Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1927
Page 5
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te ro ue ;!ro OCT— 3. HAD MO IDE A miMQS >MOUU> w;f^UO To •fiMNKrOttS PuSue AND AULOU^ ABOOTilT —VIWVTIM MgS.T(7TE: SAV? PUENTY-Tb HENRH *^ "@l92;7B/NEA|sERyi( Wiivt Has e «Me Before . Deajih strikes GAfiRETT FOlr- SOAI h^hile switnmingr j at Ocead Town.jiN. J. After being perfunctorily examined by! a doctor, lh« boAy is brougbt to the Hotel Majusfca, where au inquiry is Ktartedj. . . ^ . FoI<^in's batUin? • companions •h'ad ieen ROGER NEVILLE, .MRS. jHELEN* BARXABY. aiul CARM SLITA \ ALOaxi It is les- lablisllH that Folsonij. just be- feu staiul- IJARROX, kins, uunounce- tor<j lijs deatlj, had b ingj iiext to NED knojwn as tte .copper .ii»«|n itlie startuns nientjis made (hatf^olsom had betiu .s^abbpil to deatb in tlip watfi: kOSS, his val«;, ia ciues- liouel, as are parri n and bis wife, but-no lisht is fhed on ibe inysr^r^' A.\.\KTAS1A FOl lui trie d<-ad c-utmbol esiabli pou kuiftj, buru lOM. pfccn- d niaalTful s .sttM of the nau, arrives and f.tkva [nd. At the II is hed that the i death wi'a- wbs a pifliaq, an tlrienial boardwalk. Carnj on tbe ud rbal it and iia hVab- blid been u pllta. Va nrcbiised oil the don. kber 8ide| of Filsom at the- df his "death. who stood H unable to p his actions it the time, coroner sej-urs suspi- iime descijib aiid "cfoug •; . ><iw^ (.0 On With file .story CHAPrER X\ 1 dilj." said Carmrfita. '•biii to 111. stand I ri whose tone was a little curt. "Very rttortly," Croydon feears R ^id, bis face flusbinx. witb ajindy- upi hing alue. "I took a turn or tw| a id down the boardwalk, wat t: le crowds, and then I went ^o the hDtel and straight up to my rpom. "Carrying yonr purchases ijtgsuitB had changed in that Urbe. Y^io. leaving thera to be sdnt to And tha -s about all 1 can remera- I „^^j ^ ber pf bis .chatter. ' "AniJI' soon after that he went j "Vou didn't return to thei under tUe water?" toon room? Vks, but at that time I was "I most certainly did notl' but tnrnoj(I in the other <lirection and I did not see binivfall." "Tbank'you, .Mr. Barron, that is all." i • . Jeiison, the detective, bad return eilfi-om bis errand to the shop of the auctioneer. witJi some details of tile sales of.citrios that took place, on Thursday evening.' He resiioiided to tJie coroner's Inquiriej? by saying' tiiat the pi-o^ jirietor of tb-j place bad been-most williiiK and uii.xious to. ho of assistance in tlic matter, but that bis iitt'orntatioii bad been of little real valiii'. ••t'ciili; Rcr was •Ve-s sible to "You visited any other sloops?" "Xo—no other shops." But tbere was a decided besi- itation of speech, and more than- one face turned curiously "n Croydon Sears ,as he made his -JeniaL The coroner said no morel yoii; fi solil tl t was. rJext a person ob dry laud one tbictg. And in the rolling, tumblui^ surf it Is quite another thing.], 1 was entirely occupied with the difficulty of keeping on iny I feer against the onrush of, the wavctj. o notice or Ithink about anyone also. Tbere was a big wave , rolling ib. and after, it bad pa.ssed, 1 noticed that .Mh yolsom had dis- ' appeore!. But 1 Igave it no second thought, assuming—insofar as : I notic<jd at all—that be bad been swept off his Teet ami would right "" \n a moment.f jthen, wliat did, you -see Jn the next rJuijtter, Jlnas as'jt F4ils4Mn KP»s altout eaeaicliff .a pclnite «!etectJife. .Mean* hUe. Mti ^e- si(«pIrIoii attaches to ( ro)-> dnn SearK. WIthiB the Uw. "Dbean't this borel know rihat a law against public roUer-ijowels was .puBBed three years ago? "Yes,-Ijut no ex-post factol laws a»-e pt^rmitted In- this state. That towel wna put up before thp law was passed." • ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed If «Ht, Found 'Jiimself "And i"Tii?n|l saw the life guards com- iiiS ojuri -way. But ieven then 1 dldn 'tl think of jtheir being after aijy <)|f our own party until I saw .them: dive or stoqp dojwn and come up with! 