Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 22, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 5
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Maynard News b. during the four years her hus- Paul Hooser, Sharla Fuller, Rob- Favfttto I^rW I'.-md ha- h,-. M pnstor of Ml... Kin- rrt Carl^n. an.l ,I;,,-ki,- 11,'nini: ra y*" e "»<ler M.aiu.cl Mrihodi,! rlmn-li. IT ' nn.ii.- . „ .... June 22. 1961 Page 5 Fayetio, Iowa Volume I, Number 5 Thursday, June 22, 1961 Observed anniveisary MAYNARD — Mr. and Mrs. Graves observed their golden wedding anniversary at a family dinner at their home west of Maynard, Sunday, June 18. ft/acte tta The Illyria Project dub and Feed grain acreage Check to be made Improve Maynard Whose Farm Is The Mystery Farm? Library facilities -,,, , ,, ,. ,. , fn) '" C.'lrrmont and Elfiin I he former Zclla Jenkins and chartered a DcWecs bus from Farmers of Fayette county who Mr Graves were married at the Oelwein and wont to Cedar Rap- are taking part in the 1961 feed Waterlf L ds Tuesflay. on a planned tour. Krain program should be pre- Sacred Heart church. MAYNARD — Members of the Community library board arc- extending an invitation '.: the residents of Maynard and of Harlan and Smithficld townships . to visit the library located in the Community hall any Satur- ' day from 2 to 4.30 p. m. to get acquainted with the services available and to note the recent I improvements. " New lcok shelves have been ' added, other furniture re-arranged and more than 200 volumes have been received from the State Traveling library for use during the summer months/ Included among these books are the following found on the reading lists of federated clubs. "White Gate" by Chast; "Return To Japan", by Gray; "Hawaii", by Michener; "The Status Seekers", by Packard; "You Learn By Living", Roosevelt; "The General's Wife", by Ro^s; "Frui.i EartH to the Moon" and "T.:ur of the Moon', by Verne; and "Subway ',.: (he Met", Rise Stevens' i, story, by Crichton. LOCALS Pvt. Alan Holmes, who has completed his basic training in the active army reserve at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., is home at Grinnell on a 10-day leave. Holmes and his wife spent the week-emT in the parental William Adrian home at Westgate and at the Sam Holmes home MAYNARD Mr in Maynard He will report to Ingcls was t . |ccu . d ' Fort Riley, Kansas, on June 23. tnc America . . - ,,,,. .... ,. ' ' |'i««illlt_n tl/llj. n- --•'• f- "|,« «.l J .^UWL.1114 Ml; L/1C- on ,June 1,), HIM. Alter spending 1 I, iy visii.-rl Quaker Oats Sani- r»"''-d to have their acreage mi- year in Water'.-o they moved t; ,,-y Dairy. Masonic Library and checked t" determine whether or I;; a (arm near Strawberry Point. vnr ; ,,, ,-.| 1( .,. ,,]., ( - ( , s of j ntr re.st. '"'t they are in compliance with I iH-y later farmed m the Stanley Those K oin- from this area were- t'-i'ir "Krcemcnt.s, according to a ard Ill) years ago moved to M,. S . liarohl \Sti : onK,'''MrK." ReVn- Ellis W." Thompson,"chairman of I.."].- arm mar Maynard. They ,,\,\ Stron,;. Mrs. Duanr Slron" Ihc county ASC committee. ! ' > . 1 !!'";. ^M.rh,",^?;^;" 11 ' 1111 " 1 ' 1 ?:•>• My 1 '" .- S V nn «- Mrs - Mahcl Thc ™™ment of feed Rrain T,ev .'..,ve one'daughter. Mrs. ivn' "Murph v^Mrs.''^ Gernan"' ''"^ '" ^ "^ »* Undcr I!, 'iic-rl Si-lmidir. and, r,e grand- Mrs. .Sio.