Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 25, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1898
Page 1
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— • -. -J^^T"* _j~*mimm*ii l *?**^* m ~**~—^*~f!!?~*!~****~ili**^mi*mii*^ Give the People a Chance to Patronite Yoa-Yoti Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. DOING GREAT WORK. Use of Paine's Celery Compound in the Philadelphia W. C. A. IS TO THE OPEN London Times' Comment on tha Policy In Our Acquisitions. EQUiL TREATMENT ITS ESSENCE. The magnlQcent building - at tbe corner of Eighteenth and Arch streets Philadelphia, is a monument that tella what a great charity lathe Women's Christian Association of the Quaker City. The Superintendent of tbe W. 0. A. home is the accomplished woman whose portrait is printed here, Mies' Katharine Kennedy. What she baa done and what she la doing for the benefit of other; women commands tbe highest respect bnd admiration. In all other inatitutiona ot this kind more attention is given every year to teaching tbe laws of health |and right living, physically as well as morally. The Health of communities Is more and more frequently a subject of at. tention from clergymen and teachers, An ailing, nervous man or woman finds it more difficult to be hopeful and cheerful and good than a well one. Writing to the Wells & Richardson Oompany, who are the proprietors of the moat wonderful pi all remedies for tbe cure ot diseases that: arise from the impairment of tbe nervom system, Faine'a celery compound, Miss Kennedy, in toe course of her letter, referring to tbe use of Paiae'a celery I compound among the members of tbe W. 0. A., says that "those who have been taking it feel greatly benefited, and desire to continue the use of it." I So many women run down in health by overwork, or what la worse, over- worry, have been restored to perfect health by Paine's celery compound, that' its record in the Philadelphia home has been duplicated in every large city in tbe Union. Qrateiul testimonials of this character have been published time and again in these columns, and it Is a fact that no other •remedy has ever received a hundredth of tbe hearty blessings that tbe managers of public institutions have openly accord* d to Paine'd 'celery compound. The widespread use of Palne's 1 • Celery compound, in the most intelligent, careful homes, and among the most thoughtful portions of every community, has grewn up by Just this sort of personal guarantee, by word of mouth, from persons made strong add. well to others needing exactly "the kind of invigoration aud toning np that Paine's celery compound gives. In time ot great mental strain, when other remedies only weddle.and muddle, Palne'a celery cortiponnd feeds tbe hard-pressed n rvea. Palne'a celery compound purifies the blood of all bad humorc. and cures the many ailments from this familiar cause. A vast proportion of .all diseases are preventrble. Paine's celery compound fa universally prescribed by medical men to stop the progress of disorders, doe to poor blood and badly nourish, ed nerves, THE HOLIDAY SEASON la at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushes, And many other beautiful and useful things. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street. Opposite City Hall. Alton.Jll. Commencing Nov. 10tb, until further notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Price*: All our INQEAIN OAUPETS from tbe cheapest to tbe Beet all Wools at a reduction amounting to 10 per cent. Brussels Oarpeto and Velvet* enough for a room at coal, prices. Bring In your measure. Wyf Here is one oi those who aye either so prejudiced againat all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who Will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful va,iu* ol Fol«yf,8 Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troup- 3T Our Tariff Enforced Ae»ln«t All Aocepted \>t Th» Tlmn M th« Correct Tnlns Some Remark* on the ConttKutlonul Difficulties In the Way ot K«pnn»lon— l>otn in Cull* Htiitllng (o Get Out— Itelgn of Crime In Hrtvnna City. tendon, Nov, 25.