The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 18, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1927
Page 2
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Jtrondat, Fi 10:30 8:0f 7M 10 •.-.iH .4:3( 8:0( Thnrsda^ 7:3(1 16:3( 8:0( Friday, 7:3 {J 10:3 (J 4:30 S:OC .1 Tuesj SU 1 ;imot br I ijf IkJf o |>ol Chircb. Badelii Giace churcli, QHanuU>, : -there 1 e in kf-Nlct 'xVopi ih« nieeUui; of the feljurcl xchoal "at _ 10:00 )*cloi ;k Umijay r. rirnliig In SL ..Tljuoth:- cliujrcli. t la hoped toe me nbers of Rti fTlmt ffiy church : will flid It ^ofls Uli>,to intend many ,of the 8erv ces uiul cdnferenres of the criaadc. i - ' JThe d^tu led pr )gra n of llie CruHodi wi 1 he ad follaws: Snndaj, Fel. 20 4 i 7:31 a. ii—II^JS Cohnmunlon. 10:30 a. ii.—Morjilng prayer and "je^rinoh l)y Bishop ! Ipp^e. u:0(^ p. jn.—^^iiJig P-ople's Fel- l>W!hjp. . 8:00 p. >I>S!llon Service and f^nnon by Rev. C. } I Snow len. h.21-j in—t ply Communion. ^n.-r-C pnferen ce on Bible t rk-ading and study. |m.4-iVIIsiiloii pervice and B ;rmon. Tnesdalr, FJeIv:2S m.—Kol^ Ccjmniunion. n.—Cmfereiie on Pers jnal E angelisbi. hi.—Cliiidren s .service. burelb' Iwlll i»aduct 7:3Q. p. m., ^n.^Mlsfelon Service and s irmon. 7i3i a. in.—Holy- -Cc mmunion. 10:3( a. 1 u. —C )n]'e,rei le on \Von atiB Auxiliary; S:Oif p. i^.r-.Mission pervice and ae •mon, eh. '2t~j' a. rh.—Hiiljf Cc mmunion. a. u).—C 0 li f e ; • e n c e oil P 'a.i^er and Devoli inal L te. p. n|.—M s.sjon Service and sqimon. Feb.! a. m a., n p. a !>• n| lay 1 clal dayiof.'VHit-o litre.sp [«i and Mnti re pnrlghc ern KiflKnH day. Ut u!i lunlty bironl The R . Rcv^ fhe BMhop ( speaker andl raeBsage. 'lili< |- [Snowilen hii tical expert) pastiir. Th IDallas, TfXiia .—Hily'i Communion, ~ nf^renkn on Coin- Worlljllness. Is service. Service and hi ting ;i jldren .—M Bsl^n sermon, ati bji't'ii. ni ilatlvjcH; fiijm all tlie mlHH aro malUc. b( iTfce Chiirch (E. X. Montgdiiery. The |-e\ivai aei vices iwell attended duHiig frhere has l»een s vVu aild eight ai ditioiii 'to the church. These [meetings a 'iir r^jutinue all Inexl w/eek. 1 Sunday sepviopH aj? fo i finndjay s( hool tj- 9:. I Preaching at 11 ai m. ; Junior C. K.. at 2c 30 p. m. [ Senior C. K. at 3}3« ||>. m. i Preaching at 7::oj p; in. j Rev. ,Mr. Pree t nd wfife will be With-'iig oveij Sund: y, and will Have charge of tl^e sing hjg; You are riordial tend all ot -iciwri inu li xiM'cil'd on timl ual r ler. I com<« wi iuv. i: ligH i-itili lilin the prac- nce < fj ii rtiicccHSiiul li^itii -ciomH from IiIh oppor- frtwliiijeni. nlfl .Moore, a forceful h', a real iiiuncey 10. ifde a spe- memhers, fiouthoast- !of the Initi^d irredu-en iH Clrtst. Pastor.) have been be -week, onversions lowsf a. m. Liberty Vi B. < i3UD <lay NChool lo a. m., Mr< McDanlelH- 8u|jerlntendent. 01a88eH for all. The:Cttr !yle C. E. i^ieetlng bcglunlng at f er wlili-h the pastor will organ-, a C. lE. society, ! followed by >aching. Li't the people of Liby show their tppreclatlon of lis effort by. utteudlug. •N. ij.. VEZIE, Pastor. First if«thodi .