Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 25, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1898
Page 2
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**For three you* I suffered from heart dtaease. Could not lie on my left tide, had dtety •pelt, and at times my heart would skip a beat. Physicians and proprietary medi- tines failed to do me any mod, but three bottles of Dr. Miles' Heart Cure made me a healthy man. J. J, VandarrM, Cornell, III. f} OR. MILES' Heart Cure tt sold by all druggists on guarantee flnt bottle benefit* or money back. Book on heart and nerve* lent free, Df.Mllflt Medical Company. Elkhart. InA BOOKS! fJL Germany's Iron Chancellor. Bismarck, 1: BV THB TBL60RAPM PRINTING COMPANY. FRfDAY RVK., NOV. 2f.. NOTICE TO ADVKR11SRR8. For the r«tr 1W8 w« shall chargetue following Mt*i for trMiltnt notice, in our loc»l ool: LINK. BlBOtolnterUoB....... T»rwtoflr«ln«ertloss ............... I 0 ;?.! 1 811 W tw«T«lnaertlona ................ ' "<"> l «. turtt or iDVKRiiBiHa. TlUHII»irr.--«J oent« per Inch Unit Insertion, and M cenu per Inch for each nubiequent Inner- "w'perlnohflrat month, »1.W per Inch each month thereafter. and SO cenn per inch tor each anbiequent Insertion. tt p*r loch for the flrat Insertion, er inch AM. things have an end, and ponal - bly the Bpanlsli-American 1'oaco Commission will be no exception to the genera) rule. If It doen not POOII cease to exist, it will BOOH l"> forgotten. Translated from tho German by Sidney Whitman, F. R, Q, 8, Author of "Imperial Oerm- W, Teutonic Stud Ion " An ac urate and trophic taeura'e account ot tho Iron Chancel- Ion career; unapt roaoued by anything before pnbllthed on tho atibjeot. 'Nothing baa boon omitted to make this monumental publication a fitting memorial of one ot the most extraordinary political careers m (lie history of tho I Imperial Quarto Volume. 19 doable page Illustrations In colora. 600 IlltutratlonB In the text. The Washington Star says: "This book, truly on* of the moat magnificent works ever produced In a slnjjlo volume, appears at an oppor- It la luxurious In Its wealth ot * He gives tho volume an His- tune Inaitrctlon torical accuracy Pub. Price. My Price Ino vellum oloth, rod edzes. I 8.((fl $4,00 '-'t Morocco .................. 1000 5.00 I Morocco ............... „... 12.00 600 fnuage eitra. .Descriptive matter free. Remington's Frontier Sketches. ""Ttb* handsomest pictorial of tho noason. Hue W4 by 18 In. Japanese vellum binding. Gilt •dgei. Boxed. Prepaid, $1.90. Cyrano De Bergerac. Cloth, by mill SOc ANDIIBW OABNUCHR has fallen out with President McKintey. We wonder if the President refused (o no o jpt a barrel of Scotch whisky from the great Iron-monger? Scotch whisky is open "sesame" to Onrneglo's good will. ^ HBNATOH Hoar does not want the Philippines annexed. He is in favor of maintaining a military government until the Filipinos are able to govern themselves Tno venerable Senator, 1 ! he should live until that date, would be as old as Metbusaleh. SOMK weeks ago Senator Hoar soorched the unpatriotic mugwump, Professor Norton, for opposing the war with Spain. Now the Senator aid the Professor ait down at tho sime table in opposition to tbe annexation of the Philippine*. The Professor is more consistent than the Senator. ON Wednesday, M. P. Bell, Adjutant General of Missouri, sent a telegram to Governor Tanner, giving im. pertinent advice as to the way in which the Governor should treat the labor troubles in Ibis State. The Governor sent a caustic message to Bell, and tbe latter spent yesterday in sending apologetic mopSBges to the Indignant Governor. The charitable construction to place upon Bell's ira- podent advice to Illinois' Governor is to credit it to an overplus of pie- ThankaglviDg cheer. The Little Minister. Cloth, by mall 72c SHEET MUSIC. Popular Mu»lo, per copy, by mall 7c All 40? Mualo, per copy, by misll 7/c All K>f Music, per copy, by moll 2Sc '' Book Catalogue and Music List Free. ADDRESS Frederic Dahlstrom, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. ANDREW OARNKOIHJ the groat ateel manufacturer, Is bitterly hostile to the annexation of the Philippines. He baa uttered this hope: "That if the American soldiers shoot down insurgents in the Philippines, that the Insurgents may shoot tbe American