, N. where they werui called by death of Mr. Minesingcr's mother, Mrs. Mary l.,oul3e* .Mrnesirrger. .Mrs. Minesinger bus Iteen there ai I .laniiary .15. i ' I • —Special showing new Hats^for Saturday. ?:!.H5,,. The S|tyl Shop. . - i —Dr. Montgomery,! Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bldg.- phone 13S. [the i cal Ithf 9S. the 11C< Miss Margaret Alien, who betin here with her father, C. It. i^e other. . Van Hoqzer 's B ead. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. J\irk retu home on the noon train oday froni II- iiis t. red. fry. a few days visit in Kansas Cit —See the Dare Devil at S er's 12:30 tomorrow. - - Judge and Mrs. R. E. Cull wlio have been spending- a days here with their daughter. Robert Fife and .Mr. Fife.of E.-jst street, left this afferhot has '.V. rnetl ecp sonL fe* Mr4 SI n it iictor The lola Kiwanis Club had a nine treat last night when it favored with an address by D Maher, priest of the Catholic church of Fort Scott, Kans. - ' Dr. Maher came from Fort with six other members of the Sco|tt club at the request of Bollinger, chairman of the (E>4uca- tloii -committee which hail ciarge of the program last night. He spoke only for al>out t minutes but during that tinie he held his audience practically ;pelL- bpand. He dl8cu.s6e<l Kiwanis fro>ii. a'Strictly persoinal viewpoint emphasizing the benefits whic i accrue from friendly associatio i and preaching a brief but empliati • sermon on the themi> that it .you Know a man, you cannot hate himj H- THEIOLA DAILY RgGISTER, FHI4AY EVENING. Beott Fort O. Endurance' Drij^er Finds I Gut Distance Arduhd I i lola Sqnjiire. jjlowi far i:i it ardund; the lola I'ily sguare? "Dare lUevil'' Warner spont the early hour.s of tlie niprning ineas- uriQg. as; accurately las iie could, the distaiice, making |a number of trips abiiat t^u- square. Starting ::e middle of 0IDER BOYS I^IEET ATF0RT3C0TT PEBRWARY 18, s. (ip) Firi Scott. Kans.. Fib. IS Prej)arations are being made hjere what is expected ta be -the larijjest Older Boy.s' cOnferencej: in Kari.-«isi which will be pdid in Fort Scojt March 4 and 5. 1 .An atteiidr anct pec are proi ing oC about .«i.x hundred is lex- ed if the wealhei' an* rojiids good An uuusiiall ' interesqing ;rain is being arra<ii ed, inc|udr^ International S-crii-tfiry Hutch- ,t l^ie squa with the buttjin ik t Wasliington street at tioii with W^si strbei. Warner j vfb found tiiat two an., developed hi sideas with eloquence, i. aroinul ithe sq:i clarity and force that his auci was simply captlvased. I'f'l applause at the close of th dress testified to the genuin with which it was enjoyed lence its intorsec- woi'k. n, iu charge of 4 UNIVERSITY AFLOAT IS AT NAPL ."Sapiei-?, Italy, Feb. IS, Ste are measure l sty ,,a milt or that theM-f(uare Is .44!s "P'';'; miles around.! I i ' '"'"i .Already tliis caliiulation has ?ne.