The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 7, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1891
Page 3
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The People Are Not 11 WIND WIND WIND WIND WIND WIND —Godfrey Staadt was it Waukon all of last iveek, being drawn on tbe grand jury. For Bale! Carriage* of all description! for sale. \Y. S. WBBSTBR. —'Gus McNeil is about "laid out" with a bad sore on tho back of bis band. Mia* Anna Eaaton lostnietor on th* piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. —Bert and ('has. Norton wera up from Monona orer Sunday seeing their tooter wootsers. —Baton keeps as good hulk ojttars as can he had in town. You can get them by tha can or dish. -J. H. Sandera has put in a new sidewalk on the north side of his iters building. It is a good iraprortmeiit and long needed. —They had a regular blirzard In North Dakota last Saturday. It won't be long before we shall have a taste of winter. Horse -Shoeing-. Vo hit and miss, bat a good job *r*ry clatter and prises very reasonable. THOS. SnoBTaaiD. J. W. WARD & CO. Special Sale of the following goods with a Wholesale Slaughter 01 Prices, • Whioh Are Kiss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Puttville, Iowa. WIND WIND But GOOD GOODS and low prices speak for themselves, and at John Crosby's is were you will find the Best in Dry Goods, the Best in Boots and Shoes, the best in Underwear, the best in Gloves and Mitts, the best in Groceries* the best attention given you, the LOWEST Frices made. —It is getting pretty late for building operations unless we should bare an unprecedented fall. —Now that election is oTer tho next dirersion will be ibanfrsgiring, and the holidays *ill soon follow. —Walter Chriss' fine new residence is completed and be will soon be "at borne" in one of the best homes in PostTille. TJ1TM__TC__ABLE By any ConiDGtition in IInltBi States ARMSTRONG- & HOLTER, THE RELIABLE CLOTHTKRS. ESTABLISHED EST —Ed. Sheeny has had his restaurant building nicely repainted. Ed. is sure ] to keep things looking just as good ss the best of them. - Michigan apples by the barrel, bushel or peck, at JOH* THOMA'S. (»*t3) —Mrs. Cbilds (nee Jessio Tripp) is here visiting mother, rclatites and friend*. —How to make money is the great question of the day. Luhman & Sanders can tall von how. • Wanted. A good girl to de general housework. Apply to Mrs. S.,F. Clinton. —Just received, a carload of eheicc Michigan winter apples at Siwl Jons TuojfA'S. C. L. 8. 0. Meet with Mrs. F. J. Becker next Wednesday. Chatanqua study for 3rd week in Nov. —Tho new democratic paper will be called the Graphic, and will be l&ucb- ed about Dec. 1st. —Pepperell "B" unbleached cotton, f*yd. or 100, at 6c. per yd., at LnmiN & Suniu'. mm And the encouraging feature is the people come. Our trade being SjerisF Miner! nut "in it'' with both feet. He will continue to "go to jail" for two years moro. —Mr. and Mrs. Jsi. Uolahan, of Waukon. spent last Sunday at the residence of Mr. P. Corcoran, in Grand Meadow township. - —We should thiok to look at the piles of clothing that Gray, of the V. T. K. is rsceiTing that he expected to supply the whole country. —Robert Waters, Jr.. administrator, will hare a large auction sale on tbe Cross farm, two miles north-east of Frankrille. NOT. 18th. at 10, A. M. —G W. E. Hill will deliver a temperance lecture at the M. E. ehurah next Sunday erening, Ner. Ith, in the interest of the Good Templar*. 