The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 6
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HGE SIX LASTNIGHT Jliei punn, Boxer, I^ay iOpponeht—Thirty iKounlds to Be Kansas atyja.;*;^.^*]? H IS I j (•onr«'i«'iit'f baski Be On Card. MCPHERSON WINS , FROM BEThEL FI>^E Milfliersoii. Feb. McPlierson <oJIegp 17. (Sp.>(lal)| night by eu.Hily lii- Thai the Amencah Legibh bo-Ni'ntj| show . at Memo'riial Hill Will be a higih-powereji afl'air kva.s ai^isured las^; with the signing of .Wi ^fn4-, Fort S^ott to 24 basketball in a^ Bariiif. wetjihtl a.s ori6 palki-';ior the of Johhjri niiddM- the prin boxing^caiii K liH'iiilii'is of llififiKlit IH.'J- AvIiV U;i GARDEN CITY TAKES LAST ll has l>een fei as a ten^, tative (jiate for th^^ffght, B^i Fty,, cl^airman of the boxin - cfjmmitteerannourc^d. 'orl.i an- niiw h stiilalili- iy>p()jjcti't lor loi- Dunn; of j Kansas inK made cOmniliicf BASEBALL IS PROBLEM IN lOLA TODAY Fans Give Opinions on th|e Semi-Pro land Twilight league Plans—Air Comment Is Incited. Emt)oria St (Jame Ch i . '- I I Emporia. FebWlG (laine Last Night Brdught! iourneyk to^ Topekji t< ! kuteers' " " 'r il' rip-, s- ha I-.' , i has: just ri;1iirn|il from Ai Hi wjlii-re lif w( n « scvenli--n • rislilt^i ni'jiy he ^JiKned as his opiiof nen ^ ;Frv saiil today. Kl'lftitsi will iji! nidde to 1hirt.l';roi|nils of jboxin ^ on the <aildl |; TIK -;'jlKht piojiiain jrobalily . inilki|U<vajfour iciuiul <ur(ain rais. r, a six roiinil prelijnin: ry. len-runDil ht-iiii-win^l-up anil ten rounds hi iwecti Wjsner a'pil his opponent. .\I<;.llihe s 4 >f tUV L( Klou s lioxitj coniinitte' for (he fi ;ht are: B( b' Kry.ielia rntan. ^obe-t Tlionipso ij • .jackj (;rit!fin. aucl K. ArBPf*t. ! Afler a]lont; distan'e (tall {o K(l-| Viirii U'. n'oi-lirane. si orts editor of tlii- Kansiis City i..Ion-nal-Post. in whiolil f'ochraiio re<-oniniei|(l> il Kloyjd : Hiiwers. siiddileweiglit' lio:- <r, whi) liias betfn! jjoinK Bood in tie e!u--t rj -i -ejiily, the 1 jcaj manaR<^- iit.iU ivirl'd Bowers at <'hi«aKo ijn aii tiffiirl 10 iniil»;h Bowers with Wiichiir. If iBOwtjrs will sip i nt^'ainsl \Va;i- ner, {nft effort jWijl !)»• made to sivii hout!^ several 'rl|ri|llli |r ^Vtl^llP^, Forf S<U)U nilHtilcnfrulif. iwhn liyis Iiwfh liovlpir j^liow hero .llurrli I, iip- liolil4 II Ulclnrj froiiii l 'iU '>lMirir, laej liini (nrr TJ«er Ted- scliiiol tenrher 1les|iit«> the nulnelRlicil tJijit. Tedhick ilKiiiJ i'lt'te«tt pitiiiiils at ( IK- tlhie'.of I tli<> iniitcli. Warner has lidvaju'ed during ;lh4. last year. rap»dl jninpinK froi ry fi!;hter. I Ily in gaining; opponent a iiahi ^le-js preliniiii one ,\yli,o I'liids diCfiii inaKJieH with suitable of hi .s owp weight. U ! —{—. MoinlilTs 01" l^e bo\in(; coiii- iiiKtpf lorllie I.PKioti siifii ttKlaj ' tliat lliei are KoibiK to irire lola a real iiiixinif lioat U iriKid one, ilareil. | fihow .Miirrli i^foinu; to he (ilinlrnian Fry dr- foiiili Charlie l\Iniigan and lii^ rittsbliiiR hiRh si-lioil' baskeleer .4 ate wjorried overjthe ^oina son's- fiM -enc undefeated 'i :hi:o\iBh' this sea playj in thor.lBiir Seven con Flirt Fopt i^rnnls slionj (linll -PIIt«liiini mever l»een; alile to dpiVat ScJitI on the . Tlie two tea Sniltt.Miirrh 4. Hadkins. N»<brfiska weller- no'w holds ,'a