Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 26, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1898
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S XTY-THIRD YEAR. (Bttaklhfeed JIRMI7 14, ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY, NOV. 26, 1898. TBN CENTS PER WEEK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegrap GAILBORDEN EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK HAS Ho EQUAL AS AH INFANT FOOD. "INFANT HEALTrfsm FREE. 1v(Jiion«'|J il J| l J|* Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators, operating all kinds of machinery: pumping water; in fac 1 any mechanical application. call on us for •-M A • Electric Incandescent Telephone THE HOLIDAY SEASON la at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, • Hair and Cloth Brushes, And mauy other beautiful and useful things. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspect our lin? of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowei than, ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SUITER & SON 210 M'. Third Street. Licensed General Superintendent iod MecRnnlcal Dr«ught»m«n. -To in , 1 " rion wtiblmt to obtain Letters Patent on new Inrentloni or Imprortonati ' 'ut* drawings Md Bpeolfloatloni and make application) «»r p.t.ntw. 4 W. THIRD STREHT, Third Floor FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. 1 Second Street. Opposite City Hall. Alton,_IH. Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley a Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. Spain Not Satisfied with 820,000,000 for Philippines. OE8I11KH TO KETAIN MINDANAO. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyst. And Would Then Hove Die United 8tat«» Fay Her »SO,OOO,00 for (he lialance of the Inland*—May J'ropose 801110 Alternative Bargain of the Caroline* or Canary Islands—Trouble Among White •tid Illnclf Soldlen In Alabama. Paris, Nov. 2(!.—It IB now known that ipaln will exhaust her time limit, which expires on Monday, before replying to he American offer regarding the Phll- pplne Islands. In the meanwhile the Bpanlarda are canvassing the entire field and exhausting every resource to postpone the inevitable. As cabled to ;he Associated Press on Wednesday, hey could not accept the American ul- Imatum as final without asking If It vere really so. That applied to the Ime limit. Now, the Spaniards apparently doubt the fixedness of the amount he Americana oitered for the Philippines and they sent a communication o the American commissioners, asking f the latter would accept a counter proposal by Spain to cede the Phlllp- >lnes for 1100,000,000. Spain Imagines he Americans might be willing to lope off the great Island of Mindanao from he Philippines and pay Spain $50,000,000 'or what would remain instead of $20,300,000 now offered for the entire archipelago. Will Not Change Ultimatum. Spain will learn In response to such nqulry that Americans employ the word ultimatum to signify ultimate renditions. However strenuously Spain , may seek to increase her money advantage for the cession of the Philippines, she will finally be compelled to enow that the United States' offer means $20,000,000, no more and no less, and that the whole archipelago must pass to the United States for that sum. Spain before giving up or turning away, will also propose some alternative bar- lain of the Carolines or the Canary islands, to be held In the possession of the United States in addition to the Phil- pptne Islands, on condition that Spain be permitted to retain her sovereignty n the Philippines. In other words, Spain would cede certain territory In the Carolines and Canaries ar.d the control of the Philippines by the United States under a nominal Spanish sovereignty and, as a further Inducement, propose that the United States shall pay Spain no money on account of the Philippine Islands. NEGRO SOtDIKRS SHOOT WHITES. Rioters Are Under Arrest, hut Lynching Is Threatened. AnnJston, Ala., Nov. 26,—Great excitement prevails here as a result of the armed conflict between white and ilack soldiers resulting In one death ana several minor casualties. Troops parade the street and have so far man- agtd to preserve order, but a general outbreak among the poulaee la expected at any moment. The trouble was laused by a stret fight early In the afternoon, when a colored soldier was dangerously beaten by white soldiers on Tenth street. A couple of hours later the negro soldiers In camp here began retaliations. Several white soldiers reported that they had been shot at. Just about dark the wholesale reprisals began, when squads of the Third Alabama regiment (colored) lay in ambush and commenced shooting at Individual white soldiers passing by. A squad of the provost guard was ordered out, but the negroes opened fire on the approach of the.guards and they were forced to retire. When