«t Church. Sunday school 9:45 a. m;, Warn Tiicker, superintendent. , Morning: worship 11:00. Subject, {Pear and Love in Religion." Junior League 5 p. m., Mlss^ Ijorothy Freeman, superintendent. Intermediate '^League 5 p. in.. Jlliss Maude Stafford superlntcnd- e'n.t. . - . Senior Epworth League C:30 p. m. Interesting lessons and interesting meetings. Everting worship 7:30. Subject, ••The, New Heart." • If yoil do not attend'elsewiiere you are cordially invited to all the .services of this church. C. I. GOLDSMITH. Pastor. Trinllj: Methodist Ejtisropal Church I Sunday scliool begins at 9:45 a. ih., followed hy the morning wor- Hhip at 11. ' Junior Ep^^'nrth league 2:30. ! Epworth League 6:30,p. m. Evening worship 7:30. \ Mid-week services on Wednesday evening at 7:30. There are but two more Sundays |rcmaining' in the conference year; |l.^t us close the year in great vIct ttory. Everybody welcome at Trin- BAY^AM) IfMra. Floyd .McCorhiack) P<fl». IC—Earl McDonald of K|an- |RB8 City visited hia sUter, Mi Ulnbey and family Wedi] hay <if last week. 1 Quite a crow^ attended the Jliferle • Anderaou'a houueli |(C0drt (Uid farm tools ami albrk s'riday. ' AnderBoii'a expect to go o pillfornla. .viargarct (liubcy vUlted at Uc- 'o-i'n near KIncaid from \Vedi e.s- laj* until Sujiday. .Mrs. L. .0. Caldwell attenlled jiiliMHloiiary society which met vlth Um. Homer Fowler in .Moran Ifrl-, ^lay aiiern<ioii. , .Mrs. Dennis Iijaac, Bernice i\n\ IHviD. .Mrs. .MrtJormack and l|ois ir'ere Saturday afternoon visit, 1 L W:ilter Strong's near ..Moran. I,' Decker KhifJped u car of ca tie his own feeding, also hogs be ad bought for market, to Kanhas ('i"y ^Turd ^r night iir w;;;;;;^to• "ijr"'.lij-f«•!:."''''! .-^ee them sold. (;. L. Donald.son and family Ipont Sunday with friends at Cpia- qnte. L. r. Caidwell_aiid wife wen? to ^ ai AsKwriatf Bible .Studenltii K. P. Temple, Cor. \Vas|hington d West Streets. 10 a. m. Scripture study" f6r ajdult lid junior Bible students cpthpany. ^dult topjc: "The New Creatioil '^•edcstlnaled." Eph. 1:4-11. Junior opic: "Doliverance." 11 a. m. Jehovah audi Ills Works, Malm 10-J;24. S p. m. '^nellvoraiue. I WeilneHilay, H p. m. .Moiiroir Htj'cet Prayer. |at 428 East rrralse. anil these Pres »yter^« At the e even c ladles of tl e .Mis| will hold tlieir f ^ flervlce. Hbn. Chs spwk on ciiina. China some montlisi stude.nt of world a our people will Miaul tc Chulrch. locU hour the l^ipnary Society -auaual praise -F. Scott will ^r. S*ott visited agii ahd is a Ifljairs .Many of seip message. The of e .morning w'ijii go io help make. Jib their get for this! gent invitat everyone to : At 7:30 preach. churc Son ii hear t iJ. m. TWe Choi }lr. Ga numbdr rectlqn of de^ special Vices. .Sabbath slehool kli 10 Y. P. S. C: 'people are services and attending.' The mjwj- c at 6 welcoil larpet ladles Of the chuich b+ a friend will be dowjn and t|ie auditorium - Is renovated tractive tliar to sec it.; Sundav. A 111 C] 11 i^ evcnfcg ni Flrhti thorch of ( Suniiay sc^iool Church at ".Mind. .»"Wedne.