ACR weiehti : Hillyi'.Atkinsoii. tli»' Si The two (Hashed Tuesihiy uiRlil on a jtvcli^iicnl fiflli. any r tlianees Tlii'ifiiieslioii in sporliiiK eirile seetnH. lo he whether lola shoiiUl have; a fast siihii-p'" '•••'ni in tli field •'this year or a Twiliiih leaBlie^ A niinilier- of -Die t-ity's risiiiij yoting oil inagnaies have voire" their iht< iitinn to assist in the sup ]«»'t :f>t" a fa^t siMui-pro team. Doettir .Mitehell says: -Lefs.havt a real ball eliib. One like the V.lT. Oilers.' I'm nie oil rei -ord as readj to root and help siti>port a winniuf eluli." .lark ranalsey the tire-man win is an anient 'basehaller agI•ee^^ witii Doe. "Wliat's a town , with out a gooil hall team, says thd genial JaOk." "Let's gi I am reaci>{ to hit,the mahogany." I )i )<-ti>rs Chrisilaii anil l-eavi'lll who also dabble in oil have beeu after the "Old .Manager" to get] back in harness and give lola' soin< high <lass liasebalj. K. V. Chevalier, superintendent of the joial l.'nited Iron Works plant s{iys he prefers a fast semipro tea'm to Twilight league base- | ball and is of the opinion that with a winning team the fans will -support it." C. .-X. • Swifjgett. • superintendent of lln> I^Highjplaiit says, "he- thinks u good ball cl |Ub is a great advertisement for Ifila but that sal'aried baseball, won 't: Iiay in lola and he] favors a Twilight league.'' He further adds that the I.elligli ivould prtdiahly put li team in an Industrial leagije, jirovidlng the iother] industries would join. He thinks the I'nited Iron Works., the I'et .Alllk ('(impany. ilie Kirk (las and .Smelting; cotiipany and the Lelijgh iiimpany wonlij comprise a' wi-ll . balanced .four club league tliajt would put out an intere.silng brand of ball, rbesides providing, recreation for th»» employes. ;V. L. Kirk <if'th(v Kirk (ia.s am Siuelling; company favors a Twilight' league providing It is controlled by a director from each Industry represented. He favorii a strictly industrial k-agire like .Mr. Swigt",'tt- suggested ' with a director clioscii from eitch irfani who is not one of the t?am managers. Kvery fan who is int«trested in baseball -is aske^l to write > the sports editor of this paper a letter relative (o • liis~ viewr on baseball, whether he wants a fast semi-pro team to represent Ic la or a Twi- I'light leagiie or if lie wants Iwth. Twenty'-si.\ nations- were I'eprp- sented in the recent lawn lenni.s tournament at Canne .t;. a number that even the Davis !Cup conipe- lilion has never equalled. Fort Seott ns meet at vii-tory over inimoii pride, i-os .Vngeles l!l ltd kins won knpcliout in the So send in your letter or call in person and express your views tvith the sports' editor. Ilndlilil^i Cim iiigbt Kan«a« lioxfjr-i, bill he oertiilnlj' can't I'Ighj Kaiisins oi^ anybody eUe ' in Kaiisak That drtil in Knn- sas lefty, in nhlrji HiidklnK U alleireli io ba<e i'prepared to ilirhi ill rraniedjhout ,with, ar sparrllig |iartner,!oertaInt}' sate the-ii-e" n hliiek ejc in Kan>a*.l aiid •.evenilj .other ."lates inrl^idiag' .New- York. lOLAtF VE PI J AYS AT PITTSBURG Coach Uo ^lli« liis-t hpi lola Ijigii <i •bairle'' ' in Scot-t lortunity with t lei Tij Big S'vl'tL.i An loja .•night•.'|!| ^anu squad ajide I !'