Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 25, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1898
Page 4
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i""" •in'" 1 "™" 1 " ' iniironiimnuM «• „.. „ , ,^^__ ( . , ._ ,„,,„„„, „„„.. T . .,„-,,,, ,.,,.„, en ,.., „....•.n..i .... ,,, ,. .,•.„.,„„ .,.„..,,., , ,„ ^^^^.,. rr , llf ^ IrpM' MA -g ' - ~-- —j-__ . - . _ _ - . - — -~ - -- . -.__--_. f.TO Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account 1 Mr ""'' ' ""tf-i-'--""-'i •' • • , - . w fr.« I; '," ?•<• Jv HP!**. . "--•t * man break* down with that Omadueate, consumption, and recognize* W» condition, he Starts out to fwh for health. He iriea thin thlnjr ana" that thing. «• «MS«IU this doctor and that doctor. Hi tadtilKti in all kinds of absurd athletic wtcteisesi He ttlea first one climate and then another. He tries the rest cure and the work core. He grows steadily worse. l^JThat '• we alory of most consumptives. • Finally when the consumptive dies, the I doctor shrugs his shoulders and pronounces Icottsutnptlon incurable. A thirty years' "test of Dr, Pierce'* Golden Medical Dls- ItdWry ha» demonstrated that It cures 08 wr cent of all cases of consumption, If I taken in the earlier stages of the disease, before the lung* are too far wasted. In a cttfUninptive were is a weaker spot than •teti the lungs. That spot Is the stomach. A consumptive never really begins to die Ipttll bia stomach gives out. The ' 'Golden CHILDREN'S PA INTER FRANCE'SGREATEST ARTIST OF CHILD LIFE COMING HERE. IliHitrl ilc Mi.nvi-l (.", mint I'urtrnK* of < lillilrrn tn < lilcnuo. til* TCs|»]jififi4lon of fltft Iitfi'itMp Love For riillilrrn. Ijmtll bit stomach gives out. Medical Discovery" not only braces up la* itointch, but acts directly on the Unfa, healing them and driving out' all impuritte*. Honest medicine dealers will not Urge yon to take an inferior nubstltute. "I had • wry bad cough, aUo nlght-twrau, , MM wt» alraoat In <ny grave with coiuumptlon.'' wrlt« Mni Cltr» L Mclntyre, Box ijrt, A«i- kttd, Mlddtet&Co, l*uw, A A friend otWne Whoh«d<B»d>lltieDn«umpllou came to me Hi »atgtta aid toWrt'frto Ut* Dr. Pierce'. Golden ? Medical DttcoverjViiid., thafllt the LortJ, J did • J2lrf*wtt'5^f?5f t l " >d ""*" hl>If of the «™« b«U« ITell tndeh better. I kept on until I hud taken three bolUe*. T!mt w«. all J needed. I s fOt well and itrong again." Wbeni'ver constipation is one of the eom- (UCHtitlgcMUcl of disease, the most perfect remedy K ;p/. JPifcrra's Plenwdt Pellets, u Mtraklways effective, yet absolutely ana oarmless. There never was any wmedy ^(Vented which can take theft place. They never gripe; ' property oofner 6th and Alby . . foot wllh2 dwellings. I i-room dwelling on Easton atreol b6t. lotb I Htt «t»,]! £ot 45il20 (pot. Price |790. : tt« rMldaada of Goo. Kiraoh on Belle street; Itadtwh room; In good rsialr. -roqKirealdenca of S. H. Nlohols ot i st.r"tftt 70x170 feet. A fine looaUon. e»-robiaJw«Ulog (n« wlthbath B) bettedtbriQrnaoe; In Ifiddlttown. : Dayld Doyle on Bluff itroet ok dwelling. > U. Tensor homestead containing about Ml fine 10 room dweningjfrult of all kind. > flna lota oo Bluff itreet with briok p*r- I aewer j no grading, In T, L. Foulds a4d > (-room brlok dwelling, hosted with Lot UOxUO feet j fine fruit; bait block snry street. t dealrable residence on Prospect street with ooms. Heath with furnace. Lot «0 feet on atreet, le property on tbenorth aide of Second , WMt or Laagdon ktreet. !*«/. ffTwMton ifrMmdwi dwelling with lot 120x120 feet; fine t. On* ot the finest location In Middle Alton ' em dwelling with about IU acres of .. nae trait and shade treei. 1 block*' I oaf Una In Upper Alton. fllM lot on 4th street. ralUaeloU on Belle street between lit!) bats, > story brlok store and dwelling and a irr brlok dwelling on same lot corner o? J vine its A good Investment. l MM OB tth itreet near Mr. Oar*tan( s'double dwelling ot Mr. R. Qarstafig, _ ./ktcam with modem improvement*. . lit dsslrsble 8-room brick dwelling, tU ' " it.wltli all modern Improvement*..' < aToundry, everything complete; In- ioU) switch connection with C. i A;, "r Mil- Co. property on Id street, ittTiflghUnd Park, each 70 by about liroom dwelling on State itreet. Priet It-room dwelling on Second street. tlotaonAlby street: W brlok dwelling, corner Third ant a, one of the fineit locations la Allot T-room dwelling i good lot and Oju i room dwelling in Upper Alton, gow ilotsOxlorfeeton Kaiton itreet. ' ' <w*Ulnrwlth»KloUtnMtiUiep "nt to motor ftn*'looallolf. '(, ir Albert Wtile 0» Belli and flnlehed attic, batk ra*Bi, uocd cellar, qal"*nd wktn I oarrlage home. Lot n teel (rent. | of rent, other desirable property not iBrUk dwelllig 1 on William itraet. 