Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 29, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
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Need more girls in Fayette Summer recreation events ha, m the- summer roc- majority of the girls who attend "" for Fayette girls arc the younger girls. More of according to »ht older age group are needed nr u MaxKn ' ^-creation direct- in order to play softball and oth- 01. However, she would like to er such games encourage more girls of all ages In the arts and crafts prof-ram, to take advantage of the pro- wh'ch is held on Tuesday and ... Thursday afternoons, the young- Maxson stated that the sters have made papier mache ==tVi--._ animals, and have done spatter painting and finger painting. _ . i»^ f In thc coming weeks Miss Projected program of Maxson plans to have the young- 'ascs for plants, and . of Hist. & , TVs Moines, 13, I'he Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Volume 47 Number Thursday, June 29, 1961, Faye-tte, Iowa «J/J *..,,» 000 TWO Education and action After hearing several addresses A)1 girls in the Fay t-lie vicinity on the dangers of Communism, arc urged to attend the summer the North Iowa Methodist Confer- playground on Monday, Wcdnes- ence approved a projected pro- day and Friday afternoons and gram of education and action dur- tne arts and crafts sessions on ing the annual meeting June 18 - Tuesday and Thursday aftcr- 22 in Souix City. noons at the high school play- The conference also heard that ground. membership had increased and total giving had decreased — both by slight amounts — and voted to join southern Iowa in an intensive Bible study program for this The educational program about VlCtorieS tO Communism is expected to include a workshop for some 1,200 The Fayette Cardinals added key local leaders across the state two more wins to their string this fall or winter. Three other over the week-end, defeating phases will then be put into ar- Sumncr 1G-5 on Friday and In- tion once the study conference is depcndonce 9-4 on Monday. completed. Jim Timmerman was the- win- The Bible study is intended to ning hurler for the Cardinals in reach potential future leaders in the game at Sumner, giving up each local church and will be con- only five hits. ducted under the leadership of Don Timmerman and Bob Hub- Bishop F. Gerald Ensley. bell led the- hitting with three Membership in local Methodist hits each. Doug Fay singled and churches in northern Iowa in- doubled in three- times at the creased by 996 to 152,600. Total plate, and has an amazing hit- giving surpassed the S7.8 million ting average of .900. In 10 trips to dollar mark, a. decrease of about the plate this season, he has cnl- $300,000 from a year ago. k-cted nine hits. In other actions, the conference ; approved a four-year program of Oelberg reunion held evangelism and joined southern The 26th Iowa Methodists in asking for an union was , end to all patterns of racial seg- at the Lima church willl an at _ regation within the church. tendance of 39 The conference voted to hold its 1962 session in Mt. Vernon. Six Pages This Issue John Hoimeyer to head Lions club coming year Now officers of the Fayette president; Eugene Wilbur, third Lions dub wire installed at the vice president' " i'1'Kiilar mci-ting, Monday night, secretary and George Capell, treasurer; John , • "• 3 -i. h iii. .-.tuicuii-y ana treasurer: John )>' Lion 7.,,n, ; ohairman. Richard Fay. tail-twister; Maurice Stone- Drew, of Dcwi-ah. The dinner man, Lion tamer. Directors are: mooting was held at Lucy's Gar- Han Id Earle ll( '» °I KntVn. muth. Dr. H. i' Lions club president for the rest Claxton. lining y^ar is John Hcfmeyer, who will succeed Forrest Clax- toM. Other officers include: E X. Millings, first Donald Vandcrsi Directors are: Eldred Dumer- and For- second vice Luge crowd attends River Rider trail ride 1'ii'ge i'i»;wil attended t i;;vi.