—The Times, commenting editorially upon a dispatch from Its Berlin correspondent, gays: "It Is easy enough to understand that the Germans are eager to find flaws In the Anglo-American understanding. Foi our part we have always been aware that there are difficulties In the way of adopting' the 'open door' as that policy Is usually understood here. But we have never for an Instant doubted the sincerity of the United States government or Its ability to devise some means of substantially securing the results aimed at. Secretary Hay explains that the ordinary American tariff will be enforced against everybody. For all International purposes that la the 'open ^oor* policy. Economical purists may argue that as the tariff restricts trada the door Is only partially open; but whatever force that argument holds, It Is of purely domestic application. Ka»«noe of the Open Koor Policy. "Equality ot treatment and absence of differential duties are the essence of the 'open dooc' policy as between nation and nation. Revenue Is Indispensable and 'It Is Immaterial to the trading- world whether this be raised at ports of entry or by Internal taxation." The editorial proceeds to argue as follows: "Though gome amendment of the constitution may perhaps be necessary to, legitimatize the novel policy of governing by protectorate It would not be necessary tnerely to settle the details of fiscal legislation. What appears to be wanted is less an alteration of the constitution than an extension of the powers of the executive for purposes not contemplated when the constitution was framed. In any cage, In the present enthusiastic expansion mood of the American people, those technical difficulties are not likely to prove troublesome." Dally New* Baa Some Comment. London, Nov. 26.—The Dally News in an editorial referring to the "open door" policy In the Philippines and the constitutional difficulty It presents to America, says: "In the United States themselves opinion Is sharply divided over the future of the Philippines. Enthusiasm for American expansion will be considerably abated If It means' afpro- portlonate extension of the Dlngley tariff." ; Agniiclllo Coming tu Washington. Paris, Nov. 25.—It is said that Agon- clllo, the representative of Agulnaldo's •government, Is going to Washington to ^ascertain the Intentions of the United States. MOVING DAY ON THE IStK OF CUBA IU Approach Heralded In * Number of W»y»—Dons Hurrying Evacuation. Havana, Nov. 25.—The last few days have seen a revival of activity In every tiuarter. Things appear to take on more definite forms in every branch of military occupation. Here at Havana wharves are being built and railway connections made. Tho camps chosen have actually begun to be constructed. Government boats and supplies are arriving and the first Installment of United States troops IB expected on Friday. At the custom house the archives are being packed hurriedly preparatory to turning 1 over the building to the American authorities. The best energies of the Spaniards now seem bent upon an Immediate evacuation of tbe island. All this has had a salutary effect upon the general itone of commercial and social life In the city, which looks to the Immediate, future for relief from a long season of doubt and stagnation. Senot Qlranta, secretary of the Spanish evacuation commission, has delivered two notes to the United States commissioners. The first announced that the troops In the province of PInar del Rio and the province of Havana would embark for Spain at the city of Havana; that those In Matanzas province would embark at Matanzas City, and those In the province of Santa Clara at Clenfuegos. The other note announced that the Trinidad division would be evacuated at the end of November, and the Sinictl Splrltus division on Dec. 3, both divisions belonging to Santa Clara province.. The (Irst Thanksgiving Day dinner InlHavnna under the new regime was given at the Hotel Pasajc. Covers were laid for more than 100 guests, American and English. The alarming Increase In vice and crime renders it unsafe to walk the streets unarmed or unprotected after nightfall. The police reports 'show scores of. "hold-ups," murders, burglaries and highway robberies. Corruption, bribery and wholesale stealing In the military and civil administrations continue unchecked. Some Insight Into the condition of municipal affairs can be gained from the following; The regulation; hours for killing at the slaughter houses arc during the afternoon, but B special permit entitles certain contractors to slaughter one head each mornjng for which those who have the privilege pay a prewcrllied fee. As a matter of fact over 100 head are killed every day : before noon, the fees for which, exceeding $250, never find their way Into the city treasury. (lot n Itraken Itlb In a Plglit. Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 26. — Tommy Hyan, the Champion welterweight, went against Johnny Gorman, of Brooklyn, before the Monarch A. C., In this city, and wan Awarded the deelstpu by Referee "Yank" Sullivan, Oorman'8 manager throwing up the sponge ut the end oMne eighth round of what was to have been a : twenty-round go. Uormun got a broken rib In the light. Ourrlo Shaft llol.U Ore. Ironwood, iMIeh., Nov. 25.