-.ey f,-rbin. Mrs. Thorn- Way aboilt Junc 7 ' 19fi1 ' At that i.au.yh'c .-. Darlene. as OH!.- and Mrs. James Proberl. llmc < employees of the county Mr. aiul Mrs. Leo Ainsworth committee started visiting farms went to Savanna;,, III., Sunday, ;hat are participating in the feed grain lating A . . -» --«ii Uk. 111 L ti ^i u 11~ vj, IflC Am-wnrth. ,,f DeKalk. 111., for a arreruie ,-f land designated as Mm !y picnic. having been diverted firm the Mrs. James Quinn and son, production of corn and grain sor- M:ke. of DLS brines, spent from nhum will also be measured and Becher reunion held - The annual whc - ir « l hl V were joined l:y their eram program. Corn and grair was held at the """' '"; * M * r " n - ln . w «"'* R^nd- srrghum acreage on participating .unity hall Sun- 1';-,?;;'•,, M ' f r '^^,^ 7,, H ^ 3Crt '' ;irm - : will b, measured. Thc Mrs. Marvin Ingels elected Ftee copy of myslery Maynard auxiliary prexy MAYNARD -Hrc-her reunion ri ivnard Community ii : iy. June 11. witii Mrs. Agnes Day. Waterloo, as hostess. At •'ii 1 short bu.-iness meeting, fol- :r.\vin» the picnic dinner, it was VMhJ io hold the next reunion Ml " u1; >y thr.-mgii Thursday with the current use of the land will i .inly Hi. 1!M)2. at the same '"' sisl ' M '. M'' s - '-V' 1 ' Kuhens. be recorded. pl:uv. Jamix Kuhens has accepted :i Right weeks is the time estima- D. 1 -'iti.n with the U S Gypsum ll ' (l ''.v Chairman Thompson to be i)., at Foil 1:0,Ig,.. Iowa. required to visit and check all Mrs Hess Gi'bJ.r't Neil and the farms in the ccunty that are ,V'tho R1 |T M I xT / l # nn ' " f M""!"'*™. Ma-h.. came **"& pnrt in the feed grain pro- ill I lie late Mr. ana Mrs. J. c , . , . . , . ' urnm N. lecher present were from Wa- ^^ * ™' her brothers. 8«ani. .....i.... ,.._!.... T*_n. ... , ,, I'.vle and F, bert Wiuttenbatirih, and their families. The annual alumni banquit was held in the gym, Saturday night. The family style turkey D • . jo. j dinner was served by the Ameri- Kegistered Saturday can Lt , K ;, )n ;mx ii i;i ry to no peo- MAYNARD — Tl rse who reg- pie. Tne new officers elected istered Saturday, June 17, for "re: Mrs. William Witt, Elkader, the vacation reading program president; James Murphy, Wa- sponsorecl by the Community H- dena. vice president; Jerry Liv- brary board included: Connie ingston, Wadena, secretary; and Cushion, Maureen Hurd, Connie Shari Hcrrling, Wadena, treas- Sui Hubbell, Bonnie Glew, Beth urer. Dancing served as enter- Musical numbers anil letters .'i 1 1 fiuin absent relatives made [i In;- program. The 40 descend- it-; of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. eel t'.-rloo. C'edar Falls. Marshalltown. Oelwein. Randalia. West- gat e. Sunnier. Fairbank and Mavnard. pi Marvin .-ident of t;ie executive council. Mrs. Tom Samuelson, chairman town of Fayette. . . . The mystery an Legion auxiliary of poppy sales reported a total of farm pictures are ;- series spons- Mr. and Mrs. Sam Holmes at- for thc cns u»ng year when it 450 poppies were sold for $50.77 orcd by the Fayr .tc Leader for tended the state convention of mot Tuesday evening at the and that a large bouquet of pop- the interest of its many rcadcrn. rural letter carriers at Cedar Community hall. pics was given each of the three If the owner of the farm pic- Rapids, beginning Sunday, June Others elected were: Mrs. Mer- Maynard churches for use on lured above will stop in at the 18. rill Glow, first vice-president- M l 'rn>'-'rial Sunday. Leader office he. will receive free David Parsons, second vice- Th ? se hcl P' n B'" the sale of the of charge a 5 x 7 glossy print of dent- Mrs Delbcrt Glew ' 30pplcs wero iseth and J: >neue the picture. There is noming to „--..