Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 10
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E' Tcdl at the].I Seco id (pa Telejphdlie ..|.....7TII iM (Priyati Brahch Excli mge Connectloii a All pcpaiftli ent»)- Ti ciil Paber Cltir'af lola. let il Paber City if Bassettj t lc( n Pa^er^lkllenf County. ] By One One One One Six pariler Ji} lol £j3afi pty, LaHarpt W»clc . V .I Mdnth .1.1.] .....70 Cent*. rSfLT .... .1'..'. *;.$7;80 BY'l MA L Outs dei Allen County T «kr •.....^.;|.... ......15.00 MwtthH .....1.... .......KM. -'^ - ^ *1 Kft tiut-a UBSCRIPTIDN Yeir Vfii! (-bpni-t 'EM Um CHlAS, fcOTt ' Thrie |l|lonlHs. ..|....J HBO: ' ^ Irj Allen C««nty M. i±w One - Six, , Thrte tilontlja , On ?l .MtIfith Mertbe^ oT— Nithttal fidHeria) > aMclatlon. Kinsai Pr !ss A I MIDC atien. THe i ansa» Dally t eague. Aiidlt Bun au 61 Cli culation. Pnetr Cont reci: br-: tl e World. In|an^/Dal|y Pre»4 Aaaoclatlon. Mpiv (6ER ^ le rteBLstbr <;iiit*d 'PrMH 1* cxrluslvely eiij tlicl u!^«? for ^cpubllcallon of all t\fW \ 'ilit<:>atclib .s c*cdilcd to H or not Vth rwls • cAlitiwJ In this paper] artd ali> thn local|ne«v! published hcre^ In. AllirlRhli or rcpul liOatlon of .-pf- clal (Ils^atchts hcnclil » rc also rcsprveil^ Tljy niin^ cycK: thy ;trt tli.— •fiovt li<Ml hapH. withj mi^ny oj iSOCIArEO PRESS. I tarrf^K the Associated tpfecfal leased wIrt] loviiiK kijictn and Til : >KSy BA^iUMJ LAW. (".ovtrnor Paiilen is hlinserf hankor and hat'^qrlion of .lilH inc»- Hagd tt the Logi«lai:urt' rcconiniend- ci 'Vtain chanB<fH In the laws I rn ng J)linkiiiB 1^ Kansas car- iv til it morb ai thority. pei*- hnn any otijp*. part of the dobiinii nt. Thej Lo [islaHire very liroripri y ha^' hoen (fiijing these rcc- oinnicn latloiis carefii cdnsiderstloti' uDdj1h|! Hniise ban twissed a Wll whiiih ijontalns proyls ion.s in accord f them. Postofflc« Matter. •a RATES.!. | I Thought tor Today. \ SH is before' I hjive walked In' day, ends one of l-newspapcr fights Kansas, and likewise places Pitts^ burg in line with E5DS BITTER {FIGHT. "independenceRiporier: The con.^ solidatlon of the Pittsburg Siin tbt^ the Pitiaburg HeaHlight, annountJi r mCTt oir which was made ycsHdr- tho- most bimr in the hi8torr''6f Bad the remainder t)f the cities 6t Kans^ as a one ne^s- pafJrt" field. j Pilisburg has lieeii fcept in sncli » (urin^il for thif'triist ^ear Wfth thu newspaper fi^ht that it i.'ns having a very bail effect on pritp- ei 'ty ^'vaMifcs tlierb. Notr that ftie ,Sun anil Headlight are 1o be. ^t tinJter 'tfne ^fbdr and 'Aahagcil 'by otic set ot cxiSiiiltlies'that "«ty will settle down to roAstriictlve VbiAss and be' cntcrtaint^ by a mhti wholeHbme ilcVsp^per service. ' Witli the 6kco'p|:ion of Wichita. axpa: one o incom .subjet missif upon the nil must Toppka, Parsons and Coffeyvtte. JKauHas cities of lany donsequetttte arc served by one newspaper, shid it is sii?nificant .tliat tliis condition has meant a much improved fnetts- i)3^er. service and less town sli^tc, after a reasonable time followibg' thi^sc mergers. ] - ' '' ' Wliere many of tbesD cities hei'e- toforc 'had' been aenrcd by two'to tWree papmof fdrif to'uix pigc editions with poor equipment ahd H^liited news gathering facilitibs, they are now getting real nietTo-| [loliian HorH'icc in ten to tweii'ty- page editions, and with the best rtcwa g.ithdrlng sources kn(>wn to tlie fl,^ld. The important pariikri phs of this \)iljl may be Buni- mar^zoi