Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 9
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Prize Winner 1 cup stale bijeiad \-j pint can to^atd 1 I teas boon ful c(ap Ifactory teafpoonfU poonfni poopfiU' tea teat Sd-ak 1 Add min tom tio i lice. rlietBJe lilt fine egg lite crarjkiejs Siilad iliurtiied • lioi iJi'd il' f« w chei se salt mix itaril- pap *ika read (!• rum life l-Melt sti^ inel ^NC; a^d crumbs COOK an^ stir u ntil beaten kllgli ixii\ nerve T -x. F: SALAD c-beir»e <lainty Huluil coi^riie. MaHli to a \tii\it(: with u utl»-r. , ^ lint', oni'-lia fine, a; jfra lroi)s <if • to - Bli»«*.-^ wjllb HaK) in-rjper ami puii ••r[il lliiil taritc. Turn on N. F. Kg in to ruinb$ soup r until soft sn butter, atld until cheoke Seasoiiin4H, Imixtiire bol alid ly ,Cook c) Hpiall IT! omething <orve' with I lar^e <-]n-j tiibleHpoonr{iil stti^e<l oliv d fooki'd IHK of oiildn Vv'orci^ii'rsliiWf .Void. an( (•(K0|IMM »NS. whites j ^ealspoonful sallj lip sugar I, 2 ciip; <-ornfIakPs 1 ("(ii) .shri'ildfjl coc: f«;.tea ipoonfuli aim Bta.t -gg; whiles siiKari( dry. Whi.slj ly teaspoons &|ugar} r",iea|pu()ns; Then spot lis, fold in |l sugi ri Add ij , then tot- )anut glowly' iirin ?: arop fr|mi wax'd p iper laid on )Jaki':iii moderate nin ii:e.«. Makes '•' teSHp) )nful yp eakes'ajikl brush ^ightiy orn$ake>; last .'30 aridty.—N. IF. oanut Old t'xtrart ilh salt.iun In thoroug tlien aiioili inother 2 teb tl^e rejsl slow|\) the fla teast )0 <)n grt-iisecl pa)i ven Jill-, to io 4(| cookit|s, i^akes a pleaf. lug p CHiF.EJiE AM) KJ . Mijj; 1' cups Iioile 'i! grat|.-ti c leese, Ijlabl- butter together;! sea pepiier ind paprika 2 ;tub fspoons 1 lint 1 ' 1 ] 1 IV .\t rruiil docH k'iidd per, firea hot a titi Mut .M ligh a nutt! of egpr. Bake in fron .10 to 15 ni with n cream s:ijUce, been jad led 2 table; iheebfe. • CI Opp|>d meati' mal- be | used in place of Cheese. ! Ada choliped. oO-j ion. i Serve. tjiis vith a .sauce nuulc : of bojlei onions chO] ped fine, aijd mellleili )Ulter ti) wl icb lias been add«id piirslt-y ilioppi (1 fiue^— C. R MT (1X1- sweet milk tiri-ad.enipibjf It -iitjliDon salt ' ilbu-Hpciun ^niu)i(l nuts )u> >ped uniim utter .hi lull i. ladil liri':id; and r-oij^c u nil inlxturi ill. II. (t; N uivj'S! a tine liar Mrs. ;1. nin^.;. ,Thi' eiiiehai: iment consi.4- fd Ofjinisc .iud|saiies and a entiu<j bos w'biclr a: forded liil.i ji amus^min . a|ter wl icb the ladiil's^ w.-il- iinit^d 3t) ijhe luiuiuci ball in al t'littr .Mr were ilr. aktd .\lr ?a i'k 1(^1 pan tiK. lia"-. " Into {.HII.'II H. <hlll sever! serv<- III CAKES. ru -ie, 1 ciipi spo(>n meltild on jwith sapt Shape, into ly with will ijiodei-ate ovijnl Servo hut. .to which h;|s poous grated Address ill letters and inquir es to Aunt Nancy, of the Hoiise. hold Departmeh , In ca»e of th^ lola Daily, Register, Tola, Kanpas, TA.MII.Y MEmCINE (IIEST. Kviiry family sho ily iuedicine ches drugs and other ajrticlt 'S iii rentier first aid w you can't, have a jild have a lam and enouglk il Ilen tieedld. I niedUine dies dreii can reach • them: it is to be .