Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 5
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AGAlfb r Biillisfi I OJii^ra^ Show Greater Varicjtiy bn Today, New io *k. Feb. 17. ( hih operkli ins in toiiks '8 kct sho^-cd f;rcaler fllvci 'riiri 'catlup. but I th^ itot-it mar- rallH. partlci! Urly the Moutliwcifitirn iHBiicii, wcie agiilii in the 'forrj(r( nt oC the adv ince. Kasy money Tijit) R and bu ^HMli radn news <oinbine|il Uitb the circu ation of a largie c-ijopi of railroad iiergcr ru- iiiopi.' h[-l[e<l|to keep tlje Hpeciila- livc fcv 'r atjhlRh pitch Talk ia counter nioVc by llii ronhsyliaiiia and I^rce raflroail interest t to offset the:' sremini; aii- vunta^c obtained by- the] three oilier ^asiorn; trunk lincR^in th«>ir re- i-en(' aclquisitlon of cbnjrol in the wbeelicii; and Lake Eric jand the Western Alarjland roadis| fitiniulHtcd ai'tiYiiyi in the rails. Missouri I'a- rifif and Texas and Pacific eai:li •extpndcl thclt KajnH to Ineprly /ive points nnd Kaly. i Chlc^W North- ^ve<iteri arid Kannaw fit ir Southern *;Old :; ir iiioHe poilfitH liifiher. Hopoi iH 'thai .soirie: 61 the larKo cnminiF-iop houses ha I l>ecn in- slructe< h'y , rwont puijchases of Haldwii nbt to loan 'th Closo: May ncj , Corn 5=','Dt. Si atock for asaiiiSit short sales broughi that i.ssu;\ no point s ast mouth.. deliverj urgent! <horl lioyeriDK'in! |i-.arry4n ; it ru i nearly ~^tl)ove t le. low level of I [IS ! Clb-, Feb. Wlheat. .May |w $IJ !2 >^:..Iiily May 76%L-; 'C. : (.\fM-- 51.26'::. 1; old Kui'isUs AVlioat. elrJiuge 1.3.8: M $1 :1.1 <R- No.i 2 r< «/l:::2. Corn X'v- 2 72<- Ni 71(S72i 6S!fi71r Oat?. MUo KaTii] Kvt-. Harli Kiinsus City (> City. Feb. leeeipts, VM i \Sa. 2 dark >.H $l .n2 (&'1.37:. ••;$: No. y $1 <i $l..Uifil.32U.: uiu-lianA!cd to hlle 7:i47'«'-.' . 2 yellow 74«/l No. I 2 hiixed iiiichaiiRqd; So. .0. 3 4:i'*:@<7c..| inai^Te $l.I4(gl.23 fl.O.S-a 1.20. ^1.00#I.01; 71ft.7:ic. THObQHT X WAS SlTTjMG ^ OM top OF THE WORLD — 1 BAM! —X DlSC0V^R6O ( THAT T «e MONEY \ue J, spcNtt WAS couNTe ^Feny Public Morals Chairman rAlu. hbrd '17. (AI'Icars: \\\\- No. 2 hard 1.37: No. 3 $1,311 L-c- hiRhi-r: No. 3 68 @ 7 «e: .\o. 3 73c: No. 3 2 white -Jo liitiMis t'My Liie<)toi-k, Kausiis rilv. Feb. 17. j L'. S. Dept.! of .<c jinilture) — Cahle. 2.300:; , calves {iO: all killinR classes jsen-j' erally steady: bulk of supply me-lj rltuni It) JKoml stecrpo light and; nicdiun!i Weight; good I g ^t weigl^t' Bteers $l".2 .i: bulk fel otferings :i8.on (ft q .Go: hulk but .-her c-pws , J.'>:ri0 <fif ;6 ..=i0: short fed Heifers IT .OO ft'8 .2 .'i; Veal top $12.0"; atockers ^nd fc >d*rs firm. i IJogf]. 4,500; slow/u leven; better (trailed light ar d medium: weigtit! .>c to 10c highjer to ship-' pei-a; light lights 15 tp 2.">c up;I •weighty-butchers slow; weak to Scl lower;, stock pigs steady $11 .75®' i2 ,r.0: tdp $12 .00 on 180 to 'iSO] pounds; ibulk desirable 170 to 3 .^0 1 , pounds -iSll'aa'g 11 .85; light light.s Jiip'to fU'.uO: few 250 to 280-pound . Iiutchers! to packers $11 .35: pack-i lug f^tiviii. $110.25® 10.60; j Sheep,! 