Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 22, 1961 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 6
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(Council Proceedings M.,v <; Hit!I H« uui .'i Mtvtmc Mr. •!!•.: r.-)!!,- ; : V ordr: by ' :\ • •: !'.. K • 7 :M fnuncil- • :s r ,-ni Mr:'.: v. B: '"\vn. . i i;r: • ,m ; C: ; N.<m n* I' H '.\'i- !i , .iiui.'..i ;n h:s • .it . n . - (*o :m< :hrs :in. w .vch : it'.. •.f'.f.'.y .u-wp'ati K-.i • :U :. W:H;..-..i Lanco: man and S;::-r: '•. ':. U-.v., E I. I.y.-'.i W-\>;ti::dc<.\ Jt:.<tu-o of I:.- 5\ ... e ,:: .".:,ii f v the T <\vr.- • i K.,>.'.:r. CVunty of Kay.••>. .'i:..i Sr.ite of I.nva. Hire by . • ::.fy I adm:ms:v;ed the t • f. How.-ng Count'ii- :.. K i (i. 'fit who %va.= duly .i !>y : :u- C.ntnci! t<> f:U • .:..y < :. ;t:i• i by 'ho tesigna- • •:-. .: C K Lr\vi-\ and \viini:?s- • : '.art.- t>> the following :• ;>;,•.• >i t:;i» >ix'.h day of - Ly<\v Wmiuiridst- '. K i .'ir;. <l.i snlemniy '. 1 '.vi';! Mipi" 1 ,nt • ' • "'' the United Statrs • .• S:.,:.. nf Iowa, that I will ... ..:. i .mpa: fially and faith.,::d :,' 'he best of my abih • . !'.'ii'i.:f ail the duties of tile >>f Councilman of the T.-wn >•: Fayette. County of Fayette, i ..va. .:• now or hereafter re- i. ;::r(i by law. Ed Gooder Mmu!e> uf the last regular tini; were read and approv- i 1. Mayer Beck suycested that our men do lue work and make the mce.-saiv repairs at the sew- i r plant. Sui^estion approved. Motion by Boiehert and seconded by C'raften to have a man frein Spencer Construction Co. mine and look over the work d"ne by our men and -ee that it t<; all right Carried. Suminri Heiieati n program A...-, '.aoled to a later date. Mo- ii> II li\ Me.'ny and seconded by Brown to give Mr. and Mrs. Lyle P. ibb permission to operate a ! : • •-. ;!and on the coiner in ; ;.: • ; twit pi ace of Ini.siness. M •.Vooidr .dL : and n ! L'raft' \rt f.»r After he ewer t, . «v Memv met with the to itittinn w.i- hi.- new home. and seconded t.'ia! tne ie water tune Mr extra .b: A'.', same ::.is the row n diji t'ae main and at Would: id«e ^;:.C for >;„.• I ..U' the •*ew- ed hy Henry (o inrrra'r the .salary of tho Street Commissioner and the Sanitation C. niniission- er $20 00 pei month each Car- 1 ICvt Mi Heiideiuli in.t with tlie Council n reii.u.i repair and blacktoppniK ' :i: n e v - e s s a r y streets. M<ti.>n t.i uvept Mr. Bendtioj'l's eo/itracl do the blacktoppms and :epa::s on the sti eet. Motion by Menry and seconded by Bonner: :,i . :npi y Tommy Kunen.s i ir aci'os.. To-.vn h.il block« so •ii sewer mam .•( i ' sa >.(.i tarnped ?i will run a three- Uilv.ni:.:ed water i >_ niamuiji' ditch. PJ:I from College '. property ol Mr \V„ C.v C '.Ve:x regard orced acre.*.* m with the :he water road on- ui bv w.'tat Bob Council in regard canopy over the A bus property Su^e: rerun to have B>. rt HJ:!.<I'.'! .<k over t.ie situation and see best to do Lamph:er met with the to putting a sidewalk in nt of their place of business, post at each end at the edge f the sidewalk. Mr. Lamphier • i a-sume responsibility in case .if accident. Motion by Borchett and seconded by Brown to give Mr. Lamphier permiss>. n to erect tiie f. rettoing canopy. Lowell Lanuerman met with the Council in regard to the dis­ cing for the sewer on highway 93 under the new Highway 150. He will start Wednesday or Thursday. David McGeo asked for a fence around the sewer plant t.