The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 14, 1891 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1891
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PODUSHID EVERT BATUBDAT W. H. BTJRDIOK. TERMS: 91.60 Per Tear, Strlotly In Advance. Th* Btrt Aittriltlng Medium to reach the four north'tattem counties. Offlco Bonthwut Comer Lawlar and Tllden Sis She 5P.flJteil!eiiwlw, ADVERTISING ItATJTJS: TiaB W. N. BnnDlCK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL OUIDP. TBRMS: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADVANKCE. VOLUME XIX POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1891. NUMBER 35. i we^'f... t wesln.. ] nor-ln'.. 1 nit-nth . a merit's. 3 in talis. I months. 1 jrrjr.... |1 00 I! M r.0 8 no! I :o I 00 4 00 » MI 10 00 3 rr- n mil i .1 IV fi S.l 9 o ti r IS M| id i) l) (Ml if, «* I COl .-. i». * iC IO r». 1! TV 1H OJ, -.M fV 30 lO I i? onl 1: IT'I S.1 oo| 15 IV! •Ji« M !1 0» 11 00 1" "n » 08 fl" 00 80 (« lliisln.-ss nol p jc-e! ng flvi> tins*. },V I/;. mlvei t.-^i iin-nta fit l-arsl ratM Ailrsrtiw. infills ilisrrteit -villi lin *.|i^ri::c tiltlt wilt be rmi.'Mie I net 1 oitlfrn 1 nut niu' -lia'-fced for fto- conllnsl.r. Ail bilU i>ijnlil qunittrlr RUSSIA is snid to feci irritated toward Turkey. The czar has always shown a | BRICKS WITHOUT STRAW, disposition to be quito touchy in that quarter. , Roy TnE Arizona lorrilorul legislature at iU last session pHWied an act exempting all land uerd in Hie cultivation of sugar beets, M well as the plant and machinery employed in Ibe manufacture of domestic! •ugnr, from taxation for 10 years. T. TUOMA^ FOIITUNE, the distinguished colored editor of New York, recovered damages in the turn of 8825 inn suit fori 910,000 brought against a New York saloonkeeper for refusing to sell him a j drink. The jury probably "docked" him a few thousand dollars for parting his! name in the middle. T. DoWltt Talmago Contln- uos to Talk on Egypt. if Tlift Oppressions or tlio Children of Israel hj the l'lmrnulis of <llil llml l'u- rnliol In llm Mnthods of modern Egypt. The following discourse by Iter. T. DoWiltTulmiige.dcllveredln llio Brooklyn tabernacle, Is tho third of his series on wlmt he saw "From the Pyruualdsto the Acropolis." His text was: Tlio liurduii of Eujrpt.— Isnluti xlx., I. What l.s nil this excitement ubout In tlio streets of Cairo, Egypt, tills December morning In 1S80? Stand back! Wo hear Iond voices mid seo the crowds of pcoplo retreating to tho sides of tho •trout Tho uxcitcmont of otliurs becomes our own excitement. Footmen como in sight They luivo a rod In lliu bund and tussclcd cap on bead, and their arms and feet are bare. Their WAS there ns rainy Saturday J during October in Bjston? It wan on auob a day that tho dress reform movement was to ba inaugurated. We doubted all the time whether Rusk would give hiB tacit approval to such a startling i"",'V "iY* • .. i . »• , ii tf'irb Is blnclc to tho wast, except as Innovation by vouching favorable weath- t]lrea ^ A witU ,„ Md ^ V(JPt ™ rr for its practical operation. white. They nro clearing tho way for on official dignitary in a chariot or car- A DIBCOVEIIT more important than that rlago. They uro swift and sometimes Df Aristollo'ti troatise on the constitution of run thirty or forty miles ut a btrctcli In Athena 1ms been made in oua of theBritish museum's job lots of Greek manuscripts. This is a papyrus containing a number of short dramatic sketches in verse by one Deradas, a writer in Ionic dialect of the •amo group as Ibeoceitus. Tbi«, says the Saturday Review, "is literature, and that of a high class;" Aristotle's recovered treatise ta dull and not much of it new, out the sketches of Horodos, while not at all poetical, are vivid and realistic. The Alexandrion would seem to have been a sort of Uowelif of his day. A few days ago coventeen trunks full ol silken tights were held at tho collector's office in Now Yoik, and pretty Agnct Iluntington, the consignee, was notified that they were dutiable nnd that she owed I'nclo Sam's treamry a good round sum for buying her costumes abroad. Mias 1 Huntington hcrsolf laid Bicgo 'o the collector's office. Sho n.ade a spirited op peal to the board of appraisers and 'ciplained that she was an Ameri^in girl; that sho proposed to wear the diaphanous costumes herBelf, and that the action of the board was directly opposed to tho inteiests of the public which demanded high urt and high heels behind the footlights. The board listened and was taken captive. The tights were admitted duty free under tho classification of "tools." PEItSONAL. l'OlSTS. The many Chicago friend) of Mrs. S. C. Qrigge, Jr., daughter of Rev. Dr. George C. Loritner, the former pastor of the Immanuel Baptist church of that city, will be surprised to learn of her marriagn, Thursday, at the reaidence of Dr. L .rimer, in Boston. She was'married to Edward 0. RutBell, an attorney of Chicago. front of an equipage. Mnlco wrty! They are tho fleetest-footed men on earth, but soon die, for tho human frame was not uiado for such endurance. I asked ull around mo who tho man In the carriage was, but no one. seemed lo know. Yet as I fell baclc with the rest, to tho wall I said: Tills Is tho old custom found all up uud down the Bible, footmen running bo- fore the rulers, demanding obelsanco, as in Gcnncsis before Joseph's chariot the people were commanded, "lion the lenco," and as I sec the swift feet of tho men followed by tlio swift foct of tho horses, how thoso old words of Jeremiah rushed through my mind: "If thou hast run with the footmen nnd they have wearied thee, how canst thou contcud with horses?" We saw again and again on nnd along tho Nile u boss workman roughly smito n subordinate who did not plcaso him. It la no rare occurrence to sec long lilies of men under heavy burdens passing by task-masters at short distances, lashing them as they go by Into greater speed, and then workmen, exhausted with the blusting heats of tlio day, lying down upon the bare ground, suddenly chilled with tho night nil-, crying out in prayer: "Yal Allnlil" j "Ya! Allah!" which means, Oh! God! | But what must have been the olden times cruelty shown by tho Egyptians toward their Isrnelitish slaves is indicated by a picture in tho Ueni-llas- san tombs, where a man is held down on his face by two men and another holds up the victim's feet, vvliilo tho officials boat tho bare baclc of tho victim, every stroke, I have no doubt, fetching the blood. Tho governmental