Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 11
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Gd^riel ^ ill Not pave to Gall Isaac ^ith Twice-^uild^ Own Shaft —Picks Womenas Pallbearers I<^E0SHOyAtLEJY (C. L. Arnold) FcbJ le.—Sunday School mi, C'lwpe! on- Siind^y, the.2] :0 a. ni. Prcachl&K by the {«'v. N. L. Veile. at 11 a. and 8 p. in. ('. K. at 7 p. m. Mi< -week (irayer sorvlce on Wednend^y ev- irnfnir. W. W. Brftwer wan nt the of Mr. a;id Afrs. It. V. Italc a last Saiiirday. J. B. Paiilotic and family vlnltinK .Mr«. Panletle'u pxjrontM. Mr. and .MrH. RoyiloIdH at Woodaon County line last Sunday. On Kriday evcninx. February IV. \i-o.sli(i Valley school enter ained the comnninity with a Valentine Itarty. Ci^nies, cont«Ht8 and <n old fashionod KpcIliiiR inateb prftyided ilio ontcrt linniunt for the first part jf the pveninK. after which the cn- lire Hthool gave the followlnj; pro- ;r;im: S OUK by the school; ation. .Murriiy Tawney; Iteci VViHianiiJ: llocitation, Harcl ^(•r; One-act IMaylet, Hazel ( tnd Hazpl Cleaver. The H •Ias.->p>< Kavc a (^cmonslratihn in t cudiiiK and arithmetic. Itrt'rpah- icnts were • served to partner.s ivhoso "lioarls-'aud darts matirhed. |\Yc were indeed glad to bav^ 'the :ortniunity as our gne.sts and liope hey can be with us asain nefore 1 be school year closes.—.M. C^aney; Before turninK our items •cceived tlie above account Of ftie .';'Itntine party and" pronraiii as ijiven by tlie teacher. .Mrs. Cllaney. lorself. but if for no olherr,pi^rpose 01 lire I'atrloJism i Bii'fr!<>ndsbip-dirtatfil l-^^ar Birdsoyr Smith's cholc-i; -his six |(>jill bpaI^e^s, piclurrd here, i In H IR upper panel, left (» rlffhl, i Mrs. \aijinie Vase, Mrs. Josie ir<>\vd.:iiid jlrs. .Ifiu'nie Itennell; MM-litH. . Mrs. .Idlllc.Carei;, .Mrs. .Millie 'l'iiltle|aud .Mrs. I.ofUe Tultle. IMcji (Hy .\E[\ ServkiT saii.l Lak|'. Iiui .j Feb. 1".—i •Jfcl iien (Jtibriel si^unds liis luirii aiidj the piiafly gates! swingiwide, Isaac Birdsi !J >e Smith. 1 78, Civil War veteran, wants to be there On liluo. , So ^^iat he v?i\i not Wep St. Beter; waiting,: ^Smith has issued detailed iustri ctioiis as his interment. •Leav(( my capket unlocked and u\y Krifve unscajled," to bin kinsfolk. - bix were women i): cliOheii by ficquif'S.: All are War veterans. I want to lii.'^t," Sinith <;.\p The .six live in I omiiidnity, and lOMR , A (ilitc rii'lifls. A Moiiunif-nt.' - a'go Sni 1 iaissur.i' Ii mduiii lebl. lit xi'icly! fiofu ; iilnMuii;! lime. \f'i|l|l|!'ll'lll-i Imllil niy nv\ii," ii;r.: .(.-.iiy. •Ill •lid ilie vcii'liiii. - .siller iliy lir' Jniiriii 'Vcd iniiiiiKl'^ !h<' IHlIc , ii| iinilfl 1 idiin .• mciiiiuj . i ^li.iM. |^iiowl<-ili,-.i- <»f ui: j"ii)ii:iin<'!iit I'lii'r. [ h''i-iiin"ii illi'' jiiild' ^ 111- liiKllcil' llic : (III I. II MJI ly; iiiid ' 'ro(l:i).<iii'ill'- ' Ilii -_1UI)..; vlllili:' lake Ion Ii lij i |u >'Kl (HI iin'aiSK''il iis tiiiiiiil rpiors. uliaft ;Ai eafj'Ie cil 'I'll'- [Work rhcumaiism. Tlie <!6lor ot i iiianct! not IU H lit At Uii Willi (i ill I a II try i Itliodei'ftr. clilldll : .