0. XL 'J <- * * ' ' • -..-•-• I dwelling with I good lota on Fifth •totlUdge itreet. price, $1.900. brlok dwelling with t lota .on 7"rbom dwelling, with, Use river vhVwi rkot water, ^ -- FOR KENT. > itory brlok dwelling with B roomi.on r avenue now occupied by 3, Moalton. m dwelling on 8ra itreet with bith » modem fixture*. »re room and two 4-room tenamenti 1MB) and •tfjwtnes> Clierrr; _ t. CUwson hocraaiead In Upper Alton 0 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied ', Qw, Levli. Poiioaslon given by July 1. Boutot do Monvol IH to come to tbo fjaitefl Htnfvs. He linn wigriKcmi'iitn in •Ohicngo to paint portrnlln of children. They aro not to be cherubim nr infantas. Ho has learned from Mnrillo ami Veins- qncz not to imitate thorn, which ie n rare lesson. It was aftor seeing n portfolio of Ills sketches tbnt 1'nvia do (Jlinvnnnei- said, "Art in a fltnto of mind." The phrase wag horribly clliptlonl, but it VVHB ncl- drcssed to artintfl who can decipher anything, and they nmlonitond bis menu- ing porfootly. 1'uvis do Clinvntiiicu meant that beautiful pictures aro works of benutifnl in in rlu. A hypocrite inny nail good sngnr or wheat, but nn nrtiflt must bu fllncoid to Im admirable. If bin bo not exalted, bis works sbnll be conn turf cits. They nrn emnniitiouH, an perfniniw aro. A ro»a mny cxbalo only fragranco, a nuhl* niitid only nobility. JBontut de Monvel him simplicity in tho /jutin senna—kindiiegH, euthniiasm, absolute faitb. Were Ihero ever cbil- dren who posed a* nntnrally na those who posed for bini? They are uot timid nor vain, they uro uot affected nor exaggerated, whuu they sit for him. They iiavo their habitual (utprcssioiis of eyos, month, baud?, nttitudo, while ho paints them. Even if he sketched us rapidly as liigres, whose instruction to his pa- pils wae, "A nmu falls from tbo third stoty window of a bniWiiiB; dliotoh him before he toucbca tbo ground," Boutet do Monvel'g achiovoment is amn?,iug. The secret of it is not in bis pencil, nor iu his hand, nor iu bin eyes. It is iu bis mind, but how has he prepared bia mind? He is not skillful at telling that. Ho js not a psychologist. He him said, "Tbo charm of uhildrun is uot ICBH beautiful because it la involuntary," and "What one loves in goodnoso is not tbe price that it coats, but tho good tbnt it does." One infers from those expressions that he baa not prepared his mind for bis work, another infers that bo bus not posed bis inodelo, that they did not sit for him, that bo has caught them unaware at tbe end of his brush. Evory good workman knows bow impossible that ie. Boutot de Mouvoi talks not at all about hiinnolf, but be wan asked one evening at Stoplmno Mnllarnio's how he had explained to himself bis intense love of children, atid be said, iu reply, things that aro aa illumination of bis work. He said: "When Jwaia child, I was happy. 1 was very happy. I regarded toy father, my mother and my maid as tondor giants, witnesses of tbo beginning of created, things, immutable, eternal, unique.:.-! was certain that they knew how to preserve me from evil. When, I was • near them, my sense of snourity Wtfs ooinplnto. Tbe confidence that my mother inspired in mo was infinite. "When J think of tbnt, I like tbe little follow that 1 wiis then. I was glad to ioe and to hear things. One of tbe .miracles was tho great quantity of figures,that .one could make with a pencil or a pen. I drew soldiers. J made an oval head and placed a Bbako abova it. .It was only after innumerable observations tbilt I succeeded lu making tbe bond go into the shako as far as tho What Shall We Do? A serions and dangerous disease prevails in thie country, dangerous because «o deceptive, ft comes on so slowly yet surely that It is of ton firm- iy seated before we are Aware of It. The name of this disease which may be divided Into three distinct stages Is first, Kidney trouble, Indies tori by pain In the buck, rheumatism, lum- bflgo, frequent desire to urinate, often with a burning sensation, the