outrngo lins nl- wnys been a characteristic of Egyptian rulers. Taxation to the point of starvation was the Egyptian rulo in tho lilblo times as well us it Is In our time. A modern traveler gives the llgurcs concerning the cultivation of seventeen acres, the value of tho yield of the Held status in piastres: Produce 1803 Kxpeusvs VJTUi Oloar produec.. Tuxas Saturday at her home in Evanston Mrs. Jenneaa Miller gave birth to a 10 psund baby girl. It has been claimed that by ner method of diesa reform but one day of confinement after giving bittu ii neces- aary, that a mother of a tingle day may go about her dutiea as if nothing bod happened, but Mrs. Miller has not as jet been able to see any one bub her immediate attendants. • • Chief Justice's daughter, MisB Mary Fuller, will soon return toOormany I V"* " ~ •> to resume herWeal studio.. She takes 1 ' tovvo tl,ey *»* us - but «••»'• a younger slater with her. Miai Fuller devotes six or seven hours a day to her piano practice. ^ ^ Amount elonrod liy trio fnrmor IftVt Or, as my authority declares, seventy per cent of what tho Egyptian farmer makes is paid fur tuxes to tho government Now that Is not so much taxation us assassination. What think you of that? Yon who groan under honvy taxes in America? I have heard that In Egypt tho working people have n song like this:, "They starve us, tliny According to Danish papers, Baron Roaenhorn Lehn, minister of foreign some ono above, there's some ono above, who will punish them woll, who will punish them woll." But seventy per cent of government tax in Egypt is a mercy as compared to what the Hebrew slaves suffered there in Bible times. They got nothing but food hardly fit for a dog, and tholr clothing affairs, intends to resign bia office because was of one rag, and their roof a of his advanced age. Among those men- burning slty by day nnd tho stars of Honed at hit tuccesnor Are Count Mollke JJ° 0TE . N b ? ?!?)^_ YoM " w,, y d > l1 Count Ahleteldt Lauervigen, the richest world's twilight thero was a famlno in landed proprietor in Donuiurk. Canaan,'and old Jacob and his sons * " * enme to Egypt for broad. Tho old John Howard Pomell. a brother of the man's boy Joseph was prime minister, Irish leader, runs a small fruit farm in nnd Joseph—I supposo tlio fathor and Georgia. He it described as a teedy tho brothers called hlra Joe, for it does i ui < At i.„„ „„L „„t not make any differenco how ranch a looking man of 47, who has not met with ^ , g ll(lvan( f ed ,„ , V0l ., d) „„ "»,» great .ucceas in this country. It ia Uther mid ur0tll0l . 8 aml B , stol .„ „, thought that he may inherit what remains ca n ],i m by the same nuine that he was of the estate in Irejandj called by when two years old—Joseph, by l'haroh's permission, gavo to his The late William Henry Fitzhugh Lee family, who had just arrived, tho rich- -theseventh»emb W of the forty-^ond -Jjft congress, by the way, to die before the nrj0 | cnt g, Jacob's descendants rapidly multiplied. Aftor awhile Egypt took • turn at famine, and those descendants of Jacob, the Israelites, camo to a great store-houso which Joseph had provided, nnd paid in money for corn. But alter awhile tho money gave out and then first session opened—was greatly given to prcaenting hit friends in the house with rosea from hit Virginia green houses. The flowers were brought to the eloak room, a Washington correspondent saya, by the barrehul, and at a large proportion i,.ey" paid in eattie. After awhile the of them were a deep red, the house would cattle were all In possession of tho gov- in an hour or two aatumea oarminehue went and then the Hebrews bought from the decorations .on desks and coat corn ' rom 11,6 government by surion-1 ovel ' me, derlng themselves as slaves, this diabolical servitude, lint ono not day tho IVIneess Thonoris, the daughter of I'liaraoh, while in her bathing- bouse on the banks of the Nile, lias word brought to her that thcro Is a baby afloat on tho river in a crndlo inndo out of big leaves. Of courso there is excitement all up and down the banks, for nu ordinary baby in an ordinary cradle attracts smiling attention, but an Infant In a cradle of papyrus rocking on a river arouses not only admiration, but curiosity. Who mado that boat? Who niado it watertight with bitumen? Who launched it? Reckless of the crocodiles who lay basking themselves In the sun, tho maidens wade in and snatch up tho child, and first ono carries nnd then nn- | other carries tilm, and all tho wny up the bnuk he runs a gantlet of caresses, till Thonoris rushes out of the bathing house nml says: "ISenutiful foundling, I will adopt yon as my own. Yon shall yet wear the Egyptian crown and sit on tho Egytian throne." No! No! No! He is to be the emancipator of tho Hebrews. Tell it in all tho brick-kilns. Toll It nmouir nil who nru writhing under thu lash, tell it amni« all tho castles of McmphU and Ueliopoli'' nud Zoan and Thebes. Before him n Bea will part. On u mountain top, alone, this one will receive from the Almighty a law that is to be the foundation of all good lnw while tho world lusts. When he l.s dend God will come down on Nebo and nlono bury him, no man or woman or angel worthy to attend tho obsequies. The child grows up and goes out and studies the horrors ot | Egyptian oppression and suppresses J his Indignation for tlio right time has not come, although once for a lnliiuto bo lot ll.v; nnd when ho saw a task-master put tho whip on tho back of a workman who wns doing his best, nnd heard the poor fetlow cry, and saw tho blond spurt, Moses <toubled up his fist and struck him on the temple till the cruel villain rolled over in the sand c.