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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
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Saturday, September 12, 1959
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EDITORIAL- President's Out Of His Safety Hands New, Smart, Simple Both in West; Germany and in Britain there has boon sonic resentment, occasionally showing itself in disparaging comment, over the strict security measures taken hy the U.S. Secret Service to pro- toot President Eisenhower. This display comes with poor grace and reflects a shallow understanding of the facts. To begin with, three American presidents were assassinated and attempts made on the lives of at least two others, both in fairly recent times. How many British prime ministers and Gorman chancellors were shot at in this or any other century'.' An alarmed Congress Ion L ; ago charged the Secret Service with the responsibility of safeguarding the president. It is an immensely dil- lc lilt last;, since Ids public exposure is constant and occurs under widely varying conditions that cannot always be properly controlled. These dedicated men do their job Times Herald, Carroll, la. Saturday, Sept. 12, 1959 magnificently. That's all they are trying to do now. Mr. Kisenhovver doesn't aske them to do it. Ho has no part in it except to follow their instructions and submit to their protective measures. Neither the British nor the Germans have so remarkable a record or performance in the security field thai they dare scoff at America's exacting system. They might better take a lew notes. Q — What is the derivation the word zero? A —Our word zero comes from tiie Arabic term sifr, meaning cipher, which in turn is a translation of the Hindu word sunya, meaning "void" or "empty." Q—Where is the famous cathedral clock on which a procession of the Apostles appears at noon? A — Strasbourg, France. At noon each day, a procession of the Apos a cock above ties appears, while crows three times. Q — Has the United States Con- press ever levied a national poll lax? A — No, hut many states in the Union have used such a tax to raise revenue. Thoughts He who conquers. I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as 1 myself conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne — Hov. 3:21. It is a great tiling to know that it the eternal doors swing open the other way lor you. you have a Friend on the other side waiting to receive you. — Dr. Howard Kelly. Q — What game fish Ambrose once call "the fishes"? A — The grayling, a prized game fish of lar northern waters. Remember Way Back When Democrats Begin to Take Serious Look at Primaries BY IM:TI:I{ F.IVSOV NLA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — < NF.A > —Massachusetts Sen. .lohn F. Kennedy and Ins hackers — meaning principally his lather anil kiiiuly — arc apparently embarking on a campaign to win the Democratic p: esideni ml nominal ion at a cost el around a million dollars. This invokes entering at least five slate primaries early next year a. an average cost of $200,000 apiece. This js not an exceptional amount. < 'niisi <teruig t lie cost of radio and TV tune, travel, organization and campaign expenses, it will cost any candidate that much to wage an all out primary fight in any except the '-mailer stairs, like New Hampshire, m Kennedy's back y..rd. Adlai V,. Stevenson's IP .">t 'i primary campaign in California alone is reputed to have coM nearly a million. F. en .iit< r e \pi : 1!1 1 1 1 • • — of this in.ejuiludr. there i- no avsur.uii e that the ymu;.'