—The Curry shaft at the! Norrle mine, of this city, hai conimvtiv>'il hoisting ore. Tills shaft If (he lurgeHt on the Uognblc range and ,U'Bi'urclly of men Is apparent. A cull tor 660 hands; WUH put out, but very f»w RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum. Alum taking powder* we the greatest menacen to health of the present day, «ew. MMM KWMR Oft.. NIW VOBK. run PICKED Ul» IJf BUCKETS. D1U of Floth ItmiiHlnlnc oftlio Vlctluu of Die Vuwilor MM Kxplolilnll. Qulncy, Ills., Nov. '&.— The powder mill at Lamotte, Mo., situated eighty miles south of here on the "K" line and half a mile fi'om Ashljurn, blew up, killing six men and wounding several others. The names of the dead follow William Wilson, foreman and son of the manager, living at Ashburn; Alfred Wenzel: Albert Miller, Hannibal; D. M. Smith, Louisiana; William Charleston, Ashburn, and Jack Holllnger, Ashburn. The explosion took place In the packing house and was so terrific as to be heard and was felt a distance of twenty-live miles. Telephone reports from Pltts/lcld, New Canton, Bayless, Winchester, Klnderhoolc and all over Pike county, Ills., are to the effect that the explosion was plainly fell In those places. The exact cause of the explosion will never be known, as all the men In the packing house at the time were blown to atoms. Something like 10,000 pounds of powder was usually kept In the pack- Ing house, which was a frame structure During the day men were engaged with buckets gathering up such bits of flesh and hones as they could find. A piece of spinal column was found half a mile from the scene of the explosion. Those who were Injured were employed in another building. They were struck 'by flying debris but none of them fatally Injured. SOLDIERS UULE AT VANA. Martial I<u\v Goes Into Kffrct, but Does >'uf. Slop Shooting;. Pana, Ills., Nov. 2D.—Adjutant General J. N. Keece «nd Brigadier General J. S. Culver, of Springfield, were In the city Tuesday night conferring with Lieutenant Colonel Wells in regard to the strike situation. Both returned to Springfield yesterday morning. C3over- nor Tanner's proclamation declaring martial law In Pana was posted in numerous places throughout the city yesterday. The act went Into effect at 5 p. m. Captain Butler relieved William Paus, a union miner, of a revolver Lieutenant Beam took C. L. Antledel's revolver. The latter is ticket agent for the Illinois Central and Big Four rall- roadn. There was promiscuous shooting throughout the city last night, but the cause could not be learned. All the state mine workers' officers are greatly- needed at this place Just now to assist In controlling and directing the movements of the miners. State Vice President Russell Is of the opinion that the miners' officers cannot prevent outbreaks as long as the negroes are here and armed by the operators. CITIZENS PKKVjEffT A LVNC'HIXO. Hob tViu JuHt Going to Make It Four When Stopped In Its Work. Monticello, Ga., Nov. 25.—Ed Merriwether, a negro who was lynched Tuesday, confessed before he was hanged to the murder of a young white man, and said three other negroes—Irvin Chancy, Jake Glover and Mary Ramey—assisted him. After disposing of Mcrrlwether the mob rushed back to the jail to get the other negroes who had been arrested on sucplclon. Ropes were put around their necks and they were dragged to the place where Merriwether's bullet- riddled body was hanging. A large number of citizens had heard of the effort to lynch the other three negroes and they hurried to the scene. It was only by the most vigorous efforts that this lynching was prevented. One of the negroes was about to be drawn up on a limb when a young white man Jumped forward and cut the rope. The mob then gave up and the three ne- groes were turned over to the sheriff. They are novMn jail. ATTEMPT TO BOM A BASK. Form of Government That Is to Obtain in Hawaii. ONE OK THE HAM EXT FEATURES orilin Hill To tin I ii I r,ul ii red In Abolition of CiiuUii f.nbor-Gniii|ii-r« lln» a Tulle with tho I'raalilmit About. Lrglnlatlon for Wurl<liiftiii<m, Kiiicclnllj- the Elglit- Hour l,,iw — 1'ipnl.l, ul Multllllay Bud reported tha railed 16 ceil I the miner*' wages were ) a day oniArmcf DMVO. T!ub tout to lye la tUo world (or cutfli brtUses, eore i. aloers, salt rheum, fever sores, to itor chapped bands, chilblains, conn and «1T skin eruptions, And positive y mam piles, or no pay required. II to guaranteed to give perfect satis action, or money refunded. Price 8flJ cent* per box, For sale B. Marsh. Ajton and Upper Alton "Tbe worst cold I ever bad in my life was o ired by Chamberlain's Oougb Kerne ly," says w. H Norton, of gutter Or* sk, Oaf. "ThU cold, left me with a oo igb and J. was expeotor- atlgg all tbe I lm«. The remedy cured we,andlifajit all my friend* wben tfoubW with * OQBgtf or Mid to we It, fortt will do them good." Bold by B. Marsh tad ™ ** — V W^^yt9& Wf«|» Thugs dug the Town Willchman, but Fall to Get Any Money. St. Louis, Nov. 25.