The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 31, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1891
Page 3
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The People Are Not WIN WIN WIND WIND But GOOD GOODS and low prices speak for themselves, and at John Crosby's is were you will find the Best in Dry Goods, the Best in Boots and Shoes, the best in Underwear, the best in Gloves and Mitts, the best in Groceries, the best attention given you, the LOWEST Prices made. One —Fr**b Oysters by the quart, can or diib, at JOIIH TUOMA'S. For Sals! Carriage* of all description! for sale. W. 8. WEBITBB. Wi«* Anna JSaaton lnatrnetor on the piano and organ, Poitville, Iowa. —Do not fail to look over tho Dre»s Goods and Trimming* at Ltihman & Sanders'. -The Celebrated Pittsburg Center Draft Burner Lirup, in Oxidized, Brown and Nicklc, at Chi its' Furoituro Store. —Ltihman & Sanders report a good salo on orershoes thus early in tho season. Mia* Nellie H. Abbett, rcachar of Vocal and Instrumental Music, I'ustrills, Intra. —Tho handshaking candidate, is not as numerous as ho was. Ho will bo loss so after next Tusadar. -The Richardson & Noreross Shoo for ladies is the best tilting and wearing shoe made. Sold by l.uhman & Sanders'. so row. Card of Thank*. We take this method to thank al' who kindly assisted us in our great sor- MBS. M. C liF.rnr <fc FA MILT. For Sale! Horses. Cattle and Farm Machinery choap at private s*lo. Mus. Call and see. G. \V. HAKKS. —Call on I.uhman & Saudcrs for your overshoes. They hare the best makes. Boston Rubber Shoe Co's. goods. Horse-Shoeing 1 . No bit and miss, but a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable. TllOf. SflOKTUBBD. —POSITIVELY the best Shoo on earth for tho money is tho Hamilton Brown »2.60 Shoo for men. For salo by (Mtf) J*o. CBOSBT. •-Roy. If. H. Green, presiding elder, will preach in the Methodist church Saturday evening and Sunday morning next, in the absence of Rev. Loekwood. —Mr. and Mrs. Wesloy Smith, of Kansas, have been visiting Peter and family for a «cek. They left for home yesterday. Peter is feeling pretty good as a result of tho visit. —Walter Chriss changes his ad. this week. If you would feast your eye* on the lino*t stock of furniture shown in the stato of Iowa, drop in and sec Walter's stock. Prices now.t. Quality tn\ —As Saturday night is hallowe'en we hopo the town authorities will sco to it that the usual depredations nrc not committed. Fun is .ill right but the mutilation\>r destruction of property is all wrong. - The daughters of tho industrial school will exhibit their work at tho Commercial parlor, on Saturday. Nov. 7th. Tho work will be graded and handled by tho judges only. All are inrited. —Rev. Lock wood is visiting his mother and other relatives in Lawrence, Kansas. Ho will return next,. Monday evening. —N*. McWiiliams, Mrs. L. Sonnkalb, Henry webb and Mrs Jas. Carter are entitled to thanks for cash on subscription this week. And the encouraging feature is the people come. Our trade being ^ TIMES LJLRGUR than a year ago; an EVIDENCE that people are judges of what they buy. Yours Truly, JOSH Tilt PostYillc Weekly Review j - AppWg * tJ " i " ,Thonia "'• Husking Gloves, at Gray's. BY — Peaches and Gripes cheap, at John ! Thorn*'*. P0BLUH13 ET8RT SATURDAY W. «. BURDICK. ______ ——— —• J —Left Handed Husking Gloves, at tl.SO A YEAR IM ADVANCE.! Grays- V. T. K. —Two things—thoroughness of work and economy in living—have made Prof. Breckeni idgo's school widely and favorably known. —Laura Angell informs us that Mrs. Clias. IJ.ipuis has had the misfortune of losing her youngest child since recturning home. —Tony Marshall gives us an ail. this week. If you %7ant anything in his line you bet your lifo ho can do yon good. Ave, TOTT! —Mrs. Ja.3. Fisher is vsiting Frank Glints family at Garden City, Miun. Frank is running a hotel and meat market there and doing well. —The Hamilton Brown $2.50 Shoe for raen h»ye tho largest tale of any Sho* in the United States. For sale by 3*tf Jxo. CIIOSBT. —If in want of a Cloak or Jaoket call on Luhman & Sanders'. TESM3: LOCAL REVIEW. - Sweet Apple Cider at J. Thorns'*. - Overcoats, Men's and B'>y*\ #(.00, at (j ray's. — Hon. John McHugh will speak