The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 3
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L. R. lola his way Kmpor a salesrtia: lives in yeste rid. I^dman passei itday on the oi fiiam Pawhnsika Kimsas. Mf. and with H hih; $4? Mrs. tfrtlii^v my li> Ciiilil Jollin T. Mahaffey the oil {ry «T ff l ^'I^it hr>r (laiiKliti he rcniainderi -Marjci MlH. JiJbii! MrH iii-ur <'o| iiikh-.s i.r Moll offering "of Kdwards .Mfllln j through .iriytr on -bkla., to ^ielman is !J family h.eautifnl pry. illlnt? iind ; .SI KcyMer, l*hoi] tht? wi'ck on — MaHiKjr Urddlng 1h di , .Mr. yi'.si ci i«-nd th Hil« ,^'il wt'i 'k. •, On • del » kee Mr. a this' vf Hoherid <-6inp(iser In ijoiil (ipcrplta, n'd," Fi 'hriKiry njt MrH. IJoyd y i>n I 111- oil fl • iantoniobile'shok in Kiin- left yes- ir Kansas r, Mrs. L. ; of (he ain-pooinK. .• .'.!iT. Ill Kon an' li<-ir farm ' dHE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSjDAY wry snc- p .fnM'<'r Winilniills .Ayprs lef.l .'IT III a(- rihe reniiUnile •) t of llK- ! MndeLike NeJ housphold sprv ijghy lo the (arefu it^i: Have yon t A^i]>>son lleune 1 Phone. 105 id Mrs. E-.jVpton ek of ^rr: and of Ottawa, Kan p is a honsf: ipd it? —Ifi Vfiiu w .Tnt to hiiv home,' fiiP lola Hujldii .^ssoeiafiion will loan "nionpy, f-asy terms, nt) sitins.i 6rKanized ju located jj^onthwest <:()rne a. E. IVts, Secretary. - r Chunh he- pries are gnests dis. I'. .\. 'as. or hnild a Loan yon the ioniniis- iSS.".. Now of Kcjnare. ..jAIvis, a formfr residont and employe: of the S lola wi.sia visitorj here is now frelief operator and is eiiroilte foij a vi mother j.Mrs. .Josie Al nnte, nta Ke-in todav. He at Wichita i^it Willi his is of -Clia- •feen Dinner, Fir tomorrow,! .'i.'.c. The jr>ieosho cfiuiity j lil lat Erie number of t any,one •y took of- re are now most of liquor and now hdjcls the largest prisdni rh it has 'l>|id Ump si i(e Sheriff Yoi* ilce tw )(years ago.Th Iwenty three prisoiiers them )(flng there on dope: c lirgcs. i • - lil, Oraro Sv^'ansi HertoK 'ji'hosch In "Wl lliilliiii 1;' makPs a \'iT Aitiiith'.-il. At .Iiinlor II Kehrmfrv J8. Mr.- went 1 lend I I uncle. dnd Mrs. W. 1 1; Vates t'erifer i> funeral of Mr $. L. Naylor. kir. and Mrs. A. A. Mosher, Mrs. Anna Herr, .\Ir.s. Kenneth Foust -rid- Miss Nellie Walters motored ,(»• .Moran Tuesday night to attend I he meeting of the Kastyn Star' lodge. • I •, ;-'("liicken Dinner. First Christiari f 'hnrch loiriorrow. I K. K. lleering of Viclilra. State iiiaiiuger of the .Modern Urot'luT- hiiod of America, attenileil'lhi! lo-: jcal lodge meeting hero nlghl^ •iiliil Hal()li l.rt'e. dfslrirt nianiiger iiir the same order, cime from Fort :.S< Kit fill- the meellnj,'.' I —Dr. A. B [ Twadell, Oiiteopath. Hew Gloho Uldg.. Pliooe 191. Mrs, linn i'ry went lo Kansas iCIly this nioWiiiiK to Join .Mr.^ Fry i.-inii aiti-iid '|li<- aiitoifiotiile Hlioifi'. |MK Fry has hefjii there several Idays on ImMiiess, • j -^See .Jack firiffln. .Ir., as an Aiiierfi':in Ornmmei liiid Oolph" ijenrichs as Mynheer Herlogen- .lioHch ill '•Windmills of llolland*at '.liiliior High School J-'iIjrnary IS. \ii T. Harhe^-. of the Harher (.'ar- agf-, went to Kansas ("ity today to. uilieiid the autoinohile .show. ; —Try tt once—you wtli hare no other. Van Hoozer'e Bread. I'. .1. Southard, wlio lives out sotith on the Kentucky .strnet road, w;is in town tlus iporning. : Mr. Smithard says lie never hefore lieard of .such extensive reqnests for farms lo .rent. It seems there ar^ htiiKireds of men looking for a farm to rent. good sign that farming is a good thing. • - Special. _ Friday and Saturday, Haski't ; Store No. .1' al H'" Fast iSliritcc; Ml). Pickwick Toffee and i jpaikage Pickwick Mran Flakes li>r .