The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

f 4 lOLA, KAN, @i^7Brvf '/^ sERvicB iha (ion tliatitli made. And; suits that , THUItSpAY EVENI >tG, FEBRUARY^IT, 192!f.j Maiasaca. •jjrblsoin's haiif been Mm: NEILEN 1^ nsxt. to. . knatrn. as he 'opp Ij^en th< .sliutliu meht I i nidde that beeJi sljibhtd to death in tfco w;f tiol M, wif !j bikt n^) lii!;bt isl my4fcr\ ASAS TASIX Irlcjianl fci^islo^fiil • (JeaJ; liiani at^rivosl coii^iand. At csti'^Iifihcd that thif potjjwiis a| pi^hafi kninc, and "* " baiil.Ut4<l hi • l)oa|i|flwilk. (JUOVDOX S bro^Sht UotM. l)j ki und_ Ijhi'.'inc* that I well '• inoti^iii or K< pflrHpnali^y. .^on><i ;.r'- Youilg'- U hlmEk!lt ScaiiH |tdiir<H lii'' (il'.v ir \|il<':;; \itl |fi (i',]fV ('ry si nil! (ir lliul I thol ibii "Si get mt^ed up in' tJuit that^ nkp ocker a there will liini ill I I M ihhiJrd 1 nessl: tf •was I Tigii time ; Co ojtieil hie lufcstionHiB, aiid callefi foil everybody of or l»;arn ot whd,ni., tisr. iy« di icover^d pra ing • (>(• ir iportiuu'c. woul I'otter a' iiirecliion in iwiM»-h t(x l(^)|t t>r (ho lunr lerer of Carr Tett •'pisi m.: H( liad no wish Ici adjoii liiqu <l. for ;h(j tljoifRht than flenc phre lijH ijians flue hold tloujitfu^ if an>j vevesr cam|: to 1 iihat^ the fhati a npoiK. K O 1 B|) I 31 wias an (luknown weaD<|ii,U! ed ^iqud wag ler in tjid ocban heeii comi No f one verditft. fi 111(1 lie Koiij or.,a II nii|cji lipsi dirki'iijj alls pill Ih rel^' In- it fiirtlu! iKht. I Kurdijror ha looi w<>ll jtml covered ll tracHijc too carcfullv So ifip unkcdl itic^ Ihe jury, aiid ithuy work •- de ccliv^ luigb J Iheir liecisiin.- TH-^'r ^enlict] was tH ':t liini l<) wtirlc.iiiidiT my .siiiier- vi.-'ion and nlii'v my directions." that r.arrm, -r iMiiler-iaiul. Mi^^s Kolsimi. and hitirilcrf'd f).y : while I sec your iipsiiion iiud sym- ;tnd tint tM!.j ,aihize with your endeavor. 1 liope _ Jbalily l 10 annand trust ymi laii "arliieve your (hat haW iM'en Joiilid purpofo speeciilv. li.r. ;is VIMI riKlil- aUer t'-" — '-^ •> . . •. , wilfailly hand, was pn I; comiiitticdj w^s I wils siir|)hisc.| al . f^ir fio j oi(e anyth|fnK (liffprt>|nt.: Ai|^«tasla l -'olsom wayKlistiirbojl or disij her Wrst rctiiarjt. as filed: (put. was.iii>;tl now worH ••rikiit.!'; Shi- sliid, t dcte rans;*' «BK9| Ins fortajl! ••TV mal herR, Kent til I crim that .Mik pul.j Hho>i i'(>iili^ fid le. crime- had , ly .•is-;iimci|. ji is lint at all'plejis- _ ;;i;il jViriny K^i'^sts have tliis in- tlli.s vesli;;ati(>n fjoinj; ^m." had exiXMlpI : -•'Tliey ii.-e,;! lui.nji- liirle aiiopt it, I I i I iliili'l pnipiiM! to krpiwii in H> i : hi. prom ppc.inted. a Hi I f,:,si.| vc j Ihe. au.lieiKC ,.v,.„ yeiieev. bill !VPi ; for h(i .lepsoii. "fii my liiothe; ou (Will lak juikodL not • tlie last <| Ic Won^ap.l iii> n^caiJH. nci)Mijw timif^ht ftr to: we' ij^all Iha^e a sm< hr f r's ri iHinrvlfc' in 'My bnilhi tiii. Chiiako. nut 1 ;-ijiiai'e. <'illi,er >l nial fir .liiitil I hjive !oii.liii|<..! |l?_jcannot ai conip eowl] •=,-1 tery chosfc,;; dure Her inteijv.i tire I iSh men! suite Anastasia Fij as ;her! word. her brother's lealh and sli" her own o^ proij- jfirst step jwai! w wit 1 .viaiiad :cl.' X j III in-.ojiedj him ^ wl ich ; was. o Jiii^r hroHipf ha4 l4lhaiii,'|she 'r I'elliam. <it to her apar course, nil occupied. |))osaii ill It I are in duliv iny -way yojii the wjirk! I aii no.w undci- donjif^iierinc jvay, "yo bounjl lohelp ni« in can takiiiR. brinri killed; Kurai P0R .S : -.Ml I propose to ;|lo justice j th(j j my hrjither. a 1?? that kou will (|iie.'