Castalia next Monday eyening. at j —Mr*. REVIEW visited friends at Dej corah a couple of days thi* week. j -E. M. Hancock was over from WauJ kon,-. Thank* for a visit. —W> baskets of grapes received at Eaton's ihU week. —Milk fl.lS, cream cicnmory this week. - The "Handy Tup" is the best put on asy *»rri»go. W- S. WBBSTBB. at Union j _y on can - t ( a ;i to iia wna t John It is ri«rhl —Nov. 12lb, at Luhnisn & Dander*' the Grand Cloak Sale: j Cro»by has to *ay this week. ! "feruinst" yon. --And still the cry i» for water, i* the one thing needful. Itain j —Mary and Lena _cl)*neld havo I moved oft His farm to their winter : quarters in Postville. ' —Prof. Breekeoridge will be glad to enrol! workers at anv time. foi —F. M. Orr is back from Spirit Lnko a brie/ ri*it and to vole. —If you want anything in Ladies' and Children's Cloaks and Jackets call on Litbman & Sanders'. -Eaton keeps a* good bulk oyiters | as can be had in town. Tou can get from : them by the quart or dish. -Our CLOAK Man will bo here on Monday next Monday, Nov. 2nd. Bkelton & Tangeman. DIED. BEEDV—At his homo in Hardin. Iowa, Oct. 35, 18'Jl, after a short but severe attack of acute peritonitis, Julius C. Beedy, aged TO years and G months. —I will open my stock of Christmas Goods about Nov. lSlh and don't forget it will bo the best of the kind ever •een in Postville. Don't to come early and mike your selections. No trouble to show goods. W. Cum."*. C. L. S. C. will meet with Mrs. Carl Holtet next Wednesday afternoon. Study—Colonial History of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Reading in Chatauquan_for 1st week in Nor. —Mrs. Will Harris and Herman, and Mrs. Darius Orr returned from tkeir extended visit with Mrs. Harris' parents. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, at Mt. Vernon, Mo., on Thursday of last week. Of course they had a good limo. —John Crosby's cloak sale yestorday was a grand niece**. Ho report* 73 good garments sold, the prioe.s running up a* high a* $66.00 as a maximum. Advertising certainly pays if you do it loud enough. You don't want want to whisper if you want the public to — Do you want any Klnnkets for the wintor? If so c»U and sco whst I offer in the line of Blankets, Quills, Feath- cis. Pillows and all kinds of Bedding. The Choipest place in town. Yours truly, W. CHMVJ. J. W. WARD & CO. Special Sale of the following goods "with, a OB Wholesale Prices, ARMSTRONG- & HOLTER, THE RELIABLE CLOTHIERS. ESTABLISHED I_T I883i Which Are TJNMATCHAELE Remember the Days and Dates. The goods are the folio-wing Staple Articles MS CHI JUKI IH TWO I YOU fill BE API 10 —Our reporter much regrets bis inability to havo b»en nm^ng the happy crowd which gathered at the home of Jan. fay on Fiiday evening of last week. Going to press late is what occasioned our alienee. We are told by those who were there that they had a grand good time. Again For Bale. I now offer my residence for *ale at a price tbat ought to sell it at oner. Call and «eo it. Mas. H. B. H*ZLITO*. School Books. We now have a full and complete stock of school book* used in the Postville schools and will sell them at the lowest school board : prices. We also carry a full stock of all school supplies at the lowest prices. Brick,drug stole. K. X. DOl'OLMS. Short-Horn Bulla For Sale. Foar pedigreed »hort-born bull* for sale cheap. One i* eighteen months old, the others youager. Three mile* southeast of Postville. 13m6 P. COBCOBAW. Now Lumber yard. Great wonderment of the times! Lumber sold cheap in Postville. Sander* & Kapler keep on hand in their yard a general assortment of all kinds of lumber, including the mnch celebrated Arkansas yellow pieo ceiling, traight grain flooring, finishing, moulded eatings, corner head and base blocks, etc. A share of the patronage is solicited. SAHDEMS & KAPLER. —Mrs. Lydia A. Town* arrived Fond du Lac on Wedoe«day for a visit. ——_ j —If you want wood l*aye worn with —Jo« Gray, of theU. T. K. bail soma : me or any of »ay teamster*. thing to *ay to-day. Read it without' r - J- Usvcutm. Dr»yman. delar. I 1 .. j —Republicans in the country should — Do not forg»t tho sociable tbi* (Fri-; B« l '° 'hoir vo ' BS before noon if possi- tlay) evening, at Mr». R. N. Doug la** 8. S. S. Farm For Sale. Consisting of 317} acres, four miles south of Ctstalia, in Clermont township. 