The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1966 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1966
Page 5
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MRS. L. W. Bennett, Mrs. Margaret Helmer and Mrs. Gertrude Cummings, Oelwein, were here recently to celebrate the birthday of their sister, Mrs. Frank Os- trutn. MR. AND MRS. Harley Hanson and Dennis left Tuesday for Sacramento, Calif, where they spend the winters. They have property there and occasionally Mr. Han-* son works, but comes back here tot the summers. The son Dennis has been dismissed from service after spending 13 months in Viet Nam. He intends to enter school. MRS. HAZEL Vera and Mrs. Elizabeth Post went to Mason City Monday where Mrs. Vera had her periodic check-up and they spent some time with Mr. and Mrs. Marion Burbank. They also stopped in Clear Lake to see Mr. and Mrs. Walter Post. MR. AND MRS. Lyle Reidinger and Ronnie attended the State Soil Conservation Association meeting in Des Molnes Friday. Sunday they went to Sibley to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. Al Doll. At Spencer, they met their son Randy Riedinger who had been at Lincoln, Neb. visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Peterson. MR. AND MRS. J. D. Burns went to Des Moines Monday where Mr. Burns entered Veterans hospital for his periodic check-up and minor surgery. Mrs. Burns will remain in Des Moines until his dismissal. MR. AND MRS. Tim O'Brien left Saturday for a visit of a few days with their sons-in-law and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thorpe and Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy and families. MR. AND MRS. Albert Olson have returned from Iowa City where they spent a few days with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Lindhorst. MRS. HAROLD Anderson came from Royal one day last week and took-.her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Peterson, to Mason City where Mr. Peterson consulted doctors. He has been ailing for some time. MRS. NELLIE Stenstoi m came from Minneapolis last week for a visit with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olson. MR. AND MRS. Elmer Phillips went to Estherville Monday to see the latter's niece, Mrs. James Gilford, in the hospital. She had undergone back surgery. MRS. GRADY Phillips went to Fairmont last week and brought home her daugher, Sandra, Mrs. Tom Zwiefel, and little son Jeff. They were joined here Saturday by Mr. Zwiefel who took them home Sunday, They also spent some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zwiefel. The Phillips' daughter Gayle was home for the weekend. She is a sophomore at Grinnel College. MR. AND MRS. Keith Stephens and family of Ayrshire were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. Stephen's mother and sister, Mrs. C. N.Robinson and Mildred, MR. AND MRS. Clarence Metzger, Sr. were at Coon Rapids Sunday, guests of the former's sister and family. MR. AND MRS. Paul Richardson went to Fort Dodge last week to visit the former's father, W. A, Richardson, who is in a nursing home. MRS. MARGARET Reid has been visited by her aunt, Mrs. Hattie Robinson of Fresno, Calif, She is a former Algerian but now her home with her daughter, Mrs. Thelma Wagner and husband. Mrs. Robinson was brought here from Des Moines by her son-in-law and daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Paul McConneU. MR. AND MRS. Jim Kolp entertained their couples bridge club Saturday evening. Mrs. Russ Buchanan and Ed Gilmore held the winning scores. g.iAA. WILL hold their monthly meeting at 6:30 this evening for dinner and a meeting which will follow. Mesdames Jack Henry and John Nauholz are in charge of the dinner. PR, AND MRS. Joseph Rooney spent last week in Omaha where the doctor attended the Midwest Clinic, MRS. MITCH Taylor entertained her bridge club last Friday. Visitors were Mesdames Ted Chrischllles, Dick Post and Warren Nelson. The winning score was held by Mrs. Taylor. MR. AND MRS. Don Hemmingsen spent a few days in Chicago recently where Mr. Hemmingsen attended a Culllgan meeting and Mrs. Hemmingsen visited her sister,. Mrs. H. E. Luoma of Arlington Heights, a suburb of Chicago. MR. AND MRS. Steve George and Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Harris spent last weekend In Minneapolis, returning home Sunday evening. MR. AND MRS. Harold Sundet will spend next weekend at Luther College in Decorah attending Parent's Weekend, Their daughter, Sharon, is a freshman and their son, Bruce, is a junior. MRS. DON Ferris entertained her sewing club Wednesday evening. MR. AND MRS. Russ Buchanan drove their son, Gregg, back to Grinnell College where he is a freshman. THE FALL Banquet of the Xi Xi and Zeta Xi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi was held at Charlie's Supper Club Tuesday evening. Secret sisters were revealed and new ones chosen. In Rituals that followed dinner, the Order of the Rose was bestowed upon Helen Haas and four new pledges were received into the Zeta Xi chapter. New members are Mesdames Jon Putman, Gary Everist, Lynn Kueck and Robert Bomgaars. Zeta Xi members received tickets for the sweater to be raffled at the Bazaar Dec. 3, and they will begin selling immediately. MR. AND MRS. G. W. Still- mand and Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Weber of Bancroft will go to Des Moines Saturday where they will attend a performance of .