-r Rulers trail lh " '' Kb "' 1S the Prior to the installation cere- money, Mr. Drew spoke to the group on the benefits and activities of the Lions club. He encouraged the local members to participate in the Lions eye bank project, and also pointed out that Lions clubs can do a lot toward world peace. Following the installation, a ride cancer film was shown by Mrs, ,-. , , ,„ ,„, iirm ' Harry Ran Jail, chairman of the iVJ " i iH *', J LI Ml' 1 U 1 nt-M'l* WC?TO i-.i-.v than 100 horses and riders. ° aneCr dr:ve in thc town of Fav - A .';out 17f) people- attended the otte - and Mrs ' R° S S Meskell of picnic dinner at the Holman Oclwcin, county memorial chair- ''•'J-' 1 "- man for the society. Towns represented were: Wa- TV.« »,<»„* .-„ »• t n_ i i JOHN HOFMEYEH. nowly elected president of the Fayo.to Licna club, is shown abovo .hakinc, < lc " a - Dikt - Waverly, Cedar Falls, .„ " , mcetl "S of thc clu *> hands wilh the installing officer, Richard Drews of tl •• Dccon-h Lions club. Looking on at the left In Ot; lw«-'m. Fayette, Hawkeye, wl " Dc a 7 a - m ' breakfast meet- !6th annual Oelbcrg re- the picture is Donald Vandersce, second vice presidsr.t, and at the right is George Capell secretary and Ji >u''*ville. New Hai-tford, Sum- in U at the Coffee Nook, Monday, asj'cld Sunday, June 25 treasurer of the club. New officers were installed ?t Iho regular Lions club meeting Monday night "''''• I'rwU-ricksburg. Martin holsteins granted Exclusive naming system Those in attendance- were, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Oelberg, Mr. and Mrs, Charles Oelbcrg and family of Scotts Grove; Harda Oelberg and family, Lansing; Mr. and Mrs. "W 8 "? Chris Oelberg and family of El- Game of season .... f . News and ad deadline Midgets win fourth changed next 2 weeks Assign Rev. Walcott All news and ads for next week's issue of thc Fayelte Leader must be in the office by S p. m. Monday, due to Tuesday being Tom Toman's midget baseball the fourth of July and a national Ha/leton, Readlyn, Waucomn, July 10. On Monday, July 24, Shell Rock, the meeting will be a picnic at To Methodist church The The Rev. Jerald Walcott i, Minn. Saddle club members are toward the projector, and than 1,000 points on the p. m. team is on the move, winning holiday. The Leeder office will Clinton lias been appointed be closed all day Tuesday. inoru ,,f pn ject, Sunday. t, serve as pastor of the First Moth- Holstein cattle bred by A. W. ... .,„„,« 1V . ........... - ..... - • Martin, Jr., of Fayette, will ma; Mr " and Mrs ' Paul Oelbc W, their fourth game in a row over henceforth begin with the. word of West Union Mrs George Oel- Maynard, Monday, 14-10. News and ads ior the follow- odist church in Favctte for the Marl anoV'. berg and son of Washington, D.C.; The Midgets displayed their ing week's paper, which will be coming year re-nlacinu Kov Exclusive use of this prefix James Leptet, of Waukon; Mrs. best hitting of thc season, with published on Thursday. July 13. Paul Huscber ' who has been as' JutlK ' m '- l "' of and shcc P- wt;re Rose Marie Lad 3680914, owned 4-H judging work - out Fitting and showing, as svell as - Friesian association of America has announced the completion of an outstanding official production record by a registered Holstein cow this area — Spies Carnation , . . a uscer wo as een as , name has been granted by the fl nne ? l °,P khu ^ of West U T n; four cxtra base hits ' incll 'ding a must also be in enrly so that the signed to the Methodist church dlscll f tl(1 ; " ul demonstrated for by M. J. Lein and Son, Mayn- Holstein - Friesian association of Mr ' and Mrs> Norrnan Amundson pair of home runs and six runs publisher and his family may in Ode-bolt members at a 4-H judg- ard. The cow produced 14,685 ' '" ......... ' ...... " ' ' ..... " America. It will become a a " d t?™}? °L p <«tville; Mr. and batted in by Rollic Stoneman. lake a vacation. All news and "'^7'Walcott has been servinu I 1 ?*' Y°''' ; " ul permanent part of the official Mrs. Walt ^ Tu ™er and Elmore, Tom Schmidl ancl Tom Butters ads for this edition must be in two small parishes in the Clinton H;iwh( '- vo breed records ' " ' " Mrc wninh iin.i^ortcnn ....... and Mrs' S2l DiVken^n Cach had triplcs ' O3UrUin 6 for «» <>««• *>Y * P. m., Thursday, area. He- and Mrs. Walcott and family Mr and SrT Pete f °" r '' UnS betWCCn them ' ™Y 6. The Leader will be print- their three children, Jimmy 0, Oelberg, all of Fayette. " Winning his fourth gam^m a ed eai ^ blll W irrb6 maHed out **" ,. Ann 4 und io & 2 * wil1 lnt>Vl; * row, Tom Butters hurled a better ... to