!" iirst h njors t'oacJitScntt's lent slia^ie ay is :taking pointing III) Chool quintet for its lo'niokr'ow iii|}|it at Pittsburg tshurk high school live If'onfereiice Icai ers. victory - In tomorrow would .gire t lie local | prestige 'am might prevet^t-i -r 'i(f.-»biiig frojii" copping In the ,ilg Seven. squad jis i i excel- for loiiiorirott night's game, iiild if the teajiii is hitting on oil sixj iiay! give the Purine and Wlu'te a inn for its jinoney. Coacl^ .Morgan an<i his f ittsburg •;baHkeieier.'f have lear^ijedj in ihej'past that lol4 alwaMs fiitnishes plenty • of comnijtition. ; ' • Tom i.sullivan.. thelxeiv Zealand- e"r who pnce held th^ British sculling chaSipiohship, is! now a rowing coach iii-Berlin. Amateur and Pro CTTHAT is the difference between " the amateur and tlie protes- sloual in sport? Walter llagen recently defined the quest ton, thusly: "An amateur pa.vs to play, while a pro plays for pay." Vincent Richards, famous tennis •player, who recently turned'pro., ihasi let it he known that while most juniateurs'pay a certain .something to play, ihey in various ways re­ ceive'tronsidcrahlc more for plaj 'V Ing. ,, . • . • In other words, llichards has strongly liintod that many a tennis pla.ver is pviking a fat living out of his araaten'r status. Hard to Defiiie [ IV /IIAT constltntes an amateur In " .sport? j If we I would believe Vincent lichards.-nnd I Iiaye always known lim to bq.ii truthful }''oung man. here is r<'all>' noitucU person. Hecent developments would nialce t seem that the governing bodies 1 11 golf and tennis are just as much In doubt iis to what is an amateur IS Mr. Jolm PuWii.j Certainly no more ridiculous de- I ision could be possible than tlie I allure to give Vincent jnichards l^rst ranking among the nu?n tennis playerp. . , i ' j Now. weliave the word; that the riowers-tliat-he In golf, intend to diasslfy.JIary K. Browne ias a pro. because other activities in the Pyle troupe of tennis stars. 1 • ' * Case of Richards 4 /'INCfeNt RICHARDS won his ' 1926 tennis honors as i n. ama- tbur.; Wueu, be represented this Radical Changes Kansas Junior College: ^ Race. ...J. . ..... W. 1.^ I'et. Arkniisax | ily 1 f ar<<oM<<' li .7.1(1 Kaii-as Cltj-" i • .(«;Fort .Seott ii .IMO I'offevtllle . 1 .*>• 1 hidepeiidence I I 1 .•.'110 lola 1 (i .113 (•'ardi'ii (il> II 1 .INMI I.AMK.S THIS .U'KKK Toitiuht. Independriiee at .\rkakisas loin, roi'i'eji'ille at iUy; Friday, ^iardeii <lli ut Arkansas (liy, fjideiieiideurp :il Fort Seott. Parsons advaiiceil into a (ie for first iil;fc<> ill till; Kansas . Iiiiiior conference and (iardi ii City \veni into the i .dlar last night when j.ParsoiiH trimmed the Carde i City te:ini Ill ifi on the Parsons court. .•\ppareiitly lola anil Iiiii|pend- eiK-e have,liltle lo fear In tli a and these I tir of finishing in the cellar 'le:!mie, Toniglil'sigame between l< Imlepenili'iice will send one ofj teams into fifth plaie. .\'-kansas City and Coff<jyville inieet t;iiijgbt in a game which will e-iher carry .Vrkaiisas City iiijo undisputed iiosse.s'sion. of first o" drop the (iiiinlet into s liace. with Parsons taking fir Sitloii. .Arkansas City plays i!"ii Cily Krioay night in d •II which easil v. -Arkaii'-as City shotili REGISTER FIGHT PARTY TOMORliOWl Fight fans in loia jiiid siirrfi ijig territory are reiuindeil 111: t Delaney Maloney light will |i • nounced at the Register <i (Iice or shine.. Incase of rain or !