\- nnlniat* nnd never swung tho lash ngaiu. Served him right! To tho Egyptians the Nllo wns a deity. Its waters were then, as now, vory delicious. It was the tlnest natural beverage of nllthe earth. We have no such love for the Hudson, and Germans have no such lovo for thu Rhine, and Russians have no such love for the Volga, as the Egyptians have lovo for the Nile. Hut one day, wheu I'liaraoh comes down to this river, Moses takes a stick and whips the waters and they turn Into the pore of a slaughter-bouse, and through the .sluices and llsli-ponds tho incarnadined liquid backs up into tho land una the miilodor whelms everything from mud hovel to throne-room. Then came the frogs with horrible croak ull over everything. Then this people, cleanly almost to fastidiousness, were Infested with insects that belong to the filthy and unkempt, and tho air buzzed and buzzed with tlies, and then the dis temper started cows to bellowing, and horses to neighing, and camels to groaning, as they rolled over and ex. plred. And then boils, one of which will put a man in wretchedness, caino in clusters from the top of the head to tho solo of the foot. And then tho clouds dropped hail and lightning. And then locusts eame in, swarms of them worse than the grasshoppers ever wero in Kansas, nnd then darkness dropped for three days so that the people could not see their hand beforo their face, great surges of midnight covering them. And lust of all, on the night of the lbth of April, about eighteen hundred years before Christ, tho Destroying. Angel sweeps past, and hear it all niglit lung, the llnpl flap! flap! of his awful wings until Egypt rolled on, a great hearse, the eldest child dead in every Egyptlou home. Tho eldest son of l'huruoh expired last night in the palace, and nil along tho streets of Memphis nnd Heliopolis, nnd ull up and down tho Nile, there was a funeral wail that would have rent tho fold of the unnatural darkness if it had not boon impenetrable. The Israel it Ull homes, however, were untouched. But these homes wero full of preparation, for now is your uhnnce, O yo wronged Hebrews! Snatch up what pieces of food you can, and to tho desert! Its simoons are better than the bondngo you lnvvo Buffered. Its scorpions will not sting so sharply as tho wrongs that have stung you all your lives. Away! Tho man who wns cradled In the basket of papyrus on tho Nile will load you. Up! Upl This U tho night of your rescue. They Gather together at a signal. Alexander's armies of olden time wore led by torches on high poles, groat erosts of fires and the Lord Almighty kindles a torch not held by human hands, but by Om ipntent hand. Not niado out of straw or oil, but kindlod out of the utinosphero, such a torch us tho world never saw beforo and never will seo again. It reached from tho earth unto the heaven, n pillar of fire, that pillar practically saying; "This wayl March this way!" On that supernatural flambeau inoro thau u million refugoes set their eyes. Mosos and Aaron load on. Then came thu families of Israel. Thon camo tlio holds and (looks moving on across tho sands lo what is tlio boaoh of waters now called Bahr-ol-Kulzuni, but called In the Bible tho Red sea. And when I dipped my hands in its blue .vatcrs, tho heroics of tho Mosaic passage rolled without straw. Cities demanding In tho public school faithful and successful Instruction without giving the lencbers competent livllihood. Bricks with straw. United Slates government demanding of scnnlora and congressmen nt Washington full attend- nnco to tho Interests of the people, but on compensation which mny bnvo dono well enough when twcnty-llvo cents went as far os a dollar now, but In these times not sufllclcnt to preserve their Influence nnd respectability—bricks without straw. In many parts of tho land churches demanding of pastors vigorous sermons and sympathetic service on starvation salary, Banctillcd CIceros on four hundred dollars a year—bricks without straw. This Is one reason why there are so many poor bricks. In all departments, bricks not cveu, or bricks that crumble, or bricks that are uot bricks at nil. Work adequately paid for Is worth more than work not paid for. More straw nnd then better bricks. But in till departments there nrc Pharoahs! (Sometimes capital u I'ha- roali, and sometimes labor a I'linriMih. When capital prospers, und makes large percentage on its investment, and declines to consider the needs of the operatives, and treats them as so many human machines, their nerves no inoro than the bunds on the factory wheels —then capital is n rimroah. On tlio other baud, when workmen, not regarding the anxieties and business •truirglcs of the llrui employing them, and at n time when tho firm are doln d their best to meet an important eon- tract nnd need nil tho hands busy to accomplish it, at such u time to have his employes to make n strike nnd put their employersintoexlieine perplexity nnd severe loss—then labor becomes a l'liarouh of tho worst oppression, am: must look out for tho judgments of God. Some of tho worst of them nro on n small scnlo in households as when n man, because his arm Is strong and his voice loud, dominates his poor wife lul-'< n domestic slavery. Thero are thousands of such cases where the wife is a life-time serf, her opinion disregarded, her tastes insulted, and her existence a wretchedness, though the world may not know It. It is a Pharaoh that sits at the head of that table, and a Pharaoh that tyrannizes that homo. Thero is no more abhorrent I'liaraoh than a domestic Phnrnoh. There nrc thonsnndsof women to whom death is passage from Egypt to Canaan, because they get rid of a cruel taskmaster. What an accursed monster Is thai man who keeps his wife in dread about family expenses, and must be cautious how she introduces an nrtielo of millinery, or womanly wardrobe without humiliating consultation and apology. Who is that man acting so? Eor six months—In order to win that woman's heart, he sent her every few days a bouquet wound with white ribbon, and nn endearing couplet, and took her concerts and theaters, and helped he; into carriages as though sho wore n princess, und ran across the room ti pickup her pocket handkerchief with the speed of an antelope, and on the marriage day promised ull that the liturgy required, saying "I will!" with an emphasis tliatoxeited the admiration of all spectators, lint how ho begrudges her two cents for n postage stamp, and wonders why she rides across Brooklyn bridge when tho foot passage costs nothing. Ho thinks now sho is awfully plain, and ho acts like the devil, while ho thunders out: "Where did you got that now hat. from? That's whero my money goes. Where's my breakfast? Do yon cull that coffee! Didn't I tell yon toscwou that button? Want to seo your mntlior, do yon? You are alwnys going to seo your mother What are you whimporlng about Hurry up, now, und get my slip, persl Whore's tho newspaper?" The tono, tho look, tho impatiuueo —tho cruelty of a Pharaoh. That Is what gives so many women n cowed, down look. Pharaoh t you hud botte take your Iron heel oft that womnu'i neck or God will help you rcmovo your heel. Sho says nothing. For the sake of avoiding a scandal sho keeps silent; but her tears and wrongs have gone lirto a record that yoiuwlll lutvo to meet us certainly as Pharauh hud to meet hall, und lightning, and darkness, .und tho death angel. God novor yet gave to any man tho right to tyrannize a woman, and what a sneak you lire lo take iidvuntiif D of tho married vow, und because she can not holp herself, ami under the shelter of your own homo out-pliuraoh the Egyptian oppressor. There is something awfully wrong in a household where tho woman Is not considered as of much importance as the mau. No room in this world for any more Pharaohs. THE LATEST MS. GENERAL NOTES. TnE report that twj Americans were executed in Mexico was crroneoim. Miow ttorms aier, ported in Minnesota, dclayiiig thrcihiug uud farm woik generally. IX UOVRRKOU AMJEUT 9. MAJIK, (if Tenncsfce, died Tuesday morning, aged I sixty three years. 