the- parsonage iri Fnyctte' on dairymen are currently using „ „ , ., . game than the score indicates. on the re 9 ular publication day. Kriday, June 30. similarly distinctive prefixes in l-Mmell tamily reunion T he next game for the M ; dg _ The Leader office will be open Uev. and Mrs. Iluscher were at the organiza- headquarters in Brattlebbro, Vermont. More than 30,000 Holstein dairymen are currently days of on twice naming their home-bred cattle. The Cannell reunion was held ets will be on Monday, July 3, afternoons only from Monday, honored with a farewell .supper The total is growing at the rate Sunday, June 25, at the Maynard at Randalia. July 1" through Friday. July 14, in the church basement Wednes- To meet on July 6 of 1,500 annually. Park. "~ J : ~ * u " : ~~ "-*— J — -'•- - ' ' ' ' - ' Since the average Holstein Those attending the picnic Kunkle reunion held breeder derives 15 per cent of were: Vaylord and Forrest Can- his income from sales of regis- nell of Sumner; Mrs. Maude The 30th annual Kunkle re- Mr. and Mrs. Delmar T oc ' and in the morning Saturday, day night by members . f the July 15. Regular office hours congregation. They will move ' J ''"' '^'l!' 0 " -''ml auxiliary will will be resumed on Monday, July this week to their new parsonage- "«-ct next Thursday, July G, at 17 - '" Ode-bolt. « p. m . in the Legion hall. at Klock's Island with 60 in alien- Farm Bureau legislative committee submits report Editor's Note: The following based on the- actual facts. FOH Then- were orobablv _* j.1 CAAl- f* ._! »_ T:«»_^ A »* T-X* T~I .. * J tered breeding stock, the plan, Stewart, which literally "trademarks" Stewart of West Union; Mr. and " l ^ iul -"- B "'""" *"" lw each animal throughout its life- Mrs. Louie Sorge of Fayette; Mr. £?"" ^i,,, „ «,u Qt r h „,. ,£_ ». „„*» «*** £3$s&£S&^>££. £££*£?*?& Also factors in the trend are ta Kirchoff of Des Moines; Stan- r °' • _ the steady growth of association ly Kirchoff of Marshalltown; Mr. Thc oldest present was John summary of the 59th General As- EXAMPLE: business and the resulting need and Mrs. Paul Bassett and family Kunkle, B3, of Hazelton, and the sembly was submitted by the 1. tor further mechanizing registry of Cedar Rapids. youngest, thc 5 months old Jenni- Fayotte county Farm Bureau leg- ed dm procedures. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Cannell fri; y Rickett of Waterloo. islalive committee. The commit- alive to the problems i>f cities and family of Fairbank; Mr. and The families of Oarrell, Delbcrt lee expressed Iheir appreciation and towns than for any oilier Mrs. David Wells and family, and Donald Strceter, Bud Kunkle to Senator George Scott and Rep- classification except appropriu- Mr. and Mrs. Charles McBride and Mrs. Harry Randall and resentative Maurice Baringor for lion bills and legali/ing acts. recently in the pounds of milk John Morf butterfat in 365 __„_ Kussell Hughc-s provided the daily milking as a six-year-old. in;; classes. i owa state university super- similar wurkuut on swine vised the weighing and testing ami r'.-j•(•>• '.v,' JS hi Id June 28 at of production as a part of the Metxgc-r's buying station in EI» official herd testing programs of the national Holstein organization. These programs provide continuing lactation and lifetime production records on every cow- in more- than 2,800 parti registered Holstein herds. A gin. MPI „-,. ,.,,,, . - fcwcr haulers from outside the state, • M , iLt " . ... :i«nculturfil bill* considered this as well as cream haulers, to be Ihere- were- more bills pass- sessrn than in any recent Gen- licensed by the secretary of ae- uring the recent session re-I eral Assembly. There were on- ri.-iiliiii-,. nnri fn in»i,,rfn nh.«- iy lii ibly. bills passed To be at court house theD ?° c l a ! and family, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Frank we-re those in attendance their fine support the past year. a Following are- major le-gis- in WP" Sor ? e and familv a11 of Randalia. from Fayette. The 59th General Assembly ad- Jative accomplishments that will and family rjf It was planned thai the 19G2 re- j ou rned on Saturday, May 0. The- benefit primarily city interests: union be he-Id at the _samc park Assembly was in session lib days a. He-apportionment — the- re-up- rr - .