-.r.c. J. R. Urim. I'lione .SU. ;eorge Baker arrived Jn lola y«(<ierday from Clarksburg. \V. Va., where he had hecii employed in the smelters. H. P. Wicks iias rented hiBrciji- dcnce jiroperty at 206 South ThJ street lo II. P.'Jonee who will ol cupy it as a home. Mr. Jones empldved at the : United In; Works. . —Just like Angel Food CaKe, Van Hoozer '8, Bread, 2 for 15c. Robins were seeii in Told tl: is morning. They are a sure h:<r- binger of spring. Treat your. Piaiio as a musijal instrument. Have it tuned ev^ry 6 nionth.s. Call T. O. Canatsey. As stated In the Register y lerdav J. H'. Adams, extention polil- Id In ed tryman from K. S. A. ('. will li meetings at different placek. addition to the jilaces ineiitior .vesterday there will he a meet at l:(i(i p. m. at the homo fahn of H. F. Dozier, five miles .no of .Moran Fridiiy. February ]s...'Jhi meeting Sntiirilay al 1 :00 p. m. Is to be at till- home of Frank Ha th southtasr of lola. —You'll cnioy (he wooden s chorus in "Wiinlmllls of lliiila at .liinlor High School Fdiniary Lester Ciarvpr .Ir., of 200 So Kim street, who has been snflli ing with 'an aitai.'k of tonsllitis reported bctler today. th \. DAILY REGISTI meeting whith is being The nidetirig whiich is being held at the Free Mctlio list ehtirch will continue for an indefinite time. The Rev. .Mr. .Mill r is an earnest and intere-siing spejaker. A cordial welcoine is extended to all to attend theSe meetings. —CUiUlren's Hats and Bonnets for all ages in .st'^aw. silk and georgette. $1..^0 to Alillinciy. $:!.7.'i. Kdwanls Mrs.| riviid rhiircl i Mrs. EVEWG 11. Baker lot nn th Toiicka arr noon Irnlin Inday lO visit l4'r sisjter. Mrk Joliri Garvej" and rajmjly;{)t LaHarpe^. —CHicken Leei tra^ii toda)r visit jjier $: Blatklfurn.- VctW .Mrs. (I'eorge Mcflaley has received word from her husband, who underwent ari operation at a St. Louis hosirfta abont a week ago, that he is geitling along very nicely. Keglsfrntiti the otfice of till City tif lola. Kan from .S o'clock a. p. m —For the piirpwe of registration "Ity Clerk i >f the 'as. win be open , ,.„. ™ M. m. till .10 o'clock . beginning Ifebruary IC, 1927, has and closing. Fehr thos" whoiijid no eral' Klei'lton he (ir who have el I.s. tth r- IH lacy 2r.. 1!<27. All vote at the (!en; 'd last .N'ovember. aiiged thcdr residence since, niulit retrister to entitle them lo vijte at the romins •111 March .Sth, and n to be held on !"'" I Primary to li» h the City Kleclhi April 192 H. L. McS'IEI — ISeaiitifiil : Hats .iij yoiillflili larce head ^-i/.l•s. |i.7 -"i.- Kdw:(rds .Millinery. Newton Lane, agent for the i in<'lair prodiiMS here has relur led from a business trip and a \isit Willi his family at llntchiii:|on. Kansas. —O. L. Cox, M. D., Speclajlit Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat I Mrs. McCord, who has been of. jmeiimoriia fever, is reiio better today. — Ffahk Penson .is lookinu; fi girl ii> i 'Wiiidniills of lloUand .lunji.-r iliEth Schoid February P Ma,\ Prinnon and son RicI Prinnon of -H."? South Wa ernpart of the .state on a trip; Mrs. Sftanley I daughter, .Vaomij sas City, who their parents .Mr. and .Mr.s. :122 South .Chest ed' home today. ill ted r a at AV. K.' Black, LeshOil .station ton avenue, wh influenza for'th is still unable to is being ciired Black. i Cilv Clerk. inchVloe and baby Jeanne, of Arkan- lave been visiting ind grandparents. 