7:30 p. m. —POSITIVELY the beet Shoe on earth for the money is the Hamilton Brown $3.50 Shoe for men. For sale by (2*tf) J»o. Caosar. —You caa sare money by waiting for our Cloak Sale next Thursday, NOT. 12th. Be sure to cutre and get the best Cloak fot the least money.: at ! —Mrs. Ucltys did not get away to j Chicago !*st week but went on Wednesday ever,i:ig of this Tree 's. -Mrs. Jans A. McDonald. E. F. Smith acd J. V. Sehuter are entitled to tlianks for cash on subscription. — Election week is always a hard week to get out a paper. Half of the wsek is lust in waiting for returns. Remember the Days and Dates. The goods are the following Staple Articles PRICES CUT MOST IH 11 1 No. 1, Special Sale Men's Ready Made Clothing, Salts and Overcoats. Commencing Oct. SOth and lasting 30 days. No. 2, special sale Ladies' and Ghent's Knit Underwear. October 30, lasting for 30 days. No. 3, special sale 150 to a 00 bolts absolutely Pure Bilk Ribbon, worth 40 to 75c per yard, will be sold for 26Jc yd. Sale lasting till all sold. No. 4, special sale 500 boxes Imported Iced Wool, at 20c a box. Sale last 30 days, or till sold. No. 5, special sale 250 Ladies' Jackets and Misses' Cloaks, bought of a manufacturer who failed, at 50c on the dollar. Sale last till all sold. These goods are all new and latest styles. No. 6, special sale 25 yds. Best Standard Press Cal ico for 100. Sale Saturday, Nov. 7, lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt. No.,7, special sale Pepperell R Sheeting, yd. wide, 6c yd., worth 6|c to buy at {wholesale. Sale Monday, Nor. 9th. Sale lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt. No. 8, special sals Kerosene Oil, BesirQuality Water White Headlight Kerosene Oil at 10c Gallon. Sale continues 30 days. LCUMAX * 8AHDIB3.' No. 9, special sale Kerosene Oil. We will sell you -iwi.i open my stock of cbri.tmaa t£e llaine Kerosene> Oil^which is the finest high test Goods abo„rNor. isth and don't for- iHjiininating oil in the United States, and is sold for er«r Some Itake advice and never give it; others give advice and never take it. You can get all you want of it for nothing, and what you get for nothing you are not apt to esteem very highly. Throw the advice away if that is the way you feel about it, but don't reject a good thing when it comes your way. We make it our business to hold the lead by keeping. ahead in FIT, MATERIAL AND PRICE. Whatever else happens, you can make up your mind to one thing —there will be no mistake about the fit and in all other, respects we will guarantee to give you perfect satisfaction. Our stock of READY TO WEAR f II Is of superior material arid* workmanship in all sizes, and the styles are adapted to the age and to suit 'the most critical. We invite special attention to the great bargains we are now offering in SUITS, OVERCOATS, UNDERWEAR, GLOVES AND MITTENS, ETC.- than a year ago; an EVIDENCE thatpeopls are judges of what they buy. Yours Truly, —\V. J. Wanks 4 Co. change their ad ibis week. Just go in and look their •lock orer. Thev have a tine one. - Yon cannot afford to boy a dollar's worth of goods until you go and gel pricss at LCIIMAX 4 SAWDERS. get it win be (ho b«t o/ the kind er.r 161 to 18c a Gral. at wholesale, and retails at 25c a seen in PostTille. Don't to coma gallon by the Drug trade. We will sell you in 5 gallon earlr and ru*ke your selections. No lots for 75c,worth 1.25. Sale lasts 30 days, trouble to show goods, w. CHWSS. N O . 