Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 22, 1972 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1972
Page 11
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Sect jolt 8 Pages 1 to 8 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sport» Classified Wood River to continue use of leaf-vacuuming machine Alton, Illinois, Tuesday, August 22, 1972 The City of Wood River Monday night retained .use of the huge vacuum equipment to pick up leaves even though there was indication that the machine would be taken out of service because it was not effective. The councilmen voted to give the machine another year, and then re-evaluate it. In another -matter, the council approved a beer and wine license for the Middleton and Wilson Corp., which plans, to construct and operate a Pizza Hut at 1205 Ed- wardsvllle Road. Frances K. O'Dell, 215 E. Jennings Ave., will be the local manager, and will hold the license. The Middleton and Wilson firm told city officials it hopes to have the building constructed within 60 days. Approval was given to entering into an agreement with the Illinois Department of Labor to provide work experience training under the work incentive program at no cost to the city. The City of Wood River will receive one man, under the project, who will work with the park department. In another matter, the council voted to reject an ordinance that would eliminate the six-month leave of absence requirement from the city code. Also under ordinances, the council passed an ordinance providing for the deletion of a requirement that holders of liquor licenses reserve 50 per cent or more of their seating area primarily for serving lunches and dinners. Councilman Lon Smith, who had fought to keep the provision in the ordinances, was absent, however, the remaining four councilmen voted for the provision. Three items presented at the meeting will have to have a second reading, since Smith was not there. They are an ordinance providing for the annexation of lot 3 of the Ivy Terrace subdivision to the city at the request of Mrs. Ivy Cummings, who wants to build a multi-famity residence there; an ordinance changing the housing code to prohib't persons from renting out basements or basement houses in residential areas; and a resolution concurring with the Illinois Department of Transportation in rejecting the low bid on a state highway project in the city. The Department of Transportation is calling for bids Sept. 15 on the improvement of Edwardsville Road at Wood River Avenue and at Gth Street. Two previous bids came in under engineers estimates, but the Department of Transportation rejected them without explanation. 2 tankers collide; 48 sailors missing You " s GOP GOP youth cheering section acts on cue By DEE WEDKMEYER MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Republicans have spiced their convention with a goggle-eyed young cheering squad which marches to the GOP beat as avidly as protesters on the outside march against it. On cue from party organizers, the young volunteers clap and cheer at the convention hall The organizers, in turn, provide them a swimming pool, tennis court, rock bands and games to while away the hours until their next assignment. Their cheering, foot- stomping and banner-waving through the evening session Monday livened up the proceedings and frequently delayed them. Several of the speakers, including Pat Nixon, took note o f the young people's presence with waves, smiles and "thank you's." Their activities are managed by seven main organizers equipped with walkie-talkies f o r "more efficient manpower movement," said one of them, 24-year-old Tom Beli. Some 3,000 strong, the GOP CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — Forty-eight sailors are reported dead or missing after the collision of two supertankers in fog Monday off the southern tip of Africa. One of the ships, the 100,613 ton Texanita, exploded and sank four minutes after the collision with the 95,608- ton Oswego Guardian. The Oswego Guardian was standing off Cape Town while officials studied the pollution hazard. Reports indicated the ship, carrying a full cargo of crude oil, had been holed forward and the captain had Jacoby on bridge By OSWALD & JAMES JACOBY NORTH * Q10 7 ¥53 4KJ2 WEST EAST 4A63 *J84 VKQJ94 * 108 76* • 9754 41063 *2 *K8 SOUTH (D) 4K952 VA 4>AQ8 • Q10753 None vulnerable WcU North East (*M& IV 3* 3V 4$ Pass 5* pass Pass Opening lead- Safety plays are usually a matter of declarer taking a little extra care to insure his