reinforcements arrived It was found the negroes md disappeared. When the news spread white soldiers and citizens turned out In great numbers, and begged for arms, oafer the armories of the two loczfl military companies were broken Into and every gun and cartridge appropriated. General Colby, who commands the Second brigade, ordered out two companies each of the Third Tennessee and Third Arkansas. They scoured the city and conducted all soldiers not on duty back to their camps. Several arrests of armed negroes have been made, and It Is with the greatest difficulty that the prisoners can be saved from being lynched by the angry mobs. PHOCKST AGAINST EXPANSION. Presented to the PreMilent hy (lie Antl- IinuerlHtl*' I.i'H(fiui. Washington, Nov. 2C.—The Antl-Im- perlallst league, an organization originating In Massachusetts and of which Ex-Governor Boutwell la president, has through its secretary, Mr. Kwlng Winslow of Boston, presented to President McKlnley a "protest against any extension of the sovereignty of the United States over the Philippine islands In any event, and over any other foreign territory without the free consent of the people thereof, believing such action would be disastrous to the republic, wasteful of Its resources, In violation of constitutional principles, and fraught with moral and physical evils to our people." The president Informed Mr. Winslow of his willingness to receive from the league «ny plan It might offer short of surrender of the Islands to Spain. T)iu»k>-iilvl»K J>".v ut Suntlttffo. Santiago de Cuba, Nov. 26.—Thanksgiving day was observed here for the first time In the 300 years' history of the city. By a special proclamation Issued by General Wood, all business was suspended at the palace and on the streets and wharves. The employes of all the municipality had a vacation, and only absolutely neressury work wus done by the American troops. The day was given over to rest am] enjoyment. The American ships In the harbor observed the day by hanging out their gayest assortment of flags. Many prominent Cubans followed the example of Ilii' Americans, and little business wa« transacted. American Troop* llnueh C/'uua. Havana, Nov. 26.—The United States transport Florida arrived In front of ilorni Caitle, look u pilot on board and proceeded to Mariunuo Beach. General Green and Ills staff went to Murlurmo •arly In order to superintend the land ing of th« American troops there. Mur- MIIMIM • Arnicn naive. The belt Mlve in the world tor onto broiwi, lore*, ulcer*, salt rhenm, fever MtM, tetter chapped hande, obU- blfttai, corn*, and alT akin eruption* Mid positively cures piles, or no pay required. It l« guaranteed to give perfect gaWifaction, or money rerand- •d. Price M cent* per box. For eale B, Martb. Alton and Upper Alton Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. [ Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powden are the greatest menacen to health of the present day. _ ftOVAi BAKIHQ POWOM OO.t NEW YOBK. _ Bhal I31a,nco, whose resignation as cap- .aln general of Cuba has just boon ac- •epled, Balis for Spain on Sunday next, He will bo succeeded by General Jlir- ncz Castcllunos. a division commander. HpnnlHh Vijsm.'lH IJrepiirlng to Sull. Havana, Nov. 20.— Groat activity prevails at the Havana arsenal. Elgin Ight draught gunboats, used during the Insurrection for patrolling the shores and the rivers, are being drydocked preparatory to aending them home or sell- ng them. The Alfonso XIII, the Neuva Espana and theDlegoValasques, now at different ports o£ Cuha, will come to Havana harbor to await here the coming: of the auxiliary cruisers Metero and Bapldo, which will arrive Dec. 10. Columbus' ashes will be placed aboard the Hapldo, and about Dec. 18 the fleet will proceed to Spain. Gen. Uutlcr Summoned to Washington. Washington, Nov. 26.—In the army orders the announcement is made that under instructions of the president Major General Matthew C. Butler of the Cuban evacuation commission is to report in person to the secretary of war for temporary duty In Washington, and upon its completion will return to Havana. It is supposed that the president and Secretary Alger wish to consult General Butler concerning the progress of the work of the evacuation commission. BODY EXHUMEITFOR IN'QUIIIY. Mystery ill the D.ntli of a Missouri Mini IIlist lie Explained. St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 26.