soldiers." Carnegie is an unualurali/.cd citizen who .has ^.become immensely wealthy In this country. Having never thought enough of American citizenship to take the oatli of allegiance it looks as If It was a piece of impertinence on tbe part of Carnegie to throat bis views upou the people of a country of which be is not a part. MASTER'S SALE. •t»t*o( Illlnoli, county of Madlaon, BS. ,Jn the Circuit Court, Ootobor t«rm, A. D,, JflW. In Chancery. ' ' Manuel H. BoalB and John L. n-nls, partners Wter the name of M. II. Boals 4 Bon, vs Henry JJflde, Emma Pauline Mode and lint to Mode. Petition for Mechanic's lion, Public notice In hereby given tlmt by virtue of * decree ot tho Circuit Court of Madison ooun- " jT> «M*»and entored at the October term, A. D.I law, thereof, In the above entitled causa, tit undersigned, Matter In Cbano ry of said oourt, will soil at public auction to the highest , and bMt bidder, on 9ATURDAY, THE THIRD DAY OP DECEMBER, A. D., 1808, »t the hour ot ten o'clock, in the forenoon of 7, *' ,0>e north door of the City Hall —g In the olty of Alton, In tho oounty ot •on. In the State ot Illinois, tho following ribed real estate, to-wlt: * •-^•twofM) feet fronting on North strsot B hundred and fifty-tour and one-halt «-t :S** ° 80 P olt ttle norUl ond oc tno oaat I of the south end of block No. nvo (6), in M.yr'i North Liberty addition to the olty of *""" .itu, Wo | n 0,9 olty of Alton, In tho conn - dlipn,_arid1 State of Illinois. Said lot /*„ .7- >y'n«~n«*» to^nTaoufiTof'lot (fronting on North street) in tmld block i* of eale~- All fash on day of Bill -, compliance With lie turmn or sale and r ol of **" ~~— " " -" the report of tho said inanter court, a oorUnoa o of purchase will be ths purchaser or purchasers which will o him or thorn to a deed for tbe jremlsos • uplritlonot fifteen months from the day unless redeemed accordl"? to law. JOHN P. ModlNNIS, Lsvi DAVIS, Sol. fo- MONTHLY SUFFERING. *T f bonMii4* of women ara trembled «t Monthly iuter- T*l» with p«in« U» tiu bead, back, breast*, uenldtn,iide« Up« and limb*. But they need Wtraflw. tbwe pains are •ymptoinTol aangerou* derangement* that W%i corrected. Th"me" 1 " * llould Brlce and tho Alton. OiiicAOo, ILL., Nov. 24.—It is iiow rjmored here that PresidentSUIlwel), of the Kansas City, PJttsburg & Gulf la merely an agent for Calv.ln 8. Brioe and that tbe main object Is to bring about a consolidation of tbe Lake Erie & Western, Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw and other roads controlled by ex-Senator Brice With the Chicago & Alton and tbe Kansas Olty, Pitta- burg & Gulf. The Like Gnu runs from Peoria and Bloomington to Han- dusky, O., and would make an excellent aud direct eastern outlet for the Alton. Tbe other Brice roads would fit in tbe combination and give tbe Alton an outlet to Northern Michigan. Mr. Brice has been seeking Eastern and Western connections for his system of roads in Ohio, and the Alton would llll tbe want so far as the Went is concerned. Should a combination then be formed with the Baltimore & Ohio, as has been reported, Mr. Brlce'a dream would bo realized, and an Independent system of roads created extending from Philadelphia and Baltimore to Kansas City and Omaha and to the Gulf of Mexico. fM»R»S«» MURMR MYSTfRY. Reward* far Martereri to lie 0ffe«d.-<J«- sips Trniguen Wagging bat no Reliable Information. Supervisor Loehr of Woodriver townohlp hss sent n readout to Oov. Tanner to offer the reward of f200,ii8- tinlly Allowed by the State, for tbe ar rest of tho murderers of Oeo. 8. Harrison. It Is snir] that nn additional reward will be.mode up by private fillhflfiriptIon to create an Interest that will lead to the detect ion of the R&llty ones. Indignation among the better cJflflB of citizens over the brutal murder instead of abating is InoreilHlng hourly, and should the guilty per*on be found his punishment will be swift. Dark hints are being dropped by some pernons that the affair was a hire and salary murder, and that some one, but who thU indefinite person may be In not known, hired the niur- dorero to do tho bloody work. The village of Upper Alton Is full of people who have their own private suspicions and tho sunpected ones aro quite a few. None of these suspicions have taken the form of open charges ngnintjl tlio nuepects, and no doubt some of tho suspicions which prevail aro altogether unfounded, but that (loon not siop the tongue of gossip. Chief of Police Kuhn who IB doing more than any one else In tho work of endeavoring to solve tho mystery, so (ar declines to admit that he has tho least reliable evidence against any one. Ho does not propose to cease Ins -work when he becomes Sheriff litil will them settle down to a systematic hunt for the guilty ones and bring them to justice. NORTH ALTON. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Faber, of Wt. Louis, with tbe Misses Davis. Mr. aud Mrs. Welgle, of Brighton, spent yesterday with Mr. George F. Earth. Mr. Harry Lloyd, of Virden, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. JRnssol Mather yesterday, The colored M. B. church gave a Thanksgiving sapper last evoning. The proceeds are tor the new church building. Tne line shooting at tho Walter shooting match yesterday was the best evidence of tho skill of our local nimrods. The Elm sti'eet chapel gave an entertainment lost evening, followed by a social and refreshments. A sawdust pie which n sembled a mince pie, was eagerly b.tteu into by a promin- out dry goods clerk at Haagbn's, a high school scholar and a printer. The latter declared he has seen and mixed many a printer's pi, but tho sawdust affair beat the typos delicacy (?) all hollow. Mr. Percy Able of the 9th Missouri infantry writes quite a letter home declaring that tbe bill of fare at Porto Hico Is making a man of him. Ho says: "I welgn 100 pounds and am getting fat. Two Italians were ui;- rested here today (Oct. 20) for having dynamite in their possession. They were suspected of attempt to blow up the cuRtoms bouse here. There is more excitement here now than any time since wv came. The natives had a strike and the soldiers made them go back to work again." From Percy's Btatcmenets he Is evidently having a good time and in his clement. evidence Wiled I* Right to Ifte PoM tilt ff«. liable. Prank lyes oT" District Court of CrookBton, Minn , says: For some time I have lined Stuart's nynpopBia TabJafB with flfiemlng groat bpneflt with few otceptioiifl. I h»v« not been flo free from indignation in twenty five years. George W. Koonnvelf, U. 8. Consul to »russo)e, Dalglnm: Ntoart'n Uy- spepsla TnblolB, safo, pleaoant to talte, convenient lo carry, five keen apneUtn, perfect digestion. Mr. W. I). Tomlln, mechanical engineer, JJnlntb, Minn.: One box of Stuart's UyBpopfllii Tablets ban donn its Work, and I am again gaining Mesh and strength, O. R. Raneom, Hustonviile, Ky.: r wag distressed and annoyed for two years with throwing up food, often two or throe times a day; had no cor- taln'y of retaining a meal If I ate one. Four boxes of (he ta lets from my druggist have fully niired mo. I find them pleasant to take, convenient to carry. Hev. (I. D. Brown, Mondavi, Win.: Tho effects of Stuart's Dydpopsla Tablets Is simply marvelous; a quite hearty dinner of broiled beefsteak causes no distress since I begun their UBO. Overglx thousand people In the slate of Michigan nlono In 1894 were cured of stomach troubles by Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. Full sized packages may be found at all druggists at r>0o, or aetit by mall on receipt of price from F. A. Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. Send for little book on Htomach dU- easep, mailed free. Saturday, Nov. 19th. UPPER ALTON, Mrs. A. W. Brasher is entertaining MM. Margaret Hoffman of Arkansas. 8. Q. Uook of 8t. Louie, spent yesterday with friend's here. MiesMty L<ince of Hliel'jyvilla, 1« •vlsltliif? Mlsa Kdna Oonn. Mr. Feed Coulter and niece Miss Rosamond Jones of Mari.isa, We're the KuoslH of Mlai Lllllo Ooultor yesterday. Mr. Hurley Wllooxen, a studnnt in the Ht. I.oulu Medical School, spout Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. T. G. menBtmatlon palnleo, nlar. It puUUe delll tnen*trual organ* in condi- to do their work properly. thjt .top. all tfiUp.ln; will any woman *uffer »fter month when Wine will reIi«T» her? It *t tin drag itore. do»'t yon gtt « bottle In CM*» requiring , addre*», Personal, Miss Luay Hiisklneou IB vialtlog in DeSoto, Mo. Mm. N, Uiseman has returned from a visit at Decatur. Mine Beth Ohittenden In vlslliitg friends in Oarllnvllle. Miss Alma Meyer, of St. Uharle«, is