contract. They are essential in rubber bridge and there are many occasions when they should be made in match point duplicate. Today's hand shows South Area weather AREA WEATHER - Considerable cloudiness with a period of thunderstorms likely today. High 85 to 90. Chance of thunderstorms tonight with the low 65 to 70. Some cloudiness and slightly cooler Wednesday with high in the middle 80s. Extended forecast Partly cloudy with minor changes in temperatures Thursday through Saturday. Lows generally in the 60s with highs in the 70s north and in the lower 80s south. in a very good five-club contract. In a duplicate game most pairs would be playing at a club part score. Therefore, in either duplicate or rubber bridge South wants to give himself the best play for his contract. This play is to lead the, queen of clubs at trick two and then refuse the club finesse. Now his contract is safe against any 2-1 trump break. He ruffs dummy's last heart and plays out all the diamonds. Then he leads a club and it doesn't matter which opponent wins. He must either give South a ruff and discard or lead a spade. In all cases the guess for the spade jack is eliminated. Suppose West started with all three clubs? Then South will wish that he had taken the club finesse but he will still have a fifty-fifty chance for his contract. He will lead a second trump and eventually try to locate the spade jack. The bidding has been: We»t North East Sooth IV Dbl* Pass 2V Dbto Pass Pass 3* Pass 3V Pass 34 Pass 4* Pass ? You, South, hold: 48743 V2 • AKV43 4762 What do you do now? A—Bid four diamonds. You don't know exactly what your partner is doing, but four diamonds tells him thai yon have * good diamond suit. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to four spades. What do you do now? Answer tomorrow emptied the forward tanks to raise the bow. Shipping sources said in terms of tonnage the collision was the biggest ever in peacetime. The Texanita was bound for the Persian Gulf in ballast. In that condition her holds would have been full of fumes and "terribly explosive," the sources said. The sound of the blast was heard 20 miles inland and for 60 miles along the coast. Now who'll pay his fine? An Alton man who said he can't get any financial aid from the state threw a brick through the window of the Alton Township public assistance office Monday and said "now let the city take c-re of me." Lanny Lee Parkerson, 32, of 1309 E. 4th St., was charged with destruction of property after throwing a brick through the window of the assistance office at 100 E. Broadway. Police said Parkerson, who was arrested in the police station, said he had been despondent over finances and after unsuccessfully trying to secure help from the township assistance office he decided to throw a brick through the window. He was charged on .a complaint signed by Alton Township Supervisor Mrs. Francis Roberts, who heads the township's department of general assistance. put on show Cheering Young Voters of America for Nixon put on a demonstration in Miami Beach's Convention Hall Monday night to get the second session of the Republican National Convention underway. (AP Wire- photo) Foreign eyes see American people unfriendly, brusque Calhoun board OKs Gilbert Meyer for highway job LONDON (AP) — "That cheerfulness, kindness and eager-beaver character...once so typical of American society, have now faded here in Washington." The Washington correspondent of Japan's biggest newspaper, Asahi, sent that report to his paper. "What strikes me after several years' absence are changes in the American people's way of working," Asahi's man reported. "A sulky, elderly woman behind a drugstore counter operates in a hasty manner, saying, 'Who's next? quickly, please.' When I pay my bill she does not even thank me." "The American people's sense of values is fading," the Japanese newsmen concluded. Other foreign papers commented during the past week GOP misuse of funds disclosed figh the WASHINGTON (AP) - Violations in the handling of nearly $500,000 in campaign funds by President Nixon's reelection committee have been found by the Government Accounting Office, the Washington Post reported in today's editions. The Post attributed the report to "several reliable sources" and said that among the irregularities found by the GAO was a $100,000 "campaign security fund," from which $25,000 was deposited in the bank account of one of the suspects in the Democratic party headquarters break-in in June. But Republican sources said any violations