The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1927
Page 6
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Garden City/Goes Into Action:; This Week— 1 Indepe^ence. or ; lola tq (io in 1 Cellar. Kan-ins ait J l-1oi1;.S«^iilt JndciieiiileiiKC Hl« ! (•Hrdrid i'Hy UXMF.S THIS WKKK ronluht, (;iiir<l«ii nty '> lit (I«3, lii(ir|)C.ii(l. |ii'fi'{)tll|p sit Ar. Idii^, Ciirtn'lllc iirdt*!! til kiiilriiriidfiKc lit jj u a n t i t y jarance in the CcJlIege con fGr­ and anything i! I will play its- of the season' nirsbiis; Thiiii' ritcc|nt liilii; ki1ll^Hs (it) r Ki] (JhlloWo, I AlrkatiMi'* (llj FJiirf S <i»lt. An unknow . ni.a'l^es its app^ Kansas Junior encje this week may be the j-esblt. <;arden CHy' ' op'enihpi games tonfght and Fiidayi against! thei two leadiiit teams of the; conference, anit may bring an upset ih: the d)pe. At Par.soiis toiiiBhl Garden City win iiltty llu- Ki'cond place team of IIK- c -f «nf <Tciic »i, :!\ Parsons victory will brinK -tlial tieam back into a lie fori first placij in the stundinKS. \vlii|i> ii loKs will'ieud the team far i The league-leading Arkansas City ' (luiiilet has a liuf^y time this week, entertaining; Cotfeyville Thursday -iiislit. ;and' ('.ardiin I'ily Friday iiigl t; i Victorje.H over tliose two! (.("anis ^yould yiijjually assure Ar- kaniiasiniiy the li^ague |)ennaiit. A deUdl.iiio '.vever.JttouId remove the Knu «id '.4 pennant hopes. 1 . i li ('.ejiendenre .-ind lola clash to -i W. If , . o • tl ! ii « 1 I ^ tl I- 1 • i i .1 I (i 0 IVf. .7.VI .711 .6(!7 .mt .•*t71 .113 .WW Wichita. Kan.'.jJan. l.">. (Spei-iali Wichita univershy defeated Uetliel Iiere last night 'M to 2 .Vin a conference haskcjt lijttl game. ATHLETES IN TRACK TEAM Field ProspicctsjGood for Scott's Mert; Massey Will Strengthen lola High Sqii^d. Trai'k-Iraining has already bi'im Klarti 'tl Jiy some alllleles of llir Icda Iii'^ii .'chool. No !ra<-k nieets lilive yell been sihednled to be lield liefon? the team goes to the K. relays. This year .Scot! does not have as much field <inateiial as track iiia- lerial batk. lie has liarbi-r ivlios'' high Janipfng is Kood. itaijber can h(' (lepi'iided On to do 'his' share for t^ii' team. I>;isl yeai Marber hiade a good reionl considering tint he was learning a liew way to jump, 'Hoke, anollier twn letter man. is hack.' Moke's spec iaity tlii- j :'V <irii. • He also may Iry llie (li.-icus .and weiglit events tht> year. Scott iias some other good pros- P«( ts in the field. On the track he lias .Miller" and Haiidly.- both relay nieU. back, llandly runs Hie while iMiller's si)ecialty is the H". lioth of these men are letter men. . Aiiol'her ad- ditifTn to th«' I'-am' will be .Massey, a three-letie- man ' from Yalcs Center. .Mas.>ley has a good record in the middle (listances and caii be depended on for points. ; > All these men will bej out' for tiack this year and there will|also] be a gooil showing of men not, as yet received leiJers. : iiiglat. 