« warm place in the Ifegistei- trciiie cold Weather, fans wil to lisliu to the battle ho Boston heavywi^ight and the heavyweight chamiiion. ' The east is showing lots of est In ihe b:itile. and late y(' day odds jumped up to eight't wifjli l )i -latuy -4111 the.long the pioiiey. ' • TU'e Itcgisier will ^tart :inii nine ing Ihe fight at S o'clock toiiii rrow night. a ^4d Fans are advised to'cmiie early in oidi r to get a poiilliill wlieii^ they call heiir ilistiiict(>-. in ference ! Knipori j silled' vi( j ililllltet. il Was'ibiiri^ iiidlcalion will end. Within Wash burn won easil L^ai^n Th( te Teachers to Wilh Washliiirh ni|)iqnshi|>;.6f ciiil- .\t Topejva I'robahjy Will netide Ihe iKan^i.^;('t|nference Baskethall ('ii| I'ittsbiirfrl Is Leadinjj. I m a jgamei: \vl ence basketball rhiinii standing.s.j alreadv liol -Spt'fial.—Em|)ori:i Teaoht^V.s' College night t^i fiifi' Washburn ("oljege r bas- ich will; njean either a CVinter- iun.<hipi o- a drop deep down j inter con- ilohl : ory over the \ III it (iiini- ati a lihi< was crippled. IKI of how lunighry the last thr.- has levived. over t'rdlege poria. .M ^iiHJay night. < K'lipiiria ers. so' tlu to how nil ^ If Knipo Pittsburg i will the I .Soiit'ieasti I only tliret I teams, rt-n mat- I : first place i played inor j iioria or W' of th , game, i one defeat I first. Pills itii iiniver cause of i plays one bjirg :ind t A I'iltsl year woiil I 'l ^atcil Knipon, !'•• is no dcliniti ight's ganie^ wil •la loses lonlglii; 'reaclwis iiroba championship. -II Kansas coll games. with aining. on its presejit. Pittsburg, l- by virtue of • gani4 <s lliaii i:! ic.'iMa iiiiiv'f-rsil tlir<-e ll aiiis has If a ,iu -fini:?!! the;s, a>| Kinporia will, iiirg seiaiiii, aii^l ily third. 'r!it> he fact that more ga'nie ih:i ivo more than W urg ('haiii|iioiish|:p tiii~ |l be lln" thii.l .Mralghi lir Fate Tonight oiie-|.j.- j .'uslibnriij ( whel is n<t gaiiie^ JACK LOCKER )ve ml f<lr the CoHllas. '.Many ' Bnitish gcdf profeisioncils ".ai , have receii I sii;ions with' clnb^ ^•coiid st po- Car- game will eks. lias kiii- ll-ge of Tiarh- dope as .iid. - game, dv •vill a- the. y.'- hc .isj wi -aki-r 4 I'.''''"''"- hiddfn-i li:u iiiu II r lliii- Ka. h i>t I!|W III •.vfih place U'i< ills he- 'aiiiior=.i I I'iit.- . Iiit.'i. BETHANY DEFEATS STERLINCx, Befihany. F Betliijny j<oliegji here ••' - etn-e 4 t'.) -A tilt 17. V Special) — defeated .•Sterling i>i a Kansas Coni'er- ight. XPECTEDON LOC|lL COURT HURLEY WINS FROMCARTER Fifjh Plate, at; Stake ijndiepe idence - lola Juni or College I Cafe Gaine Tonight. Champion Wins TwolOut ! Of Three Falls La^t U Night a^K. C.—Joe Macewicz Is Injured. Kansa.- City. Feb. 17. (AP —Kd (^traiigl.-r* Lewis, heavyweight cl|aiiipii>ii. won two out of lliree i.ilis ir .ini .lack l.o< k-r. Kinsas I'ny. Kaii-^as. in the main eveliit of :i iwreslliiig show here last .Viight. .uiii (llt.ksiiHk lost to .lo • .Nlace- wjiz. being car!