would be nothing more than administrative oversights, the newspaper reported. The Post said that violations cited by their sources include failure to report receipts and expenditure of funds received by the Committee for the Re- Election of the President after April 7—the effective date of the new campaign finance disclosure law under which the GAO is currently conducting an audit. on such American topics as policy in Vietnam. Noting the departure of the last U.S. combat ground troops from Vietnam, the Montreal Star said: "The United States still has not recognized this as a fight between Vietnamese. The day after the last American ground combat mission ended, American B52 bombers carried out what the military command described as the heaviest raid of the war.... "The theory behind bombing is that it will end either an enemy's will or ability to ght. But five months after he resumption of the massive bombing, and four months after the sealing of harbors with mines, there has been little apparent effect on North Vietnam. Nor has it brought any closer the release of American prisoners, a precondition that President Nixon has set for peace." Commenting on the U.S. bombing, London's weekly Observer said: "A small country is being subjected to the kind of aerial holocaust suffered by Germany and Japan at the end of World War II.... America's allies and especially the British government.. .should urge the President to show restraint in the interests of humanity." HARDIN — The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners by a 2 to 1 vote employed a native Calhoun countian to be superintendent of highways at a salary of $18,000 per year plus expenses incurred in performance of his duties. • Employment of Gilbert Meyer, 42, is contingent on his being okayed by the state to be appointed to the position. Commissioner Lavon Mopac tries to stop GMO, 1C merger WASHINGTON (AP) — The Missouri Pacific Railroad has asked the Supreme Court to stay enforcement of an Interstate Commerce Commission order authorizing the merger of the Illinois Central and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio railroads. Missouri Pacific told Chief Justice Harry A. Blackmun Monday it is "essential to preserve the two railroads as separate operating entities." There was no immediate action by Blackmun. Illinois Central and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio were formally merged Aug. 10 into a new carrier called Illinois Central Gulf, after a three-judge panel upheld ICC's approval. Johnson and Steve Fortschneider voted in favor of the appointment with Commissioner William Stelbrink dissenting. Former highway superintendent Clarence Skeel has been serving on a temporary basis since the commissioners refused to reappoint him. However, Skeele may serve until his successor is named. Meyer, a certified registered professional engineer, has been employed by the State Highway Department since 1956 and is now working in the Department of Transportation offices at East St. Louis. However, another engineer will be certified to the state for testing and interviewing with the understanding that the commissioners have already given the job to Meyer if he is approved by the state. Richard B. Rawling, who is the reisdent engineer on a road building project in the county would only be considered by the commissioners for the job if for some reason Meyer refuses it. youths paid their own way to Miami Beach to cheer on President Nixon and in the process, experience a smidgen of national politics. The Nixon volunteers contrast sharply with the youthful delegation drawn here by the convention to protest Nixon administration policies, particularly on the Indochina •war. The "young voters for the President" stay in hotels. Their opposite numbers camp in Flamingo Park. The Nixon group is bused daily to what they call the "holding area" at Nautilus Junior High School. There they wait until they are assigned to a team being dispatched to the convention hall or Republican functions elsewhere in the area. At the holding area — dubbed "the pen" by an occasional cynic — there is no aroma of marijuana wafting through the air. In Flamingo Park, marijuana is widespread. Whatever the GOP young people want has a way of turning up. When they needed a tennis court for a celebrity tennis match, a portable one was flown in from New York. There are four rock bands taking turns at entertaining the young people while they paint signs welcoming Nixon to Florida. One band leader complains that