'Mr. F]oIso|n -in their arms.' ••-Th "Thit'I don't kjnoW —if you mean did t) e^ botbi carry Mr. Folsom. 1 bav« - only a oonius 'd njeniory of sonieb )Uy raising' Mr. Folsom from the >v; t'^'r and bearing a few stifled screatnsl froin wdnieiij " ••Au\l 'then. ;-.Mlfs. ' on out I two men •Tlien; 1 saw SI our .wVy and he df the water. «,hat lailed -Mr. didn't reply. He HaniaDyr along, ask if-1 .was all aud theh we all beach and "fountl Foisom liad bad tbiiig land for us| "iearby. aldbn? r. ."Seville coming iioli us to tome 1 asked him Fol.sbni, but be wa.'^ helping ;Mrs ind he turnejj to righ . I. .said yes. went out on the great crowd patbercd. Sir. Neville told its; Mr. ii stroke or some- all to go to' o|ir So we did, barbb^ and <lrcs.<). and v>ben I wa.>J /dressed and out ,*:tjain. fbe.v had takeii Mr. FolPom lip to tbe botelj .-lutl .Mr. Neville told us to come |along..toa." ;'Tbaijk ^-ou. .\|ra,", VuJdou; for a clear. sfralRijifoirWard acdount of tli^ >(ce«e.. Npw.i';Mr, flarrpn." .V«K1 ^arrok wij^nt '^rward with visUile Telucfonce.' -y^iU jstooll nejrt Mr. Foilsom at the fop<!'?' Kubburd asked hlin. "Yi'ti. bext to l)lni." . i You ittiew him? Bl-fX3CAL GLASSES — frame, with black rims. 32l» South Third street. find out if this dag- tbat evening?" but it was not pos, learn who bought it." KveranI: .Mi-i-ker asked to be allowed lii inlerrui'l aiid stated.that as a fri ^fiiK -uler of auction roum.s, be was iiure the name and address of b'lye'is wa.-i always made a matter of record. •'.Mr. Hirsch." .lepsoiL responded, "for- tl'iat is the iiaiu<- of tbe man who owns; the business, tells me that it-is 'customary'In large and importjaiii sales to note tbe names of thf bdyers. But he says that the sales conducteil in his e.stab- li^lwnent are often of goods of sllgb*. value, and that fully half of the iteni.'i .sold are merely paid for at the moment and tbe purcbasf I'ers carry liii-ni ofL" •But the sale Thursday night included many really valuable i?iir; loM." .Meeker insisted, "and the price.s in many instances ran fairly Iiigh." • "Ye.S;" .lepsou agreed, "that: is true. But it seema 1-liis—what' do yoal call it - '.' picbag. is not of great value and was among tbe la.'it to he sold, and it |» not cer- tiilii that tbe of the buyer was noted." "Not certain!" cried Miss Folsom,'who was devouring with her eveS; the p<dice detective. "Then it may be they have hl4 address '^I "It is possible, they tcdu me. You see, 1 didn't have the dagger uifh me, r-nd though I thought I recog-- nized' it on .the. list tlxey showed me, yet I coijld not be positive. It seems tlie i^re pieces i were sold first, and .aft'er tbatthe lesser, valued ones were put up. Sometimes In lots of more thdn one article." i "Yes," said Meeker, aoddiuff his head. "I stiyed myself until all the v.orthwhile stuff had been put up, and as the cheaperjunk came ; ,.UBUC S.VLES DATES - as a glance at.Miss Folsom si owed no desire on her part to nav! this witness examined further, Senrr: was dismiusetl. But though bis calm deinleanor seemed to! be unrnffled, one here, who knew him well, roallr-ed only too full.y that underneath the cairn there was a seething liimiilt. (To Be Continued) .MONET—One |5'biU and t bills lost on streets. Finder leave at Register. Reward. LTOUb V yO Mt..