Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 17, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1927
Page 1
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KKtiiltllxhxtl W7. [layi jLriy high I [j'! prevailed tjirpui jest and ^ouihwc it llicj will gel H selha carljj tpnioriow i7weej) out wild of J<jcal weatbtr b tlin mid last fev| :k toiiiRht ;im h a cold wav(| lu> norllnvesi iircau baid t<i lo rcacli frofi ivc zero bcrf by Kiiow ani Willi the I Tjiccold. expi!ctcd 10 iii 15 degrees ab •willjie acf-onipiinii'd a fairly strong nirid , I Thi tempcratiirr. deatlicd C7 dc • grei|s hero ycstjrllaij \ The, mertury, w .hiii (legtjtibs here at" 7 ' . ihorjniDg. drojrpcid to io ii'itlnik, duo pa u-bi(ib| was fallirig.' clearparUy tonj-- Haldji and thp «•' die hy Saturday r>rro|iv, •:itb or ; CAjIilFORNjIA lilECOVER CORN PRIZES OFFERED BY LOCALMP h stood at T,< o'clock tlii Chamber of Commen e to Award $200 for B<st Corn Grown in Allcjn County This Summer. Tun liiiiidred dollar.s, in »>rizes (or (lit- hiKBtrst corn yields produced In Allen; County this year .That is Ibe liirfiet the Clil degrees a ti ralil rb(f skies wll r will mod}.-r unday. SUB lihe •lay) tormn with dis the 13 1^1 iStru east at 2i vicii Istorni ilouds. tli have poiirpd Dj • FrsMiciscci. F . ; lilne today ilucikj liie place o It I for scvcra (ill: over (:;ili Us ' results IqcliidiMK tl lidf' iit a con In! niouMtaiu: aili list stno( i^buthern pt rl. 'lied by a si o'w jcion camp in if Fresno' the cigh iiy of S islrr Iif d ilhet s Jjeiiig In tli n |»ie|;o; iind Li .Vpgb es. I . r .1 Sai Dipgo wis rc^nveriuK fi -oili the. isolation Wild sniledllbat itli '.yat -system Witjist lod the, sirai i fif ^^e most seirt ; -flopd in r.|i Jjea»-» ! and no|»- -co itains enougJi wati'f .to snpplytlKJ city 's norniill lieeil^ i for a dejcade I Alfjfmugh SanVDieio <iui .pail or nioior WUh; I the oiitUide cfew^ I began r'epalrl WgliT ays and road expjeii ted that tt-ain'i te ^^^esumeil. to pfit^ii I aiid lelJgrapJi i-fjsJo'ed last tiighij. tlori iin San nipijo * iior|ri|tlly. Thesch • Rkdroads rt'porle ihtdrifiipted.thej niov NG NOW (•'eorire T. I'lckell, head ii l.laiii) hel l{l'> r<*-oprralh inir lit Lees^ille, Liu Is iiiir a reeeh«T>liip ^siiil. eoliriiy. an r\|M>rInient iiif iMH,** is insidienl. a >tockti chanres. lie accuses I I lie iuiii:- rtie (leal- iildi-r Pickel of "free line" ]irarlic^s. NOHOPE SEAT SMITIH ASSENAIOR Illinois Appointee Too III To Appear at Session ! Of Group ConsidcVinjj: His Case Is Report. » for llie corn growers . <if Coiiniy to shoot at. The niiitifr has l)i-en un< foinial consideration for Weeks hut was finally strltic meet Mi;; df Lhc agricultural milter of. I lie Chamber of mercf liist eveninir. This c() lee decideil loofler a prize ( for Ihe best five acres of corn and another fl'ib for il five acri'S of eorii grown < liiiiii land. Land which' is ai' any lliiie lo ovi-rilow will ttiii'ded as 'liolloiii land foij liiililest :in<i land that do< I iiverilow will lie counted i This is in accordanci- w]l elassificalioii lhal has Imi-ii follow e(l f(ir iti.'iny y ar.^ by lite I'iMinly Faij' association. Till- prizes will bi- given f< 'iliiciioii only. Thai is to s!i iiKin who raise.-i ihe HKIS I C iirilinaiy nr<';i;4iireiiii-nls on I ('lis will uiil Ihe pri/e r -Ci of vih t'lleliij( (i eollleilts. fix lie (ir aiiyihini; of tluit. sori. KlIITies :ii--|his (;(illtest sli iiiaile lliidiiL-h Ihe Farm I .111(1 ill! llieidi'lails of m.-asiii "Thf Sbuthern ifacifid's Ogden rou van kied up bv slid (:ati>'j6n and reported that after (luriUg th(! niffht it the i 1 trohble in l.os ci(: acit Riovement ijjh wafer ntid \vilh I l(darle;d toj v|i.iy.' lie ; Western raciflc of: t •a use An lie ra> reel <a »,'ik|Iahoiiiai Cliy, I A jcil d waye Ijiwee of ihii Rocky .Voiiiiij to! hli; Oklahoynu: \ iKdin 'or lonlKtiij feijeiO wi'aihe'r ,11 nojiriced foriay . cnlfl vave won that,! jasjieen ling Ihe past I lllkfr rWeaiher. d rl»>»rF|<-s above ; poijlwii of thi K Klill witb- triirK--portatid orliL wonk nc damage jbeds and, it ni Biis servii |nqrro>'. ..yd "* service w Transiiorl fnncfiohii will reopi il slides li:iV ment of traip *s in tht; HI '\\:ishiii:;t«M. Feh. 17. I.