Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 15, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 15, 1961
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My Neighbors Established In 1914 J =7 NATLO NAl EDITORIAL 61 gjQHNrt; $3.00 Per Year S3 50 Per Year Subscription Rates In Fayetto and Adjoining Counties Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties The Leader is published weekly in Fayette. Iowa, arid distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Offxe at Fayette. Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3. 1879. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher Chattin' With Stoney Creek Bottom. Comments — By Reuben "I've called in a consultant ..." Editorial Comments - Stopping The Clock National Review says: "Almost all economists, firm orthodox to Keynesian. support the President's announced intention to revise depreciation rules as one method for stepping up the economy's growth, lowering costs, and thus improving our position on the world market. But action is being stymied by sharp opposition from the AFL- CIO. The lalvr leadership, after long hesitation ovi-r the issue, has taken its negative stand. A faster rate of depreciation, argues the AFL-CIO correctly, will speed up automation; and by displacing workers will result, it continues incorrectly, in still further unemployment beyond the already uncomfortable level. Just such was the rearguing of their grandfathers when Henry Ford set up the first assembly line; and of their grandfathers' grandfathers when they smashed the first spinning jennies in Manchester." The unions are attempting to turn back the clock or, at the least, to stop it where it is. Had that policy prevailed in past generations and past centuries, the working week would be 70 or 1)0 hours and the prevailing wage would provide the barest kind of subsistence. The enormously increased material welfare of labor has co-vie from increased productivity — which simply means that machines have taken over from human muscle. Automation is a new word, but it does not express a new idea. It is simply a continuation of the technological advance that began with the steam engine. As automation progresses there will be dislocations of later. The burden of this can be greatly eased by intelligent cooperation between industry, the unions, and the government. The long-run result will be more jobs, better jobs, and improved living and working standards for all. He was going to be all that a mortal should In 1 . Tomorrow; No one should he kuidei or braver than In. Toirvrmw; A fiii nd who was troubled and wrmy he knew Who'd be glad for a lift and who needed it, too; On him he would call and see what he could do. Tomorrow; F.ach morning he stacked up the letters de'd write. Tomorrow; And thought of the folks he would fill with delight. Tomorrow; It was too bad. indeed, he was busy today, And hasn't a minute to stop on his way;' More time I will have to give, he'd say, Tomorrow: The greatest of workers this man would have been, Tomorrow. The world would have known him had lie ever seen, Tomorrow. But the fact is he died and he faded from view, And all that he left here when living was through, Was a mountain of things he intended to do, Tomorrow . . . What Is "Temporary"? Webster defines the word "temporary" as meaning. "Lasting for a time only; existing or continuing for a limited time: not permanent; ephemeral; transitory." But that definition, official as it is. does not seen! to apply to the "temporary" increases in the federal tax on gasoline. The latest of these supposedly "temporary" boosts became law about a year ago. It was for one cent a gallon, bringing the total federal tax to four cents. The cent increase was due to expire June 30. Maybe it will — and maybe it won't. It is proposed to extend it again — no doubt on anoth­ er "temporary" basis. Then, to add insult to injury, it is also proposed that an additional half- cent a gallon tax be tacked on. This, too, would be "temporary". Well, if these efforts succeed, Webster should start defining "temporary", as it applies to gasoline taxation, as being a synonym for "permanent". The irony is that state and federal taxes combined on gasoline — which is an absolutely essential commodity — now average almost 50 percent of the price of the fuel before tax. Out and out luxuries don't carry a tax anywhere near as Smithfield Livewires View member projects The annual tour of the Smithfield Livevvire 4-H club was held Wednesday, June 7, visiting the homes' of each member to see their projects, begining at 9 a. m. at the home of Linda Luloff, who had 2 herefords. From there the tour went to Dick Dugan's to see his pigs, and on to Jim and Jon Harrisons who have guernsey cows and heifers. The next stop was at George Reeds to see Charles', Nancy's and Gary's Aberdeen angus project, on to Beckers to see Kenney's holstein yearling. At Martins, Doug showed his sheep and pigs and at Wenthes, Laos is a scrawly shaped patch of mountains, rivers, and rain