^^ ?£ l be ln T 6 , St Vivian Hubbell Union at the Court House on July Mjlur , ar J 5, 11, 18, and 25 from 10 a. m. to Mavnara 12:00 noon, according to Earl T. A , ... j . .. Johnson, District Manager. Admitted to practice The representative will assist John Hofmeyer, of the Und that the S8me °" iCL ' rS Hof- waterioo eretar Waterlo °- &ecrctaty persons who wish to file applica- meyer and Anthony law firm in tions for federal old-age, survi- Fayette, has been admitted to M/.II- \jj i . . vors insurance benefits, original practice before the United States Willing worKers 10 meei and duplicate social security ac- treasury department, count number cards and employ- qualified to practice er identification numbers. Per- Internal Revenue Service sons who prefer may call in roam No attorney is allowed 702 of the Black Hawk Building, tice before the various U. S. gov- In case of bad weather the pic which was the longest session of portionment bill that passed will thc Iowa Legislature in recent give populous count irx complete history. But, the 59th General working control of one house. Assembly did pass some major This will be- a distinct advantage legislation dealing with highly to the large cities, controversial issues. These in- |, Senatorial re-districting — for brce-ding purposes and, ulfo, hoars sold within the state. Two very important turul bills failed to be enacted. Congressional districts en a population basi iu<6 oi tne OIUCK. nuwit ouiiamg, uce oezore ine various u. o. gov- 1/1 case 01 uau weuinei me pie— _,.,..• „ , • , "'""w-" 1 >-•• " ^"jv^..^.^.. .«..,.., ,„,,;,.,. imnm-i'mr-n .irnu »h« i->; W. 4th & Commercial Sts. The tel- ernment agencies without first nic will be postponed until the ™distnctinB;_ 7. changes m road that wiu rt . su , t in morc t ffective ' ; J'» im P° ' t '' n " < r ii ^ !l £*™ ephone number is ADams 4-1554. being admitted. following Sunday. fund allocations. representation for the large cities « '"' >« f ^^'f" " pei '" " * ! 1 There was a total of 1.2C3 bills immediately. inR lo lll . m L °-opoiatives. Fai —' ~ - - '-"• - 1 ; " th - -~— •— ; " ' introduced in the recent session c _ Road fund — cities and of the Legislature — 546 of these t owns benefited by more than a were Senate bills and 717 were 50 pur cent increase -. .... in road House bills. Of these, 186 Sen- funds foi . c j ly streets. Their al- ate bills were- enacted into law Ration of road funds was in- J'.'" f" "]'•':„ as were " )u "•»••••- u:n« on*;,, . . , u) luncuori made passed both houses uuu we-ru a vo ,. y g en crous increase d. Central purchasing of sup were on- riculturc and to include cheese most of /.-ickries among uiose meeting them lie-mg of minor importance. an ,.perating license. (Farmers Om- important bill de-alt with hauling their own milk to town MIIIW control over imported .should be- exempted.) swine, mostly feeder pigs, inV: In addition to the above agri- tl»- stale - particularly from the ^ 11 »™1 l ^ 1Is tliat P« s sed the 59th , ....... , .,', Cie-neral Assembly, there were d.sc nsi- .standpoint Anotnor bill othw . bills that were rted e..,-,clc< presides for bruccllos- t hat Farm Bureau was for and SW111L ' ""Ported , uppol .; c d. These included: U.K. 112 — To make it manda- • t •• lor ^ ^ OI ^ nc s ' a ' e ^ ax Q^mmission . a Jl!.!?. U j ^° L-qualize assessments between various classes of property and between counties. The Iowa Legislature over the has served Iowa well. The TI .K K'ii General Assembly has reflected lhe other bil> ^ gene ,. al attitude of the majority of citizens in this state " and cities and towns have prog- Q *^ ressed and been able to function well within the framework of n ine aowa the , aws of the state The economy and stat- be especially cognizant of cit- needs and has given special ills were- enacted into law l ocnlion O f road funds was in- ' n c ion mo-7efficient vun 1CS needs Und has glve " Speclal ,re 168 House bills. This creusl!d froin appn3 ximatcly £.,.' "d "" business Drocedures" attention tl5 most of their P rob ' a total of 354 bills that < >iL , hl .„ 13 „... ccn r This was dt ' l S b .... "!i"l" f/ OCe ^- leS ; lems. and were , .... .. _, Pitts for cities — a bill The 354 bils that passed were authorizinB cities «nd (lA >>'-ie.l.summary of some of The , dt s t • the U bills that passed this ses- to d el this image of selfish- .n of the Legislature pertain- „,.