flow of urine being copious or scant with strong odor. If iillowed to advance, this renchos the second stage, or Bladder trouble, with heavy pain in (he abdohieu low down between the navnl and the water passnge, Increasing deelre to urinate, with scalding sensation In pasRln?, small quantities being passed with tJifllcaHy, sometimes necessary to draw It with Instruments If uric acid or gravel hid farmed it will prove dangerous if neglectrd. The third stage Is Bftgbt's disease. There i« comfort in knowing that Dr. Kilmer, the. .great -kidney and bladder speclnlfaf; lias discovered n remedy famous for Its marvelous itiresof tlio most distressing cneon and known as Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Hoot. It is sold by ail druggists. As a proof of the wondorful virtues of this great discovery, Swamp Eoot, a sample bottle and book of valuable information will bo sent absolutely free by moil on application to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When ^writing kindly mention that you read this liberal offer In the TKM.'UKAI'H. ; MMNTEN T Telegrams Regarding That Corbett-Sharkey Fight. ALL WKRK SENT TO COUUKTT MEN, REAL BflTATEi •' ,NCE, and LOAN AQ6NT idi,>io. BUILD1NQ. on Liberty street .JtorlMO. south of Brighton, good i two a ...... brlok modem dwelling near I and Ouorge streeta, bousa with large lot oo of fwelftl) *tr««t. No. Ml eas . Oood .trie i dwelling house and aoothe _". on onelorln good location R*BU fortW par monto: i resldenoe on State atreet on S bo Oak street between the ' — . tracks, suitable for ""/ItoTs'treet, > oouoty l or r|rer. , on bet half mil* terms. oofDsrlod ^ i«»Qoe, n«w tod at «,altuatedon fyijpi i*., r bullilnts ««ai iof eyebrows. "My father's eystorn of edncntiou was to give a great deal of liuppiuoss to little children, liooiiuso ono never knows if they will be happy later in life. I think that ho wan right. Those who were tenderly treated at dawn of life endure adversity easily. On the contrary, those who were tormented aro Dover consoled. Evan iu the happiness of old age they nro martyrized by tho memory of wounds that were heuJed long ago." It is tiie philosophy iu all this that explains Bontet de Mouvol's eucoeaa with children. Iti illustrating booka to pleaie thwn he .has thrown joys under our feet like carpets of flowers. For his work was done to please them. "Ohuu- suusde France," which made hjm fa- mqut among the exports, is u collection of the nursery songs, the rhymes that aro chanted in round dunces, the' folklore mnsio of children of France. It charmed the naive as well as the learned, it had the merit of all great works. "Robinson Crusoe" lu literature came from the opposite direction. It was written for the grave tradesmen of London, and it became a child's book, Anatola Franca wrote of children for their parent*, and hid book, illustrated by : fiontet do Moiivel, boo^na a Christmas gift book for children. There is in that the touch of «% his. There is a unarming, odd legend of Brittany: A tlshtirwomau carrying a child iu her arms saw St. Mulo stretched on the beach. His bands were crossed on fci« breast. She was tiot terrified. She knelt at the taint's aide and prayed (n adoration. A year later the child wai drowned, but she saw it again in the arms of St. Male, stretched ou the bMOO. Bontet de JUouvel has made of thli legend, a beautiful, characteristic woodcut wbiah has not been published. —Henri Pene Co Boli in New Joorual. Anil AH Told 111* Supporter* lu IInl|(o- Inli-rvlDW with Ilin Mnn >Vliim« Vrlriul Old Ilin I>aliingn—Cnilnul Acrniint for McVt-y'n Ilehavlur, but Scoiitf* ut the 111i-ii of Illnuelf living In Any Deal— "Ciriinlo" llnx I.llllo lu Einy. Ni-w York, Nov. 25. — The Herald prints the following: In the rage vented liy devotees of sport there vver.- few pU'Hsnnt -words, and those were ail for "Honest John" Kelley, who voicing tho public blelef that Jainea J. Ccir- belt lout to Thomas Sharkey by a prearranged foul declared (ill bets off. But Kellvy could not give hack or order re- Htorerl the $-17,876 thut was yald into the poukctH of the men who managed the Lenox Athletic c'lub Tuesday night; hence the expressed regrets because of Mi.