Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 25, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1898
Page 3
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r: THERE IS MORE REAL VALUE IN OUR $3.50 . LINE OF Ladies'Shoes Than any similar price line In the country. Turns and Welts. Sizes to Widths A to E. MORRISSEY BROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. SPECIAL TWO DAYS SALE -ON Fur Collarettes. $2.60 OoUaret 02.08 4.26 4.60 6.60 7.00 8.60 14.00 340 . .. 3.89 6.49 6.29 .. ..6.60 « 11.99 Silk and Satin Waists. •3.75 Waist at 13.19 4.98 " 4.19 6.00 " 4.29 8.26 " : ... 4.49 Flannel Waists »1.00 WalatoRt .......... 89 2.00 " »1.78 SATURDAY AND MONDAY. H. f. LEHNE, 113 W Third st *e*%»*^^ Have you Seen the New LRRDER STUD It is the best Shirt Stud ever produced. Post in center of, back makes it suitable for shirts with either button holes, eyelet holes or a combination of tlte two without the annoyance of coming out of shirt or' fear of loss. Only made in 14 kt solid gold, and only can be had at J. R 119 West Third Street. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bldg., Phone 185.. S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL, W. D. ARMSTRONG. Director, Ftrtt term bflfflOJ Sept. 82nd, 1896. For courw la iSrao'Stal »i Vocal du.lo. Bloou- tlOD and Palatine. Seod for oaMlOffiio Q. B. WILKINSON, M. O. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Office—uor. and and Market et«. Residence—317 Bast ia'h at. Office Telephone 205, Residence 1903. How Do We Do It? By h«vin«r No A You profit. 7 «ty!o« to from. $45 maob nw only»lT. Complete with til atuohmenu at the offloe Front and Henry at. HAPdOOD PLOW CO. It Pays to boy the Best, « j Beit GMfe Price* Right. A Trial Order , I CMvlncei. ' T. M. ANDERSON, GROCER. !> Pboo« ir». - M 8 Union »»'•»»• Alton Conservatory. Eighth Year. Second Term. Sept. 1st. «««lc, Art, Elocution, DclM.-le tat Special Studies. Ulii AUoeB. Marsh, Voice tnd Piano. Bemloiry street, Upper Alton, R, c. MILLS, Send for Catalogue. Death of MlMlouiM Hew, Miss Louise Hesa of Pana,.the young lady wbo was fatally hurt In the Big Four accident at Wood river bridge Sunday night, died Wednesday afternoon at St. Joseph's Hospital after ^ three days of severe suffering. She was the worst injured of the number, being one of the three that waa thrown down Into tbe river bed when the^ wreck occurred. Her spine was in-* jured, her head frightfully cnt and internal Injuries produced. Her parents came from Pana to attend her and were With her at her death. After the coroner's inquest the body was oared (or by Undertaker Bauer who went over to Fana today to take charge of the funeral. The Big Four provided a special train to carry the body to Bant Alton where It was placed on the Knickerbocker. Tbe funeral was at Pana today. Mr. H. J. Bowman will present a resolution at tbe next council meeting for an ordinance compelling children under 16 years of age to be off the •creeta at 9 o'clock at nlgbt. The rule is enforced la many cities and is known as tbe "curfew" tow. _ ThtTmembers of the Dawey Club of tne East End left this morulng to attend a reception given by Miss Oarrle l?erga,n«pan of 4321 Ohouteau avenue, St. Lonla. The Mississippi river did the unexpected yesterday by rising seven inches In 12 hours. Usually cold weather causes a rapid fall. BV THB TBLQORAPH PRINTING COMPANY FRIDAY BVB., NOV. 26. OF/lOBt TELEGRAPH BUtUHMO, CORK** T»I»D AW) PUSA 0Tt. TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH It dellrersd by ctrrttr* to »tt part* of the cltf at Alton, North Altoa and t!pp«r Alton, /or 10 c«nt< p«r *mk WallM to any Mdteu at the rate of 60 cents per month. THB TBUEURAPH hu thelarRertelrotslatlon of any paper In Alton, and !• the beat medium tot adiertlieri). Count* THIRD AND Puai STMITI, Tan MOM No. II. Odontnnder, tor painless extraction Dr. Roger*, Third street, over Booth's Temple theater had two crowded bouses yesterday to tee tbe Derby Winner. The new Chief of Police, H. B. Starr, will take charge of his offloe, Thursday, Deo. 1. Oomb Honey at J. H. Bauman'a. Mr, 8. F. Connor has- moved from Alby street to the Topping home on Eleventh street. > Don't forget Saturday and Monday bargain)). See add. HAAdKN'S. Robin Hood Camp M, w7 A. Initiated seven candidates last evening and voted on twelve others. Mrs. B. 8. Aylworth a well known resident of Brighton, died last nig&tat her home in Brighton. Try Nelnlnger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. A dancing party was given at Urowe's Hall, last evening, by a party of yonng peopto.of about seventeen couples. New crop of New Orleans molasses atJ. H. Bauman'a. Tbe Knights of tbe Maccabees gave their annual ball in Pioneer ball Wednesday evening. There was a very large crowd present and a splendid time. For Rent—4-room house, cor. 7th and Henry sts.