10, special sale Oil Cans. "The Pan American" 5 —Com<* to town earlyjaext Thursday for our Cloak Sale. If will pay you well for the time. Cloaks will be opss- ed for orders at 8 o'clock n the morning and remain open until night, at I.LHKAS 4 SANDERS'. Tte i'ostihle Weeklv Review LY BY -Apples at John Thoma's. Husking UI/>ves. al fjrsy's. -Ctiie'ue:,; at J. ii. LLirl 's market. —Tse Celebrated Pittsburg Center Draft Burner Lamp, in Oxidized, Brown and Nickle, at Chiiss' Furniture Store. —Mrs Wobstor and other fnends have been enjoying a visit from Mrs. Uafer and daughter, of Goshen, Ind. —Tho Hamilton Brown $2.SO Shoe for raen hare the largo«t sale of any Shoe in lh>; Unilsd States. Fur sale by Sitf Jxo. CROSBT. I G-al. best Galvanized Oil Can made, with Pump, for 1.35, worth 2.00. The sale lasts 30 davs. No. 11, special sale Oil and Oil Cans. "The Pan American" 5 Gral. Oil Can with Pump, full of the Best Water White Headlight Oil! for 1.75.< And full of Haine HighjTest Oil for 2.00. You will surely appre but li.ijiTEAR IN ADVANCE. L OCAL R EVIEW. -Lard at Hart's cies! raartel. -Corn husking is well along there is a good deal out yet. - -Every day orings new students to '.'•rut. Breckenridrre's school. —We are goiug to try to go to Chicago on Saturday eTening of this week. Any ••donations" from subscribers or others will be thankfully receired uptte •1:15, P. U. They might come handy at tbe lunch counters. :.iii -Fr*sh Otsters^by the quart, can or • at Joux TUOMA'S. >.r«..-l A;>p!-.- ("s.l-r :il J. Tlioma'*. | —Will. Shepherd. Esq., : assistant c!trk of election. acted as --•5u!V; kst. nvtUsri .v. Hurt's ruar- -Wo saved Charley Bacbtull any- 11 Hft had no opposition. CSLV. -A ns'w sup :>i» »f blank notes it this j _-,y e ara i, n d er obligatons to B. X. —Frankfi -.i -t s .i3 *aj[e at U-irt'i msat market. Djuglan for tho c«jnty returns. I ^* —Tli«i board of mipervisors will meet 1 nfit Mond*r to canvass the vole — IVauac* ami fl Tlioaja's. c:.e«|». at John , _ A ^ n[ new giotU just re- — Or »rci >ats. M<i>'» a:Grs«"s. and B..ys', #2.Ci>, ; ecWed, at LCOMAJS 4 SANDERS'. { -r Charier Burling bas been up from i t'avette th'« tveek tending bis inability is iMnr»lesct-at. glad to say, | u> t»,t „{ his ability. —Left Handed Gravs- V. T. K. iiii^k 'J^ G!»res, at —W. J. .llantpson l.tihman & Sanders. t -lerking for —Sor. Utb, at Luhman & Sanders', the Grand Cto* Sale. —J. V. Sohuler, of Protoviu, Howard Co.. wa» iatown on Tuestlay, and mad* this office * pleasant call. — If you want wood 1 are wora with m« or any of sny teamster*. P. J. Uil'CBti. Drayman Our long Experience as Clothiers and buying strictly for oash in large quantities, (for two stores,) enables, us to secure every article at the lowest possible prices' and we give our trade the benefit of it. Our inoreased sales prove conclusively, that -the- Ilaine HighjTest Oil for 2 .00- Youwxu sureiy appro- > trade appreciate the Low Prices we are naming^and oiate this offer, when the can is worth 2.00 without | we shall continue to break the record on prices, the oil in it. This strikes hard on competition, and j they will cry: "HTJMBTJG >r ''SWINDLE;" 'ITS A I mT LD3;" "IT CANT iBE DONE;" &c. But we will give property at the recent fir*. Tou did $25.00 to anyone who will prove that the Oil and nablr, and I thank ron for it. Cans are not both just as we represented them to be. s r. CUXTO.V. iy NOTICE:—Ail goods advertised for Special Sale -Do TOU want anv Blanket, for the 06 sol £ CASHONLY at the prices named, and winwr? if so c.u and see what i offer NOT.punched on the Premium Tickets. in the line