> keep the public out of the premises. Lloyd Holt/.man asked for a leave of absence of about (fi) six weeks for operation on his eyes. Granted with regular pay. Motion by Crafton and second- storm sew- le -tieet ftotn the rid a m inhole (2' two ) t tlie Texaco Sta- , !>orchcit and sec- Brown to instruct the w: ste to Mr F.d O'Con- 'g.ird to his findings of 'OIIM,;C lo.ui on the west of h.jor.v <v !.)0 and running i from highway 93 to Frank- tree'. Motion by Boiehert and seconded by Brown to approve all nee:.. C i ;i uette an.l junk yard li- cen.ses .->• and ch arise Control •i< ave Dr • :on M...I • ..i/ided Clerk i nor :n trie in Ronald A,';h, Paint and Labor .. f> ntr J M. Durfey, Salary. Clerk ... . lfif!.30 Total $ 4Hti.4C Street karle'.s Standard Service, Gas, Oil, etc $ Iowa Oil Co., Gun Grease ... . ».I0 Alfred Ash, Labor 5 Honald Paul, Labor and Material 3 • r '" Jovce Lumber Co. Lumber .... 4.2H Fisher Auto Parts, Tire 1000 Melvin Holtzman, Salary, Street Comm. HKl.OI) Melvin Holtzman, Salary, Street Comm. t»<> ™ Municipal Enterprise ' Inleii-lale Power Co., Service $ B.24 Imogene Sheeley, Ass't. Librarian . .. 17.46 Campbell and Hall, Library Books . . 5.91 Jean Karr and Co., Library Books 10.48 D-X Sunray Oil Co., Fuel Oil. Library 41.80 Melvin Holtzman, at which time the following proceedings were had. Mayor pro tern Borchert swore in Melvin Holtzman as a police officer of the Town of Fayette. J. M. Durfey Town Clerk Page 6 Fayette Leader Juno 22, 1961 Fayette, Iowa Car: ed. M. tion by Hen- seconded by Brown to from Mid-WesUrn Pest >1 Co. to the Arwell Co. (I) no. Linge asks for water for horses • .n an estimate basis. Motion by Gooder and seconded by Borchert to allow Dr. Linge to use water for nis horses at S3 00 per quarter. Carried. Bills examined as follows: General Interstate Power Co., Service S C R. Lewis, Councilman Resigned Fayette County Recorder. Recording Vacating Favette Agency. Ins. on town Hal! Fayette County Leader, Printing Knight's Hardware, hardware Standard Oil Co.. Fuel oil fid Campbell, Coal f. v Shop D-X Sunrav Oil, Fuel Oil Total .$ 340.81 Public Safely Howard Hubbcll, Ass't. Police .. $ 70.95 Melvin Holtzman, Police Clothes ... _ 32.50 Earle's Standard Service, Gas, Oil, etc. 72.45 Zabriskie's Garage, Oil, Labor and Parts M- 4 ' 1 "' Ronald Paul, Labor .and Material 18.50 Ronald Ash, Paint and Labor ... .. :tr>.oo Alfred Ash, Salary, P» lice .. ' 100 00 Alfred Ash, Salary, Police 180.50 Lloyd Holtzman, Salary, Police Chief 230.50 Total $ 89.95 Utilities Interstate Power Co, Service S 223.70 Debt Service State Bank of Fayette, Genera! Obligation In forest .$ 970.00 Road Use Tax Henke Mfg. Co., Rewinding Street Broom $ 70.00 County Engineer, Culverts 96.90 Total $ 166.90 Sewer Rental Interstate Power Co., Service -$ 166.42 Sewer Revenue Bonds State Bank of Fayette, Sewer Revenue Int. $1,162.50 Total S 790.05 Total for Month $4,738.89 Motion by Henry and seconded by Brown (o pay bills as examined. Carried. Motion by Borchert and seconded by Brown to adjourn. Carried. May 31. 1961 On May 31, 1901, at 9:25, Mayor pro tern V. (Borchert appeared 20.20 Sanitation Mid - Western Pest Con­ 32.00 trol, Service ... $ 10.00 1 Earle's Standard Service. 1.00 Gas, Oil, etc. ... 