The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 7, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1891
Page 2
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Tlw Postville Weekly Review TiiKstuv was purely n cloudy day for Iowa republicanism. frOBTVII.LB, BATDAY, NOV. W. N.BTJBDIOK.Bditor. Mi\t*rtd iMIht l>osU>tJI*i»t I'osMlU at T UB Waukon Donine lowing IM the nproxtinnt Attatuakco county UOIKS. - ' MATTOON. (In county) (in iliilrii'l) DOUUllKKTY. M1NKUT, Hop., MITCH KM,. KKM.Y. Union' majority in stato about tint rooster lini got. the grip and is ntmldo to bp mil till!) (nil. Wo hope lie will be in belter form nest year. Willi. I: IVst township gave a good republican gain the county I* dcino- emtio by a Jnrgely increased innjority. .Sheriff alinnrl wn* tliu only candidate wo pulluil thruuj;h. rat gives the fol-^ T IIK Ur.vtKW is proud of ilm ale majorities i"J of Pout township last Ttiosdey. " of twetitv-lire over last vear, am N sOO - too 060 87* «0 136 - 60 10.000 Btlanro Uiini. slate lirkct probably elected by smuliui majorities. Tlio senate wi'l stiiml on* (tamo ('ratio ttmjorily und iih.uit 1( ropnbll- can majority in the house. McKlnlvy elected in Ohio l>y L'O.OOO. legislature strongly republican. Now York democratin. Thcro li nothing diahciirtaiiiug to r publicans on national issues. record ay. A gain and n nut gniu of thiriy-iiino over two years ago, it certainly worth rejoicing over, when it was claimed by our opposition friends Unit limy would carry III* township this year. Instead wo havo a mnjority of tifty-iix on tlio stale ticket. Wo do not claim much credit personally for the remit, hat us wc hud no campaign speeches it is but reasonable to sup- pine ttint the K KVIKW had eotno slight influence in tlio result. The groat credit Is duo to the work of tlio rank and file of tlio party. They all were alive to the importance of tlio situation and uyery man did what ho could. Wo ropoat that wo are proud of tho republicans of l'ost tnivuahip. RETURNS BY TOWNBHIFB. J TATLOII. Uovernor Sonntor Representative Treasurer vShorlir Superintendent Surveyor Supervunr UNION I'HAIItlK. (lovernor Senator Keprcsentatiro Treasurer Shoriff Superintendunt Surveyor Supervisor UNION CITT. Uovernor Senator lloprcsenlalivo Treasurer Sheriff Superintendent Supcrylior VTATERLOO. Govornor Senator Keprcientalivo Treasurer - - . Shoriff Suporlntf ndetit Supervisor THE RESULT. At this writing wc are unable to give dn'.ails of tlio recent election, but ouougii is known to safely say llinllior. M >ios is ro-vUcted. This result settles a few questions beyond all perndveu- ture. and jetties thorn just as we havo always maintained that tliey would be tiually settled, t'ontrary to (lie wis.'i of n great body of tho republican party prohibition was thrust forward ns lhe mnin issue, mid nllhough sumo talk was indulged iu on the tariff everybody will concede that this was tlio only ipiestion reallv before tlio people. Tho fact that our ciindldato for governor almost everywhere ran behind his tick- el is evidence^ that many republicans scratched him who could not vote the whole democratic ticket. That prohibition has been defeated in Iowa on a square lest, for Iheseond time, nobody can dcuy. Another tiling is now evident, and thai is that the stay at homo vote of two years ago did not elect Holes, 'they did not stay at home this year, and still he is elected. Tim largest vote ever polled in Iowa was out last Tuesday, and still it decided against prohibition, t'an't "the wayfaring man though a fool" understand why tho vote against prohibition is increasing from year to year? To use n homely expression, it in as plain a« iho nose on a man's face. In the lirst place "lie law is not generally enforced, •mil where it is not enforced it becomes n farce, and the people become disgusted with it. In the