—H. Wm. Bauer. ;. The only place f/o buy GillespieOoal a.814 Fiasa street.—Dorsey Fuel Co. Governor Tanner went to Oarlin- vllle, today, to testify before the Ma- oonpln grand jury iu the case of the Vlrden mine beiug investigated. __ Neufcbatel Cheese at J. H. Banman's. Mrs. A. M. Perrln was liostess of a delightful social event at her home in Middletown Wednesday evening. Society was out in force and had a very Peasant time. See the new "Cyrano" chains, the atest Parisian fad at HAAQBM'S. Scott is the busiest tailor iu town. George S. Morrison, who planned he Alton bridge, and Edwards vVhit- aker, a large stockholder, were vision in Alton Wednesday looking at he property. Dr.A.W.Kae. Dentine,wpsldlng tW. George Williams, colored, waa arrested today on complaint of his bet- ierhalf, Carrie Williams, for wife beating. He will be tried in 'Squire Jrandewlede's court. For a good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Piasa st. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank-Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belie st Oo to M. Moritz's tor your winter fceadwcar. The largest stock and Atest styles. Smith's pond is to be drained at last and by the method first adopted. Mr. O. F. Degenbardt has again received he contract to construct a pipe sewer under Eighth street to drain the pond. Gun and lock repairing done by Hubbel.—Jarrett building, e. 2nd at. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey taeldo. They have moved to 314 "lasa street. Pearl) the 7-years-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Evers, of Middle- own, died last night at 5 o'clock with diphtheritic paralysis. Tbe funeral was at 10 a.m. today and was private. Go to M. Moritz's for your collars, 16?, two for 25,', for pour cuff a, 35? per >alr. The best tor the money. Mr. George R. Hewitt entertained a ew friends Thanksgiving afternoon, and In the evening the same gentlemen with their wives were enter- :alned at whist by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Dorsey. Shampooing and vapor baths new batber shop, A. J. Zangg, 210 Plaaaet It was a great disappointment yesterday that Shurtleff's game with the Etolla School of Mines was declared off. The game would have been the feature of tbe day and witnessed by a large crowd. Undley & Dickinson, Dentists, Nia- bett bldg., opp. City Building. Loula Outhrle, whose foot was crushed in the cog-wheels of the Bluff Line steam shovel Tuesday, was brought to SI. Joseph's hospital last nlgbt for proper treatment. Ills foot may have to be amputated. AWTI-oURGlAft SOCItfY. A large UK of Name* Already Secured for M«mber*lilp Mr, E, M. Dorsey lifts secured large list of tinman -102 up to noon today—of persons willing to organize »n antl-bnrgiar society. All those names have been secured in this olty Tbe residents of Upper and North Alton are invited to Join In the society Mr, Dorsey is still soliciting names and will do so until Tuesday, when he hopes to have a public meeting in tbe Council Chamber comprised of all who have signed tbe paper In his bands,' as well as all who would like to join, bat whom Mr. Dorsey was unable to see, Mr. D, M Well as the gentlemen wbo have signed the paper In his hands, arc very willing to have Upper and North Alton unite with them in tbe association. It Will be cheaper, and tbe reward will be larger than If each place had an association. All residents of. Upper and North Alton, wbo are Interested In the so clety, are invited to attend the meet - ing for organization to be held in tbe Council Chamber, City Hall, on Tries day evening, Nov. 29. The trial of Alderman Wegener, charged with quarrying stone out Saston stt-eet without permission of ,he city Is set for tomorrow at one o'clock. Mr. Wogner says "dot Skelly" is doing It to persecute him, and that he will make "that Skolly swettln" before he is through with It. Squire Natlian'statcn (hat he has been sabpoened on behalf of the city In order to prevent Alderman Wagenor aklng a change of venue to his court. The Squire says he knowa nothing about the cage, and the subpoena served on him is simply a dodge of •dot Skelly." TUG probabilities nre ihat "Skelly" will lose tne case as there are a grist of ex-city ofllcials who declare tbat; permission was given the Demosthenes of the Seventh ward to quarry out