vnitlng the Mlesea Oimlio la this city. Misa LIzzlellAnderBon of lUitat HI. LottlB, ia vlaUlug Mrs. O. I). KnigM. Mr, Albert Pfelffer and Mlw Maud Wllllaraa spent yesterday In Litoli- fleld. Mrs. Sarah S. Muhouey of Oliicngo, la in Alton vleiliug frlomls aixl iwHliiy- Ing at the Madlaor. Mr. Bert Hlnkle apont Tliuiik»«i Ing with his paroula iu I Ills oily. returned to Cairo today. Mrs. Bralnerd Cooper and oon Cooper, ore guests of Ool. and Mrs. A M. Jackson iu Upper Alton. Mrs. Luoy Wilson and daughter, Cairo, went to Fidelity yealordu whero they were called by tho donl of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. John N. Dtummoui and daughter, Miss Mary Drummom left for the East this morning to spent the winter in Washington and otlio Kastern oltlea. Mr. W. A. Smith, of Bupulpa, lud Ter., arrived in Alton, Wednesday 1 o Department," gn UediclM og», Tenn. **••§•••• The Co., CONNOR MI on lila way to Moro, his form or homo to upend Thaukugiviug with relatJvea I and old friends there. James A. Parsons aud family, 01 I Jacksonville, and Mr. B. L. Ohilteii den, of St. Loulf, spent yuaterday With Buv. H. M. Uhlttenden and family and Mlas Violet Ohitteudttn who ia I visiting here, Mr. and Mrs. Frank It. Jewett loft I for Boston today, after a short vlsH With Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Smith. Mr, Boston Hinltb and daughter, Miss Mabel, also spent TouiiUsglviiij} day I with Mr. and Mrs. Hniltli. trtiibefl Between the Can. Fraok Beokley, a tramp, while "beating bis w»y"ou a (J. it A. freight t^Aa today, got big foot oaugbthe- tWjB*o tbe bumpers, and it was crush•4 vwy iBvarely, Beokley WM taken tojtbe boipiUl (or treatment. Tue took place at Godfrey. The Redpath Grand Concert Company. Helen Buckley, aoprano; Wm. H. Kieger, tenor; Mury Louise Olary, contralto; Arthur Bereeford, bass; Adolpli Koaenbecker, violiniat; Hugo Frey, ncoorapanist. PJIOOHAM. 1. Quartette— O My Lovo is Like a Heil, Heei Hoao, (Qarrett.; 2. Concerto— A ndaiite finale (Men- (lolssohu), Mr. Hosenljccker. 3. Nobll Signer from ilugueuota, (Meyorbrer), Mifa Clary. •1. Dutt— I MasnaOiere. (Vortli), Misa Buckley, Mr. Rieger. 6. I Am a Hoanior, (Meudelauobu) Mr. Beresford. 0, Qnartotte— Martha, (Flotow.) I'ABT TWO. 7. Polonaiae, Migon, (T/iomas), MiHu Buckley. H. Duet -La Fiivorltu, (Donizati) Miaa Clary ami Mr. Hereford. 9. B ilUd, My .Sweetheart, (Pierce) Mr. itieger. 10. Funtaale from Fausr, (Wioni- awbkl) Mr. Hiaoubeokor. 11. Quartette -- Uigalotto, (Vordi.) The Kodpath Oooipany in thu Necoud of tho Star Course and IB oomooser) of i he beat obrainuble musicians. You can not afford to ml> a it. Reserved sent plat open at tho Y. M. 0. A. at 8 o'clock Monday morning Nov. 28th. Do not fall to get your Bents if you have not aecured them. Seasou tickets, 81.UO. Ilaaervod aeat» li>, 20, 25 extra. AIUilr*<>l I lie. Wf.itKiii i.pauuc. Mllwiiiiki'O, Nov. ->u. -At a IOIIR ex. ou- tlVf MIKl'lInc (if 111.. IIIUKIIlill-S llf Illc VVcHli-rii lljij-'i- ll.-ill li-iKiiic OH. mutter of Hi'liTllnij; t\vn flllrH ill tin; (Irrult („ Illlli' the |iliu.,. H ,,f St. Jiini;|ih iind C<|- liiiiilniM was left entirely In the hands of 1'rcslclcnt Han Johnson, of the II-IIKIII: iiii'l !H. II. Klllllrtt, firesljenf of the Mllu'iiiiki'M leiiiu. Tilt- tliiiiircH art- Hint HntTiilo will n\ke Iho phioe of St. Joseph. Tlu> ill-ill by whlrlr the Culiim- IIIIB fninclilHe WIIH In lie tniimfei red to IJenver IIHH licen Hiilet riii.-|((i ( ], A |iro|insltloii In this i-nnnvi-llun was re celved from Toledo iind will lj|> cu I'l'ed. 3>7 Belle Both stores h.avo bean atooked with thelateatof everything in the lines and we earnestly hope the public will appreciate our efforts to have in our midst A GOOD CHINA STORE — AND — A GOOD TOY STORE. We have worked very hard frr months to this end. Everything is marked in plain flguree at the very lowest pricoa and we respectfully ao- licit a liberal patronage. We invite John Barry of Lltchfleld, was in town JeBtorduy. Mr. and Mrs. Enos Johnson are entertaining- Air. Johaaon'n parents, Mr. and Mr». Wm. Johnson of Medora. Mr. Arthur Wood, a former 8hurt- leff stu.lent, is visiting old friends here. MoMrn. Stephen Crawford, Bob Ruff and Will Elwel), who have been to the Uzark mountains on a iieer hunt, returned borne this morning. Tho boys fliiy they were in a pretty wild country and bad plenty of fun shooting wild turkey, hogs and smaller game, b-it they did not see a slngl-i deer dnrlug tbe bunt. The pupils of the publln school gave an entertainment in tho High School assembly ball Wednesday afternoon Quite a number of parents and friends were present to hear the program, which was very good. J. 0. Decker is spending a few days in St. Louis. Miss Llllle Dudley entertained the High School 1. 