\l| liopc tlirft Fr;(lili I.. Siiiilli iKiis Willilie scaled in lli<S .st Any MM iialle ill Jini\ier ommercc of tola has Hill ui» Allen r in- so'nie |l at a com- Com- mmit- f $100 lipland best bot- ubjocl be re,this not pland. he Allen pro- y. the in by s five , THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY Ofhcers Apptoye of Local " ' Troop stale ( Riccrs Make Thorough Inspection of Armory liniH Equipment of Troop. A. While in lola—<-Approve : ProffriBss of Unit. 1 day. left thorough Captiin.Harley N. ChHstiaii and Colontl; Willis^mj K. erndon. who in.spected the local cavalry troop here yester- or their homes this morning. The inspection of all the government property armory aid at the stables at the|fair grounds QHvalry horses. I«isl night they inspected the*— pflicer.s riade a ttfthe , including i the pL-rsoiinel of the tpKip apd watched tjie [lnenibej|s at drill practice. Both icpressed a^pproval of the progress isftu.tory manner de liy the iroo •ction went ov(| HANpOWIS BELIEVED TO HAVEFALLEN (i^'antonesc Are Reported To Hav| Taken the City J Whicli Is Regarded As Gate to City Of Shanghai. |i an r in II s:iid[the in- a highly sat IPLA-LONDON CALLSTODAif AREPOte bolii as loiland and prodjiction. including llie final awards , J Sliangbai. [ (jhow, regar f'VR ISlianghiii. « riiave fallen I .Marshal SUi i!hc provinc( ^phaiigliai is llorted evaci their defeat III be mean nieni. wlioll.y in tlie hands of (bis i The- contest wilj lie won Willi a thrde days corn lihowl held in lola n^xt ..lai uary Ihe prizes 'will he awa ded. .\nolber iiialli'r lakci up c(iiiiiiiill(,'e last nililit was " ng Will be urea 11. this si!.--sii.'U of coiicross dis;i|^pe;Vreil I<(>ndiiclinc a seed .•jildg ciiiuil-1 lo '"' held iin lola 'som| being - tied i liad resiim I The p;'iijci|^;il les and" vici II stopped, t ver its iiorn HIT MA SOON today when • llur eleclioiis le(t was'a'lvise(l by Jiis cdiiii^icl that illness wo|iI(l prevent I.lle .-feiiator desiBUalt- from c((iniiiK Jiefore the co'minfJteip.. . "I liei .-h'ori icriii for wliich Sjnitli was appointed liy Coveriior Smalf expires '.March 4. The eniiiniillee previously had decided not lo seat iiiji'. pending hearings oil his campaign f?xpenUit;ure.s, at vviifth was requested to be present.- The l\ear- ings werp to have begun todny.^iut I Smiths alloriiey. C. .1. Doyle, asked j for indefinite postiionemeiit. "t'ohiiiel Smith is a very sick than." lioyle l(ild ihi.- coiniiiiiiee. "We had hopeij he would be- present today but his physieiaiis .will no't Permit him to leave his; boiiie. "lie has a very •serious infection of till!-ear. .1 lliinii liis coniing io Wiishiiigtcn (lurinK Ihe cold iwe.ith- er last month caused that; iiifec- tiiui. The areaLesi care is .ne.'res- sarv if a inaswdd uperalioi) is lo he avoided, and he ^s not in phvsi- ';cal coiiditioii fur" .Spril and 'lo all 111- scl con t ('St w lio(Jls of Ihe c^iuiil ill lion, of if'art e.-ilioiiai SC I KKI I. T O this contest. ni'-Tce will ofj I'wiil hecoijie crly of th.e jschpul three "linu'.s. The dairy be parlicii^ater be under ;. lies; lea ii(i(iiiii: at tl^ .stimulale the ('liaiiibl ier a liiO u\ Iiph; tiK! permajiien whi I'h: me eri: grt an commit t(.' Fell. 17. JAI'I llaiig- led as lll(^ gatew;iy lo S believed tonight lo into ihe^haiids of the invaders Troops of Cliiian Fang, ruler of of Kiangsii of whivrb the.chief I iiy. were rcr [lating llaiigehow aft^ hy tlio Cantonese. ?