-afe than sorrv. better I have some conventeiii bandy cor ] ijer where y(m <-jiii .store this sup| j ply, where il wil be handy )4 •<ase of eiiierKeiicy . i. You do iioi iii-ei to buy ta £ul fsnifply af oiici- bu by buying arlbile now and Ibleii tlit; exp<-iis will not be' Krcall.y felt, ;ii|il wilt not come aiiiiss. iiiJKht lie lb means of paving soiiic- one (i greal deal of iiiijiery aii/| .•iiilfiridg.- If f (dl (,s woiilili iiHe .a little mor care and Judgmelit;iwlieii one t;)ki' a sevfre Void, halfj of the itroiibl cau.^ed by the flu and jineumoni i Could be slopped, j | . A good hot fool bath, with a tea sjMion .of mustard added to the w; ter. a good laxative and a drill of somethiug hot lielVire retirih; • will nearly alwayk break up cold. A col clis'not! dangerous; w ! all know that:. :yid |nioslJiolks pa ' no atlejition to tiieni. Ilut a .-it Vere cold weakens Uu- system lo certain extent and leaves one mori susceptible to c(uitagious di.seases tONTKNTS (ty CHEST. tlii.Vgs Here is a list islioulil be in ever.v Camphor, castor ginger, oil of borax, carbolic <i'f tlii .Mgs thii iuediiiiie chesi oil. lime wateij I)e|ii)ermiiif, sodi acid. Iiirpeutint perpxide. iodine, lu^ric acid, mu; tarii, flix.seed. vaseline, olive oi bandages. absorbei (l torn I from an old t ideal bandages an soothing to the f liiien. cotton. Strip ibie cloth mak 1 ar^' soft" an esh; i especial I •;TS. blittf-r or "siibslji ( VLLIX; THE l»(»(TOI{. :\lany peoplf who live in towji neve'r have a medi call thedoctor J<ir haps that is just ;ine chest, the verytliing. il'erj- is well foi- to :>• I 1* ctuikibs lind edg. l!r<i>|iii In rs. Fr Hi I uffey,) (The hU! bands of tW 'Itib . ^cntt rtained their id families with a valeti- y at tli<! hone of .Mr. and K. Kuiii*'ooi .Monday eve- jlbe j 'jfisi bad 1 lire ing roj ^)yl;ter .s^up. wirlUMi.' cheese a Wives." East ^^oi bandf<|" Kastnluo iid^ Id !id an last: ^kt Heifin last] ise^k .Mr and, .1 M. Uol|a,liTl ilay liomej. .Mik ing i i 'AM rrd veiiiii .Mrs. her ingi wrij iMiHHi -s -tn lioJi Ith^- e %tlth tl! -MK a enlertailiin ony.' .Mr. :ai|id and; Xl KenislietiR iKere Diif ey 1 TlK -iM Den a fie piet Cfi rnoo n^ ilamesi ( ^\Viajv .p l.awryi Eveifett Kreil ,it)ntf^ and .Man The Per on a mbmbler. tie Witi ceinii Cool. Tliijil liloii and pep- aiid roll in rieneiTS, coffet;. iaiier khiu :|ie toast, "Til ni -ni wjiere thf biisbMiid!- la-ed.tlie si pper consist- celery.''sanil at h« wlas gi|ien- by .Mr. .1. Ki 1 ind ;the xeidy, "Our llu'sj WIS given by Mrs. .I.-F 1 I. At d late hour all dei jiarlt|d djec aring the husbands royl- niany it( us nevi -r cry lo rcniembe what to do lor fir.