—At Elsberry, Mo., sixty-eight miles north of here on the St. Louts, Keokuk and Northwestern railroad, robbers made a desperate attempt to rob the Lincoln County bank. As the result of rough treatment received from the robbers John Wiseman Waters, the night watchman of th« town, who Is CO years old, may die. He was found at an early hour hound and gagged, lying In the open air where he had been left by (he robbers. He was badly frozen. When President F. F. Harvey nrrlvoi] at the bank hi: found the vault doors wide open. Tho safe Inside containing $10,0(10 was closed, and he WUH unable to open It. ^n expert safe opener was Bent from here u( the request of the bank officials, but was unable to open the safe doors. !!<• |g emphatic In Die statement that the robbers 1'allcd to open the safe Hill III! ul (lull. Iliiull. St. Loulu, Nov. 26.—fli'lierul Don Carlos Huell, IT. S. A., retired, who died In Kentucky recently, was burled In Belle- fontnlnc cemetery beside the remains of his wife. He received military honors and wan horriu (o his last resting place by otllcors of the Twelfth United Stales Infantry from Jefferson bur- racks. Hunk Itohliixl at IHiiiMT Hum. Utluu, O., Nov. 2,1.—The Wilson bank wua robbed while Die ulllrlals were absent for u period of fifteen mlnuten at the dinner hour, $2,000 In registered UoiulH, $5,000 In coupim bnmlx and $5,000 In golrt and currency being tuken. Trumps are supposed (o have done (he work. Loving Cii|i for 0«)>t, Mg«liee. St. Paul, Nov. 25.—The Commercial Club, of St. 1'uul, has preHented a loving cup to Caplaln ChurleH 1). Klgxbee, who u» tin- 1 commander of the auxiliary cruluor St. Paul hud an active part In the Victories of the recent war. Dr.Bul!s COUCH SYRUP Will cure Tonillltli and BronohfU*. A ipoclflo for Incipient Washington, Nov. 25.— The commission appointed by the president to recommend a form of government for the Hawaiian Islands as a part o f the United States met In Cullom'B committee room at tbe Capitol yesterday for the first time since leaving Honolulu, Senators Cullom and Morgan, Representative Hilt, and Judge F.-car being present. The legislation which will be recommended by the commission will be Included In a bill which to all Intents and purposes will be an enabling act, and very much like the bills providing for the admission of new states Into the Union except In the one Important detail that It provides for tho admission of a territory, and not a state. One of the report's Important features Is a recommendation that the gystem of Importing laborers under con. tracts shall be discontinued. Cannot Continue Coolie Labor. The commissioners have concluded that as the system Is contrary to the laws applying to this country as a whole It would not be wise to continue It even temporarily In Hawaii. It Is understood that a majority at least of the members of the commission do not accept the theory that Americans and Europeans cannot do manual labor In the Islands. The commission will recommend a regular territorial form of government with a governor, a delegate in congress, and n legislature. The legislature will be elected by the qualified voters of the islands, but there will be property and educational qualifications Imposed upon those who vote for members of the upper huune of the legls'ature. The franchise will not be extended to the Japanese or Chinese In the Island, but the Portuguese who become citizens will not be excluded under the restrictions imposed. HnwnliaiiB 1'rcfVr the System. Justice Frear, one of the commissioners, said as to the solution of the coolie labor problem in Hawaii: "Under the present law coolie labor can be Imported. Our people, if left to their own choice, would prefer to continue this system, but we will not hesitate to give It up if required. We realize that the stability of government will be so largely Increased under annexation that we could afford to amend our labor laws and sacrifice chjeap labor. Aa a matter of fact our planters are now starting In to make a serious attempt to introduce white laborers. Some have already been brought In from California, ar.d It Is believed the experiment will succeed. Gomper» Calls on the President. Washington, Nov. 25. — Samuel J. Gompcrs, president of the American Federation of Labor, accompanied by the secretary of the federation, had an hour's conference with the president yesterday in regard to legislation In the Interest of labor now pending In congress. Gompers' purpose was to secure, If possible, the Indorsement of these measures in the president's forthcoming message to congress. The president