1'IIE money for Minnesota's exhibit at the world's loir will be secured witLout dilfionlty. COIIA NKI'.HI-., a I^'buron, [ml., girl, has j list died from tho iffeets of two weeka' cigarette smoking. • SKVBSTV thousand ocrej of land on the Fort A?sin,il)Oinc reservation in Montana are op. n-d to fettleiiient. 1 HE clearing.) of the Chicago bmkii for ihe weijk ending Sutuiday were 808,ooS,- •W.I. A NEW YOIIK negro bus recovered 8iv0 from a saloon keeper who refused to sell •liiii a glasH of beer. A SPECIAL train of fifteen cars containing dried fruit and consigned to Chicago, has bjcn started from Vnciville, Cul. A DISEASE as fatal us Asiatic clio'eru appear* in Indiana. It is thought to be what is known as Mie Asiatic blac* tongue. A men gold find has been mail" near Uanu, Texas, and tho prospectors think it the hnnanzi worked by the Spaniards two oenturies ago. TUB comuiiksion on the Minnesota c.ipi tol met in Si. Paul anil decided the skit* should hav.' a new capitul of granite upon Hie site of ih« present building. THE president Saturday appointed I'en- !on It. MtCreery, ot Michigan, lo be secretary ot the leg.ilion at Santiago, Chili 1'iiKPinEXT Thomas W. I'M liner of the world's fair will ertct a manual-training • cncine on the sito O' lii-i childhood's home near IMroil. OniTii.M.v: At Lucltnert, III., R .liir 1 Milne, iged eighty six.— At. Amaiun G.i., Walter Crisp, son of Congres-iiiian Crisp.—At S.W'.inniib, G :i., Colonel Saniiie li. Cliiliin, of New York. Goviiit.NOti I'AUK, of Vermont, has is- md a - i« c ..nulllo. i forimdly announcing lie appointment of Itc<lli.-lil Proctor as 'ni'cil Sta'es Minnlor to succeed George , K Iniumls. Tin-: linn ol Coopor, Hewitt & Co., have Hold tlicir iron vorks nnd mii.i* in New v to un KIILKSII lyiulic.ito lor i'. r i 000/00. THE annual report of Iho secretary of uriruliwe is out. Ho states that Hi valuo of _farm products.arc $700,000,000 this year than last. T ii announced that if Minnesota does not raise <cm; of its wmld's fair fund by the (irsl of next year it, will have to (jiv up its building s:te in Cucago. THE fo'lowing Mexican consuls were recogniztd by the president Wednesday •Salvador V. Ma'llefert at Kiulo Pass Vxir-; Carlos Ferns.nd.ixy I'asalngiio, Dealing, N. M.j Rafael G. Aco.sta, Phil idelphia. Ricciii '.TAitv TIIACY lias disposed of th case of the wrecked Dispatch, by approv ing the conclusion of tue cjurt of ii quiry that no one nltached to the vessel could be held accountable fir it. TUB cmptroller of the rurreniy has do .tluredu find dividend of 5 5, r i,per cent, ir favor of the creditors of the California National bunk, of San Iraixsco. This manes in all 100 per cent, and interest i full to Oct. 7. 1891, on claims proved, amounting to 8160,0(17.45. THE postmustir general has appointed the following postmaster* for Wisconsin; V, Becker, of tiriorton, Shawano county, vicoG. II. Goldrick, resignod; S. J. Sullivan, at Thompson, Washington county, vice G. J. Gtirroy. resigned. AT Martin's fcVrry, Ohio, fire destroyed Mears' barrel fa-torj, warehouse, out huildings, two Iritne dwellings and a railroad trestle. Lies, 8100,000; fully insured. WILLIAM Cox, aged fifty, and his sen William. 211 years, »ho lived near Wuu- pelln. III., wero suffocated !.y gas struck in deepening a well, and both are dead. THE Allegheny cemcntery company recently began luring a gas well in their cemetery at Corapolis, Pa., an explosion occurred which threw hundreds of bodies in the lir aud shattered many cosily mon- unientB. AT Orange, Mass., by the explosion of u gasoline tank in a birn in tho rear o! Washburn's block, a tiro was started that resulted in tho loss of ab.ut 8200,000 worth of property. Kit All Limn, Ohio, Friday, Frank Mc- Ivernou and Frank Taylor wero rid- mgon u load of hay when the load was upset, by a trust ol wind and bolb men were •mothered. e AUSTIN G. CAMC-HELL, a wealthy citiz™ if Vatidnliu, III., while throwing hay out of a barn loft wns slung by a spider or bitten by n make, resulting in his death. TnE board of trade building in Louisville was duimiged from 8*5.000 to 8H5.000 by lira Sunday. The Western Union Telegraph company, which occupied two lluors. < lei'. 7,003 batteries, the loss being 810, 000. FRIDAY evening a earri.ige containing CUvtoii HainiB. IIH wifpiind two children, t Altooini, 111., and llu. Sutton, ot in -as, was overturned by a runaway or.-ie. Mrs. Haines WUH killed "'and the th 'Ts Uul'v injvired. •I. E. UAIIL. eighty one years of aie. was iiHphjxijtol by gas Wednesday at OH LiS.ilin avei.ue Chicago. Ho was the fath- nf II L. D.ihl, the tailor, and arrived n llm cil.v WcdniHil iv on a visit. II.iv- ng lived in the country on a farm it is apposed he knew nouiiug about the use of gas and lclt. it turned on in his room DRILLED IN POISONS. Wonderful Craft of the Crco Indians in Brewing Poisons in n, Mysterious Mummer. Death Invariably Follows Their Use, Often Swiftly nnd with Tcrri- blc;Agony. They Possess the Secret of Druss Pro duclug Results Unknown to Medical Science. Among the Creo and S.IIICUPX Indinns the administration of deadly poison' been reduced I o an ixact n'.ie 1 .".'. Th-.-e 'rihes never go on the war path. Tl.y have nut learned the uses ol the scalping knife and toinihawk. Such a thimrii-. shooting from aiiibu-h never ocnir«. When | "eve tl ere, but v aCreeor Salteaux Indian gels n-. tn I C me. M fnei.dl; alone f• r hours at night on the summit of the cliffy, talking In the clouds and listening to i lie sounds it the winds. During llie da) time he is uecrelcil in a cave, An air i-f uij story surround* his l:!e and movements, lie stai'.vs himself almost to death. Months nfier ^absenting himself froui the Irib i he comes back. Then he is a conjurer. I went to s*e one of these old men one night, as wus iny custom when viaitingn new tiihe. My scout had gone ulit'nd to tell him the missionary was coming. Tho old uian was unuuially dangerous and i unn'ng. i entered his wigwam and told him the truth ahrut the object of my vi«it. 