«day 8 o'clock. Services w edifice, icorn iBast streets over':iRara.saj|<, iv, 101East -Alladisoi la l.,The puhlic i l-attend the services and to vfsit Freje MMilodis (307 >{orth hear his ingi for the , th* ladles to npisirtonary bud- yeoT. An ur- ex tended to address. Itlje Ttastor will uh<ier the di- N'soij will ren- |30 p. lie to] will r+ctive eVer. ome liearty MATHlS, Sll bo k of Thel s Dr: leld jat church Sjycainore and reading room iOoods Store, jvehue.' open -wch week dky frohilj do .5 p. m cordially he red Sunday 3ch ?Jol 10 Gray, superintendejit, Revival 8e«fvl<;es day, conducted by ler. . !. . .iServlces every night at tinning dll next week, to hear Iclear, gospel come. y iuA^iled to af- leiPVicKs." at! both ser- a. m. and |ni. Young all benefit by ircseiited to the tfHilmony |Herylce. lilllle text; "1 will plant i Ihiim iijioii ilielr land, and jhey HhalJ no mur|rt {te pulled Aiuosj9:lfi. K. W. HO 'n .EMANl Hec'y. FlrKl A4 .V. K. (liufili. (Lincoln and Hlickeyi- HIh.) SuiUlay. scliool 9:3ti a. m., claHS 10:40'a^. in. I'.Sernipn 11 a. ni. jA. C.i E. Ltjague C:30 p. m. Sermon 7:4ji; p. m. Board meet ng .Monday night. Cherry plt» social aud r lesday nigl t given by District !)tewanls.' A so teachers ,meeting it| parsonage Tuesday night. .Missionary meeting Wednesday &:30 p. m. at the home of .Mrs. Bell M'oHeh. \ ! Prayer meeting Wednesday light. i jPastor's iCid meets at fhe home >lj .Mrs. Johnson Thur.sday night. Friday night a given by nistee helpers. C. A. JACKSO.V.i Pi Soni Rev HadI EVENING. FEIEtRUARt 18. 19 THE ARTIST. mountain i mist etlmes when slips in WItit Hoft gray brbsh, laiid sjinpli- ries'-i Pallets out the harjih d^all And rests our eye Wh<n drifting up It nestles back of I think how gracldusly she came, Unkliiowing that she blotteil out The! petty harsh details We [talked about; how she led v And tood out clear Our I own words and kind .Against the back inind. —Doris Bingham lin the Fonim. he distant tilope; every r^dg<•, allng many hjils where one seemed to gliiumer in the sun. 1 LMr It.^ I tilt <lf th| ni .Ktj "ise.| to FIdfllls ClaW b. J; H.; Sofwerhy i and Mn; $ to the heights ai^sas City Tuesday to v thel Mrs. Clarence given by Sir Harry iJaUr South Walnut stijeet. loted Scotch entertaijier^ i Valentine party noou in honor of on,day of her daught bnd ' „ T^e guests wer). fliends. also lo attend one of Iro ^rams ! the noted fie>" »vill be gone several day.s Will Frame carried the mail le Bayard route Wednesday hurcday. ; ' ^ ,Mrn. Clwiiince Tninble and pon erlyn are both on the sickjlls esent. .Mj.sK Orpha Lunceford and Is <;hvc a very nice Februavy ji am .Monday afternoon, arid ioyed their valentine lioxl. fdlltjwins: little folks spent Mbn- isltji.hes Birthday Pi at pu- ro- Iso •lu Tha.ver. .Mary.Jaie Thayef. Kathryn Cox. Marilyn line .McBee, Heleh Lois Daniels,. Uosaiiiond Eleanor .MuntKs. |idiy vlsUing school: Louise Del: k- e4. Pauline JIutton. Louise Dennis, Mplvin Isaac and Cilbert Oillhijrii. jS -yeral patrons and friends wj'ill ttv'hear the program. .Mrs. Dunlap and .Mrs. AlcCor- mjack attended W. ('. T. I.', iii.