-/.'Heho Dolly". MRS. JOHN HOOD was visited this week by her mother, Mrs. Dale Auld of La Porte City, and her grandmother, Mrs. C. E. Darnielle of Bloomfield. MR. AND MRS. Gale Stockwell have been visited by their granddaughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Himebright, Minneapolis. MR. AND MRS. Gale Stockwell had as guest Sunday their daughter, Mrs. June Lassahn, Mason City. Mr. Stockwell had major surgery at Memorial Park hospital, a part of it for the removal of a kidney and a rib. Later he had further less severe surgery and is now home, but will be going back at intervals for check-ups. MRS. FRANK Ostrum was visited Sunday by her son Edward and wife of Sherburn, Minn. MR. AND MRS. Arthur Obrecht and Mr, and Mrs. H. F. Kaiser, Rolfe, spent Sunday at Dows with Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kaiser. Council Minutes I COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met Oct. 26, 1966 with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Cook and Miller, Absent! Pelrce. Minutes of last meeting were approved. Approved application submitted by James Walker to operate a taxicab in Algona, Eugene Faulstich request to erect a TV tower at 210 East Oak and 209 S. Main was granted subject to the approval of the Algona Municipal Utilities and the erection of the tower be in accordance with Zoning ord, requirements, George Lee, representing Herman M. Brown Co,, discussed with the Council on a End Loader that the council, has sent out bids for the NOV. 9, council meeting, Applications for beer permits from the Algona Bowling Lanes, Hood's Super Valu andSwanson's Stores, Inc. were granted. Applications for cigarette per* mits from Georgia's Cafe and Swanson's Stores, jnc, .were granted. Resol. approving the Beautification program for the City of Algona was adopted. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A, SMITH CITY CLERK GENERAL Finn, Salary 123.4S Smith, Salary 248.23 Sands, Salary 120,39 la. State Bank, Wholding. . .60.60 la. StateComm.Wholding...6.61 Algona Reminder, Supplies ........... .15.85 Kossuth Co. Treas., Fee 1140.00 Finn, Expenses 69.00 Int. Con. of Bldg., Misc. . ,7.50 Smith, Mileage 22.00 Koch Bros,, Supplies & PP 4.83 N' Western Bell Tel. Co. Services . .31.29 t)rs. Shey & Cotton, Dog Exp 19,00 STREET Burris, Salary , . , . ,174.29 Burtis, Salary 151.70 Frambach, Salary , , . . 154.06 Helmers, Salary 142.54 Lashbrook, salary 47.89 Pergande, Salary .... .192.06 Wibben, Salary 137.63 Sifert, Salary 147,91 la. State Bk, Wholding , . . 77.80 la. State Comm, Wholding.. 10.82 Algona Tree Sen, Tree Work 100.00 Chemco Co., Oe-Icer and Frt 139.96 Gambles, Supplies 18.95 N' Western Bell Tel. Co., Services 10.95 ROAD USE TAX P. & M. Stone Co. Inc., Mat. & Labor .....'.. .234.23 Everds Bros. Inc., Rock Chips 5,518.55 Brown Supply Co., Supplies & Frt 136.11 Kossuth Motor Co., Service & Parts 16.66 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary . . . .238.43 Bulten, Salary 175,49 Day, Salary 153,06 Hutchison, Salary .... .173.77 Jorgenson, Salary 187.30 Thompson, Salary .... .136.51 Elbert, Salary 47.90 Volgt, Salary 163.02 Willey, Salary 15.00 Life Inv. Ins. Co. of Amer., Ins 8.01 la. State Bk., Wholding . . 150.10 la. State Comm., Wholding . '.16.32 Trust & Agency, Pension.. 14.23 Gambles, Battery 16,61 George's Body Shop, Repairs 99.25 KLGA, Adver .15.00 Kossuth Motor Co., Service 12.61 •.-.N 1 Western Bell Tel. Co., '-:> r-: .' Service . V . . : .' 25.00 Finn's Bakery, Misc. . . . 29.57 SANITATION Gade, Salary 93.15 Courtney, Salary 103.38 la. State Bk, Wholding . . .1.00 Triangle Chem. Products, Supplies ......... .74.45 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary . . . .150.84 Lemkee, Salary .... .213.06 la. State Bk., Wholding . . 18.70 la. State Comm., Wholding..3.76 N' Western Bell Tel. Co., Service .11.85 RECREATION Boldridge, Salary ..... 139.50 la. State Bank, Wholding. . .10.10 la. State Comm., Wholding. .2.09 N' Western Bell Tel. Co., Services v. 4.25 Everds Bros. Inc., Resurfacing 450.00 Wallace and Holland, Services 672.34 DEBT SERVICE la. Des Moines Nat. Bk., Bonds •. . ,9,000.00 Dav. Bk. & Trust Co., Interest 349.00 City State Bk,, Interest. .217,50 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 197,73 Nauholz, Salary ...... .45.60 la, State Bk., Wholding , . 