Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on November 12, 1947 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, mi. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE, IOWA indl 8«l {Remember When--? Twenty-Five Years Ago. aterestlng Items From the Files of the Postvllle Herald of <, Thursday, Nov. 16, 1922. Jj.> — W\f , jloyd Putnam is the ne*r clerk • the Farmers Store. §The Commercial .Club will install ice skating pond on the vacant west of the hotel this winter, band is being organized at ankvitle, with a good instrumen- being present at the meeting onduy night. Girls Scoiit group has been or- jized here with Miss Dorothy rrick as capfnin of the 28 memenrolled: thus far. Jayor Geo. Fay has word from jigressman Haugen that two nnon v of the Bethlehem type will S shipped here for the city park, ienry Fred Schultz, 36, son of and Mrs. Joe Schultz, passed jray Sunday. He is survived by wife, the former Louise Linder- tn, two sons, Robert and Nori, his parents, seven brothers _ one sister. 'ostville sent its usual quota of >tball fans to Iowa City Satur, but most of them got stuck in mud between there and Cedar ipids. They say it was worth the mey, and all arrived home, safely. son was born to Mr., and Mrs ;d H. J. Thoma east of town jesday. Since he is healthy look chap and shows- signs of de- loping into a good hired man. iy have decided to keep him un 101' he is 21. , j§|t was a battle royal out at Ev Oman Field last Friday before f'Jtostville was beaten by Calmar, 12 ,- to 6 in the football game. Leui ij.fcsjiter, Luebbers, end, and Rath- ^Thlih in the backfield, were the best Utn on the field for'the locals. . .U'est Union and Elgin are doing their darndest to have No. 19 (now , Ns 18) rerouted to leave Postville QUI, and propose to have the road go via Elgin, Gunder and thence §jjjrr the old Clermont-McGregor id. But they aren't making ich headway, according to last ports. J; Fifty Years Ago. - interesting Items From the Flics is'tsfot'The Graphic" published In Postville, Nov. 18, 1897. COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF POSTVILLE Rev. Eldon Seamans, Pastor Tonight—Meeting of the Elders and Trustees at 8 in the church parlors. Thursday, Nov. 13 — The senior choir will not meet this week. Sunday, Nov. 16—9:30, The junior choir will meet for a short rehear sal in the church basement. 10:00, Morning worship. This j; Men^ and Missions Sunday.. Mr. Robert Burling will speak briefly on a subject pertaining to the layman's and the missionary enterprise. The Junior choir will sing. "Fairest Lord Jesus." The minister will bring a missionary message, entitled, "Keepers of the Light;" 8:00, Meeting of the church cor poration. Because of this meeting, the Mariners Club" will meet Sun-" day evening, Nov. 23. Tuesday, Nov. 18-—4:15, The junior choir will meet for its weekly re hearsal. The ladies of the church are asked to remember that the November meeting of the Ladies' Aid to be held on Friday, Nov. 21, will be in the form of a one o'clock luncheon. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Frederick R. Ludwlg, Pastor WANT ADS... Want Ad Rates— 10 cents per line; minimum charge 25c per week if cash accompanies order; otherwise the minimum charge is 50c. Blind ads or those having inquiries come to this office are 50c per week minimum charge. Wanted — Jap hulless popcorn. The Palm, Postville.—48tfc. FREE—Willow wood for cutting it. Art Baltz, R. 1, Postville—2p. For Sale—Girl's size 10 and 12 cloth coats. Mrs. Arbey Rose, R. 1, Postville.—2p. For Sale—Spotted Poland China stock hogs. Wm. Miene, Jr., R. 1, Luana, Iowa.—52tfc. For Sale—Scotch Shorthorn bull serviceable age. Louis Benjegerdes, R. 1, Postville.—2p. For Sale—4 Browp Swiss cows; high,grade; now milking. Ben F. Overbecki-Postville.—lp. For Sale—-Several farms and city properties. J. T. Humphrey, Real Estate Broker, Postville. For Sale—Wood or coal circula ting heater; in good shape. Walter Schultz, Castalia, Iowa.—3p. For Bale-^-Two-row Case corn picker. Reinhardt's Case Implements, Postville.— 2c. For Sale—Duroe Jersey boars; cholera immune. J. J. Martins & Sons, R. 2, Postville.—51tfc. Lost a Key?—Have one made while you wait, at Western Auto Associate Store, Postville.—ltfc. For Sale—Stock water tank, of extra heavy steel; 30-barrel capacity. Alonzo Harvey, Ossian, la—2c! For Sale—40-ft. double chain elevator; suitable for baled hay. Falb Motor & Implement Co., Postville, For Sale—Three-burner tan enamel oil stove with oven; also a fernery. Mrs. Fred A. Baltz, R. 2, Postville.—2p. Want to Buy—A 2-burner kitchen oil stove; must be in good condition. Mrs. Ross Thornton, Postville, Iowa.—2p. For Sale—Dressed large type Pekin ducks. Call 42-F-63. Zoe Thoreson.