240 acre* under cultivation, bal- anco timber tad pasture. Buildings fair, well watered. Inquire on the premises. iStt Tuom* Mosais. New Dental Rooms. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dental office over the ham**» store in the brick block, where he may be found on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, where he invite* the public to call when wanting first-cl»s» work done in his line. A Fine Buaines* Place. W. J. Hanks 4 Co. havo tho repairs on their jewelry "tore completed. They now have a plate g!_a front and one of the finest show rooms in town. They have also received a new invoice of good* and it will lake a fine city lay out to surpass cither Ihoir store or stock. Look in on them. - We understand that Mr*. McMaster and Mr*. Betty* went to Chicago last Tuesday. —YOU LOSE MONET whan you wear anything else but the Hamilton Brown Shoe. Jxo. C'BO*BT. ble; at all events by 2 o'clock, P. M. —The Hamilton Brown $2.50 Shoe will match find. ANY 93 .00 aboe yon «an Jxo. CBOSBT. —Ed. Corcoran want to Decorah last Saturday to attend ProL Breckenridgo's I dn**. CAT} Celler. P. P.. S. Y., -Lira*. Cement, Stucco and Plastering Hair, alsrays on band and for tale. Htf P. J. BBL'CH —, Drayman. -WANTED—Information cf John and William Warnholtz. Please ad- N. Y. school. -If yon cannot Sod what you wish -Jas. Hoyhas been getting the lom- j iu'Cloaks, wait until the Cloak Sale at her on the ground tor his new house | Luliroan A Sanders'. Date Nov. 12th. tbi* week. a J j --Headquarters for Axle Grease, —Skelton & Tangeroan have just re- | Ca*o'.ine, Lard. Caetor, Black and all oeired a carload of the celebrated Gold Mine Flour. •t the leading brands of Machine Oils, mt Water* & Nicolay's. R. F. Kruse, representing one of the Largest Cloak Houses in the west, wiU be in Postville, on Thursday, Nov. *2th, 1891, and give a Grand Cloak Sale at X.uhman &; Sanders* Store. Come mi look over the greatest line of Foatrill* Steam Mill The undersigned having purchased the Postville Steam Mill* formerly own ed ana operated by Hiram Dresser, is prepared to do Sawing, Planing, Grinding Feed, Scroll Sawing and Turning, at reasonable rates. Planing and grinding, Monday of each week. Your patronage solicited.' E. D. STILK*. To Old and Hew Subscribers. All new subscribers paying $1 .50 in advance will be credited to Jan. 1st, 1893. and all old subscribers paying up to the day of payment aitd 91 -60 in advance will be credited to the same time. Our object is to have all subscriptions, so lar as possible, expire Jan. 1st. Heni« this premium Farm For Sale, A farm consisting of 280 acres- 340 under cultitatioa sod 40 acres of li­ ber. WiU sell the farm without the timber if desired. Good house, barn and outbuildings oa the farm. Fenced in 30 acre lots. Well watered by number of large springs. A splendid' farm in every particular. Situated 2} miles southwest of C_Uli*> and *t •MtheMt of Owda— Only 1{ milee south of Military road and good road to it. Fpr term*, eta, apply to JS. 8oott. Onto, or to tli« editor ot/lM RBVTBW, PostYiU* The Warner Comedy Co. This company played a three sight's engagement to good honses. something that no other strange company ever did here, and this one could not hsvft done it without merit. It i* the most evenly balanced company tbat ever appeared here, there being no (tick* or pick up* in it, and besides the members are all ladies and gentleman. They promise to return here during the season, and if they do, in a lei* busy time, they will bave crowded bouse*. They are worthy of libera! patronage. No. 1, Special Sale Men's Ready Made Clothing, Suits and Overcoats. Commencing Oct. 30th and lasting 30 days. No. 2, special sale Ladies' and Gent's Knit Underwear. October 30. lasting for 30'days. No. 3, special sale 150 to 200 holts absolutely Pure Silk Ribbon, worth 40 to 75c per yard, will be sold for 26Jc yd. Sale lasting till all sold. No. 4, special sale 500 boxes Imported Iced Wool, at 20c a box. Sale la3t 30 days, or till sold. No. 5, special sale 250 Ladies' Jackets and Misses" Cloaks, bought of a manufacturer who failed, at 50c on the dollar. Sale