• Mo Calls Made City and iTalk to Id jThn long dislUncc today was to bii oilier days. des|i lo^lay officially St I:.ondon Over Air PhimcJ - Kansas Louis RINESARI ADHOGO Wi Jobs to; less Si operator in sier thrill on itu t open he fad il long ^;tati(;e' telephone serv loja aiid I^ndoii. logeih ! Fighting Jcas taking place in tW',,L i^'i ' ~.T ..utskirt.s <1^- Ilangchow. '<ily -pCl '^ry IV'" « that dis- ee • between with .Mi.ssoitri. Kahsas. take on l.'JiMI ni.i rin^ I'rom Qjntmlieo mi its nil sonlh. \Va l-niai o'jier points in Oklahonia an(| Ajrkaiisas. f^everal pcrsoi|is r(imaike/l 1 I'P I .fiiil.Oliil poptjiation. as early as las< lo be when by the ha 'r of onlcst lihie in the in- hy . This difec- \\c\\ of vo- .incolii Intelest in •r (|r Coin- ;h also^ mber of Commerce ting l.nsl night andj is ;ig matters .which »iill.' It puiilie interest whpi consummated buti\vhii:f lioij yet bei-n worked oujt wfih sufficient definiteness tii ji^arranl which prop- Lvins it f ;the had a :-onsid- bc of I hey have night, said I ived here ( f. Sun wer( I lorali/.ed. Ii ouslaiighl.l a foreigner . who ar- y train. The soldiers falling hack I lien, de- cfore Jlie Caiitoncsol l« call that King 'idorgoj at niiirkingliain F'al-ice, Uindori. collect. hut the courage to try it. CHEN \yANTEl) ENTIRE POWER MIDDLEWEST TALKED TO no- one had at Hatikow Loudon, Fd). 17. (AIM—Demands by Kiigeue'flheii. Cantonese foreign iliiiiister. th; t he be recognized as; spokesman, lir the wliide of China; and t-'iat tlij' future status of aU! the Uritish interests in the country b^ settiled d iring the negotiatfojoi^ wiused the niaUong pieHrtTC St. Louis, Feb. AHantU: radio tr from Hiondon to piint liulj Ml. |l li M' iron |«-o ( own pro •slatel QIjJliVKES STRIKE MANSFU:i[l), OIIlIC) (sfield. if A ^(il ies of sligjit ocuii^red here and byJ llist nighi(| bet niillnjght. !' Alip |Ollgh IKI e.di lipuses sw m (pv«*H -about. • w^ri^ia wakened SAI SalJ Sleet, wind INAiN ( nci(^n; rabidi da^m ;i\T( A n I". (AIM g down ojui area, is d tills. lilU M Slaiiglili li''re, a iredlcleil II ih"' mei-( lilt llie T'ls (III ajJH of spriii as low as COMMISSION" SELLS COUNTY BONDS licaiion. TEXAS GUINAN UNDER ARftEST >e« York, Frh. \'. ( In .\ eiilleire youth «lth jii^ KTiMlBe • !.\eu I'ork's gn >Hl white llie northeijii i';'' 1 j .-laiii lloiijds ' lor pel iii.'ineiil ro.'id iiii- 1 I Hej'.K 11. ill .\lleil eoullly Were sr Id i I .•' ,u 1.11 ; of tlie ciiiiiily i-iuiiiiiissl(>liers 'I 'ue.sday. Sli|iiis Urii'i. I* ('(I. (if lt;iii,',a.H Ciiy Were I nuclei III liiijders, 'I 'licy wii-re lawaried Ijii- -liiiiKh, al par plus a I pi'enil nil Id' .fID.liI per I I KHISII I II I OM * i ii|;lii.(i Id ill JidiidM. ':• •TIV Imiidl,, whi( h lire of Jl.iiliil fttiiati(|iis, iiialiire al I In' rale veil: eaeli beginiiillK (in :iiiy ^v. i;cjK. The liouds were i^siii i| fur I wi» roads in '.le'-ioriity. j.'^ixi.J-ii'iKiii.'-.-ind (dVer (•(iii~ii(i<.<ion 'Mildreil-.\I(ir;in bii;!' w.iy. iiiiii (Al •eh. 17. i;irth !rem o^'alitirs ni r- n ll::;o ajiid e( ijigj wa.-« repn'r I and furnlt(i lier of peo OF A II ni Rip COLD WAV ^a. Kan driven liy a is prov|i^g forlafale to inldestrfiaii Tomperatiiije.s long northw MAN BRi^VES TO FIND -to^ •Osikosh. Ne ir.. It! (ilfc face of a vjindj and u|i ler Henri' ; Boyer • K<iar(|i for th • .Fjrank Boyer. ngo 6n his Iijilely rH-- i, _ KMERICAN began of his 1111^ mii|rdeied 14 ye lay grive MET N . 1 ;Th| nieetlnj; of i^an |l«Kinu PoHt n «ill dkuvn U8 un u lil(lH«on of severa tiairde.n con LEGION ft MONDi^ siorah, It isi bxpkt(^i!l that ell icr tiiiHli hr prcsei aitei^ ^eni tlBt reason <|! tn W|bte are r qiiii ;<ii. the ers of arry Ci^ik., oday. P 'e loW (Al • •f II the Kri. 'OKI le I ate :r •liia'nder-is for llie .l.Mllarpe- irojecl. - AHOMA MAN TO I. C. C. NOW I \\ ilt-ll'lIKlMll. Fell ier a 17. '.vl^l E •St s this aft are fall COLD A BOD [). :i7. (Ani— ling ITi-n clhuded sUi thd lola Ami} xt (Nionday nijtht ildi^l fcalurn ciind''d»'<'s '• [t H^atei' o/flcei-s ijilll 'SS He jocai J 'osi, .|'(ir as g and addi] oc4l IV n.v members Kted lo be pijes- inHt contmant er. Al!