-'tion isn't g-jiiufi a uctio! rnceedeil thou^li iic coulil 111 [Bht be jot ii cticall.ii iiofjlil- .Vothinf; thai >Jaii, and sonic .siirt of clairvoyain'i lolil her »ii,ii 111 was alioiil to sa> ••'I'lli-l 111) Use IcjIillS ill''." sill s;iSd ;.|i:iriily. " ymi pn'ter ii hush it all up. . 'llial il is noi g'"' i for your h'Hcl business tji k 'cp u; an iiiviisii^Mlion; Ilial VUMI- S lesls object to lieavini; tlio ;suspt!ct mcii- tii'i'icil. am! all tliial.:| I am here anil here I slay, nniil iliav'p solved rl'jtbif p'-obleliroV tunl i)bjli;;e(l to Kive iH II!!'- " yo" make an^ Idifficiilty 'for hie." or in any way hinder jny. iti proKrcss, 1 shall acfuHieyoii of ob- tkis st'iictinK the proctssii.-i of the law, [to lea\je a ly aniL-you niay find yourself in ser. laic 1 ioii.s . I rouble. 1 .il; o *(Xpe<-l the as- I 1 sislani-c of your b"iel detective, • er t<'!Mr. Dixoii. and wlial is more. 1 ex- sh( lit '(•a so o mad II tht iii (|ri r e e wiaK I h Cl/ecl at the all liiis ill order II raise <ili5eci iiiMs s! iriiiiiu to HI I shall Mi-, fiiiierar.'j j him to Cl^i! iai all iinwilU tifis iiin'omt i 1 c-s;iry to (iiicslioii i-erlain oli sliiHii from II H e.sK I bat I niaki ^ropi 'r decoruin am lelliiifi you lat you may ii<>; loiild I find •y certainly h: ve not ;l hope, to atijain re- tjhey assuredly made no effirt to attain. I'elhain, I ara sayiiig all thi.'j because I uant to enlist, your help. a}, least J^o\lT unde'njtand- InK of my.i))sition and of-npy purpose." ; "I do uiK erstaiid. Miss hjlsoin. and; I assuie you that yoi comjt on mt to do all I cat !^is( you. Ai'l I make bold that you Jicep your work result.': as iiuiet as yoili c; avoid all iinneces.sary piibli] And -Miss Kcdaoni, having •id her eiids. iiromisifl to fir^nt this not uiirea.soiiable rediiest. After the departufii of th|6 man- ager-klie se it a message t Riggs and a|ikcd hiin to fa with a c;^ll. to hor siirprisrj. ftlggs lately.'and iiw ire.ssert ad to be of ise vice it have Po. Mr. to you Hf not . may to as- to ask |ind its n, 'and attain- 1) Titus or her Somewhat caiijc . immoi liimseif as g possible. -Well, you Kolsolll beg; ti-'l'." "I'.iii, dear Icilive." •V'lii can the rciiuirenjicntiC" ntu\ It see. .Mr. ItiggH in. "1 want a need it spec lake iip^ ilie "Villi nieu buHJness of 1 certainll "Cerlainly -but not i a "True eno lady. I am niJt a de- 11! one. You I ill- course (if s liilsineHs. |i for iiic to i^iHke V do. and U pay you better, tjlian the bii>iiii>:ui yon ligaged in." stared, rs. usually con way be|or< iman. who saidl ct and ijiis as- aston- are I 'lri-ailv Til.,- lUgKsj Ills maiilii proper, gavij totiishiirg w i .;liliig thing "You knof- my biisiiiesK. then'.'" you are an ai chltect very proiiiineiii one. igh. And yoii < ffer—" "I offer .^foll. :• chance t() make agree, salarv frankly, .Mr. reliiam. the iiolice have done in Ibis matter?" fliit Pelhaiii was getting ^iii hi|S ifej 't Jigain. diplomatically, aid his ;.s'inve dignity returned. "Without doubt, .Miss K ilsoin. AVhat 'more could they do?" "Wlitit more?" sh-j fairly snorted. -Why. they hayen'u (hmi! anything Vet-; .