—When Willlam Thomas Hugo, a stockman of Ringo, I. T., died In this city, Sept. 26, it was supposed to be from natural causes and, under instructions from his wife at Ringo, the body was sent to Crosby, Mo., their former home, for Interment. The Indifference of Mrs. Hugo excited the suspicion of mem'oers of the Order of Woodmen of ehe World, who demanded a thorough investigation before the insurance of $3,000 is paid the widow. Detectives employed on the case satisfied themselves Hugo died from slow poisoning and the body was exhurned at Crosby and brought to this city, where the stomach and other parts will be examined for traces of poisoning. The body was found to be In a good stale of preservation, except that it was covered by mold. It is believed the autopsy will reveal the cause of death and a sensation may be the result. Mrs. Hugo has recently arrived at Crosby from the Indian Territory. TWO MOHK BODIES FOUND. Searching fur (lie Victims uf the Baldwin Ilutcl I'Lii'. San Francisco, Nov. 26.—It will be impossible fur many days to toll accurately the IOFS of life by the Baldwin hotel flrc. The body of J. M. Wellhead, purser of the steamor City o£ Sydney, was found In the bath room of his apartments, badly scorched. Lolthead retired under the Influence of liquor and probably was unable to help himself. Another body, that of a woman, was recovered late In the afternoon. The bodv was so badly burned that Identification must depend upon the teeth. Four other people are still miss- Ing—John J. Cartel', associate £u<leo of the Jockey cl'ub; Tale Prlof, sheet writer for J. J. Carroll; Andrews, cashier of the Baldwin grotto, and W. W. Benchley, an employe of the restaurant. Woul<t-Ii« Lyiii'Iiers ItafhVd. Glasgow, Ky.. Nov. 26.—Seven shots fired before daylight awakened citizens to the fact that they were intended as a warning to tho guards at the jail of the approach of a mob to lynch liobert Brown and John Franklin, charged with murder. The warning shots were tired by tha night police. The mob of fifty men found the Jail guarded, and after being assured that the guards would do their duty If an attempt was made- to take the prisoners, parleyed for half an hour and then rode off. Brown's trial is »H for Nov. SO. Me is charged with killing his father-in-law, Louis McClelland, and Franklin with having killed Mrs. Bowles. Kouil I'uiiipwl lutit a llurBlur. Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. i'(i.—"Hat" Regan, the fasting burglar, who had not uikon as much as a drop of water In ten days, was given a Thanksgiving dinner. He did not want it. Against his will he wan forced from his cell and taken to the dining room. The jail physician /uiiJ the attendants then forced a rubl"r tube down his throat and liquid nourishment, consisting of milk and two healtn eggs and a pint of beef tea, were pumped into him. lie fought, but without success. Futal Wri-ck In Itiuti. Burlington, Iu., Nov. 20'.—While passenger train No. C on the Burlington, Cedar Haplds and Northern railroad was running four hours late It struck a curve, six mlU-s north "I 1 liurllngton, ami the day coach left the I rack, rolling over twice and larding in a ditch Ilfty feet away. The car WHS full of people. The following wen- killed: Mrs. Catherine HavlK, widow, Columbus Juncilun; Amanda Marines, 1! years old, child of Mr. and Mrs. August Marines, Max- Held. Mlnn ; _ Wull-UlTown MUuiiilkKeiilt Ili'iul. Milwaukee, Nov. 28.—Jtilirifion llc- Clure, for n number of years nmmtger ot the Milwaukee cIciirlnK house, Is dead, aged til years. Mr. McCliiro wuf well-known through out the country In bunking circles, lie had been un invalid for several years. Dr.Bull's The greatest remedy for Incipient Coiuumption. Cure* at once Coughs, Cold., Hoarteneu, Ixxuof Volet, BronchltU.Grlppe,'' •".. Ailhm» aod Croup. At all druggists. 2H. Hill Mrs. Anna M. Druce Gains an Important Point. BIG i:>'<! USH ESTATE INVOIAEfl. riio Wonmti (Miilinn Her Sim Klionlil Have tlin I.n ml» mill Title Now Hold llj 1VII1- Imn, Dtihi; fit I'ortlnnil—Till-In liecanirl Kxcltril Altai n Ovnr Matter' In Ctinnoi- tIon \villi tho Urcyfun Cane—Oilier Old World New* t>r Intercut. London, Nov. 20.—The faculty of the diocese of London has granted Mrs. Anna Maria Druce, a daughter-in-law of the late Thomas C. Druce, who, she asserts, was the fifth Duke of Portland, a permit to open and inspect the coflln alleged to contain the remains of her fathcr-ln-Inw, or a man burled as Thomas C. Druce. Chancellor Trlstam In rendering the decision granted fifteen days for an appeal. Notification of an appeal was Immediately filed. A final order was obtained by Mrs. Druce fn the high court of appeals Nov. 2 directing the faculty and the chancellor of the diocese of London to issue a permit to allow her to open the coflln. Mrs. Druce claims that the alleged death and burial of her father-in-law were deceptions, and that lie lived and finally died in a lunatic asylum as Dr. Hanner. Her son, whom she asserts Is the rightful Duke of Portland, Is said to be a domestic servant and was last heard of In Australia. Adopted (he Name of Druce. Mrs. Druce says her father-in-law, as the fifth Duke of Portland, having suffered from remorse and abject fear as the result of the tragic death of his