-jl aid or how I <lo it. The folks who live on th farms-hilve to learn to ilepenil o themselves in emergency cases jo in rendering first;aid to the suf terer while the diictor is comllij ' .Vo oiie should fail lo call in good doctor in can- of serious ill ness orWiccideiit, but eviTV one o|l' us should also |>ra<i'tit 'i- using l(om rV-nM-dii»^ for simple aihnents. .N'otliiiig is nioii- dl .sgiisliiig to liti ,'^y; diM -tor than tp imike a'trip o] severafnilles oiii into the i-oiinir, bci -!iiisi' Toiiiiii .N ale loo iiiiieli |il or cMit J Is lilg toe, I low do I kpow Hi'caii^ic .1 liMVf lieiird tii<-lii' e.\| pri'si I bemscivi-.^. OiMi' ill a wliilc we iiii'i't a fam Ily wlio 'iH -ver ha < a doriiir In th lioiisi- and brags aboiil it. Tlietj have every kind Of patent medl| cilio that a|))r('ars riii the inarki and if'any of tlni folks ^et sU they try'.ali;of llii-in that chti they iiri- (;iiiid iiir tlie patient Ipaljciilar ailiiii'iii. | Tlii-; -is wor Ithaii iioi having niolicine at a I Can't we strike ajliajipy nieilium j \\';i'tcli mil selves aiid our I'amilie 1 ami u.^o care ^ 'am judgment ii| tp'aiing tli »-ir liltli- ailmeiits'VAy slmiild not only IM> watchful bu be piepan-d lo acl. in einergencif .-i( ANTISEI 'TICS. I .\fni.~e |i;i (s nio>jly are poi.sol I anil it is well to lab.I all poisoij niediciiie and put i| on a differen shell' frcnf the otli .many tinu-s it thai Jn haste a pt the wrong bottl poison medicines r bottles. ToiJ been the ca.- rsoii pii'ked iiii Hon't leavtl the chil \khere ainer.s. Mfs.l Eve ner giidsts latt .Monilay .Mi^s. Ray Bell .Mrr..; Ray [inlay iii^Uron llrauii spenji a few dajS'S tn K4 [Mrs. ay S'ihith. •'eiJder ^nd Ki St woi; •i at d M><| the ( ssl fll Id on .a ve were settveii t^ the fi: Oial h tbait '|220.opo. but Mrs.' a I ett" Mankh <.>>• of loiu. Smith spdnt on. nsa.s. Cit.v. loe wastwoodj V Mr. and ^Mijs. r.. and iMits! nt last Sn barley W'r « ripi iil^a Brjiun iJas been bay-j witlj thcl measles, aiid iitlieij. who mak|sl |ein. juas been ha Is Ijeiter at thif .11. *ph| J\. Fender arf w from Col- (> Fri .V. (liib Thuipda.NJ 1,-was .siielU iui|l JJ1<ICI:S. barley oU^nd A. - f end* waH a. The npx tVlrri. (Jtbrgii Repffrt or.Si)|er;lJear .school for Mrif.. llCaRtwood. Mr Itay ^tiiilh and Ruben ajli rs at the Freil,' lay evening. met with' MHSJ . Feb. 1(1. Th(i !in cutting aiid Refreshment 8 llowiitg: .Mifsi- fvood, "Charley Ka ,8t KaHtfood.v Ceorge Ray Smith. Mjankle, J le Ea.stwoofl, y, j ilubt n Uemsbi rg. ButchRrJ Mrs. Ha^ry visitop" and becat meeting ^yill -awry Feb. pi •1 month ending Jan. ice. fifi: nutif- tarilinfs •=. 1; absenc |.'S, Ineitlier; a|bsent nor tarp e as f(dloWst rly .lones. Bilf- firieve. Rjoy month a t 0^ attjenda her oas« s o • m". li dy fori; :hc Toniraj" liawry,: iBev ly East wood. Velm Smith, Betty Jonesi ifacUard La'wrjr, •\Vanie, Jones, "Kali) 1 Lawry, Jvaa Crieve,; fierjald: lloiln. Carl .