place the foreign vote, by immigration, uaiurali- sation andVatural increase tins assumed mammoth dimensions and is largely increasing every year, while the Amor- j lean vo'cs are diminishing iu almost a j corresponding ratio. I'ractically every ! farm tltat is sold is sold In a (icrman and tho American, who owned it goes west or to a cityV to reside. The American young men, when thoy b conie of age, do the same thing. I '-.M , iile has a number of these in I'liicago am) in Minnoapolis and St. Paul, to say nothing of tlio slates west of us, oven to the ruuillo const. Theso facts make it apparent to the most casual observer that so long as prohibition is the Issue the democratic party will Incrciu'e its power oyery year, until it has complete sway iu tlio elate. Tills is the simplest problem in nmthemalics because it duals only with addition on thn one hand and subtraction uu the otlior. It matters not what our views may be on tumpiK'aneo or prohibition. We nro powerless to ohuugo the fuels. If the legislature, at it now seems, is hllll republican, nothing lias been gained for the democrats, for nothing can be done with prohibi­ tum, redistricting '.lie statu or anything else. The governor is as power- lees for good or evil, without tho legislature, as tho wooden Indian Iu front of tho cigar store. That Iowa will bu republican next' year, in tho presidential contest, nobody cau reasonably doubt, although with G OT. Holes a* tho candidate tor vice president, as ho doubtless now will bo, tho democrats will make a hard tight for the slate. But prohibition will cut no figure uoxt year, ttud lioueo there is no danger ot democratic success. On national issues Iowa i* still a*fely republican, as safely so as Ohio, but it will not be so for many mora years unless this distracting Issue is toon disposed of. SgWSBgSBBgB '1,1 •„•• I N tho campaign just closod the K KVIKW has taken a course that it is not ashamed of. It lias used absolutely no personalities and has abused no candidate of any party. Jt has simply praouted iu views on tho principles ot the two parltus, giving all men credit tor tho samo honost^ ot conviotiou that it claims tor itself. In journalism w* aim bo be fair and truthful, so far w it - t» possible for a partisan to bo fair. So fiir na we aro concerned we want no victory that is uol honestly ami fairly obUUuod. Wo have just M good trionde in one party as the other. It is nobody's fault that wo diftor a» to tho principles that divide th* partios, Tho conflict of ballots ie now over for this year ud let usacoept tho rerdict in , jrood faith, with no antipathies or h*»rtburnlngv Whateyor our politleal ^ Xiwwe let v* coaMnoo to be frieuds. Tho rnttirns from tlio county by,townships, eorrceted tip to Thursday nf'er- iioon. are given below. They are not all complete as to all candidates, but arc sutlicieutly so for practical purpos- se. We give the majorities elsewhere: CKN'riCK. Dem. Rup. C8 l.'ll) fit CG Ht 43 Gti Uovernor Senator Koprcseiitalivc. Treasurer Sheriff Supervisor 143 110 ir.-t Ml FAlllYIKW. Governor Senator Hepresentalive Treasurer .Sheriff Superintendent Supervisor KKASKl.IN. Uovernor Senator Ueprescnlative Treasurer Sheriff Supuriulendunt Surveyor Coroner Supervisor t'KKSVn 0K8F.K. Uovernor Senator Kspresentavive Treasurer SheritY Superinteiidenl Surveyor I'orouei Supervisor KIVV A. liovornor Senator • Representative Treasurer Sheriff »• S-.iperintendcn: Supervisor - Gov evn or Senator Hepveseulalivo Treasurer Shoriff Superintendent Surveyor Coroner Supervisor JKFKKRSON. Governor • Senator Uoprosonlaliyo . SI Treasurer Sheriff Superintendent Surveyor Supervisor l.AFAYKITE. Governor Senator Reureseutative Treasurer Sheriff v - •• Superintendent Surveyor Coroner Supervisor LAXS1KQ. Governor * 321 Senator 881 RopivsontativB 320 Treasurer 5*1 liVJ 92 lfiO 33 160 33 160 33 141 