2.000: lainbss rong to 15c 1 hlpher; .'top 113.40; oil er fed lots mostly; $i3.25 ®13 .35; sleep steady; ;be (it ewds $8 .50. NEWS EyENTS OF HUMBOLDT Mntli Ktrr«f S|iriii|f- H (Fran Jll'-MHOLDT sesslun at its r day niRhi ihu a fiikcstion Whi herd for somt lieen agitation Noil^h Ninth. Ho Bf t'uird uiliuldt to Hate itn>inc»s till!. in |oU- led juis Culvert Feb. 11;.- Whil {ogular ^ueetiiiK .V city council set ji,'h has been disputed has of an of API 11^8. 4i il j Cf^raK-o Oruijii Chiciago, Feb, 17. ( Wheat} iMay' $1.40% t(> tl.-il-'hiltn \-.: .Sept. $1 tJonil. IMay 7i>^». >to ii3'.. tli. %j Sept. S6 »-s. OatsiJ iMay 4:774c; July tCUc: Sept. 151;. Jiily $l.()5Vi: JM SL Peter, whose ample visage pointed chairmaii of the| public mofals ton state senate. "Some folks may In the theater- business. Uet on the ppnlea, said JOB. "But when 1 go through last lau NEWS FROM LONE' ELM iUfl) VICINITY I'. (;iMilir, Electrician jat (hid, i I lolo^ Suirar Beel Fiictory^ Here—H; S. .Studrntii ntid Knciiiry Party.! f.Mi's. T. F. Penlaiidi Feb. J.x "iuirl Cimby. electriiian —N£A. Seattle Bureau Is pictured above, haa been _ committee of the Wasbii \%' think that «unny. because 1 m. ynles, and am named St Pete; With my job maybe I'll btve (bo :h" lose-: Juiv July nye .Sept. Chii ^\pric 7!,.iilk' m.-diu ' 1175; w<'iglii !'9 '-V.cL 111 raffo Lhestuck. S. Uei.t. of ;o. JFeb. 17. (i:. It,iire()—Hogs :!ti. »yo: slow ^4 I to 2tKi lbs. $il.SO ({i 12.00: 13jt to 170 llis. $11.50« T; $1 «TS 230! to bulH, 210 to 300 lbs. $ ll.Safj ll .U5 :j early jisalesj packing si ws Slo.SoSi! 1 (1 -75: ]St lortK weigJit si ujiwaljdl (() hoiz .'i !sil .4 f(i Il.Wii Ii4ht-*ll.tiO''a lights' ^11. f li».4(( fii lU.! 7<ttfin 240 $12:00: fi 11.70: IH tifj 12.10; p 0: slaughle : CatUi- 12 .0UO:- good fed sijeibrs jail weights pound butch-' ugliter pig.-^ ivy weight Ui4diiini $ll.t ;ii 2.10; light, icking 'sows| p^« .•|11.00 .strong rj others very uneven; i)ulls lUe t 1 aSc I higher: ve; to 5 (1 ] jower: stockers searc i|:; slow ^ steady; iiiS.2.-.j:;best heavy fed and. ijeiirliiigs $11.50: BteerH l$S.755i 10.50: v fiU'.W; top .shjpper $15. i ; ; Sh«en 15.000; fairly lamblJ JjOc Jto 15c high shipiiti sailes $13.50(S 13.':0: earlV bulk heavjj desirable lambs ianibs $12.75(g.ll3.25. and choice steady*^ to. for thejsusar beet factory at Ovid. Colo., jva* visiting his gj-andpar- cnts. .Mr. and .Mrs. J. \V. .MacPon- ald thi^ week. Wilnia Lewis taught ^chool for iClhel Del'.it' Weilnesiluy jifterunun. -Mr. and .Mr.^-. Clitf Hidwell, .Mr. and AIr~s. Huut Warren, and .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn, Stou<? relumed from Te.\:;.« \V-e(li)esilay. .Mr, Stone i)uh- iha .Htd a (arm and will umve tlieri- in tile near liiliire. Our >ievi'!itll grade girls, uumber- iug ."even, v'ljoyed a .'•luiuber party at;'llie .\rfhur .('!iiiri-li home Wed- U'isd.'ky evening. Thdse pre.sent were: Irene and .Ma.viii" Carrier. I.vla JJ'eck. Margaret liritton. l^ouel- la Kloo/. dadie I'ayiie aii<l .Sarah Hull) fjiurcli. ll i.s needless t<i .say they didn't slunilifi; niiicli until the "ci- ..iinall hours, hut each oit'e thiiughl she had .a -deJigliifjil linie. .Mrs. ICva .lacksiui spent Wediies- ilay at iVulamrs j .