(Irielve -and' .Mjildrfd ^Dufff.v. — noroliiy BariihaiTt, TjeaclJer.: Cuy iVxwjortljy, S 0S%. was tbfi leading mooey-i^'inbi ng sire of last seaHop. his fiet ylnnfigs were more East Side Square • ITS. BIKNS AM» HKILSES. Cuts, ^lurns 'and brul.>< s or wounds of any kind can be eliev- ed by giving a lltlh- timely ireat- liieiit. Oni- teasiioonfill of c; rbollc acid to oiM- gallon of hot water maki's a good wa.^li for cut < If a rusty nail or a batbei wire Is run into tin- ' fb-^li ejicf urag< bli-iiliiig. and tlii'ii siiak the I'ouiid ill sicrili/i-d water. II'. afn r you have tboroiiKhly icle.-iiti'd a iiiiiiid and the parts still .-^cein sli f and loiik rt'il and swi)llen. see a i octor. Fnr car ach<-., mix two drips of ioiliiie: with five ilro|is of swi ^t oil or olive 1 )11 or glycerine and warm gently. I'oiir into thi- ear and place a small, iiiece ))f ab>-orb<Mit otton on t'oi) lo keep out tin- air. I haven't the sp;ice to d sciiss more oi' tlif liomp reinedie; this time, but we wiJI take iiplli' subject anoihcr tinic If .we.-in ithers woulil only remember that what the •hililreii jnit into thi-ir lodi'-s ill the shape of food is resjioasibr for S.'i". of the troiiblcs of child- lio^itl. 1 am jsuve wi- woulil usf niort care and ispend more tini)} and RISING STAR .(Mrs. Ho k-ard Hardy) i4._..\ fejw days of sunshine ly appreciated i'.^' Woiilil be grea i^verybody, esp j havj- long moves to make. ' : .Mr. Berry am I Broii!>on have n I vacated by .Mr. I Mr. Richman • .Uu k I'owers's .Satiirdav to the of (folony and ekpecled to ciallv th( family frdm near oved to tlulir farm h'isher. moved part] of Mr. livestock r new honJe trui-k north <ake the roads ..•iecond load bu|t found th (Hyie bad. Till- Rising S ar pie suplier ami protnim will be held Tbiir.'jday evening. February 17. Kveijvoiie is Invi'i .Ml. • Xiiss Flmlnia naugheri .• look ,Siibday dinner with her rarents. '.Mr.jand Mrs. K. Daugherty. Flus- i si 'lli Flack spei t Saturday iiighl I ahil! .Sumlay and Kenneth Ilarily ! .Siin|day there; ajlso. • yir. Howard IMr.! and Mrs. [Mr, iiir Hardv and and Mrs. lii'ighborho ;)le;i:4ant evenibg beri of thi- 1. O lodites Satiird; ! Af'is. Harry Hay JiprlngstoiJ X.jis A. from very nii 'in- McC«i ' spent ^ ^wilh tli^ ()j F. unci 5 !.bckali night. Iliringston a|nd .Mrs: were .Moni ors i Saturday afternoon. who iSlr*. J. %V. BrJMh'^rsr •Vb.; ir,.- .Mr. ancl Mrs. Brjocdvsi have moved into their ho^ne ! len 'C.Iedden shipijod hi? .Mrjiiday with the shiiiping 11. ; kir. iind .Mrs. Riis^^U .\ncjru? sp-111 Sunday with ,\lr. and].Mrs. CI ;iri(y Record. | •'recli Iluiicr bcumlit three'Icows \V •jiK 'fil.iy. •;ineHt I'ealf. of I-asiVe.-ias. }i. V.. av I liiii miuh-r sp<iii Wedin silay wi li Mi-, and .Mrs. Vin\ ItrolPters. I <arl (;<-rken shiiipe'l a calf Moii- ' "laj.-'-i-ilJi tile shipping as.-*oci: liiilii Iticliard Huber visited S:Ui rday wi 11 Vincent and Doti Savin drs. ' I'.c-llc .Vdaiiis 'visited di'V wilji Mrs. Karl tierken. •Ir. liml .Mrs. Will I'.roibers vis-; iicd 'I'lliirsclay c.