the manpower managers keep interrupting the music to make announcements and once even pulled the plug on their equipment. Inside the school there is a shower room and cots for quick naps. In the press room, workers mail news releases to the volunteers' hometown newspapers. Each day top members of the administration drop in to speak to the group. Fischer threatens to forfeit because audience too noisy By JULIE FLINT REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) — Bobby Fischer threatened to forfeit the 17th game of the world chess championship today, and perhaps the match, unless something is done about the audience noise in the auditorium, a source close to the American challenger said. Referee Lothar Schmid said he received a letter of protest from Fischer early today. He declined to disclose the con- 50 from NATIONAL WtATHt* SIRVICC, Com/iwc* FORECAST ^» Tfmpwatwrn lxp«ct«d Until W«dn«day Morning Ff<tlplt«ri»n M»t - C«fiitflt l»c«l tents, but said it "was not in the rules and would have to be considered very carefully." Schmid added that the game would be played tonight unless one of the players was ill. After a drawn game Sunday, Fischer leads the Russian champ 9^-6^ and needs only three more points to take the crown. Spassky needs another 5'/£ to keep it. A win counts a full point, a draw a half. F i s c h e r asked referee Lothar Schmid twice on Sunday to transfer play to a private room because of the noise, but Schmid refused. "You can expect to hear much mciro about this," a source close to Fischer said Monday. "The noise in there was terrible Sunday." The auditorium has 2,500 seats, but the Icelandic Chess Federation brought in 10 extra rows of \\noden benches Sunday and packed the house with paying customers. Kn thusiasts stood in the aisles J and lined up at the entrances. The benches creaked, and the spectators talked aloud and whispered. Adults and children in sneakers streamed in and out. Whenever Fischer left the stage for a break, there was an explosion of coughing. WE RENT and SELL HOSPITAL BEDS Complete Line Of Convalescent Aids! YUNGCK'S DRUG STORE STATE & ELM STS. NORTH ALTON PHONE 462-5833 EVERYTHING YOU NEED 10 REPLACE YOUR BROKEN GLASS Also Plastic For Doors & Windows HADLEY-DEAN GLASS CO. 2615 E. Broadway The asked avail. referee for quiet repeatedly but to nj There was no protest from Spassky. A Fischer aide said, "We wish lie would. But h° probably has bigger things on his mind." The general feeling is that the Russian hasn't a chance. With a maximum of eigit games still to be played he must win al least three a:nj draw the other five. But Spassky has beaten Fischer only twice in the 15 games they've played, and Fischer has won six. Spassky was awarded the second game on a forfeit. A local manufacturer has printed hundreds of "Bobby Wins" T-shirts but not one "Boris Wins." It's so easy to forget the names. Unless you happen to live there. Rapid City. Wilkes-Barre. Elmira. Corning. Harrisburg. Isleton. Apalachicola. These towns, and scores of others in 12 states, suffered devastating flood damage. Hundreds were killed. Hundreds of thousands left dazed and suffering. Somebody has to help. And The American Red Cross is one of the somebodies. ' Please. Help us help. Your contribution, in any amount, will be a contribution toward the over ten million dollars that Red Cross flood relief will cost. Send it today. Thank you. INSTALL Carrier Custom Deluxe ModeJ38GF THE FINEST MONEY CAN BUY' National Weather Warm and humid air from the Southeast is expected to move into the Northeast Tuesday. Cooler, drier weather is forecast from the Midv.est to the West. Showers or rain are expected from the upper Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes. (AP Wirephotu) ALTON TEACHERS CRUCIAL MEETING Wed., Aug. 23 7:30 PM AI,TO\ HKili CAKKTEIUA NEGOTIATIONS 9999 No Contract—No Work . . . ' Call 466-6693 Alton Education Association American National Red Cross Flood Relief Washington, D.C. 20006 (or your local chapter) I want to help. Here is my contribution toward flood reliet in the amount of S__ Name Address Zip .•- i, i^l.i. ;i J i! I. k *S&* •••••••••••I I I I I I I I I EXAMPLE - Model 38GS You can purchase this 25,000 BTU system for only... *447. 00 YOU GET-25,000 BTU (AH alma 21066) jyilem con- iiliiKj of Model 3BGS002 ondensina unit, 2IMF002 oil, 18 feel of tubing, h«g|- ng and cooling thtrmoilat. INSTALL yOUKSELFAND SAVE! CALL Carrier 1462-9584 310 FRONT ST.. ALTON. ILL.

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