-^ti- tite at I-aHa;pe Wednesday iiftcr- ni on. 'In thi? evening Floyd .\jc- CtrniHck and family. .Miss Lviniie- fni-d and .Mildred Dunlap iieard the a< dress given, by .Mrs. Sibbctt.s at til" 1-ilIurpe H. church. rouiiiy Agent lloy, Cwin will gi -e a proKriiin of iiictures a iil ta ks of inlert'st to fiirmers a^id tl< Ir families at ilie BayaVd hill F(b. •J:-1: rile junior diib will fbe or latii/eil at this lime. Several! of th • licv!' hiivi;,i piii'i'haseil tlifeir ves lor the rliib Work, 'lit- Kariii lliireiiii cliili will n Fe 1. 21 svilh .Mrs. (Irani Dli klulmn I'm the :^iwlti« lesson.' Y. IT. Sniilh has blli.s. out fuL . Feb. 2.-. after whi^h he iliil .Mis. Smith will I'oi I'll [•astor. Chnroh oi the .Va^arene.- (Corner .and JNepsho). Hegular .servicejj beginiiinK with ^1 nday School at 9:45|a. m. The i^Kirnlng theme by the pastor' is rod's Financial Plan." junior .V. Y. P. S. at 4 p. m. The ior Sot'iety meets at C:30 p. m. t night, the preaching '' service, 1 be precedjul by a i-ousfng song' f^eh'ice led bjfjthe choir. The pa.s- tloi- will speak on the subj<|ct "Jeu[i Is Coming." 1 itev. Will H. Nerry and w|fe will llejjin a I revival meeting on March to continue over three Sundays. 1 ey are very, successful clvangel- ikts. having traveled in nearly ev- «r' stale in the Tnion, where they ave conducted meetings !during th • past twenty years. Yeju will jr'atly enjoy their preachinR and f|li|Klnp. Plan tp hear them. and v^ill hi more at- I ? will want |to clijurch next welciime to all. linLstcr. [Scientist. a. m. Subject, betings at Jnvited to of the churdi diSig Church. jroom. ilri a. rou^hout the Cvjaniellst Mll- If The Baptist T<;mp |e. • Are you interested ijn revolution? The ;i hear Dr.. Sowerhy on Sunday evening when he will Ijlnlah his dia- otmslon. of "The Divine Inuge of idemhers of the Rrotheihood and JJOircas classes are iirged to attend tlie Sunday School | session. The contest Is bea Brotherhood ring fihe|.re!< class the leaid 'so far. Member^ classes ixre urged to fny Ibers iutd the classes. to! win. ohly 9ne can. and I the race l8;*o nedrly ehual thiat|iit ihistime po one c^ forecast; tlje finner. I i 7:30 con- you want hiessages. ni., Aniia e weal lore Ivi .Mrs. M. I 'eii. -IT. Certiiitily are enjoying. : ^r. and .\li>-. Tlarold M Su iday diimergiiesl.s of Pa 'lied uiiil cienn'. :\l>-. and -\1rM. Frank S clii dreii visited lasi Wii nilii?, Willi .Mr. ,:iiid .\ llal^Ii. ' ifi--'. Taylor. Uicliur<t and .Mart spent i-'riday with '.Mr. n gat Mrtf. Hill) Diiii'.-aii. •.\| old En in Wo \ sp .Mr.-^ Baiyiett returned to his work First ChrlsHan Chnroh. »r.-»arhing at 11 a. m. and 7:30 jnl; hy.the Pastor. J. E. Reynolds. >jlfrningi snhjeet: "The Record of eph." Evening topic: "The itong Mani Overcome." Special uslc by the c-hoir diredod by .Mr. |r^d Steele. Bible school at 9:30 ni.. led by Fraiiciti .Anderson. |!!<lstant ' Ruperiulejiilont. -.Senior 11 Intermediate Endeavor Soclo- |(>: mret at fi:30 p. m. Thp jun- r cougregation meets at 11' a. m.' Hoy Scouts :with Clifford Barber! In charge meet on .Monday gilt. Teacher; Training Class nJe^ts Wednesday at 7 p. ni. PraytA ting Wednesday, at. 7:4ri 'p; m. public is cordially invited to jt^nd all services .held at this ch. Sai IIMI • .