-i<:d from tlieiring aij.r tlie -e.oiid fall. .Ijni .Mf-.Mil- laii. Cliicago. thre \v .lack Wasli- liiini. ill till fifth roiieg Inifo 'pindence keteers invaiSe what Womisi with. Ijh at S:l!:V saa lla's- fi .r ing game liireiipj jiired Jhere. wjill be out of the Dola I boxer lilace in the Kar lonference tit stjiike junior college lola tonight. to be a fast gaine e operting whistle souniijing <)'cloc|k. I or- Ithe firojf. who'.ijid much,of the s abi: list preliminary. Iv secured liicra i: where the bapie is rapidly rfniwliig ive po- riiiany. eifiourage the childreri ll-'iiis iuiil outdoor pastimes ;^|lll.>:jc scliools in London are Vi'ijed with free footballs cr lia(-\ team color?-, anil til her s; |ia|aph >M 'iia!ia. « in .the pro- cket >orts Whfjn feyville showell over jirevioiis niutf] goii tearawjork ha.s. b^en and anything night. As ti pr;ellm higli ."ichooll sed .Mildred hi'kli iniryl is liilledl ndcpenilence in. Wdhita Chahute tonight Dccause of an ih- aiikie ; inU shoulder, but is expected to leturn to the gi^rte Febnijiry ^a i gainst Parsons. Ira j .SttM-kc jrand. lola cd: di, probably jwill start the squad as foliowk: ;Fro ik and .Burger, lor- wanls; Mann center, and .Mel iin and .\jlenzie. ;uards. : Booth. ( pine arid Lewf^ Burger will be h|<!ld ill resjirveL the lola squad met Cjof- Ipst week, the! defe .linini ^ Lad Outpointed If! .American Legion | Card Ijast mkht I At W^llingbn, Kansas! i (fity and E Third in Wellington; Hurley, well Fi-b. 17. fAP)—.lajck welierwejtjht of Wellington, oiitpomt'ed Carter! of Chaiinte, K:in- kpiown a remirkable improvem games, better. with The .sqiail ig. good in prai-i jriay be expected sas, iij the main roiindj Americai here liist iiiglit. of. tllij best e ^-e|r Ion. both Carter' on a feal e.xhibition. Billj .Nelsoii. of Wichila. pro\-|ed evi-nt of the thirty Legion, card Inflil The IMIIII was olie held ill Wellitjg- and lliipley iiuttiiig Viiiiinsas City i^.. Kl Ihinido M il field liiit i -hin^on IVdllnitton Kl II fnian iif^o •lit lie <re, to- nary. Coach Sc( tfs onds will clash \ ith chool. The pre iiji- to start at T :i.'> to be too miiich Wellii gton in tl in leaving the i the ll^ird round Wellin'gton won -Nig' -A ^i -Cliii < f cial fojiir round .MeyerJ and it le the piieliminurii for Will Dakin. Jof e semi-finals. Da|k- iiig at the dose jof t!ecil Bowers.;of a decision over Augusta in a spje- |M)Ht. Clifi shailed won from Shaw In is. 1 has laijge financ home d -ity of be iMisider4d I liy weel;| ke; i;. in th OA.HtS tms^iW-EK iday, mnfield nt KJngmiin. .Vr^insas K 'llj ^ufiU 'lrliifa, EI riido at -Newton, Hutchln- at WelllnKtojt; Satnrdajr, WiliJiIeld- iit Iluf«hln«ou, Klnfc- " at Kl Doradi^ Welllngrton. rkausax City. |; Wilcfiita. Kans.. FJb. 17. (AP)-r t'eating -.-VrkanHas City la."?! the .Vewton; hi^h school bas-^ team went ilito first plao^ .Arkansas Vall|<jy high! school III siiii Jii: baskj-t^ball league; standings. Uaili gani'. them Wl Dora th. The johders ha ve j ndiv Won nine Is and lost twrj.j which gives percentage qfi -SIS. Frank .1. Navin. who is acting .