--s I aruused a storm of | controversy. ' One nian wJio claims o ha\-e culti- I vated tliis area before it was set WESTERN 5iEETIN€ •IS NOW POSTPONED I!;;:!. j •Oare nevil"' Warn Topekii. Kan.. Feb. 18. (APlj-The l hni^rherl the first !<« scheduled mectinu of the WOstern ; i2i» h'jiir endurance Association which ^was to Ix; Sunday In St. Joseph, -Mo. postponed indefinitely toda; held Slar scilai:. TIil.4 niiiming he ap- was peared r.-:iinrkably f hv I nafured lor one wlii hXM-had no Ini; use IS sure greater than gat lut>! mer Rifndani. tlw atinp university.' one quarter i lojiiy. ;Th<f students "d cturs Wvre re< eive ion of .N't apolitan s r iortd iJoya Number (Continued the lowest repoijted in the state tly coldeij weather kvas ]i for the Lstate. koutlieast | copnt crops was repo Sligli ^lictnd Of the Nu'tjaraage to| ed. MAN :S NOW Pric.} .slides claimei) i days. I. lAI'i—jriu! j v.iio Anieruali ; i.^an,iT . Utah. Heb. IS (All)—Sn it) this their f< pohn Steven*, oil. of itliis c Ii fgan wo i i; the 'm<l irrived Skere-< rashec out nt nd tlieiri' in- ; wM.a 1 by a dele- ' -..nii in udi'nis. iind eft for a visit toj i'onipciij. the JiUil lor.: ih |in aralaij tes crasli intain sid MAN! GUILTY OF j KILLING WOMAN •• and l«I liiera a .' t in-o!a. .V. V.. Keli lal 1 nil jiiinpr , IS. (AP) — ilayiiiK; killid his TnOtlier-iii-liiw. i er. now.i has i witji wliom li.- .saiil. iie ((iiild jnot ' hours 'Of bis i livfj ;M;|ceal);y in lin- ;.'anie liouse. , drive in a i ^laroIli F. Wi-l-'ttr was convioteil j AIR sh and-.good prei Dale Gear, president.' Illnelis of sleep for juOre than one member of the newiv formed niplu-. Tho . ar sefnis " ' • condition o\ir ilays ami ; in^r.: n'oiii I'o to be in ' ; 1 \ - todiiy <•!• murder" ;ii t!U- ond;iile-; '^^'a-' iie u'hii !i will be 5 Fort < .Munday, can !»• inipri-ion-j <inlyes yiars to iff.'. !' j iii'!'? 1 ars at circuTand tiie desire of others ,o • Pff-i cbndition an.l s.ill capable IR.^ILWAY STRIKE work out plans for their ieluhs ! of reaehing a; high nu. of< • ' IS 0\ IN MEXICO were the reasons for nostpon.jnent. | .} n.mors :xH alioat to th» ; j , 1» 1>> MCJALI^U SENATE CHAPLIN DIES IN TOPfiKA Topeka. Kan.. F.^b. 1!>. (APi Rev. J. n: .Madison. aire<l T!i. has ill' l)i-«-n •witimiii lain of the Kansas senate f.jr ^^''[tlltlZ^^.TV' last five sessions, died toda lowing a stroke of paraly.iij; [•Sunday. BIG EXPLOSION IN KANSAS CITY TODAY Th. Uhap- fol- last City. Feb. IS. fAril—An explosion early iod:iy parlli d'>- .slro.yed a jtwo .story i.uihling lif-r-^ i S.ze ..n'!ii^'wiiiVl.<iii'. .More than ng a high rumors ari afloat to th« ffccf t.' Warner lias been seen la.-fi.ep or walking around the '^tnets i'( lola ami otiier iHMrliy towns wirhiiiuiliis lar b>-in(r in evi- , il(-ii<<\ Wiirm-r ileijiart> iiiat at 'no i!n!t> ?iini.' !ie star;«i| ilu- diivc a di-siiitir.