of Blankets, Quilts. Feath- _____ mars CLOTHING. Thanks. I wish to publicly extend my tkiijks to the people of PostTille for their prompt and eflieient work to Bare my cis. Pillows and all kinds of Bedding The Choapest placa in town. Yours truly, W. CURIAS. Agalxt For Sale. I now offer my residence for sale at a priea that ought to sell it al School Books. We now hare a foil and complete stock of school books used in the Post- r'tlI* schools and will sell them at the lowest school board ; prices. We also carry a full stock of all school supplies al tbe lowest price*. Brici.drugstole. R, S. DOCGLASS. Men's Goat Gloves, double palm, oil tanned, 85cr Call and s *o it. MM. H. B. HAZLVTOV. Short-Horn Bulla Tor Sal*. Four pedigr»*d short-horn bolls for sal* cheap. On* is eighteen months old, lh« olh*r* youager. Tbrt* mil** southeast of Postville. 13m8 P- COICORA*. —Will Robiie is preparing to boi!d on the east side of town. —Luhruao 4 Sander* are l*c* IJI Uses.* Oavxls anJ Trimming*. - Tb* -Handy Top" i* the bast put on a».f *arriag«. W- S. Wunu. - Prof. Brockenridge say* lu» ha* no room for idlers, btit work*r» aw alwaj* welcwns. Otto Lohman baa returned from Storm Lake and gone back to hla poai- lion with Luhman 4 Sanders. —C. M. Beeroan, D. D. Kunan and i J. P. Raymond were io town a few | moment* on Monday afternoon. Varm For Sale. Consisting of 317} acre*, four nsile* south of Castalia, in Clermont town ship. 240 Jcre* under culliratioo, balance timber and pasture. Bnilding* fair, well watered. Inquire on tbe premises. 33tf TUOMAS MoBjua. Hew Dental Boom*. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dental office orer the harness store in the brick block, where be may be found on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, where he toritee the public to call when wanting; firs>-class work don* in hi* Ho*. '. Hew Lumber Sard. Great wonderment of tbe times! Lumber sold cheap in Postville. Sander* 4 Kapler keep on band in their yard a gv-nernl assortment of all kinds' of lumber, including the much celebrated Arkansas yellow pi»e ceiling, straight grain flooring, finishing, moulded casings, corner bead and base blocks, etc. A share of tbe patronage is solicited. 8 AVD*BS 4 KAPUB. Poetrill* Steam Mill. The undersigned baring purchased the PostTille Steam Milt* formerly owned and operated by Hiram Dresser, i* rFost Township. Tbe following is tbe official Tote of Post township: sir. DEM. Wheeler 227 Boies 169 Vsn Hooten...«7 Bestow 169 Wearer ....527 Kinne 169 Sabio 2Jj Knoepfter 169 Campbell Day 16* Whitniore a ^Fllatloon . ...170 Rrrsoa tli Dayton 171 Konan »11 Doogierty.... 183 Minert 251 Thoma. 134 Barmond ... .238 MitcheU150 Qnandahl 228 Kelly 1« Prescott 152 Faney ..1*4 Nash MS Nopper 171 Bachtell J35 Steele.... T.. For representative J. W. Doaghertj, bad on* rote. I Men's Fine gray Hair Line Cassimere Suit, only 6.00. worth 8.00 to 10.00. •• " Dark Plaid Cassimsra Suit, only 6. JO, worth 9.00 to 10.00. " Check Brown Cassimsr* Bait, daly 8.00, worth 12.40. " Fancy Plaid Wor.ted Suit, only 7.90.>orth U.00 to 12.00. •• .'