1). L. Oiub at her home last night. Mr. Lyman Bunker is very 111 with malarial fever. Thanksgiving day passed off very quietly in Upper Alton. Union services were hold at tus Presbyterian church, a prayer meeting at 7 a. m. and preaching at 10:45 a. in. by Dr. L. A. Abbott. Business bouses closed at noon and the streets were deserted in tho afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. B. H. Levis entertained their friends last night at their beautiful home on Washington street. The company spent a delightful evening at cards, Mrs. B. Lathy carrying off the first ladies prize, and Mr. Will Marsh the gentleman's. Mrs. George Marsh and Mr. Ohpa. Levia won tbe consolation prizes. Eleg-uit refreshments were served after which tbe company adjourned to their homes. The guests were Messrs, and Mes dames Hermon Oole, Geo. Marsh, Ohas Levis, John McFarland, George Levii, Will Marsh, Mrs. Lnthy, »r. and Mrs. Yerkes, Mrs. Orson Hewitt, Mies Mattle Grey. USfEN TO NATORfi, Backachec, Headaches and NervoiisneM are MesMg«» for Von. To most people » lnokuchfl «<><ims » vert »lm- plo thing, lo l>p got rid of by " working H off. HomotlreiM tho pain iloon "work off"—»ome- llmf» it doi'S not. WhotSor It does or not thoughtful pcopln nhoiilil comn to understand that ii bnoknohfl Is « wnrnlnir th«t l« not to be nsRlcPtoil without ilangcr of contrapilng « disease that will limit life to a few months, or m»r be vf»r» at »• ffprlng. . . . Kulnoy trtiublpo hare been bntter understood of lain years, and kidney troubles In rclotlon to rhfMimntlBm and neuralgia Is only beginning to bo fully oomprehendfd. Tho kidneys are (morn through whloh the blood paBsos, and If they get oat of order, the blood remains Impure and ernry part of the body nuffeM. Plrat tne nerTM toll the i ale. A backache Kivee warning. Time has fully proven that thousinds who otherwise would surely haTodlcd. have been restored to health by Morrow's Kld-no-old». The manner In which this medlrlncn net* la Illustrated by the oa«»of Mrs. Peterllellrung, 702 Race St., Alton, III., who says: "Iwas troubled with rheumatism for some times my suffering was terrible, at times It was almost Impossible for mo to boar It. I h«'l n severe pain In my back! at limes the pain in my back was si severe t*«t I could hardly g*'l up of down, t noiild not sleep at night or rest any tlmo. I was told of Morrow's Kld-ne-olds and what benefit they had boon toothers who had siiffnrcd as I did, but I could scarcely believe U because I had irled everything under the sun that was recommended lo me to euro kld»ey trouble 'nd rheumatism, and they did me no good, nut I thought I would try KId-no-olds »nd 1 got a box at B. H. Wyss' drug More. 1 was greatly surprised when Inaday or two the pain wg«n to leave me an It by maglo, anU after a time I (elt perfectly well and have continued to feel so ever since." Kld-no-olds are Yellow Tablets (not pll 9)and euro kidney aliments, nervous' ess, eto. Liver- lax aro small rod polletn and cure constipation. Kld-ne-olds no ots; Llverlax 2D ots it druggists or mailed by John Morrow & Co,, Chemists, Springfield ,O.___ Tt has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in tbe head. This distinction has been tiobieved only as tho result of continued successful use A morbid condition of the membrane In the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Bold by druggists or it will be mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brothers, 68 Warren street. New Yprk. It spreads over tb<? membrane, Is absorbed and relief IB immediate. Quit coughing IB easy enough, if you take Dr. Bell'a Pine-Tar-Heney. • It cuts the mucus anil Bllaye tho inflammation BO that there is no inclination to cough. It eootbea the bronchlala, arid is strengthening to the throat and Inngs. Ail good druggists sell it. The throe-year old boy of J. A. Johnson, of