forests, having an area of 91,450 sq. miles and a population of only a- hoiit one-and-one-fourth million. It has no sea coast, no railroads, although a railroad thru Thailand (Siam) does go to Udon Tha- ni, Siam, not far from the capital city, Vientiane. The large river Mekong would be an avenue for barge shipments. It would be a mighty long haul for a shipload of war supplies from our West Coast across the Pacific past the Philippines, across the South China Sou, to the mouth of the Mekong, or to Bangkok, the seaport end of the railway to Udon Thai. It would be as far if not farther from an East Coast seaport across the Atlantic, thru the Mediterranean, thru the Suez Canal, the Gulf of Suez, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, to Rangoon, Burma, to a railway connecting with the above mentioned Thailand railway. Of course it would be possible to fly war supplies by a large fleet of king-sized helicopters, from the coast of South Vietnam, into Laos. But such heavily laden 'copters would be easy targets for even the world's worst fighter pilots. To make a long story short, a war in Laos would be even more difficult and more costly than the Korean War, which was the most difficult and most ridiculous that the U.S.A. has ever fought. And if such a - war should be fought, for WHAT? To save a little half-hearted, lackidaisical, internally corrupt government in a remote patch of jungle that has no logical reason for being a sepcrate nation of the world in the first place. Yet day after day and week after week there is big tough talk in Washington, about Laos. Tough talk that the U.S. can not possibly 'back up' without extreme cost of men and material. There are days when we truly wonder, in our own small unimportant way, what they use for BRAINS out on the "New Frontier." c-b-c It is alleged there was a Texan who went to Las Vegas in an eleven thousand dollar sport car, and went home in a sixty-five thousand dollar bus. ington, Seattle, completing her dietetics internship. She was met at Marion by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Nehlson. Miss Nehlrton was guest of honor at a miscellaneous bridal shower given for her on Thurs day evening, June 8, at the First Methodist church. Members of the committee were: Mrs. Dale Blaker, Mrs. Otto Finger, Mrs. Arnold Heth, Mrs. Ronald Kocher and Mrs. Kenneth Klink. Fifty guests were present. Miss Nehlron will marry Lt. Stanley Warren of Des Moines on June 17. Verna Nehlsen honored With bridal shower Verna Nehlsen arrived home early this week from spending a year at the University of Wash- Trail ride Sunday The Volga River Riders Saddle club Gold bond boosters will have their annual invitational trail ride Sunday, June 18, starting at 10 a. m. at the Howard Roberts home south of the Lima store near the river bridge. There will be a picnic dinner at noon at the Howard Holman cabin in frog hollow, two and one half miles northwest of Lima. Fourteen members of the club took part in the rodeo parade at Oelwein, Saturday. Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago heavy as that. The motorist is being made the goat *— and it's high time he started bleating at Tom and Cathy showed holstein the top of his lungs. heifers. ~ , ; : ; ~ r~ Seventy nine in all enjoyed a Sound planning and the lm- J J J plementation of those plans take P icmc dlnncr in s P lte of thc rain time, but it should be cut to an A scrap drive was held along absolute minimum through the with the tour and the money ob- application of means and energy, tained was added to the treasurv. ;;;;;;;3 20 Years Ago — Miss Loveila Dibble, who has been teacher of the fifth grade in week. They have been without fire equipment until now. Work began on the new schoolhouse in Maynard and will be the Fayette schools has resigned pushed to completion as fast as having accepted a position in the possible. Atlanta, Iowa school. Miss Edna Two Fayette young people Knock will take Miss Dibble's were among the graduates from place. the State University of Iowa, A conservation tour was held Tuesday, June 14. Jessie Jones last Tuesday in observance of received the certificate of gradu- __ B — We risk being drowned in a sea of words at the moment. One lack is direct, clear-cut information on the problem. Congress as the direct contact with the people and the bearer of direct constitutional responsibility for means of effecting programs is short of accurate information promptly provided. Only the committees directly involved with legislation are briefed, in The next meeting will be held on July 20, with Dick Dugan. Circle meeting dates Circle meetings for the W.S. C.S. of the Methodist church are as follows: June 21, Ester Circle will serve a 50 cent noon luncheon at the church. Rachel Circle, hostess Mrs. Ernest Vermazen. Deborah Circle, hostess Mrs. usually closed and therefore con- Donald Van Sickle, fidential sessions, and often, in June 27, Electa Circle, hostess the opinion of some committee M rs , Russell Meyer. Iowa's fourth annual Soil Conser- ate