brother, Lord George Bentlnck, both of whom were In love with the same woman, adopted the name of Thomas Charles Druce, thereby transferring to himself as Druce an Immense property from himself as Duke of Portland. Having realized the risk of exposure from his double existence he caused a coffin to be burled with his supposed remains. If Mrs. Druce can establish her contention that her father-in-law did not die in 1804, as supposed, the will can oe invalidated, and her son will become entitled to the estate and title now held by William, Duke of Portland, A re- cently'published estimate of the duke's rent roll places the amount at nearly $:!0,000,000 yearly. PARIS I3XCITKIJ ONCE MORE. ToHtlinciny or Picqunrt Ma}' Cnuse Conflict lletiveiMi Authorities. Paris, Nov. 26.—Despite attempts to maintain secrecy regarding the matter, It has leaked out that Colonel Plcquart's deposition before the court of cassation was sensational. Colonel PIcquart, It IB said, broke down and appealed to the judges to simplify his terrible ordeal. It is believed that the court's demand for the secret document will lead to a renewed conflict between the military and civil authorities. It is understood that Mr. de Freycinet, minister of war, vainly appealed to General Zurlinden, the military governor of Paris, to grant Colonel PIcquart provisional liberty. M. H. Adamard, a brother-in-law of Dreyfus, says the family of the prisoner knows nothing of what Is passing In the court of cassation. It is true, however, that Dreyfus has been allowed the liberty of walking about the Island. Mrs. Dreyfus has been authorized to cable to her husband. I'utte to .Suppress Anarchy. Home. Nov. 20.—The anti-anarchist conference was opened In the Corslni pulucf by Vice Admiral Canevaro, minister of foreign affairs. All the European nations were represented. In an address of welcome to the delegates on behalf of King Humbert Admiral Caner varo said he recognized the difficulties before the conference, but the universal recognition of the necessity for common action against the anarchists presaged a h.'ippy issue. French .louriml I.uni|io»n« the Kulncr. Paris, Nov. 20.—At the request of Count van Minister, the German ambassador, a special issue of the comic journal, La Hire, lampooning Emperor William's tour of the holy land, has been seized by the authorities. The cartoons represented his majesty shoot- Ing Armenians with the sultan, entering Jerusalem on the back of an ass over u palm-strewn road, preaching In the wilderness, and In oilier offensive attitudes. KuHuii'n MiiilBti'rn Irritate Him. Constantinople, Nov. 20.—Several of the Turkish ministers have submitted to (he sultan memorials pointing out the disturbed state of the empire and THE EICaiENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to the originality and simplicity of the corabitiutiuu, but also to tho care and skill with which it la manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA Fia BVIIIJP Co. only, and we witth to impress upon all tho importance of purcliusinff the true end original remedy. An the genuine Syrup of Fi^s is inunufacturcd by tho CALIFOHNIA Fia SVKUI' Co. ouly> a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding 1 tho worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. Tho high standing' of the CAM- KOIIMA. Fio Syiiui' Co. with the modi- cal profession, and the satisfaction which tho genuine Syrup of FigH lias given to mil lions of families, niulfUH tho namo of tho Company u guaranty of the excellence of UK remedy. It is fur In advance of all other laxatives, UH It acts on tho kidneys, liver and boivols without IrrlUitinjf or weakening them, and It 'Iocs not gripe nor uuuscuto. In order to get Its Uonedclul effects, please remember the name of tho Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. tht" fofnrmR tncy cunfliacr necesnary. The BUllan IB Irritated at this attitude upon th« part of his ministers and It Is expected IIP will tllomlss several of them, ulthoiiBh It will be difficult to find substitutes who do nut favor reforms. Italy Bondc nn Ultimatum. Tangier, Nov. 20.— The Italian government has Bent an ultimatum to the Moorish court In reference to demand for reparation for the detention and 111 treatment of Italian protegcB, giving the Biiltnn clKht days to reply. The Italian warship Umbrla. IB coming here to receive the sultan's answer. AVotimletl fn a Duel. Buda-Pesth. Nov. 20.—Herr Perczel, HiinKnrlan mlnlBter of the Interior, was wounded In a duel by 1-uilwlg Hollo, a member of the IndependentWparty In the cham'jcr of deputies. Hollo became Incensed at the ppeech delivered by Perczel In the chamber on Tuesday end challenged him. Jury Could Not Agree. Kansas City, Nov. 26.