. Ma -acini- ells senator w ill have num. h pledged dele- i:. U — to win him I he nominal i o .i on the In M ballot i a ! at the Los Angeles com. nil ion next .Inly The total number of convention delegates" Votes tor PH'ill Will not b' 1 determined till the Democratic Notional Committee meets m Washington in Si pteinhor. Put a-- .lining il w ill he sonic place in the neighborhood of the I "u2 vote- in the 1 ;•.">(> convention, around ii,'!7 will he necessary for a choice. Senator Kennedy's backers haven't started counting their dele- I ales V i ! I '.nl the early hook giv es Inm leuer il,.in half this numher. The New Hampshire Democratic primary leiji! convention votes in I'.'.'ite is eo',i eded to Kennedy It I-- also believed his name will be entered in ihe May primaries t ,| (Huo Maryland - lit', if they fin.thy decide to hold it. and Oregon Mil 1 . Assuming Kennedy win- them all. he would have only 1U2 convention votes II c senator's camp,agn maun- ci r- are ai-o said to hav e under i oii-idera' ion hi.:u.' lor the prmiar- ii .- in Nebra-.ka < |j \ nics m l!i .">ii 1 . Indiana • 2t'» and V. i -cim -m • J!!' I f he could win them all, he would hav c liii more votes It. toi th -,,ke oi charity, good in • .ehov'tui -- -hi IT men! oi anv (.1 her im-i - V on w .nit to put it oil. Si nalor Kenni dy is given all the re-i ut New lac. laud in addition to Ni w llamp iiiie. he would have on- lv mote convention votes for a grand total ol 204 on the l!i.">ti basis. Senator Kennedy has additional strength, obviously In the polls he is running tops —ahead ol Vice 1 resident Nixon even alter the lat- tei's Russian triumphs But poll I" ivcntages aren't counted at nominating couv em ion- By the early convention book. Kennedy is running thud. The early book 10 months ahead ol Los Angeles, puts cx-Gov. Adlai Steven-oil ol Illinois and Sen. I v udoii .Johnson ol Texas in first ballot lead, though both stoutly maintain they are not candidates now. Senator .lohnsoii is conceded support from a solid South, excepting only Florida ' 2t-l which is expected to support Sen. George Smalh- t i's as tavorite son. This would give .Johnson 27ti He is also given strength ill New Mexico Mie. Nev ada 1 11 '. Montana 1 In 1 and Delaw are • it) • That w euld giv e him a starting strength ot .i.tJ Sleven-oiis strength is largely Fliuoi- and the We -t. pin- .support 1 I'm)) I i oV Dav id I .aw reilee 111 1 'eiuv.ylv aiu.i 'II 1 and possibly M iclugan II il Gov . t; Mennen W illiain- is not a la\ oi ale son. That would .give Stevenson around il i it New York •!)!! may go to l.os Angeles unpledged on a presidential candidate in order to support Mayor Hubert F Wagner ,lr . tor v ice president Since he is a Catholic, it would mean that New York would not go lor Kennedy. In Cahtornia 'tit! convention vote- in l!i.")ti but probably more in piiiii'. Gov Kdmiind (I Brow n. another Catholic, i- a lavoriie -on And in New Jersey i'ti;i Gov. Robi rt B Mcyner is still a tavorite sen. The other two i andnlale- haven't shown much dele .'.ate strength outside their native s'ates They are Sen Stuart Symington of Missouri ;!('. and Sen Hubert Humphrey ot Minnesota ';>(>'. Nineteen Forty-Nine— Roman Steffes of Roselle will be among champion tractor operators who will compete tomorrow for the state championship in the Iowa Tractor Rodeo at Iowa State College, Ames. Nineteen Forty-Nine— .lack McLaughlin, assistant man- 1 ager ol the .J. C. Penney store I here s(veral years, is to he assis- j tant manager of the company's store at Lincoln, Neb. His promotion was announced today by S. S. Kudsk, manager of the Carroll store. Nineteen Forty-Nine— A student safety patrol system set up by George Baker, field representative ol the Safety Education Division ol the State Department ol I'ubhc Safety, will go info effect at Carroll Public Schools Monday morning. Nineteen