Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 22, 1972 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1972
Page 10
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A40 Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, August 22.1972 . CAMPUS CLATTER REMEMBER TH6 TIME A6NEW ZAPPE& SOME DU&E WITH A SOLF BALI.* AND WHEN HE 80NK6& H/S PARTNER WITH A TENNIS BAUL 3 By Larry Lewis r ...HE'S INVlTBb CONNALLY TO SO todays FUNNY AMANDA PANDA By Marcift Coarse MOOSE By Bob Weber DINNER'S R6ADV, BONKY. 1 . THE DOCTOR RECOMMENDED (I LET HIM NAP DURING DINNER , X RATHER THAN AFTER ITV r .^-~_ __ ~s NO.' I WANT YOUR fWHER TO LOSE WEIGHT.' THE WIZARD OF ID B> Parker and Hart SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray f 6ENATOR, \ I DO YOU THINK \ I OUR MARIJUANA I LAWS NEED TO BE I V CHANGED? / -*\^ _J ABSOLUTEL.YI THE WAY IT \<5 NOW, IF ONE PER60N SMOKES POT, rr'6 A CRIME!,,. BUT IF 3OQOOO PEOPLE SMOKE IT, IT'S A MUSIC FESTIVAL! V TIGER 8-21 WMHMH By Bud Blake WHAT SAVOIFZ-FAIPE I THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith XVaih.-^waJifar Siftd'ijif. Inc.' JEFF GOBB By Peter Hoffman AND MOMENTS LATER,.. SO YOU DON'T SCEPTCR ^RDS, EH, BARKEEP10 ACCEPT CREPIT ...VWHERE TO NOW, BO?... SAME DIRECTION? YEAH.'..I'VE GOT SOME COLLECTING TO DO...WHEN I RETURN THIS' SHORT BD3S By Frank O'Neal /THERE ARE 1EART\ /IN -you* eves, J NO, IN TME" PALACE KITCHEN, PIQMG ONIONS. souxt MAD TO PO SOME UNR-5ASA IN TME QUINCV Bv Ted Shearer NOT RE ALLY... 1 DIPN'T A HAP THIS DREAM LA£T NI6HT WHERE I OPENED A FIRE WHAT A GREAT \ WAV ID COOL ) today'! FUNNY will pa* $1.00 for each original "funny" utti. S«mJoog» to: TodB/i FUNW, 1200 W«t Third St., Cluyeland, Ohio 44113, tell By A. LEOKUM HOW DO FISH COMMUNICATE? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: .TANA BUNNELL, 9, Provo, Utah Because life in the water is so different from our'life on land, we tend to think of it as being en a very low scale. How many people would believe, for example, that fish can communicate with each other? But fishes can make sounds! And they do this in several ways. Fishes make sounds by giving off gass bubbles from a swim bladder. A swim bladder is a balloonlike structure filled with air. The fish controls the amount of gas in the swim bladder. Fishes can make sounds with special drumming muscles. These vibrate the swim bladder wall. They can also produce sounds by rubbing together the teeth in their upper throat. They make sounds by twisting their head or just with swimming motions. But what good would it be to make sounds if other fishes couldn't hear them? The fact is that fishes do hear, and their hearing covers a wide range of sounds. Fishes don't have an outside ear, as we do. They do have something like our inner ear, called - a labyrinth. The labyrinth reports sound vibrations to the brain, where hearing takes place. This innw ear is all that a fish needs. Waterborne sound vibrations move fluid in the fish's inner ear. Sensitive cells report this movement to the brain, and the fish hoars a sound. Fishes make sounds to bring males and females together. Sounds are uttered by males during fighting and courtship. And fish may also recognize each other through the sounds they make. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Jane: I hear she had a lovely birthday cake. Did you count the candles? Mary: I tried, but the heat drove me back. Jack: My dog bit my mother-in-law today, so I took him to the vet. J i m : To have him destroyed? Jack: No — to have his teeth sharpened. THE TRICK BOX Tell your friend: "I bet 1 can go out of the room on two legs and come back with six." The trick is to pick up a chair in another room and bring it back with you! A n s w e r to yesterday's Where Is It? St. Augustine, Florida, founded by the Spaniards in 1565. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: -Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's wiimer is: RANDY PACHNYK, 11. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada BERRY By Winslow Mortimer DAVID CRANE PEOPLE 5AY KIPS WIIL BE. 50RRV IF THEY PRINK OK S/ttOKE GRASS OK MAKE OUT... If THEY WN'T THtX ARE OUT Of IT- By Alfred Andriola KERRY DRAKE NO.' NEXT TIME, THE LOAN SHARK HOODS MI6HT KILL ME.'