'I hnvt c-Mno to break tho power you wield over jour people,' I said. - I will tuKo supper wilhyoi frst and then wo will talk thu mutter ovir.' His eyes lighted up with an expre.-sion of triumph nnd exultation. He glanced toward lm poison bag and then surveji-d me wuu an expression of salis'aetiou an-' co.i'... ii.nieut. I knew what, lie iii'Mtit und ; ;'j;ii! n d the entreaties of my co ii. wbu b.fcve.l mo to stay my,and wi. n I refused said in despair thai, lie w 'M iic,""ii;:any i-.e if I would pro.'iise not ••) e;'. c' •'••> reniunrV food. 'I.ow, jou nro no! ycla-r 'A- pii.-.m me,' I »r Uo'ihc cci'j-i;, r. hi. i.;e° returned from tlm poison b.:g, '1 enow whi.t you ii dare not gi-e itto me. ; i --Hi e .tr.,i-h the. ten dispose of nn enemy or n rival he enn'- tho conjurer of the'rile, aiidliin, individual dealB out poisons that nrr- !:nov<n in nnj other p'aee on earth. These poi-ons i.tllb the most skillful doctors aud chemists. British army Burgeons who lirve exam- ned victims of the Cree and Salteiux poisoners any that, the deadly mixtures nsrd by them are absolutely iii .lni .Wii to science. Missionaries and trap;., rs who came lo Wini.epeg with stories .ii ihn fatal liquids weie l'Ot believed. Tiio only way thoy convinced the doctors was i.j taking sever.," FOREIGN. ODDITIES. Upela. Ex-Queen Natalie, of Servia, ia at Blar- rlt«. Sorrow hat not made her fade away, After three days' march the Itraelit- lsh refugees ononiupeq for tho night on tho bauk of tho Re-a sea, As the shadows begin to fall In tho distance Is seen tho host of Phiuouh in pursuit, - Thero wero six hundred finest war oliiirlots followed by common chariots rolling at full speed. Aud tho rubltng of the wheels and tho cursp of infuriated Egyptians cumo down w'tli the daik- nots. But tho Lord openod tho crystal Then began slavery In Egypt The government owned all the llobrews. And let modern lunatics, who in Amer, , . loa propose handing over tologrnph Ml the it getting to be a* plump at a companies and railroads nnd other partridge. things to,be run by government see *•• tho folly of lotting government get Its "If," aaya Lttbcuohere of the emperor of hands on everything. 1 would rather Germany, "that young man it not tooner trust the people than any government or later the cause of a European confUgra- the United States had or over will have. »lon 1 shall he nreatlv mistaken. He la Worth to the day when legislatures gates of Ualir-ol -Kiil *uia «md tho on- !^..^.^?^^^nVSti** throne »"« eonffesses and administrations get H»vcd Isitulltes passed Into liberty, as dangerous on a great military throne poggea8lono , im>yt h|ng inoro than It Is and then tho crystal gates of tho sea as a luuaUo would, bo in a powder maga- necessary for them to have. That rolled shut against tho Egyptian pur- would be the revival In this land of suers. It wos about two o'clock In tho that old Egyptian tyranny for which morning, when the interlocked axle- Jjord Hawke, tbeorielwter, mide a good Ooi lms never had anything but red- trees of tho Egyptian chariots could not bonmot in Philadelphia. It will be re- hot thunder-bolts. But through such move uu inoh cither wny. But tho Rod r .mh.r«d th.t thfl wetk the crloke!«« » nw,8 e procossos Israel was enslaved tea uuhitched tho horses and unbel- "* £L «!'—. VSSSSt BKypt, and the long lino of agonies wotod tho wi-rriors, and loft the proud wtra tbert toe weather was oeeweaiy began all up and down the Nile, host a wreck on the Arabian sands, varied. When atkeo what be thought ol Ueavler and sharper fell the lash. ""But beforo I forgot It I must put mora ' Weatb- hungrier ond ghastlier grew the work- empbuslB upon the fact that the l«»t men, louder and longer went up the outrage that resulted In tho liberation prayer, until three millions of the cn« of tho Hebrews was tholr being com- AMBhrvOhiaodlOUiaodl.,' ; -^i :nfi|« 9 JHi |i tlm .-!lb'ro1^*• 'i*W»M"»-.WM help to w»e ttmt- Np| i/np^v:jbaek. -pod wo«ltl »llo\y •. the lh« throne) ?bor«oh cat wnoi> tlmk,;. -;#^|^iJ^ti^la»V'' itt9v^t^-to : ^9n«> "Ob, mamma," criod Little Jimmie, seeing a flash ot lightning lor the first time, "the angels is scrntchin' matches on the sky." Cloak Review: Wife—I'vo got to got) a dross reform meeting tonight. You won't he lonesome, will you dear. Husband—Oh, no indued. 1 have sev eral buttons to sew on. Harper's "Did Dronson save anything from the wrcek of his lor luneV" "Yes. Fortunately for him his wife bad been shopping tho day before hi failed, aud all tue goodi had been sent home," Its n poor rule that don't work both ways. Mind cure doctor: Makeup jour miud thero is no pain and thoro is none, Five dollars, plcaso. Patient (moving toward tho door] Make up your mind there is no payin' and there is none, Good morning. Woshingtoa Star; "DJ you think. Mabel, tbut your father would ever help me in butineasV" 'I'm sure hn would, George. He said the other night he would have given you a life if you hadn't got away from the front door so quickly." A HEViVALof Fenian operations ii suspected in Kuglaiiil. TUB plurality of Mr. Flavin, the successful candidate in the Cork election is 1,51?.. Tun headless body of a man, ontirolj nude, was founds in a collar in the Rue Charonne, Paris. Btciu.iJt is greatly dotuorulizcd ovtr the Ilircohfiotd & Wolf failuro, it affecting the nobility most. Tins Bulttin of Turkoy bus ordered hund reds of heavy guns from th« Krupps for the del'enso of tho Dardanelles. Tne Chin^so govornmont pays the mis- ionaries tho full valuo of their property destroyed in tho recut riots. A lU 'fTMt wus fought in Limerick between soldiers and a mob, four of tho loimer being seriously wounded with knives. THE terriblp situation in Ihe famine- slricKon districts of Russia bus been aggravated by a violent^ mitbronk of typhus fever in sever .il of the provinuss. TiMornv IIIC.U.KY.UIO most bitter ef tho iiti-l\irnellit«s, w .is horsowhippod in tho treets of Dublin Tuesday by a nephew of late Mr. Parnell. Tuis suspension announced Tuesday id Uerlin, was that of IlirschUeld & Wolf, bunkers. Their liabilities amount to 300,000 marks. JN a religious riot nt M<isindcrnn, Persia, a mob set lire to tho house of General daailal Goaley Khan, who was killed, with wanly d- pendents. 