Forty-Nine— One of the beauty spots of the county will be the recreation pond now under construction on the Cyril Schoeppuer farm Hl'i' miles southwest of Carroll. Mr. Schoeppuer plan- to -tuck tbe pond with fish lor sparctune recreation. In addition he plans to plant trees and shrubs along the shoreline making the spot a rendezvous for wildlife. Carroll Hi-Recorder Vol. 23 Published by the Students of Carroll High School Carroll, Iowa, Saturday, Sept. 12, 1959 No. 2 Some to Service, Others Work- 28 In Class of 1959 Off to Schools, Colleges did Saint flower of Carroll High wishes the graduating class of PI5<) success in whal- evir I hey are planning to do this II Twenty eight members will be attending various colleges, univer- isilies. technical and trade schools. Several will enlist in the armed son ices, while others work for business firms in "this vincinity, other cities in Iowa, and elsewhere. The Slate I'nivomly of Iowa at Iowa City will receive the largest lumber of graduates. They will include: Rebecca Barels, Sally Far- ncr. Sandra llensei, Betty Lauridson. and Kalhryn Winnike. Paul Fricke, Richard Kaspersen and Kent McMahon will continue their education at Northwest Missour State College, Maryville. Mo ; Sarah Huffman. Kenneth Rogers and Roxanno Weaver at Simpson College. Inclianola. of South Dakota at Vermillion, S.D.: and Ardolla Heman and Sha -i ron Wiar will attend the American j Institute ol Business in Des Moines, j Joining the freshmen class at i Dallas. Texas, will be Michael Hen- i sel and Ann Wilson. ' Dennis Andrcasen and Darlenc Breidert will attend Concordia Junior sell Webb at Eslhcrvillc College, Fstherville. Rob Burns will be attending Drake University, Des Moines; Kay Murray, Christian College, Columbia, Mo., and Virginia Sharp, the Northwest Institute at Minneapolis Minnesota. Good luck, graduates! IVivid Darling Clare Kuhlman , Teachers College. Seward, Nebras- 1 Homecoming will be observed on and' Barbara Brown will he stu- i ka. ', October 23 when we play Ida dents at Iowa State I'niversitv at Al Kekhoff and Glenn Winn will Grove. We hope many of the 1959 Ames:' Virgil Hoehne and Gene be students at Webster City Jim-; graduates and alumnae will Lockhart will attend the University > ior College, Webster City and Rus-, tend. at- I Looking' for : : yet g'racel ill, too i design m an ova I DlKi'oVel a win I small sel - on "scatter" dollies lTl-t lulls \'.\ \ !> arm lest in No Semi 'l'liirl> for Ibis pal ten I each pattern fui Send to Daiiv oniellnn • ( '11- ii .se s spa pe. la ol n-es Ii chair. IHIIII I'iil'el li . I" 111. Il I la I !-. " .'111 eel loll. rents ' - .id,! 1st -class limes 1 lor I ., i •inlervvi'ij l!n- \ 1 g ti\ r .") ( nils man in" .id -J :',:> Household Arts Wept., ilox Pis Old Chelsea tit.-iiion, .\e W Vnrlc 11, N.V. I 'nnt plainly N A MM, All- UHi;SS. ZONK, I'V! IT.liN XI Our P.lfV .I ALU K III'.MIIKS .Neclie- craft Catalogue has many loveiy designs to order: crocheting, Knnimg, embroidery, quilt", dolls, weaving. A special Kilt, m the -alalog 1o keep a cliin) happily oecupiisl -;i 1 cutout doll and clothes to color. Send '£i cents for your copv of the ! buolc. FIGS WITH HAIRCUTS CHICAGO <AP' — Cu-.iomer- The I Joe and Jerry Del 1 tig with each ha-uviu ing brothers planted a the basement ol their tree grew so well a In in the floor of the simp leaves now run to the root oi one-story shop The barber's tree produces about iwo bo-lie Iruil a year During the ;u I iny season, e,:s'h cu fig. ol uel a larbei"- -1 tree III •iv.p The • wa- cut I'll'.' tree 's lb ic oi :ir- '-'•'. - a Highlights of Vacations I'reparinti a speech tellinu of the ! highlielits of summer vacation was | | the first assignment for the period, j