\; c:i! We: \ visileil with .Mrs. .Martin Friifiiy afternoon. and' lMtk. Gus Wolfe ; aid speiii Wednesday evening .Mr. and -Mr.s. Chas. Wolfe, r.- and .Mrs. Frwl .Moore and jil .Spriimh. l»UI:i., .Siinclji'y e%]«'- r. and .Mrs.; Carrett Ta.sii^ie e.! Ill the .loe Kaafniaii hoiiii Inesilay afternoon, rs. WillHensoii and childr^-n Hensin So\a. wit V chiljdien spent Wednesday ; wi Fra .V .Mr.H usle ults. The i8iisl|ghtly In of the :te mem- Bith want Do del .sull llo4 HrlsLove >c a noselthat isn't shiny—men j-LeVerybody does. Your skin will iv|iys look like a iieach if you that new; wonderful French Pijohess Face; Powder called MELL( i -pLO. which slays on so long. Vtry pure— jjj -events large pore|3— kejps the sKJn voiing airtl beaati- fu . Cet MELLO-GLO todai— Cook's Drug ptoi"e. cold may be stopped in 24 holers, the fev^r checked, the-bowels ed. the ^ntire system i toned, way is HILL'.S—a way so effjr. cieht that we paid ll.OOO.OOO for it- it rely on lesser help, and don 't (Jelllie (|uick. complete re,r that HILL'S is briugrng in!I- awlilli.-. visit in 41 PRAIRIE CENTER Callfor re i:. Id Inday eie IS. Oi 'U Julia O'Flaherty, ijlarriett Hall and Harold Beck. jr. .Morrow were hostesses i^iembers of the Fidelia tU jS First Baptist chuijch yestwr- day iirternooii in the home of t le lormir. 2iri North Sycamore 'strei t. i I'lujns. were made to entertain t le iiietnl>ers |of the Dorcast class it the lAfXt meeting. A valentine e c- clmnjje aiid games were jthe divep- sions and the hostea'ses served ri It-eshiaents in which there w^ete vplenkine suggestions." Thdse ait the meeting *ere: Mm. Jlihn .Moody. Mrs. Ralpli Ladlni i, .Mrs. Ixiuise Wright, Mrs. Eusene Brimm and Billy; Mrs. Jttcksofa, Mrs. iHod^e. .Mrs. 'Walter Kin f. .Mts. jFauijt Fan's. .Mrs. Ira Ker- woodi Mr(i;, .Vathan Lerfler and Billyj .Mist. T. E. Shanahan and raizalieth, and -Miss Luclle Wa|:•> • • \«rtlliwest DIvtelon of First Christfan Chorrh | Mrp. Cary Shaffer was hosteks .esterday after- .veslei-day afternoon to [the meni- he eighth birth- bers ,of the Northwest Division jot r. Carter Smith. I Use I'irst Christian Ladles' Aid sp- cikty in her home.' 2i6 -North Walnut itreft. . j Qu Uing was the work. Eleven, mem I'er.s and one guest attended the meeting. Th- next meeting will be wikh .Mrs. LI. C. Littrell. 420 .Vorth Wal- '"1iui jtreet. i .> i 1 ' •:• •:• <» round of her y Smith, of gave a 41G St. Anna Ruth .McEwen. Ar- Daniels. Mary Phyllis Brauer. FOust. —Cake Sale Sajtiirilay, Feb. 19.' Clrclij \oj •» ourth Division Basket Sfbro. Presbyterian chnrch. • • <• Knierfaiii Cin-le No. ."