of Kaslon street. The TELKQRAPH lias heard wo ex-city officials, both connected with tbe administration at the time quarrying was begun, state that the Street and Ally committee went to tbe quarry, looked over the ground, and gave Wegener permission to quarry n the street. Special Notice. Ladles, the only place In the city where you can be taught up to date dressmaking Is at the parlors of Mds. Brown well & Clem m, 1020 East Second street. Also ladies' tailoring la done at reasonable price. All work ;naranteed. Hard Spring Wheat. "Oream of the Earth," $4.00. ALTON ROLLBR MILLING Co. Silver Wedding Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sohulenberg celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage last evening with a silver wedding at their home on Third street. There was a large num- >er of friends of the couple present nd thd occasion was a very enjoyable one to all. The presents received were beautiful and costly. Supper was served. The worthy couple re- eived many congratulations at their completion of their quarter-centennial anniversary .of prosperous happy married life. lost. Thursday afternoon, a small gold >adlook and. a gold glove bnttoner. ieward If returned to Mrs. J. V. Roe, 8 East 3d st. 'Squire Quarton issued seven marriage licenses Wednesday. Beside ihose published licenses were issued o Graty A. Bryan and Etta Stelner, ioth of Alton; Stephen C. Parkinson and Nettle Garter, both of WestAl- on; Robt. N. Snooks, of Litcbfield, nd Rachel A. Fairbanks of Alton. Oae year ago the same number was ssued on Nov. 24, which is tbe highest number ever issued in one day in Alton. Mr. Harry Bozza, a young man well jnown here, was married in St, Louis, Wednesday evening. Tbe bride is Mies Editn Webber, of St. Louis. Mr. iozza is a sou of Mr. James Bozza of )his city, and was raised in Alton. for Rent. My 7-room house in Middletown, Steam beat.-U. 8. Nixon. Banner Bargain Month of 'ashionnble Fall and Winter Woolens. Those are prloo vnluoB p-.alllvely without n irticedeut. SUITS TO ORDRR. $16 oo to $20.00. This Includes all our flno Fanny Worflteds, ,'hovlat*, Scot<J(i and Caaslmares, In (,'ftecV'ii, Black and Blue Worsteds, SmU to Order $20.00 tO $28.00. Those Inoludo all our flue Imported ami Do- nieaUo woolons «« fluo an »ili. Wo are hoavlly over loaded wllh a bin slock of Fall and Winter Woolunu §nd wo must rn- duoe slock to ralio money before Jim. Ut 1 lie .Inio touuy Is now. Everything it oo»t. i-all and du oo/ivJnooJ- L. Q. Brtieggeman Tailoring Co. 231 Plftsa at. The BOYS, should be kept warm. Take time and come and see what a nice line of Boys Suits and Overcoats We can show you. We have them in ages j to j 5 years, and all kind of prices. H. M. SeHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. ALL THIS FOR LADIES. This Ad. Will Only Interest the Ladies. HOSIERY, Here Described is for them Only. Extra Fine Real Maco Cotton, high spliced heels and taes, excellent value, ^? or $ for $1.00. A Superior Quality, with " " ' double soles, 2iff. Fine Combed Maco Cotton, " " " " " good, 19^ or 3 pair for $t. A Good, guaranted fast and stainless black double soles, for 15?, or z pair for 2$f. The very best value to be had at the price tof. Perfection Ribbed Top, fleece lined, spliced heels and double soles, for Fleece lined, plain style or ribbed, jj/, or j pair for $r. An elegant, full fashioned, spliced heel and double sole, at 2cf. Other good quality fleece lined 15^, or 2 pair for itf, Extra fine Cashmere ribbed spliced heels and with double soles, Very nice Cashmere, all sizes for go/2 ' A plain or ribbed Cashmere, jyA or ? pair for $i. Some plain or ribbed wool, special value, 25^. Grey. Brown or Blue mixed, heavy ribbed, $o?, 55? and Let the Ladies Inquire and we will Salsify All. PI ERSON & CHRR O. G THANKSGIVING DAY. II mr It was Observed— Services In the Churches. The annual thanks and feast day, Nov. 24, 1808, will long be remembered as the most pleasant Thanksgiving day tor many years. Tbe day was a perfect one, and the cold bracing air made it an ideal day of Thanksgiving. The holiday was more heartily observed this year tbitn ever before. The services in the churches were largely attended. On all the ponds In the city and down on the alougu back of the glass works hundreds of boys and girls en- oyed the superb skating, a diversion ;bey are seldom allowed so early as Thanksgiving day. During the two nights previous the ice had frozen to a thickness of three or four inobes so as to make it safe. UNION THA.NK89I VINO SERVICES. Thanksgiving services were beld at the M. E. church yesterday, being a union of a number of churches. The attendanca was quite large and the occasion of deep interest. Tbe pipe organ was decorated with flags, tbe Cuban colors appearing in companionship with the American colors. A splendid choir under the lead of Mr. 3. 