-yc-nihg wjtli .Mr. i an I .V1I;H. HIISSC-II : .Aiiclruss. |-'rel!:ind Ki! Cc-rk-w^ hidpi-d |KarI (i'lrkc-n; luitclti-r 'Ibiii'sday. ^Ir.-. ;.(. ii. Brotlic^-rs Mrs. Willi family. Hanii^ii and visit- I > Servi cet -^res We Say It With Givcerks W Meats •r reed every Delivered to Your Doc Check up to s< ?e what you " morning: and call Anderson's Grocjery 29J or 291 It'll Be \yorth Your Wljile Items You Migjit Overlook Hr'er f{;il>l)il . MOISLSJ^I'S Pure Couiilr.v S«>rKh|int jk'inz .Mince .Mt'iit Sproads of All KUftjs ITwink Soap Dyes Washing Machine S<jap ! Chips Fresh Fruits Beef, Pork, Velil A.W. Special Friday and : Sat Lirday ti Ituxes of I,ux Soap (Ihips iind 1 bar I.ux Toilet Soap r- Pint Tan of .Ma/ola VJ.'K- Wilh I Box of Unit starch Free. Fijj Nuts IjreakfasI I'er PkK. l-')c and Vegetables 1, Lamb and Chicken^. A^ndersoiti •'ood Grocery & Market We Have Parking: Room for You^ Phone 292-291 Corner 2,nA and Lfncoln Yo^ DbUar Will Buy More Groceries al; Greene^k than Car We Deliver K:irl tit>rken. . .Mr« Huber Broth* Its Wedi) Ow^ii Kuykv visit ir g his came Tuesday Mrs. Mae Lo«| home in Onaw i frostiii i layer iMon-11'"' tootlli^ place ynM il g a lay •shifts frosted Ic cks to kmtil tht^ The bull rSolitb ••a lis Pennington's ! I . Neiip Store Noib Opet k-alled on Mr.s. \ ill' esdai' mprning. '.j ._ idafl. who has li "en bijolher in Okiaho ua. to visit hi .4 ai uli. He left tor hii; Iowa. Salurcla> will be the Uilfe Layer rake-i-Wl en cake, if thelupier allter placing It lu or wer one. use fc liif |iee|» it in its rijii frosting has s-ei first juhicjr national lia t^iirnanieill'evc-r licdd in st.agc-d in .N'ew part of Fi-briiar.v Havinft- !c.nsecl the Mal )ney Washin.i>-t()ni we jwill coilidtict (late grbcQvy and Imarket I ENTIRE NEW STOCK JUST IN BUY HERE AND SAVE iSugrar, 14 pounds IColree, Peaberry 'rti for ... {lend . Po Rice, V/2 lbs. fancy selec nes, Calif. Selected, 2 atoes, good cookers, feck Bacon, Extra Quility .. PENNINGtrON^S lbs. >>kk, on S. an up-to- ....$liOO 37c .25c .45c .... .25c 37c Phrine 197 /•/ Your 01 Soutlh Washiniiclonl Phone 417 \Ve Deliver $3.00 Orders Thj ^rst thoiig in thf. morninfr It Can Coffeb 48-lb. vSacjk or Flour 141 /2 lbs. Sugar .... Raisins, per lb. ... 10 lbs. Lima Beans . 3 lbs. Prunes .. 2 IbSi Rice . . i 2 Pkgs. Lee Macarclni or Spaghetti .... 2 lbs. Nut Oleomargarine .. Sl.^ .. $1.00 ... l)c .. $1.1)0 ... 25c .... ... 37c Phone 417 mm irocery tassett pione 224 Hasseft 'I - •. I We Deliver to Your D[)or NOTICJE appearing: All advertisement.Mjof our. stdj-e , --^„ , todav will he advert scd as TH^E BASSETT MOD- EilN MARKET. . y, \ ' ' Frida^ jtnd Saturaayi S F ecial Ffere's a lis! that every hous^.iwife should c(etail. It pfftrs the lirices Rreatl.v .