• Gray and Brown Plaid Cassimsr* Suit, only 8.90, worth' 11 .50 to;iJ00. This is a splendid suit. " " '• Gray Plaid * Butlen Cutaway Suit, splendid, only 9.50, worth U.00 to 14.00. M " Plaid, Fancy Woren, All Wool EnglUh Wor*t*d Suit, enly 10.00, worth 15.00. " " gray and brown plaid AH Wool Sack Snit, sampl* enclosed, only 11.10, worth 16.t0. Thei* is BO sach thing a* matching this price. •• fancy dars gray All Wool * Button Cutaway Suit. 12.50. worth 18.00. This suit is as good as gold and will wear like iron, and ssres you a good many dollars on one suit. ** " Gray Stripe Cassimere Sack Bait, mad* of alt wool and silk,'only 12.50. worth 18.00. •• All Wool English Corkscrew Worsted, heary weight, only 12.54 worth 18.00. This is one of the most elegant of suit*. Bin* Plaid Silk .Mixed English Worsted, ooly 13.00, worth 18.00 W* will pat in all our best line* of Fins English Worsteds, Silk and Worsted liixed, in fancy plaids and stripes, for 15.00. worth 90.00, ia either sack or cutaway. The Greatest Bargains in the United Slates. I €E2r& OVERCOATS. Men's Fin* Brown Plaid, aitra ratoe. only 4.50, worth 6.50. " Bl «e Fur B *arer. splendid ralne, ooly 4.50, worth 6.50. " Wool Gray Cassimere. Tbe best 10.00 coat in th* country, yet w* sell it at 7*00. " Brown Helton Bearer, fancy plaid lined, onlr 9.00, worth 13.00 to 14.00. ** " Far Bear*r, silk cord bound, elegantly made throughout, welled seams, extra quality, only 10.00. worth 15.00 to 16.00. •* •' All Pare Wool Melton Cloth, lailor made, splendid lining, guaran teed all wool, for oolr 10.00, worth 15.00 to 18.00. All Wool English Corkscrew Worsted, only 10.00. worth 14.00 to If.OO. Th*** goods are exactly as represented sad many of these price* ar* less than wholesale and cannot be replaced fir th* saoo*y, nor bought of any other dealer io tbe United lute* »t these price*. Th* aboi* list is only a few of th* tare* stock w* carry, and fire* yon a slight id**, of what w. can S*T * yoo. SEHKG IS BELIEVING and WE WANT YOU | TO 8SZ oar stock. Men's Calf Gloves, patent wrist, welt seam, California tan, 60a Men's heavy gray, random mixed, Shirts and Drawers,' QOcr Men's extra heavy, vertical stripe, wool: Shifts and Drawers, 45c? We v/ant your trade and* "will make it pay you to come miles to trade with us. Be sure and see us before purchasing. FOSTVILLE, IOWA. FUR COATS. W* sr* receiving a larg* *tock of Vur Coats, and prices will be lower thaVany ! competitor. Call and see for yoortelt 1 LADIES* CLOAKS AND JACKETS -Lira*. Cement, Stucco and Plaster- prepared to do Sawing. Planing. Grind' . _ - a • • a^l— 1 — . nan 11 t> > t #1*_,__:__ log Hair, alway* on band and for sal*. Utf P. J. BICCHSB . Drayman. —Th* Hamilton Brown *2.50 will match ANY #5.00 shoo yoo m find. J -W- Cno»»r. j -If yon cannot find what jon wi*h Shoe vt Cloaks, wait until the Cloak Sale at ' Lohman 4 Sander*'. Date NOT. 12tb. ing Feed. Scroll Sawing and Turning, at reasonable rates. Planing and grinding, Monday of each week. TOOT patroaag* solicited. K. D. STH-S*. , —YOU LOSE MONEY when you "~"—"—T , j ' «&r anrthin? else bat the Hamilton - D. W. Baldwin and hi. mo«b.r and , g^gj-* J*o. C»o.«. sisters will leave in * few days to spend , Krown ° ^ To Old and Hew SalMCribers. All new subscribers paying f 1.50 in adranee will be credited to Jan. 1st, „ 1893. and all old subscribers paying up I school ef Pby*tcal Education . _ . > _>• _A T_ I . • a a IB a T. Openinf; of th* PewtrUl* Oymnajdoss. The PostvilU Turn yerein has engaged the *eprice* of Prof. Geo. Murgg*. and wDl open a Gymnastic School for boy* and girls about Nor. 6th, 1891, In their hall, at Postville. And hereby invite th* public in general to support this iMtitntion by sanding your children from the sg* of ais years upward, (boys or girl*) to attend th* a DOT* 1 Ladies' Fur Bear*r Jacket, for " " " double breasted, (ilk loops, oaly fine wool BeayerUacket, doubt* breasted, only 1 wide silk