32.25 Harry's Cities Service, 40.50 Oil and Labor 8.00 Zabriskie's Garage, Oil, 102.00 Labor and Parts 24.90 State Hygienic Lab., Wa­ 12.27 ter Analysis 18.00 David McGee, Salary, 32.20 San. Comm. 100.00 David McGee, Salary 5.94 San. Comm. 171.15 30.39 Total .. $ 304.30 Feed grain permitted Acres are explained Each farmer who is participating in the 1901 feed grain program has a permitted acreage of corn and grain sorghum for the current crop season, according to Ellis W. Thompson, chairman at the Fayette county ASC committee. The permitted acreage of corn and grain sorghum for a farm is the farm base for corn and grain sorghum minus the number of acres a farmer agreed to divert fn^m production of those two crops in 1961. The permitted acreage is important if a farmer intends to earn the payment he expected at the time he signed up. Now is a good time to check the acreages of the crops for harvest to see if the permitted acreage has been exceeded. Chairman Thompson recommends that each farmer taking part in tne feed grain program carefully review his operations to be sure he is diverting the number of acres he intended to take out of production. The acreage diverted from pm- duction must be devoted to conservation uses to be classed as divei ted acres. The conservation use of the diverted acres also must be in addition 'r. the average number of conserving acres on the farm during 1959 andl960. Family reunion held An Owen family reunion was held Sunday, June 11. Those attending from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lotter of Milwaukee, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Friedrichs of Rochester, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Owen and family and Robert Vishek of Cedar Rapids; Miss Wicde- mnn of Hawkeye; Mrs. Lyndon Dyke and family of Randalia; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reedcr of Eldora; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Reeder of West Union; Mr. and Mrs. Don Reeder of Elgin; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owen, Mrs. Alta Owen and Leslie Owen here visiting from Washington, D. C. WE HAVE PARTS & SERVICE For All Kinds Of VACUUM CLEANERS Kirby Home Renovation Phone 118 — Fayette Phone 364 — West Union COMPLETE PROTECTION AUTOMOIILI PUBLIC TRUCKS FARM IIAIUITT OENIRAL UAIILITY WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION FIDELITY AND SURETY IONDI ACCIDENT AND HEALTH HOSPITALIZATION Stat* Aate a*4 Casualty Underwriters DBS MOINES. IOWA EARL SCHNEIDER Insurance Agency 1 Year Subscription To The Fayette Leader ;;i::i:ii:!iii:;iiiH:ii:i::i=iH:H:iii:iH:!»^ OR One Year Renewal PLUS 400 S & H Green Stamps ONLY S2.00 mumimuamiiiMuusmmynuHui^^ No Purchase Necessary JUST FILL IN THE COUPON IN THIS AD! i New Subscribers In Fayette County Will Receive the Fayette Leader Absolutely FREE For One Whole Yew. Present Subscribers In Fayette County May Renew Their Subscription For One Whole Year For Only $2 JOQ, Aad Receive A Bonus Of 40 0 S & H GREEN STAMPS Absolutely Fm Only One Year Renewal* Wifl Be Accepted* COMPLIMENTS OF BULL'S SUPER VALU Get Your Name On The Fayette Leader SdmripHoem List And Receive All The Local And County N«ws Each W*«* Along With Our Grocery Ad. Fill m The Coupon And Bring ft To Ow Stor« Before July 1. 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