Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 26, 1898 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1898
Page 5
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THERE IS MORE REAL VALUE IN OUR .50 LINE OF Ladies' Shoes Than any similar price line in the country. Turns and Welts. Sizes 2 1 A to 8. Widths A to E. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. BV tHB THI.BORAPH PRINTING COMPANY. SATURDAY EVE., NOV. 2«. SPECIAL TWO DAYS SALE -ON- Fur Collarettes. •2.50 .9208 4.25 " 349 4.60 " .. . . 3.89 6.60 " 6.49 7.00 " 0.29 8.60 " 0.89 14,00- " 11.99 Silk and Satin Waists. 13.76 Waist at 83.19 4.98 " 4.19 6.00 " 4.29 6.26 " 4.49 Ooontnnder, tot painless extraction. Dr. Rogers, Third street, over Booth's Mr, and Mrs. Dr7~Fahn spent Thanksgiving at the home of the Misses Davis of North Alton. Try Nelninger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. The Glad Tidings has been pulled oat of the water for the winter. The other little craft will be pulled out In a few days. For Rent—4-room house, cor. 7th and Henry sts.—H. Wa. Bauer. The only place to buy GHlespIe'Ooal Is 314 Plasa street—Dorsey Fuel Oo. Sam Bates, a reputable colored resident of Wood's Station, died Thursday and was burled today. Deceased was well known throughout the country. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey Fuel Oo. They have moved to 814 Plasa street. Henry Lammiss, aged 24 years, died at St. Joseph's Hospital, yesterday, after a long Illness with consumption. The funeral will be Sunday at 2 o'clock from the hospital. Scott la the busiest tailor in town. Flannel Waists »l, 00 Waists at 89 2.00 " $1.79 SATURDAY AND MONDAY. H. T. LOINE, 113 W. Third st. 'apapftapapfta^^ Have you Seen the New In LftRDER STUD It is (he best Shirt Stud ever produced Post in center of back makes it suitable for shirts with either button holes, eyelet holes or a combination of the two without the annoyance of coming out of shirt or fear of loss. Only made in 14 kt solid gold, and only can H. 119 West Third Street. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bldj?., Phone 185. S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON. ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. Plr»t term begins Sept. 22ad. 1888. For oourae In Instrumental uni Vooal Munlo, Elocution and Painting, Bend (or catalogue Q. E. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Office—Cor. and and Market sts. Residence—317 East n-b st. Office Telephone 305. Residence 1903. How Do We Do It? By having No Aienli, No Pcddleri, You pay one small profit. One-hall Saved. 7 styles to select from. $46 maoblnop only $17. Complete with all attachments 10 years guarantee. Equal to any "«oWnfsoJJ throuKh agents at tw oo our prloo, Call and we our Handaotne Drop Hoad Machine and olhorB »t tbe offloo Front and Henry at. HAPQOOD PLOW CO. It Pays to buy the Best. Beit Oood$. Prlcei Right. A Trial Order Convince*. T. M. ANDERSON, GROCER. Pbont 171. - 93* Union Strut. TEMPLE THEATRE. CONCERT. MONDAY EVE., NOV. 28. By the Famous Boston Consisting of The program will be selected from a large rebators of choice music. Solos. Miss Mattie Ritter, Coronet Miss Miy Tortorina, Baritone Miss Clara Ritter, Trombone Miss Dauntine, - Violin Miss Adaline Meba, Soprano Admission, SOc and 35c. Gallery - • 15c. Box office open Monday. Alton Conservatory. Elgbtb Year. Second Term. Sept. lit. Music, Art, Elocution, Deliarte and Special Studies. Mini AllceB. Manh, Voice and Piano. Seminary itreet, Upper Alton, R C Mil I 1 Second end Alby . V*. iUlLLA, .ii., Alton, III. Rend tor Catalogue. QotoM. Morltz's for your collars, 16?, two (or 26*, for your cuffs, 25f per pair. Tbe beat for the money. Tbe Alton Hallway & Illuminating Oo. today deposited a check for $1,000 to guarantee tbe construction of its road, the ^franchise for which was passed at Tuesday evening's council meeting. Mr. Henry Fahrenkrog was present as best man at tbe marriage of his brother, W. H, J. Fahrenkrog Thursday afternoon at Oarllnville. Tbe groom Is the Sheriff-elect of Macou- pln connty. For a good shave, hot and cold batb 'go to Maul & Hall, Plasa st. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belle st Miss Alice Hewitt entertained a party of young friends at a dinner party at 7 o'clock at her borne in MIddletown. (Jards was the amusement of the evening after dinner, and the party was a very pleasant one. Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 Fiasa st Jefferson Davis, a fisherman who bas been living on Baylies Island, died yesterday afternoon with ityphoid pneumonia. His wife and two sons came down from Grafton to take charge of tbe body and have it shipped back to Grafton. Tbe annual snpper for tbe benefit of the Library will be given on Friday, Dec. 2d, from 5:30 until 8 p. m. Contractor Ryan was obliged to stop work today on the Ridge street paving by tbe cold weather. Only 300 feet of paving remains to be done on that street and then the paving of the first blocks of the streets from Henry to Alby will be begun. Go to M. Bloritz's for your winter headwear. The largest stock and a test styles. Tbe home of Dr. A. K. de Blois in Upper Alton was entered by a burglar Thursday night who was frightened away [before be could take anything, In his burry to leave, the burglar lost his hat which he left in tbe house. The hat is being kept and may assist in leading to the identity of the thief being established. It was discovered today by Olty Engineer Swift that the Mississippi Valley Railway Oo. had not secured enough signers to its petition for the franchise which was gaanted last Tuesday, aud it was necessary for tbe promoters to secure more. Mr. Meh- llng and Mr. Lowe went to work, this afternoon to get tbe signatures. Gun and lock repairing done by Hubbel.—Jarrett building, e. 2nd st. Tbe case of tbe city of Alton vs. Alex Wegener, came up this afternoon in tbe police conrt. A change of venue to 'Squire Few was taken and at 3 o'clock the trial was {under way. A number of Aldermen and oity ofllolals of tbe Brenbolt administration were present to testify that Mr. Wegener had permission to quarry on the street. About one month ago Ooroner Bailey held an inquest over the body of a man found floating in the river near Venice. On the body was a certificate of orgln. showing him to be a native of Switzerland, Jacques Nicolas Due. The mau was about fifty years of age. Ooroner Bailey thinks Duo may be a prominent person and bas notified tho Swiss Minister Plenipotentiary at Washington of the facts in tbe case. The newtrafllo arrangement whereby the Alton bridge route is used for the east-bound and west-bound freights of tbe Burlington Is proving a great success and tbe arrangement will be permanent this tlmo. lly talc- ing the Alton route,uovoral hours time Is saved In making the through run from East St. Louis to Hannibal. Pour long freight trains dally are run over the bridge, two each way. CURTIS WAS NOT THERE. His Nerve failed Him at the Last Minute and He forsook His Bride-Elect. A Curtis E. llayca IH a bravo young man, but ho has periods of cowardice when even the charms of bin bride- elect can not instill him with that courage be needs but is absolutely powerless lo muster. He enlisted with tbe Alton Naval Mllltla boys to tight his country's battlBB, and he w»s prepared ,to face a thousand gatllng gunp on tho field of battle, but he draws the lino on getting married. That la worse than facing Hpanlsb bullets, because It lasts longer. Curtis came back from the war a short, time ago, and among others who welcomed him home was ble sweetheart, Miss Annie Oonlon, of 1014 Union street, If he was admired before he had became a hero In her sight then, as be wore his natty blue uniform and told sea tales. Curtis was brave then, so be proposed and in natural sequence was accepted an the to-be husband of his fair young lady. Then Curtis' nerve forsook him. He was to have been married at 9 o'clock today in St. Patrick's church bat, when tho hour came, Curtis did not. The bride waited, dressed iu her ''wedding finery, but as th'e hours rolled on.nbe gave up'hope and went to bunt him. She visited bis accustomed haunts down town but Curtis bad not been at any of them since yesterday. At last accounts Curtis bad not put in bia appearance and tbe wedding was indefinitely portponod. WHO DON'T WANT A WARM BED? 10-4 Blanket weighs 2^ Ibs, Grey, Tan or White, per pair, 11-4 " " 3 " u « good value" " 12-4 " extra heavy " " or White, " " 10-4 Wool Blanket, White or Red, very good, " «• 11-4 Fine Wool Blanket, extra heavy, best in town, " 11=4 and 12-4 White Australian Wool Blanket, very fine, indeed, per pair, $6.50, $7.50 and 8.87 50c 75c $1.00 3.50 5,00 HOME-HADE COMFORTS. Well made, of good goods, each $1.35, $1.62 or 2.25 A Cold Swim. A common looking old milch cow, that looked no different from any otlior old cow, distinguished herself