\iid 1 know why. li •cjiiise soiiiebodv has headed_ Illeiii-o f. lias ;-si>ii—-' advised »liem to drop'the iiia ler- " "Vnu are making definite accusation?" ho asked,,calml.v. • Or do you nierely mean that, look ng at their woik si'pi rficially. it seems that way to yoit?" "Dli. well, put,It that way. if .von like," she said, after a glai ce of close scrutiny. "I'm not libeling aiiybod.v', if that'si what you mean. Hut I propose to do the wore that money sure I I ' you Will lion." •iWhich is "That yoi derer of my ".\ii!i why tlPS?"; "Don 't I>B I AVi VOIl y. and fame, perhaps. • Miss dotec- ave all iTrreHiri udy to <! • * • « * f:^* BY * JVIID-WEEK WORSHIP •> •> i FREDERICK W. LEWIS Pres. College of Emporia j ConiiaeriiiRr Poiertj-. '"The reward of humility and fl-arj of Jeliovah Is richcis aiid hi; andjlifc.^'—Prov, 22:i4. "Though lowly her High work have wpjto In faith and trust i3 fojllow Iliiji, \Vh()se lot was lowly tcio. --Ltfril lloiighloji. i SI! Creat 'Ciiptain o lOuif lot may be do: ' the Inor ioiir salvation. hi!l|) lis ; to •"cndtirei h goo I soldiers of 1 him oiirii to be uoor. nay or ijomplain. envy or c< vet. lis to recognize theichai ce we 1 to lilay the man andj he :omn"njori than connuerqr," not )nly : ih the j cominon HI K ofjlif)r>. hut all with the [added tests of j)over|ly. Oh Ijord, for we and the perhaps I wc; can (liank Thee povjerty. As we look ai ound ir^ do jiol always beholil wheat, oil I lieibg transniiiteii ol brKid nf life," thi;: into bil of Gladness," or tjie "'nnsearchalile ri -lies of JpsiiK Christ." Too often m iney deslroy.'j ambition, (enipts the f «*sli, Heji!arat«is frlerjds, and makes men forhel f^od. Biit whei ).;We are onor, wn know who are our real frii nils. Anil that's a com fori for whlcl we thank Thee. We also know "the Krik'nd that sJlckethClosc^-r thin a brfrtlier..'' who rarest nothing iiboiit joui bank account. We liaye leiimire fro II . life's heavy cares which nia ly rich do not eiijoy: and there Is lime to think, to loye an I to Unhshlp, Help IIS l^ord i'ln what- soo'ver state we arn, (hrfrewitli to hejconlent." In the name of IMin "who had not where to lay His lie;i(l."—Amen. .•iccept my I roposi- lielp me in dlst-over and bring tQ punishment III brother." do you think I ^inall wonder t1ila t D. mtjiirnF the of Ty Cobb npjtl to flivvers the Pfjach" has been (He ciiiy's greatest advertijiiiig as let. kan do ll you silly. I 've li<?a talk, and tliil's all I need jto understand arjybody. Now, If you 1 give you wliatever Idemand. wlthiii: rea- it seems (o me the police., lia undone. To make tl^e invij ;ydiir-.eniiilov es nr even your guests. I'eil^.ini .^iMhed. fie prided him self (111 '.ilw .H 'ys pijiliiig ,lbe well belli-,; of bis '.•iieslji ahva /l of cveiy other c(iiisii|i-(.-iiii>ii in IjVe, .md h< (lidii'l Kfioiv where Ibis ecc'eiitrii CXpei -l • ijiv ; jiiorrow. 'I'lij-n j ;t'nd inl(|r' ! |ineral clia|<el riiaiiiiS wiU slay "here ii scovered tin l.idy iiimlit ;itj;iili perily •>< <iis lliilel ".\:!d of io»irs';." iliP' (piiei pros allllo.-phepi'. Ilii> deicniiinei w-imaii w. Ill on, '{I shall find i« iicci"«saiy to (jiiesti 111 you now anil V'V'igain. .