- iiiei iiieeiinc tod;iy. the t.:en- ler'-iate C(iiiiliier(:- ((iniiiiillee f:;vorildy roporle(i Ih.- noiiiinatiiiii i^f ICira Mrainerd. .Ir (d .Miisko- •.•pe. (p'nl,!.. ! ii of the Interstate Commerce Coj'iniission KNIFE VICTIM ! . IS IMPROVING Is KdV^ ,iji.-;as,('it.v. Feb. 17. (AP>-- j^rd .lodls, win) was si.ibbed Iale| iyeslerday at llie courthoiisi'' wlieji! relatives of P-te l.ahella.' H;. I niistoak hiiii for the hitter's slayer. wav'reported improving at Ilii; Y Ceiieial. hospital today. iilnilnst niiy ciiii>eil » priihihtlioi early tiidiiy on the TliWe dr4 -il einh iiiiii ^Pllt Testis iin, nlilely kniMtii iiitrht liostess to Jail. ' FiirlolitH inir I'Jeei-ed oiil of i|i;llMll iilgiil eliiti, the ymilh is N| haw li(<eiMiie w proliililKii enl aiiijl riiciiieeri'H laU ii raid. 'I'eMis 4 >i)tcrtiii |ied liiiiiilred or iiiiin* perviii' I'njliitwsj her In Jtili^ H II lironipfii srrfliiii<i oVi p /i ^ soiiirs. ; .MNs fjnlniin wan under $|.(>flir bund. 'libp ^iitlor- tipy I'or'.MNs (•nliiiin jsuid sbn WAS the (inner oi', nor 'ti 'part iiwiier. nor iiii ot'fhjpr ,oi' the :{<M» chill, and tliernni|p eiin not be cliiirged with 'fonlenipt for thiliitiiMi 01' Hit iiijuni-llnn Ksued amiin-f thp i-luii. ITALIAN FLIGBT raid lilllN (•'tiln-: «'luh it lK>. In a II Id l» ill ag- IghtN Ihe nh<* tni' jliular reli'asrd MAY BE PU OFF lirry Was nri'ss to- lloliie. Feb. 17. (AD -jWi expressed in the Italian I day that Conimander Fifai^cesico de lostpone tonight Ciiiinea. ause 6f l'it)edo will be forced t his scheduled departu; from Moloma. Portuguese for Port. Natal. Brazil. A I mospheric. <ondit jons. be PXIERS RESUME^ LONe JOUilNEV ,Ari(a. Cliilp. Feb. 17. i(AP)- The Cnited States Pan-Americ; n ftood will aviators resumed thfir flight soiilhward along the Chilfan coast line at 11 o'clock this mor i T. lie es I he le. irs ity Donato Colafemina, Noted Tei WMp Will A^ear Here Soon Very Interesting Life's H\ ing. r, mas t story rl- Donato Cttlafomina. the young Italian tenor who B.-^ coming .() lolii next week to give a concert; under the direi tion of the [Moments Musical Club has had a most inte'restifig per- .sonal history. |idve \;ears ago, peiinil'iss aiid4> , . a lad in his leeiis he landed |qualify him as AHristaiit roreman. Tw aloiK ay tiji iitimigrani upon the shores of .\|mi>rica and after various vl (•Issdiidfs found a iob .-is M'Htor boy on ope of Ihe larai- western rall- roadi and gene iiionil enou|;h uC the i ;^ni;|ii<h lungUHgi: (ni Of course he.was boHtt df his r-!low coiiiitrynien Ian evenings after the dayi 4lelig,!il-1 his fellow-laljnri Mv dint of much diligence j .N'eopolltan songs an vvi'h ih« gift of fine inticlll- serenades to the acccnifiat|lment of lie managed after j aix gultats and mand-ilins. [hs of liuid labor to pick up One .evening an officer! (Of the (Cuntiouvd uD Page 'i. 1 gang of 1 in the Jvork. he r« with Venltlan suspension pfj negotiations. Thi'S: was niade Ijiown by official ad-' vices today. i (Wiien fhf negoiiaiioiis were; suspended i was said Chen had' raised ques ions which mado it n(.'ct«.s.sary foi- the Mrilish represen-. tativc^, Char);(' D'Affaires O'Malley, It) seek fr^sh Instructions from London.) FsansaH. Oklahoni wjas rnrmally in ulheii K. I). .Mms Southwestern Bel y. talked tr MSlir*c\e, represen Hjrstpm in pyondor Talkjing from tl Cl oh th^ twenty-siKth .Npms exchanged blondl Sh reeve lind w:ith an old friejid. A. K. Adams, HAS LONDON (AP) -'ifrans- leptionc .xtTvicc s III ^li^jsoll^i. Il and ' .\rkahsas ugurated I today president of the Telephone, com- f'olonel [H. K. atiie of tlic Bell e (1 reciors' rootn floor of the ;w telephone biiildi;ng. President greetings i with then chatted THE WEATHER KtHJ KW.SA.S- (iiNPftled fonlghl nith Ifglil iiKMV in noriheast iiiirf (inn: <ipeid<|dly rolder nith u fold *i'«ip, lemiii nilitro zero to 10 ahoW- hi north |io-ll«ii and ID to l.'