42 139 49 U.0 33 160 33 108 62 106 62 111 64 111 69 71 93 78 93 10o 68 93 79 92 34 91 36 92 34 94 31 87 38 88 36 81 43 67 89 fl7 88 fi8 88 73 73 43 103 66 90 13 138 Tho "Two Olci"' nppoarod In Turner hall on Wednesday owning. Tor variety onturtnitimont it was n good one. —Tho pleasant facfi of tho genial B. ] U. * N. station agent, Mr. J. E. erry, was sadly missed from Its accustomed place last week, on account f illness. —It'e a corker to see some people at fire. They will stand around with their hand* In tliolr pookcts, iwoll up, look wise and expatiate on what fools tho members of tho lire compauy. are, and hew they would handle such fires in New York or Chloago. it's sad that, persons nfTliotod with such fertilo brains (?) should persist in keeping tboir light under a bushel. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Wo would remind anyone in need of a good drilled well that Ed. dough can do you a good job and do it in shape, too. Water guaranteed, or no pay. Sociable. At Cherry Valley, Thursday ovoning, Nov. 12. 1891, for the. bonelit of R OY. C. V. Scliell. All are cordially invited to conic. B Y OatiBK C OM. 08 22 68 23 lio 23 25 64 26 60 29 07 22 70 116 72 117 77 113 76 lift 31 158 61 127 71 120 7 1 .' 118 73 116 114 SO 115 29 116 29 76 29 96 47 114 30 Hi 29 117 ~i~ 113 30 109 62 108 63 109 51 107 62 87 71 96 61 103 •57 66 5S 59 66 62 62 65 60 53 69 62 62 .63 62 62 63 48 76 80 ICS no 81 110 89 103 60 133 88 102 81 111 82 IU 146 47 146 47 147 47 147 47 143 61 132 62 146 48 146 47 146 *8 —Aug. Thi«so had the misfortune to lose tlio lirst fingur of his left hand by it coming in contact with n circular saw while sawing wood at S. W. Coursoh's last week. A Small Tir*. Last llonday morning at abobt 8:30 tho fir* bell announced the first genuine fire wo have had for a long time. It proved to be the barn of 8. F. Clinton, and was beyond all control before it was discovered, but by good luck it was confined to the building in which it originated. Thero being absolutely i wiud was all that saved the surrounding property. Insured for 9150. Loss perhaps donbla that' ainoont. It was extremely lucky that the Vpi* was not tnauy times that much".. The Warner Comedy Oo. If r. Warner writes us that'having t* pass through Postville again he has ecided to play bore three more nights, commencing with llonday evening, Nov. 16lh, en whieh occasion he will present tho great oomedy drama, "Passion's Slave," as the oponmg play. Those who missed hearing this company when here before will hare aaother opportunity of hearing one *f| th* best companies on tlie road. They are sure of full homos. Admission the same as before, It, I* and 36 els. Reserved seats on sale at Staadt's drug j store. — Ezra Hughes has sold his residence on Post street to Mrs. Meyer (of Spring field) for 91 .300. A good sale. We are not advised as to where Mr. Hughes intends going. —The remains ot Wm. Braioard were brought in from Chicago on Tuesday. IU died from iaflamalion of the bladder. Our sympathies aro oxtended tho family and friends. Card of Thanks. I wish hereby to return my sincere thanks to my neighbors and friends for thorr assistance and kindness ir. burying my sou. K. Y OI'NULOVK. —You can't fail of noticing the good advice set forth in tho advertisement of our popular clothiers, Armstrong & Holier, this week. Read it and save your "bowdlo panga." —Lots of money has changed bauds on tho eTt'ction. We did not win or lose a cent, for three reasons: First, it is wrong to bet: Second, wo had nomon oy: Third, we had no faith. — Geo. Redhead desires us to express his thanks for the aid by which hi property was saved from tho tire on Monday. But for timely and efficient asaistanco be would have suffered great loss. —Butler in the eastern markets has hroken in price. It has been altogether oo high for the season. If it had touched present prioes in February or March there would have been more sense iu it. • Road Armstrong Ss Holler's new announcement this week. They are at the front with the finest stock tbey over opened, and prices are so low you oan't afford to weat old clothes. Go in and seo them. , ' *' QmQ ootue* grandly to tho front and * >CrlowphMlUj»lpot» »*|oWoVojf BUI" mm* , 4 S |attf|1^t}^' «i« tariff moasur* has \mn Sherift Superintendent. Surveyor Supervisor... . 