.. BESIDES, I DON'T HAVE TO REMIND THAT... / WHO IS HE? 1..IM NOT GOING TO OPEN THE SHOP AGAIN, MR. PRAKE/ I GUESS IT'LL BE SOME TIME BEFORE VOU CAN GET THESE MACHINES REPAIRED OR REPLACED? JUST A FRIEND.. FROM THE RESTAURANT.. WHO WALKED HOME WITH ME... LEFTV DRAKE.' SIAD TO KNOW >DU, MR. ACAM5/ ..ANPSORRV ABOUT THIS.' As "CUE BALL" AND FRANKIE LISTEN! FROM THE BACK ROOM.. PAPA! you MUST CALL THE POLICE.' RIGHT NOW/ By George Sixta HE'S EATING PAP-YOU ^ v OUR MUST'VE 85EN HALF ASLEEP WHEN YOU FEP Rivets W1NTHROP By Dick Cavalli IN BEINGS FECWL OUTER a?MCE? By Carl Anderson &to Stout True Life Adventures OUND C30ES 'BOBCAT. BUREAU OF MISSINC3- PERSONS BUT ]M A THE dACT is . .UNBEATABLE. oy Sidney Oman LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Your Horoscope FORECAST FOH WEDNESDAY Aries is capable of leading, dominating, creating and being original. But Aries also seeks a leader, one who is strong enough to direct and one who earns enough respect to be followed. Aries can be a mass of contradictions: impulsive and tender, direct and considerate, fiury and sensitive, practical a«d emotional. If one has any complaints in these areas, remember thai Aries never promised anyone a bed of roses. Some famous persons who exemplify the qualities of this zodiacal sign include Mar- Ion .Brando, Bette Davis and Andre Previn. i etui us with proper amount of rest. . LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You make; interesting contacts. You ,"<!', C ii 1revi v IUed ' You senerully are ifstless. You want to change status quo You get chance to do so. Hoare ex P u "ded. What was W .SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov 21)- You Mr ay ? c , bo K6e<l down with details Do what must be done But don't deny yourself creative •ASIVO -QL 'NMVJ •*. ' '3SHOH V3S 'C 'i39SVi ~l 'aaOWHSflH iNflOW 'I —UMOQ -daisooa 'it 'QNVH § 6 'ms '8 •? loaoa • ARIES (March L'l - April 19): Accent is on doing something fine for family member. Action will be reciprocated.' This could start chain reaction which leads to greater happiness, fulfillment. Taurus and Libra persons play Important roles. TAURUS (April ^0 - May 20): Gain shown if your steps are sure and practical. Means don't attempt the impossible. It's fine to dream. But there are specific mutters now which require your attention. Professional superior is in picture. GEMINI (May 2]-June 20): You get what appeared to be far away. Means chances for success are currently available. Assume responsibility will) knowledge that rewards can be ample. Relationships are intensified. Nothing is apt to happen in lukewarm manner. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): l-'inish what you start. Leave no loose ends. Aries is likely to be involved. Break tree from emotional rut. Give youreslf room to think and act. You need not be confined. Your potential is greater than you might think. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Spotlight is on public relations, attention received from special efforts. Legal aflain, require review. Questions arise concerning partnership, nrar- raige. Emphasis is on new outlook. Lool; to future. VIRGO (Aug. ,'3-Sept. 22): Home ulfairs dominate. Friends offer a variety of opinions. Ultimately you will have to trust youi own hunches. Health problem is not as serious as it might appear. Vitality SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. -i) : Accent on movement the ex- You"' 0 "!, "h inlc »ei--lual discSvery. You will be meeting people discussing various concepts chal- c e( 'nf' 8 H"? bein|s challenged. AC- cept need for change of scenery. ()1CrA P R 'tORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): I urcnase oi item which makes home a more comfortable place is indicated. Be diplomatic Display appreciation for beauty. Aquarius AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): •Stress individuality. Stick to your own unique style. Others may mean well, but It's best now to of fea'f}. 11 ' "T c ,° unsel - S « e '" »8ht hie v y ' fts , chew w 'shf"l think- exfst U Mir <Flib - '» -March 20): Much thut occurs has flavor of being undercover. Work quietly Maintain steady pace. Avoid the sensational. Heed voice of expert ence What you learned in past is due to bear fruit. You are given more responsibility. K IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are analytical, often cutica ; you like clean lines and you abhor waste. Changes were made tins year and December should be one of your most significant months of 1072. You harmonize with Gemini, Virgo Jndividu- SIS.

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