Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 4
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IFAGE FJQUft (^rrrtan's Houxel Bnrnj* SnBdaj MtrlU—Seiilofs n Hivrh Shh^l i Jtecelve Rlnsf This IWeefci NE0SHO FALLS l(Mrsi AY.P. Heath.) liU'Iy cin dhp \K -pod8on co|iity - rbyds that we ane led to believe t^'i alljroads Icafl through Wbdd- H ^ri icounty. That being tht ciabe, Wriotlsoii couiity is thev mo^t eitl- ' i\ent. guide post la the uaivei ^se •because in Woodson county < all tin voter! 1 are ooapcllcd to.iS;o|p! Lpokl llisteu! Mrs. Wentling is much imprbved frrini lie • recent il ness, to the de- lifelit iof her many friends. • j .Mr.i Ypii Orstrander who >has SI -M .til Ir U I i\ Viilfiitinc liarliy and cafctiir|a iilncli wiis licld i\i the basement ihfJ .Mji'lhddlst Hpl.scopal churtih mtl-.iy t -'veninp.. frhe trustees! of r iliurch and jpresldent and kisiirci] (If tlie ItpwOrtU League ^ri' ('Ii -cled i<ir t^is year. i : |\lr. ;ai^d .MrH., Marion Wilstoji ri- , Iiiisincss 1 ;vi.sit()r.s in Yattys HviKlili iiivcr. Avas a .lAisinesis lloi- li<T<' Tliiirsijay. Ir. j;m f .\ • Walii'r .WiRffin Ire ilmsiii<.'ss • visitors iii Yateji -iiiil .l.-l 111" 'l.r !|y iiii till ' M srv fri. i .Sl 'Vj i .\ wei dav T ll.DV chlldcc^i of Wllsey. Kansas, visited at the Statts home during the week cndJ . Mh and Mrs. Waller Wiggins bavo purchased the Oliver Dow property and will move there soon. The bouse belonging to Mr. and Mrs. dcsse German burned Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ucrmaa were away from home • and have been for several weeks. The house was ocQUpied by their son during tlielr absence. 'eteors? 1/ •• '1^ - Nq¥-Hyd THE lOLA J)AUiY.REGJSTE |Br 'ltH|jR5JDAy EVJ!N roplanes! NMOSHO JF^U^lS. F^|,. IS -Uso "•^Js^'^SSghton entertained u»-h coranibnt.: las been made number of her neighbors i a long tim^ is vely ill for inowhat improvejd. TIK sfniors in JhfKh school | re- iv <(I their riiiBsij this week aiid iiic iLjokiiig of course. [ Mr.' and Mrs. iHenry Saferite v(' purHiased thii Gross property ' uiill iiake possjssion in a sholrt a nyier of her neighbors and friends at a quilting at her home several afternoons this week Those enjoying the pleasant hours of social chat while at work and fhe dainty refreshments served by the hostess were: Misses ida Carman, Dorothy and Gladys Jack.wii and Mesdame.s Fred Jackson," Nel Brvan, T.Crane, Perry Heath, Geo. Lynn. Robert Mitchell. Wm. ScHrier, Jno. Sullivan, Blackwell. and J. S. Murray. j .Winficld Van Orstrand of Wichita, visited his parents here last week.. .MIKS .Mary Jane Finney of Km- poria spent the week end here visiting at "the Ronald Finney home. Walt Wiggins went to Downs. Kansas where ho Is buying hogs this week. sat r 'ih iti'ij Tiiursdaiy. I 'Jiv(M- il)ow of Widilta w as vls|- frlend.s iiero K ipliulvc .s IUIK : hiski vvi.i-ki.- • - 1 • IrsJ Tliiirlnw .MrCulIough afn^ aiiil Mr.s. iAIp|K. .McCulIougll • yi.KitiiiK . MI ;. Ali-x. .McCiiHouth Tlnnpday.' : J ami .Mr.«. Mabeh r?nti'rlainj'i| iili'',ir i;tifsts I for th«! ^wcek end aiid Mrs. Culp.uid son of lli -j ••iiiiciicc. .Mri Ci Ip Is principal' inoi of; the s<i|ibf Is tlicro. | | jll<^ i allpschool play which will (III' second i^iiii nher of tie] iini i-rtiir)--p will he glvt-n hp^e; ilbiiut- 1 two "wecHS. The . plj^yj wiljl: c-Oiiii'is-t ofiei|:ht characters' sen b> the. fjijcufty and is eil-l I fOiddy." ; IS. W:jltor Jaekijon tntertaineid'! •tal <>f liMi' i|eighl)or.