-.-l- ;:tsui ii iiini- rreilitcd and will not Iw inve.-li!i;ated jswijrn staienifiiis ar* ; >:iys h<- ' an jiiove li I Iff! rli-i- < ar. i i niotor of his '< car sii tile drive a( 1-::H' la.^t .Moiiiiay ernoon. j Wariit-r r-'iVjirU ti w>is oiii' oi lltf wi .r.s lias ev. r driven. I- gel ef. A'a rrr •vi lie: ;<ta •TS Tio unless filiMl. Warner iai lie has not i' r .s-i'M'ped the JQ' h.' a score of pfr.son;! wnre taken frorn nearby apaijinieiit louses byj firenn'n. BIG FIRE TODAY, , AT NEWTON, KAN. Newton. Kan.. F<^b. IS. fire of undt-teriiiini'd origin iiiKlif partially d"'Stroy»-d [In building o<'eiipi<'d Ijy lln- .1. \ filli Motor Co.. IWfIlly aii'on b.'ing iiicliided in Ilie i*l loss of S50.<mo. haels dlii- .Siiii- haels larl'-y . ami |i\iri)y. aiiil'T I .Mil- t(i her after r. Mr. |k, and thhir car for home,^ Mr. CuUisoji isjwlth the Empire Gas and iFnef* Company at Bai-tlesville. j—Each day brings new Dress^ foi' the girls or the large wtime Wie will be glad ^to show ybu.l Th|e Sli.vle Shop. I L. E. Browin of the Brown Taj^ company will drive to Pittsbux tomorrow afternoon to takej thf: high school basWetball team for a game tomorrow night. —Frank Benson Is looking girl in "Windmills of llollan Junior High School February bed ^d Rectnm. apy and .rapy. 8Ut{> Bank Bldg. and 705. been offic postofflce on the.Chicpgo- ^e. Service JWIU rk now In iWg- Citv field I lias vibrW win inciiide jeling of field and ^n- It is expected ished ahoud the ally de- ^or 1" 8. Mr. and Mrs.' Geo. C. Dalparn of-213 South Oalk street retilrndd from CilyJasf night. \^he e they we ^t to attend tho auljoiii bile show. -'Just In both $15.00 t <l received shipment of Coa| sport and dress sit vie f49.7.-.. The Style jSho| R. E. Keele who lives on the I Mitcheil farm south of lolaJ h trailed (ir thr> resiiienee proper of ,Mr. inumh on South Kenfni street. '—How far i will Warner jhal driven when he stop.'? at 12:: 0 morrow I in front of Sleeper'sj Basil Brown, of-the Brown! Ta si Cz.', made a bnsiness trip to |^aijs- ing today.' DEWITT ' '.\llilrey Cress t Fel). 17.—.Mr. and .Mis. .Mi and ilaugliters Wi-r- .Siiiida Iter gliests of l>'0 Fredrick' day. .Mr. and,''.\1rs. Fave called iiithi- afternoon. Afternoon calliTs at » Siroh's Thursday were: .\1 .Mrs. Cress and Harlan. .Mrs. .Mr.s. Hay ami Miss l.imli-i. Homer and Charles Osl spent Sunday wiih .Allen aii{ lard Cress. .Mr.s. Powell Wilson's si:-!..Augusta, Kans.. is vipiiing this \ypiting. • .Mrs! Ilia Hansen retuniol home ill Humboldt Tiiesdavj helping care for-her niece. Kretiger. ' • .Mr. and .Mrs. Walter P.ak aii.d .Mrs. Uaynioiid Itaiishaf .Marie Brown called at Cres.^^ day af'.ernoon. , i Mr. :.n<l .Mrs. Cress. A!b Harlan spmit Saturday in 1. at the-, parenral Haker honi .Airs.! Henry Wairner and .Vires called on Mrs. I.eo F .Monday afternoon. .Miss .