— —' "-" ""• r""' " secretary- Mrs" Willi-im A mo' Guenihel '. Jackie Hennager. buy. All that is asked of the own- wefeTeekend 11 ^2"°^^The SJ?S-JIrcr; M™ A 1? Beij Sharla Fuller Kirby and Nancy =r is a little information .so that £f™ 2^""r.*JSt e 2L s ,?5 ^ man. historian: Mrs Rav Arthur. Sa.nuelson, Bobbie and _Billy ^^m picture may be identi- week. Farm picture to owner For making identification Albrecht, Rebecca Truesdell, Lu- tainment after the banquet. Ihe picture above was taken Ann Lundry, Carol Cushion, of a farm .somewhere in Fayette Becky H.reger, Janiecc Hubbell, SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS county, in the vicinity of the Kirby Samuelson, John Fink, WITH LEADER WANT ADS m U.S. SAVINGS BONDS Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ostrom of . . noonies v, 'Rochester, Minn., and Mrs. Zola P res 'dcnt; Mrs. Delbcrt Glew, GuHc ! ninL ,,. »»_tr:__:-' * r._.. ._»_... ~, _ SPnrptnrv Mru Willir.tn A m«_ "Ul-llllll-l, a yar^ss- s saar^s M £\^ ESS gi» «- —^ •- *»«-.«- *• —«» ^-^ rt.^^S'S't^ »r^ rM s;,o,r'S ^siiar'sisysfss,. -, -, ,. women in 52 years. Mrs^ Adolph Kuennen, members ™*™£ dby Mrs Arthur, Mrs. M * rtha Clrcle members George 'Roquet a middle year =--=^--.-..-^.-_^ ; -.-,.., - .-.- ^ Bergman and Mrs. Ehlers for Win attendance contest student at the Dubuque Theo- f nd Jacksonville, Fla. Ronald is use at the American Legion at the MAYNARD - Members of the the son of Mrs. Emilie Bencke. Memorial Day services at the Martha circle of the Women's cemetery. Society of Christian Service were logical seminary, Dubuque, is spending several weeks this summer in Shakopee, Minn., an^his" mcSer, "t? ISy .^-^Jolrn McKoon .reported ^-.-^•^••oiheV'th^"^: ST'tTcKJ? H. $$£. s^uJS^ut^r^rof %T C S r iyn - t %r a * r * ocicty - i "•" E — ! Mcth °- ssen, pastor of the Presbyterian M r. and Mrs. Charles Barnholt. ?"','^- lt WDSI Central It waVan church, Wednesday after- church. George, whose parents, Mrs. H. Miehe, sister-in-law of ^nced that Vieki Werden k fne I™""' ^'"^ - y ro f civcd l Mr. and Mrs. Donald Roquet, Mrs . Barnholdt and a former 2i°" bcina sent bv h^aux""ia^^v to \ 7™* T°? I1ht ', a " end now live in Westgate, is a 1953 Maynard resist, is on her way the G "it^Stat^ at Ccdal- Flails ^ C ° nlMl ™ nducl ' !d ^ P ^ graduate of the Maynard Con- to visit in the home of her daugh- this week solidated school, a 1960 graduate ter, Mrs. James Dwyer, Kansas After senorite business SPS The plc>nic dinnc>r ;it noon wa - s of the University of Dubuque, city, Mo, .™ tuth .f ? P 0 io n »nd iiiKilHrv followcd b ^ thc lcss °" on "Three and a member of the Maynard ;' me io ntlv t hear a rcoorl bv Foltl PlL ' d8c " P roscntcd ^ - M «Presbyterian church. While in Mr. and Mrs. Harley Miller and ™ [ ™ tly ., vLOI a cpo t by Lc , (J simpsfin and Mrs Lois ^ Shakopee, he will live at the son, of Anita, visited the first of ^ L ." d s^f^ B ovs° State e -" Othcrs V' M P^ n K »' thL ' Pl«-' d K«-' home of the Willemssens, former this week with relatives and F. um ^? d . sc "L to Boys Statc Cu '~ service iiu-ludcd Mrs. David Par- ElIO