Lynn Center, 111. is subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says-he is satisfied that the timely use of Ohamberialn's Goagh Remedy, during a severe attack, .saved his little boy's life. He is in the drug business, a member of the fArm of Johnson Bros. ( f that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines for throat and iung diseases. He bad all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to bia call, bat selected this remedy for use in his own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because be knew it to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this is the best selling cough medicine they handle, and that It given splendid satisfaction in all cases. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. It. Wyjs. __ Kat Kormmg Oxygen. Dr. Hell's Pino-Tur-Honoy cures coughs and oolris and soothes the air passages. It heals the bronchial tubes and strengthens the weak lungs. It builds up the tissues and enabled the blood to rocolvo HB proper supply of oxygon. Texas. Tho Missouri, Kansas & TVxns Kail- way Go. will-soll low rato round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. fi and 30, with final limit of return lo 21 days from date of stilt). An excellent opportunity for homoBOi>ker», tourists and investors to view for themselves the great resources of the State. For further information address John t, Williams, P. and T. Agt , IOU N. Hroud- way, St. Louif, Mo. Now Nc\VKpn|>4M' Attttoolilttoll. Detroit, Nov. 2S.—The National As- noclatlnn of Managers of Newspaper Circulation was organized at the Hotel Cadillac at a meeting: of representatives of that department or newspaper man.'isement. Fifteen managers of the circulation departments of well-known daily newspapers were present. The sext meeting la to be held In Chicago /line 12. The following officers were .ffictofl: President. W. H. Gillesple, De- froit Froe I'mns; secretary, J. L. fioe- Jhans, Pohmilms Stale Journal. Trees and Plants for Sule. Frnic trees, evergreens, ornamentals and amall fruit plants; strawberry plants a specialty. For sale by WM. JACK80N,Go<Jfrey, 111. When You Tajse Cold nothing comes in BO uieful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine Tar-Honey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 2Sc at up- ta-date drug stores. $100 Reward Sioo. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learu that there is at least one dreaded disease that 'scieuno has been able to cure In all its stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure known to tho medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall'8 Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf aces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doiug its work. The proprietors have so much faith in ita curative powers that they offer $100 reward for any case that it fails to care. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. 3. Cboaey & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 75j*. . Beam the _/) ^ Rini) V°" Have M*ays Bought Signature or ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. Tho undersigned having been appointed Administrator of the estate of DANIEL W. COLLET, late of tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, herobyiglvos notice that he will appear before the County Court of Madison the Court House, In Edwardsrllle, at the i January term, on the flrst Monday In January next, at which time all persons hay- Ing claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend tor tho purpose of having the game adjusted. All persons Indebted to sala estate are requested to DC alee Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 10th day of Nor. A, D.. 1888, ENOS JOHNSON, Administrator. fiotd* SPECIAL SALE SATURDAY AND MONDAY. ^ T v~v _ i lot of Men's pure natural wool, shirts and drawers. Special price 4y/ per garment. jo/ Men's camels hair, shirts and drawers. Special price 39? per garment. $of Ladies' Random camels hair vests and pants. Special price $$f per garment. 10 per cent discount on Children's Red Underwear. " ..... ' ' " Corsets. " " " " " Blankets. $1.00 Ladies' union suits, Special price 8jX each. broad cloth, 5:4 in. wi e. " " 70^ yd. $1.1? fine broad cloth 1^4 in wide. " " g$? yd. Ready made fiannellette shirts. •' " 25^. * Ml wool Amana Skirts. Special price go/. 