—2p. For Sale—Sanico kitchen range; 2-tone tan; small size. Phone 2-W, Postville.—2p. For Sale—Man's coonskin coat, in fair condition. Inquire at the W. J. Hanks residence.—lc. WANTED — WAITRESS FOR STEADY WORK AND GOOD PAY AT THE V & J CAFE, POSTVILLE. —50tfc. Wanted—Young man wants work in town for the winter months. See Earl 'Ruckdaschel, Postville—2p, For Sale—Five registered young Holstein cows'; milking heavy. Emil Zurcher & Son, Farmersburg,—2p. For Sale—A yearling boar; a good individual from Don Hartz herd of Maynard. Alvin Thoreson, R. 1, Postville.—2p. For Sale—Three Brown Swiss heifers, 10 months old; one Swiss heifer calf 2 weeks old. Lloyd Block, R. 1, Postville.—2p. NOW you can get dressed spring chickens for all occasions on any day of the week at Meyer's Four- County Hatchery, Postville.—39tfc. Lost—In Postville a 20x18 canvas. Please notify or return to Fred A. Schultz, Postville.—2p. For the latest in Decca and Columbia phonograph ' records see the Western Auto Associate Store.—31c net lar- ind nal the iof an- the try. nee the of )amuel Gobin and Etta French ire married at Frankville last nday'evening. 'fie confirmation class up at the •rman church has increased to during the past week. is fall has been so dry that our id is dusty—and today has been first ideal buckwheat pancakes ather. bhn Hawkins and a Miss Kelly re married at Fayette Tuesday, iey will come here to live in the thout cottage. Ve have been advised that Ever- Hughes and Miss Ida Schuette, [ughter of Mr. and Mrs. John uette, were married Wednesday Decorah. l^he Farmers Creamery Co. sold 1246 lbs. of butter during October $6,021.18. The price paid far- ESBjers for their milk was 78 cents f-.jKr 100 pounds. JS$P ur neighboring town of Castalia ^'H' n mourning today over the death • of Abram Riggs, 66. a highly es- \iffcmed resident of that community 1 for more than 40 years. Among the three new post offices to be opened in Allamakee county U the one at Stella, formerly known niMyron, north of Postville. Wm. has been appointed post- ster. enry Barthells has given up his ition on the section and with his ily will move onto the 120 acre he purchased this week from Gass, over in Union Prairie nship. e saloon keepers of Allamakee inly had little trouble to get 65 ent of the voters to sign their jtions tb keep open for another The Iowa law requires these petitions, rs. Enos Ervin is offering 39 Is of fine rag carpeting, just of the loom, at 50c per yard, tells us some sneak thief stole ive of bees, honey and all, at home'last night. The Ladies' Aid will, meet Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in the assembly room. The men's chorus will rehearse Thursday evening at 7:15 and the senior choir Thursday evening at 7:45 o'clock at the church. The confirmation class will meet Saturday morning at 9:09 o'clock in the assembly room. The junior choir will rehearse Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the church. , Church • School service Sunday morning at 9:15 o'clock. Adult Bible class Sunday morning at 9:15 o'clock in the assembly room. Under the direction of Mr. Harm Kramer the group is engaged in an extensive study of the Book of Galatians'. All who are interested are invited to participate. The service Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock. The sermon subject, "Forward With the Faith." The service will also mark St. Paul's observance of Men and Missions Sunday. Luther League devotional Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Donna Mae Dickman is the leader. A social hour will follow the devotional. The memorial service conducted each year on the closing Sunday of the church year will" be held Sun day morning, November 23. "The Lord Is My Shepherd," is the sermon subject for this service. , , The Annual Every Member Visitation throughout the congregation will take place Sunday afternoon November 30. For Sale — 15 purebred Poland China stock hogs; cholera immune. Fred W. Miene, R. 1, Luana -^48tfc. For Sale—Good used farm truck, complete with body and hoist. Falb Motor & Implement Co., Postville, For Sale — Electric Motors; all sizes; at new low prices. Nyberg's Farm and Home Supply, Postville, For . Sale—Two men's overcoats; size 40; one practically new and the othed very good. Inquire at this office—2c. For Sale — Purebred Shorthorn bull; good individual; a sure breeder. Sander Swenson, R. 2, Post­ ville—ltfc. We now have plenty of Barbed Wire and Woven Wire. J. L. Gregg & Sons Lumber Co., Postville. Iowa.—51tfc. SEE the new Coolerator Farm Freezer. It's reasonably priced, more convenient and economical to operate. Nyberg's Farm and Home Supply, Postville.