two sophomore Knglish class. As | speech alter speech was given, it ; became evident that the sopho-1 mores had enjoyed a variety of j experiences. Among these were de- j tn-selmg. spending a lew days at 1 Ihe lake, taking trips, attending: camp-, or just relaxing and visiting at home or with relatives. Following are some of their statements: Kathv Lehman: "The thing that was nio -.i interesting for me was seeing the Music Man, I had never seen a play before and it happened that this one was very good " JoAnn Ofule: "This summer I attended church synod at Iowa Slate I niver-ity in Ames. Il was very inspiring and it gives you a chance to meet teenagers interested in the same thiucs Ron Uilwards: "Went to De Molay Camp at Lake Okoho.ji. There we slaved for three days with the park facilities for our use." Kit Weaver: "One of the highlight- ol my summer was the trip my lamiiy and I took. We went to the west coa-l lor three weeks." Gary F .lilred: "1 had a grand nine I his summer when I spent three weeks in .Minnesota with relatives ' in mv and visited home town n Save Making Out Will Co Unnecessary Hardship HY MARIE DAERR I Being .superstitious about making vour will is as sensible as being alraid to walk under a ladder o: cringing when a black kitten Hots across the sidewalk in front ol you. ^> et a bank official told me that : m the big metropolitan county in which he works, one out ot 10 property owners dies without making a will By neglecting this important job. the eternal procrastinate!' cause.- all kinds ot unneces- , sary hardships for the people he wants ino.-t to protect. "Make a will and look it over' at least once every three years," Shirtdress Success Printed Pattern 111! "\( a w ir s Day time to i, ;lliv ( m ( -ted a • vllabl (M'.-r- .-t their LAZY HEAVERS MILWAl IxKK AP< have a reputation lor but not at 111" right Vi ar- Wisconsin Staa ci.'.l- h;y. e had i>e,e, or!a ]'i!!.: they vv .mid ii'eir dam — Heavi w l >i' t line Fan on exhibit, Ilgllo'l-l I echini Hut IIOA tin v 'v e been di-liu a- .in-! plain '.:/y Tig- year •an replaced !iiein w g g oilers, tin i ollledla.'ls ol the ,'. ood-. You Can Convince Yourself You're Nobody-But Why? Once a woman make- up her own mind that -lie en I attractive, it's not haul tor lu r lo couv nice the re.-t ol the world that .she's right I' or one linn... >he ha- <;ii a polo getic air sav s louder than woi d-. 1 I in ready not nun h •Ilia il I keep leal -till mavbe no- binlV w ill Until c " In loo In In I that lie Daily Times Herald Ii.niv KMI'IH .Sundays and Holidays by The Her,Oil I'lihilshiiiR Company Sl.i N .Main Street Carroll, Iowa JAMF.S W HOWARD WILSON, Publisher 13. WILSON, Editor lam led as second-class mailer at the pest otlicc al (,'arioll luwa under tlie icl ol Maruh 'J UITW Meinbci of the Associated Press t'l.c Associated Ties:, is entitled CM lUMvel.v lo tlie use lot republiea- lien ol al! the local new- punted In tin- newspaper us well us all AP dis- p.ili lies. Otlicial Paper ot County and City Subscription Rates By carrier boy deliverv per week $ .35 BY MAIL Caiioll Count) .anil All Adjoining Counlie.s, per year $12.00 Per Womb S 1.40 Ont -ule ui Carroll and Adjoin- mi! Counties in Zones 1 and 2, pel yeai . . Sla.UU Pet Month .. . ...... $ 1.75 Ah Olliei Mail in tho United Mates, per year Sl'.'