60', 40 in. all wool bordered flannel shirting Special price 49? yard. Next to Your Wife HOTEL MADISON, A. L, DANlBUi, Proprietor. Second and Baitonsti. Alton, HI R. R. EXCURSION RATES. P rt Worth, T. Dec. 3and4. 'cxas, and return $24. iC, * A. T*he Burlington to Colorado, California and 1 to Puget Sound Polnta. f-Icimeaeelcers Excursions.—Nor. Island 15th 1 • and Deo. Oth and 2uth, via the Burlington. Port Worth Texas and Return—Dec. 3d _ and 4th. Return limit 21 days via Burlington Rou e. R EDUCED Rate's to Northern and Western resorts now In effect via the C. & A. R. R. and connections. Ask try Grain- 01 Try Oraln-OI The Burlington Route beet lino to all northern 1 norteern and western summer resorts. Cheap rates now In effect. For information apply to J. B. Tiomas, Agent. Hunters' Rates to specified points In Alabama, • » Artimnna Jfnnfi./jky. Michigan (lOWOr DBU- ipper), Mississippi, Mis- Arkansas, Kentucky. Michigan (lower peo- 1 •'•• i (upper), Mississippi, Mls- .-- . - , Tennessee. Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin, via BJg Four. For in- Insuln), Mictilgan (u| Blourl, Minnesota, Te Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, ihin undershirt and drawers must give way to heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to yourself. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best -values in Alton. Will you help us p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with-what you get from other stores. If r is not the best, bring it back and get your money. This shows the confidence we have in our underwear. H.A.WUTZLtP. The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street formation and tickets call on Ticket Agent. H, Hamilton, fhe Burlington's Through Car Service—Pal- 1 ace Sleepers and Chair Cars (seats free) to Kantian City, St. Joo, Omaha, Denver, Bluings, Rook Island, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Ban Francisco and LOS Angeles, Ca Ifornla, Portland, Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, every Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call or address J. B. Thomas, Agent. your grocer to show package of OKA IN-O, by ll^I'lHlllll llf VlUt Itnillll-IIIIIRI-, Kriinkl'url. Ky., Nov. as.- -In the court of ii|>i"-uls .IiidKe OnlTy luuuleil down un (i|ilnl(;/i (Kill-mini; (| u - di-clHlnn nf (he Ki'iinklln clivull cinirt ii-iild! niicd a niniilii-r of public c(ir|iorut|i>tm for full- lire tu iniiki- pioper uniiunl reportK to Hie mute auditor. In eompllance with rwviilly eniiet,.,! Blutute. The ileelHlo IH of HIHI IniiiinliUii-e nil uvul- Kentucky, and will ivBUll In Hie collection by the Bliiti- of iliouKiiiulH of dulliirH In llne.s. \Vluil Winilcl lluvii Cum Him lll> l.lfo ? CuinbrldKe. O., Nov. 25.— Orrln IX IW, indicted for nuinlerliiB hla fath- i-r-ln-luiv. 'Hi|ii!|-e lijyd. onil IilH Blat lii-luw. A!|->s. Wli-lck, linn jiltfu flillty lo inuidi-i- In Becoiid ilnj-ruu und WIIH Klvi'ii a life Neiiii'iifii in tho penl- t'ntlary, A Case of Kidney Uiaeanc Given Up h'our Doctors. Beavur Dam, O, My daughter, after being treated by four doctoro and given np for lost, a neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. Today she is able to walk Heveral milen without fatigue. I ftel wo would have lost her If it was not for your wfdi cine. Respectfully, Mro. J. M. Uniley. 8oUl by RjMarBh mid S 11, W>BB. O A. » T O n. x .A. . Buii<;lil you a the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it like it. GKAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is make from pnre grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-half the price of coffee. 16c and 25o per package. Sold by all druggists. Dr. Bell'B Pme-Tar-Honey acts as a balm to the lungs, ontting the mucus, allaying the Inflammation. healing and strengthening. It will cure a cough or a cold in one night and exhiierates the lungs against the Inception of disease. 25o at good drug tores. No euros no pay. Cor California Tourls's-The Burlington Route • has woolly tourist sleeker excursions, per- ev> day _„„ ^ Angeles and SaiijFrahoTaoo.