\iiilrey Cress call i Leola Kreuger Tue.sday evei . .Mrs.: Ostrander and .Mrs. have been on the sick list Stroh is not much !mprove»l writing. " .Mr. Elhier Stinson cttlleif'»in J. .\. Cress Wednesday afternoon Henry Burke helped J.. pull stumps .Monday aftern| The North Logan Grange DeWitt last Thursday j^ii; ! installed new officers. .Mr.'CressJUaroId Sears : Calloway luilped .Mr. Biirk« his kafir corn to Huniboldjt Tuesday. .Mr. Cre=s and Mr. Stinsoji called o»j Otto Fiene Weilnesilyv .Mr. and .Mrs. .\lheijt Won at .J. A. Cress's Tuesday noon. '• .Mr. Fiene has bought tl^i WTATP Clifford Doziejr liv will move on it the first olf .Mrs. Will Moim called in Mr_. .^Iroli Sunday morning. *' started ifl- t>> th" thnate fX!(j,) Ci;.v. F.h. (.\Pi;—A •r.i!| railway sirjke wi -nt into •t i'i' ct iiiiiiiiisht.l' It ." .illoi! I>y th" l'^-<ierat:i)i)| of wurk-rs ill ,.s\mpa'hy I i'lhf- sirik.- ..1 >hi>p:i|iii w ^ose i.iiiili- lot: iii'jiur pay and ivin- • !:e|iit o;' .-oui" di-iiii-ssc,i wjirh- ; wi-rc r.ot irralit<ili by t!n-;jiia-; iKil. I'.iilw.iy li)i-s, ' i ! PTAWA AL ^^ji IN ' I MURDER SCRAPE i extent tiiat he had oiii- wiudiiw: i.if Ills s I'l ciiaiili- liiiii to n.'p'Otcd s<-V(jral- nii nil ihc ri>ad 'Lii -twiVii I fllllllHlllll. I -It.'calls.- of his !ia|iii!cufl"> lat last iiigiit ill wiiicli hi.' Iriisi and iie Id to .-iiicli an i> drive with Hilan lowered fii.- mad. He iior acciileiils her-- and i:iliawa. Kan.. F.b. IS. lAI'it-W. ! K. .iotics. ari-.s'.il War- I ni-r was iiiialdc to (iiif mi liis nvc I'l -A;,^f,;||. COIltcIltillj; llJTIIS IasH|ii|;r ji over his shi.ii briik j Warii.-r'.s first piiinj 'iiif- ilii.s a!;; ri;./i.ii •.•.iicii I .liap- iiliil.'s mated If with .1. r Hire iic.iirr.'d |iic|,. i| u|> H. w:i to; ofrtcrs (d' Matisli.ld. (•.. fi>r iJiL -s- iiii liir-' JII I'/'i.l (i> til • ,liiiird<i!- of K; I'l lii;.ill >. 111. r'*l)rii ar{- ::. ]!Co. a iiai, T! he li.-ar till' I'liilfil hi.n Works, drive will t;l()se tomorrow at IJr'l'i when, \V;£i ainl tsit t.t s!e»*i» in the si.-. iier.Kiiniiliiri Wailii-r wishes ti success of hi.s dii i^r.'atiy. fai.iliiati'd h lif .Mr! .Harher; Cooti Haunter' Inn. the I perfection f! <:.).. !I. A. Ii;..;s K ;siid th" .'i'h.-r_ firm! "i|ieia;:ii« w i!!i him II'i l'aci:ii l.iisiiic':-:-: iv.-lim: Kr-i' hi Sidicit (• :H.'. iiic.l.'n. .\s-j|sl:iii ii'-r V. Ill ,u,]t \f »iiid..w of 1: • Co. say that the e has .|),yll the courtes> j s DniK .Slnre. la 'Dairv. Ihe thc' Derhv (III eel lie Servic- w|i.) are CO II tlie drive. LEGISLATORS AT j STATE UNIVERSITY i 'el.. IS. 0 \Pl — cominitlee.s of {rein : i r.axeriiiic".' Ivans., ler at : 'lllie ivays iind meani !i7c -lal.- leisislatuni will be Kiiests of th"' I'ltiver.siiy of Kansas this :;f >"!:!i)o !i ail'l •'Vertiiig. 'I^lie party of ah'iat sixty-live l.