> ahoie ill shiith pirtlon: Friday gpnpnill> fiiir and rulder In sonlh and PV- trrnip past iiorlinii: Mnini; north tli ni>rthtvp>l nIniK. j For loin and Vlelnlty Inspltlpd (liiilghl mill Friday; laiiel^ pnldpr, p^ld MijVp ttlth |pni|»pratiirp' 10 to l.l dPirri'po ahme xPro.- Teiiipeiamre ,Highest yesterday l!i) III .'! PI 11.; lowest lasl night IT at II p. (11.: nnriiial for tod;iyi :tl; evce.Ms yi!,«l Tilny 11; excess since •liiniiary I. L':!l degrees: Ibis dale last year- ilghesi .11; lowest 'l-t. |Precipila ion for the 2i hours endinc at .a. ni.' loday, ii; total for this yeir to date l:l.'i: deficr it-ney sincp .laniiary 1. SI inches, lieliitive I iimidity ai 12 noon yes rday. fj per cent: 7 a. ni. today l( :ii per cent s<>a level. I'i Ihiig disiance caiii. i j The conversaliilns kir he.ld of Theodorij Giiry and Company (if Kansas City.j The eonver- siition wa.s lican by newspaper ' I rjr'pre.^entatives w :io were prpvided vyith h'eadsets. It wak as clehr and distinift ux an 'irdiAary lotal .or jstance call. i fincliid- onsly, Kansas I'.mk., as far I /iiiis, i^f th( dd atj7:."il a. m. SImiiltan ttitlmiii speci.ll (ereinony, (J'iiy. jOklahoma f:it>j Mltle Wichita, anrtoihrr s^talions, us .'lOil milrs wot Of Hi. Were'added lo tic ijicope Londiin clr/riiit. | j In lalkl|ig from ^l. I.oiii.s to ^.oiidiin th»! voU'.i* i!f (arriejl over t;he rt-giila- teIephoi(e line 1^0'.N'eW York iand lo the radio transiiii.sjiloii Hintloti at Kocky Polnl. h. Ii. l.flL'l rpilesj hy radio froip Itockyi Point lj» Wroiu blon. Kijglaiid. 1 ahoiil :!ll.'.0 jniilc!. and ov« r li.'« inljes of teleplione Wire from | Wroiigliton to llondfin. The reliiril conversation npme.H', by radio from Uiigbyj h^ng- land. ^o Hnuitnn. Maine, and ihonce to New Ydrk and SiL I»iiiH.j baWimeler reduced Ip ;iI7 inches. "i(y.. Feh.j y cstahtiK romraiinication witi APr- (heri leljephone London at orning when nsurance man. W. L. Cravers, the Ocfan Ar- dl-: Pillsbui|g. Ottawa and Topelta.; eident andj Guaran|lty Corjioration s «i >ft. I Wea her and Roads. •Cloiidv except Uutchinson. clear ing: Salina Topeka. Kansas City. !':11 p'cloi^k this n niining: Arkansas City, clear. Tljo f'iff C. .lone.s. local ' njiads coiigl except Hiitcbinsop. | was eonneJrtcd with Wichita. go(d: Salina. soft in piuil- K''i"'ral mifnager of KANSAS CIT\| ITAJLK TO Kansas iKansajs ci IN LONDON INDEPE)NDENCE . MAN DIES; AGE 79 ithprei The conver.salion Lspanneil a dis- anco of 41725 miles and c'jnsl .Mr. Uones $108. Although the !talking ^icriod was more than seven minutes,: Mr. Jones was charged for . Iiiriependeiice. Kaii^'.', Feb. 17-1 only | four minutes, j because of in- (APl- Henrjv' Wilson Vouiig. 71'iiPrrirplionij. years old, farmer state senator arid publisher hpre for years, died this morning, at his home in Coqiillle. f>regon. His weekly paper: TH P Star and Kansaii, was a power jn Montgomery county politics forj .N'ew Yoj-k. Feb. 17. fAP>—The .vears. ,He| left Independence in;entire cas| of;'"The Captive." the lOlI. .-M o^p f'me he took an ip-i raided Braadw.'iy play, was enroll- tere<l in the. Topeka h'*-* - •—'- i- nal, of whicff he became "CAPTIVE" IS TO i BE SHOWN AGAIN later refiiril Toiieka. Kan.s Feb. 17. (.M'.-IOGDEN TRAINS-AIRE •phe (".eity tax bill to allow cities to exempt npw industrle.s from tax- ' le years was forced to \ killed 28 to 7 In the \ ation for fi a vote and senate toda enjjfter thej to make it the first cl V. The vote was tati- ||AII traffic measure was amcndiJd japply only to cities pf ass. FT. .M,01 r ATT! Seven me nbers of the Ft. Scott KiwaniH Club are motoring over to lola tonifjht lo attend.the merit- BLOCKED BY STORM Sarramehto, Calit. Feh. 17. (AP) is GETTY tTAX' BILL 'P"^" niandite. "Thj< Captive • KILLED TODAY i"r,i;3 "'"^"T""^'"' 'T """" o. 2> inp of the lola rlub. Slate .Ioii|r-!Pd in the Vanks pfia new prodiic- editor. bjil 'er. Horace Liverighj. who ajinounc- ed to IndepiMldencp.:' !,cd he won d give p^rforinaitces beginning .M6nday.Mn defianc^ of pn- ttf the Sduthern . l>acific i(alIroad w'a.s j blocki»d at 1 a. m., tt^day BH !thc Result of 200 feet of the double ;traek line going out. due to the KnV,\MA>S istoriij, at p'orebay. fivo mllts went KM» . MKKTI.M ; llEHJKiof Hue cinyon. iii|uio Siej-ra Xe- vadak. J Advices received over the Ogdeti route here a It win be (sixteen to twent befofe th< tracks* can be IstriiCted ajd jervifJe resutned. e .that hours recon- iihd icar, Till CO. . l.