Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 29, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 2
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Established In 1914 3=7 '1hz OldlmM NATION A L EDITORIAL 61 ^gQ |AS§KQT^N In F.'iye Outside Tiic Leon Thu as .= ('('0 S3.00 Per Ycnr $3.30 Per Year Subscription Rates tf ;ind Adjoining Counties 1 rnyctle and Adjoining Counlies cider is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa,.and distributed rsrhiy mornirm. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette. Iown nd class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher "The trouble with being a good sport is you have to lose to prove it." Editorial Comments - - - This Is Free Enterprise Tin- A Therv ssoeiation of American Physicians and ecentiv spon :i red an essay contest for • 1 students on the subject' "What Is priseThe winner of the $1,000 first ller -i -hel Mills, a 17-year-old student r. Anaeiton. Texas. His opening para- i- "The States! monument I have '«> t'r* >• t -ntei pr:.-e is the modern Am- O.'i a single shelf may be ituier fifteen different labels, «.f thu-v l .ibel- proclaiming its product be.>: made. Fifteen manufacturers. . to >.->nv:r .ci- '.he pub!;.- that only he -•<.- grovr. peas capable of satisfying his is fr-.e enterprise." •: usiy. a great :v»::e to free en- .-iiserrr.arket or anv other kind l r. 3 of enterprise. But young Hcrschel Mills did pick a fust-class example. The retail store, whether it deals in food or clothes or variety gauds or appliances cr anything else, is the showcase of the American system. That system demands the most intense kind of competition, b:th on the part of the producers whose wares are displayed and uii the pari of the stores themselves. A manufacturer may [Hit out a bad product, claim the world frr it, and survive for a time — but it will be a short tune. A store may be derelict in its advertising and its standards of courtesy and service, and it too will survive for a time — but it will be a short time. Consumers reward the producers and distributors who serve them best. And that is one big reason why our living standards are the highest on earth. Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben give ikes courage or that the report on Savings Bond d cow" sales in Iowa was in the column adjoining "Creek Bottom Comments" last week. We note that lowans invested S71.617.299 in these bonds the first five months kick, the satisfaction is r.en we firmly think we ntially right. We pre- was SOT by haphazard of '61. The REAL reason for this drive to sell bonds is seldom mentioned. In fact, it is not considered "nice" to mention the TRUTH, but we firmly think SOMEBODY should. The Savings Bond sales propaganda is cleverly and highly phrased. We quote . . . "paying tribute to these volunteers for their contribution to the preservation of a sound national economy." Dare we ask, WHAT SOUND NATIONAL ECONOMY? ? ? The Federal debt is well over $290 billions. An as tronumical sum beyond the comprehension of those of us willing to forgo some silly TV show to TRY to comprehend it. Our Federal Government will go into the "red" several billions again this year. WHY? Because a lot of little men in BIG positions feel they are endowed to j.vur every dollar of "allocation", they get their two little hands on, down some rat-hole or rther, whether we the people get any REAL national defense from it or not. Another reason is that a Congressman's "first duty is U > get re-elected". Time has long since proved that appropriations get more votes than enough taxes to cover the appropriations. Also too many people want to go ahead with their go-karts, speed boats, and all the other ways iof working harder on the week-end than they would ever work on the work days. The thought of enough taxes to pay the Federal and State "aid" appropriations would be REVOLTING. The sale of "Savings Bonds" MUST remain high to keep this hypocritical economy going, and postpone the eventual day of reckoning. There are TWO ways of paying off a Government Bond that is due. One way would be to collect enough Federal tax to really and truly PAY it. Another way is to sell enough new bonds to pay fbr the mature bonds, and also the interest. Politicians can make more people happy that way. Bankers do NOT approve of patrons bornow- ing money to pay off their note, plus the interest. But bankers and retired bankers approve of the Government doing the exact same thing, to" the degree that they win plaques and citations for helping with the bamboozlement. This is perplexing indeed to a little old hrg farmer. Chattin' With Stoney TRY LEADER WANT ADS FOR SURPRISING RESULTS It appears that we pushed the panic button on our Creek Bottom columnist last week when