0. Richardson rendered choice music. Rev. Dr. Powers of tbe M. E. church conducted the services, in which all pastors of the churches uniting took part. Rev. J. M. Qaiser of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, preached the sermon from the text, Pdalm 33:12: 'Blessed is the nation whose God is -he Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for His own inheritance." Mr. Gainer began by tracing Thanks- ;iving services from the earliest days and the causes therefor; be referred o the peculiar relation existing be- iween the Hebrews and the Lord, and that as Israel was chosen of Him tor a ipecial cause, so the preacher thought America had been chosen as the na- ilon for personal, religious and na- :lonal freedom; .that America was a and where there was peculiar cause or thanksgiving because of the fruit- 1 ulness of its soil, and because of ltd aimatic conditions, enabling it to grow ill kinds of fruits and grains. The. wars of America were touched upon, ind it was shown that while this na- ion was not a warlike people, but rather a people of trade aud commerce; manufactures, agriculture, mercantile industries; a people with colleges, seminaries, and tbe professions, yet it has lifted the sword on several occasions, and always in de- ease of the weak and oppressed, and a favor of humanity. Mr. QaUet'a effort was exceedingly able, patriotic, eloqient, and WAS highly enjoyed by .ho large audience present. At the close of the aarraou Rev. J. I. J. Rice announced that a collection would be taken for the benefit of the Woinail'H Homo. The choir rendered another hymn, and Rev. Dr. Van Tteese pronounced the benediction. Au early morning C. E. prayer meeting was held at the C. P. church, which proved very interesting. Ln the Episcopal church special services were held and wore well attended. Rev, II. M. Chitttinden delivered a very strong and pertinent address, giving reasons for personal as wallas national Thanksgiving. In the afternoon Mr. Obittendcu conducted a Thanksgiving service at the Episcopal ehapol on State street. At the German Evangelical church there was a large attendance and Rev. Wm. Hackman preached a Herman suitable to the occasion. His address was inspiring ami waa highly spoken of. ___ Trading Stamps. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers. Oorsoj Fuel Oo. __ Try the Best, "LaBelle," »4.00. Dr. A. 0, Barr, dentist, m W. 3d st Notice of Removal On und after Nov. 14 my olHoe will be In the "Laura" (Postoilioe) building, where I hope to tee my old patrons aud as many new ones as may desire my services. Q. A. Mi.'MiMiKN, Dentist. for Sale. Spacious brick dwelling, witti all modern conveniences, corner Bluff and State streets, Alton, with ample grounds, stable, fruit and shade trees aud pasture. Apply to Lev! Davis, Alton, III. ____ __ Buy "LaBelie" Tbe best, «4.00. ard "Dream of the Eurtb," 14.00. ALTON BOLUJB MIUJNO (Jo. Hard or soft coal at B. 1. office at quarrle*. Telephone ISM PAUL Prescription Pharmacy. Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paint, ' Glass and Oil, Sponges, Chamlos, Toilet Articles. Pine Toilet Soaps. Henry THE SCHOOL CASE lion Mulshed Its Case—Judge Hartzel) ' Makes an Important Ruling-Arguments to Begin Monday. Judge Hartzell made an important ruling in the school case Wednesday that will be likely to cnt short the case barring murh evidence that was to have been offered. Up to Wednesday little progress was made in bearing the case because of the dilatory tactics of the attorneys for the defense. Each question asked by the prosecuting attorneys was objected to by the attorneys for the defense and on escb objection there was a long argument by the attorneys. Tola delayed tbe proceedings and tbe prospect was that tbe case would last until the court was worn out. Jndge Hartzell's ruling has simplified matters. He ruled that only evidence that was to prove discrimination against t the children of Scott Bibb, the complaining witness, would be admitted. Both sides had subpoenaed many witnesses to prove their cases but by the ruling of the court tbe evidence of all these witnesses was ruled out. Mr. J. F. McQlnnia, ono of the attorneys for the city, today stated that it was very probable his side would otter no evidence because of the rule. The prosecution finished Wednesday