<aVNN vooto^er yooi^i T»ooau: IFV60 A<OTMESft)f4i5l8LE FDRm S TrtiNGS auc- FORD ROADSTER—1927, oiit 3 dontbs. See afce, 217 N. JWferson.' FC RD SEDAN tii-es. la^ge-s ii, rear, glass all gooj condition. On dawn, balanrje r irthy Motor iigton. arid 10 gold ve at I'.i IJ 866(4 QO(N&t <3 His AUTOMOTIVE AnteaoUles for Sale this car at City jjar- 1924 fordor, balloon fleering wheel, heater motometer, fender braces. (1,; upholstering good aranteed. One-third 'easy terms. Mc- jCo., 212 South Wash- PhoAe .S93. DKPEXDABlJi CIHKVROLKT tires. HKVROLKTt tires. HEVROLKII .shape. ORD, 2 192.1 itORD, 192!; I rORD. 1924 j $everal Olli BOYERl 24 ESSEX hape: 1925 ilondition. B| , PONT 1 At ko new an lIlobart-SteeH TD WHITE Reward. u $1 lease .STRAYED OR STOLP:N-'i't How Persian torii cat. Reward. Dl«bl,-1 mile south on Kent Phone: 99:tF12. AUCTIONS inoUons PUBLIC AUCTION—Pntollc Aijctlon .every iSaturday at 1:00 o'clofck at Bishop'^ Sales Pavilion. PUBLIC AUCTION—il -will i?«U at pu1>lie auc|.ion at- Bishop's jSnles Pavilion. Saturday, Feb. 19. at one o'clook.!7 good horses, span mules, 6 milk oof's, 5 yearling h(|ifers, <;alves, 30 head of hogs, chidkens. f^rm machiner}', 3 wagons, .'j sets harness, ?,', automobiles, one 1V& ton truck, and housel^Id goods of all kinds, j C. S. Bishop. Aiict. aion.c. I ;went home, The items 1 had boii'i^ht were stsint to me next morning." "Do you ndtice anybody here. .Mr. .Meeker." the coroner inquired, "who was also at that' auction- on Thursday night?" •'Oh. ycH. 1 see several men in this room who were present there. M. iick.v. 10A The coroner turned to the audi- ^rite E. K. Hall, Bayard,' Kans., "I'jhall fore. bi^t never seen him before <o iTiy ItBowIedge. I am 'lojd he arrlvied krt ' iMid had: no idea. our h6tel the night bei had inot noticed liini. ••Y)u jia ; "ii (iniis; , loliiie, which I natuilally answered, jbi^i I maie no furiher ••on- abou •T: been lidi ked w th ressed <) mho be w^as." him? feir obsprvB- tiLii bat 7" 1, the in 1th hlln." were his effec^ ean that Powii obssrvatio'ns be jbad not i >r some year.4. jThat the - fashion in bath- IOI J A iriiDE. FUR & svboL . |C(M«PAl&Y; iG^t our ;bcieM -*iii FbI|LTBl,ANPi.E6^ri. e Will coiiie sftar jDAiltry, B. A. JONES . Ill So. toklo Phone ISO? • I 1 RlElkNAS^ MARKET W« pay Uie loUo ^og judeeii: Heni 15@18c Springs; . Stags 4- Old Co^lts CapoHH i Slips; -L•Eggs' —I- : 13c il 10@lSe : -„„L-I^-— lie .1 I • • jjUc Gri^n •&£r:.4:::::::::i:::^ Horse SISM , cac^ --L- -99M "Will an.Vbody in this rooin; who was at lli.i't .Tuciion, please p^^''"* he said. Two o.r three men Btraggled to their feet, but It was with obvious reluctance. "D';n'l hesitate td acknowledge yoiir presence there." Hiibbard advised, "To hifve beien at an aOc- Iton sale In no way: Invites suspl- cioij. In f.nct, only' the withholding of the Information can 1K' t|ups- t.ioiiable procedure."'. •Whereupon several more men arose, and among them was Croydon Sears. Iiuiiiiry proved that none of these men bad bought Oriental weapons except ^ars. and be bad, he stated, bought two d.-iggers, one a Japanese Hsra Kiri'and the other a .Malay Kris of the seventeenth centufy. Where are these weapons lH>w;?"' a.sked Uubburd, and ('roydoii Sears informed him that they were In Jiis room at the hotel. rWhy did you buy them?" . ••To add -to my collection of fln- titjue weapoii<?. I own about thirty or >fari..v such, arid it is one 4>l jny hobbies to collect them at any op- ptirtunlty." • . "Yea," cjirroborated )leeker, "I sat next this gentleman at the auction .sale and we were both £i^at- Ij'. inter^ted iii the jcollectlon that was"luring, dispersed." "i'ou are acquaintances, then?" "We had not been so previously" Mr. .Meeker smiled, "bnt a slipilar • taste in cpllectitig is a ^reat Itelp ioward friendsi^lp, and We chalte<l as easily, as old friends about the weapops shown." "And neither of you stayed: un- tH tlje lesn desirable numbers were put up for sale?" "Xo," .Meeker .said, "we lift ib^ place together. ' We parted just i.iitr.idc, for Mr. Sears said, he was returning toMiis hotel, while I.had itn -erraiid further along the boardwalk." • •'•Arid' yoit went directly to. the .