•;\veelhi:-;S(rl. ijn'is \v His; de;! IT, ill ase of l] iiupaiiy . Heliiiid There Kmitlii! love lei| astra.v. pealed I'd aHoj .lames l)roniin( ed fhnt lo I'saa were Jn the F jjrs from] In Iiis o his fiiihei-; T It ilie. ijiiie- Ili4 is bis iikuse Ubearors recently Smith daiiglr patriotic to aiiiud. I he ri 'II lUif mseli' for !iis oil­ ers of Civil the •iisaiit l.ak( are HinilbV; ;iifc d M) tlHii," Itli di?<!iiUM| it xva .s liaiids'opii was itfeiiiiK .Hi- iriin a I lli>- rroday Smilh cares for the Rrayes f>f liVdh of his Avives. i Vivid, loo. IS his piditical career in Steuben county. • His vole-gettiiig jirowess' won him the job of doorkeeper for the, Htp .to'senate. He .next soii ^iit liie postmaster- ship of'Pl '-asaiii l>uke iand Rot it. lioldiu!; (iflice four years and tlien|riikely allow any detcrloratibiJ in k Sa- i/tb, at IniHtor, home while were alion, nerval Steele: Hccitation. \Vi|lettta Con- longer bvernl THBIOLA Ueci- RiJAL EgTitE TRAirSFEBS ^ - -^ilr from 0|flc» J bstract Co. IS, 1927.. hiiMbitnd of A. llarthian, wifq >f 6t SK. tA. 2r..2:,- 1« uninat'ried to Ri block' 7 and lot 11 AddL to I( la One hundred and Jifty mat beard ^^om by Mrs. Klla Sil ot.four cam idatus for her li SaV.a lonely soldjer, located BtEiiid aft«r their marriaj; Beiiway. lian to show the differeitce ween a statement based on ifacts.' On Friday iviib which the writer is faipiliar, | .Mrs. .Mildred .-chool an op i|ind a report, given from hearsay, vltidi cannot but be worked jiff in ome measure Ijy impressiohs con-; pleasure and •litsions and potential ealciila ions.' an audience .ve drop our statement in f;i rtber; nood v.iH liy lowii the list. jlowiii!; Ill, .Mr. and Mrs. llort Cleaver livejom t!;e thou, around the corner from a piece ' real subjecr f rftad llial gives good neighbor-1 was a succession of diversion kood .servile on wliich vebicli k can ' kfipt Hie .-pi •iin into town any time .snow is liot j .v.-ith tlie int Irifted too liadly. am! (be pr-sent intricale app ontiniiVd muddy spell has < lused-.ciilatiiin. At Irs. Cleaver to taki- ilefinite iclion' fvesliiiuni II behalf of a passable and con- amliciice briilk enient (intlet under all wr itber wended tbel^ '.inilltions. So she circiilat d a'fell tbat the uliscriptlon papei. headed by i 12.1 f sciiool hoiisi Icnation by herself, which indiK-d while.- iiany others to follow with smaller Sylvest'-r [imountR and ha.s submitted | the j Ujcji. ^peiii iroposition to the toiynship board; the former'.-^ or .their approval. Wiien a wOnian ; -,n,i M jet* behind a road project It js al-|,^*j /{."xV .V [iiosit sure to come through. Those ' ' Iiibious about (Ills statement pfeast St. I'aul. on I tend a puldic cCfects of Cli of Wrislit. Williams pu niules to use -No mail d 1 ,0. iTuesday—WaUiingtou's birth wanted a boiml ' said Beuway day last week |lo at- t sale of liif lie rles Lytic, a i) M this sale 1 based a spi^ii as a farm leaiii. livi-ry likely oi er, 6iJ,| and .M in the ••Fi! wiHi a Tht J • ; -r-XICA. Kansas tiity Uuriau imunii^llyj tucliiied correspoii^euts were Euiii, Ukla. In the| finals. Out or s. jsilver chose Clenieili Benwky, awaiiaii Islands. Hei-o they are ;K iiappy as can be,'* said Mrs. wire wl.o was: not frivolous aiiU ili live ill Wclliuston; Kas. | le I'i. Ids sllow a mc st healibfui Hi. tw our ro ajre the Scvch nor are: ler. .Miirra and- <ln soiiarciiuijiilon of iilant lileJ (liber wight „i of girls ami Tli !Tc is .siiil no simill portion ;lu- kafir corn in the fit'Idj K. .1!. ibitler waij out|(m the farin i I tiiilu or two tills weijk. ( i I ! Mr. and Mrs. C. K. l4ck and libeir; venini,' nl Cbaney gavi lortiinitv lo wo a nice Valcnliine program. nteriaiiinieti! of week ! vicj's at Hie F. Ii. Cliiircb in !JoIa herjirii'j-siiaycveiiin.g. ami tciok ; the j k off!ii;iiile pHze offered lijj Key. hi. .