evening and court adjourned to Mondry. When court convenes, if the present plan of the defense is followed, tbe attorneys will at once take up tbe argument of the case. The arguments will be long and there being six attorneys in the case, may occupy three or four days. Dorsey fuel Oo. have left Belle street and are now located at 314 Piasa street. Give them a call. Every reader of tnia paper should see the sewing machine advertisement of Hapgood Plow Oo. in this issue. It win interest you. Robbed A Bluff Line Car. A seaied car standing on the Bluff Line traok back of tbe Stanard Mill?, teas broken into by thieves Wednesday night and sixteen sacks of flour, amounting to four barrels, were stolen. The thieves poured tbe flour out of the paper sacks, holding flfly poandrt'eaoh, and lefltlie sacks on the floor of tbe car. It is supposed that tbe theft was perpetrated by some of the numerous river rats along the Jevoe and that the flour was hauled away in a skiff. Hard and Soil Coal. Delivered to any part of the city. Telephone 213. WM. FRIES. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranberries and colery just received at Stanton & Yeakol's, 2nd aud Market. Excessive Switching Charges. Complaint was tiled with the Bail- road and Warehouse Oomiiiissi6nerfi Monday by the Citizens Coal Mining Co., of Springfield, against the Chicago & Alton Kailroad Company. The mining company claims the railroad charged $6 a car for switching done at Alton. Tho mijjUor Man been taken up with the road uy the board and the case will likely lie. hoard at the Do- comber mooting. Have your gun smithing and lock repairing done at the old rivur stand of B. Dorsett. A full line of repair? will be found there at all times. Good work guaranteed.- -W. D. Fluent. " Come to the Kulghta of the Maccabees ball Thanksgiving eve, and have a good time. First class orchestra of six pieces. Madlion Postmaster In Tronble. Tbe postmaster at tbe village of Madison, E. W. Hilker, bit off the nose of Tony J anue, of Qranlle City, Wednesday. Tbe brutal affair occurred at a dance at Madison. A row was begun and then, a fight. Hilker bit off bi» opponents nose aud spat it «t him. Hilker was a member of tbe last Circuit Court grand jury. A* importait Difference. To make it apparent to thousands wbo think themselves 111, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that tbe system simply needs cleans- lug, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition In easily cured by using Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo, only, and Bold by all druggists. We Don't ©are To spring any Good Cheer Once a Year, or any Christmas Chestnut on you But we Would be Glad to have every one to see our Holiday Stock of WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, CHINA, STATIONERY AND FANCY GOODS, 10 Per Cent Discount on all CASH sales from $5.00 and over, up to Dec. loth. This Is to help our sales before tbe rush of the last two weeks come. E. H. QOULDINO'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. ' Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence anofejnay snap like a cobweb/We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by^Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. TH©S GOCDIE, Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations. No. 26 West Second st. \- - ' Telephone 2$ DO YOU KNOW It ? BECKWITH', Genuine Round Oak? Ii IH the most famous stove on earth I it will burn any kind of fuel! . Tt gives more heat! It takes less fuel! It holds lire longer I It will last more years! It is more cleanly! It gives better satisfaction! It is the most popular! - ! It has the greatest sale of any boat Ing stove over made I A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp/Belle FOR THANKSGIVIN6 DINNER X You will find everything in table delicacies: Fine table Apples, Oranges, Cal. Gi^es, Raisins, Currants, Spices, Figs, Nuts, Olives, Oysters, Celeiy, Cranberries, Mince Meat, Sweet Cider, Pumpkins and Hubbard Squashes. J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. - - - Phone 187 Look at These Prices Granite Stew Pans IOC » Bread " W «' Dippers 10? ". Pudding Puns \Qf " Buckets W Tea Spoons, a set nf Table Spoons, a set lOf OilOloth, per yard W Tea Oups and 8auoers,a setW lunun Boxes W Lunch Rackets If)? (I pieces Tea Sot 38> Thread, 3 spools for 10/ 7 pleoos Bui-ry Set 3SI Lamps Embroidery 8ili£,'.2 Stamped dollies for ,. If A nice lino ot Fancy Sklrti. Also a Large and Complete Line of TOYS, all this Year's Stock. H. A. BET2,650E.2d

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