as follows! Bikini h biinkinp is jprohibited. JianJti «aiinot be drganiied with Ires tliiin $1 .S.OOO capital in small toivris iand $35,000 ih^' cities of the first cli .ss. I'roliipits Ioa.Tis io officers, cni- ji; lytf.s and director! or the! dis- cdiintin; of their pa jcr in excess Bf Slptr ci-nf of the) capital and surplus and then or ly . with t'b^ appdovi I of the! directors. f.'reabs a secotidaiy reserve oi nun cit al or Rpvetint icnt bonds in iiddi ioj to the pri'iiary reserv^ now re luired by law Pir)hM)it small bants moving inJ (o l:rc»r cities wftli^ut increasing! capifal' and surplus. All tihoKO prov tcrially str^nrahcn the prc»- - nrisKiori WMll ciit jav Tlic l.pgislatu ever, t<h Klvn thrt ptai er authori t-e! 'rt-fuscd. liow- e Bank Comy t;|j stop the pr- ganij'.atjlon of prilviate believe I until aj'fo^ that t"ic comm authority under test icsse Itikcn ('oiiri.'^iowevf'r. li 'in I list a priv foin^i'ci iinywhcrjif In parl^<'r|>iliip without sibni ba'nics. It was months ago Hsioiicr had this |lhe ij to IroHUl chart i-r I . niept. , the Sin resent law. A Ithcj Supreme :cd In H decls- |ite bjink^lght bej he istatp a}» a obtaining a from tljc^ ba iking depart- law fought to give lartment the rhc new p bankiiigide; .taking this po.qitton l)clicyoH I he law; blunder, the bus! serpryis lure j of |jank''if (nMsi-p $ -ciiiirs priy: te Tht'ij? now. llii o[-K pie wh bankinf} men j w DeposJit! I.i |TIik> public. Kttuie autlidriiy has thrtn failed In Kansas durin year!^ buiJk i unyi! RueaH i samfj aj thority Over pirivate «a ovjej- Kiate iuinks, brtith!; Legislature <le<-.iHive>Iy. rcfusjid jto permit it. Ill the Register ijiakUrs niade a By the very na-i ini'ss it pursues a a, pub ici or al least a ihlfc inscitntit ii. It Is ex-; i'ij (^ifYnf| the IHinctjoni of a trust. ndling oiher -I .! ithior^fore. through jjoijier of the ;Sl|ite, ought to over it. Of y.. that many je organized, in' the State hat they will jnain by peo- it is not hanks re only the trouble nizod in H|ke r 'fdjii T tlic with C| •krifaK Is will scorfj t^at "a n lii.s neiihhors" udicd a ifei sol gainst AVithj a4l the skftgua l)e*n able ore than jlOO nvhat vi 4-hich a ori of pub; will ijiaw ample the laWi i >ne has th:U I establ t»^ ill he huse arc good and >eople's mon- AIVT.IT THE TKl'TH!! Kwihg Herbert: The cditoris collectively have no influence, or If they havc.'do not exercise it. They do. not co-operate, "file average Kansas editor can't *vi«n "jnflu- tiniJe" his legislatfvc mcfaiber to do anything fori Kansas newspapers, it anything i^^as dcslrcdi Tliousaiids oi: papers- froiti other stales clrcn- lite in Kansas 'thit trade advertising for railroad mileage, yet the Kansas legislature passed a. law. forbidding Kansasj papers from doing it. Thdtisands of papers circfti- Ute in Kansas ttiat carry cigarct advertising yet tlie Katasas legislature won 't permit Kansas papers to advertise cigarets. The logisln-' ture opposes Kansas newspapers in many ways, but : the'* newspaper' men, as a rule, stand for dlscriin- ination like sheep, showing thLt they' have no organization of any Ipower or qnaifty: " IS THE tlAl'S Hugh' S. tobson. whd is! lo relieve William Phflilps wlren the lA- ier Jrfves up- thfe [pdst bf ' Uhlifetl States ambassador-to Bcfgilim 'tti ecome first; American )tlihiytbr -to ^'anada, has 'been Tn tho diplomatic ervice since 'iSOg. Whl6n tbfe vi»r • ^uropcl began tie waH conaectcd' with the femliassy'In; IjOrndon. Hfe' vent to Brussels to aid the Unitfi^ ; 'lates d plomatic. forces there, as he duti< S' of that embassy increas- >d. and th>re he remained until the :orpr. was torcied to withdraw from Brnnsels befoi -e 'ihk inVasIon of the jcrman armies. Mr. Gibson 's cx- jcrlence in the diplomatic profds- dbn, ant) hls '^ierft'dnal'qualities as I man. 