\l>:iul tvveni.v atlendi-d tlie fiuirtJi •i|ii;)rterly'i unfercMce at the .Methodist < liiircli .Suiiilay a'ttHrniion. The Uev. Mr,^<;ailhiT. di-.trirt'superin­ tendent, offiiifili.'d. .Mildred Cain<'-i spent "Sunday Ireiu- .IVnlaild. I The highi school students and I'aculiy en.iciycd a valentine social iit ti'e T. \ IhuiCh home .Monday Mvening. The rooms were decorated with ired and wliite paper Ijiistoss , was assisted by i|thel ijhompson. Several from this locality attfcnd- {(d the Hewelett stock sale .l|lon ay. .Mr. and Mrs. Hewelett and .'-inily are moving soon to the ohu .Stone farm, which they pur- i|ha«ed. Ml', iind .Mrs.- .V. L. Wilson and |on Orel spent the day at the <iicn arver home Sunday. Frieiuls are anxiously wailin; for lord from .Mrs. Claude Stric :lcr, vho was to he .iperated on ti ida.v Tuesday) at the St. .lohn's'hos- Idtnl at lola. with lers steady anil feeders mostly $7.50 [ste^-rs $12.75 most of fat I streamers land hearts of red and ialers $11.00!i«hite. Thl? evenini: was spent upward to iiplayinp paiiie.^ and with music. ..\t lithe usual- active; taij the early >!3ffj 13.50;! IDE. FUI & WOOL qOMPANY et oar prlc«g on I P4l»rLTRT AKVf£GG <1 ill eome afttr pooltry. Bi A. JON&S bio I Phone 1303 NAN-'S- ^ajr the ^followln;' prices: | L-.— 17@20c ' 16® 18c -18c GRlSi Hens (iprln^k 8biR.« Old <'«PD|I^ HIIps! Gree 1 Uorss MA !«JCll)< ! Jin @lSr . -Jl6@a4r ^—i^v jHidcs - rrrr "jrrro;«'[ Hides, each -i -IW-OO RKEt JEDDO (.Mrs. Joe Struhhart) Feb. 13.—Miss Kthel .Myeri of )klahoma spent several day: of ast week visiting relatives iii this r.i'inity. .Mr,-, l.oreii Rogers and chiljiren pent Wednesday, at the parijntal Jyriini home. Mr. and i.Mrs. ' Henderson and amily movjeil in the Hess h luse line-half mile of .leddo si^iool K 'use,' one tlay last week. .Mr. and .Mr.-'. Ceorge Klot/. >ach [ nd family sjient Sunday with .Mr.' nd .Mrs. l.yle Wing and fani: y .leddo iCIiih met with .Mrs. ISaiii i>nox last Weilnesday afternoon. 1 lour refreshments were scrveil. .c()i sisiing of brick iic cream o# p nkiind white, biai-k and white cake aj'd mints.. Littje re<I cupids were given as favors" The rhnse present were: .Mrs. \\f •cllit., .Mrs. fjeorge I'ettit. rhwnias. .Mrs. Mess. Mrs. Tin <"ii and .Mrs. IJarry (i<>rvais spent part of [last |w''i'U at the .Ii'ie.(lervais honu! Homer' I^sh. Cale Strunk lohn Thomps(m marketed corh in JHiiinhnlrlt last week. Agnes Thompson attendee a [Sunday school class meetin4 " in Humboldt one night last weelj .lolin Thomas 'called on ,1. Stjrub- iiart .Mouifay afternoon. Glenn Thomas hdd some d(^ntal work done in Humboldt the ;first of the week. We were .sorry to hear .that Mr. '•<ioi>. who has ;been so serii usiv • ill .forborne time, was again t iken to ihe hospital. We hope he Hoon will be able to be out again. lime. There for the paving -. . I reel, aud about equal amount of Calk in favoi only gravelling the street. Last 'night, howeve •. the council tie id- ed to have fh • .street paveil. "his will me.un a ?reat iniprovcmeu 'as the street is ;i m'ain thoroughf ire. Work >ylll ciinimenci' as .soon as^ w;ea iier condiiions will permit .M-s. Charles F. Smith entert lined i numbi.