< and nds at a qHilfing at her home •x-A\ day.s fhia'wdek. | ir. and Mrs.:, T. W. Gardnor (•• liusincss visitors in lola Fri- ic jhomo talent pJay. •. "Eyes of Memorial hall .\ good crowil in- attendance. JThe play was n at y^rnoii jfjaturday-night. | • proRifam and cafeteria lunch givcn'-at the- I. O. O. F. halJ rstfay ^vcnihgl A good crow({l a goofjl time is reported. .Mrs. Wilday an«l djiughter, Dprp -thy. w<irc jguests at ^hc Kent honi^ ila>{ V." iuas giveni at !Wi'(SiieS(lay eyening.' ;RIV A Tliii! and Sun M! r. jiiid Mrs. stcrdale : an 11 YATES CENTER Feb. 16.—Mr.s. C. A. .Byfield of N'cowho Falls is' hern for a few days visit with her daughters. Mrs. I.,y- man MeCorinIck and .Mrs. . Park Tidd. Mr. and .Mrs. Lee Homey and .Mrs. .Mar\" Horney siient Wednesday anjl Thursday in Fredcnia vis- itlns relatives. Mr. ^nil .Mr.s. l*". .M. Pl.-kerins were cnlli'd to Buffalo Friday liV the serious of their daughter. Mrn. Rii.slcv. ' / .Mrs. j.Merton Glllf^lt l.s seriously ill at the. J. n. Kreisclwr'home. .Mrs. A. V. Forouer Is somewhat iniprovijd after bciuR a .sltui-jn :diice X«w Year's day with a sprained ankle. ,1 .Nr and .Mr.s. Tx?on Jarrett iwill niov" .March-1 to .Mrs. Thomas Kee^s f(\rm. .Mrs. Kce and Roy will spend -the summer with Karl Kce aild family southeast of town. i.Mr .H. Rachel .Mollntjw i.Miller passctl fiway Saturday at'tlie home of her dauphlcr in Wichita where she had'gone to take medical treatment. The bo«ly was brought to Yates Center Sunday evening and funeral services were held Monday' .TfK ^rnoon. * The small son of Ora Winn, who ha."! Ijeen very sick for several riay.s- Is reported as slightly improved. Mrs. Clyde faiinady entertained the Golden Link club at her home on West Park street Thursday afternoon. Mrs. L«on Jarrett was a guest. .Miss \.\xv\ Gordon, who teaches in th^ city .school at Howard, lOi.s.. spent-the w'eek end with her parents. Mr and Mrs. Sam Gordon. E. C. Huff and Harold Juby were in WIciiJta .Monday on business. Mr and Mrs. Earl Brewer are the parents of a daughter, Alice Mac. born Feb. 7. Silas .Na>;lor,,who has *een very III for several ;weck8 at the lK >mf ill- 11 il NC. FiEBRUAR jlorrectinj^ a Mi^ke. Coilony. Kailsas. Feprikarjf-14, 1921 17[ ir |To ^he Register It! appears thiat there' Has ap- pcniied in your Lcc lumus X state- me »,t to the effect that :thb Community church of Colony by re- Iducing the salami- of its minister {has [forced him'td tiike up the jioul- jbusiness. Th!^ sort ofj publl- batidn not only 4)1: ces the chnrch taienibershlp In a| rather sorrowful light and holds tip its mlnllstbr as undovoted to the cause of goodness , |ind sacrifice, butja^so prcsclhts er- j " roneous staloments to tljo reading ' ' jjublic as true. |Tnerefore.| I ifeel hat you owe a correction [to me, o the Church of| Colbn.v. to i the pomtnunity Church . Movcnient of he Nation, and to j your rejatfcrs. CHINA These are the | fflcts: ( lot <hc slightest idiajiow j^ou got loldl of your statj^nient). II am hat I minister.. Djurihg thc| four ears of my mini itry here, .11 have Received every cc it, promisen. The ongrcgation has ;ven permitted the tb state my ojvn salary. ; More tjhan! that my sa ary is paid per i|iontili in advance If there is pny hange in salary riade with the beginning ot the rew clmrcli year (.Ma>l 1) It will be a raise ratlier t