.Wl Per Month . » 2.00 can I compete a'jain-t oilier women keeps her lioiii walking -liaigllt and tall and proud, makes her cult I' rooms timidly and makes her loo shy to express her own opinions. Somehow or o'hel -he gels the idea thai it -he never makes anv pretense al being good at anything, -lie won I be crilici/ed So -he runs bei '-i 'li down con-lantly "I don I know how 1 could have been so stupid." -he sav s A in she is always making oilier sell depreciating remarks s u e h as "clumsy me" and "an old maid like me" and so on. It never occurs to her that she can build other people up without tearing herself down in contrast She can't praise another s talents without pointing out that -he has none lior-ell. When she does e\i el al -ouic ihnig. -he denies It I veil those who want lo give her credit lor an accomplishment find il haul going She can't accept any compliment without protest Yes. it's easy tor a woman who is couv meed she Inr nt much to oiler lo prove she - right Hut why can't she see thai it she would only think well ol herselt others would be in-i as ready to accept this valuation. vAii Kignis KcxTvcd, NKA Service, Inc.) oineial -an or a birthday is do this review. "Tax laws change and you will want to take advantage of anv breaks. Family n iatioiisn.e, change, too. "A marriage or new ..randiiuld may mean that you will waul to change your v. ill Your w ill iii-'-dn't one to "hold wale:' huge, who n -'V er w a did bis in Jii word taken 2~i pages lo li session-. "Some people u-e id they don't have CIUML bother about thawing the bank ollicial said down and itemize what they own. they' arc likely to find they have a surprising amount of pos-c -ion"With a vu'l. tiny a;.' m certain that the items they i lire go to t lie people ol ! hi u el These articles may be a !, painting ol sclum ui .d v al' collection ot books, a piano — Which Will have -pci ;..! mean he have pos l.-l ' thai h propel ty to : up a will." "Il thev sd* IKII1' rea- triends and old "churn.- oi Austin " i (.race Miller: "This summer my parents and I drove out to Seattle to -ee my oldest sister's wedding We wore gone two weeks during v, hi'-h we -aw such things as Grand i Coulee Dam. Ml. Kanier State I'ark. Temple Square al Salt Lake City, and had a swim in the lake." I Skip Karitlnn: "This sumni e r Larry and Lotiny Carlson, Glenn Maze, Marin Tan Creti. and 1 i silent and "iinenjoyable" summer j vacation detasseling corn. It look two weeks, but it was a lot of Inn and the money came in handy " Hetlriuy AniM 'hcrg had the pleasure ol visiting wilh l.i-a Yassa ot i Fgvpi. who spent some time in the Cylde Campbell home this summer. • For the pas! year Mi.-s Yassa stud- , nd at Mills College in New York. , She has been granted a second year in her -study of F.nghsh as a for- erai language She is an Fnglish teacher ill the American School lor Cue in Cairo. Kgypt We hope all the students teachers had as much fun summer as the .sophomores. John Snyder Math Teacher Is Ardent Fisher Room 207 is still the matcmal- !< s headquarters at (.'.U.S.. but seated at the instructor's desk is a new teacher. Mr. .John Snyder. Iiefore cominy to Carroll, he taught at Correctiom ille four years Mr. Snyder will leach the same courses as Mr. Dale Jungst, whom lie has replaced. Storm Lake is his home and that is where he received his elementary and secondary education After receiving his B.S. degree from I'uena Yista College in Storm Lake, he attended the State University of South Dakota at Vermil- I on w hei e he receiv ed his M S. degree Fur a favorite spoil and past- time. Iishiug is tops with Mr. Snyder. He reports thai Carroll has been just fine so far. We at Carroll High wish Mr. Snyder an enjoyable and successful career in his future years here. Club Hears Bob Lamb, Former C.H.S. Student Mr. Robert Lamb, who has rc- 1 University of Iowa, was a member cently returned from an expedient an expedition from the univcr- tion to the magnetic north pole. Isity, which was carrying out cos- spoke to the science club at Car-; mie ray research at the magnetic roll High School at their meeting • north oole. He showed