\. i tjo Hie',Mi>iii-i,niery for lite lar.s.-st lainily 1 that voi'c!i;'i! tlii'ir presence, rogi-am that c -'bt and i\( the! Inf the occasion. heck up on .Mrs flan Huilter's cceht effort and aLcompllshmjent. When Mrs. L. .1. naxlcy's .-jister nd.; brother-in-law. Mr. and jMr.s. •eter Drogman, of Bcrugman Lake, linn., were here during the larly lart of last summer,- they promiHc<l ^o make Mrs. Ila.\ley a Christmas resent of a thorough bred Poland bina brood sow. with Mr. :Fti.\ley it course by virtue of hi.s aci|Uir- (d relationsljip — to Mrs. Ba tley, lot the hog-fa parly to the .owner-, hip. Circuiiistances caused a de-zi Ihy in this delivery, hut on Wed-1 4esday of lat»t wwk a fine 2im-lb. oung sow ^yas expressed and ar- i|ived the foIlowinR day in ii;ood hape. and the donees are proud ^ the gift. This hog comes ii^pm prize takinfe strain of the Poland hina breed,'and .her sire wcigh.s ' S40 lbs. And the sow in que^ion as fallen into hands that willlnot evening Sum lean lionif in Alihoiigb wo h .-ive ha(( for the crop liitors wid. rest liecause of al lo OII('";-i tilclll;: rather a late l -o ere served. :i!ii nil. and a' way lioiiK'Wanl evening r -pi 'ni was really tVIadi.«iii and K unday- at Hi • lio [parents in lola. S. T. navli-y there j,>nininu in iroiii Oregon lo bt- ^sed j - 'bat in iidj'iHlin;: hritlge m :ill "rs alithe| and family spcrtt |ln' ay at the Willi Inla. li( al was sown fiiii- liaise \vi and the verdank I family lineage att:-nded church ser- (luite Ibcli;^ Fol-: rciio I D aitrndance. In an iinlim-1 u-if, proposition aloiia that jine. j, dr. anif .\Ir.s. I'e<'l; are" nor e:isily I irried ' ^le.^ii-il. . Sliipiiii'nts of days' The Bible the. a morniijg alphalift ning » ner ro Th for thi our biiildrngi tieorge have month timbeis are how! v.akt'i ^iy,i,- wi;st of tmvii. and tbingsiar<i their : ;i<sii:niiig i: lively aspij'ct in | tin 1 eal-; jiiu ,:i wa.v of old .iija'eriaisi ti |ir re- 1 |1||;,J<,. room for I I H- new bridgi-. lite lliey tliey ; J > llii' KvorHi .ll'.ck T:iwney and Karii \Vili'i:ims •iVint^iiul near l.allarpe Wedhcs III oil 1 lie of j and : ;ty; lo liiinK in some stock ^hey iiM li.i-i«! Hie lii'v previiius at P I lilildie Mil-. I . ! . Followinn/is Hie rep(irt of Fnion l : rtrhirol. Iilf. S 'K ;i. l()r Hie lontli. ending February 1: .\iini-! i -r pupils enrolled: Itoys 11. girls! I. t (ii :d'L'2. .•\verape daily allffnd-' ; ni;e. Imys girls 7. loliil 12. Tllosr U Pc- I oilJicr absent nor lardy were F}ov- I ncC and Walter .lohnson. ' K.| I!, •.lale. i !|lo4(iton. leacber. iaibcr! y of! I >coshi» VaJip.r .Schoi)|.\(ifes; \\te now liiive an enndlmentj of (T Men, Buy Ifour T ^QUsers Now t the Big resigniii.^. .