> .Mrs. Chas. Tipple and h(r m er. airs. C, E. Wood, of Lincoln street, entertaii women 01 Circle .No. y afternoon. Devotionals wen by .Mrs. l^ra Fife and tjidl responses were ml.s<-ellaiiei tatlons. After the business tin was! turned into a (icorgi ington pari.v. The refre itoiislstod of saiiihvicin s, pie and cotfee. Favors we^ Colonial hats filled witl 1111111.1. The favors, were i >lr^^. .Mary Freiermuth. of 722 East Jackson avonne. -Mrs. Clliit- Hi'.U Ejnd .Sirs. Walter'.Maudlin weife hfv^teiises yesterday afternoon to mil- I the; inemberH of Circle 2 of the Geri!i!) East {eral Ladibs' Aid' of the Firaft ed : he ! MilllioHist; Episcopal church. li .stenlayf •MI'sj Beulah Funk led the dd* r. and .Mrs. Lee Wolfe and llUr- alleiide<l :< liirtliiluy su|iper !at lis l.a(ld's Wednesday eveiiilig ii;;iiir of Karl' Ladd and Harijld r. and .Mrs.*, U.ilph Bariieil 111 Saturday and Sunday wifli . .M. K. Hariieti and (ileim. .\ ik .Sievers and family, r. and .Mr«. Llo>d Waldro^ ami babkr visited Sunday with .Mr, and W.'ltor Waldron. Fted Hunt and Will Moreland spp 1* Tuesday and Wednpsriiiy Wil Ta.sche'.s. r. and .Mrs. Chas. Wolfe aijd chrijdren drove lo L.Twrence Su dav to visit her parents, .Mr.' aijd .Mr;^. l>ou Carl. Air. and .Mrs. Frank Sievers an chil Iren aftetided .i birthday dinner at J. Sievers's of lliiinboli|t !Sun lay in honor of ..Mr. .Sievers. id .Mrs, Tipple's TtlsiiT •. r> <' • Siieclill SuudH)^ IXiMKlr noon tiiid ewnluK. Kelle} iiolel IHulitg Room and Coffee Sbo|i. { • • • i Kiilerlulns Woiiiuu's .Surleijr Mrs. 1,'lareiice Lutz. of Ui' Si'Kind street, enlerlalii members of the Woman's fir SI. Timothy's Episcopal .veslerday afteninon. Kifli pie were pre.seut. ..Mrs. C. cent and the Rev. Thoiii Hill, rector, were guests. .Mrs, Vincent, who rep Si. 'I^Imothy'.s Woman's S( the re<'ent state diocesan lion at Christ Church C; Topeka. gave a lengthy an I'Stiiig report of the meeti fiiveried. Plans Wen- mailV food salo to he held Saturday, February 2C. The Keiiten nieei the !jii>eiefy will be held church vestry room, and i one will be Thursday af .March j 3. Refresh men is .served. • •> • i:iit*rlnlii (Irele No. 1 .Mrs. Dene Blllbe and .Mi<s. C. A. Held entertained the members Circle .No; 1 yesterday afteiinoon in the home of .Mrs. Billbe, 407 East .Madison avenue. A" comfort \tas quilled and refreshments, were served, i Twelve led vniioubls .1 .Mrs. Walter Maudllril call pi4fid|iit. presided over the baslf lis <|ijii»i "I'f^s meeting. Sixteen memtiei '•:i!iU i^n children were presem .Mr.s. ()mi <i Wilson aiid .Mrs. Ha* .MaX.soli were guesjs. During th social luiiir refreshments were served. , • • * ( iiVie; >o: K .Meets •f he member.", of Circle .No. 8 i f tii.i Kjr.-t Methodist Eidscopal Gei I Ladles' -Aid met yesterday wlih :Mi->:.Otto lllllbraiit, no.'; Pafk kneeling Wash- hineiits c'herry small heart lade hy Tiil.s<i, (iklii. .N'orlli •d till! Soiieiy church •ir peo- II. Viu- till7. eseiiled .iety .It •oiiveli- Ithedrali I lliler- iigs she for a iligs of ill llie le next ei'iHMin, Were ir • t. wiih Mrs. J, J. Heldebrnht ;!ii< II. r dai,| prt'Hiil si.(id the i an.-!' I Mr.-<. II. .Sm-ncer as the assi.'il- .L...I.......... « .ii^t. jitL members and four cuesis the meetin. The presid. I', fi. l..awyer. jiresided devotionals and bu.