-Vey'B untimely Interference. It Is now known that men In New York who hud been betting their money on Corbett «eiiL three telegrams westward. One went to Seattle. Wash. Another was sent to San Francisco and the third to Portland, Ore. E4eh telegram was to a supporter of Corbett, and read: "Arrangements changed. Hedge your money." Thousands) and thousands of. dollars were sent to western cities to he placed 011 Sharkey. 'CorlH-tt Suffering from Cold Olillln. Corbett was seen at his home. He did not look UB if he had been In a battle with one of the heaviest men In the pugilistic world, us there was not a mark on him. "Keally, I hardly know what to say about this affair," he remarked. "No one Is so depressed as I am at the action of McVey, which lost me the flght. I have been half daffy ever since Kollcy gave the decision against me. Cold chills have been running up and down my back at the thought that I hod the light won and then lost In such a manner. Luck has been all against me of late, but it Ig bound to clmnsre." "But, Jim, many think you yourself was one of those (n the job and bet on Sharkey," was remarked. W«« Never Once Culli-rt n l-'ool. "Never In my life have I been accused of utter Ignorance," he answered. "People generally. I blleve, have given me some credit for possessing some Intelligence. Now with a spark of Intelligence In my brain do you think I would have so bungled affairs in such a way. 1 think the mere fact that the action of McVey appeared so palpable Is evidence that. I was not at the bottom of It In the ilrst place, If I wanted to be crooked I would never think of doing so unless I had fixed the referee. If there was anything wrong do you think I would have rushed over to Kelley and told him to declare all bets off. In fact the flrst one to yell to Kelley to make such decloion was George Conaldlne. If we had been In nny skin deal and had bet on Sharkey, do you think thut we would have wanted all bets declared off?" CANT IIHMKVK M'VtiV CIIOOKEU, Nor See llow lie I.o»t 111. llcud-Mm-pl o t Doi'llnua to Say Huali. Corbett was naked: "Do you think that Mi.-Vey wold you out?" "I can't believe that he did. We have been loo Horn- in our relations. If there had been nny funny business on his part J would certainly have seen some change In him while we were training. I don't say that he did not sell me out can't bring myself to believe that have been most liberal Wiuilit llnvn <<hnt Hie Ilnrnn for Killing ill* ilrufhr-r. ChlcnRo, NIIV. ^."-OcFlrf- fur revenge for playing hip brother, rhark-r. A. Mc- UoiKiW, Tuowiny »l«hl induced young John Mrl'onnlil to slrlkc a! Iliirnn von t!ldVnfp|d lioforc the (nrii'-f'i'H court Wednesday. Thi.i w;is n P\v minutes nft(-r McDonald bud liec-n derrlvd of a loaded i—volvcr by nn olllrer a« he- was entorliiE; (In- building. When MclJon- nld'» I1>M Phot toward thf baron's face th'* TTUinncU'd arniH of tho (U-nvinn were rnliifd ,ind th<>y wnnl-d off the heavy blow." until tho asxailiint wns dragged awny. "Coward!" rnlrl tlio Imron afterward, ns hi- pri'KSi'd his nose nsnlnst the grating In tho county jail. "Ho would not dnie nttnck me If my hnnds wore not bound unil if I n-i-rr- fi-pp. In order Hint the defendant's friend* nilKlit gather evidence (be Imiuent was adjourned until Nov. 30, nftd- taking the testimony of Frank McDonald and the corner's iihyBk-lnn. <lnvcrnnr Nut Sulijocl tn Suiniiicinn. Sprlngllcld, Ills., Nov. 25.—A writ itinnnunliiK Uovcrnor Tanner to appear before the grand jury of Mucoupln county to testify concerning (he Vlrden riot wn» Rent to KprliiBfield Tuesday, iut wan not served. The governor was »ecn concerning the matti-r and he suld: 'Yes, a writ wn« si?nt hero, but wns not served on me. I inlled up the state's attornoy and'liifnriiiod him that I would lot aiiHwcr to any summnns, but If he wanted ino I would ccnic. 1 do not think 1 can testify to mi.vlblng that will be of material use to the prosecution." Jlml B «l (la « CuliI Appruvnl. f Home, Nov. 28, —In the c-hamber of deputies Slgnor Vacclielli, minister of the treasury, made u budget statement for tho which -.vns received with somewhat eo:d approval, since It proposes RrmUinl moans of various kinds for cxtir.guisliliiK a deficit estimated for 1898-99 at 14.500.000 lire, and for 1S99-1SOJ —owing to railway construction and the cessation of various sources of revenue —at ?.l,r,00,000 lire. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfleld, III., makes the statement Ibat she caught cold, which settled on her lungs; she was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew worse. He told her she was a helpless victim of consumption and no ueulcine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption; she booght a bottle and to her delight found herself benefited from tbe first dose. She continued Its u<e and after taking R!X bottl <B, fosnd herself sound and wtll, now does bur own he usfiwork nntl is an well sa 'he ever w.-iR Free trial bottles of this Great Discovery nt E. March's drag store, large_boitle? 50c and $1, Mr. N. N. Osburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lamo bacfe. He wns persuaded to use Chamberlalo'o Pain Balm, it gave him relief in one nighfc. This rwmedy is alto famous for its cures of rheumatism. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wvss. Your Doctor Knows Your doctor knows all about ' foods and medicines. The next tlmo you see him, I just ask him what ho thinks • scoii's Emulsion , ot Ood-Liyer OU with Hypo- We are willing to trust in his answer. . _ For twenty-flve years doo- ' tors have prescribed our Emulsion for paleness, weakness, nervous exhaustion, and for all diseases that cause loss in flesh. Its creamy color and its pleasant taste make it especially useful for thin and delicate children. No other preparation of cod- liver oil is like It. Don't lose time and risk your health by taking 1 something unknown and untried. Keep in mind that SCOTT'S EMULSION has stood the test for a quarter of a century. fOSTFRBURO. so toe. >nd It. ooj ill druggists. ;OTT& BOWNE, Chtmlstj, New r* York. How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks with colic and pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's OoJio, Cholera and Diarrbco* Remedy, whiob cured me. 1 bave since recommended ff to a good many people.—Mrs. F. Butler, Fairbaven, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as soon as the flrst symptoms appear. Sold by B. Marsh and S H, Wysa. What do the Children Drink7 Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the mw food drink called GRAIN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. Tho moro Grain-O you give the children the more health yon distribute through their fiystems. Orain-O is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about one- Half as much. All grocers sell it. 16c and 26c. $100. Dr. E. Oetchon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water daring uleep. Cures old and young alike. If arrests the trouble at once. 91. Sold by 8. H. \V;,88. Druggist, 862 Second st.-eet, Alton, 111. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foley's Honey andTartnkeuin time affords perfect security from serious results. SoH by B. Marsh ami 8.JJ. Wyss. Delays ace Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe euro and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It i« guaranteed. Sold by B. Marah and S. H. Wjss. 4'inilo C.'iii'l Stand Dipping. Outhrle, O. T., Nov. 25.~Or<?nt numbers of eattln dipped according to the new quarantine regulations haw died during the recent cold spell In this part of Oklahoma. Out of a herd of f>oo (lipped last weeU fifty have died here In two days. Cattlemen protest ngitlnot flipping, and declare that cattle cannot endure cold wentlier after belns dipped. Heavy Ki.ilni tloiii, In Froighl Itulcn. Chicago. Nov. 25.—The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul has made heavy reductions In rates on flour, crockery, hardware, dry goods, binding twine and canned goods. The new rates, which In some Instances are a cut of over half the old rates, become effective Nov. 25, and! apply from Chicago, Milwaukee and Raelne to the Mississippi river. Tliims llilnks It In Strange. London, Nov. 25.— The Times publishes Captain Alfred T. Mohan's first article on the Tlippano-American war. Editorially eulogizing the historian cf British sen power. It says: "It Isstrange Ihat Englishmen should have had to be taught by one who Is not Kngllsh the true foundation upon which rests our Imperial greatness." Slurk In Hie Snow for it Mn.v. Mankato, Minn.. Nov. 25.—After being stuck in a snow drift a mile east of Madison lake for twenty-four hours the Minneapolis and St. Louis train, due Tuesday afternoon, has arrived with thlrty-thiee passengers. All trains jre now again running. llought a Hono for Joe Wheeler. Lexington, Ky.,Nov.26.