1. H. Fleisher of Inul street, return- manager of the m Soiith Washing) has been ill of ' past two 'weeks, be oirt. The busi- for by .Mrs. IJ. T. BaMier. local .Star or,! fl Ullil from Dinner. I Fi rst tombrrow, .35c. I'eteto left for Virjgil 1st r-in-liiw. .Mrs, who is vdry In thei[e iev^ral aayi. ^T. M. Wjright. ini charge of, thp locil weatjer) burean, |returnejJ night 'ijrom Chicaj^o where h^e agi hy thje leif brothel-. u. ^. who hqs ten dajb la." wai cjaljed ten dais crl|icijl illn 'ss of aj»'t ^Ir.j Von- Eischen, of Woall)er Bureau S^rv be(»n as of ro^ t if i .FEBRUARY 17 Christian n the hooiji Kansas to ill. Will Mi the ee. n in loj I for thi> past a jtiibsit ute dur ng t.h^ absence Mij. Wrl?ht..wilt r > his J tation il) I W to, Kansas X'il ing tiV iiltejnd iliP aiiti convention "of this section. ^\eith Richardson, th^ iJeadei; Mercantlli ed] tlijis mjirniiig fron iinirchased ing nierrhal edj this n wljerj he»*w H|> Clen Smit'h of Cet cepteil a Klecti-ic doinjiany. bosJtion with the Jon^-s his home stree . known as (Jroc as |T • I Mri and I Kan.-^i • few :Mrs. R. N. Jon^s of Rmporia was the guest overnight and today of her sister. Mrs. .4. F. Florence and family on West ri -tiirnpd' home t Mr.>. .r. West sas busiii Broadway! She liis afteilioon. I nectfj "hapnian. depart- . home. i ment president .for the state Of ard I Kansas of the .|u.\iliary I'nited Spanish le B j tdrn tomot'- uron, S. D. distribut- y this morn- iiiohllo HhoW Star dealers manager of Co., returii- m. Loiil.s large stotk nditte. pv .'l has ac- 416 SI: IJe will make nth Walnut •ThK Baksett grpcely the M. & .\ ry %fi)l . hereaft ssPtt .Mode formerly Mjarket and IT be known n Nlarkef. : Mrs. J. B. ias City yesterdii lays, i Mrjs. Sajlie Adams kveiU to Kan>n lin a- short ess trip. yim. Adams has cx- 'ity this afterno: chanj?ed her propertj ! Kan^las City real e; sooi) to make M. Rilev of Bl: Kirk went y ro spend ly in lola tate and hat place her Urath Mrs. Ki years, dieii noon at'tli She leaves dren of mourn he^ loss, ice wil^: bf held all 1927. crctt al 0:;?0| e home Fuliz on South State morrow a liesser ch Rev. J. Ej take plac Mrs. Je Kansas w{ or tliis m a husbi nd aij ihe immediate "Ihe fii , 2:30 ternoon' [apel. codduc Reynoljis. Everett Fnlli. Ifultz. yesl«| of at ttii L-t£l aged; 28 rday aictcr- M«s. Belle treet road. ,d five Chil- faniiiy to neral serv- o'cloclf to- Adfims ii by j the Burial will b in Hiffhland Cemetery i WilliaAis ofl Richmond, ^8 an loja business yisit- rning, Beh Amderson. plumber" mefly occupied b; north t vtng it Co., on th u.hd is h si|ow roo Watsen Slo., will chair in on .North the '^ne-trip has rentled thlP roomfor- ed to assume hi morning hext. B. A. Silt'on Ief< Kansas C Sutton's mie and punied him to K are the Hnrinnn return hii Mr. an pect to the weat AV. E. Hii street is wise put C' E. 1 I nut is hiving hi street left yesterdav for the wl>st- i went to Indepenilence. Kansas lo- j .\frs.| C. f Veterans, i is visiting; at the ho^iie of .Mr. and ess I day to insjirect tile .Auxiliary there ! XValnut t Christian n an Vriiw dmiUs of attractive nil Siliijid SwInf 'Td loday to at- .Swliiford 's • fl. L. H. LEA?EL Sp^^lal attention g eases of Colon and iKlectro-Tberapj} Physlotberajj Ottlce lola Stke- Phones— 147 an& M. D. • ven DIs- Hectum. and Bt^k Bldg. 705. I , B. P.