this morning by swimming the river from the Eagle Packet OO.'B wharf boat to the other shore. She was being driven on the boat by the deck hands whose hnrry to have the old creature stowed away in the stock pens excited the cow and she made a mad dash for liberty. She rushed straight for one of her tormentors and he jumped aside, fine taking a leap into the river from the unguarded lower deck. Tho water must have been fearfully cold but old Sukey did not mind it a bit. She bravely struck ont for Missouri and landed on Bayless Island below tbe bridge. The Spread Eagle landed for her and with all her wild western spirit gone she quietly submitted to being taken on the boat and locked up in the pen. The Alton. The rumors of the sale to the Pittsburg, Kansas City & Gulf, and the consolidation of the Alton with several lines, are still rife. It is more than likely that the road will change bands by January 1, either by sale or consolidation, giving a through east and west line. The Alton's business has been circumscribed for many years. In its territory new competi; tors have sprung up, which have to a greater or Jess degree curtailed its earning powers. The proposition now is to gain fresh territory, and having connections leading from Eastern At-' lantic seaports through the central west to the southwest. PIERSON & D. G Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," §4.00. ALTON ROLLEB Miu/nra Co. The Eagle Packet Co. had as guests today Congressman Jett, Judge Farmer, of Hillsboro, several prominent lawyers from there and a number of prominent Democrats of Alton for a trip to St. Louis to inspect the river channel. Congressman Jett has been asked to use his influence in Congress to secure legislation that will tend toward the improvement of tbe channel and tbe protection of tbe Illinois banks from further ravages of the Missouri. Mr. Jett and his party arrived in town this morning early and were given breakfast on the Spread Eagle. They went to St. Louis and will return this evening, being the guests of the Eagle Packet Oo. in St. Louie all day. Friends of the Library are cordially invited to spend the evening at the Library, Friday evening, Dec. 2d. Dorsey i'uei Oo. have left Belle street and are now located at 314 Plasa street. Give them a call. Every reader of tnis paper should see the sewing machine advertisement of Hapgood Plow Co. in this issue. It will interest you. fifth Street raving Investigation. Tbe committee appointed by tb Mayor to investigate the charges o property owners on Fifth street tha the contractor, D. Ryan, WB.S not as ing tho contract amount of concret and was uping a poor quality of brio! in tbe paving, made an investigation on Thanksgiving day and found tba tbe charges were not altogether un founded. The committee had hole dug in the paving at six places an the depth of concrete was measured The quality of brick also was note andjJata obtained Dy tbe commit tee for a. report to tho City Council Mr. Ryan, the contractor, was seen today and he admitted that the com mittce had. found in some places the concrete was too thin, but be claimei not to know this of his own persona knowledge. Mr. Ryan thinks tha the committee could not make a fail investigation after the paving ii down and thinks the objectors ahoulc have been present when the work was b3ing done and kept watch. Tba Street Commissioner and City Engi neer are paid to keep close supervision of tbe contractor and any dereliction on the part of the latter shoulc be blamed on the two officials named It iu charged that many of the brick are broken and many defective. Mr. F. Volbracht today stated that the greatest depth of concrete found in any of the six boles was 4J£ inches and the least, two inches. Tbe contract calls for six inches. Mr. Qeo. T. Davis was elected chairman of the in vestigating committee. Buy "LaBelle" The best, $4.00. Banner Bargain Month of Fashionable Fall and Winter Woolens. Thoso arc price values panltlvely without n precedent. SUITS TO ORDER. $16 oo to $20.00. This Inoludt.'S all our flno Fnnojr Woi-nlods, Chovlota, Scolc'li and Ouaaltnori'fl, In Olioi'ka, Plaids and Blrlpos. Black and Blue Worsteds, Suits to Order $20.00 tO $28.00. Tliono Inrludc all our flno Imported and Do- mumlu woolens no lino im *:£. Wo ar« heavily ovnr loadoJ wllli a biff Mot* of Kail and Winter Woolens and wo muat reduce Bloc'k lo ralsu money before Jun. Itt 1 ne lime tu buy In now. Everything lit coal. Call und bo convinced. L 0. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 221 Piasa st. The BOYS should be kept warm. Take time and come and see what a nice line of Boys Suits and Overcoats We can show you. We have them in ages ; to 15 years, and all kind of prices. H. M. SeHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. River News. The river will be closed in a few days should the cold weather continue. The weather is so cold that ice will be floating in the river In a few days. Passenger business bai dropped off completely, while freight business is atill very good. The mighty Mississippi has gone on another tear. Her action now is as unaccountable ae though she was a little mountain stream and not the staid old father of waters who has been so conservative in its practice of following customs and precedents. It began to rise Thursday night and rose until Friday morning when it came to a stand. Then it began to rise again last night and still is coming up. The total rise since the _cold weather set iu is 1 2 feet, but the last 12 hours tbe rise has been slow and is probably at an end. A rise in the river during a cold snap is something unusual and is probably due to a sudden rise in the Illinois. Above Orafton the Mississippi is falling. Trading Stamps. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers.—Dorsej Fuel Oo. Try the Best, "LaBelle," «4.00. Dr. A. 0. Barr, dentist, 113 W, 3d st In a Blizzard. Baud Scbweppe, son of Mr. H. M. Scbweppe of this city, is engaged in the telephone business in Minnesota. Ilnud writes bis parents that he has had the powers of a northern blizzard fully demonstrated to him. He said he had frequently road and heard of blizzards, but to be in one was quite another matter. Hand came out of (be unequal contest with both ears frozen, not being aware of it until he reached his rooms. Tbe Doctor comforted him by telling him that bis oars would be in condition to stand another set-to with a blizzard in about two years. Hand will ba home to spend the holidays, and in tho meantime tbe TKMCouu'ii advises him to get a tlrst class pair of ear muffs to ward off tho "blows" of old Boreas. Special Notice. Ladles, the only place iu the city where yon can be taught up to date dressmaking is at the parlors of Mds. Brownwell & Olemm, 1020 East Second street. Also ladles' tailoring is done at reasonable price. All work guaranteed. Passed a forged Check. A stranger today swindled Mi 1 . John Kruse, of Hurtman & Co., by passing upon him a forgou check bearing the name of A. H. \Vuttrker. The check was for 8-1 aud was payable to Jas. Bush or bearer. Tbe signature purporting to bo Mr. Wuorker's was a glaring fraud, tho name being mis- Hpolltid. Tlia stranger ordered $11,86 worth of corn and oats to be sent to a stublo on Front street, which could not bo found Hejreoeived from Mr. Kruse 89 05 lu cash and loft tbo store, «luco wliioli tlmo lie has not beoti seen, Whun the check was presented at the bank it was pronounced a fraud and Mr. Kruse at once notified the police. COB). Hard or soft coal at E. J. Lookyer a office at quarries. Telephone 1084 PAUL BROS. Prescription Pharmacy. Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Glass and Oil, Sponges, Cbamiog, Toilet Articles. Pine Toilet Soaps. Henry Lv^/- and Second Sts. Religious Notes. The Thanksgiving anniversary of the Cherry street Baptist Chapel. Morning Sunday school with home department was an Interesting occasion. About a hundred were present and all enjoyed the occasion. Tbe concluding event was a substantial supper and each boy and girl was sent home with a nice box of nuts and candy. The gospel meetings at the Twelfth street 0. P. church will continue another week. Tne stereopticon views wilt present the history of the early church. Tomorrow night the views will illustrate the tragic end of Christ in the crucifixion. Meetings each afternoon at the close of school for the children. Over one hundred children have given their testimony at these meetings of their being .Christians or purpose to bo. At tbe German Evangelical church tomorrow the pastor will preach on 'The New Covenant" in tbe morning and on "The Holy Spirit" In the even- ng. Both services will .be conducted in the German language. Notice of Removal On and after Nov. 14 my office will be in the "Laura" (Postoffloe) bulking, where I hope to see my old patrons and as many new ones as may desire my services. G. A. MCMILLEN, Dentist. Lindlay & Dickinson, .Dentists, Nls- bett bldg., opp. City Building. ' A Handsome Memorial. Chief of Police Kubn was presented with a handsome testimonial last ivenlng as a mark of respect of his coordinates on the police force. The >olloe conspired to present to him a ;old shield bearing bis name and his ank as Sheriff of Madison county and be date, 1893. Tbe shield is two ta- bes long and one inch wide, made if solid gold and suitably ornamented with engraving. By reqnst of the onors the Mayor made the presenta- lon speech last evening after all the ay and night men were gathered in be police station at 6 o'clock. The Chief of Police was «mch surprised iut responded with a short speech of .cceptance. The badge is to be worn iy the new Sheriff as an insignia of fflce and will be something of which o be proud, coming as it does as a estimonialof esteem. We Don't ©are To spring any Good Cheer Once a Year, or Chestnut on yon But we Would be Glad to have every one to see our Holiday Stock of WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, CHINA, STATIONERY AND FANCY GOODS. to Per Cent Discount on all CASH sales from $5.00 and over, up to Dec. 10th. This is to help our sales before the rush of the last two weeks come. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranber- ies and celery just received at Stanon & Yeakel's, 2nd and Market. STAR COURSE. lat Open for Redpath Company Monday Morning. The plat for reserved seats for tbe iedpath Company will be opened londay morning at 8 o'clock at the \8eoclulion rooms. This will be the trongest concert company that has ver visited our city and no one can fiord to miss it. If you have not soured seats do so Monday morning. 'ou can not afford to miss such ar- ats as compose this company: Helen Jucklev. soprano; Wm. H. Hieger, enor; Mary Louise Olury, contralto; Irthur Beresford, bans; Adolph Kos- ntjHoker, violinixt; Hugo Frey. ao- ompanlst. Season tickets, 81; reserved seats, 16,20, 25o. Remember the plat Is open at H o'clock next Monday morning. Have your gun smithing and lock repairing done at the old river stand of 13. Dorsett. A full line of repairs will be found there at all times. Good work guaranteed.--W. D. Fluent. Card of Thanks. We desire to extend our thanks to our friends and neighbors and especially to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wayman, for their ktaduoas In the sickness and death of our little daughter Pearl. MH. AND MKH. JAH, EVKHTT. New Postmaster. Senator ..Oullom has notified Do). Brenkolt that Walter P. Binney has been appointed Postmaster at Binney, a now post oflloo near Staunton, lu this county. Afl Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands who think themselves ill, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that tbe system simply needs cleansing, Is to bring comfort homo to tholr hearts, as a costive condition Is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only, and sold by all druggists. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. TH©S GOODIE, Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations. No. 26 West Second st. ;- ' - Telephone DO YOU KNOW|It BECK WITH' Genuine Round Oak? Ii Is the most famous stove on earth I It will burn any kind of fuel! It gives more beatl It takes less fuell It holds fire longer! It will last more years! It Is more cleanly! It gives better satisfaction! It Is tbe most popular! It bas the greatest sale of any heating stove ever made! A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp.IBelte FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER You will delicacies: find everything in table Fine table^Apples, Oranges', Cal. Grapes, Raisins, ^S Currants, Spices, Figs, Nu|s, Olives, Oysters, *«" Celeiy, Cranberries, Jyijfe Meat, Sweet ..Cider;,' ;., Pumpkins and Hiibbard Squashes. J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Phone 187 »• -i Look at These Prices W CJraulte Stew Pans " Bread " " Dippers " Pudding Pans " Buckets .......... W Tea Spoons, a sot ......... uf Table Spoons, a set ........ Wf OilOloth, per yard ........ W Tea Oups aud Sauoers,a Luuoli Boxes 10^ Lunoh Baskets .10^ a pieces Tea Set %>/* Tbroud, 3 spools for 10/1 7 pieces Berry Set nf Lamps ,,,.".., 6t> Embroidery Sllk/2 skelos/B^ Stamped dollies for, If A nice line ot Fancy Skltii, Also a Large and Complete Line of TOYS, all this Year's Stock. > H. A. BETZ,650E.2dst

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