\t this lime cajiie'what be terms bis "biggest . fight." To reward .l;.me^ .Malsoii. his mail carrier. .Sniilli .soiislit lo land for him Hie •posliiiariKn^bip. If,' did. Siiiiili reA 'el><' ill telling of his eventful life. - . ' "I'm feiding jfiiie. add I'm ;goiina live to i)..' a bniidreil,"_ be (Iwlared :is hi, (|aiiii(l about ill Hie three- r<)(>m liiit where he livi-s al'Uie. iCnipri|;hl, I!i2: .MCA Service. Inc.i ',{ HUSSKY REFUSES I. C. V. POSITION! ;Toiii-U:i. K :tli.. F.b. Ki. (AP)—K. T, jHiihM-.. iliiijriiiaii of 111.' Kiinsits pilltlic "rl 'vli .' rolllllliH?'i|lll. loday roiKs tor )||.; I Wli'il S" iial'ir (linili'.) Ciirlls that II" : bad . hoiiK' i b" ' lili'i"' ,1" ' pt an iippidnHlletil Koiny. .iiiil 'an Hie I "•" ''"['••' as a nn liiln-r of Hie |K I I On •iloiH', II j Illl 'l"!.'!''' l 'ollllll''lc.' ("oliillllKhlon. ol Siiiih'i Iji all. !'''•'"'1'''''"^'' '1'''' bi'iain:!' of petv Hloiii-f III liJH ir.vii late 111' layori d. I e^t <i( a klioll III I eiiieierj. .'<iiiirir.« work >|l«lllls coljllplcle. •'ihi' f-Ioll o display Hie ii.i- \l Hie 1i<|t of Hit iI^ lireads ed Snittli w nr.:;. of lii^ liii|iieii< II niai t'li and liliis res -he lefi 1». IIM he ood iihi iiu«i|r leral jai Susie • istre.-s. Hirdseyc lit Ihroiifehont • 1 Tlie tuick-witl^cd fathi S'iffie"s letters bt Birdsey to that; time Iss nathe. Thereafter Stnitb ,111 rigiif. UHl VO- k .•jniilir.- imrial will' leit; fiDiu • bis liiime 1 Indiana ','fr Susie Ivinaii' iUid i 'ilial dflaij' •K.tllsl'j!, I K' <'OII I I| IIO I Ii,;ive I III Isaao > il'lip Willi ."^liiitli ap- i^i (U CII! I- of .Mcl'hf je Smith, ia(.' liad go iiaiiii Mill w;:s ' .orth. i .-r- lug'-si- Ivesscd prior 'm middle hi , mail j^ll •oThe ijv'af pa.ssed into br :--loi:N'. ind along With it went SniitiiV bn for c?...,:- Ill ... Susie, I His attentions sHiifti to PKAIRIE CHAPEL ! flj. I). Matloiks) j I". ii. 1.".. i Mi'.s. Jt. ^ I.. Kobb 'an I .\li>- Curtis Itoljli vislicd Tliui'sday j ifleitroi 'ii iviib (Mrs. Ilarley ll<dib. I i lialpli I.iiltiie aU'I solK .lessie. : were .-=,ivo;i !)tir^ vi .-iiors Thursday.; : l!<ii Itaii'ii iMiIihered a couple bi's- Tiicsilfiv. T. K. Hall buli-Iici'cd a beef Fri- tfav. , ^ (Jii^ Tliompsoii was liii lola visitor .-laliirda .v. i Paul Ilaiilerivle: look lUnner .Siindi'v wirii'Hie LaKiie boys, j Cbarlos^JJall visited Sunday with tlie. .Krferii.^ Iioys. j .\Ir .s. R. L. Vuihh visited .Monday i-tli'riioo:i will, Mrs. W. F. Sinith; I.-r^verf IJown-Il is recovering! from Hie fill. lit? says he has had | pl 'Miiy. . C. V. MaNwoIl biiicbiered a hog j t|he present standard" of piiriljf of reed. -Mr. and .Mrs. F. B. Shn|tz ijerej .'funday aft'cirnoon yisttors at l|;. H. Crook home. | .Mr. and .Mr!!. CIAyfoh Hieks ertriide. now of Humboldt, v d with Karl Hicks and family ^unday afternoon and took supper ith Mr. and Mrs. F. B." Shultij i l|lie evening. .Mr. .Morris Ilobaugh and faiji f Oas. were Sunday afternoon ijors at tbi; Williams-Hicks hoi .Mr. and Mrs. .Ciiy Bale and t icir aimbler, . MI KS Cordia. wei ;e at ^t. V. Hale home Sunday. F,. .1. Baxley last Saturday liur- liiiH.'d a KJistenlng sword to ntake of in bis official maneuver^, In finnecHon with his leuderNblp (lived In the mlllcary effect ak It i elalen to I be W. ;0. W. proceed [ngM. • WriKbi I.ytle, DwIiKbt