slides de- Wednesday night in the science i pitting the physical and biological laboratory. j environment of the areas near the Mr. Lamb, a former student al j laboratory as well as the labo-ra- Carroll High and an electrical en- ; tnry and apparatus. While attending school he worked part time in the Physics Laboratory and advised the boys who are planning to work part of their way through college lo get jobs where they can learn something. The clubs next meeting is planned for September 21. when new members will be received and officers elected for the year. gineering graduate from the State Calendar September 14 — Band Boosters Meeting. Sept. t — Yearbook Staff Workshop at Ames. Sept. 18 — Football, Manilla here. CHS in Science Library Program Traveling High School Science Libary Program Good Meals at Reasonable Cost For a nominal cost students may eat an ample and attractive noon lunch at school. If you should Carroll is one of approximately • chance lo go by the school kitch- 1.700 secondary schools selected to | c '» during the morning you would participate in the Traveling High Sciene Library Program during 195'J-(i0. It is an exeriniental undertaking administered by t h e American Association for the Advancement of Science and financed by a grant of funds from the United States Government. Started as a (ili-school program in 1%:VSB. it has grown not only in size but in scope. This Traveling High School Sci- find Mrs. J. D. Beisch busily man' aging the preparation of each meal. Members of the lunch staff, who \ will aid Mrs. Beisch this year, will be Mrs. William Cover, Mrs. Cal: vin Fdwards. Mrs. Ben Mayer and ' Mrs. George Fry. I Menus fur llif \ VI>PI<: Monday- Men! smnlw lilies, Broad ! unit Butter, Apple Sauce Brit's, Buttered Whole Corn, Krull. Milk. 1 Tuestliiv —Mashetl potatoes, Rol! tslies, Bread anil Butter, Hamburger Gravy, Fruit, Milk. ... , ..„„ . . VVe<lnesilay--KpK I'otato Salad, once Library consists of 200 books • ivimui- Butter Samlwiclies, Bread Hot Vegetable, Cherry each Fvery program school will receive two units or 50 books at a divided into eight units of 25 books ; ('"',' ( , l3M, i' (kr ' ''Thursday— mill. Fruit Cup, Cake. Crackers, Bread anil Butter, Milk. Kofhy Lehman Heads Glee Club Frliluy—Tuna Noodle Casserole Cheese Slices, Bread and Butter, Tosseil Salad, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Orange Cake. Milk. and last inly . a S^udy Habits Very Important lias Its o\\ n 0 0 0 c « ft 0 * » 4 0 9421 SIZES 2-20; 40 a son. a da 'i -h 'er. a • When there i - no v. takes over Fach -!;,: vvs, written to fit the "average" ease about (lis! ri! HI! I ng property according to the number and tin relat ionship ot siirv i v in" relai iv >• ey don't take into ac ( ord 'he v. ishes of the dei ea -ed promises he made, but to write down in propel When tin court appoints mavbe Miitie would not hav > "Make voui \ reach the ngi vane.- Irani slate to tills bank ollicial are alraid lo tackle a Will, hecail .e IheV attorney'^ Ice mil I son. "A sim;'le will -ho M lo Sail 1 loll I h aw an ne tin Clio-' II. W I i I as suiili ol ma |i i| it v • Ir and tin neglected lorm. Il'-Cl, III' ii.-! ralor Ueeeasi d s von wh .i h tv l-e- Alall.V peopie lio you get straight A'*" If you in don 't, vour siiiily habits might be I ' i!.. reason 'II.e Freshmen Knglish iv i ass had a panel discussion on that ..bjtct la-t Friday Klleen Helloing was ihe moderator of this croup Another discussion which took place that same day was one i OIK ••ruing ways one can improve o:,e p'.•rsonaiily The moderator ol ibis pa.."I was .luhc (.illicit. Ilowi-'. i r tlie lreshmen are not iu.t limited lo speaking: they have bet n wi ii in. ilieiues reading, and Ic'iruim: various rules ol grammar Home economies students dlS- cli-scd -Italy habits iikii The fresh- •I.I n : als have been studying I lii nei'I v e- and lamiiy relat ions, s.