-iness. were at nt WHY HAVE A COLD? iliNaiur* H^YoaKmrnpFrmml 'is: secret of good health lies in a fi i ody. It's the system that's tim [ and weakened that catches cold easily. Eee > your stomach right, and let you' im look after itself. ' [Uin^ham's Plant Juice, toe pleas' ant lasting natural temedy, will niaK< youi stomach do its work properiy. Se> wfaa. Mr. James M. Peimcyker o Cooj ler Hospital, Camden, Ni J., sayi aboi ^ Dillingham's Plant Juioe: ' Vo yean^ago my appetite left me ly ^tom^wh was we^, and what I at4 ' repeat on me l^ouis after mea Gas'would bloat me so that 1 ^orced to loosen my clothing to . Mornings I wouljl get up ft nan tired than upon going to . e on my first bottle of PuntjJiBC* agreatde^betta. Today rneiv the least bit of bother iwith my EKh. When I BO to bed n6» I doii't r a thing untu I am called in the ing, and then I Just feel as bright lound as a brand-new dollar." a bright as a brand-nevr doDar"! I you^elf feeUng like that, and yon ficod to laugh at colda. int Juice contains notldng but. the i of herba and plants. i Ic your dnig^st for the orinnal i^uun'a Rant Juioe, for over tfiir^ I the safeguard of health. Dillin Li . Dillingham** Planr Juice ^ TONIC AM lER itjlesses. A covered dish dlb- ias serve I at noon and tliie ^vas spent in qnilting. The i-iw. .Mrs.I Fred .Menxie, pr|.- tiver a business meeting Jh rieriiiMin.| Fifteen membeitjs nofjiie.slii weri' present. ii <• •» •> i- Vortlifast niTl!<lon of j Firrjl pristian ( hsrcli i I Tlicj members of ,tlie Divlsiijm of the Ladles' Aid society "f tile .Firsts Christian church met Tliiirsjlay at the church and qullf|- ed. j IjMght women were present and! a' lunch was •s«»rved. An allh tUy^ lUi'etiiii; will be held next Thorsda.v. ,1 • [ •><•<- (il.v tiouiitry Club | <;i\es jl'alentine Party .1; A iiijw .social.organization calle^ 111- !< ily Country Club hast been furijieij by a group of families from hoilij llie country and city and meetji ill Mu Ihomes of the members. | Liist|niglit a Valentine party wa? held] ill the home of Mr. and Mra(, I'aiil ^ustard, who were the host and Ihdstess. !'fhe home was d^- iiratt'dlin hearts ahd the valentine s:i:;iiesiion was used in the refresh^ ..i.meiils.i An informal program wai .Mrs.iuiv-ji througiiout'the evening. Harj- iver ihe;v<y Hfjrr played violin solos.; Mis; .Iriv lliiiThberger played piano se J,tOOv|l SHOE^ F0|(| MEN The whole lone of Ihe hotlj (tepiinds on the comfort of th(|. feet. If ithey are fitted with shoe.s that aid and i)rornote the func- tion.s of the' fqot, then tHe Entire sy.stem .i.s invigorated., the health fet line.s, EsiiecJally moderately. \V(! have kii^h shoes with tui't'.s enhaiicd-d by smart jitie qii4lities priced Biles . Better Shbes For Lle^s Money • ; .i and the^ Rev. C. G. Ham Ca|rlyle and Mr. Chprle i e fihort talks. A playle ted by thei little Misse; Ise an* Betty BeiTilc Bustard,!daiighte: a of Mr. andjMrt L. S. BuMatrld. 'V Blentli|ea frotn at exchange were < istributed by El mer Mccarty, wjo.iicted as master. I 'Jnfbrma niriglug byi th entire gtonii was enjoyed. The giieatR wee: Mr. and i.Mrsl D. B. MoL 'ariy.Jii .McCarty. E^mei JficCartyJ Mi^. am Mrs. S. E. Kus i^ell, of Ciirl.yle; J> r. and .Mrs. (;htts, Funk, CIliis. jFunk. jr.. .Myron Fanlj and Riclard IFunl. Miss Joy Iier.