|0. E. Social Club Valentine li.ince Thursday, February 17. >«nce at nine. i , W. J 'i. Bo.ver r/'iurned last night i ^riim Jiniiiias City where he went' til attend (he autoinolHle 'show. .Mr. jhjyer says It is a big show and (ti '^at tract ing big crowds. ' —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, rbla Laundry Bldg, Phone L18. Miss Eva WilsiiU saiisas i< In I<'la tli tig'friend.^. of P .nrsons, s week Visit- ! Th<^ Business 'and brofessional] Women's Club of Chaiute has Mr- gaiiiz^d a Fife and .ijtruiii Corps. .Niner sire •en have signifiijd their de- lo.jnin. C. note, todav of 1 • 1: •jSntton. treb ivas in Tola' yi Reeing alKiitt sY roes •ctst ejjpert of Cha- terday and' HP spraying' - Fisli lliiincr luniorrnw, ll 'ic', at Melcti's Cafe, siliic.-snr to Billii-'s iilfe. C. 'L. Clark, former manager i.fjtlie K. r. I'liiniliing Co.. relumed his mpriiing from Kansas . City where he: had bc.-n in alteiidanco ii /io !i (he aiitoniobile show. -^Or. Fnd Woodbar.v. gradii.ile jfout' sj'eiialisr. Treats corns. bun- Sons, wejiki nf'd arches, etc. .\o evtra •Ii.-ir.LP fur rcsidi-nc-^' calls. Phmie len.' 217 West Madij-on. , j-flporge J. Marr 'returneil last night from Kansas City whi-re he attended the auioiiioliiie show. Mr. j.Marr rejiorls large crowds in Kaii- isis City -.ittending Ihe shiiw'. ii"!^ a Star "F rtation fDare Dejil" Warifer's endurance drive 3ur" Se is a real demon- triition of the low coat of StaVtransporta- Gljl. f Arny cariv/hich ha er IS giy service at low cost; ckir g-ives is ;the extra .stamina alhd reliability to stbjnd up under the test iiichWg 'ng- the Star ])]-bvides The Service which a ;i test of its (economy. the rea ftlemembei-i ;hat' What Ihe Star i>oes For Warner It Will Do For Toil mr >st Tmnk^oriation Built by Durdric Motor* 2I1 West Slrebt I. Phone 515 n and shop. Lehma I of come t his fathj Washington. ty on a Kennet thej ide o lol^ •t's lola Fruit the square renlddeled for a Springfield, to take a (;arber Lshop He ^pect- dutjes .vftnday thl.f morning for husiness trip. .Mr. ittlp. grindchildren; Jlm- hildren i^ntton. ine tomorrow. Mr. an I Mrs. .North sticet wen terday fi r a vis and family. The bi^ new si Biles shfce ston i^n in front of the ha.s been completed exiept thfj lettering. Il Mrs. rive to ler permits, 'for a; visit vnolds to he in belt] ehman Sutton ai'com- nsas.City. i They of .Mr. and -Mrs. They expect to . c. Piggiot nu to Ft. Scott yes. with their son E. Lehman ex- Joplln Sunday ifj with friehd.s. • The St nre building ol-cupied by >n West Doiiglass I ainted and other-] r condition. f .->fil North W^al-] house repiiinted the Shelly Motor Kan- This New StylepQiiaHtyr-Vilue The Vcrdiit" is the verdict of the man de- mandinlg the ultimate in hat Style and value; snap brim. Silk lined. . New. Spring colors — White Pearl, Belgiuin, Tint-of-Blue. Coral with} new contrasting shades' for bandsi Value all thef "UtUsBe ' Your Hatter'*! Otheri Spri That Styles At 98. $3.98 I Lead in Style Wl Stylish, light-wjeight CoatS th that comforjtable, easy-fit- EjcceptionaJ tijig appearan^re. values at— $19,75 This Box Modil, with Patch Pockets, is a Style Leader. —Three-Buttoin, Sing^-BreMted —Soft textnre ftlbna f—P^ain color*, overidaids and miztures In Ihe light s|iades of gray and tan. Other top coats for Spring iit $22.50. _ _( ^ ,_ Irhls Stylish Spring Oxford For Men Are Particular Here's real dominating style for the man who wants fine appearance with yinquestioned value. Of solid tan calf; new stitdhing; well-made throughout. An une;Uin- pkd Value at— $3.98 For Young