-an all oi the girls will lake up : I no lining V.a'.ch out lor those . amorous I rush girls Al ;i meeting las! week. Kathy Lehman was elected president of the Girls' Glee Club lor the present school year Other ollicers chosen were: Judy Snyder, vice-president, \ancy Jensen, secretary; Lynn Keith and JoAnn Ohdc. librarians Kit Weaver will be accompanist for the Girls' Glee Club and Jan White will be accompanist for the Hoys' Glee Club and the Chorus The various small groups will be organized, in the next lew weeks and a schedule lor private vocal lessons will be set up Familiar mii-ac w ill be used until definite new selections are made for all the groups \o public pciloi inance is planned until the Christmas season Big Turnout for Hi-Recorder time, and they will be available in the school library for a period of approximately two months. The kinds ot books in the library are biographies, anthologies, histories of science, general works, books on specific scientific subjects, and a few textbooks. They will appeal primarily to the academically - tal- Those interested in working -on ented students in the tenth to fwel- the Hi-Itecorder staff met in room fth grades. There are no books! 204 September 4 for an organiza- lor poor or retarded students as : tional meeting. .Jack Hays and Jim the program is intended for those Wilson, co-editors of the Hi -Re- students who represent tomorrow's corcler. were in charge of the meet- scientific potential ing. Plans and policies for the com- The books have such scope and ing year were discussed, range that they are pertinent as | Those who have signified they supplementary reading for Knglish | arc interested in contributing to Mixed'and history courses as well as to ; the 1 It -Recorder are: Freshmen, the science and mathem a t i c s j Martha While, Jan Scho g r e n, courses. | K|-,ine Pluckhahn, Sue Macke, Kit- The schedule will be as follows: ; ly Kieck, Lynn Keith, Ellen Hen- Period I - September 14 to No- j n j, u ., Linda Farrell, Bill Wilson, vember 13, 111.")!). ! and Carol Keitz, Sophomores, Lin- Period 1) - November lti. lilf.f) to ( | a Ji.„ S en and Gary Kldred; Jun- .lanuary 2'.i. ltMift | j ors , ,j oyt . c Kroeger, Maxine Hoff, Period 111 - February 1 to April, j oa nette Jacobs, Jim Wilson, Jack I. 1 iltiO Period IV - April 4 to June 3. 1900 Carroll High News # Views He aired Ihe ib sltale lo a- I a iaw v i r i i.illun lo ' .'ipeel on uiitv he- he is i',:," V. hell a s ' I.I.' ill II c,!i vi-.ti! sl:a 1 • \ . i-'is shirtili ess it, skips in i uigli miles anil miles ol .'. .i v s ii n ikinn sin. 1 1 I anil 1 1\ e I la- neu sleeve, t .>n- 1 ....1 ,ii. U ^racelullv Iliueil linn, i. i\>. s pattern: I talf- I 'linleil I'.illcin U-lgl: Misses si 'es 1'.'. II !o is go in .si/e IP lakes -I ' ; . \ ,i' .Is :i.', an li I,, Ion I 'I I li' i 1 1 il u eel ions on eai 11 pat I elll jia i 1 1 ..isic:. iiirUl.i 1 e .Selnl 11II \ C |-:.N'i 'S li'oins) lot tins piittern—uUO 1U cents tor eacii puttern for first-class mailing. Send to Marian Martin, Dullv Tltnos llerakl t ->5 Pattern Dept., West IStli St., New Vork 11, N.Y. Print plainly N.UI1J, AODUKSS with i ZO.Xt. til&E and SXVL£ NUiUltK. a lawver v.lial his lei wo-d .-Vlltl, Il V OU doll! kno.'. a-k VOUI' Iov al bal . i- - ' recommi nd one m >i an e Q — I am is! Can I my husband s Social Se lore he retires oi botmv Can 1 draw Sin lal Seem u.v have paid in lor 1 1• • ir vi Mrs. L.M L A —lv\ee()t ill tin case til ilis abilllv pa.v incuts, sou can not collect Social Srcuril.v- until vuur lilts baud begins collei mm at .uc li.'i. litlt you need be niilv Ir: In be eligible fur a reduced ben.