'I'llt; lli'itisb convict transport steamer Enterprise has been wrecked by a cyclone uoar the Adaman Islands convict settlement, and seventy-seven out of a crew of ighty-three drowned. 1'IIE Neu Freie IVOSBO snys that the Hungarian treasury has accumulated Ihe sum of fjO,000,000 ft irins in gold in order to re-establish the currency of that o tun th* 4 »wlcibaw «»tber he replied! "W< ttH My dear boy, we haven 't seen weather ytt~o ».ly i»wmples, don't '•IU CWlsn Wiiii.Ur |» WwWBgtoji any you tj ^WwlW* W«Uh«»nnyt PbawoU'i oWwrtflom* furtUer. Making hrlelw without strawl iijiMt < 'wii"'"" a f— • - H " B»niie4 •*»*- V«% wNttradtyi ns» frhat • oppression •UU goes,on. P«« (Me itmitk MMM *UA nsteiii, m imMtTotea UMHU twd dtUMto, mi dom't W* UQUI Ph»,<ioir» threat mado \hm »U mui of your wife approprtatv wo.d. ^ .^^ti* 1 ^^, ^ a ,l0 ct 1 ii^d^* iiti^i'iV laTs^dlMuelH i»t«rti«U9Ml ta> UmW. Not the g«to Ammn *»4 robe . n d V«»tlf4 t«W.. w,Hiiouun;o. U^A&Mm^ Hocked In Mia Orsdla of the D»*p Soaadi nlca, don'l lit Uut O, how fast aud furl oua art lbs tecklun In tougti \v»»ih«rl The In iMllnal wsrfar* iMgotfaa lu your vital* by the *«*'• coinwotlpa baggaia dasnrlutioa, AVtisl' lb* propel Mpef. uud«r tliet* clrcuiuiltnoMl T«k« U«iWlt«r's Stoaavk ItlUers, NQIIIIHK cam paraWe te II l »r wosdjlna aea alckneaa or the klu4r«4 atutte (row wlilob wa'.y dallcat* law) Irsvalara aaBar. Oyspapala, cram (ia ,cou8tliiallan ana lillknMBtaa site are lay«rl»lil/ and promptly ismeditd »| lae Bllttra- Biuoaurt lu rou^ti wastltfr la ellaa nredncllvt of hurtful «WW' -averted I)/ •' - f. ia, pita timely uw ol II aids warmth iltww inilaraiWliloh^il ai'wirweWsli^^fjV ^.0% 1 |IM wbaa^UiuijiBBmlaad eli tnneljf uw ol Ihe UKlart, wliloh^iluasa au a'griMi -IIIOOIIII lha ayatw.sMd Mrow illUo\v>. IU« Wpoa.lulllla «X(r; Ilia CRIME!. WILLIAM BKSPTU, nccujed of wife murder, is placed on tiial at Little Fulls Minn. "NOT guillv" is the verdict in tho ensr f Rev. W. K' Gilford, Iried nt Milkank i. I)., on the chiuge ef adultery. AT Plainvillc,, the body of Mrs Ni hie lloliiiis VIM I'lind buried in Ih ir. She had hi en In ninth- murdered Her husband has been arrested. Mns. CIIAIILKH liKAtiicR, tried at Woon siukcl. S. Lh. tir In ling LIT l.iisbrniil. convicted of murder in tho irecnd d gree. IN New Yoik Wednesday. John Kra mer, a laborer, shot unl probably f.Uul'y inj ired his wife and then hanged him seif. .losErrt MAYEU, Ihe proprietor of (he Arsenal l'olt"rv at Trenton, N. J , has been robed of 875.000 by a conspiracy of his employes. Walter Licke, a half-wilted young man killed his lather, nn idiot, with nn axe, about three mil 'H northwest of Oi irk Mo Mondtiy morning, THE K'tnsaf City express on the Mis souri Pacific was held up by m tsked men near Ouiuha Wednesday night.They broke op n the express safe and got away with 83.M0 MAYOII RAOSDALE, of Mobeil.', Mo has sueil justice Robertson of that city for 810,COO for slander in charging that the mayor waylaid and shot a councilman On IN USE highbinders have again eegun operations in San Francisco. Throe Chinamen have been found murdered there within the last twenty-four hours. LIEUT. DODOE, on army officer, haB been uirested at Hannibal, Mo,, for burglary. EUNEST ScntiOEDEit, the murderer of Annie Bree, committed suicide, in North St. Paul by shooting lo avoid arrest. Mus. BKAUUSLEY, who committed mi- cido in tho Dixon jaiiThuisdtiy night, left a letter for her children, in which sho protested her innocence of the theft fur which HIIO was arrested. THE major and city treasurer of Huron, S. D., are ei.j lined from paying wan ants and bonds find to hi;vs been illegally issued, and the county treasurer is enjoined Iroai eelling property for tnxas illegally assessed. THE young Texas negro who murdered bis employer's wifo and child, wus chained to a tree ond burned alive by a mixed assemblage of whitos ami blacks. ts I and you the,' nnd b"for< ho bad u chance to olj:ct I .J.„MII lo iimlre. lea while the conjurer j -.imped no and threw several elniuk.i of iiieut into t'e pot. The told me it wns venison, but I know it wns dog meat. I nevei had any tiouble with him after that, A HE INVETERATE OAMULEIIS. "O/ c r journeys lav acriss swollen stremu and resti.-si lakes," R?v. Mr. Vi ting continue 1, '•uud Hie trips were perilous to nn iti.usual degree, but my -con's . 1 AM.vs bnngi't mo through sifely and I learned to rc, U' at danger. These victims before a hoard of "examin" I Indians know nothing of intoxicints and iig hiEp-eons. These poi-ons me 'on.wi d n tl e most mysterinu8 manner by Hie old corjiire.s <f the 'ribes. i-i :l,er hiif occupation. They RT into the tores's idoiie und Liims back t« their wigwam- willi slraiuo hctbs and links, which into liquids tln<twoik b-inble xectrinn amot'g the buck< «in«h'd out f~r deatli. Nu remedy has ever been found In iqicrrtte agairst Ihe il'iigs. Il.-atti in variably follows, roiiielinic swiftly and with awful ngony, I ut morn iirqueutlvi ki the hipso of months of dreadlui suf-' bring. "Fourteen I r.ivt-s h nc be. n sent I to tiie good tr.,oping uroiiud-i by tliis' liand," said one old lorj'iier. sbakinu M* hmil in II llireutening tOnturrt to Itcv. Kgrrton II Young, a n.'s.ioniiry who liv d twenty years with the tribes. LIKE A MONO THE rAVAOKB. Rev. Mr. Young tells a liilibnig story of his life among these swages. J'iie mis- sionnry is ninin of powertui physiq'in und athletic proportions. "I livid v i h two of the tribes so long tint tiny nil ratio] me their little brother," he raid, "l'l.ey are u powerful rnco. The men am huge and very strong, A-i jou may know, the Cree und Salteaux Indians uro Ihn last tribes we find on this continent before reaching the Equiuieaux. My work as a missionary was in a country ubout 700 O 1,000 miles north of Wimi'prg. Too line that separates the Indians from the Ki- quimcuux is not marked, and, while their Diluting grounds are not far apart in some places, the customs ot the people are very il.ff -rent. The Cree and Salteaux Indians are not bloodthirsty,but if once their nnirer or envy is aroused, death more terribb than that inflicted by tho scalping knife or tomahawk awaits Hie victim. Their knowledge of poisons is extraordinary. I saw many victims of thn deadly drugs administered by old conjurers, aud during my twenty years' experience with the are therefore tru^t .v rt'iy. Th'.