nursing from the college of members, unsatisfactorily. In- Anyone not knowing in which vation week. The farms of Harold medicine, and Janet Kimpston stead of a transcript of the Ken- circle she belongs may find out Strong and W. S. Rothlisberger received the degree of Bachelor ne dy - Krushchev conversations, by calling Mrs. Jake Yearous. were visited, where different 01 Arts. there is newspaper opinion on types of contouring are practiced. Enrollment at Upper Iowa uni- what the President said about A giant elm tree on the Arthur versity for the summer session what Mr. Krushchev said. C. Kress farm near Quasqueton numbers 206 was felled by a windstorm recently. This tree was selected by the Federal Garden clubs of Iowa as the "champion elm" in 1932. It was said to be five and a half feet in diameter and had a limb spread of approximately 75 feet. Five inches of rain fell at Decorah last Thursday night, causing damage estimated at many thousands of dollars. The heaviest loser was reported to be the Milwaukee railroad, several miles of track being out of service due to washouts. 30 Years Ago — The residence of Carl Senner, near Hawkeye was completely destroyed byiire Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Senner were attending baccalaureate services at Upper Iowa, their daughter Florence being a member of the senior class. Peter Graf, long time Fayette resident, took his own life Tuesday night by hanging himself from a tree in the apple orchard on the homestead northeast of town. He had been in ill health. The "Little German Band" of this area will provide entertainment in Fayette Wednesday night Fred Tuttle, former Postviile boy and alleged head of the bandit ring which robbed creameries and general stores in this section of the state, has been arrested in Hastings, Mich. —•— 40 Years Ago — The town of Randalia purchased a chemical fire engine last — B — Security requires that not all matters be made public but we should and I believe will have an improvement in this situation, which results in all responsible Congressional leaders being thoroughly informed and the rest of the Congress advised on material details. — B — It is a sign of our maturity that politics as usual has no place in foreign affairs. Picnic at Lima church The Volga Valley club had their annual picnic at the Lima church Thursday with a good crowd in attendance. Roll call was "Bright sayings or children," and the children of the members put on the program. JAMES E. BROMWELL SECOND IOWA DISTRICT The Tractors for Cuba deal may turn out to be as tragic a failure in its way as was the invasion of Cuba. Castro's letter to the Committee of June 7th was one of the most insulting documents I have ever read. It now appears that not only is the basic, proposition disgraceful but also that it is providing a chance for Cuba's beatnik dictator to grandstand all over the world in his attack upon the American people. — B — The people are ahead of the government on the matter of communism. They have presented a mandate to the government to win the cold war. _B — FOR SALE NIMROD CAMP TRAILER Sleeps 4 CHEAP If Taken Soon SID'S USED FURNITURE SUNSET THEATRE SUMNER, IOWA NOW SHOWING Thru Saturday, June 17 ALL-TIME ACADEMY AWARD CHAMPION! Show Time—8:00 P. M. You Can Do Your Week's Laundry in 30 MINUTES at Around-the-clock/ seven days a week! Speed Wash provides coin operated Speed Queen Washing and Drying tumblers for your convenience and genuine economy! Use as many machines as you need. All new short cycle Speed Queen washers. Bring your own soap, bleach or detergent and supervise your own washing. WASH 20c DRY 10c Open 24 hours a day Seven Days a week. FAYETTE SPEED WASH Barn Burner Sale Check Your Circular For Our SPECIAL PRICES Prices Effective Wednesday, June 14 thru Monday, June 19 COME IN FOR A Free 7-Up Float Friday and Saturday Case of Plus Deposit 29 7-Up $1 Meadow Gold Gallon Ice Cream $i 37 FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 6 P.M. 'till 10 P.M. Chuck Roast 39c lb, LARGE SELECTION OF COLD MEATS READY TO SUCE — AS YOU LIKE IT TRY OUR FRESH PORK SAUSAGE Redeem Your No. 4 Glass Coupon This Week We Give S & H Green Stamps BILL'S SUPER VALU MAYNAKD COOPERATIVE CO. FEED FELCO FEED Livestock - Feed - Grain -Seed - Coal - Tile - Paint GRINDING AND MIXING OUR SPECIALTY Maynard, Iowa 18 rent an only $350 a ELECTRIC POWER SPRAYER NOW—kill disease germs and file* in all your farm building* the easy, law cost way! Spray with Carbola, the disinfecting white paint that destroys profit-killing insects and genua on contact. Stop in at our store today for a supply of Carbola and ask about our low-rental Portable Sprayers For Only $3.50 Per Day. Hamilton Hardware Maynard, Iowa Don't Forget Father - - • On His Day - Sunday, June 18 GIFTS THAT ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED • SPORT SHIRTS • T-SHIRTS • SHIRTS & SHORTS • HANDKERCHIEFS DRESS SHIRTS NECK TIES DRESS SOX WORK S0X WORK CLOTHES AND SHOES SHOES AND

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