^es. Til. pick ulilliiii >^ica inipro Thej at Sa .N'iear, Thpy for in LIV hdraws 2..5to0 From Po4tofl [ice Guard mbark Un- tuatioh Is liiiiglrin. ling li.fid ppstoOice niail{ l^iwn for RUa. ^^v.ill a.' a., and Ifaii.-^P' p Ihe a lew (I gii:i Mill (•(lilting l>ieK<i jgiia if II likewise hvemeiil linexp ^cled de slreiu,lhi|ning lent for lie O an ihtc'rests Im iroved. i 'lsliingto I. Feb; 17. (AI') forcemei it of thp marin difinnar l'or«-p in Mcii- ua so tli it a totiil I'ori-p ii KSotl men Mill hp nii duty thPKP, was drridPd lodaj hy th naiT departi ipiil. TI IP pruisej Trpjiton todj y was lii^din); I'DJI at tjnantana no, Cnbii. tii takfln imniPil intply to ('itrinto. T BP Iran ^iMirt llPndpr^n sphndalpd t !{>libi loniorrii I., jihprp It spaauiii, H HI Negotiator leave i'luludel j iv lor .Neniiorl, It, j will pick lip SOI Fell. 17. (APV 'he I marines;?ervinK as guards |liav>' b :eii possible i servi'-e in |seiiib!(^ al' Iin .S.iii I)lif-,(i. (}ii I a IlejidtirsOM (iii;iiii i'll: re'giiiij ys and then •ss (•eiidilion.--. II Ml Id \\rl :is> eiiil !S(I V. ill 11.- sell! ey are Ileeije.j 111 W(iiil(| I K- avail; oward Cliiii.i .sli( cldpiiieiils re(iiiir| f.llie f.iree iid-.v protectidii id' ..\i> in Shanghai. New York. ace dash' (I iiild ( reseiij e'ntai givi (if tlie oil. "Til pause rlisli4-lhis tiiiie to reproduce play in .spile the <*iurts—b on th scene! iRIGHT IS IN TROUBLE AGA House Rejects iveiial of Piroposed SiiSstitiite " ' I • 1 Kngene ("heji, lorpigyi nilnistprj of the Canton gimfrnnipnt. In j .*«oufh I'liiiiii, ipre i: ITI- il,. 111! •Ill 1(1 ,. I'd to r.j hie i!|l ! il ill r lelt- hiN most recijnt pi eoiiduetPd the liriHsh iit lla nntstanding; pi^litieu fhp ne shown in Hnre. I He [luirleys with the iikow anil Is an v ChitiJi.' t 'i |;iirp III' FRAUDTRIAL GO TO JURY SOON Miller Wai\ Dauffherty Only Fc'leral Court es Defense-lr ouns(>l Say .4 His Defense to Take Short Time. Measures ind Amendm iiits Today. .17. arm final tvote on Washington. Feb. Rushing towards a the McN'ary-Haugen bill, !the house tods rapid order the Asw( Crisp niieasiires whic^ as subititutes. Thje yote against f was jiep to Hi. whil the Crisp measiiro w^ .Veit.hcii was a roll bothi bjlls can be of! siibslitntes, although McXfiry-Haugen bill sec j'n, today's test t^ the yictory which tl e . The ihouse then rejected [llO-^ .•i.l a • ture Repijcsbntalivo .Ion(|si Texii relief rejectjed in and Ictirtls- jwere-joffered lif A .sk:ell WU ttaati %ai6st ' i 177 ^ 156. Jcpll TQtjq^ and. ired laier as fViends|||[^ the tordfessjed to ^t tokens of ey- claim, fjected [110 mirne to substitiic the itieben- farni relief bilfljframeid by • • ; ; Dbin(>t"rist, Is. ; On a' viva Vdce vi (jtk {fie alsoitul-ned dnwn a miitio 'nby Rep-. : resentnilive Hill. Kep iblican.IMagryi-|' laiidi :to substitute i the i^tiJurtis- J hous» .\ew York. Ffib.-i 5. Liver 192.'i jndictmej he. hid almo MrJ; Iviverig] sloo'l cast his njanagem on t-rjal befo ! chargoj hook. . ir the rising up it Feb. 17. (API- Ilor- chl. publisher, vljo I'irl yeslifrday I" the harassed Stage p'efs- Caplive," today midway iii ano of the i-ensors ^vils hir the iaiid tit against him w t forgtitleii. It. who. it I K up had arr inged for liiost of f the rjlay to ii lit. may hav<j t( •e then, it was of tiiiblishing an INTANGIBLE TAX an BI intanirili ,L IS PASSED Tfippka; ians^ Fell., 17. (A Thp i honsp today arcppleil t Itarrler m npronilsp iplan f| le tax 01" il»p iiiil MI^JTARY INQUIRY N .a ith ler- tiie d(.r if" :iid. ob- 17. (.'