'made him aninvaluablei t>prescntativc of the tJnitcd Stated luring days That tedted men most Irastlcally. After the war he re- uriied .^o Washington . for special luty in I the Department of Stat'p. Recently he has held the post of Minister to SwitzerlaiiJd. don't know atoything about supplied by; 10 can't atfortd to lose it.- cited on the; lati shjjiild stand by- |«nd bujiit nponi prej- shcd bank^ (Is theJStat row . aroun^ hanks hav ; the past si he record o' subjected f' !r,vision';f Ou not supl nex^ Legislature to write Init the .pa.ragra;jh which thi^ rejected.; th4 .i'Cpfislature !lges luuit !»e who introtfuofed i In for P $1 to ma now is as not en inlrodured int <i piroviHing that pro obatc County, j Awpartntly • thi^ to gdt [tha Ice tii({i ineiigible. then S Multilrj ed for its; it Aiiyway, )k bad now. ed il.spiri-r . 4« olied Senate Mo.vir{>4Haugcii 'ijiiij iias vot Ibiid now nse. otcci aw^^'ers. Thi hat' bill' must Juiige $3mlth man out o agEiinst th ast year an' •it. the mif\ was thtm ^f it was ba(l| The Senate, bas like politid lfli|e stiteBTifeh. J: .ii Slightly, more than 20 per cent (f the highway crossing accideiits tn the Missouri Pacific lines dur- iife lS26.wrt-e caused by vehicles leing driven into and against the sides oftrainsj. according to a' itatement issued by the Railroads afety Department at St. Louts, ther railroads make similar re- orts. But isn't it about the nth ;egree of carelessness to drive bn Automobile into a moving railroad train: ' , -~. ' ' "At Glendale the 'heavy rain caused « landslide that baltfed traffic on -Verdugo road. The business section of Bucna Park, near AnB- heim, was closed at noon when ten inches of water stood on tht stretet floors of several stores."—Los An-; gtl'es dispatch. I ^ And.evcjj-body east of the Rocky Mountains who ever has visited Losj Angelies. viill Icnow at oni;e that: such n deluge ot rain "ncr^r happened before.*' It sounds Qucerl to bear a man in this day and n^e ol the worth talking'about "My',[subject's"' aid 'My govcrnineni,"! hiid "My anny nd navi^," sb tfaejspcech from tliic ritlsh throne upon (he . reasseib- bliilig of Parliament; always is fun- tjV. 'But the lapti'speecli, read the other dayjby His Majesty George the Fifth, was funnier than usual, lie siid amodg other things: "tJts i^latidhs yith China are.friendly '^kd'' i liaye dispatched warshiiis ifiefc to cxpfess my «ood'fcelfnB*^ iBastnueh as tho^c warships carry bigjgutts and about 20,000 soldieHi Chiha may; well thank her lucfy HtnrM tile British monarch doesn't we 'nhy iU 'feel &ig' to' express.'" INCOMET^X able Item in toe returns Of m: H whole (Ir iii part. o!r by rers and twii jwa tion-fVom gr.os to depts' asccr less i ductidn from for b id '• debts, for tlie year 1! ? may s< to app ner |of 'xaminat ^thod j sel be ftillo subscauciit I years, except ias missid coram Permission t meth( d is| Ii4iitcd ft) ta.\pay bavins a large Congressman Cordell HtillJ of Tennessee, has accepted an invitation to make the principal address at the big Democratic pow-wow which is to be held i^t T0pel Washington's, birthday. Mr.