was deeply Interested in Gompers' remarks, and without indicating what specific recommendations would be made In his message on these subjects said that he regarded it the duty of every man, whether in public or private life, to use every effort In his power to Improve the condition of the workingman, and to bridge the cha'sm between him and his employer Urges tlie Eight- llour- Day Law. Gompers favored the eight-hour law which limits a day's work to eight hours, whether the work Is being done directly by the government or by contractors, and the bill having for its object tho Improvement in the condition of American seamen. The bill gives to seamnn the right to leave a vessel when she Is In safe harbor, and abolishes ocr- poral punishment. He also urged the Lodge Immigration bill, which limits Immigration to persons who can read and write, and the convict labor bill, which prohibits the transportation of the product of convict labor from one state to another TWO FIUSSIDKNTS KXCIIANOB CALLS MoKlnley Vlalts Igleslas and the Latter KeturUB the Compliment, Washington, Nov. 26. — President Igleslus, of Costa Hlca, arrived here yesterday afternoon, and although traveling Incognito he was accorded all the honors lilting to the visit of the president of a sovereign government and a sister republic. Colonel Carter, of (he adjutant general's o/Ilce, had met the president and his party and ac- cojiiimnled Uiem to Washington. On tSiMr'arrlvni hpte they were- met at tni? station by Colonel Hlngham, ns the personal representative of the president, who escorted the party to carrlageg In waiting, and It was driven to the Arlington hotel. The party was assigned the extensive nulte of apartments used by distinguished »up«U, Including presidents-elect prior to their Inauguration. Shortly after the arrival of Igleslaa Secretary Porter called to ask when It would be agreeable for Iglenfai? to receive the president of the United States, who desired to pay his respects. An Immediate engagement was made, and »oon thereafter President McKlnley, accompanied by Secretary Porter and Col. UlUHham. the latter In full uniform! drove from the White House to the ho- trl. They were met at the doorway by Minister Calvo and Colonel Carter and escorted to President Iglenlas' private parlor. The meeting of the two presidents was most cordial and entirely devoid of formalities. They chatted together about live minutes, exchanging good wishcn, and then President Me- Klnlcy bid President Igleslas good-bye, after wishing him a most pleasant visit In this country. This official formality over, another one of a like nature followed when President Igleslas returntd McKlnley's call. American Syndicate Negotiating. Pekln, Nov. 25.— An American syndicate Is negotiating with the Hong Kong and Pekln bank and Jardlne, Mathlcson & Co. with the view of amalgamating for the construction of the Hankow Canton railroad. Troofi Land at Manila. Madrid, Nov. 25.—An official telegram from Manila states that 4,000 Americans have Just landed In the Philippines. Joyous Fact for Mine. Dreyfus. Paris, Nov. 25.—Madame Dreyfus has received a letter from her husband In his own handwriting. Easily? Are you frequently hoarse? Do you have that annoying tickling in your throat? Would you feel relieved if you could raise something? Does your cough annoy you at night, and do you raise more mucus in the mprnlng? Then you should always keep on hand a bottle of If you have a weak throat you cannot be too careful. You cannot begin treatment too early. Each cold makes you more liable to another, and the last one is always harder to cure than the one before it, »r.i|cr'8CMrrg Pcetorii piuter irttecu ne iu§s Irea CMS. Help at Hand. If you have any complaint whatever and desire tbe best medical advice you can possibly obtain, write the doctor freely. You will receive a prompt reply. Address, DR. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mags. IMITAI TIE EICOUNCB OF SV1IIP OF FIGS la due not only to tho originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to tho care and skill with which it la manufactured by scientific proceHscs known to the CALIFORNIA Fia Syuiu* Co. only, and we wish to impress upon ull the importance of purcliasiiiK 1 the »,ruo and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CAUFOIINIA Fiu Svitui- Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will asslat one in avoiding tho worthless imitations mnnnfuctnml by other parties. Tho high standing of the CALIFORNIA Via KVKUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Fign has given to millions of families, makes tho name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the liidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and It does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please, remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, WRECK OP TWO VESSELS. Go Anhoro Within Nine Blllen of Kaob Oilier In u Storm. Duluth, Minn., Nov. 25.