27s) 307 318 879 167 167 168 163 200 0^ 170 808 UXTOX. Uovernor Representative. Suporlutewtant Suporriior IX'DLOW. Governor Senator Representative Treasurer... Sheriff Superintendent 7* Surveyor V>roner Supervisor.. v .. MAKER. Governor Senator RepresentaUvo Tru\surer Shoriff' Suportntondeni Swrvajror Coroner Supervisor (iknwwf .... m?u< FAINT CRKMC $6 51 86 51 83 68 79 56 79 55 85 51 86 116 S3 119 83 US S3 116 67 134 74 1S8 SO 181 75 111 81 181 307 38S 306 884 319 873 311 583 88* 367 309 88$ sot 899 895 899 893 96 149 9? HI 98 146 98 140 80 U7 99 M8 Chas. Younglove, who was taken to the insaue asylum at Independence few months ago, in soma way commit ted suicide by hanging, and his remain wore sent hero last Saturday. Insanity Is a terrible thing, worse thau death it ills permanent. We wish now to remark that we are ready to meelvo a few potatoes on subscription. The rtrst two men that bring us six bushels ot good, siiable potatoes, will be credited on* y*ar on the R KYIKYY. Doa't bring any email potatoes this year. This isn't a small potato year. -A good deal lees than th* ordinary commotion was noticeable on hallow- e'en this year. Ooly a few gat**, which could easily he lifted from their hinges, were disturbed. We wish per* sonally, and on behalf ot our citiseos, to thanks the boy* for their vary correct and gentlemanly deportment this year. Misses Georgia and Mal'.io Pearson daughter* ot our good friend O. W of Hardin, braved tho bleak wind of last Saturday and came to Postvlll*, though pretty nearly "fris up" when they arrived. They inform ns that their sister, Mr*. Fred Ernest, ha* removed from North McGregor to Mason dty. Ohurah Dedication. The German Lutheran church will be dedicated two weak* from noxt Sunday, Nov. 22nd. Preaching in German in the forenoon and In English in the afternoon. A dinner will be served in the basement of the cbnroh between service*. There U a debt ot only about •1,009 on the church and this small amount will easily bo raised that day, -Zte* Xtecrura. Ror..Ja*. E. Boy, l>,ft., of Chloago, | will deliver a fr** I*otur« at, Una Con* gregatlonal ohuroh mast Hatt^a* *>f*«> |o]g,.Npv, 9th. upon Mi* jM$M" FW* ot th* Aweribah Ul^onaryA^so^ittlott amonj- the Indians, Nofto** ajiU Clttf F.J. BECKER, M.D., VHY8ICIAN AND BURGEON. Offla* on Boeomt Floor ot Parker's nnltdlng, no»r rostodloe, roilttllt, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, rilTSICIAN a SUHOEOX, Offlco and Kcsldenco Southwest par of town. All ealls promptly attonded L RAILROAD TIME-TABLES J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, v. l.rixiKX aiiMisan. Ones si raililsnee on Oreon iltiil, laaond I houia Hail ot H07 A MeKall'i Hatdwaia, DANIEL A. JEBALD, ^£excla.azit TaJJLor, Postvillo, Iowa. All work ^warranted | 0 give satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. , suarniBP. 1. 1. iniraBao. BHKl'nHllD BnOTHBRS, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Intaraneo Agent! and C O II M I OTI, Anlbortint to practlra In alt thn eonrti ot alia | itata. Ofnee ovet Llen'a ators, brlok block. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled, CLOTHING. POSTVILLE IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, J0H& B. HABT, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - State -'Bank. Nono but tho best meats purchased. Everythingln first-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices alwa) s the lowest. J. A.HAVIRLAND, Veterinary Storg-eorx, POSTVILLI, IOWA. Office first door East of the Comraer cial' House, Green St., Postville, Iowa A fine set of surgical Instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answored Fall and Wintor of 1891-91! You will find us at tho top in the" mercantile business. You buyors of Fall and Wiuler Clothing, Hals, Cops and Fur Goods aro about to supply yourselves with Suitable Seleotions fofjthe Coming Season's requirements. The idea uppermost in your minds is to get something Good and Serviceable at the Very Lowest Price. "With all of you it comes down to a question of the right place to go; uo trouble about deciding that you want gouds cheap, but a good deal of trouble in deciding what firm will do the best by its customers in this direction. \VK WILL! That's to the point, is it notP And why not say it when we have the goods and make the prices every time. We are going to" do business'right through on this basis—Giving Good Honest Goods at the Very Lowest Prices. You will lisd us prepared to please and cortaii) to carry ont our promises. We aim at not only baring the brightest aud Freshest Assortment, but to havo it practiced, desirable and popular in every respoct as woll. We are confident that we havo"the goods you want and that oar pricos are just as satisfactory as tho goods. You are invited to come in and satisfy yourself on this point. Very Respectfully. J. H. GRAY—THE CLOTHIER. K, E. Sociable. . At .ho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hotter, afternoon and evening, of Friday, Nov. Llili. "Co where glory waiu thee." First on tho program will he a iTCitcn BATTLE. Every regunlar Is xpocted to bo on duty. Thero is, besides a call for 100 volunteers, a con- tost to begin at & o'clock. It. is to bo hoped that the biscuits will be. completely whipped. Tko young folks will be glad to know that Mr. atid Miss Plum sre cxpectcj to bo present. Texts will bo furnished and a prize awarded to the one who talks the loudest, fastest and tho longest. J'RED. N. BEEDY. Hoy (&;MclTeiL PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- " © Fire Protection. The little fire last Monday impresses us with tho utter helplessness of our town iu caso of tire.- Nearly all the wells and cisterns in town arc dry, and if a tire should got started in an exposed quarter about all that could be dono | would bo to stand and see it burn. Can- And Dealer in Picturo Frames. Postville - Iowa Postville Dray Line] P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origiua. Post- | ville Dray Line I am prepared to ikiall kinds of" draviug promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at the sorvico of the public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly dono. not something be done at onco looking Granite Oometery Work, Iron at least to a partial water supply? Can't at least a well he sunk somewhere csntrnl in town and a windmill and tank be erected so that there may be some nvilur obtainable? A main could be laid from this well as fast as money could be procured, a little each yoar. Now is just the time to sink tho well, aud even this would be a step in tho right direction. Tho matter should be agitated at onco and a start made looking towards tiro protection. Fences, Curbing <fcc. Those intending to purchaso Monumental work for future delivery will Hud it to their advantage t icxam'iuo M. V. Kidder's Granite Work iu Cemeteries, as lie is doing tirst-class work at as low prices as can be procured in tho couutry. If he hns not called upon you drop him a card at Decorah anj) ho will be pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Granite, at tho lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m0 Decorah,' Iowa. •TV a u o o < o . 4 :£fi p. in .. .S:32 a. ni, 11:03 s. m .. 