Wllli |imH nd Harold Cleaver went dowi of 600 Paii^s Meii'^ Fine Dress Values up to S^OO new piiir of dress trousers. Huy \iow and .save ilito arid even .more on every A hi}; coniple e .selerlion of Irou.sers to suU [man a.s to pri :v. color and cloth., are arran^eil on tables according to price to make k'lection for y ou easy. Monday. I the sister of two brothers ••'•'itiij whom he foughtJ After the 'lose! of the j'war he brough her lierej from a bride. ^ Susail. turnc^l to ai^othcr, an >J she. too,; was married. After fll- locn yt^i's Smith-'s lovcj sliip w on the ^;rocks. Susie,- toji, wjis i alone. ! , t.lttbi oi OU Love Bnfns Anew. In liss than two m his divorce from hils wa mih^ after rtinif! brid^j Smith liJonriipyed lo Aiihurri, Ind..| wliero I'be.und'S UN I C were nia'r'rit 'd .l HcHtli Ipurted them fivi yeujs'UKo. JUST RECEIVED Shipment of New $17.50 t<^ $35.00 . feature a complete;! .>:et.s. Girdles, Combinettc:'. ; 111 De Be V Brassieres] •i'i •• " NtJw Mc' Arrii MeCLAIN^ IV|adis()n PHONE 47 VfE DELIVER FREE Uoncy Say.injj Prices joats and Dresses ine of American Lady Coi- 50c to $1.50. ing Daily. : ...$1.69 to $3.45 Men'ji Spring ijress $l^oes $2.98 to $5.50 ...$1.89 to $3.95 Give Satisfacffoii. ites to .Mrii. C. t lock 7, Jot 9. lilt ck block 9, Sunnys dd lllOJiO. •McCord ianitowifi* Clharlottp If. Htav/iH Sunnysiile Adil. been dropped fnui boys havR an avi r, -., aticniance of 3.25, wlifl^ s ba|e ih average of .'t.."; *iave lecn neither .absi n . for tfcc fifth nirtnth. Tbe.y Afildrcd iutler, Marian B it •s Butler. (leorge (Jiy Ta^niy, Jeanette Steejlc Hbzel ftonger. HerMnll Stjec c was absent j;evjei iicqoupt of measles. boys are biAincI J tarfdy (Vines erso jcoijtest. One lifter be treated to a wie-^ Gay lijnnoraiile in depojtntont Ainony Kngli.J selected foe e . When th& ent 'en used, i the w tfibabet' i: "s vers^ ha.s !l Ide will hst. I [school ijoard is responsi ^>If newl flig pole in front land Hazel Clia\| men I ion; for il b premiers Williii the record wi s total service k. fourfeeii years. IK' n Topc^a, Kans. Feb. 16. (AP)-j- ity characterized today ofl|ice of .N'okpn A. Turner. Ijudget |dIi|ector, whose ap- mt waij rejected yesterday senate: rnrner, in his ot- usual, had no statement Uncertjilnty the state pointm by the ficc u.<| to makkj. A Quality Supreme—Style Leaders| Thats Bostanians ; • 1 SEmTE REJECTS PAULEN APPOINTEE PAGE SHOW AT KE THEATER CANCELED "The sent^d aKoifien|t feat lire Rod \U\ goodj h ed ns ;i in stupidity uf at the Kplley] as too stupid and it was film,/• Bed II riocque, • fs jweyer. and v. tonight- 6LEIVEN Fathqr," pre- f huailer' last or ttifi man- |cunce|«d. The c'i-." featdrihg ixcpplionatly li be present- Tlie nciv Bostonian O.xllord.s ; speetioii. Tjivo tones, Rich Tans i ii^d i-e here . forj Blatk.s. r $7 50 ™ $1(}.00 Others $5.00 tb $6.50 See Window Dilsplay GLOBE CLOTHING GO your in- iced— At Almost Half Price eye for hif; ssivinss will bu.v an almoi'^ Ji/ilf. Your choice ef ^ Satui^day,: Febfuaty Openii}g 6f TRI ONE 0* R s SERVICE AM» gr.^^lTY (iO^pS ONCIj BATrfeRY S RVICE 209 Sojuth Jefferson Street AMI YOl' WILL WA.MT LRK TIKES K TO rO.>Hi BAi"K.

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