^ will make a Democratic sp(«(| right. The only question h? %\-^ieth- er Kansas Democrats, "who been living on. political skim so long, will be able to eruli'iib the strong meat he will feed thejn. a on Hull h all ROSS \\. C. S.) Almost hefoae we know tini' for varalpons will he at hand UveU^ milk ^•ild Tihe smart Out near- McDonald, Kansis. a strictly farmers golf club has been prganized. known as the "V heat Growers Club." and at one time last week there were 2G cars | ark- ed around the grounds.' But i"i)r the iove^of Mike, don't Icll .Mc|\aiy and Haugen about it: fisuro out a way to leave notary, the first of tho se clubs. Will be 22 years old on 23rd of February.. It now is [vic< I he- organized in 3S different counti-ios and has a membership 125,000 men. ot al BETHEL (.Marjorie Oibson.j Feb. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. Arllliur Kricson and Lawrence ciilled at B. L. (Ilbson's Thursday uftcrn|ion. Mr. Erlcson helped .Mi^. Gil|soii butcher a hog. ; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zimmcrinan and children visited at ° Joli|nny Zimtnerman '8 Sunday. Mrs. E. S. Bacon spent past Thursday with her niece, .Mrs. Earl •Albert, of Easmore.' ^ [ I - Bert Sears spent Friilay niglif at iRoss Laver's. I .Mrs. Mildred Balm of.; linmli|)Idt visited with her sister. .Mrs. Johnny- Zimmerman. Monda.v. Farry. Fred. Ralph. Ruth. Cora and Margaret Laver spent Sa ur- ilay evening at Fu;^smans, lis eu- Ing to their radio. Arthur Ericson attended the ^ya^niBt sale Wednesday. Mr. ind Mri^.. E. L. Gibson and Virgil visited i*ith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett Wednesday afternoon. wives at home The av.erafii j going a.way fr work: twelve of only eight. We wonder {licily, Charlie to make u suci ()ni home in order to out OUT OUR WAY comes a dog. tor lias been disciihs when l)ccomes an A .Aiil'rica i.s iu.vehtion.s. sajj True;, fiut ; ; about it until dresser which of ev<!ry rolhi droplied near robins already CURRENTS oiies will he ;md tho olherd vacation con^ ours a day f. with all lh|s puli- •hai)Iin will Ij ess in the mo Tlii- .\rkansils leKisIaturo e able Ties? Is trying tu find .out wiM 'n a pjip be- After that vitdl iiial- scttled, they a state legi igust Body. eading the wArld in s a Boston prr f^sgsor. lie sliouldn't brag she has prod iced a won't jUMi|) >n to| r button tli|at is it. Three bundi-pd and sevenl liave ;been s Chicago this year. hi:t no o' attJMUpted • to which have he esjof radio tc July. )r-ount the blij n' choking tli |ior.«! ever sin^ Wlieii Charle sjatiL'ster. was leJI. lie: wa .s g with whicli lo he is sentencel i-!iair,jthey wll|l probably a riilihvr suit. .• Birger. the locked up ven a niachiii protect Iiiuis 1 to the ( Lt -r GO OF M 4 !. iuU VS/A\-V<^. UET CtO l SAV! I've HAb €.»slOU&H of K /OOR OWNiMO ' Lt'ti ME OpT 'HE. \Nf\4 GUA^NiG RiQHT AT KAe Gtb X SAS I - t, the lible to their won't. isis of pils tine ned fter With nstead might latiire [NDEPENDENCE Feb. It.—The teacher and pt f re having their anniial valei oxj today. \ ~ ' ' Katliiyn , Shauflllinessy rclu to LalliiTpeihigh schobl today jj !in absence of two weeks Ineisles. y r. and -Mr.-. Leroyj Ayers s^ient 5iiii da.v; wiih the latter's brother n< ^vife, .Mr. and Mrs. Fcjster "uik. : j I aroid Campbell amended teacli- i ^Ts* meeting in lola ijalunlay.' 