-y do not • veil know how to brew iti-brinting liquors trom hciti-. Their only vico is gambling, and 1 have ill most pciauadcd them t.i quit i hat. liiey gaulile by sitting around on Hie ground and giu'sdug at the number if slicks one of toe g.inblois holda in bii hand, which is i:cr< led ni'd'r a blanket or Hie skin of an .vcimal. Whun I first wont among the Cree Indians this vice was priic'ieed In an alariuir-ir •-xtcnt. I have wn ln ; iiiu-i to g . to tlio fur ag.'ncies witu lh-:r uidir-j winter's catch of prl's und com" bit. k »ithout 'i stitch ol eioihiilg to nroiect iheir firms. They would Imvcr over t 1 e Id-ieKit-, giiHssinval the ii'iin'jor of 'tick rniil Mil... t.,,d lost bhiiiKets, !uvs, ,l|..'--, iln^i.guia, eluHiing and fi.i-illy wifo aad chi:d.i n. Ti.e-e of e.-un it worn i'x- crptiennl rn-es. I'.iljg.iui} lor,n-iiy ex- isli d in tb-: iri'-i but tba'j vice hui sl- mosi ilifltppeared. "Tl'.n Initial s ,,iv now 1 finest andie- reivo our teaehinif with evident cui-IOj.I. to theni^elve-. I foiiml many iioble ,,r;d geni-rou* Ii I'otvs iinir,ng '.hi in. miiiy pn-ui- uiit t-ave.ting cmip mions. SJIIK* oi iliem uicviry willy in their o*n tongues, rhry tell very funny and p'cili.,r j -Wes ut, the end ol a long ji.irney. alter the tires luivo lieen lighted for H.e night. For more than ten years I havri li.ed inning tliem without, fastening either the or windows of my lieu.e. 1 never s ffcred Iho lo-s of any of my property, although somo of my liilongings temi'ted these people sorely. When I think of thei' fi lelity and faithfulness to me, nnd the splendid services run lered to mo and my goo.l wife during our long lite among, theiu, 1 feel f i ly compensated for tho hiird-hipB through which I pusi'il and the suffering that at limes alteii led my work.—Chicago Sunday Uere.ldj TIIE STAT UK OF L.1UKI4TY. try. A .DierATcn from Naaiur, capital of Ihe province ot the same name, BUJB that the castle of Dake Fernan Nuner. has been partially des'r .ivid by fire. The loss is estimated ul 8-00,000. TUE Sudo e'uuzo, who gained a world wide notoriety through his attempt upon the life of the czirowilob at (Hsu, Japan, and who was sentenced to impiisoment tor life,died in prison lust week of pnou mmja. WRBS AND OASUALTIBS. 4- 1 Tnm sleara barge Sovereign foundered on Lake Superior. A KUMDEH of business blocks in North D tltimore, Ohio, have been burned. Loss •200,000. Finn at Terry, Mias,, Sunday destroyed several buildings and a large amount ol olton, TEN men were instantly killed and sev eral injured by an explosion in a Wilkes bare, Pa,, mine. Tola explo eion of naturf>l gas in a build ing in Alfogheney, Pa„ Tuesday mcrnine injured five per««nn, one of (hem fataJlj SBYBB^I . men were killed and others injuied by a thresher boiler explosion in Dakota, AT (JWwgo August Potke WM killed wfeile lit, vfort • in Armour's glue factory Wedneadsy wernlBf by a faJUn^timi Multitudes of lllrds Mlrimtfii) to It by tha Klcclrlo Llulils. A fo«v cvonings ago I took th- steamer, with a party ot naturalists, to Bedlou's Island, as the electric light* ut Iho top of the statue nro known to attract multitudes of birds every spring uud fall. There bad been col I wealuer for u few days before, and millions of biids were hastening south. Wo obtained a permit aud went P to Iho topmost, gallery of the statue, nud waited. The n ght had not far advanced when ull the heavens seemed to 1JJ come full of wiogB, which produced u . mpestof whirring sound. Thon came the calls of thd'lettders, and Ihey rang out so clearly that Ihoy could be heard for half a mile through thu storm. The responses wo e fainter than Ihe signalling cries, but they wera quite definite. Tho object of Ihe calls, of courso, was to koep the tlick< together, for, us could he seon through strong glassed, birds ot a hundro i species were driving along on the breast of the storm, All that came near the statue hovered around tho light in large eire'es, but some of tboui struck against the bronziorslone. There were snnd-pipers of e'very kind, 'peeling, paeting," as thoy went; goltUn- wings und other woodpeckers, with their loud and rather hoarse criei; warblers of every kind—and their signalling ran through a wide gamut of Biuuds—thrushes robins, meadow lurks, nuthatohers, und congregations of bobolinks that filled the air with hurricanes of lovely music us they swept by. Sometimes a huge bluck cloud passed along, and tlu glasses ihowed that they were blackbirds, but tbov did not chatter as they do on the edge of the for est, The leaders made all the r .oiso and preserved order. I know not how mun fljoks went by of teal, wood duck, bloc duck, mergansers, curlew, snipe, plover pewees, ptce'ie-biidi, and what not; but none could nihluke the kingfl ihers as they went, with their scolding laughter, thr .'ugh the dark. We caught a dcore or so of the birds in nets and in our hats, and kept them till the morning, after which we released them. And all through the night bats chated aud fsuited upon the silly moths that gathered around the spiket of electrie •7 tribes had frequent occasion to administer to the victims, for I was doctor, unigis- 'rate, preucher and cencber for them. Many is (he time 1 have been called from mv bed to go and stitch up some poor fellow who had been clawed almost to death by a bear. Some of these poisons operate in the most mysterious manner. One of the drugs in coitmon use when I first went among the Indians cau-cd great, sores io appear on tho face and body ot tho vietim. No matter what season of tho your this poison was given, i!o efficls .vci not visible until spring. Then thu sores would appear. Alter a while these sorcB would apparently dry up a>id scales would appear. When theso scnlos dropped '.!? great tufts of hair sprung finin tho sores. Then death followed. 1 lold ronie ariny surgeons at Winnipeg of tliene remarkable drugs and their tff\ cts, but my uicry was uot believed. 'Such things are iiwl nown to medical scieme,' I bo Joclois eplied. When I went back to Winnipeg again I took nr.o of tho nillirted Indi.iui with nie.Q The surgeonB s|,ent nearly j,a week in examining him. 