>r jf friends last c en- ing It a dinner brhlge. in bono - of Mrs .Arthur .A,sher, who fs visi ing here this week. .M-s. O. L. (jrlon was hostess to Cha Iter A. .M. of V. K. O. .Moiday evening. .Mr ,s. W. A. Ityei'ley was inlLiited into the chapter at [his- mee ing. The program, a book rc- vleW of "The'Old Home Town," by Rupert Hughe t. was in .chargi of .Mrs'.' O, Ji. Ort (^n. She gave a ' ery interesting summary of the well- known novel. Mrs. Arthur A.' Payne was called suddenly ycste'day to her hom • In Leavenworth, Can., by the ser ous illness of her father. The Ial(<-r uuderwcnl a ji lujor operation it u hosiMtuI there today. The Mlssioti; iry Society of the ('ro»b.v.terian iihurch-' held* its an-, nuai election: I if officers and lust-, ncss meeting i It the church building this afternoon. Only a fail attendance was nrcscnt !at this n eet- Ing. A business session was be- K<in at 3 p. ni. The officersj for 1926 Were, re elected. Following the btTslness meeting a' social lime was had durin ; the rest of the afternoon. The ifficers of the society are: Prcsi lent, Mrs. W'r B. iGlo- yer; First Vi e -president, JMri. E. H. Leitzbach: Second Vice-President, Mrs.~C.-A. Wallcn: Secreiary, .Mrs. J. J. Amos; Treasurer. Mrs. L. A. Choguilll Humboldt will soon have a new busihcsB cnteifprize in the form of a popcorn and peanut stand. The stand is now^ under constriiition and is locate I between Lein uin's Tailor Shop aid .Manion 's t;rtcery. The new cnte "prize will Ije ri n by LaVcrne. Ed ^'in and Hazel ' man. children Slightly iniprdved. .Mrs. wn's a former is 'well know residents ther - Kch- mau, ciiijuicru cf^Mr. and .Mr.s. Les Lehman, of this city. They eStpect to open their the near futu _ hustling youGg people will up an excelled' trade for products. Jfrs. n. O. O. C. Payne, ill at the Dr. this time her I'ayne. mother qf Dr. of this city, is Payne residenci condition seems resident <»f-IotJ ' bv a numbtT STONY POINT verv At only [I 'ayne and of illls ' ^l^s.\ tnp Knima and jV'elma Snider of Fort Scott si)ent Ihe vv-eek-end with their brother,! Karl aud faniil.y Harvey I.*p .McFarland's spent .Saturday nig^t at his Grandpa -McFarland's. Mr., and Mhs. Lemon spent; .urday ;U .-Xulilin .McFarland'sj. sworth ami dtnigliier Kansas camel I ' ' • • th his uuclo and •iroughton. Kild Hoi let) of Woijtern for! a visit w ily. -(Jebrge i '.Mi-, and -Airs. J. W. McFa and Lelia an Mrs. Lola i i little grandson vey Lee; t6pk dinner Sunday at Tom Ireland ' s. Amey and daughter. FRECKIiES AND HIS FR Sat- ridijy fam- riand Har- J. F.!Grennan Prioduce Co; Ronroe and Clni i j lola, K«n«. Fh«ne 87« ENDS Lavon, of (Urnetl, spent the (ft-eek- end at the home of Mrs. Ajme.v's father, (ieor^e Broughton. Mrs. Bes.s'e Caldwell andj little daughter spent Friday afternoon at .Mr. McFarUnd's. j Mrs. TonJ Ireland visited Mrs. Charley Thompson Monday afternoon and fiutid her still quite poorl.v. .Mr. and Mr .s. J. W. McFarland cutlve ' ct ,A8smEn nATKf* , pany rate per line, for cons Iniwrtions: I I I OhnrKS Cost) Six day.'