lan a reduction. Such rei uction- iBis not even been sijggestcd among t le membership, either officially or non-officially. i j It lis true that I am working j ai th^ Queen Hatclielry of onr town, j I liaye not bought |a share, i nor I ave I ever ij/jained of doing { sich a thing. .vUr! job is liaislnc • ,n en. Hot chiekeniSj !l am wiirkiiig ' p 1 a salary, not o^ Jlie sharts. .My j A bird luokx down from t This unustial photograph wa down upon a squadnm of f. : water of Sail Diego (Calif.) h 10 air aijd sees oth^r great Ijjrds taJlng off. 1 lajien jfriiiii an airplane looking straight . .\avy sfeaplancs r bout to a.scenrl V: oni the jirbor during manei vers of the Pacit c fleet. of I'is . diiiighter, :\lrs Ue'iie. remain." about the saiji (Orval Foster, northeast of was in town Friday on bn> 'Hie Cant fell chicken hatch shipplii .i; baby chicks daily ferent point.s. .Mrs. Waller IMnrphy of .V] Fallr* Kvcnl; Wednesday ol week with : her brother. 1 Stevens Vandi family. .X nuiAhh- from h-i-re went day to Kilnnns City to visit lives and fr(cnds and to attcn Auto Show*, taking advantage < excursion rales offered by th Wm. Hy. 1 • Thi> total jiri/.e money liiinV; up for the <olmiiiK. tonriianiciu <i '.t!i.> Ameri'-an I'JowIin:; ('ongr<'s ; at I'eoria will Set a new high- tifi-ord of close to |1 .•10,000. >^''> I RAILROAD MEN TfO EL DORADO F^B. 19 1 son 27. LETTER RECEIVED HfRE R^v. a(nq Mre. iPeriiy O. Haiison Tell of ar There. he Rev. liaye wr the Fl| M )I for 1 Hansons at in bicir sch nd Mrs. i^-rry.(), tl< n a letter of tj .M"th(jdist S nt-kanes sent t 'bristmas itime fi] [lol. The" i Inter tun ; Provim} Tlie letter have isitititlon i.s no trhdngh they ing they do Of general The fighting einoloyment is fdr only—the rush sea three nionihs 1 oh at the hatcli- |no mail jha--^ a time, rtlgard- mav be time frohi my le.f for! I he side an<i feel jise: that I time ,am convinced iOWIl. iness. ry ;.s | Twenty ibcal employes 1 (lit-!-Missouri !';^ci!ic will attend |.-<uiri P.-cilfic enlploy^^;. ety. I preach thaft riWht to loaf nr -waftt liiss of how well n >!ed IK fliianclally. 1 ha\-V- stirJctiy i.'hnrch du cl|ick«n work on tfie mpially bound" to piofitably. Too. thtit ill the stress iif* thifig.s tlver.v- oiie i.s diitT-boiinij inder (;6d In hillp. \\\\ this stress season, t feel It !a sirt of religious .duty to do m.v s not the! only the Gospel of Christ, handling the y that wi|II be bur. readers. I - a sdrt of religious part. i'l'urpiteerInK' m^an.i of preachint rhf Kingdom of oiiV Thaiiklijg you fiir co|-re<:tiori in the ' most satisfying to oslio ! meet ins at la-i \ It was ann onier I trains ironi j iia division .^1111-; lado for, tlje meetitw, r-la-I cniployes a^e expected I the ' President f tlieiofficiiils will .-ittend the raj Mo.; v.-Iiic!i is sjniiiar to the on iK-re several months aso. j-:! Dorado. FebrU )unced today, all points on tliej will be rnn to and to ;;il<lwin and othe^ high acting. |i held )f • the ; a Mis- j: jiooster j Itry 19.; Special I Wich-I •:i Do -I I.ODO ] sclatfca rbeumaiisin. httend. Troe'ili bi.Mist come to al^ !ni! Ihose who ;'.re alway."! I ill- tl'.eni if.ill have thi sii.ire. I Angora. tlii» now Turkish ca has a population of r>S,oiiii. :j 'In Pern |the jmstal systtm is owned by private indiv.idual(i and •not by the government. ! Yery frilly yours. CHARLKS A. .SliiCAL.MO.V: : Il i SAVONJ^URG i (T. B. oi-e) Ifob. ifi.