-in item. to yoiir advantalge. Flour most desirable groceries; at Ilonif Quern, bair. give lb. |(<'ii!iriintredl to , iis gooil .sit Is- lucli^ii lis; any fionr Mild lin Iniu; i ( after 'ad in overlook IVInaer, onr next lievt iiinir nan. .in;d (:in>iK ! i i-ih. I'kgs. •>l>sy Boy, n alue at >Id Dufcli y\i\ Itleiitl lit 4.'>r. ."J-lhs. Peaberry Coffbe, fresh ^ourd Small Pk?. $un-Rjiy I Pancake ^lour Best Quality Flake lldminy, p^r lb, ij-lb. baji Purle Buckwheat Flofir _ No. j2 '2 Peacli^s and Pears in hejiv.y sjrup 2 IJ )S. I.arKe" Fan^y. Prunes _-l iiaXt Gallon Pail Pure Sorf^huoi . i 111. Fluffy Klarsh4aIlow.s lareli. iinly ketil •iter Our Customers Miis Phone 224 ! Our Meats -4re of] the Trial Will Convince You. Verj^ B^ Satisfied! Phone 224 Be?t QualilyJ-Gne that Delidioiis Which |c&iraeteiizes thejdishes of cooks is caused by the fac no substitutes. F()r Brook Bntter is u.seld by. COmty! })ousewives| whci thj'ir ctilinai-y triumphs. There's No Sulistitdt<^ for But TellYriurGrdcer amf)us t that th|4y iise JShady \ Allen shci'tening the thrifty; . are knoiln Ifor er "It's the Butter That Betters The Breaid luli.-ll .\l ;jyonnai.'<o Salaill Dre.stWjiK. bottle tan - 1 _ ricnti Ctirn. can . _! (Jiie • Na\l 20c now- one tut —made from .selected is This is ndit a by-product, the graiinj hulls are receit^d thus elirhinating ajll cl^enical which tklke away th^ oi-igijial E.Ncelleni foi* frying in fja Suntncr Oi'^iiKe Ye Wl fh lM .'i|n (U'n I 'c'^ir! Hominy, tan , ._^l 'l'; rl Homiijiv in, hulk. G ]^)s. forL Th.. , •r r .i 1 CoffrM'. l-lb.itai • I'ekpe Tea; half Wi, CJ doodl"; f Icii'.s (inipeiadc, bottle ;. [cs.. Klips. Pktr. - -J- .Nfonti- Spinach, can \\h\A>\ Hebts. can L_ W'hftii ("hurHe.-^. c:iii AHtJia: PeaclV'-^, sliceil. can . Tapioca. Pk^.i . .. SPECIALS i .Minute Sunj-Ray Pancake/T-^lour, .s'lck y Beans'. 10 li)s. Kureka Peas, can i T|i« Basket StoiH^ I 3 i • 1 ^ Ferndell PeaH whitle cqrn. iwhjibh meci laiijically, v '2 shinjgs grain jiayor. or butteit \ U-.-Ll5c -r A^c toOc LI 8c !.;:;nc L20c L15c J. 20c 1 J._-L25C .-114c -hip No nialiter how fine the cook, [y deliciojus unless the pr6per ni tni. is A fal.sej eijonomy to buv unappetizing' meals, \^'e 1 (piality foods at the •sur(>s economy in FOOD BUYING cheap nipply ) ])p.s ioods which fresu r)ur customers ee, gbod bulk, pier lb. ,1 , 31bsJfor8^ Pclars, iNjo. 2^1^ can, (4 cansi for a meal cahnoti be aterials are I'lisedi It ibie ijrices K\:hich|inr 1 1^ ivith XL P^ars, ;Njo. 2 (^n, 5 cansifo Choice} Rice, 4 pounds .|. Catsup, large bottle Abple I Butter, No. 10 cdn Cocoaiiiit Bulk, per lb. i. Flour (guaranteed!) 48-11 24ilb.bag ...!..... I I \_ i ililciinbr Herring, R6lled Sipi [idie. |;piced Sjirdine.s, i Rolled ed Salm'in. Codfish and|a nice'v Ila pel \.. J95c :..i95c 30c, . bag ... • $1.90 L$1.00 plops. Mack&';el, i Kip-, •ed Herrin ariety of fre U\i fish] Three Phoiies 401- We Dellvi;r •L : 02-il03

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