^ The route la a Donver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Laks City with 88 per cent BUI shine throughout tho year. Aslc your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlou- n has been fully demonstrated that Ely's dream Balm la a specific for nasal catarrh and cold In tbe bead. This distinction has been achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggist* or it will be mailed for BO cents by Ely Brothers, fid Warren afreet, New York. It spreads over the membrane, la absorbed and relief is Immediate. Sou tho splendid offer we make in our now change of advertisement. o .a. *» Be»ri th. H omeseokera' Excursion ac very low rates V(« Rl» Pfttir - - •" ' • • ' •- • Colo: rltor , . Michigan, Minnesota. Mississippi, Missouri', Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tickets will be on sale Nov. J6th, Dec. Gaff, Jan. 3-10; Feb. 7-21, March, 7-lfl! Kor full Information apply to u, H. Hamilton, TloketAgent. •* Momeseekers' Excursions. — Upon certain ... /!'"• ot Oot o b ar, November ana December, the C. A A. will sell excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky Louisiana, Northern Mlohluan,Minnesota, Mlsf- alsBlPpl, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In rates are of sufficient Importance to merit the attention of prospective travelers. For particulars call on O.O. Norrls. Ticket Agent. TIMES ARE GETTING HARD, NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE HONEY GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED! £« . U ? e ' a J z S fl 2M ' 3> a * "ft, to 5 to ° M and S8e *** th» «„ we are offering at $1.75 a pair. These Shoes are made of the finest Dongolaand Genet Kid that formerly.sold for 13.60 a pair/ but a« the sizes . . a par u a« the sizes are amall we are oloaing them ont at $1.75 a pilr. This fa a ° h *]IS'SAi lfa ? l "ft:, mnt ?°™> flr«t served. Oome early toavold thernsb! f} M 52ShnJ' 0 Jl t ?> bIaB( ! BatB 5 r F al11 wehaye 76a P"ir8 of Ladies' Sign §£!?£S?$fft Sr rly B0ld for * 2 - 60 to 8 - 76 a p wr - W " are ol ° 8 & ' - at PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Three line* or leu under thl« heading: On* time, tl oenUj three dais, at cent*! one week Wo«ntn additional times same rate, oaah down WANTED. , Tin Kind You Hax Always Bougtt VyANI'ED-UdlesoarnWpor week working * "* home. No canvaHslng. Enclose ael? addreasod stamped envelope, flt-ndurd llovel- ty Co., 101 lioekmaast .New York City. PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman. Manager. FOR SALE We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, Solilliin Killed by 1111 Kspluilnn. ldtlli'Hlioru, Ky., Nov. it5.—Oliarle* ilrli a nit lloriry J.cinuii, fiirmi-rly prl- cH in t)i<> Nwiiiid Ki-ntuc'ky re'Klme, V kllli'U by HIB iireinature t.-xploalon if ilynuiiiltf lit HmrNtunu iiuun'lca m>ar i'. Hi-Vfi-ul nthurH weru Inlined. No Market Itvpurl. lili.'iiKo, Nov. 34.—The Uity being atluiiiil luilldtiy Ihero are no market IJUlHtli'tl*. complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of BALK— All In need ot ktndlliu wood can i b ' »1«^0""'* No- «, UJJ001 ta por load-K. Levls. oiT. « Qoi F ,*?.l^'.'i"/ l ' arm four m " 8 * northwest o • Utohfleld, 100acres. tWanaore. Porp*r 'loulars addreas O, A. Brown, or U. B. Brown Brighton or T. O. Brown. A\ion. IU. Utt Biliousness! • caused lijr U*|il<l llvi-r, wlilcli iirfivnuta dlgut- iiii iind jxirwIU fuoil to f<-ruHnit and piitrlfy la' I w .Hloiwioli, Tlum fulliiw tllifxIiiDsa, u«ailttoli». I J. SUTTER 210 H. Third Street. SON M. MAHONEY, NSUKANCE AND REAL ESTATE FOR RALB. toubl* brick dwelling ID roovi Two itorj crlug it. i-rooiB fr« aliienn, liuuilaclie, j Hood's Licensed mill, If nut iclluvi'il, lilllimH fovnr or lilouil |ioUoii|nK, lluod's J'lllir oiliiiiilalu tliu ntuiuauu, rpuaii tin- llvt-r, cur» to it Witldi!, tin, is a»uu. „, TUe ojjly riln la tttko wltb I Pills imi v(«|i|pr to oUnlfl t<*tt*r* Pttoot on u> Innnttau u ii»i>M».n.«i. i ,ul.dr.wlu». *nd •^m t »Mo M Mr*i^»'^ii^^^iSft3JJf MU * ioa w. IHIKD #.TKBeT< TWr4 PMttr. 1*0,7 i-rtgo •it UD* ot Mtlo itr**t. Blf (Ma*; me unu*i /lii*"il*7 ' * ""••"••"••* -**IS*ti <W £j*y!*i9i.!&!if «««* '•o-itory 1-rooB Bi-»or« triot DIIT ' .pa* itor/ i-rooa • •I*. DON'T MISS THEM0DELS Sacrifice Sale (2or. 3d and Piasa sts. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Punts «ad Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship ind Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, T»Itor,

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