-;li berger, Harv|ey Hefr. tiie Rev.jam Mrs. C. JG. Ham Ron. of carlyl. Mrs. L. S. Bustai 1 and daughters Mr. Jtobi^ Bustaril ami .Miss Liiell:^ Vamer. * • ClKle 3r u ; |V. I. Charrh The m< mbers o Circle No. 7 imef yesterdav afiemcon with Mrs. I. P. .Stover and Mri. Leila Robinson In thelr'ibm^ at |14 South Colborn street. Mrs. J. H. GearJpresident. was in] eharge ahd Mrs; W. H. Root, gen eral preifdeoit ai d Mrs. Ceoige Vosse conducted ' the devotimial period. [ tfrs. Ro it' gave an interesting r*port; of fhe year's work of the- ^eneiral society. Twelve inembers were i resent and :^Irs i). C. Mo^rowi of \ansas City. Mo. Mrs. Hbm^r Ten ill. ofj Lo.s. .\]nge lea, and JMrs. Hi race jliller were guests, ilrs. Geo ge V ^se. Mrs.' D. TL Symnues and 2 rs. Orin Long be- ew memb'rs. J ^> • Eiltir IfoM Talent Ine Dance Forty couples a tended the dane< I hoiiorj of St. V ilentine giveh by the liSk!^-lodge list night in iIk club roojps. .The masic was 'urnished by Miller's Roiral Synci pators of Humboldt- 1 All-Bar .f irrle ir« tiiur Circle jNo.S] of he Firs; .^I.'tho- dlst Kpisiopal chu -ch hi id r>n a!!day meeting yes erday in irho home of Mrs. C. E. Lock. 702 .Vqrtli Washingson avenn?, and . tacked two rohifnrts. A invered dish dinner was jgerved ja noon. Fifil-en meinbersi were at he nieeiing. 1 ; fm4 came I fbiMd or chest are mora easily t -aatwl s^itirnally with— 133 ^ndiodics a patct|ted featvijre that make; fast y/ashing sa/e. The vertical cievice whj is found a: ihc base of the agitator in most washers ot this jype is apt to teaij and wear clothing arid tiish buttons by grinding them between the two metal surfaces forming the- a-evice. This is'iiot ^jossiTjle in thfe Hiag Vorte (. A patente l;de-. aign (it camtot bjr had t'lji my other inac (ii )uf) emninates entirely this destjruqtive crack. Woe that reason the naag Vort x can viash f tit— 60 pounds pier hour— vdth perfect safeiy to clothing. 4 Every iWomanj appredaes the new |ict~al swinging! wringer on the yortex. You I it too. It has extra large r r . I rolls! ilike ; rallstic semi-soft pa The bearings ' are- made of wood whicilhas sbaked in t; They i equire no oil inatiiig all - c h ,a n cj streaked clot ilim- of us on .the I iHonc own K "ITHE RAOio S'i'^RE" 107 East Madishnj Calumet MrmG MAKING 26. Yedrs of\ Successful [ tjjvo lejavenii ig units- one I::|egin!s to worl when thel dough h oiixedt,the ot her \Vaiti fijr the heat of the bven, jhen lb pth units work itogetl] er* And that ale a As double valuei doiijle pro* taction against bak6' day fkillure ai id waste, -"--it' • ^ dip AkY OlTHER. ilerchankisik I EASIER tn $5.75 Value Beaut bound with. soisette ful Bedco plains, Rose and Whi :e||plaidsi fit any larire bed— 1 Iplaid blankets, extra \irge, Blue ahd White plaids; Black and Wh , Br(|\^Ti and Wh^e pla onal offering- thifi wee!k epctra wafrn, itle tio 'ds, size<= at

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