—The steamers Tampa and Arthur On- are wrecked on the north Bhore of Lake Superior. The two vessels represent about $450,000 with their cargoes, and they He within nine miles of eac-h other. The Tampa, a wooden vessel, Duluth bound with coal from Buffalo, la a complete wreck an the rocks at Heaver Bay, sixty miles «aat of Duluth. She went ashore about I o'clock Tuesday morning In the tearful gale and snow storm that swept Lake Superior all of Monday und Tuesday. Her crow Is safe at Beaver Buy. The Tampa Is a total loss, and was In- •urod for >100,000. Her cargo was Insured for JS.OOO. The tug W. P. Castle has returned from the scene and she brought news of the wreck of the Arthur Orr, a steel vessel, ot Baptism river, nine miles east ot the Tampa. She went on at about tha same hour the Tampa was wrecked. She la not In BH bad Hhanr- as the Tampa, although sho Is broken In two. The Orr left Duluth Monday morning Just before the storm broke. She had a cargo of (lour ami copper bound fur Buffalo. The Orr Is owned by I.'. W. Klphlcke, of Chicago, and Is valued at $100,000. She la only three years old und Is one of the belt boats on the lakes. UALIWllTilOTKL I'ASIUTTIKS. Corrtiol LUt Kliown Two Uuuil, Flvu Injured uutl Ntuu Mlwitliiif, San Francisco, Nov. 26.—Tho totul loss by the Baldwin hotel lire will reach $1,500,000. The correct list of casualties la us follows: Dead—Captain J. L While, San Francisco, capitalist; Lewis Myeru, Skngway, Alaska, merchant. Injured — F. 1'. Noon, St. Louis. Mo., left ankle sprained, hands and ntck bruised; UcorKo lluber, Sun Francisco, cut about body; Miss Bridget Mitchell, Sun Francisco, badly bruised; V)r» Murshi.l Tuwo, Han l"VaiM!lsc(i, cut about head; George Carroll, out and bruised about hands and arms. Missing: J. M. Lulghthcud, Sun Francisco; Tale Pryor, facing sheet writer, St. Louis; F. 12. A ml re us, cashier of cafe, Joe Hummerfleld, Chicago, bookmukei, 10. N. dies, advertising agent, St, Louis Weslllihw J J ost, Fied Webstei, two chambumuldti, John Caitei, JfU> tiuUt judge, St. Louis, Nov. 25.—It Is learned ut the offlcers of tlie Woslllchd Post In this city that their advertising agent, Krnuut N. Giles, who Ii reported among the missing In the Baldwin House flro in San Francisco. Is safe. Bo much depends upon the purity of tba blood that by taking Hood's diffwwfe ' ' i ^^^•••••MWMMaiMVBRlilMilllMIJIMHlBBHBBiVflliBli 1 STANDS Any way you look at lt,TheShcrwln.WIUl»m« P.lnt elands. White lead paint coven wwi, but It obalk* and rub* off, Zlno paint ipreadi well, but It cracks and peon off. Neither ona •lone make* a durable pnldt. Tho Sherwln-Wllllara* Paint combines tho boil qnnlillc* of both with the highest skill, it contains the bent lead In the best proportion, the be^t rlno in the belt proportlon.und tbe beat oil nnd drier and cclor, all In the belt proportions. From every point of view ltetond»com- parlion with lead paint or r.lnc paint, llstanda when exposed to tbe weather ana bard wear. It stands alone-every can fully guaranteed, and behind tbo guarantee ell the resources and tbe reputation of tbo Company, THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS to sped*))/ prepared tor e»eir kind of palming, act (ho rtjht kind for four work. Go bjr the l»t*t.. A ptactlwl book on painting fret. TH* SHSKWIN'WILLIAMB Co., fmnr 4 COLOB U tit tut. »M SMwart Ay«., Chlomto; alto Cleveland. Now York and Montrwl. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL? 117 West Third Street 7. W. BURQESS, GROCER, Cor. Sixth and Albyatsi Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, elc. t Free De"very to any Part of the City. We Have an Elegant Line; of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. X West Third Street. Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS •f m Gravel ssa Composition "» ROOFING MATERIALS Mtouf totured br JOHN M. SELLERS, of c », Louis, Who baa lately rooted the following build! on' Tobaono Warohoa««, and Lemp'« Brewer?, Drop a poital to oi call on rn Hotel, New flanteii' Home, Li Tbe cheapen and beat rood e«r pa on C. MACK, AQT . Alton Corner Shield* vnrf Botzti Streets Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone. Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alway* on hand. AUo' Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Trackt Running Into the QuarrlM. Telephone No, 31. Residence 6a8 Alby st "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCJPB0," TRY SAPOUO.

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