^wniakers wer.- ht/diiled to arrive!at thi- univer- . a jaiiit.)r alioiit 4-'>. • aail ii- ill iiere today j i|e;:i;. .'Ill 111 .J ju.^lii.i and |)< ac-1 i -. ;,..!:\.-s ih.-JMi--- wei' ill liila today. \t...\. h'aillis . l>iw-ioii I; o. J-:. (•'.j.'rs'er. • and tii the .!'|e:.i.| ill and (Jiiieral .Maiia- liORlORN RIVE 'ity "^i iioi.I. arly this allerileon and spend afterniKin visiitn;.; x\\f state it anil; « •; • . . Harp -1 Jell Desserts Tjhree Times a Week ! pCunnie I «'ilr:ij<' —15 i* i'"''! L ^nierican fainilles now'serve gcla- d inc. „n i t'l'c desserts three .Many us? gelatinrf in file average • times a week. I products In Sii oh 1 ^^"nf'' form every day as dessert, jlr^ jsalad. garnish or v|ith iroasts. Th.- .if/riiii I latest prepared gelatine product is i 'itjilled .Sur.lite-Jell.' ' =- /iijt flavors—lemnn.j V rmerea quick tr^gey' and a fast horse are amajis best is • ' —See the Dare Devil at er's 12::!0 tomorrow. AUTO AND PURNITUIlil ^FINISH Painte W% N. Wali^at Ptaone 18 Saturday Special ; "Sixty-four" Tooth Brush Sodiphene An septic MoutI Wash and Gcr]m- icide 50c Totol Value 90c | On Sale At 50e Saturday Only Bro|wn 's Drag Sti>re and Large Voiukne //I Y <^r ^kinqsUse lessfhaln of higlW priced bi^ds Same Mcej^0wr 351feai« ^ ^ ' 1 ^ \- • \ . Minions of fbunds Uised By Dur Govej-nment ••L I IS K BY Iniall coil were bii liiit two| n juries. from Page 1), section Boverlinient liiai| true CORPS BASE IS HIT BY STORM ington. rockott • on, TexJs. was liiii iiy it iiall lo'l he field t!i'.' airships da jwar ilep;i of the (faniate. FRY'S LLEDI SNOWSLIDtE uri^ victiiji in l*-V) k • Willi a rfl^ng. had jar i Indian chtj of sns)W, ro| d iialf'a u'.ile d( e. Wrecking a Irii e. netweeji.'io a led under sn escaped With oi ••cb. IS. l.\P::--T|ii ir <<ir|is ba.'^e IK The lent hai w. re desiroyeil nai;.'d. .\| ni.-fjs rtin..-nl gave no SATIIR- AY SPECIAL Jj.«methiiK New and . DilTeront ARTISTIC [APkNESE t;>ort(<l i .'i(k- and T'lc ^'altie n Salje Saturday )nlv one IM DRUG STORE Wi-I heihel rill he Me able m\\ his REMEMBER: YOUR GUESSlES IN TH IT.ST MUST BE IN Ofu OPFipE IN THE MAILS BY TTJOMORRO^ N()0N! ; Ha Jt Yl anytl rStar" e ruiiiiig? Y oW Ion f will it takl him \o go to slefeki? ow Iqnj: Mfill he sleej>? j I^ow many miles )»ril| he Ha^e driyen? ''hat will his dvera^e nuiiiler of milcjjj peri gall(|n be? ^ now the Ansjwers i |Tomdri"Ow! Whiitthe Star Po ItWilllj>oFdrYou Lowcost Transpoftdtton or Warner I CON- XT roli : ? I or ReQt? ing? Use the. Classified CohiihnsI K iini^^he(l| (ibn.siiru vill .^d For Ssituniay, TCHEN TABLES Porcelain top| kitcljep table 0.v25-i ich, con.structi OVA in whitt; enarti'^ •tion, one cent' these tables ,S $6.85 1 of har^ .'^teell [.'i' draw iliirtiay Ls, .size 1 wood^ corner \tr. 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