-Ill when lie becomes eligible lor Social Se turily. As a wurkiie; wonuui, vnu are elii;ilile lor a reduced In milt a! age ()'.'. if ynll have cimm /li (Itiarlers. Assnniing MUI rcaelu-il li? ill l!l,"iS, villi «till Icl need eitlicr li or 15 tpiurters, ile|ieiitling on your birthday (late. Inasmuch as four years' work would give you lti, you meet reipiirenieiits. Q — Must I pa> ui. in ne t,,;.. nil Social Security'.' — It. 1''. A -.No. I- IP VI' I MILK I'.N. I.:: •;. a w w as .mauled its ui- c ... nd. - . on I 'ee 24 lii.'.l. w as !• i !.: ' loantiA to achieve indc- I • i ! i in i male!' the t'uited Na- ^•tfr' r MAKE FRIENOS When a man is <nit dinner-d .'nie- in., lie should not ask another wo iii.ei lo dance il it means leaving his partner alone at the tabic. Also M . hen he is the only man at 1 1n t.iblc he should stay and talk to ibi vi omen until another man cullies back lu the ^roup. The students of (.11 S extend a .sincere welcome to Marianne van Schaik ol Zeis], Holland, who reported at si Imol Tuesday morning lor her first day as an exchange student on an American Field Ser- Vice scholarship The Inst meeting oi Ihe Carroll limb School Pep Club was held in Koom .'iUa Wednesday morning, September !' with Jan Mhile. president, presiding Several ideas ior mono>-m iking pi'ojects were di-clissed < 'ommillee incmb e r s i named were lieanna Clrundnii'ier. \'iviau Suudermaun, Paula Peters, and l.oa Hall The newly elected student council met Thuisitav morning. Sept in Jan While wa- elected by (he olliei lie'liiliei - to preside ,e pi es- Itlelll Oilier ollicers circled were ! Koger kn-poi sen. v ice - iiresident. ; and Ann Thomas, seci-etaiy-lreas- nakei' l''inaiices were discussed, llomecoiiniig was set lor October ,211 'Ida drove • The homecoming .dance will be sponsored by the student council Dance.-, alter (lie remaining home football games will; be div ided betw ecu the junior and Minor classes The upperclas-men; , will be responsible lor selling at i the home loolball games. ! The Carroll High School Chapter! ot Future llomeinakers ol America with their lacully adviser. Mrs Lowell Larson, held their first meet-i ( ing Tuesday night in the home ceo.- j i noniics room ol the high school biulibiie About "ill girls were present. Freshman girls were guests. Sliaion Kason, treasurer, will he in charge ol memberships A district F1IA planning meeting will be he 1x1 al Panor.i Saturday. The Iowa 'lesi.s oJ Fdiicaiioiial bcvclupincnl were gneu to the ilu- dents ol Carroll High School Sep), li. !) The tests are given annually to show how much knowledge has been gained in certain academic areas over a year's period of time Bulletin boards in the C.H S library arc gaily decorated with covers ol many new books Some of these books deal with careers. Some are human interest stories Others are on adventure, romance and hobbies Whatever your inter est. there is a book in the library to "Whet your appetite." Happy reading! Hays, Linda Chambers, Elaine Brincks, Sandee Cross, Shri 1 c y Groth, and Floise Rogers; Seniors, Fred Churchsmith, Gene Brincks, Kathy Olesen, Jim Prince, Sara Kohb. Larry Cover, Dale Rowedder, Ronald Subbert, Gloria Winn, Karen Heitz, Pat Olerich, Nadine Miller. Vivian Kunnecke, Loa Hall, Deaiina Grtindmeier, and Marcia Sehaben. Typists will be Joan Bruggcman, Marcia Sehaben. Danny Anthony. Kathy Olesen, Gloria Winn, and Vivian Sundermann. Mrs. Perry is the faculty advisor. IT'S RISKY Authorities say there is risk in sv. immiiig during a thunderstorm lor there is substantial evidence that lightning does strike water.

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