'with the; celliir ! position, remainder of the loser taking ^)rohably for season. the the CHURCH TEAMS TO CLASjft ITHURSDAY Thf Melhodist.s jand Presbyterian teams again clash for stories honors at. the junioi- high tomorrow evening. The gajne will he called proinpl:ly al 7 -o'clock. So far- Ibis yelir the two teams are lialanci-d inj g,anies won,. In th firft Kiirjcs ea <li ti-ani won a gaim frotii IIK' inher. The .Melliodislsl won in' tlie finiiis of the si ^rii's by a olie point scirri;. They again il Jeaierl the I'rej^bylerians a" few 'I'er, but last Thursday niglitj own in rlifeal to the Pres No gfiliie' jielween the - two las bi 'i 'ii >von by more than piliul margin. The Presliy- have s<-o|'cd a total of two mi>i'<' in khese rival games iison than have the Velhod- .Melhodisls 'win tomf)rrnw days li: Wi'Ilt ( hies, tea ins a Iwii tj-rians! points this se isl-'. If IlljC even in;!; Ilicy -will chnrchj league cjup dispiile. If the; ' liowevijr. it will j inea teaiii lias won one i tournanieni jnusj be n-ceive without tournament games. ilUbe till any refihytcrians win n. iJiat each eHes and ,a playeil. This series of five INDEPENDENCE HEJRE THURSDAY Inia i-Iuniiir ("(illeg'e meets th Independence squad oh the local cfiiirl tomorrow liight in an attempt to conil' out! of tjie conference ccl-| lai*. •, In a ipreliininajy the high school seiondi meet ijie Jlildred highs in wbilt should ' be jt; good game. -Mildlecj ibas received, but two defeats ail year. 68 Miles Per Gallon In Public lest NIar GET ONE FREE! li ll-ordi lllau madii gas . Jllile Axel • per II rd . .llrel,^ co^l line Invrntiim IIS .>liJriip« «n ^irls Miraeii- Stjirts Fords rnstuhtlr. •hjiago. lll.,n.Tli| i-aH ' amazed ;re(*i i'qillpiied ! witli k > Tlieriftostal );l.s miles 'iftt an Dlficinl P4il ler galloni ill iig*' ill :.'(Hi ,oiiii I billion. HreaKiiig .Till- Uliimlle (• .'tliliiiiiai:ii' Hiid vjery (eW wiieks I . Mtaiiijly; 111 niovi hair and used unde sure ors will Irodii giian to $n Agen get your nlrtest tinli'i|il i III sii<rl 5^oldi^t molor in- jweallu'r. re- arhon-. wave siriHMl. |ie|) atic Control Oelco Light IkUil prevent ( <ii| and.' Inci-eaf )ower. n 'rierrtios] oh CadillaV iaiK molor pub- utly when a the new Ic Coiiirol he-gal ion of !)llc- Tei-I: "iS mother lest, sis :!2' miles world's rec- iiltrol Is eii- ives It.t iiiiiall IH II II-'giiar- llarry Kandall. l'ar.-!Ons junior college sliidciil. is lieliig lierahled as -in iron man with a ninnia for rel'i-reeiiiR basket ball games.. Satrwday.lie is said to liave i-efi.'re«d seA'ii games.- then he wanted to ref 1-ree some more. At the fl^'llt In i'lttNliiiiv Mini- d:i.v iiFt{iit. Ihi> fiiiis pit il kii'li «nt (It' I hi* .Mr>)illy-\('liihiger fli;lit—not liri-:iiiK«> II «>iis such :i irotid: I'fght, liiif herniisp of the iriiii(»s|i|i(>re. At the bpglii- iilntr of t-uvU round. >lr\iill> noiild i>t<-|t. iiiiH ImcK III the (TOKil )i littif Mtlve noiild shniit. -KIM li'ini diiildj'." 4iist nhiMit the s:iiii<' time, up In the liHJron.v. Ifnin|i*s ^loplien noiild [ shout,-Whip him i'lirle iliini|i.*' \ tola high school nieet.-^ liomc mighty stiff, competllion ' Friday night at Pittsburg. . Pittsburg as yet has not- been defeated, and is leading two league-:. .\n Tola victory might lose the Big Seven <oii- fei'iMice ohampionship for Pittsburg. .liihniiy Vaccji of I5i*iglilon. .Mondiij night shotted that ehuni|iliins nre not Iniinrilili*. lie niliiilnlslerril il trrrihle lieiil. inir to Kldel l.alinrliii. liynriciri cliiinipion of tlip Mtirld. Iiiit -iiv tlipy wore fighting at riilch' Heights, (he title mxif not ;il • stake. - TO|iNCLUDE MANYFIVES Strong Teams In .Junioir College Toiir- riamdnt for High Schjool Second iTeams. Atchi> Expected j collcjrt' feroncc 22 to 20 A I the ver.sity ti» Olid place to ,2.:.. Km! . id!i: and d I'P i low the pa forj I'l'l'^J'"!'