1 > r. and Mrs. Bert Wilhite \yerc jifho^iping in lola Saturday. | j IJi-.^lie Larson spent^ Saturday in PitLsbuig visiting his friend. Ifre'l li)rydenl who is attending college at that place. ; i • i Mr. and .Mrs. Frod; Pierce were ill lola'Saturday. ! j Harold and Robert Campbell f^pciit last Wednesday evening .vfitli Fnsi^er i Funk, listening in on the radii.. I i John i .Vcil'in is again in sch'ool afteit an absence of two weeks, j -Milss I Alberta Brdwc spent Ihe wpcli end with her uncle and aunt'.' .Mr. tinil Mrs. Fo.^ter i-'unk. i .•Viijual Beth Larson is home from school joii account of chickenpox. •Mri and .Mrs. Harrison. Biand aiid cHildr<'n spent Saturday afternoon al' ti^e parental Bland • Mijis Anna Wiklniid the medsles. .Mrl and .Mrs. Will, whorH cover time, pose (1 Wh!| iidditi must facts, classe dition taxt)a shouli lime busind and t to sm) (if no less i serve Feb )ia!> hi stroke talk t wa slight Sam S. -M. .\niio' C. ci'ieki Mis:i called eveniife. Mrs severe .Air. niece, all da erson Mr. Billy vett a Sunda and twent.' Mrs cr wctt' Mrs ill fori out to -Air. giieri 'i iiicki-i 17. 1927 1 our- debtR <(i o. Institute a cbnsid reasonable! rese \ taxpayer fil 26 a first return Icct either ; meth roval by the Com- Internal Reveij on of the rfturn ?cte.d is apiirove*^ ed in returns n may isslonbr ]}c granted \ by o change. • ) adopt thei rese credit h a consij t is liot f handlii: I coiistitl jts been extended] erable portion granted for the p g OIK" specific dcj lutes a "reasona n" to' a Hi-.servc for bad de be deternj and wil ; of bus: of busi| Of using shinu ill f chiiVgi ineil ill light of vary as .betwf] ness and with c ness prosperity, the reserve metl; us and at ihj beginu taxab |i> year, a during tli ^TAR nirs. S. T.-Mrs en 111 f< a week I her fri ffectiMl XViilianis Dickersi} Sunday . Dicke tu hoiise. Lola Lo Mt tho .M may be trtatcd iS, either by ded .income inj respfectj ained to bd wonth-' He- vo ng. of bdl uo If or rior number of accouht.4 his return'the wH sales (or . ot leij s\5 tra'nsajctionsi for ihe ytar, he i/er<'er lage of tlio rese -vtl h ainoun[t. the total aiim in wcouiils ri'i-eiva jlc ig and eiiit of iiH lid the total amojind of delits a.s'cerlkiined to be wonthH nd cliaraed agaiiist llio e taxable year. VALLEY ^I. Dickinson I Julia' .Anno. ijllowi{lg a paral (), i.s now able vi\s. Her lelt lliit she'can ni Iv he!' left foot. .Mr. and .\ and .Mr. and .\1 n were cailins; afternoon; son is' baildiiigl kart and Jiihii ( irphy homo Sumi f. V. cold, anil MrsI .Miss CI • pntjsts jWedncsd and Airs }dax. Mr; !ul Rex ai guests cipe.l -third liirl W. M. A': on i the M. L. Wck two wetl club Thn and Mrs. and M Lson We're eanl is ill wit! E. O. Banta :| iribel Smith, w n; .Airs. Ceiia Di ly- ^ • i Ca.v Hendrix iind Mrs. (I'lem d Clementine w C. L. piikerson' -eight en in [le lias ebirds voice last llinnis II his e gun IT. If [lectiic him ICalm spent Sunday at tlie home dfthe latteji-'s jiarents, .Mr. and .Alis.[John Xelspn. aispJMiss Berniece Nelson, wbo'jit-: tends high school in jolii. .AIi<. and Mrs. Herliei't Brown. Sckwithi'^nija.i' venlioij noon.. f-v noon. Th. P'.pui^r dance higlif. .Mr. and A rhood siw nt. I !"•'•'«'-' fJoldf'n jA 'alley neiglibt; , .Sunday with .Air. and! Mr.s. O.scjar BroWn. Dcjnald Felkins spent Sum^ay with; Ralph .Stewart. .Mi|;. F<)ster Funk returned hoine Thui'sday night from Kansas C and jRaymore. AIo.. where she v iied her daughter. .Aii ss Bert KuiiU and other relatives. Club I nieetiuK has ponell until Fehriiaiy 21. with .Alrs^ been pokr .Ah--. isif.Ml of of E. Lockhatt'S .Alfllviii, celebrate [his' lldrfy. 