? 7c *c Three djiys Sc 7c & 1CI day , 12<t lOC inimiim' chai-ge. SSe on any ad. 1 Mlnliiiiim cash. Sir. . I Couiit riy<« Word .1 10 a lino. . i i PHONR TOi;n Ct.ASSIFEKD I AD TO Ifi aitd Lelia were lola visitors Tuos- •iluSr. i • • . i M airl and .Mrs. Park Caldwell and litjtle daughter spent Sunday In Bijonson dit .Mr. Watson'^. rriie vetj-rlnarian of Bronson was cjJlled Monday morning to Cifrl Hbckenlialjle's to see i sick horse. ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals EARL MALKY—Anyone j know ng the whereabouts of Earl .Ma ey p]ease_^-^IrJlob_Frv^._pliono 42iS.I. 1<'0RD tires, and uphi 'McCarilty Wi SI DAN mechanic iilslery iloto ashiudton i;ooD ; touring. r se.x c Chev ; I-"orr? Barber Phoiic :t oaJL- roitt tfJur: :^925 tudor. balloon Ily good,; finish ^ood. Uuurauteed. Co.. 2l2 South Phone S93.: irSED CARS—1025 Star] good ci ndiliun; 1921 Es h, best of shape; 192:! roads er. gooiii; 1921| •ng. .s loil shape. B. T Oarage, 211 West Street 15. * OAKLA.VD — Oil — •2:! Oferland '24 Forcl roadste balloon good sKape:.'23 .3 Striiyed, Lost, Fonnd 10 '21 Stud shape, cars. bart-Std jebakc-r Several (Tash; Iclc 3 PSKD Chr.vslei coupe; Ford to Co., Bu BJ- fr; 320 MO( fraiiif •Ali, CLASSES -)- In gbid wkh black rims. Leave at South Third titreeti Rewaril TOPl COAT—Sheep Uned. left West road near L'nion .set liouke. l-'inder please | leave RegiisterJ : AUCTIONS AncUoBS lOA PUBIIC AUCTIO.V—Public dvery Satiirday at 1:001 o'clock Bisjiop's: Siiles Pavilion. h >ol Auction at 1924 shape; conditio^, 2il Wi EPS EX 1925 S^ B. Stree efct 1927 P0.> like nej Hobart- TIAC C IV and {Steele ."M Ante Akicessprlest Tires, Parts IS i'SED I six; 32| lola \lit PUBLIC ALTTIO.N-d will .sell |at IMiblic auction at Bishop's Sajies Pavilion, Saturday, Feb.; 19. at ijne o'clock. 7 pood horses; span mules, 6 milk cow.s, 5 yearling helfeirs, (iaives, 30 heail of hogsi'chickelns. farm machinery. 3 wagins, 3 siets harness, 3 automobile^, jone iVi ton truck, and houaehold goods of all ikinds. C. S." Bi»ht|p,r.^uct;. *, PrBLIC j SALES D.\[riJS i — Fred H.vson. Centerviiic, -Kins.. Fjeb- ruary 1:7; Kincaldj (L'oroinunity Sain. Feb. 10; Carl! (Heckenliable, .Moran, Feb. 23: i /im Grdgg. Blue .Mound, Feb. 24; Theo. Jagflo. Hepier. Kans.. Feb. 25; Ed Cobh- ran. Sclma. Kans., Feb. 2^ If {interested in any: of thes9 sales, write E. E. Hall. Bayard. Kans.. fofibills. If you arc interested or are; expecting to employ aa nuc- iiodeer. Ivrlte me at Bayard,- Kbs., or telepjione 632; Kinraid. at my eXiwnse. i .My reference Is niy wprk in the siiles. i TICE BRJaS.