*^ the fourth annual lola Juhior jli',',! ..."u'l -c College basketball tournament. Seieral of the trj have already replied there are Isome other .st Invitatifins and folltjw letters havie been sent oulj Wichita and Kmporia Toachers HjO \'fr in Secon|(l Game Schi'dulvd Hetvetin Washburn ICm porta Tiiritorrow. on. Fob. 1.5.—(S]>ocial |)-|-I 'itt.sburjr St; i .'iskotiu'ls cdgftl otic gumij; clost-r of the' hanipion .vhip ht-re hist iiii ^ht^ detVatiiig n a last game. . ! ! V hanie tiiiii', Wirhiia uiii-.;.-^ -j- • k a firmer grip on .s-'-'. PITTSBURG by. delealiiip itiDid r'.l', • ,(:ria Ti-:ic Ih-rs i-i-iiiaiiii-d •opped a fi-w po:iil.s b:-, : i c -.Mlti -J -s. i .\ iliisoii. Kail.,I .1; siviiig.s liai-k liomi- lo-; ^ K ghliiig against jrsi bifiire liay^ iiivail'-s I ed rom tin-' rai;-' STARIS ATI taDAYNIGHT WHS teams e.xpdcted to" reply ir iie.xt few cijiys. The tou meiit will be playeil Mar and 5 on tlie local court. [or i -ntranc( drawings wi IS lie liool Olid will The liisl ilale February -'2 and niade February Jfi. In ii'll bilily very few chiss ".\" si first I.iinis will eiiler. 'The sr jleiims from <!;iss "A" schools ibe;tlicjr main representativi-s. t.iist' year jibe Ililiiilioldt von in tin- finals from l,;ill;| "he lola scciinds defeati'd tht niile SCCOIKU in the consolilion round. This yciir probably even slt'ong- dav and .S. Washbnt .Miiry's la-- ajld 'that team , i • ! !)l.-. . WasI P'>K^ lie for fiflli the' Kmp-jri:i. ( g-ini"s ami rna- Interest niw ir'glit's Te;ich<-r.s a poria vii'to lowja-.k'Is (if I be f .ict pijoba- I game two 'tiiire versily t< iims . A W ' ni-.:ht. iirohj rpe. ' c"iisec[ilivi [has ;i er learns ,wjll eiiler and llie pelltiuii whl liL- iiiiich keener, iropbivs'ii.'iV'- iilready arrivii^ are lo be si -tn al llie high sd Pittshilrg leoiii- The and o.ol. PJ.ANS PROGRESS FOR LEGION BOUTS Plans iind ar- .liii«-: liir ire.-*- fasl llie. red Coloiiv, clal 1 . The srlionl liasjketb.'ill ir^; first llie galiH citv 11 lo .\i till- srorf secjri 's bi*:ti The Colo; same late iiig a liotlj ^TOIC KKEPEri OF IHE BEE^" fjene Sllrattort-Porter (—jiig Seniimei^t—iPowerftil •(anedy. jller fjjr two gaims, iii'rday. I 's vicluiy over .^l. night. 2:; lo uives I haiiii' 111 luak-'- truii- biirii jiduiiiii-d iii'o '.I (tlai •• -.v ilb Coll.i." i>f acb Iiav.iii :4 wmi liavin:; lo>l I wo. [leiilers around liMunr, ; game hcltt 'i -n I-;ii:ji<:ria | 111 Washburn. l -".!ii-i y sbi.uld t-ivi- tin- Yd- ! 'iaiiipioii>hi|', lifcai'si- l that il ;days mi" u»> i 111" lr :igi:i- l <-al'-i .-'iiil ' im«'s tlriii Wii )ul;i im'- j i,isl one. gilllle, liiyiirii vli::or; imiii.rn.v.- ibl.v would iiii-aii a Ihird cbiinipii>ii:dii;i lur "iin- lorillas. RICHMOND TRIMS COrONY (iUINTET K'l Imioudeijii LAHARPE HAS IZAAK WAllTON CHAFFER ' Friends Wi.-hlla j; fights : Kjl Coi-hfiine of the, Kjinsas ! CiU' .louriial-Post has tlie opini(<n thill .\l;;Ioney hiis r.o <hance in liis bout |with Oelaney Friday night. Vou ., never «-an! tell however, so jdoi.'t forget "the hcgister's big fight party.