—2p. For Sale—80-gal. heavy steel water pressure tank, with electric motor, water pump and automatic pressure switch. See it at the H. J. Schuette home in Postville.—2tfc. For Sale—Young Mallard ducks and drakes; also a few White Pekin ducks and drakes; suitable for either eating or breeding purposes. L. E. Dresser, R. 2, Postville.—ltfc. For Sale—The John Lydon farm, IVi miles southeast of Frankville, on graveled Postville - Frankville road. For information see Wm. J. Broghammer at his store in Frank­ ville.—49tfc. Strayed—To my place October 5, two head of cattle. Owner may have same by identifying property, paying cost of keep and this notice. Harold Trappe, R. 1, Postville, Iowa.—4c. JUST RECEIVED — A SHIP MENT OF 10 AND 13 INCH CIRCULATING OIL HEATERS. WESTERN AUTO STORE, POSTVILLE MOTORS—I do all kinds of motor repairing, rewinding and reconditioning. J. F. Hart, at the Electric Motor Shop, telephone 272, Post ville, Iowa.—6tfc. For Sale—1941 deluxe 4-door Studebaker sedan; fully equipped with heater, defroster, radio. Mo tor overhauled in October. Mrs, Tom Looney, Postville.—3c. DO IT NOW—Orders for any and all Thanksgiving birds must be placed with us on or before Satur day of this week. Meyer's Four- County Hatchery, Postville.—2c. SAVE YOUR CORN—One pound of Bolson's Mineral Protein Con ditioner will save from six pounds to ten pounds of corn; priced very reasonable; ask us. Farmers Store, Postville.—4c. For Sale—Hampshire boars and gilts; good bloodline; good medium packer type; long-time treated. Joseph H. Wander, Elgin; located 1% miles west of Clermont on No. 18; call 4-F-16, thru Clermont— 2p. PAGE THREE. For Sale—Choice Duroc boar*. New blood for. this territory. These boars are well grown, deep,. low set, and out of good litters. Prices reasonable. Telephone 3392. Capper & Grove, Elgin, Iowa.—45tfc. We Lend MORE than money... With every personal, family, business and farm loan we make you receive the benefit of our years of experience and helpfulness in financing the needs of our community. People tell us that is what they like about our loans, in addition to hometown convenience, economy, and service by people .they know, and who know them. Postville State Bank We Offer A Complete Banking Service For Sale—Slat corn cribbing, ce dar posts, hog waterers and Dutch Boy house paint. We also have some woven wire and barbed wire. John L. Gregg & Sons Lumber Co., Postville'.-^-47tfc. Notice—We are in the market for all kinds of junk and pay highest market price. Steve Szabo & Sons, Castalia, Iowa.—lOtfc. For Sale—To make room, must sell three unusually good Duroc boars at $65 each. Jerry N. Spencer, Clermont, Iowa.—2p. I am prepared to do any kind of cess pool or septic tank work. Write or phone. Ray Canoe, phone 177-61, Monona,. Iowa.—3p. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hogs: dark red color; well built, and real good farmers' hogs. W. A. Meyer, Castalia.—3p. ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCH Francis J. Vallaster, Pastor Sunday masses at 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock a. m. Catechetical instruction Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. for children of school age. Confessions wi.l be heard every Saturday, from 2:30 to 5:30 and from 7:00 to 8:30. For Sale—New oil burning heater; only used 10 days while furnace installed; will sell for $20 below cost. Henry Oldag, Postville—2c. Wanted—Young man, high school graduate preferred, to learn retail trade in local store. Wonderful opportunity. Leave your name at the Herald office.—52c. "PLASTI"— Chemistry's miracle product. Plastic finishes for every use. Chemistry's newest discovery. See this marvelous product of Duro Industries at Samek's Appliance Shop, phone 309-W, Postville—49tfc. For Sale-r-Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hogs. Choice boars; sire was winner at National Swine Show in Austin, Minn., in 1946. Emil Lembke, Luana, one mile south and one mile east of Luana school on rock road.—50tfc. For Sale—Mrs. David Meyer residence property in North Postville. House in excellent repair; modern conveniences. Garage and other buildings. Fine fruit and vegetable garden. W. H. Burling, Realtor, Postville.—4c. HELP ! HELP ! We have a few territories open where we need help in servicing and selling our feeds. A real "honest to gosh" set-up on contract basis for the right man over 25 years of age, who has car and ambition. You can make some real money. Don't pass this up as just another ad—it isn't. Shoot us a post-card—make us prove it to you Write c/o this paper. Lost—A considerable quantity of men's, clothing, suits, sport coats etc., between Monona and Clermont Saturday or Sunday. . Please advise Keith Manson at Winneshiek Hotel, Decorah, or this office.