facing, with light Astrachaa fur trimming, for only fine all wool Twilled English Worsted, doubl* breasted, silk faced, S enuio* Aatrachan fur trimmed, only n* Light Colored Carnal'* Hair Jacket, double breasted, full faced with silk and wide hair seal collar, with continuous wide front facing to bottom wilh hair seal, only best quality Imported Worsted Jacket, full rest front, and one of the very best quality in market, for only • ' * f 3.00 3.50 6.73 8.00 11.09 11.50 13.50 1 Next week we will be thoroughly established in. our' New Room and will then show you a stock of Furni- ... ••<* _. 1_- _____ AAIWW lf\ * tbe winter in T*?x.i# -H*adqu.rte« for Axle Grea.*, edited to the same •t,- : T^li«' '.Ca*omTL.rd.C^r, Black and .U Our object Is to hare .11 sub_lf yenesot Mjrtbiojg io J^^l^^T^l bransls of Machine Oil*, scriptfon*. so lar as posstble, expire and Children's Cloaks and Jacket, call, • «h* lewbng ! brandjM« -aenme ^ ^ ^ pnml ^ on Luhman & Samle»\ [ W«»«r. * Kicoiay »ana »ox Sale. A farm consisting of 280 seres-M0 ~ ^~ —~~ _—_ ~.-P4-Vi A A farm consisting of «80 a*r*e-«< R TP Kruse representing one 01 wie QDd . r cmu^tionsnd 4o««ee largest Clo^k Houses in the v»est, 5 — -»- — — - every parent, there is nc excuse. TBSIM :—One scholar one month, 50c; or if three out of one family, SI.00. Application may be made to Mr. B. F. Becker, or at the haB to the ProfeMor.; Spectaiors must procure permit* of the Secretary. - tif -'trffffFf fr V/AVCUt- ,s. s ,...nwr.r^.-r r - r n _ ——-- — TosK-TABUt:—School will open Nor. , . ^ x -i-i' mu—«J^_- T»T_—' timh9r U Gi * d .tou*. »»rn 6.1891, and will continue ereryFridsy Will 1)0 IH FOStViUe, On Thursdays NOV. «i«laatb«ndfag.<. a U»far«, F.aeed M4 8»4uniny. The boan nret-lor 12th, 1891, and give a Grand Cloak Sale ^rS^^T^ X^w^ZTe&'U atXuJiman &Sanders» Store. Com^ ^SSST&JTSt ™J*^J^l%>T~ mi iQok over tfee greatest^ i^e« _><**»*>«* b T • •• •;:,'•>-.. . . . , .7r _»__. • 1 • - **** «IK8«l* r y »W*«>4goo4 rt»* ealHug *Atheb«U <w*bor« er*ningK outside 0*large civ u .n. t»ma,«»«. apP iy to B. *»M; <**«*99mu7. • £*ifo. or lotiie editor of th* B RTISW,- R «*pectf >ny Toon, All the abor* Jaekeu are worth from 1.00 to S.OO more. < ATOOT _»W_- — ~ ~ w — . . >0OT , PLUSH JACKETS. ture that will surpass any stook ever shown in a City Th, tni- [ iAdi**' Sue Seal Plush Jacket, well made and lined throughout, only 7.50. cheap j ^ en Times Si to the day of natmant «ad'fl~0 >» I tion fa* being so (mail and in reach of! gno^Seal Plush Jacket, double bressted, bsir Mai loops, genuine silk 1 - 1 ,- 1 .1 t_»jT. a en — nnh IA on in 1* flo. reason fori lined throughout, only 9.30, worth 14.00 to 15.00. fin* Bilk Seal Plash Jacket, imported stock, hearr silk lined throughout, embroidered front facing, the most elegant Jacket, 18.90, worth 30.00. The goods are going fast. Don't wait too long; you may be too late to secure the Greatest Bargains you ever saw. Thanking you for past favors, and with a determination to merit your patronage in the future, we remain. Very Truly Yours, OT. WARD A CO., POSTVILLE, IOWA. Fcstville 1 We will also show a Larger and Kner stock of Cai>' pets, Bugs, Window Shades and Hangings than oyer shown in Postville. Our line is too large to entunexH, ate. We will only say come and see us, and if we dont' convince you that we are Sslli___e* Goods than any firm in Northern Iow»; don't buy; ''iniVandarelx)und_toj^ease. TbaiiWn^tti lbr their liberal patronage, we are, WAI.T

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