—W.W. Estlll, acting as agent for the citizens of HuntsvIIle, Ala., has purchased a handsome Kentucky saddle horse to be presented In the near future to Major Genera! Joe Whseler. Utmtli of 'a Ffoneer. Rushvlllc, Ind.. Nov. 25.—William Havens, Sr., one of .Rushville's most prominent citizens, and a member of one of the best knon-n families In eastern Indiana, died Monday of paralysis. He was born In Highland county, O.,. Aug. 19, 1820, and came with his parents, Rev. James Havens and wife,, to Rush county in 1823. Rev. James Havens was the pioneer Methodist minister of Indiana. / gain Thanksgiving is npon as and as usual our American bird will mei t his fate. Miss Daisy Foster Is nt DorclicBter visiting relatives. Mrs. LjOiu Meleenbeimer Is visiting I i AI on. Dr. Hall was a recent visitor berr. Wm. Weaver, of Venice, spent Sunday at home. Henry Rnmmaa bad a valuable I or re dlo last. week. Tnere will be services at the BcptUt o '.urc'i n< 7,t Sunday. Tho old time shooting match which formerly afforded ranch sport, seema I1 ronent yearn to have been neglact- ed. We learn, however, that there will be one liore Saturday. Fred Hess has an addition to hit family, n girl. Oeo. Slrohbticb. Jr , and M-S. 0. O. Browa laved ssolvtd in the (arming business. Mr. Str jhbaclc will occupy bis father's farm. Mrs. O. P. Foster and daughter, Mrs. Hpnrmh Iloffer, are visiting In Montgomery county, the guest of Theodore Potter. Mr. Louis Reciter mid latnlly nave moved into their recently purchased residence near the school building. Wm. Clark, a patriotic lecturer, ban been lecturing to large audiences at the M. E. church the past week. Wm. Frohboese of 1st Regiment, U. 8. V, has been spending a few days here with his grandparents. Wm. McGauloy has a new barn near completed. The death of Mr Qeo. Harrison, whose family reside in thla townobJp, was much regretted by bis numerous frien a who regarded him as a good citizen. In this unexpected turn of affairs the entire community sympathize with the family. Christmas Doing near at hand the Baptiut Sunday school under tbelead- ernhip of its superintendent Wm. Titchena), have decided to give a suitable entertainment. MeCetablePreparationforAs- StamflfJaandBovre NOT NARCOTIC. A perfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and Loss Or SLEEP. YacSinule Signature of For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bough? Bears the : Signat The Kind Have Always Bought. You of u rongh— n Imckmsj. rnelnnr;. r ispisiK co'pj;}! tlnit i, ,-]!;;(•.>.- (iJo ils to <li:c results. Jl it. 111 such cruc-s Hint O ih 9 a'* proves its wonderful efficacy. The cause of the trouble is eradicated—the irritation is allayed—the lungs are honied and strengthened and cold leaves the system as snow disappears before the sunshine of spring. I,r Mi's rine-Tnr-Honcy la an In- famuli-remedy lorall luuguml bronchial troubles, flliglit or sever?. All drugulats Dull It HI 'J"-c, 50o unil ll.oo s bottle, or It will be sent upon receipt of price. Tho E. £, Hulbcrliad BfrtUctat Co., FidoMb, Kr* [Nebraska. BEST TRAINS ontana.PuptSoiifif l but he did, for will) him." "It IH alleged that your protestations to Kelly and your erTorls to hit McVey were forced, In view or the fuel that Tl>* Merrr l|u*lo o! Iniliutry. If there It any good and sufficient leagon why btuloeu ihouldu't boom now, will lomwbody be good enough to riw and name U? Evnrythlng seems to be greaied for a period of happlnem aod prosperity, Let them bum,—Boston Hwald. HI* Wlv«« Not Invited. The sultan, offered hia arm to tbe em- ptOMH ot a«rm«uy aud conducted her to « pavilion. Several uuudrud of hli wive* peeped at the ceremony, but refrained from taking poweeslon of the other arm,—St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Robbed tbeOrave A startling incident of which Air. John Oliver, of Phllidelpbla, was the —"—* la narrated by bup as foHowg: „ ., -. J> It moDli dreadful condition. My akin WM almost yellow, eye* mnMn, toogae coated, pain oonllnu- «.Uy 19 back and aides, no appetite— —Dually growipg weaker day by day, '«DbynolaDa bad given roe up, •tely.a Mend advised trylug [o Hitters," and to my great surprise, the first bottle made Wed improvement. I continued we for three woeicafand am now 1 I know they aaved my (be grave of another anould (ail to try ynu have gui-h a iiervuim. exeltabie (XiHlllon, whli-li, |f you liad really meniit what yim (IM, would have i-OHiilteil In your aiming bluwH at AlrVcy." "I i-ouilui-tcd uiyHelf coolly allthroUKli the niinmiN. I <jj,i ,, 0| | OHt . my „,„„„.,. 