\pi - There! will bo no defen-se for Tli'diiias W. Miller, formeralien propriily iiislndian. • it • was an.- noiinci'd OIK? {iiiiniitp after tJie Aswelli national coijihipditSf marketing jbill rejected liipt year.. At! amrtidmeni bt | Reprysenta- live |.N^'wt(>n, rtepubEi«an, jijMinna- ; .sota.l 'fhicb would ijrfvo reworded I the seiiate bill to cp)-rcspot^d •with ! ; IaugiKti;e in I >ie original htnise bill j as iiitj^oducc'I by (^Hirnian Hau- gen.likewise'wa.-? r"e|i|cted. j • Another amendmca^' by ^ewton to givjij the president j iinreS! ricted jchoieeijin selecting bhjird mi^mbers .waif';d|<|feated. • |j ' ! !EU;GENICS~Bii[ ' FURNISHESIFJUN trial re-(ipf'ii' i!ed n-coiivein'tl at "JilO apiro. counsel for Daugljeriy-MillPjr this arteriiddii. Wlien cdiirt o'cloej;' .•\aron .Milleij, waived his opening addrejss. Haijold Corbiji of counsel for Harrw M. Daiigherly. waived his opening ad(^rcss. j Fading Uiij t^^url,. Sapiro, ll|cii said: ; •' ' ! ; . I "•^'fiiir III I having failed to{ FOR 0. L CLAMP Sa Apri agai|i low rlvei qiiir t 'i n gaiir h Frantllseo, F.di. 17. (A . jiin Orv (hiiHlnln *st! Bariticks, Wil il!i. l!iL'i| Ml him if Lawr hern Ir Milit iveal Ih in. I. Clainiiill, : [ilolled at: Vaiic'i shn., who was iU . of charges prefi ly ."Mis.s l.iK-llle .s| iic'. Kansas, has ra(-e a board iry officials . ref ii,ilur(> of the iiiv MAlYO G TO Tiil;^a, Okl; '.Mayo h(dd in for Months Osag|> miird(| day. PES BACK KANSAS P V Feb. 17. ( AT the 'rul.-:a. county as a ' wiljies.s in r trials.' left -herii handcuffed to K; It. CleW Osagje- <-oiinlJ the (Kansas Lamping. Tliplran.-: to .Mayo, wlJo recently made a |y deputy sheriff, state pen ilea (jar er came a sur TT I riiiy again di.'fiMi Cor "Y. take I the defendant • • rest.<" the government prove a conspiracy -Miller, his r liiii then rose and said: ur honor.]' it isn't going (ing to pr CHfPLIN to •sent our defcnsei." LOSES L>i TlM" re:;i-l :in's liroM (;ie> di-l: LEGAL BATTLE .-'>ii;;e|"-s apidicat pnilivhi;i'.>n fib [lini; ''haij iuK'-ri-^ls III <.y -hi: I iiai'i'iiii. i-l iidiin I <!. .';u d iVer \ Id iiiill-ify (;r'! iri'd rried :(r- in ised sli* >vli;. !• ha I Ih" ijllere: I'', ii ilig rill- .V'-.'.'U Feb. 17. (M'i)- I'lna for writs j of 1 by attorneys rep- T(piw^ka, Kans.. Ffh(. 17. |<AP)— Thej.Kiansas eugcnic^jbill cf^tintl-. ed todjjy to be used ^ for the entertainmeiitJ oC thej mem-; hers olf the state 'sendto. }l) ' . Thriugh a coup bjesterdJiy, -the seiiatt judiciary con d>itte6 had thei measi re referred ^o ijt for thppnr- po.s|? of being, con ilgned ilto the ' legishtive "grive y ifd." ' No, one knei^v what bii was jbeing lilianded tboFcommittee. and oen Itsjjsatlior. Faijkcr of Em ipria. Voted jfor 'the mojio I. • . • ! • -••';;.!' I., .;- Tjodtiy Park! r set ted mjjtice Ion thc| s nate he would mov^ | for a rec(»n; ideratior of iaot(on ;bjir whiih the bill was Vetjerreil. ^Tip motlion will g ve. t ^ senate a chanc-. to deb ite tae adyiiSabllity of fee uiring eix;h ]C ijiplejtd. pro'TO • thei' had .savei $l|,010 before, tbejr coii-ld be married In Kanaas. • .; FINAL ARGl ON RAlQ W;i les SticHder ('l<;jp- iii Hie divorce knit young wife. ; were denied ill t appeals today; ipldicalidli.'i SOI IS of (i,e courts II Iliad'- to project .Mrs. '.hnplli, p(|nd- nl of h- r suil. ita the .i;ht CAtHOIJC VICAR IGENERAL IS DEAD ON satifinal es( MABEL C NORMAND RITICALLY rep(jrted virj t ^icians Miss Sri AM Topef] tr'iduccci i bii dm rec per 1(0 hn jail the lo- qin. for at pe from the Jail. nia .Mo lica. Calif.; | Feb. I - "The nndition of Mis? N'ornian I. motion picturi who I F critically ill of motjia in al ospilal here, tod;i iialiy unchanged announced vest [rniand was verv prj having (iiind that | her was al -cessed. j ifiso s '-n- ILL I '' I »7. M.i- act hneu- i;a •Maur L'-av irr'ii Cat hi -:,-i! City, Feb. 17.