—2p. For Sale—Purebred Black Poland stock hogs; sired by Forma- tor's Kind; deep bodies; broad backs and good hams. Cholera immune. New blood for old customers. Henry Larson & Son, Ossian, Iowa.—18tfc. For Sale — Purebred Chester White boars; cholera immuned. A choice herd of easy keeping, low down, well grown hogs; best of breeding. Come early for choice hogs. Moon & Kruse, one mile south and a half mile west of Mo­ nona.—45tfc. A Sewing Machine in good condition has more trade-in value for that new post-war model. Be ready when they come. Get your machine cleaned and reconditioned now. J. A. Flynn, Calmar, Iowa Phone Herald Office in Postville—Phone No. 200. WANTED! Experienced Auto and Truck MECHANIC Make application to P. A. SCHNEIDER Division Maintenance Engineer Iowa State Highway Commission POSTVILLE, IOWA FIFTY MORE STUDENTS Can Be Accommodated for the Second Quarter Starting December 8, 1947, at UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY Write for new 1947-48 Catalogue. Make reservations now to Office of Admissions, Upper Iowa University Fayette, Iowa EVANGELICAL U. B. CHURCH Wayne Hargravc, Minister teed A rood Used Car? o, stop in and sec us. We be- ve we have the model and of car you want, at the ! you want, to pay. BUY, SEJ|L OR TRADE! N. EVENINGS & SUNDAYS jtp In today and look them over. -j- For ?'Better Used Cars" — See — rnieH.Lens .ng FE8TINA. IOWA Sunday, Nov. 1C—Worship service at 9:45 a. m., and Sunday school at 10:45 a. m. Friday, Nov. 21—Please do not forget the conference on Evangelism to be held at Bristow. CLERMONT LUTHERAN PARISH A. O. Nesset, Pastor Sunday* November 16 West Clermont, service, 9:30 a. m. East Clermont, service, 11 a. m. Decorah Circuit Luther League Rally at Calmar. Sessions at 3 p. m. arid 8 p. m. Singers meet at 7 p.m. Friday, November 14—East Clermont Society sale- a.nd lunch, beginning at 8:15 p. m. Christian Science Churches The subject of the lesson-sermon in all Churches of Christ, Seientist, for November 16; 1947 Is "Mortals And Immortals." The golden text la "He that loveth his life shall lose it; and h: that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal." (John 12:25) Selections from the Bible and from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary ?aker Eddy comprise the lesson- sermon. One of the Biblo citations reads: "And a certain man was inhere, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years. Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked:" (John 5:8, 9 to :) From the Christian Science textbook is .he following:. "The sick unconsciously argue for suf fering, instead of against it They admit its reality, whereas they should deny it. They should plead in opposition to- the testimony % of the deceitful senses, and maintain man's immortality and eternal likeness to G«L" (pages 3M.3M) Order Now! . . for Xmas THE IDEAL GIFTW Baby's Shoes Preserved Fotever STYLE 207 LUCITE PICTURE FRAME STYLE 212 HEAVY METAL BOOK ENDS Your Baby's very own First Shoes to treasure how and keep forever. Skillfully preserved in'ENDURING BRONZE,, showing every precious wrinkle and crease. Craftsmanship Supreme. Both Sentimental and Useful. .MOUNT them on BOOK - ENDSl - ASH - TRAYS! LUCITE PICTURE FRAMES! - ONYX PEN SETS and PAPERWEIGHTS, Ask for descriptive booklet. *2.50 to *ll.95 BRING BABY'S SHOES IN TO-DAY! Allow About 3 Wemha For Delivery. W.J. HANKS YOUR JEWELER MEMO: TO ALL OUR PATRONS This is FROZEN FOOD LOCKER WEEK-Nationwide This week, November 10 - 15, 1947, locker plants throughout the country are celebrating. The locker industry has been firmly built. It has grown tremendously. And that's reason enough to celebrate. But we're happy for another reason, too. We know we've been able to help in America's Food Saving Program ! You — our patrons — have realized this all along. By using the frozen food locker method of food preservation, you have been able to use locally grown foods, goods produced in your own garden. And because of this, it has been unnecessary to delve into the Nation's marketable food supplies. At the same time, you've been able to save money — and eat better — and we've all made the best use of our local surpluses. In America today, over 4,000,000 thrifty families are patrons of over 9,000 locker plants. Each of^these families is helping tackle this food problem with its worldwide significance. More plants, more patrons every day are proving the value of the "locker way." You—our patrons—are to be congratulated for pioneering in better living through better eating. Let's continue talking over our food plans together — for you and your friends. It's worth it ! Postville Locker Service Telephone No. 288 MILO GERICKE, Prop.

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