GAIN Economy Corner FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! Get a FREE set of Master Kicker, the most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TON CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS1 Hurry . . . offer good only while supply lasts! You can always feel "at home" ot Big Gain Products. We'll be glad io talk over your feed problems wilb you . . . and help you remedy them with expert advice and reliable, up-to-date products. ENTER OUR $25.00 CASH DRAWING FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE We urge each and every one of the farmers in this area to come in and register now for our big $25.00 Cash Drawing to be held the last day of May. Enter at Big Sain in West Union or Fay etle. Remember, the more you enter, the beter your chances to win! May winners were Ray Senner, West Union, and Irwin Bodensteiner. West Union. Maynard residents. friends in and near Maynard. lic i' this . '"° nth , ... , „ , ... ......,, Mrs. Glenn Nicholson, Stel- A social hour followed with re- la Kni{ ,, u Mrs Waync p Tmes . Mrs. Matilda Schlegel went to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sykes and freshments served by Mrs. Gla- dcl , Mrs ' E , m Mn , c ; Mfs Hawkeye Sunday, June 11, where daughter, uanct went to Belvi- dys Buennokc and Mrs. Samuel- Robcj . t D , ind M) . s G she plans to spend some time dere, 111., Tuesday, June 20, to son. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Wegner Salmon with her nephew, Herman Lenz. visit in the^rm^of her sister, wc,-e guests for the evenings pn,- Dm .^ ^ ^^ ^.^ A. E. Knight, Stella and Carl, accompanied by another sister, ' conducted by the president, Mrs. spent the week-end at the Back- Mrs. Joe Engel, and husband, of M rs . Anderman hostess ry Klll) l jincvc1 '' ll w:is voted bone state park where they at- Delhi. tended the Ketchum family reunion. Mrs. Bertha Rich returned home Sunday from Fremont, Calif., where she had spent the past several months with her son, Herschel, and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Ingels left this week for Santa Ana, Calif., where they will attend the annual Hunt family reunion. They will return home via the Pacific coast and northern states. Ronald Bencke left Friday, June 0, for the southeast part of the United States where he will work as a relief salesman for the Rath Packing company of Waterloo, while regular salesmen are on vacation. He will spend the next 12 weeks working out of Charleston, S. C., Savannah, Ga., to hold the annual fall dinner MAYNARD — Mrs. Louie An- and bazaar again this year, and dcrman was hostess to 19 Farm to send Mrs. Sorg and Mrs. Os- Burcau Horhemakers of Smith- car Sykes as delegates to the fitlil township Tuesday after- School >•:! Missions at Sioux City m.on, June lii. The short busi- on June 2(i-HO. ness meeting included a discus- Mrs. Nodah Hurd presented a sion of plans for a fall club trip, punch bowl set to W.S.C.S. on The afternoon svas given over behalf of the Rutli circle, which to the making of purses and hats served at the reception follow- under the direction of Mrs. Ray- ing thc marriage of her daugh- mond Calhoun. This project will ter, LaRayne, and Raymond Mills be completed at the next meet- earlier this rmonth. ing, to be held Tues'day, July 11, A farewell gift was presented with Mrs. Chester Turner. Mrs. Herbert L. Bryant by Mrs. Lunch was served by the host- Kappmc-yer in appreciation of h?r ess, loyalty and service to the W.S.C. HOG FEEDS 35% Brood Sow Supplement 41% Hog Supplement 32%, Mineral Stock Food 17% Pig Starter and Grower 16% Pig Pre-StarUu- Cwt. 500 5.