— Auctioneers. We sell anything. anywhere, i anytime. Phone at our expense. Mofan phone 1605- LaHarne phone ,645. AUTOMOTIVE Automobile Anencles or CORR • atorase, tires; terms Mot( r alers— PO.N'TIAf our sedan, good r; '24 Ford coui" \l Hudson sedan Chevrolet coupe -pass, coupe, fini other'very chcaj or trade. Ho Co. v\R B^RGALVS — 192(J '•70" n adster: 1924 Fori Maxwel sedan;: several jirings. Marr Auto Suppl> ck Deal ers. IARTS— 4 tires n Wrec BulliBriir and ARPR.N FER Wf] renu dellnp; Lannderinfi; RANSFp:R long: Reasbniible- rates. SUROEIY- F. Lenikl. , residen :e. WiSfl- jCAXARYj singers. .North POACH—.Best ot nr touriiig, gooii Barber Oarage Phonci 515. )UpE-This car itj s fully efiuippcdj otor Co. 1 or Paige llgb several batteries king Co. Pho. 7S2 BUSINESS SERVICE Confrurtlni; RK— Wanted, ne«| Phone 1072J. WASHI>jd;S—Wajnted. Work guar . antecd. I Phone 1316,1, i HoTMg^ Tmcklng, Stoirage ' » CO.-rPackln(. distance j hauUnj. Phone 140. PibfesslonU Serrices HOKSI->-i<;ray geld J5H0RTH0RN CtAV- Fresh, j for \ sale. Li^ McVey. 'Lallarpe, Kan.s.. | phone |74C. _ ;i_ _ i trE.\M"'.\ CLKS—I years "old: or j will trade for cuttle. Chas. Morrison. Lfcillarpe, \ hone 744. j WORK TEA.MS—"^wo good one maro 5 yeai.s old; or iMeflictnei jPhones: X-ray. office. 886 >YMENT HMp Ifantted—Female OFFICE HELP- wantcd . Gpod petent pqrty. care lo a Register. W'HITE general] son at Help ilfaited—JTale A USED CAR—Is as dciiendablc; as (he| dfaler who .sells it—Doijlge Sales knd Servii e. The| best place to ijiiy good, dependable! used cdrs. At j present we have 4 compfcte linq'of both open and closed mbd- el^, priced to sell. Ellis Motor Co.i 214 i North Washington. I HUDSON-ESSEX—Sales ice.' Bud White .Motb Sotith" Washington. PI and 6e r Co.. lonqJlSfl rv- >19 . Aaioraoblles for S ale 11 FARM. Phono ] lAND—^'anted. good ontj »94-i4. MAN—\V day or •AVrite tcr, Ka: OK- .MA .V—' ble chance I ences r I care MEPENnABLE USED CARS- CHEVROLET. ];i25 Touring, new tires. ' ^•H •:VR0LET. I'Cfi Coach, iiew tires. • i ; d'HEVROLET. 1924 Coupe, gqoiil shape] 11 / i . . . i i •'OftD, 2 1925 Tourings! new'finish •'ORD, il925 Coupe, lot l -'ORn. :1924 TOURI.NC;. I i I I . Severajl Othcr| Oood Used Cars fibvER MOTOR S. .JEFFERSON FARM rate: 01 or shoi t housework GIRL. houEe\ 11 East] anted tcj moiith, [Xrchie 13. ' work on farm, b: married or singl4 Veils, Yates Cen fer 2 :j position for j ad quilted. Register. y)ears, for iresponsij Good pay wit >1ancementl Referi- .Address r'E. F. .1. FINANCIAL! FARM LOAN'S reasonable i ratjis tborne.l 2131 S. lAND JClfTY farms, time. MONEY easteri and Terms r-'wer. TO Ld money <^ty ^ . and: pay Stewari f TAG DOESN'T €?E1 0)1 iJIRDS—,,Mated and single Am sejiing out. '423 o. Hork^ift. Cattle. yeUcIes JJI8 'OW—Holstein. 3 y 1^ of milk' 3 galloi days. cow in .-^no'ther ye Phone 192. ears old. giying been fresh BO hould miikc a sploridid lir. Priced riglit. .first ^rize Allen Couptjj Fair 1926. : ;Hni| W. Wynn. SEEDS lb.-., grass, of tie plcme —|llome grown :Ued Top. I5c tome^ grown 2tic lb. See us; f<; d i.seetls. Alleii itiCO. , i - Ehglish blue r all kinds jlounty Im- ROQMS AND J Ro>ni|s for House) |J(&A^D_ Housekefpln^; fi9 1 RQO.Mf|—Two furnisl I lUS \\\. .Jackson. 1 ng. t; years Jold. weighs libout loOJI lbs., gentle; also 12-incli Emerson gang plow. C. A. Hobk. one mile west; iuile north -Xioran. ei hljii] TV,-() tOOM.S—For tigjliti kiiep'i i;.jmi)i!