6:10 p. m .9:i5 p. m On and after Sunday, June 29, 1890, trains on tho C. M. & St. P. Ky. will oave Postville as follows. OOING XAST. Passengers. No. 8 No. I (night) Freights. No. 7 Way Freight... No. 3 Time Freight ... No. 11 Time Freight.. (JOISO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 19.10 a. rn. No. S ...10:25 a. nj. Freights. No. 10 Chicsgo Stock.. ..1!:0!S a. m No. 6 Way 4:32 p. w. No. 12 Milwaukee Stock .«:10 p. o. All Freight trains mentioned, ricspt No. 12, carry passengers when v/pThlod with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor and Calmar li. E. WJIII'P, Agoot. B. C. RaTlT.Il. R. DBCOUAII DIVm"*. Time Table in effect Juno 14, 1891 Passenger going North... ,', ; 10. I' 11 South. 4:J0. " Freight. •• North, 2:45. P. U J. E. P KKRT Agaii. J Aah mj aeaala far W. I.. Peatlaa Akaan. ( aac far aala In joar »lao« aak janr •alar la a«ad far calategaa, aacara tlia •iticr, »•« art ihtat Tar »o«. (Sr-TAKE MO SU BSTlTtTK. JA P. o WHY IS THE L. DOUOLAS I ss snog I 7H£ BEST SHOE LI THE tfOPUl FCtt THE ViHTf o p e-*» O It U a swircUn tbo*, wiucoiiclittr v»: '.*r%at [ tn tiki:; tha f*n- rrtJo (.( u» u ui fi« ^».lf, ai*l»u> 1 »ni t»«,*', *ad t >#w-«f %*» WLa.kt »ncr« «,' ;Vw . ^rait IVin ai-j tS.\«r v^a^u'^nvrtr, h s^.4j iu» 1 OfT OOiiravlnp I i hsdof *rt u, lit Pit*. *« if , C WB i >v-* turt-Ii .ivi ftr v : »cr ,«a *a ! OA CO ll ^ad -st \r*4 \\ 11 r, - . •, • ••*', '. w -V m 1, CC.TS .*^ r:**.> t !uA« •. ".L -iiesl I trtr t -.?ere>l at 1 r^r* ; i* rv.i j ;r »Ji a-j icr.-*atv4» **>o *t c^*:»3t frr*m ft :c to J Z !• folic* SLoai*. r.»::ni \ JTta t;s.T. '.:n. tZKtoib L«t»7 1?. TK* •im- 1 t^-^ rCrr. t ;'»if **• »s -r a. m.*. ! (£2 *% 30 fine cstli"i 1. y wiiir 1- ct •••*- it ! C *—a* itji ;•-•;.-»; t -'il v...I <v-_v. = l « vr^M ' s"h^ e#»r.t c t: r ..-..'«-n a." i i *r»:^. 1 C** *^ -3 Kid Zl.C'st Woflilointii'e is*i i sJ .Cai i rc T:.-» li.-'Uj tr.i r .^r»t.#. ir. t-. nu j !t*»« sl »ea th *rn t; *.r.u *. . i WS.T : jfii:r :.»>i. ! ltt>r tvfrt**, M th* i»!ei ».':. I ar !I A G S3.00 liRar-iirred i: :•« U\\ j BBS CIU Iw9 IxKtrvla. *-r? i: vU . r :jLi.* V. are tb* t*i.: l*<it w*!i »i «vz.J •^•.•-*L '.e. DfsC* V* .ttAAZi*^ tb* t*Xt >«d of »acb tin* Memorial W-1. A. Brainard. W. I. A. Brainard was born January 19th, 1867, in Tost township, Allama kes Co., Iowa. lie was; married to Mary A. Brown. April 24th, 1SS1. Iu the fall of '86 ho moved with his family to Chicago, 111., where he secured a r> sp •usihlo position .In tho stock yards and which he held at the time of his death, Nov. 1st, 1831. As ho was sick but a fow days . death carao rather suddenly and' unexpected ly. His remains were brought to the placo ot hi* nativity, for Uloiuient, approprialo funeral services beiug held at Bethel chureh, on Wednesday. lie was hold in the highest by all who know him and was a christian man ot unassuming candor and honesty and unflinching integrity. He loaves' an agod mother, brothers, wife and other relatives and many mourn. 1 (AT Aaurraoxo t BOLTU-S OLD ITIID.) But-sthM the ml^e and d.rknca. shall H * . u „ , |m of ghooj , havo cleared away and we shall know | na jb u ELECTION IS OVER L. STROEBEL & SON, — raoraiaroae or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. I oven as wo are known I think that we shall find that all Is welk The teat used on tho funeral occasion was II Kings, 80:2:—"Sot thine hdUse in order, for thou shall die aaeV no^.