last till all sold. These goods are all new and latest styles. No. 6, special sale 25 yds. Best Standard Dress Calico for l'OO. Sale Saturday, Nov. 7, lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt. No. 7, special sale Pepperell R Sheeting, yd. wide, 6c yd., worth 6Jctobuyat wholesale. Sale Monday, Nov. 9th. Sale lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt. No. 8, special sale Kerosene Oil, Best Quality Water White Headlight Kerosene Oil at 10c Gallon. Sale; continues 30 days. i No. 9, special sale Kerosene Oil. We will sell you the Ilaine Kerosene Oil, which is the finest high test illuminating oil in the United States, and is sold for 16J to 18c a Gal. at wholesale, and retails at 25c a gallon by the Drug trade. We will sell you in 5 gallon lots for 75c,worth 1.25. Sale lasts 30 days. No. 10, special sale Oil Cans. ''The Pan American" 5 Gal. best Galvanized Oil Can made, with Pump, for 1.35, worth 2.00- The sale lasts 30 davs. No. 11, special sale Oil and Oil Cans. "The Pan American' ~b Gal. Oil Can with Pump, full of the Best Water White Headlight Oil for 1.75. And full of j Ilaine High Test Oil for 2.00. You will surely appre-1 ciate this offer, when the can is worth 2.00 without j the oil in it. This strikes hard on competition, and! they will cry: "HUMBUG;" '"SWINDLE;" 'IT'S AI LIE;" 'IT CAN'T BE DONE;" &c. But we will give j $25.00 to anyone who will prove that the Oil andi Cans are not both just as we represented them to be. ! C2T NOTICE:-Ail goods advertised for Special Sale i will be sold for CASH ONLY at the prices named, and, NOT punched on the Premium Tickets. ! ME_TS CLOTHING. M.»n'» Fins gray Ilnir Lino Caiiimire Suit, only worth ft.00 to 10.00. " Dark I'lald C*«im?ru S.iit. only 6.50, worth 'J.00 to 10.0D. " Ciiofk CvsMmsr* 8uit. only •s.OV, wort'i li'.iO. 11 '• 1'a.icy I'laid Wor.t»;.l Suit, only 7.0). worth II 03 lo IL'.OO. " •' •• (Iray and lirown Plaid ("r.iii.uera Suit, only tt.OO, worth 1J.50 to 15.00. This is a »plcndi<! suit. " " '• Grav I'laid I Button Cutawav Suit, splendid, oclv 9..10, worth 14.00 to 15.00. " Plaid, F*ncy Woven, All Wool Kaglish WuriteJ Suit, only 10.00, worth 15.00.' " " gray and blown plaid All Wool Sack Suit, sample enclosed, only 11.10, worth 16.60. Thcie is no such thing as matching this price. " '• fancy dars g*ay All Wool 4 Button Cutaway 8uit, U.iO, worth 18.00. This suit is as good a* gold ana will wear like iron, and saves you a good many dollars on one suit. " " (iray Stripe Cassimcre Sack Suit, made of all woo! and silk, onlv 12.50. worth 18.00. '• " All Wool English Corkscrew Wonted, heary weight, only 12.56, worth 18.00. This is one of the most elegant of suits. Blue I'laid Silk Mixed Knglish Worsted, only 13.00, worth 18.00 Wc will put iu all our best lines of Fine Knglish Worsted*, Silk and Worsted Mixed, in fancy j.laids and strip«s, for 15.00. worth S0.0O, in either sack or cutaway. Tho Greatest Iiargnin* in the United States. MEN'S OVERCOATS. Men's Fine- Brown Plaid, extra value, only 4.50, worth 6.iO. " " Blue Fur Boaver, splendid value, only 4.50, worth 6.50. " " Wool Gray Cassirnere. The best iO.OO coat in the country, yet v.o sell it at 7.00. *' " Brown Mellon Beaver, fancy plaid lined, onlv S.00, worth 13.00 to 14.00. " •' Fur Beaver, silk cord bound, el»gantly made throughout, welled senms, extra quality, only 10.00, worth 15.00 to 18.00. •• " All Pure Wool Melton Cloth, tailor made, splendid lining, guaranteed all wool, for only 10.00, worth 15.00 to 18.00. " " All Wool English Corkscrew Wonted, only 10.00, worth 1*.00 to lfc.00. Theie good* are exactly as represented and many of these prices are less than noleiale and cannot be replaced f >r the money, nor bought of anr other dealer in the United Slates at Ihete price*. The above li»t is only a few of the large stock we carry, and give* yon a slight idea of what we can save yon. SEEING IS BELIEVING and WE WANT YOU TO SEE our stock. open your eyes a little wider than usual when you come to look at our Mammoth Stock of Fall and Winter Suits and Overcoats. Neither a microscope nor a magnifying glass would enable you to discover any flaws in them. Yon" don't need to be a clothing expert to see at a glance that they are as