<'rii lionic, fiJrnis led, newly N^rlh|W:!hiut._ _j_ REAIJ, ESTATE t9K J^^NT Farms'and I,ahd Xoi AClb:! i-'AR.\L- Alsjo t. ii(>d^'C..f See A. i: If mile east and iJ-^i ones. . one! set work hilrness; on? wide tire wagon: on'j narrow ire iwagpn; lt"o walking! iplows; one gang p)ow. -I. C. Biitcher. 1 PIGGY week • white o tra gowl t<> ten lbs Free w for at H( USIfI-f7 room, nioiiei wMlv karage. Call ph !SOWS—^Vill farrow in a i tliree weeks, riwl Ones, jiies and bjack ones: 3 ex- Imilk covvs. .1,' C. Butcher. Poultry and jSnppIIes 49 BABY CHICKS—State .\ccredited. Barred, iind White .Rocks, S. C. R. I. Re Is, White |W>^ndottes, and White iLeghorns. of Ideal Starting Food th each 1 lintain free with re.; Ideal Starting Fot^l, $3.r,0 p'crilOO lbs. Wc gal. s1ztj stone to 200 chidks or .'no have th ers oil see Oicin. Custim hatching, 4c pereggl' Sturdy'Chick Hatchery. 220 Weit Street. | .! CHI h Ic BABY and W LaHari^ AVe are giving i )0 Ichicks called the Hatchery. Also one . best coiijl and oil brood- he market. iCome in and ICKS—S. C. Reds ke Wyantfottes. Mrs. J. C. Klnniriy, 5 miles liorth.l^- east Phonej 688-2. HOUSp gooil ^ Plioiii* Ifonses for lien modern. SS.'.; : ' honse- i'verythin:; in-d.f 302 I Rent 78 jrfomeouo to -Morrison, ?iouthC;as. t il. irlOsi- in, tine :;97. .Modern 7 riji ctnidition, clo 1129W. oiii house, in •to sqiiare. THREl': . ROO.M HOJLi- lights^ city water.- l:o< South! Chestnut. See I .M Electric! iled 4Jt! 50Sj A. Schlick. Offices and I»PSK I! OFFIC Store. Stove. E ROO.MS—Over lufiuire at ! 1 REAJ{. ESTATE BusJin<!is Propprf ji fij And bdokkeepe position for com Address "Help," WO.MAN—Fo Apply in perj Broadway. ; 3$ Monchr to Loiin—.Hortgrages ouick service an I A. ID. Haw|- MTas ^gton. L0-4LNS—BaiB %, clly Lon i M, Cunninghao 1. JAN—Private arid to Ioa |hJ on farnj proieftr. LOW . rat jOient to| /8ult bo: & Funk. EGGS—4'or setting. Rose Comb R. I. Rrids. $3 hundred. .Mrs. B. A. Hill. C4rlyle. !Plione 983-11' ELEtn 'BJlC'HATCHED CHICKENS —All leading varieties; lowest po8slbl4, prices d also custom hatching. Quality Electric Hatchery, Gas.; Kan^. j HIGHESJt MARKET—Prices paid foV cream, eggs! ' and poultry. Our trii^k and chicken coops are at youtjlscrrice io pick up poultry. Bai^ker Prodiice Co. Pho.; 658. NONE BETTER—Start your baby chicks ill Thos. Southard Starting and Grbwing BJittermilk Chick Puddin .pfor sale at your grocery or R. c|.; ^IcKinneiy Feed Btore. Ifanted—lirestock 60 WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cattle and|! hogs. J[C. Butcher: lenil.v. MA reel wil s^les I. P! Ifl .iTight Firni ACRE ELM. tjake quire 76W FllVE ;ain: UlLni.VG -fr N. .lerferson, • b. The K. -1. CitOf'KKV A or 5 days hi sell groceries •less^ than 23cL Hone 640. IS and Land fo|j Hale | 9^ IS—Well impr<i>v i]li!I;SeU or ibucklle Real E.state.; i(> story, at Ifla: orlwill ; Tli-)ni ]i :-!on tOl Westj ginning I6U1 i coat;; No If intercst- Viyl. priccrj Ari e.xcCiange. iHoiises for $al!i IJIERCHANDISE Lrtkles fijr Sale jSl SUBUR j iJa.