(tye." . ,' THIS IS MY SONG !l peta^Rubbers and everything kept In a No. 1 general shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and 'promptly done. Every pair warranted. We keep no shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pus. ]. F. SMITH. V. P. JAS. McEWEN. Cuaita. CITIZENS STATE BANK, j POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAID UPCAP1TAL. 125.000. And we pre elected to shoxr the people of Postville and vicinity the finest line of Ladies' and Gent's Watchei, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Artists' Materials, and Optical Goods that has ever been displayed in N. E. Iowa. New Goods arriving; daily. Pine Watch Repairing a Specialty and all work warranted. Also Sheet Music and Music Books of all kinds on hand, or obtained on short notice. Call and see us at Gray & Co's old stand. Tours Respectfully, W. J. HANKS & CO. LUHMAN «<.'LI> ET SANDERS. WJBTJ MILLS. FOR CASHI 1 wm «e)l WabAe^.ClocksarKl Jfawelry at lht< liowest figures ever sold "' Northeastern. J QWI. Do a General Banking Business. Buy and soil Foreign and Domestic Exchange. . Accounts of Farmers, Merchant* and others received and care* fully protected. Interest paid on Time Deposits. Investments made for outside parties j on favorable terms. Consumption. Oured. An old physician, retired from practice, having bad placed In bis bands by an East India missionary tho formula t and'Long Affecll<»u.. al*o a positive ftew - 1 be,tov ? V2±&jmy». and radical cure for Nervous DobllUy V *• and Kwrrows CompWpta, after having I', Iowa. !tt7!Si%Vtt ORHTRAL MEAT MARKET! to ualieUknowD lobli suffering fel- TONSORIAL PARLOR. NEAK TtIB rOSTOFFIOit. cordially invito now palronago. ! WONDERFUL ! Tho cures whi'-h are being effected bv Drs. Starkey & I'alan. Arch Sn., Philadelphia, Pa., in CVosumptJkt*, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronchitis, RhwttWt- atism, and all chronic disease*, by thvir Compound Oxygen Treatment, are iudued marrclous. If you are a stiOorrr frvMu aav die- ease which your jd-.vs;. h-a« taited t\> euro, write for infunuvivm about this treatmeii'. and their ,d r««g<is eivioj a hhtxry «f l\»n^«u«d Oxyg«*, iu- ti^ior,- and v.tTv«)s with w»»nviv*»s le»iiui>i>UN front pttitmt*. to whom you (u-iy rv>r tot stiU fwuhvr i«f MTXU*- iion, v.i',1 V- promptly *ent, wiUt-wd i chnrgw. This b>M>k, aside frww its jjwiat n\«r$i as a mviliovi w«»rk, sivic\s, as H «t.«ex. C. P.lDASUls T G. \S»e>e«i*or \« LHvIsiig A s>v.lrs.) — IVEAIKX »X Wind Miste, taf ^T?.rk>,ric(l Mills, Com Shellers &c. lo wind »3i5* I f*ir».Hli j™-M}dng and gvjirol (IM IU tvMn^YXNl. »nd U:h steel and WVK> J pwntpiTH so'lls. t>dk<* »«.l short £rst d<>or sou id of H OT A McNeil's ihardware Mors, Test- -illX Iowa. POSTVIXXJB LODGEI CUTC BRAXCRS-OOGEXO. li> H**l*jmX!ht> a«uv»J!a«Jt !<<criiiri^Cajai«olu a »>«v»lk. VttUnt t*M-li*ra ir. t .<^ iu»a r»*s.itrs or,R. c. c Osas. Sasxroji, KriV Ik KOBLE IAk1>QS Na> 61. «». f. r. Tliv t^iyal AaeicH Order »>f l'ni»jd W«*k*x* fMods th* $«Nttid sitid »\ nrlh Sai«r>laj< *WHair.|r* in e»vh month, in th» Masonic Hal) »ver vhe Briek Drug t«r*. J »VM\ WtuiL, M. W. lows, - Actuated by this motive and a jtjBflro rtlioVD •nflBring, t will mid free of ohatxe, to all who, deslro It.thU nfifpclD Cerroag, JKreiioli, or asm •^atair Wo have opened a N*tw lleavlUrk* Jo tho Ifod bnlUHng opno«it« »bo BOS^ offloo, whoro wo shall ce «H » full as- Mrtirj p| the boet o« ref_n a* % \Vo w|lji,^a InfptoilM olottr stook tho rondi «>t years <>f slwdy a«r<t «x|»<*»- eoeo, you wdl 6nd a vory intriMMin|; one. Dra. STARSBY & PALT2N, »5»Arch^.,PWvH***.P*. 120 %lMet St,, $M FlsjsaJtOet CSll< tltwm itmtkuk tW» pap*r- 4«t Don^l\»rgwt, whan you dPitif basinets «*d ft^I^WnT BROTHJUU.YXOVE XODOr. •W fillip Jt J. X. K «s£Ul*r W««ting)i T««*Jay*or#D- i»vg «vr Kf*>w. th* fntlotf tho moon. AH brvxhTysn ia j^vsl standing are cordially ievit«<d t» au<f*d. K. IV SriLtw, W. M. s^HUStOM DIRECTORY. casv.tys<i]iTix»i;jii.--*«v s. t.. r««- »e>. CveaetJeett ex«rr a^nutnv «tie;M A. W. rat. «**toU* «K«K>et lar»*diaUl]F atMr •»«««•« wx-rtc*. V. r. *C K.wMts ne»»Mii$ eveasscataAs. rrajac Mm- ts« Xftiawataif eveafcegs. MKni«M^,*«Mv> »V)l^t«iA-««fta, rsstes. lMMsh« *ikf^»Ml W»ry l S«»a»y»* teiNa RwMttae is »», MiMth •*«* «»»»»*"•

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