'This is certainly thn first cuso of tho kind that has over been reported to the medical profession' «ni their verdict when they finished the examination. AUK 11EMAIIKAI1LE ATHLETE). Issued by [.tlio ASOT1IHK ADD11K8S I,«agu« of NHIICJIIUI Amerind. A large number ct birds Uy dead upon the grass in the morning, beviog struck the statue. One morning shortly after (he statue v as put up, over a tboniaqd birds wen picked up; but latterly they teem to be of the danger, and not near y so many are kll ed against thU ,tall obstrno- Hnn .T-JJdMUftii Co|lltt», to Harper'* Weekly. _ "I iieveruayaBOftttomtQn ter d«i m»n remarked he new efflae ,boy. *'H,e only aokidat«*y4»*» taw» wus* h« ton s^W 1 The only means of travel in that country," Rev. Mr. Yr^uiig continued, "is by infant of stall drawn by dogs. The Indians are reinurhubie runners und pride thotnselves on their powers of rnduranco in Hint lino. If nn Indian ir, so, rtu- ate as to excite the emy of a rival i uaner he is vtry apt to get a dose of poioon, The drugs given in such eases are equally as mysterious in their effects ns those nd- miiiisUrud whero death is to be produced. SJIUO of Ibefce drugs parttlyzo the lit;'* ot tno runners, but have no other effrct. Other drugs simply stiffen the limbs. But to return to the powers of of the Indians. In my truveli about, the country I was invariably accompanied by a scout, or pilot, who run ahead of my sled and pointed the way for my dog, This Indian lot! ;uo on a ] uirney over the snow of 450 miles in live and one-bull duys, ruuuing every step of the way. Ho seemed a« fresh when wo slopped as. ihe day wo itartcd out." During the first two years 1 carried n compass, but 1 learned that it was of no use, and alter tl at iclicd entirely upon my g lide. The instinot of these men, or whatever it is that letids them safely though the forests, is truly amazing. They never falter, but go on and on, without varying from their course in tho slightest degree. At times (ne brill .int aurora boroalismaVot travel by day almost iw- pofsib'e. The brlllnni colors are reflected from the snow in suob a manner us to almost blind a traveler, and give hl >n a disease of the eye lhat is both painful and dangerous. At such Benson wo travel by night. 1 have been led through dark forests by my Indian scout during these seasons at the same speed that he niado during the day, And always oame out at Ihe right place. He never swerved from the course. Often blizzards would sweep across our path, und we would have to get out and walk, but no matter how (he elements ragea, my good scout always pointed tho right path, Of course roads are unknown in this country. We might travel between two places a desw times and never follow rxaefly the same traok. My dog weighed 160 pounds when in good condition toruo, and he and my Indian friend have been my only companions on many a long and per- Hons journey, OIISAT FQWRB Of TUB CCWURKflS, "Tiie power exercised by the conjurers overtbeirtribei.U y^ry groat, and they i know Ibat the mliBionnries ootue to break it, Wbennn Indian feels an inspiration or an Inclination, whatever it may be to become a conjurer be goes through, a sin- '#nUvf courte of Gaining, lie'will* ait . LINCOLN. Neb., Nov. 0.—M. V. Gannon, president of the Irish N.itinnul League, Win. Lymati, treasurer, and John P. Sutton, secretary, tod iy issued a lengthy statement nd.lies«d to the friend-t of ire- laud in America, It. refers to tho rival factions iuflauit'd with hate arrayed against each other in Ireland and says tho;e who would In" naturally looked lo there for ciunsel tending to >•• ' a, '° "nd unify are foremoot in fermenting frahcidal strii. adding ,i it is patent to every thoughtt'ul man uiiit. the c-i.tciiding pur- tice ave too strong fur one to politically | iluslroy tho other. Union tiet'vccn them is ith'olut«ly nec-vsniy io Iho i.-icce s of th« Irish cause and it inus, be r. union of htud end heart, based on euitiml concession, even if every present uspir.ia' ; !•• the lender- Bhip has to he forced ijdo rotirciaent. "It should be resolved by ii.: ; iio'u in America lhat no pirliamentary faction shall be permitted to bring upon our motherland ruin more complete than Kngland's tyranny bus bean ub|.j to iiccomplisti. We believe in the manhood of Ireland and to it we appeal to force these parliamentarians to sinp their iiuarreis or make way for other Irisiiincn to WILVUI the intewta of their country nrc of greater merit than pi rsonul ambition or personal animosities." The address calls for n more thorough organization nnd redoubling of its efforts to make Ihn Irish loaguit of America n migiily engine for good, not only for he-" Innii, hut ter the Irish raco all over Ihe world. Thu nddruBS says it has beon boaslcl by n British statesman that a gun could not fired in ICuropo without the consent r.f Mnglnnd, because, strong in bur own splendid system of organization, she scpi every 1'nropean nation in a sUito of turmoil and disorganization Ihroug the IIIKI-UIII of subsidized secret societies, Sho is phi)ing the same game in America to Jny, snyi the address, aud nsks: "Can wo possibly hope to over- eoiiia her pcwt'ifi'l inllncnce without or* ganizing to eciunter.ict it V" Tilling; feu iH» lo Men, It is the inistnki) of a lifetime lo give » ninn any libtrfy which you would not want known, und lo expect .him t> kij;p the matter a seen t, siys Kl.iWhetler IVilcjx in The Lidies' Hvme Journil. Mho cxcep'ional unn sometimes hit'.-o the indiscretion of a young girl whom he believes spake or from iynorttncu; but the average man, in the highest the sumo as in thu IPWOJI walks of life, boasts i f his successes with toolisli women, und the rendi/.vous, the letter, the embrace, or the souvenir which she has given him, thinking it will never bo known to others than themselves, is shortly the matter of gossip among adczan pooplo. Woman bide their secret* far better than men do. They feur the censure of the world too much to share their errors cf indiscretions and confidants, But men tire almost invariably vain and proud of their conquests, und relate their achievements with the fair sex to ono or two admiring friends. They may not use names,. but let the incidents ouoe bo told, it is an easy ur.tter to discover the personage if one is at nil or rmus to do ro, The only w„y t keep mon from betraying our indiscretions it uot to commit them. I face made these remarks in the presence ot several '.adiee, and one iif them replied, "that she was glad the bad never! geen acquainted with the class of wen I knew." At tho sauio timo tha*, lady 't mime bud been used highly lo a club room not a week previous, and ber India. crtetRotions bad wen eommented on'bv "the oliwa .of men" she did know. Lgnlt LucienBonapArioV»ea'ot tuolen Oonuuarte and a nephew ot toe tot-fa, poleon, died in R W9 Tuea4»y, Aged 78 y«m« ' % <• '''

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