1 i-iinie very near Iilttln B MeVey but rrslculm-d iuyn,-|f, t ls l realized tlmt U mlKlit ilo tin K<><ul after the harm hail lii'i-n dune. 1 run't see how McVey I'liulil have lust hln head, liut Bonietlilns Wlls "> "tter. anyway. If |»- i m d been bought tu throw jin.. In- evidently n-ul- izc-d lluil the lime hud eoint- for ni-llun for unollicr MdlT lilow H-ould have di--' feat.-d Kli;irki-y. The ll K ht ended so myxli-rlousily thul n-ully 1 am in u tl-ance. 1 would he UHhunieil lo |,.)| some prii|ile what 1 ihlnk. If BOIII fukc t run't help it. The lii'Ht Judge n H lo that. I bettor In my llfi- thuu thl« tint Shiii-lu-y. Kelly had no right to de- cln«- Iwls off, litit he dlil (he right thing anil UHi-d wood JudKMH-.1l>, but hu ui-teO only nft.-r my entreaty t,, Buv « frli-mlH their uniiu-y." Mi-Vi-y. who«e entrance Into the ring caiiHi'il (l\e JeclHlon 'JMit-Bduy night, wu« uahi'il 1C he eared to make any Btute- mi-ni i-fKurillug Ills pun | n ti lc an - u |,._ He nalil: "rorlwtt WUB fouled early lii ll(i> IlKhl lij- Shurki-y und I wl(tlu,d to full the ivferee'H utti-ntlon to the con- tlnui-d fuulw. 1 auproavhfd the ropes for that PUI-IHW, and Huo<-B«de<I In at- tructlng Kel|y'» utteiitlun." McVey re- fuged to aiiBWi-i- any ijucmjoiu a* tu whether or not he knew that It wna UKuliiHt tint j-ules for him to get Into tli« ring while the tight wan on. A Queer (?) Meuleine. Thwe la a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to bave discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient, or tbat it is a cure-all, Tula oouiwt medicine only claims to cure certain dlieases, and tbat TUi ingredients are recognized by tbe most skilled ofay. ^IniAH^-M*. WMI^.|_ 4KA Kaiif »^-»»•*- * lUeaww. It ery croud never fought against my Rheumatism Cured in 34 Hours. T. J. Blackmore, of HaJler & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short time since I procured a bottle of 'Mystic Cure." It got me out of the bouse in 24 hours. J took to my bed with rheumatism nine months ago and the "Mystic Cure" is tbe only medicine that did me any good, had live of the best physicians in city, but I received very little r from them. I know the "M Cure 1 ' to be what it Is ropre take pleasure in reeommoii other poor sufferers." Wyes, druggist, Alton. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can core them all. It Is a cure for tbo whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The euro begins with the nr«t doao. Tho relief it brings la marvelous and surprising. It maken no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have Buffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. U, Wyss. t niti the Spin When suffering from a eevt-re cold and your throat and lungs feel nore, take a dose off~~~IFoley'a Honey and Tar, when _ the soreness will be at once w relieved a warm, grateful*. (fee ling and healing of the pans affected will be experienced and you will say: "It i so jowl. Ic hlU tbe spot " It is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wysa. SORE LUNGS SorelurVgs, pain in the chest and painful brenthlngare quickly relieved and cured by the old reliable specific, Dr Bull's Cough Syrup. This remurk- abl ? remedy breaks up a cold in one uight and is, without doubt, the very best medicine for all affections of the throat and lungs. It has cured thousands and will cure you. It never disappoints. Try It at once. Dr.BulIs Cough Syrup Will quickly heal Sore Lungs. noses are «,mll and picasaut to late. Doctors reeommgud n. Price 85 els. At all druggists. IV!E A MAN AJAX TABLETS POSITIVEI,?. CUB* i I.L J'www />!a«i«e»-F«lllns MMH. prj, Iiu|.n!encjr.8]<»iilM9nM>,l>to..i»n«>d b» Abuse UD-IoIber ^Uooww and IndU cratlons. TAev trvicktv ana «MreI» rumors I-tMt Vitality to olU or loanf, and Bt» muu r u r ttodj. biulnMB or murlim nlt>r and Connimptfan H Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer •.** tlMlw la Pnak ni Salt Mcau tti Uri, ««H aut s , factsnr •! Ssusfe. ut BAST secom • • ALTON iu ALTON TIME CARD PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. • jeundry Work Carefully Promptly Done. Al»u best or Teas aad Chinese band. No>oltl«n .0' -,—r,- frt-vuut ln»anl lu time. Tlwlr nw shows li nnd affecta a (JUKE where ntat ui*m uuvlng tho Kennlne AI AiUTa tmrod thoasanda tuid trill TMMltlvV written gtmruDtae to eff Mr mtand iht> moQHT. Price fiO w.i ;jwt .