1 rner and the w-it- ick list I:u;t wor-k. Kivett g! ver. who has bi| s, was ab)e to isday. '' |C. C. Beard, M and -Mrs. S. dinner gii-'sts Sunday. ;rte one ; of liarties Katun: and i-AIrs. iss Isabel s at: the ill (;:inie K. p; lien •S. .M. Dickerdon .\elson were il- {••(•hool board ci n- l Saturday aft lirtlroads i are toljrl tiiere is| at the .M li'i.v ami son 1{< at K. UiclJarfs Friday aftd are very bad. A r'e 1.: some lif )pe for a |; rtiu creek crois- Bert Wilhite. Tl p fifteenth .annual; tournament | for be |Cuban imateur golf cbam-{ I)ii>iiship will be held on the links ofj the JIavana Country Club the After Years She Eats And ^eeps wt 'ek of: February 21. BV WILLIi^MS -^M.A! CM ^O M V BE A ;^s»W« T HOSE -T??AtfB:c PDudE-MEM • A L WAVS -TAUlV ROOGH LlKe. -TMA-'-tb E.</ERVbNE; MOM- MOlf^ER ^^^^^^^ —••I year.s. stifiuac vous. 1 can flat anythin I (Iiin't -Mr.<. Heca UOTH gives ing, a wliiih r;(oma( ness. ful :st< full, b! can. eii Even i ika hii lioison was ill had stoni iind the gi-i pressure in lay h made hie Adlerika lielped me I so tli clr trouble for rc-itless and net-; ; and sleep gocj suffer an\ more willi ga'.i K. Touclistone. ise 'adleri va acts; UIJI| upper am lower Iimvel. ijhe system a UEAL;ileaiil d clears (lit jold ipoisops' usually c mse sour, gas, rtervoi: sness, .tleeple .45- leadaclie. Just O.V.K spool ps (lAS. ii;d relieves tli: oat-ed fef ling so tiiat .vi t; be ter and . sleep bettcj boWels iiove dail.v. .\(llv ngs out much affdition ilj'j ou never ;guessi d| V; hd • •> • • •> •> • THAT * • "S: DID VOU r •: ETEn STOP TO JBy Edsoni R. Waite Shawnee,! Oklahoma constant operating legi ' ant1 'liiaintaihln'g business principles an the time. ' hTHAT>they deal ly w everything their can in the way price THAT m the pii fairly and square- blic. giving them . of sejrviceand est: THAT linkcJ goods at! the low- blfe. price poss! quality ind economy are 1 togethei- at they- places of business janld they have their con pled to service. and ittentive to business. h tit to lidij |)ve| rs rs, atl lall lay a nd re k- nd Kirc TH.A.T they care ever>i want of THAT showi y the besj that is so supp vice THAT part these • blisiness a consc: advertisers are imate businesses their clerks are courteous ully consider the jtlte people. concerns entibus effort to t goods and ser- d at any price, i tt is wis4 'economy on ilie :ing public to read they shop. j ample choice and ifrom and the wise clings fast to this fact. ! the modern way of ad ver- is as ulsual th^ sensiblii or the buliiness concerns t6 lusiness. i the modern way ot buyiug reading jthe ads and buy- here the best buys are. Bl "SI .\l5SS Ct>.NCKR.\".^ TO PtiXSTPO-VE PROS- TY BA' ClL 'RTAlL'l.Nt! AD- riSLVt; L\.\D TALKI.NIJ I 'ESHl -AIISTIciLLA-. (Copyright. 1927.) ijf the buyj the ads before THAT'ads show price! to select buve ! THAT tisln^ way get I THAT is h.v ing V .AIA.NY II EL PERI A'ER' Rev. Park' ".Aly !W with j mula.) Lidhi der as Drives creases! For'lBiadder Rcliei 'jl* S Haiiw r SljoiaU | CijIomM!* «!