27,70 la. State Comm., Wholding.,3,12 Trust and Agency, Pension. .2.34 Algona Reminder, Printing 15.85 MOTHER ,., or Grandmother UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona. Municipal Utilities was held at the Algona Hotel, Algona, la,, Oct. 17, 1666 at 12:01 o' clock p.m. Present were: Buchanan, Harmes, T. James, Supt. & Ira Kohl, Sec. Absent was: Bay The minutes of the meeting of Oct. 3, 1666, were read and approved. Motion by Buchanan, seconded by Harmes, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye", Buchanan & Harmes. Voting "Nay", none. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND Iowa State Bank, Inv ,$25,000,00 Sec. State Bank, Inv, .$25,000.00 Postmaster, Supp 371.50 Iowa Emp. Sec, Comm., Tax , . 1,146.58 Iowa Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys., Tax 851.22 Postmaster 1 , Postage .... 78.64 Pay Roll, Pay Roll . . .2,568.96 Milton 0. Bilyeau, Labor 277.01" Wilbur E. Bruner, Labor 204.39 Brian Rlke, Labor 214.42 Charles Volk, Labor . . . 176.95 David Van Ginkel, Labor 135.33 Gary P. Sapoff. Labor . . . 70.48 Sinclair Ref. Co., Diesel Fuel 47.60 Jay E. Williams, Supp . . .48.23 Bohannon Ins., Ins 5.00 KLGA Radio, Adv 44.85 Ira Kohl, Exp. . 34.36 Ins. Fund, Ins. 140.20 Buell & Winter Eng. Co., Ser 543.75 Dubuque Bank & Trust Co. & Jay E. Williams, On Contract 8,594.21 WATER FUND Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax 286.06 Iowa Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys., I.P.E.R.S. Tax 203.52 Pay Roll, Pay Roll . . . 479.07 Walter Peterson, Labor 249.85 Maurice Krebsbach, Labor 198.03 John Wood, Labor .... 143.02 State Hyg. Lab., Ser.,, . . . 6.00 North Cen,Pub. Ser. Co., Gas 13.38 T. James Palmer, Exp. . . .132.90 Ins. Fund, Ins. . .35.05 DEPOSIT FUND ''..'< J. G. Schubbe et al, ,,•; Refund .50.00 "• -V' ••' ...-•• . r. , "'.,,, k- fr '•'• :':•»».• .-..,•,' ».'•.'"..-."• -.'•,> i 'A--.: ,| SOC. SEC. & INS. FUND Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax 1,432.64 Iowa Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys., Tax 1,054.73 Life Inv. Ins. Co., Ins. . . 308.45 The salary of Gary Sapoff was set at $1.75 per Hr, A resolution was approved and adopted, accepting the high vol- tage line constructed by Jay E. Williams, Electrical Contractor, Dubuque, la., and approving payment thereof. An agreement was approved and accepted, between Armstead, Gerhardt it Associates, Inc. of Independence, la. and the Board of Trustees, for removing and installing certain street lights. Next meeting date .was set for Nov. 1, 1966, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. Ira Kohl Secretary Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board LEGAL NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NOTICE OF FILING OF NOMINATION PAPERS FOR DIRECTORS OF ARE A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OFFICIALLY DESIGNATED AS MERGED AREA (EDUCATION) THREE (III). TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: WHEREAS, on the twenty-fifth (25) day of October, 1966, the final approval of merged Area (Education) in, State of Iowa, was given by the County Boards of Education of Emmet, Clay, Dickinson, Kossuth, and Palo Alto Counties, State of Iowa, and WHEREAS, on the twenty- eighth (28) day of October, 1966, the State Board of Public Instruction, State of Iowa, did direct the County Superintendent of Emmet County, Iowa, to call and conduct a special election to choose the members of the initial governing board of the Area Community College officially designated as Merged Area (Education) m. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a special election in the Area Community College officially designated as" Merged Area (Education) III, State of Iowa, will be held in each affected local school district within said Area Community College, officially designated as Merged Area (Education) in on the twenty-ninth (29) day of December, 1966. The total number of directors to be elected is seven (7), one director to be elected from each director district by the voters of said director district. The director districts are comprised of the following local school districts. DISTRICT I —Ringsted Community School, Emmet County School System; Titonka. Consolidated School, Kossuth County School System; Swea City Community School, Kossuth County School System; Bancroft Independent School, Kossuth County School System; Sentral Community School, Kossuth County School System; Ledyard Community School, Kossuth County School System; Lakota Consolidated School, Kossuth County School System; Grant Consolidated School, Kossuth County School System; Greenwood Township School, Kossuth