- Tiger Telllork, tlie «lilrl. «ind schooLteiu-hlni; lioxer. said .Mondiiv night thsil he nonid like 'to fight in iiila Minie lime soon. -"I foiiglil iip there linee, I lieiieie," he re- iiiiirketl. ''Ves,- nil lola fan iigreed. "yon did for ahoiit thirty SerondH.- It seems tliiit ^Tedliiek wiped liN iiiiiii'off the 'niKii here liefore the (iino liiid a good ehanee to look hhii o«er. LET .lONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works l'IIO.>K ll»i lifllancke 'License -anotlipr Iiroof of mf.|rit. The Inv^nl- >i-ahl agents: eve-ywhere and <earl one Coptroi Free <o in- e!it lo .vour'i-oni iiunity. Sales nti-ed. Ag<4it.< made Sl.UOO >Oij a-moiithi Fee'trial and Plan b.vj wh eh AOU can K*' Ford Car ffee jhy time pii^sent For<li is worn; out will i)e sent' at once io ^nvone ,who writes pro'niptl.v 'jo .Blancke Auto Pevick-^: Co.] Depi;. SfiBfi-B, K.T K. Erie \iv„ Chicago.'i- 1 i m HARDWARE & IMPLEMENTS ;ive progres.sing ^ .•\i:ierl'-:iii Legion bonding ;shiiw In be staged .Mjircli 10 at .Men orial IliiU. l!ob Fr.V; legion niembei .liick (Jriffiii are in.charge o)!' r;:)ig';meuts for the fight. Kff 'irts will be made, an-o Criffiii tc engage real liili-^i the boxing show. Till' iiiftiii-So accordhig to em phins w'ill call for I wo liglil weiglits in'a ten round b, 'rwo*fiist prcdimiuaries iire fig ti; (-omplele the bill. As no fights hiive been st Ibis wiuti-r. it i.s evpi dcd ! H.'irpe di;ii)il the matirhes will attriiii .:t lei-! of sporism oiil cr<-A-d, with, many fistic j lid- ipir.ilc wiljli Iiiiers expected from towns iii/vai -' suiie in up ioiis'Paris ol soulheast Kaiisa--;. in Ki-.nsas. FItlENDS DEFEAT!^ ' SOUTHWESTERN! i Izaak Wall ^Ki-il 1 coinpli-li-d Wiufidd. Kan..-Feb. ITi. .(S|iiiial i I 'nlveisily reluiin-<l lo today al?er defeiiiini; lln- SoiilhWeslern I 'nlvi-rsiiy Z\ (o in il Kansas confei-enci.- cagij hal III- here last night. MORE COMEDY ON HOUSE FIGHTS NOW Washington. become the ciliritol l.hal Kepresentaliv soil of Coiinei-liiiit. the Ilepuli leader, today" jol^ngly exprj aiiprehensioil over the safel Hepresenlalive Strong when he failed lo appear fii) floor wheii the house conveiui Maraimn • Tubes 29.\1.40 Balloon .m.'J'j Cord .. .30x3Tube ... C. Canatsey, Proii. 116 East^ \ ..?io..->o . im Phone 146 (30c her qua -t) but lesj You will like it! For ex Thoi sands cfnwtfjrist!} have iccepted Iso- Vis,. ne \N constant visccsi y motor oil. Entiiiis asm oyer this n2w and better lubri- catinK(|)il is keen and widespread, j Why? The TKitGr mhs smoother and better. With I^-Visji|i the craAkcase, the frictional surfa :es are protected a t all tin es by a cushion ot oil—for Iso-Vis ov ercomt s dilution. It main :aihs its v scosity (lijbricatipgefficiency) until it is dn ined off. I hosts i little more per nrile. Try it! _ . _ iremecold w4ather Iso-Vis I Lightris recommended. [(Indiana) Ilf yoji f«?l thjat you are able to bcjntrol the c ilutijon factC:|r in your carlyour^lf, and yet wasit maxim'um lubrication at minimum expeise, usejPoiarine.; M^de in] grades .- -25(i pe^ quart. There is ^ grade made ex- pressy for jour tar and that g'ade will lubricate thoi^oughly the remotest frictional surfaces of your motor, i j Get Vis or Polarine at any siaiidard Oil Sprvicfe Statidn or at any aiithodzt d garage or filing stajtion displaying the'emblems shown above. lola. 8

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