-T.. B. .MJore has Ji. O; Xyman spent h'is' the last week at cabin oh the Neisho river. Imer Johnson's! | pu'rfic isale which was held yes erda.v was well j aft.lnded and thing? sold well. Pj. K. Smith of tha Smith j^tore nio!i:|weiit to Kansas Cilyj .Monday Sand boking j i'tti(rned Wednosdat. largest Ijiiciti r. Reck is (Jtiito poorly. 1^. Morgan was at the office a f the first iiebirds and ;rc|bfns are here don't be too su^e of Spring, j !.-?lio)-t time .vesterdliy. I time in six weeks. B iint dated .liinuaJy 17 at TiUanfu, e. China, says that; tbi> po ]verj* serious am ell what inay are far frinii thr hot e.-jcape 'thei f m^lay • the r iise, was tshjin- itical lat ppV-n. Ifipkit- Ynii fCit —m thor lait ram in<- fovc in in year and inj;sj« is at a 4 [lant. has k'onditlon. ljrou.;ht dbout a •s contlniic to-advance anci act (jther citie:j Btangch^w, "pn^lseriv lank.s scriobis go on ces are j ever It Rich is probabli el If tivffly -American frientfs. ng I thev of I coni^'nt. some use as th<- wouldj s liam- If the southern as - they Ijave they do not U lio^vj soon thci may be'driven Birt jstrangq a; it may se^m in jsti^ange count y. the Hansons th(|ii» opportm Ity for teaching preaching stais with theim. and their preac! list as I crowded |tbe thought! th.-it btJs-lprtTtf'NIN^RTt tandstlllland balidits I Vlt'3l*ilVi! ctcjl liow out. t ^at •say and their Jbig as the letter i.says. ithat ird .ind Margaret Hanson com/ to theU'nited States'this :jum- nicr. The Canlily is well iind Kj>nds grce Ings to >ach and all. ok its will iijr KlALO^Ete: J has olrciSpfid by ({he 1 >i ppeieid a iJew aij c4n| aSd c^H mjeal M faim, diy4 I their hands a use their toriiues ;)on master sen dis- .^ratil S (lf Priij very soil inl R WorId|i^ Largest Shoe-JMakjers ft. Pdniilngtoii, ^o: leased the South iWdshftjtti |. Mr. I Pennih,— Entire hew S|t(#lf "Will, hiave a s. Trcsii friii |ts at all time Pennington |ly to I6ra wi \VBieit travelfhd il of .VdrVay Miss Slllls. cess Victbrial prosaic 'nanj for traveling ihcognit* Q .ys*'" u'fcti r<^ ciiYi 'ftbr-; a ^.d iter 1 sisteii , j.stni uses thb ot Miss Jpftn-; purpo.scs. I- (woman's signp: lelgium. jA very triin mojlel for spring wear. iTn tin- lew light i QQ (ihades of kid *D^«t70 .\ ione-stra reiitilian trpni and! colvered Jieel_. distinguished by a ^'jl^^ •|footwear wi ibifTictui-c. rritj- of thefitct ire c::qu!.sitc lativeJ ! 1 play a njore ilTip |)rtant part thin ever Yquvo only to gaze about in the' Shop;?, For f^pringShoe.s are more tolorfi han ever IJeforeJ BILES IFAMILY And hei-eat Bile.s, fa.sliions! most SHOE STORES fflll liHJL^,. _ sj v^iallcs aSnd ivili' ! imove Ills tfen the next few iure is noti valM in this .sprihg'.s to i-ealize l-Pmore fandifbl the: au- h \ r i -i ?9 •» 1 2x^ AND 2x6,12 TO 16 FEET, PER HUNDRED FEET ! A^PHi^Ljr SLATE, 10x36 SHIP SHINGLES, PER SCRTARE j .do xl2,8trO 16 FEEiT WHITE PINE BOARDS, PER HUNDREp FEET .. .50 EXTRA SfTAR-A STAR pjSD CEDAR SpiNGjLES, I{ER 1,000 if.M.Pau $4*00 All other items priced in proportion tlo build or repair in lola. Theie prices are 1x4 CLEAR FLOORING, PER NO. 1 YELLPW PINE LATH, Sic 7-FOOT WHITE CEDAR I^ENCiE P6STS, EACH RED SEMINOLE BARN IPAINIT, PitR GALLON to the above. Now i$ good at our yard^* m Jr., Mgr. the iopportuhe ti lola, Kansas, onlj^, iUNDRED FEET $4*50 *ER BUNDLE ..! ii»Ia, Kan^k I • I i

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