«0 5.35 5.40 C.05 Hid-Ezy Hog Wormer 6.30 13% Hisg Pellets (w|3 Nitro) _ 4.00 Pig Booster (w|NF-180) 6.45 No Additional Charge For Above Feeds In Pellet Form. All Purpose Mineral 3.90 Lactone (Mineralized Yeast) 0.10 Trimix Mineral — 4.85 POULTRY Cwt. 30% Poultry Supplement wjNF-180 6.10 W/; Poultry Supplement 5.55 2C% Cafeteria wNF-180 5.40 20% Cafeteria Egg Maker ... 480 17% Miracle All-Mash 4.60 Chick Starter wjNF-180 5.15 Chick Pre-starter w|NF-180 (1 Ib. per bird) .._ 5.60 177o Developing Chick Grower w|NF-180 ._ _ 4.80 Poultry Booster (w|NF-180) 5.95 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS For Sileago Preservative, We Have COMPLETE PROCESSING FOR YOUR FREEZER MAYNARD LOCKER HMO* 66 lllolcar HAY MOW CONVEYOR SYSTEM I ftAll CHOTi - for M»y handling of balti from 1 IMINO CHAIN n - Takii up ilack - for •xh-a high Ufa. > TMNSFII DMVI UNIT ~ Optional to (nort Initalla. rion* - oVfvci both MCtloni from OM .motor. 4 MOW HANOmi-fw qukfc, wuy iMlallatton In I OIVUTOH NCTION - D*fl«cft baUt io right or Ml. 4 UNDMCAMUM - fortttvaflng and fnmporfin* t Mil tMM-OrtlM koU •wtrtrnftr drhw. MALCO'i Exclusively New Natures • N«. 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Earth Iron (25 Ib. pail) 5.30 5.35 2.75 10.95 BEEF & DAIRY 40% Beef Supplement . 5.20 33% Beef Balancer 4.85 32% Beef Builder (w|Rumen factor) 4.75 34% Beef (A) Supplement (No Urea) 5.65 23% Mor-Las Pellets 4.35 34% Dairy Supreme (no Urea) 5.35 18% Calf Creep (Sweet) 5.30 32% Calf Pellets _ 5.10 32% Spring Pasture (w|Rumen factor) __.. 4.65 14% Bulky Sweet 3.35 The above Beef Feeds available with Stil- bestrol at extra cost. Pure Cane Sugar Sil-O-Las _ Soybean Meal Expeller Soybean Meal Solvent Linseed Meal Expeller Linseed Meal Solvent Cottonseed Meal Tankage (0'0%J . Meat Scraps (50%) Steamed Bone Meal _ Bran ..._ Wheat Mixed Feed Red Dog ECHO VALLEY FEEDS Hog Supplement, 40% Protein, 6% Fibre 5.35 Hog Supplement, 34% Protein, 12% Fibre 5.00 Brood Sow Supplement, 35% Protein, 8.5% Fibre 5.10 Beef Supplement, 32% Protein, 6% Fibre 4.60 Beef Supplement, 40% Protein, 6.5% Fibje — 4.90 Poultry Cafeteria, 27% Protein, 5.2% Fibre 4.75 Poultry Concentrate, 35% Protein, 6% Fibre 6.25 F.O.B. West Union. Iowa ~- 7.70 3.15 4.65 4.35 . 3.SO 3.50 . 4.20 5.55 5.55 6.00 _ . 2.60 2.70 2.90 Rolled Oats 4.20 Hy-Gradc Pulverised Oats 2.40 Alfalfa Mual 17% 100,000 (A) _. 3.00 Salt _ 1.60 Oyster Shells 1,75 Stonemo Grit 1.60 Molasses (Pure Blackstrap) 2.40 Sweetone Dried Molasses 5.40 Dairy White Barn Lime 1.00 Liquid Wormer .... pt. 1.50; Qt. 2.00; Gal. 6.60 PA-12 Peptonized Iron w|B12 (30cc) _.. 4.50 62% Whey Blocks 30 Ibs. 3.40 Grade A Tri 25 Ib. pail 4.S5 Super Calf Kit — 25 Ib. pack 4.05 Mycin Mix, 3V& Ib. Can 6.50 White Salt Blocks _ _ .88 Iodized Salt Blocks 1,10 Trace Mineral Salt Blocks 1.35 Sulferized Salt Blocks 1.00 Darling's Mineral Blocks 2.75 Feedsol (Dried Fisk Solubles on Soybean Meal) _ . 8.10 Scoui- Scare l lb. L25 Pi-Val Rat Poison 5 Ibs. 3.85 Ask us about other Ueou that interest you . . . We have everything. BIG GAIN Feeds WEST UNION 144 FAYETTE 110

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