=tt ^r I house. \ house. wf»odi 201—4! room :r for first jpa after 5 o'cloc house; "wiij MmenL | In| k' or Rhono OO.M COTT,\( i- will trade... V 81 E—A jJiarl ; C. Ari her! llOUSlE^vSix room !ni|«lein. !witli iwol^t^. .Jackson Realllty Co., over Urow H(JUSE |4- P'ive ro im ui ' ble ga -pge. good loc KeutheH ddern, ,dou-.' it ion. !jobn Bnbnrban for ^ide CHUNK |WOOI>—For sale, $2.50 in timber or $3.25 delivered. A. J. Swinfoild. Phbn^ 51S. Di|d FLOOR RUGS—Lijioleums andfcon- goleumk some 9*12 sizes for $5.00 and np.j Hennin^er's Furn. Store. FOR- grocer townj j grass- i Allen ! ley Hr [Want . lola Ko What havi 'inintv tnvesinii tel BIdg.. Idla, HEDGE POSTS—Extra good ones. H. C. Meljtfr. eastlof Carlyle. • 2ND H.\ND HE.ATING STOVES— 1 Reznors and furniture, good as! new, cheap. : Kel Bnsineiis and OtSre Equipment M desk. i> !. pricei Store, DESK—iSmall: roUi top desjk. isult- able foi home or $13.00. H lingerie! opposite Postoffitle. trade. TYPEW or make, tary' ai I; Room R ITERS Addin Public s d multi !ii-ll. over! ey Hotel. (First! 1 oft ice. nriced at 's Cigair FOR SALE-fRent , machiiiesj any cnograpiien 110- aph woijk ,done. Olobe Oothiers. A.\—16 acr^.| 4 room house, |good well ioS I'i: miles iNcj Mrs. Emma <;u r 15 acres ,': barn, milk iwater. hen, rth Cotton^ fcpy. Itda R2. Toj Ekchunge-Real XCHAN(.;E i-$ and fixt^in! J.egal Xotlciesl Ht! : The •tv. SS. In Ml Said ( ,! In t JT. S. Credi i intcre; i are he ! ply to I for saj i Court .Allen. I d'ay of !a.nd fiijit I and fo ' judging : see's anjd .11 Adi T.| : (21-3-1 LEGALS 87 ICsfate 88 •000 stock i in good ropcrty or !you? The jit Co., Kel•Kans. : jblished P'eliri K OF FI .N.U, .1li ;.\l|. ate of Kansas, ;iry 3. 1927.» ISK rXLJK. , Probate; (:<»ur dnty. .Matter of IJ; ckenridge.. deictase<l. .te. I' i-91 Allen C^onn- i,ln anid for ' i • ' Iu Estate of rs an'ii all. o il in the aforfi by notified tlia e Probate Co County. s!iit lUse in fo^a. ate of Kansaij. larch. 'A. I).}l!l setHl'mensi o an oi'der- find who are the U< r person.s stiid Estate 'I shall apt in! and at thd jCoiinty of on the 3th . for'a full said B-State, ibg and ad- jioira, dcvi- legattes of si^id deceased. .jRTLE BREC \^NRIDGE, linistrator of tfii- Estate of Is BrPfk<>nriflK'|. Ideceased. »-T7-2». ..Fir.stj|pphlisl)j.d in T •iter .r .'jniiar.v Kft?"! >(>TU E State 'bf In th said On Estate] ' Credit are "bieri apply for said County, sitting at the Court House In lola. Coiin State of] Kansa.^. ou <Ff ;Fe( ri ary, A. F)..| ll| an^l fi lai jjeitl 'nicn.'' i\i • '' ' an order fin kvhp ar;r the I Admirtis ii; 'IoI,-» Daily 1927). 0¥ KIVIL .SETTLE.ME>T Kansas, Alle Probate C"pu ntv. I In thje olf Geo. C. Fox :jrs an 1 all interested in the afo pby notified the Probate 11 iCounty, ss. |-t: in and for piatter. of the i^eceasedj itbc'r persons ejs'aid Estate faat: I - shall Cpurt in and }i of Allen, |tlje 25th day for a ^fnll lid Estate, ig and ad- rs. devisees iii: , C. KERR. *::!taio of Geo. and fiir and Icjgajtccs of said dj-ceascd. :.frator cf tlio G. (ioH, deceased.! Janiia •v |25. A. D. 192] Ut 2-; (2; 3-10-17. 1 i

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