«i«0 JtaJ! ti ForaclobyE M shandS. H Wyas. HO SUM!* NO SKIPPERS. I Dr \Vllllunis'Indiuol'llc uiutuicMtwIU cureUiliiil. Htwtliih' and Itching __ IMlt-a. liubsortatthuluiuors. nlluys the llciilu^at OUL-L-, ni'ts BHO:iR a piiultlw. (,'lvcs I'.istont ri>- llcl. Dr. wll,lttran'lncllnnPllo Ointment Ispruparrit for Pliosuml Ilch- tni? of t!io prfvoiu piirlB Every boi IH irarriuil:iil. llv Arnemxt*. hy innll on re- wlpt ot price, nfl ci'nti unil $1.<H>. WILLIAMS ooH.. ClovfllanA.mitC 624 East Second «. 306 State *l Edmund H. Blair. Real Rstate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Public OFFICE SOS Market at KUDIIC. Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. U, 1899, trains win leave Union Depot, Alton, aa follows- For Chicago,North and East^-*12:34 1 m, *8-tO a m, "8:47 a m, *10:05 p m, ForSprlngfleld-»12;33 am, *8:10 m, »8:47 a m, *e-a) p nv *10:05 p m "-"" irla- *8 "- --' PorPeorla , For Kansas City and ;«am,«lO:05^m. the West—' 47 am, •Dally.' tExoopt'Sunday. I See Joint C. 4 A. and Big Four time table for tralne between Alton and at. Louis. 1 ou "" e " lr L/..S. NlXON, A/ zhttect, and Superintendent Plans^and Specifications for Work Aooorately Furnished. OFFICE:OVB t AC r JN avvi-vn WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer le Cemeot, Lime and Wall Plaster Offle* 107 We»t Second Street C. s n.m BIB four joint Time lonie 01 THUDS Between Alton & St. LouU. Lv. Alton For St. Louis. 6 13am :C4AdaUy Big Four, daily. .. ... ....C 4A, dally...... ... Big Four, ex-Sun .. ••• " " Bun. only". 04 A, daily . .*.. •••-•Big Four, dally ...Big Four, Sat only.... •• J '• «x-8un 700am... 880am... 81Sam... 916 urn... 1240pm. 820 j-m... 4 15 pm... 648pm... 627pm .. 603pm... 8 20 pm... Lv 8t L U S 708 am Ar. St. L ... 7 30 am ... 780am ... 8 00air ••*..C&A, dally..'. -.C4A,(tally.... For Alton ' dally. . . .. 1C (Mam ... «24am .. 1024am .. 140 pm .. 4 20 pm • • IS 44 pm ... 668pm ...832pn -. 706pm .. » 24 pm Ar Alton Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAKER. Iradoata Ontario Vitenlarr Collet* orer The Model store Offlo* COR .THIRD AND PIASA HTB , tLTOV U) ...lliOa-ti 1006pm 1288am A, dal ttr anh elotlt r<i»a»«». tf urlul ratf** lut>U», 4>cof*«»t0nal Waco*. firs. a. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND 8OROEONS. OWICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Kaaion BI». pjjoiies 138 and 171. How to Prevent a Cola. After exposure, or when you feel a opld. coming on, take a dose of FoJey'a Honey and Tor. It never falls. Hold by H. Marah and 8. If. Wyss. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. /^ F. SCHUSSLBR.M.t) , HOMEOPATHIST lad SUKQEON OFNCKUMP R88'DBNC», rtOTEL MAOISOV firs. B. C. & H. /?. UPPER ALTON, OFFICK HOUR8: ? w » *. n , u to I, I to I P.M. TBLBPHONB 87. T. M, LONG Civil Engineer aod Surveyor Mapf Profile! *Vuid Bitlmate Furalf<ied. tos BelW -«tr*4rt. Up Stairs. C. C. C. & St. I.—Big ?our. Opm t Alti Going ] i»%/. r §?6? n ? t .YiVj;' Ai 10 " «pof-.7 ,m, Granitoid Paving Co. W. & H. BEISER, Prop's, 813 East Sixth Street • Altoa, 111, «,,one v&r wtll rcetlvn pr- ELY'S CREAM BALM U a PMl -Apply into the noitrU*. It li quickly «b*orb*d. cent* «t JU.Y to . Bull ; umpbt too. br gudt. KUa. M W»mo St.>N«WTo.kart! ROBT. M. REAL. ESTATE, Loan aad Insurance Agent, Ml BBLLe STKBBT. Moaey to i Loma aa Improved Property COLLBCTXO. DR. IWOTT'S Ill Kind Y0y Have Always Bought | QR. c. B. RQHLAND, OBNTI5T, th« ta. HW. tMUU) as it* MUT They o«orcomu Weaknf M, u. re«ul»rlty uott culwiloiu, ui- i-raoiw v^nriindtiuulaii "patiM Ot " " ' W girls at »r. doyelopmwt uown reotedy lot •to harm- III m, far *al* by 8. B, Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. .• ' ' 7*4 BAST SBCUNO (UotlMtia «ko Ig^lMe TAILOR MADE CLOTH£S. MODERATE PRICES, Burlington Route. Leave Alton 660am 7 10am 800am 10 06 am (Suburban sorvloo) Dally Daily ox-Bun llOOim ) 20 pn 140 pro S 16 p w 640 020 pi, 8 tOp-., Arrlre Altci Si'an Q H IS am IX 4ft pm S 15 pin t m pm 74lam 831am 1030am UMam apopm 609pm C. .B. 4.^2. Rook Island north, dally, jtiUainai ft. Station) it.Paul «nd ah | • 8u Louis-Peorla I8t. L. o. * at. t, pall as* «l*»ta* mr W GOODS

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