- The r?ev. ce P.urk, jvicar general of .the nwdrtli (jaibolic vliodese and ovable p;istor of St. Maj-y's liecliDrcii in Oity Kan>iis. died liTc today. He had been vea r. F: old. Slud com vail I'S t ill ili; h iilipr P.urk WH-i born allh for nearly a TS R6ER hlngton.' Feb. ^7. (|p)-^Fin- m prpposBl of i :buthern rall- -IJ'—' '|16 Migi the Mis|in tur)a takes - jiis Sbothweat- a| jar?unients on t t|i(| I^ansas C ty' road soiiri .sortri contfol of tho Sit. L(i to take ontrihofptl kansas-'l|exas,||while ' Kansas-'lfexas er^ I all road, y^ere ipari t^dajr be- foifo ho Inl(-r.s|al'e (^mmerce Commits on.. I.. yej -s si (^ri F. Loree. I.slened (ijiday laid ~dow jiiHtify tl senal mpht -Monday. At auth({ soldi "•i cons pnjvihg the tn SETif ATE to NIGHT Wasbingidii; h will b'fein i; grind of !>n's prohi bitioit reorganization F'! (AI who was 5S years in Oermany land ed. for the priesthood in ihaJ.M';'"' iry.; He iva-; ordaineil at I^m- bill rielgiuiji. in l>.n!.', and d'umc' i lis counliA- the iie:ii year. ' INSURANCfilCODE 1 iTi-vriFii/Ttrriwa'T- ^ — \RRESTED! OR BANK LOOTING T ;TI IP Feb.i 17. • c.)iv arrejsted HAM IS 'F rt Lailde rdale. Fla., Il - .lospphj Ham was was Her rday 1 afi- right y-slerdav ;n 1 .Miami by United Siatps departrjienf of justice agfents on charges; in connection witjh a- banit r-ibbf-ry in >Cherryvale. Kansas, j on .May 2fi. 102*5. Ho wa!^ re- leas Iieaning. A wer House Clamps hito Legistc'iive (^hahitels Todii^y s'by. inrlividual memb Altho crtjate a .s go th(re are H oyallies •d on st ived forf nanent OnlyTh Down Lid reeAretn !a, Kan.. Feb. 1 Iho hoIr,^p to d on S2()!.00<i bond \ pending \ tSc whol Scini rs' boiiii? eturn of the itallroad opeTa- 1 while hiB law- re;ji|on8 ithey, cone e.o»tmlB8lott la ap- rKeii.|- i[oEbi .>b' SESSIONS Feb. nigh it w Ithat tlni*' riziiig |;({pv »?rnfcent ; I^ns on 37. fjAJP)—The , * pre-adjoum- ' sesHiona next i 'J consider bills certijficatesj and for , alien property. effort tji ohitiin unanimons nt to take : iipr also adminls- EXPECTED TO PASS peka. Katis.. fob. ,17. fA^)^! new insuranc ij code today re-., .d- the iinauin{(}us-approval oCv Fjnal vote on j thej has already 'been sf nato, will bq talij(|n tomorrow. largo nmiiber of liherly h(i)n'f.= JRAIL STIUKETJ • said to the rherryval have heen sioleii in robbery. I |o;z Bills troduted gfiifral railwiy n .M I><-a gl •jl (Af ')-|-0nly Jbroo bills werc -j lay. Y(^ster(iay, the last Hay jrk, tliri 'i; .score wpre introtlucefJ 'Allien h.'i iph Governor ate podiatry hoard, the ofTered another ii )i 11 t(i, ernoij objected if> the ilready too ma from oil arid gaM pro-*:te land and ^^\ iliopey mineral lease .s would go definitely in pyod .school fund uii i.s vetoo(| the .[ones bill to hralth and jhygjene reate .siu'h a board. iThe .llone.s nn|:asiire' because he ibeli(|ves iy state. jicllon olthe ef a law and dl.^a (( Doards. ontinu<:-d wlaliout. infer proposed by the house ways mea'ns irommittee. j Lawyers ^ree on the question whether on Page 2. A'o. ; I 1) !A r()af| : line di: b(iei1 ir(g riiw diy fwe td house in conBiitteis' p after tie 1. .>-pag6 jidered for oijljc .ai*-- DUE of the bUI was minutes. Imeasiire wbiih; jpassied by -the' xico Cit>i PJN MEXICO Vv> V 17. '(AP)—A f s imminent i t tonight (AP),^. ike I a^ain ap~! jMexli-o. Mid--' Is t&e.time set for aj eonferen'je WBiweeji the rall- nJien and the called hv tl) |stry to fi id rences hetwe company, fall LITTLE 1)0(1^ IS RES Whodriiff. S Kffotts of lw0nty' working a paasagcway cave, werte rewarded; when "Rip, prisbned for of bis prison the arms dl uM nIgM liol ijatlonal railway 4 dep^tment.oC ]a(xlu^qn of the a the'men and (jd ' ttl i material- p) TODAY kien. who have Uown to a nar- and day aink- littl^ Ihonrs;! early to- dog. bfr- . walked ind bo inded- f^-

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