<fo's lvn> iRelai eiicc. W. H S|t.. Columbus, fe was trou bjladder irrita used! iithiat^d huchii She would 1) 6 to § t&mes each'nigh?. W ly answer any Iptteil ted BuchH ac [epsom salts out foreign rii excessive adi^ity. relieyirig irritation, cost 24 each at allj KelIt;r. Laboratory, .M^haiiicshnrg, Ohioi Store. Ijocally at itnre's Mln- Mitel ^U, ^24. fo. iOhid; jsaj^s: >lbd seriously it5n jokitil w© '(Kel ler For- lalv-e t( [get up' "i mon tj ri the latter The ilrugl Oook'i i i» glad; U blad- hbwels. ihd de- thereby [tablets 1 stores. Drug is en ibiaed in woi •eitff r^.to'allEipe H VIA CE -the mcwith! IVI i « *»'"^ 1-r; -'•'''I at d make ihe birt ij>f . , h»piiT i 'crt Vy uainK '• JJther 4 . th i external lub"- caiU for JcxpocUnt s >4c]|er9. known and • liy thrrk gen- ' linalher*. Jlotber's :SS our vfiK triers :aiid; grand- nutlfen didJ SUrtw. ImaJ. anill i incan-^ wh Id write to ftradfle: 1 1 Regulator Co., B- L I 17, FAttenta. Ca 1 Ifor niondcrfiU let (sr'nt in pin njenvelope) con- dom- df '.MotKfr 'l covers tainin'ic nformatipn cvi!rjj cipedtant[ni6ther rhnuM lave. . ItcBin u ' now and you will dointr so as . , Friend" Ir" i drug' ktoia—cvcnnthtr^. hi\ by \ka ipod Alarining Ck|)n<iitt(|in Appo rent Hcsart Trouble for Yeiai s, Finds J efiejF flA/fe'' Majiy I)i$appqp]tments, \ J]hahks TaTf.Vac The r jmarkable experience of Mrs. F. J. Quinn,Ii\nngit40S LimeStreet, Tojieka Kansas, i4 the experience of thousands of others who after years of intense sufTering have found grateful reliqf and new strength in this wonderful tonicandremedy. "For several yfears," says ^Ire. i Quirin, "I suffercli frorn apparent: heart tr )uble. Thd blood would rush to my fa cc, there wpidd be a dull feel- 1 ing around my heart, and I would . find myself unable to swallow. Ii was as if sonjiething was choking me. "It wpuld be nricessary to call a : doctor when these! frequent attacks occurred. The medicine he gave me i on these occasions brought only tem• poirary iielief. So dlarming was ray cohditiqi that 1 wab afraid to go out fearing l^at I wou^ not be able to en I be lir- M. of pis ay gcfback I was even afraid to ride on a street car. "thenjl learned o^ Tanlac, and began faking it. Alnjost imraediitcly my appetite improved, my nerves 1 J^ came quieter, and soon I was com- jpletcly relieved ; of I the distressing j'heart.' trpuble, jvhith proved tp be 'pniy gas qaused by i^idigestion press- r- ing on rov heart. Icar'tsay t<fc>much for Tan ac." i . \ ! Behel it by MrS. Qui m-^ experience.'; Let this marvelous: tt tiiq made from, rootsj b irks and hbrl is acconiing to the fam jus Ta'niac f< nriula, rebuild your nil i -down bo^y, drive, out pain and poi; on, give vOu robust ihcalth. R^ul s after takint thb iir^ bottle win amize you. Ask ydur druggisl forTiy|c-todayA 1 ii ' j I j t ; I wiW sell at Piiblic Auction at; the Kirui •iCarlylc, on Deer C Beginning at 1 i eck, on— fiinn. Monday,: ^1 o'clock sliarp th'p following d<-scril)ed TWO] H O K.S|I-; S—One; jmare.jnew; l! g jod fariii w; nes; 1 rake; iiy stacker, rope: i kas engine weight lJ.300 lbs.; rOW '-slThrce: g«)od cows giving 1^ goodj h milk and I F.*H.M iivators; I nianur(> r.-section scraper; 1 horse, 'weight ling one year ing heifer.. .MACHI>ERV—Two cul- spreadcr tvalking blow; 2 h; wide tiri Fordso: I corn'plunter and wire;,;] double 1 disc; 1 good;|and niirn steel harrow; 1 IC-inch y fork.s; 1 road fe wagon, almost ractor' an'd -hovel; 2 se other art if: erou.^ tf> iiieiition. ;V1( is practicSilly new, :be TER.1IS CASH -j-If credit i.s ilesii-cd see voiir liankeir. MRS.UWPP whiijh lyourjsysiJe have lo Ig c:ui.