a savings bond story was unintentionally placed next to his column. It was dione in the heat of the press day rush, and not for any special reason. This story was a routine news release on the amount invested in savings bonds by county residents. However, another story in the same issue stated that the county banks, F. B. Claxton and the Leader were honored for their parts in promoting the savings bond program. And our columnist takes issue with these stories this week. In part we will agree with him. The sale of savings bonds is not going to solve the national debt . . . we doubt if there is a solution for that. And, it probably is simply postponing the day of reckoning . . . when that will be we wish we knew. We do, however, feel that it is a good place for persons to save money with a very good rate of interest. And, those who buy bonds always seem to get their money back when they, need it . . . and probably always will, unless there is a grand rush of bond holders cashing in their savings. We don't, however, feel that it is a good thing for a bank to have a great amount of money tied up in savings bonds. Sure, it draws three and one-half per cent interest for the bank . . . but a few well-placed speculative loans would draw five, six or seven per cent. We feel that a bank should have Its money available to assist residents of the community who want to get ahead but are unable to save the amount needed to start. A. bank is one of the back-bones of a community, and can either help make it a progressive community or keep it in the same rut it has been in for years. If a bank was investing its money in the future of the town, then we would definitely urge residents to put their money in savings accounts instead of savings bonds. The newspaper's part in the program is relatively small. We simply publicize the program and give credit where wo feel it is due. But, everyone has his right to an opinion. Our columnist has his . . . we have ours. The only difference between us and the majority of the people is that we aren't smart enought to keep our opinions to ourselves . . . we have to put them in writing. — a — Gasoline service stations are the only ones who ever benefit when the fire whistle blows. Nearly every street in town sounds like the Hollywood Freeway as thrill seekers tear around in their cars trying to locate the fire. And, when it's a false Fayette Leader Pago 5 June 29, 1961 Fayette, Iowa alarm, they have to go that much faster and look that much harder. A rural fire recently, that the Fayette fire department was called to, also drew a lot of attention. There were so many spectators trying to get there that some of the firemen couldn't find the fire on account of the dust. Luckily, it wasn't ser- ioiis. So, those who aren't connected with the fire department, or intending to help in some way should at least wait until the firemen have a chance to get there before they start to clutter up the road. To hold recital Students of Mrs. Russell Swartz will hold a piano recital Sunday evening, July 2, at 8 p. m. at the First Methodist church. Included in the recital will be piano solos, piano duets, and organ and piano duets. Following the recital will be an informal reception in the Broad noom of the church. The public is cordially invited. LUCY'S GARDEN OF EATEN Sunday Menu Dinners Served From 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. TOMATO or ORANGE JUICE FRIED CHICKEN BAKED HAM CHICKEN FRIED STEAK WHIPPED POTATOES JELLO SALAD GREEN BEANS HOT DINNER ROLLS COFFEE ICE TEA MILK DESSERTS Graham Cracker Pie Apple Pie Chocolate Fudge Cake PLATE DINNER $l«o $1 50 1 Year Subscription To The Fayette Leader mi OR One Year Renewal PLUS 400 S & H Green Stamps ONLY $2.00 HHBiraiausafl!^ uamiffiiiHOBUHnniiiiniuiud No Purchase Necessary HiumsiiHmfflHMiHUffliimimuwBra^^ JUST FILL IN THE COUPON IN THIS AD! i New Subscribers In Fayette County Will Receive the Fayette Leader Absolutely F R E E For One Whole Year. Present Subscribers In Fayette County May Renew Their Subscription For, One Whole Year For Only $2.00, And Receive A Bonus Of 4 0 0 S&H GREEN STAMPS Absolutely Free. Only One Year Renewals Will Be Accepted. COMPLIMENTS OF BILL'S SUPER VALU Get Your Name On The Fayette Leader Subscription List And Receive All The Local And County News Each Week Along With Our Grocery Ad. Fill In The Coupon And Bring It To Our Store Before July 1. ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION FAYETTE LEADER Name Address - Rural Route. I -S *SSd»t f • I Am Not A Subscriber — 1 Year Subscription Free. • " I Am A Subscriber — 1 Year Subscription Pluo 400 Stamps —$2 Date Deposited _ .— Coupons Must Be Deposited In Our Store Before July 1

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