-is Iiresidijnt of the]American Leagiik al interests in his roil and is geiier- |to be one of tlie tud will prolValdy settle the >< r all I practii al i CHANUTE TEAM WINS DEBAITE Superintendent Thoronian of I(da schools was one of three es In the debate between f'li: nute and Fort sioti "Tuesday for tin debating championship of th< Southeast Kansas Literary le: gm ('haiinte won. The f;rand .Vational Steepler thy cross-country classic of Knglish tiirf. is run over a co of four piiles and i<'<ti vard>< Aintree. near Liverpool. The s year will take plaiie on :ountry In the Davis Cup matcb rnd many other big events, he I simon-pure, it theire Is suchi hing In sport. ' At the cIo!?e of the tennis seas fiis play completed, he 'was inducl: ly C. C. Pyle to turn professioti md be a member of the Suzanne ^englen tennis tourists. When Vincent Richards turn d irofessional jt was his own bu»i- less. no one else. 'Vet, because be leeided to cam a fancy salary f^r bowing his wares on the courts, le brings down upon his head tl e nmity of those In charge of tenni t In order to chastise Richards for J he alleged affront and perhaiis' hrow a scare Into otjher aihateur tars who might ha\'e a leaning f<r ilhe pro game, he waJ stricken froi i tpie ranking list entirely. Instead of being named No. I I layer, he is passed up enlireljf. line justice, In such a ruling. • * • tAoBt Unique .Ruling |K N ' top of this piece of asininit' ^ comes the reiwrt that Mary K. rowne, tennis pro. will be deprive i o|( her status asjan-amateur golfet. It such a ruling is made in Mis ; Ilrowne', It will be dlrectl: • . c infrarj'.to. an established prece> dpnt. ' h For years, many of the profesj- onal big league stars have played g)If. They/jj have always beeij: assed as amateur golfers. Arnold S^atz, a big league ball player, |is a abk golfer. Recently he took par^ several big amateur events oil t^e coast. • — I How tlie golf body can be con' s|stent in clak;slng a professions^ ill player aii amateur golfer anq eii rule a pro tennis player is not; certainly beyond m«.y 1. PUT id down jnow for a double-riveted, copper ccgTiered fact: Prince Albert will give yo i more p] ejasure to the cubic in ch than ary other tobacco you ejver packed inalpife. Maybe I'm prejudiced. Eviti so, my statement holds. I'll leave it to you, afi er your f rst P. A. pipe-load. Buy 1 tidy r^ci tin of P. A. ahd folhiw these s mple clitlectiohs: TucI^ about thimble ful intdCthe bowl of your favorite p>ipe. ] Jght up, and pull that cool, consoling s noke up, the stem. Exhale slowly and get the full benefit of that wonderfjul Prinze yUberttbte. a claim-adju;ter. Swe^t unexpected inheritan< e.l Fragrant as pine-bjou{;hs, sy/aying in a'slimm^r Wildibutnot meJ And of course; ybu do! tesi to Jay and ch^ck-in with :lfing ypu. wasn't get, somej Prince and get on thej sunny; side of pipe-plc|asui e. No matt jrwhat your pre- bi^ekze. get die I'vfbe^^it You'll probably say asti: enoug b! Anyhow, Albert now Ion liltu CAGE LEAGUE Seconfll and Ark. Dorado iArk. JIV. » 1. '2 ••'2 a 9 9 Pel. .818 .800 .778 .778 .440 .222. .100 .1100 Ijita. Arkan.faf still have Iley title bt^t not are ii|ri|in:ttedly ton '.4 plavi Tli Kl ni weel r.icej jCity and El. )iances to cop ., the prospects Might as Xew- jremaining g iiiies will he on her Iiome'fcfjurt. Arkansa.s Ci yi-Wjchita and ado-.Newton games this if ypu Make whbt mufj by Iht Princil 9. A. >> «/}M trtrrm 1» » !n tVy! rtd tin,, poun4 tnd half> >u md Im humi. Jan. and pound tryti humid'ott with Mponti-moitlmnti nilh nrry bit a/ bilt enthiisi-! \lo >. Andtimayt AlbtTt pjU*t$.

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