Men o'u n domihatin jive! Si ylei— b' ^Jve. matid som "jThey want inak^ PUr|JCH o^ [These Suits?; Meln demand yet unobtru' lut theyj de- ^thJng more, clothes i that good—jthat have iTfrlE real value. j —i-\viil fulfill every demand ^f the livt, energetic youn^ man' in business. Popular, tasyj-fitting nijodei, two-button ^—s^rges, unt nished worsteds and-icassimeres. I C^eys, tins; blue—mixtures,, jsverplaids and sljripes iii pat- jtern|'s that art uriusual. | Best* of all—there: is.real value iii eVei^y hidden' stitch andjseam Urji C. Pehney Co. Value. iMahy Other St vies in Suits at $19.75 to S29!.75. Spring NewiFancyShirtPatt i Mterns Exclusive With Us tterns One oi th ; mc st outstahd- [ ing valtes we have eVer ; offered ait— Al cut full and rooriy; collars pre- thruik; every detail !of make and .finish 'equal to our higher- pric d Shirts, i Collar-; ttached .and necl band styles. Get NOW I your Supply ;Thc hpe and Tik-e S6uth J 'adverti.^ed 19. .^bto Oil \yill be giv- eyery fi,ve Station I: Opens. Jiing of[ the lola Patteryj r \>ii.n.,n<- {station at 20U' ompany effirson avenue has been OnV tiiiart of Oil gisoliiVo. liking one Mr. .and Clones u:?. for Satu^-day, February Golden Glow .... „-.'en free with gallon Lesh. T.he company is ad\iei- day battery service. Mrs. K. v.. M. Piqua. df ill service (("reck ciinrch at ijhe niorni ig with! hurch ceineterv. V. Sickly, of spent today with Mrs. yX\ B^inche Wood of 410 South \yalnul sti-eet.. Mr. and .Mrs. Sick- l.y are visiting theii soil," Dumont Silckly and .Mr.s. Sittkly. in .Moran. .Mrs. ivent a -\r ,t St. Joli as getting pr. Elzie PAGE THREE Dpiilh of »llle Di4in. :«iKs Ne lie Drain, aj fd fotty: ears^. pas ;ed away yest rrdayj aift- . moon at 1:30 o'q|ock at the home Of her fatl er. Janies Drt iji. inl qwl. reek iijei} hhorhopd so ithwest of [pneumonia, "he fiin^r- will hei"1iield it the; Owl 10:00 o'clock In hnri: li in | the hie Smith. \\ KljU*Vitt. They cjinie here frdm Kan,sas City , Mr.s. .Minerva^ SfiinfOrd.", Where thiiy vi.sitcd their daughter.! " ' '" " J: Bondyj and Mrs. E. family. Oklahoma Hhort visi pitjal. along nicely. n's hos ho uhder- miijor orierationl ftestei^lay and came;tHis mo with \A reported JHer biroth- sister, if HoOlteri Hiing for a 1 1 Jp^' Eli E Matinees in(;-20cj Nights TONIGHT—IJAST TI HES ROD LA ROCQUE in '^RED DIClli" A .swinirilig mtjio-dramjitic co^itdy witli a posing the gi4atest;cnmirial ganizl'd boptli'^'ging—and t sacrifice, with Also " night. 'Ien<ie Xoli a never-to-be- iJJever Again," Novelt r in the woH ofl a bravei indu.sir le .stoi-y Forgotie^ clima.x. comedy antj two-reel ReelJ nill nut.aplienr tO/ ifot ex- il—or- jman's' I 1 .4 drama ofjhe wife.iivho lo hvahdml- aneered—th^ world j all hrr lore irai^ for Jtmn]/ — In ilwart of her heart'. \ | • 'omedy j»nd >ens :XTK.V .\I)IlKi>-Friday and SaOirdaj—X I ed irhen eered—beca r Jirnsu — II Advunfe in AJdmission Two fellows ^ith- ; i Iter lie DRYCOOpS-WOMENS WE/iR-MILLIN;ER\f .\«rnmi|» llldg., formerly oc|'n|iled .liy JaniPH KIchnn i lOLA'S POPULAR Springtime Is Cui\tai7itivie STORK Hon. 100 f AIR CURTAINS ' \ Specially Purchased ind Spiecially Priced ^dr { Friday ai;id Saturday FAIR fPhe soft airy charfn bf these cfirtains m^kesitliiem especially appropriate. summer home.s.: They are of ci mlaiTniisjette. \ Fini$hed \ ^ith ruf acks inicluded witji eadh pair. See Them in pnr 8ou\hr Window • ' * I • ' \ SENEKER'S for lise ^ 6ss bar pd tie-;

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