\ii.| to begin wiili,. tell ni< :isli that end.:' a-aip." i.lepsciu aciiiiiesi ijl. >:oni was «.-< i She ,it (uij <; iiivesiipaling the niyf;- o demand an child dis("-i)yer< and mail wljo lid I ani 'an- lend me a Take care of itl A nroupy cough wion weaken* any hildJ Kor.'ityears, Hnjthers ha»e rolled oh Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. ItremoveachoKinRphlegmand Btopsithe cough. Ask your druggigt. Mothers-write ifor free booklet on "CBre of the Sickl" Chamberlain Medicine Co.. 606 Puk, Des Moinc&r Contains no alcohol or narcotics mmrjrm CH i LDR:EN % iZ !^^U COUGH REMEIiy' LOOSENS THE COUGH SkiSed phsislclans ife<»gnlzc the i fcpearatire Ktf plmplcf, boils and ' otbenlkiit eruptions as being an in- dicati^a of an abnom al condlUoa of tBO sysleip. This Is .'why so manx !iUiousands bave icea enabled : to fro^i themselves of tl cseiunslght: Ir bieffllsbes i andl, pal iful annby- 1 ancealby taking a con -se of S.S.S. ! You we It toiyourseir to try S.S.S. ill hcKiV Nature build up red cor- ipubclfe ^r It improves t le pr«ccsses 'by'twSrifch thel bloiod I nourished. It Is lUAae-trieU and rc labia ''I Minercd jtrom Imj ure blood- was W^k, an^ I bad psl so murli wejiglt? Plinp48 v^- L*', ""^ P tthered with t^^l tha* lie led terribly. lAlst ^liid Do Is otio a icr auotber. dldnlt lodk na Ural. I had I tried ^lacrcnf kinds of remedies, ibut nothing did mc any good Until a Triend idvlsed me to' take S.S.S. which 1 did. This was some timo ago. Ni w I feel well, and I am getting along (Inc. S .S.S .i slopped tho Itching hud il cured me of bniis. I advise all weak and run-down people to give S,S.S. a trial. It' clears up thelshln and makes you atrone and llllsT you with cnerny " Mr«. J. W.Bark^r. i337 WaUiut.&ircet. Cln- cinnqll, Ohio. SS.S. Is made from the fresh roots of modUrlnal betb? and plants, and Is 1 repared In a sclenllllc way, in a miidern laboratory. S.S.<! U sold, at' all. good druet .stores ill Two .xlzes. Tlio larger slzo U luoru etuuumlc^, e left stiga- ••YiMir rea on or mine.' Jliss KoHoin iookeil all him a Illy: inoiacnt. an(^ then said.' cal "Yours." Very wellJ I accept for sis long .IS you are sitisfied with in.v services. j \'ou ar ' to be free to i)isniiss me wljenever y^ni wish."x (To tp Conlinned) (ail Titii (piir Appa ietertlw. solve (he my lie can. Install Frigidiire now and be indeplenident supply b^ore sum mer •ently |{iin;>> as an .M^ss -Folsom aniH- tpryj thinks of outside ice \comes See how Fiigidairn maintains constant low,temperatures W MJ'.V Fri^'iiLii -c is instjilc J in yti'iil .ircttuiicly im cpcmientol oiitsi.Ic Vcni cm iiKk- your t^oors and hijgone fo time, it vfiti wish. And tipon yoijr return all your, (nods in Frigidairc as fresh as put thciu there." Call .It our dispLiy room and sec the n< w hiwlck. Kxaihiiic the metal :jbinets huilc exclusively for icicctric rcfrii;cr.ition Learn tho fn.iny Jistirictivc .fcitures of Frii;idair<|. Get the ow prices and full' dci.iiis of the GcnCfJ 1 Motors ci mvcnici t paymcnc plan. Come in today. igidaire Saies\& Service hninc yoti llCCS'ipply. d n s .It .1 yotill.find when you L. S. BUST.