County School System; Ramsey Rural Independent School, Kossuth County School System. DISTRICT H— Estherville Community School, Emmet County School System; Lincoln Central Community School, E mmet County School System; Armstrong Community School, Emmet County School System; DISTRICT m—Harris-Lake Park Community School, Dickinson County School System;Spirit Lake Community School, Dickinson County School System; Arnolds Park Consolidated School, Dickinson County School System; Mllford Community School, Dickinson County School System; Terrll Community School, Dickinson County School System. DISTRICT IV— Spencer Community School, Clay County School System; Everly Community School, Clay County School System; Meadow Langdon Township School, Clay County School System. DISTRICT V— Clay Central Community School, Clay County School System; Sioux Valley Community School, Clay County School System; South Clay Community School, Clay County School System; RuthvenConsoli- dated School, Palo Alto County School System; Ayrshire Consolidated School, Palo Alto County School System; Mallard Community School, Palo Alto County School System. DISTRICT VI — Emmetsburg Community School, Palo Alto County School System; Graet- tlnger Community School, Palo Alto County School System ; West Bend Community School, Palo Alto County School System. DISTRICT VII —Algona Community School, Kossuth County School System; LuVerne Community School, Kossuth County School System; Hurt Community School, Kossuth County School System. Nomination papers may be secured from the office of the County Superintendent of Schools at Estherville, Iowa, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Spencer, Iowa, Emmetsburg, Iowa, or Algona, Iowa. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED THAT a legal notice of said election shall be adequately given by each local school district within said area in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 277, Code of Iowa, 1962 as amended. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN' THAT nomination papers must be filed in the office of the Emmet County Superintendent of Schools, Estherville, Iowa, not earlier than forty-five days nor later than 25 days prior to said election on December twenty- ninth (29), 1966. Zell Berryhill Emmet County Superintendent of Schools (86) thursHoy, Nov. 10, 1966 {|a , Upptr UKQOLP . , 4HIHG with the lr« Y. .. . HITHJIOHB I'blrthstoM . of children ... PW»'» husband and wife ' "'. . , . or jrandchildren ORDER EARLY I WILTGEN JEWELERS ALGONA and influence your teacher with neat, legible papers. Do your homework the better way on a Smith-Corona* portable from OFFICE SUPPLY DEPT. UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. ALGONA So and try THE SMITH-CORONA* SUPER STERLING" A clpsilt diilgn; a ruggid JpitdsUr . fint travtling compgntgn,,, This Is the basic Smith-Corona portable. It has the same all steel wrap-around frame as the deluxe Smith-Coronas. The same full 88 character office-size keyboard. The same sophisticated design and precision engineering inside and out! Designed and priced for personal use—at home, In school or on the road. You get a lot of typewriter for your money in a Super Sterling. Try it tod ay I THE IOWA STATE BANK AND The SECURITY STATE BANK WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY, NOV. 11th In Obtirvince Of VETERAN'S DAY - REMEMBER - Regular Banking Hours Will Prevail Saturdays Prom 9 a.m.—12 Noon Monday—Friday 9 a.m.—3 p.m. S ^ We've hooked up f with Oliver for better plowing" They're doing it in droves all over the great midwestern bread basket. The new Oliver No. 565 and No. 566 semi-mounted plows are catching on rapidly. America's most productive farmers fi are turning to these plows for a variety 2 of reasons . . . cleaner scouring/ easjer § pulling, no plugging, non-stop operation « - and, THEY WORK BEHIND ANY TYPE OF I TRACTOR! The following Kossuth farmers are now using the new OLIVER NO. 565 SEMI-MOUNTED PLOW: Many of your friendu and neighbors or* among tham, Wa'll giva you a hint at who they are and how thay daalt to gat this outstanding naw plow. \ • Rodger W, (bought a new plow outright), Sylvester J ; B. (outright), Joe B. (traded an older Oliver), Bob W. > ; ; (A-C), Joe T. (older Oliver), Herman B. (J.O.), William j ,) J. H. (traded both a MM and IHC), Merle D. (older j '} Oliver), Lloyd B. (J.D.), Jim S. (older Oliver), Roicoe l M., Jr. (J.D.), Richard T. (J.D.), Art D. (J.D.), Charl.i j D. (J.D.), Ralph K. (older Oliver), Tom A. (MM), Walter j P. (IHC), Vic and Kenneth G. (A-C), Gerald <J. <A,C), J and Ernest W. (older Oliver). j SEE US ABOUT JOINING THIS LIST OF PROGRESSIVE KOSSUTH COUNTY FARMERS. JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Algona

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