far ahead of the productions of other years as a palace car is ahead of a stage coach. You couldn't improve their appearance, bat they can and will improve yours. It is impossible that you should be otherwise than pleased with the prices we are now naming. Buying as we do, in large quantities, for two stores at the same time, enables us to secure many bargains unapproachable by others, and we in turn give our trade the benefit of same. This month we are offering Cloves <& Mittens. Men's Goat Gloves, double palm, oil tanned Men's Calf Gloves, patent wrist, welt seam, California tan, Men's heavy gray, random mixed, Shirts and Drawers. 35c 60c 30c Men's extra heavy, vertical stripe, wool Shirts and Drawers, 45c We consider the above extra good value for the money. All other lines' as cheap in proportion. Opening of the Po«tville Oymn&aium The Postville Turn yerein ha* engaged the service* of Prof. Geo. Murgge and still open a Gymnastic School for boys and girl* about HOT . «tb, 1891, in their ball, at Portville. And hereby invite the public in general to *npport thi* inatitatioo by fending your chil dren from the age of six years upward (boy* or girl*) to attend the above school *•( Physical Education. The tuition fee being so email and in reach of every parent, there is nc reason for excuse. TKIUU :—One scholar one month. 50c; or if three oat of one family, 91 -00. Application may be made to Mr. R. F. i Hecker, or at the ball to the Profeasor." Spectator* must procure permits of the Secretary. T_K-TA»US :—School will open Nov, 6. 1891, and will continue every Friday and Saturday, The boon an:—For boys, age 6 to XT, 4:30 to 6*0, p. m; girl* *(cd ladle*, age 6 to 25. 6:00 to 7:30,' p, m; yooog men, age 17 and npward* from to WrfW, p. nj. All informalidn can b« obtained by calling at the ball on abor* ereniDgs, FUR COATS. We are receiving a large itock of Fur Coats, and prices will bo lower than any competitor. Call and see for yotu'sclf. LADIES' CLOAKS AND JACKETS. Ladie*' Fur Bearer Jacket, for - 2 .00 *' double breasted, silk loops, only 8.J0 " , fine wool Bearer Jackec, doable breasted, only • 6.76 •• " " *• " " " wide Bilk facing, with light A»trachan fur trimming, for on\r " ' fine all wool Twilled English Worsted, double breasted, silk faced, genuine Astrachan fur trimmed, only •' fine Light Colored Camel'* Hair Jacket, doable brea*ted, fall faced with (ilk and wide hair seal collar, with continuous wide . front failing to bottom with hair seal, only ' beat quality Imported Worsted Jacket, full veat.front, and one of the very beU quality in market, for only All the aboTo Jacket* are worth from 1.00 to 6.00 more. FLUSH JACKETS. Ladiee' fine Seal Plush Jacket, well made and lined throughout, only 7.40, cheap at 10.00. •> fine Seal Plash Jacket, doable breasted, hair seal lined tbrooghont, only 9.90. worth 14.00 to 15.00. •• fine Silk Seal Plush Jacket, imported stock, heary silk lined tbrougcoat, embroidered front facing, the most elegant Jacket, 13.90, worth 20.00. 8.00 11.00 13.50 15.50 loop*, gennioe silk Our new Fall and Winter Stock, the largest we have ever shown is now complete. Don't invest a dollar m, Clothing until you take a look through our stook. Ho trouble to show goods. _J__I8?_i^$ <& m®VE®&» THE - RELIABLE - CLOTHIEES.' The goods are going fast. Don't wait too long; you may be too late to secure the Greatest Bargains you ever saw. - Thanking you for past favors, and with a determination to merit your patronage in the future, we remain Very Truly Yours, J* wy WARD <& CO IOWA. •f Extraordinary Next week we will be thoroughly established in our. New Room and will then show you a stock of Furniture that will surpass any stook ever shown in a City Ten Times The Size of Fcstxrille ! We will also show a Larger and Finer stock of Carpets, Rugs, Window Shades and Hangings than ever, shown in Postville. Our line is too large to enumerate. We will only say come and see us, and if we don't convince you that we are Selling Goods Cheaper than any firm in Northern Iowa, dcntft tray. We ''vsm. "in it," and are bound to please. ThaxUcing thf pmblfcr lor tnefrUberal patronage, we are, TrnlyYoiiw,, WALTER CHRISS?

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