\RD Phone 8; M CO. 2108 N. Washinjflon troll for "Celirgia Michigan '• Keh. Satiird with lier glemai Mrs. Claiide night day wi ler at Miss ers' ra The now ri PR AIR (Mr I. O.' lU—iMr for : laiigli ly o N. T. St StHii:klet at St. John 's hi] pltal ii It la Si nday afteriWion. • CnristiAn. a foi:mer re Davd dent ol of NeMadnl. Mo t N the G. waH •ar wHich ran la$t Satun .Madge i -ho )1 th Lit III friim C; Ifrinljeiiv. ('.. W. ,Mc( week. The valentijie .Miss Cushion, Okia. riekler visited .M th^s neighborhood, but nd .wi visited- TliursdKy! ktrickler's aiid K T. h NIr. arid Mrs. .fake Strii Ora Mdbel ( Wi iing^ in uire school E UNION 1). Strickler) C. lleinlcin In extended v tpr, Mrsj. Carl" 1| ihiti Strickler ox attended. tea(lh-i hetihg irJ tola Satunla.v. IcOuire family i new Kord tour! pui'chased iiii y\<y ay. i abtf Hester j is s Week.; K'. T. Strickler biilcherivl li'igs 1: •hildren ] eitjoyed l)OX I'riday aflernooii. isa lierr. called j '.it 0)111; nt .schoid [Friday il) l>^-> gpven at Mrs. [Claude an opej-ation .•! in lolai Tuesday this wi|iling_ siie the C;Jrlyl.i. Stjrickler t St. -lohii pe(|t(^d.| We. wiislij recovery. | <). W.; M( CuiW Irr make .•( ijewl wei'k. "'KIrrer Sfricikh Stricklor's Tiiifsd plaj." iiiderweiit s hospital morninfg aiid.jttl -Seems jo lie get-' tipg al^iig as iwcJI as (•ould be eX- for her- a s peed^' helped (Ira Stricki- 'wagon box this! r called at i Shangli CORNS in at once No w litii^g —c nc minute iaftcr yoi apply Dr. Scbol 'sZino-padsthcpai^ is EOT e. After 1 he com is; healed never comes ba :k. If new 'tho* s irri tatc t le spot Si ain, a'Zinq-pad fixt- it ove ni^it. O d methods of pariu comsJ or [usini caustic acids, ar dange ous Or. sirhollii Zinii-p:<'l]'< af '.^ft. intisT lie, pr ilectfvc. I calinc.- Tlicy i^iop cause ifconu—ribbing ond .prrisinc rf «hoea. M all drujgist'a and shoe <S<:;ilcr' Cott biit a tHfle. I on the j railway ;ii and i .Nanking. 1 ih ; between Thf first refiiigerator car China has reieijfiy borjn put iji.j ' A New Car? ! - • i I •• •• I ' No — Jtist Paintkd! PiAffiES ?: to 12 IV'ljlE.V TOUR LI OR VOUK PLUMBING GOES BAJE» dHTS IGO EleciHc THE KADIO SiOBE lounM A If .—just |e|: us put a jnew fjnish on you'll think you're irn a I)GW car. motor is oijten hijl by a du ^'ourjcar is in g-oojl mec? anical conditibn tic loiiR last,inK lustd'e. oRer ypii ai' W u' can g"ot anyicojor, tone or combMa- ns. iOur proeosslof p'a low. very ai 'c'(*)Ciuippecl toIg'iveiy'>n I'l'oxliai Aiito ntinff as;>|ai't|g a ^ye' ban At I lis time I service. Thd finish, ih,e tested motor cMr finish, so enamel Fords.. cj-c. Corner of South Street We are; also eqi service for all m^ke opir sHop oneiof thejbestin Southeasteri| Kansas, emplm ingon y expert mechanics wh4 will ]be provided with i machinfery fbr 3r4mp WkV^ ill Gariyin A Complete 1. Our Tirb ^Repair a% 118 West Jabkson Ii imakes A Flull Line of MtJb iloil Line a We wish to dririJ3unce jthati w0 have fsecilired tjjhe Chevrolet Agenby fdr lola and this trade tierr^tq^ and ar^ prep^re^ to shc|>v youall rriodels pf | j b64y- ides ill: "Weal- km and Broiadway to renjder expert of repair ars. We ] exjiect t() of the yei^y latest! tools an4 and aibcuratei work. Pdr4 for E/very Make ol Car 1 ires nd Gaddlime rtment Will Ee Ui^-to-Date and and Tubes Compiete Phone S60 it !; -

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