—5^ Jury in the United States district court which has been trying D. V. Kleger, ex-president, and Hobert D. Cnvlngton, ex-cashier of the failed Missouri National bank, on Indictments charging embezzlement and misappropriation of that Institution's funds, disagreed and were discharged. Pugilist Corbett 81111 Liven. New York. Nov. 2C.—A rumor was circulated that Jim Corbett had committed suicide as a result ot his defeat by Tom Bharkey. The report at first gained a lot ol credence and caused a good deal of uneasiness among Corbctt's friends and admirers. The rumor was soon proved to be untrue. County Treasurer's O'ffloe nobbed. Mlllersbure, O., Nov. 26.—County Treasurer P. F, Smith upon reaching his ofllce discovered that both outer doors of the vault In his office had been blown oft by cracksmen some time during the night. The Inner vault was not molested, but $200 was stolen, Including $GO 'n pennies and $76 In lodge money. This was In the outer vault. The robbers gained access to the office by breaking in a door. Bloodhounds have been sent for to trace the robbers. Andrews anil Jenkins Acquitted. Chicago, Nov. 26.—The verdict of the jury In the Andrews and Jenkins embezzlement case was opened in Judge Gary's court. Both of the defendants were found not guilty. Dwlght Andrews was chief grain Inspector during Governor Altgeld'a administration, and B. F. Jenkins was hla cashier. They were accused of appropriating $191 belonging to the state to their own use. Airship Falls to Sail. Philadelphia, Nov. 26.—The latest promise of aerial navigation has ended In a fiasco. Not only did the Nlrd- llnger "airship" fall to mount skyward and sail to Washington, as promised, but its inventor and sponser is missing, and ills family have asked the police to find him. Mayor and PrbacTier fn a Duel. ' Seymour, Ind., Nov. 26.—Rev. Joseph I* Baird, the colored preacher who was cruelly whipped by masked men ot his own race here a few nights ago for alleged swindling, has been circulating the report In public that E. W. Mills, the mayor of Seymour, was the leader of the mob which assaulted him. Mayor Mills met Baird on the street and after a brief altercation, revolvers were drawn and both began shooting. Eleven shots were flred, ten by Mills and one by Baird, but neither was hit. Mrs. Nancy Staley and Minnie France, her niece, were burned to death at Huntlngton, W. Va. Michigan university defeated Chicago 12 to 11 and Wisconsin defeated Northwestern 47 to 0 In Thanksgiving day football games. •AN MUUVIUA Kj 0«J. MHW YMIK. M. T. For Rats, Mice, Roaches* and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After eating, all vermin f eek water «nd the open «"• Hence thli killer Is the mow cleanly on e«nh. For B*le *>« all Druggl«U. Price, 15 Cento. NEWTON HANDF1CTDB1N6 & CHEMICAL CO, 05 WlUUm Street. New York. ELY'S CREAM BAI.M It •positive our*. Apply into the noitrlto. It l« quickly ntworbed. M cent* M DrpggUU or by mall; umpleo 10«. by null. XLY BliOtUKHS. M Warren SUNew lorkOItr. U. S. NIXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plane] and Specifications (or Work Accurately Furnished. omCBJOVBR \CTOV 8AVIN09 BANE Motf s Rerverme Pills Tht great remedy (01 nervoui pros(ration and all nervoui dlteaie«of the generative oiv „»-,,«* ., ganj of either to, inch u Nervous Prostration, Failing 01 lost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Eml* lions, Youthful Errors, Mental Worry, e* cettlve use of Tobacco or Opium, whlct lead to Consumption and Insanity. 5>.OP per box by mail) d boxes for >5.00. NOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop'., Clanlaul, Ohio, For tale by 8. B. Wyea. Ho well's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street 7. VY. BURQESSy cor. Sixth and Albystsi Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Telephone 69. " ny Commencing Nov. 10tb, until further notice, we will Bell at Strictly Cash Prices: All our INGRAIN CARPETS from the cheapest to the Beat all Wools at a reduction amounting to 15 per cent. Brussels Carpets and Velvets enough for a room at cost prices. Bring in your measure. We Have an Elegant Line; of WINTER SUITINGS.- for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles.' 1Z03 West Third Street. Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS Gravel «* Composition «• ROOFING MATERIALS Manufactured by JOHN M. SELLERS, of C L Louis, Who baa lately roofed the following bulldl ..outhern Hotel, New Planteii' Honse, Lf er§' Tobiooo Wareliou*, and Lamp's Brewerj. llie cheapest and belt roof* tvw p« OB u tiding. Drop a postal to 01 call Oft ;. c. MACK, Corner Shields and Bozza Streets Alien Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always an hand, Alio'. De«ler la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Parla Side Track! Running Into the QuarrlM. Telephone No. 31. Residence 6a8 Alby »t "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO.

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