„„ „„ ;i» „„_» ..r 1 !„„;„ ion ness on part of rural legis- passed in , ; , t,. llK i'iculture is as follows: ,„,„... anfi a i p t ,i s i n » 1 ,,.p towns to - " ,,. F . 2 - To provide that, of C e rnd r OV e wi Ui to classified under 30 classifications, establish revolving funds for the four members to be appoint- teint<1 ol e WIUing t0 There- were 15 classifications that ccn tral purchasing of .supplies. , c l to the state soil conservation had more- than 10 bills passed 0- increase salaries for certain commission by the- Governor to ""^ i'nmiendos pertaining to these classifica- pUD ] it . employees— three diffe-i- i,, im .s starting next July 1, two 'nnutnaob. tions. These major classifica- cnt bills were passed which in- will have four-year terms and tions include: creased salaries as follows: two will have six-year terms, Appropriations, 46; legalizing (1) To i ncrc ase pay of munici- thereby establishing a schedule ucts, 43; cities and towns, 25; tax- pal court judges from SB,500 to f or so me appointment to the ation. 20; code revision, 18; coun- $10,000 a year. commission each two years. ty offices, 15; social security, 15; (2) To incrc aae salary of May- H.F. 584 — To prohibit entry conservation, 14; elections, 14; or in Davenport from $H,500 to i n |,. Iowa of swine- for breeding schools, 13; agriculture. 13; bank- S10 , 00 0 a year. purposes unless certified free of ,, ing, 12; state offices, 12; courts, ( £, T o increase the pay of brucellosis; to prohibit sale of beeves ,: * 4Q o ? » \ f ''9« 12; highways, 10. grand jury clcrka in ojunties of boars for breeding purposes un- f/Jf, W,l» » beet heifers, ?M7Z There were 15 other classifi- 75 000 [ 0 120 ,000 population from less certified free of brucellosis; ldmbs and . $3 ; 370 f ° r home ' * co ' cations of bills that had less than pr ' esent §3,500 a year to $4,000, to provide penalty of $100 to nomlcs P^Jects such as clothing. 10 bills passed pertaining to g raduated U p to counties with S l,000 or up to one year in jail each classification. more than 150,000 population f or violations. er city problems has been unfair and vicious in their insinuations $22,373 in prizes for 4-H at state fair Iowa 4-H club members will compote for $27,373 in cash prizes at the Iowa Civil War Centennial Aug. 25-Sept.a will be A century ag.3 f . ore n , . and girls of The large city press has been (Polk) from §5,500 to $8,000. Il.F. 022 - To require that all he e ' u : ly Clv i| ™™ " a - 5. om ^ ted f . There were 20 other bills swin e imported into Iow a for for pmeB _ offered by the Iowa Agricultural society pres- • t thtate '*"• then at quite effective in creating an /_ There were 20 other bills swine imported into Iowa „ n » .» w »»«. HBTTMIV «T<~u.»« .i.i. i . image of the Iowa Legislature as pertaining to cities and towns breeding and feeding be accom- WINNERS IN LAST FRIDAY NIGHTS talent show In Payeite are pictured above. The three a rural dominated body that t h a t were enacted in this recent pa ,,ied by a health certificate . „.. „.. . . girl, at the left in the picture originally were a fouriotne from the Marian Schati dance studio in West considers only farm problems sesa - loll i n addition, there were issued by a qualified veterinar- Io ^ av . C !^ y - Th»s was a new feature Union, but one olrl got cold andwa. taken home b»iore the picture could b« taken. ..The three dancer, and only agriculture has any anot her seven legalizing acts ian ; and to require that imported wh ! c ^ """" " jU the right in the picture are Marva Jo IngeU, Sieve Sleek and Ann Alderion, aiyi o* Fayette. All of consideration in the Iowa Gen- having to do with correcting feeder pigs carry ear tags giv- " r . tai the winners will return to a few week* to compete for a grand ffris*. TJw tafent thow int. Friday night eral Assembly. This image is spec ial problems of cities and ing the state of origin. folks< will begin at 8 p. m. on the b«»k corner, '•_-.. entirely unrealistic and ia not towns. S.F. 126 — To require milk . , t t . mterest the (Continued on P»8»

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