«r ter wli: t you h; ach am bow prise >T)U. ni and wlyt li m: trouble. ~No ma ve tried {:ir stoni-i Is. Adlerika will sni ilii ola at the' Palade Drug iiore {and i .wnenithb childien cough, rub Must iterole on,theilr thi >ats and chesU. ^ o itclling I t ^wsppn tl es>-njptomsmayd ivelop irtto.troup. )r wK )rse. And ther '$ wheti y m're ^lad you have a jar )f, 'Musten le at hand to givi prompt rehe f. i As fii|t aid. M istei-ote is excellent. Keep a ar ready I ir instant use. ;- _ I It is t he rciWedy foriadults. too. RIcolts. go I licvess< re throat, 1 ronchitis, tonsttliti s. \ «» IIKA ' croup, itiff neck, asthma, neuralgi U <ow 'j ye hcadact c, coijigest on,i pleurisy, rhe i- k roan c*; matism lumbago, pains and aches )t .spring: back oij jointfe, sppairB, £»re[^ muscl^i (fresh .Mi vear.s oWl bab other druggists. Do liusM iKJpert igoji: ^ 1 jinckj piilleyii mow-• rake; and. aiyl !iaw; 1 -etj of plows; s i)f h: le^ too ol the ng| used only mess, nuin- alKJvc jam going/to quit farming ;i As 1 _ . _. . (place 2 liiiles wtstjand one-jlialf mile southi o'Mildreil on — MOpY,IFWiV will at Pi ; Public .'<u(jtion at my nning at io a. ni.. the following dts(| \n OFilKlKSES—One grejl Beg 12HE mare 7 years ciTd, foal by Percht ^iTon 1 bay gilding chilblaijis', froitedfject and.coldsof chest (i may prev mt pneumonia). To i toihen: I loaterole u alao tnaqv in mi der form' for es and imall children.- for Children's. Mnsterolc _|,mare • j: bay mar :^in foal black ni l .r.OO. in years ( 9 yea by P^rcheron horse; l|2 -rQW ;ire 4 ; foal h ,1.3T,lt; 1 ; weight 1 !:! years •••oniing die mard gaite.l li<! i; years Id.: weight 1 ,500. inl horse;' 1 grey weight 1 .400; 1 s old. weight 1.250, FARM AhiCoyn: corn piaj wire; ears old. weight • l|ercheron; horse; years old.; weight sows, w about Ml TKR.H.S black gelding 4 years bid, 250; r bl4ck inareiconiiug old; 1 <l;|rk grey diar« years olfl; 1 gaited Bads' yeais Old, in foal by 5- rse; 1 Ibhick mar,,- coming (old; 2 coming yearling id ones. 1 t OF rATTI ,K.-One black rs fresh in spring; w 9 yelirs old, be fresh in red cow 6 years old. he reh 15; 1 roan cow P be fresh in spring: I roan month ji old; 2 ri;d heifers old; 2 red cows. 7 and 9 , be fresh (in.spring. .Vi» OF H0<;»^3r ,i fciioat."! Ilieifer Jl S month! years oh .17 HI v.eight trom 9ft' tcj mowed; 1 Hoo fertiliser] nure spn 1 16-ij[cl drill; jl ribed property^ l .npLE .nKN '^^S .-Onc ft. ick grain bimldr; 1 Case . Inter with SO rods of new 2-inch Case i ling plow; 1 ct^tivator; 1 I ^ain : 6-foot -ftfljn 4 -whef ijbuclcxake; Ir 12 -\lific gra n drill with atlathnient; ij Rude ma- laderNl 3 -Keition harrow? walking plo v^ 1 ijhorse Ivagon wUh >px; jl. 1%_ iglit 250 feirch Hi. CASU.! 125 lbs.:; -J -lbs., villi red pigi| horse jFilirbanks-Mors > j engine in good di^fc; lots of juri^ iron such as old> intj.wing inachi leji arid, cultivators. Two sets ( f i brepching. bames > : nd .some collaj-s. i i /,V_ .HiSCE .A >EOUH— C ne brobiftjf and hwe-, 1.000 e.hick s ze; 1 telephone ; ''^2 large hedj :e J posf.s ; and 40 smill hedge pists. i <;KA|I> AMI FEEH -hboai. 1,300 bushel i if good < ;orn ii crib;' 150 buKheli; Kanota seed oiti; SOjbush- f els kafTH J/n bin- V)\ Balis of prairid hay; 140 khoc .s^ kaffir^fo4- der. i ' ;; 1 •- v. E. PKAC.'OO land IllVIOilT S.nOCK, AB«|tl« ijeers. : hens, fntst all piillets. j MIlinllfcD STATE iinK, iLtk, nIonWH sUrre m-'

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