^IiijuB^ca, Jtfr., Sears?" said, Hubbard.! who showed no trace of auB- plcion in glance or manner, hut Pure Bred Hog i Sale, Occltree, ^ans.. Feb. 1&: Fired Hysonj Centetville. Kans., Febj 1~: Kincaid Coniroun- ity Sale-Feb. Carl Hdt;ken- liable, Moran, Feb. 23: Jim (Iregg. Blue .Mound. Feb. 24; Theo. Jhgelo, Uch- Ef inflates. Hepler, Kahs.t Feb. 25: Ed ran. Belma] Kans.. Feb. 26. terestcd iii «ny of these for bills, if you are interested or are expecting t6 employ an auctioneer,-write me at Bayard, Kas., or telepbooc G32, Kincaid, it my expense. Mv reference is my in the salek TICE BROSl—Auctioneers. Ws sell anything, j anywhere. an: time. Phone 9t iour expense. I loran phone IW.'i: I>aHart>e phanj'fi4.'>. AUTOMOTIVE 'AatemplHlM lor Hate i OAKLAND f-- Dealers — PO.NfriAr —'2.1 Overbind four sedan. '24 Ford roadster: '24 Ford doupe. balloon tires: "22 Hudson H<!dan, guild sbapt?; '23 CbevroleU ci '21 Studebaher 4-pa .sH. coupe, shape. Several other very cars. Cash, terms iw trade, bart-,Steelei.Motor Co. USED CAli BARGAINS Chrysler '"JO" roadster: 1924 coupe; .Maixwell sedan; si Ford touritigs. :^arr Auto Sj C^- Bnlck jPealers. eUICK. 1923 fcUlCK. 192(j ROAD.STER. id'HEVROLEt. 1924 ROADSTER (rHEVROLEfr, 1923 COUPE. ROADSTKR. |.-, SKDAN. lik.- new. TOURI.VG. DODGE. 19: jl )ODt:K. laq ipODGK, 19 lESSEX. 1924 .<3IX COACH. work fine heap llo- 11 USKD CARS— i92. Touring, new 192(; I'oach. new P.124 Ciiupe, good Tourings, new finish 'oupe, lots of extras. rOURl.N'G. l-r Good ITseil Cars MOTOR CO. JOFFICE'JIIELP—Anjtl wanted.; Good posmon for pc^ent party. AdilBcss care I ol;> Register.! IFAR.M HiA.XD—Good right m.iiii. Call in niiRs. .West of U Ceo. O'Brien. MAX—Wanted to wiirk on farm, by 12 S. JEFFERSON PHONE 23 COACH—Best of. Star touring, good T. Barber Garage, I 11 West Strieet, Phone .-.l.'.. Help bookkeeper Help.' H^lp TVaritpdi day or mouth, married | or s Write Archie ter, Kan.^. WelH WA.\—Over 2."i yearji.l for resj] lile position. Cooii: pay (•ruiiu-e for advance nenl. ei|i-'--s rtjtiuireil. rare Register. Add ess "K. WoVSr, .MAX—Sixttleh to 20 old. who wants to bushiesS. Will I wanes. : Jones Elei years aril electrical .A- rea-so liable •tliic Worlis, FINANdllAL SI onejf to Loan-^.Mortgage!| | 4« FAR.M IXIANS—Quick servic* I and reasonable rates. A. D. thorne. 213 S. Wajiljington. [FARM AND CITY rafe oni farms, or short time. R, M, .MONEY ! TO L0'AN|- Private ea .stern n^oney to] and . city proper Terms and paynie rower. Stewart i COL'PK This <ar is '•=—- — .—_rt-_x;. Il is fully eiiuipiied.; -Motor Co. MOTOR CO. LIVE SI Dogs, Cats, Othtr Pets HiUDS0.V-E3«EX DEALER— !'f«.%\.\RY BIRDS—rfajted and out, h sitoger.". Am .Nbrth dhio. Touring, duco finish. I Hqi-'ND4--Black aii<l an skunk land. iissiini bound: r»-bsi>iiably pric ,\daiiisj Phone 322 ^SSEX, 19 SSEX. 19! F|ORD ;I 92G JFQRD, 1.92: FORD, 192; FORDJ 192; .-, SIX COACH. FOUR COACH. TOURI.MG. FiORpI 192.- .S.\SH. 192-< enclosure. dVERLANDl eh iceii. rtheast oC Hi nb-holdt. Horses. Cattlei Vale wages .person, iimboldt Yates insi- ^•ith' Refer- •r. J." Haw- I,0ANS-fpa8e 4ity 6%. Cunningham. and' farms rate. ban on IJOW to auttjibor- i^iink. glisl/ Plj 3'/j iMhter.. liiUes Glenn Vehicles ,V—Holslein. 3 yeirs old. ;.i [•gallons of milk, )ieen frc3l| •e a sp e ilaiy.s. Sbonld mall coiw in another yearj. Piione 192. HORSE—Gray geldiu ighs about 1500 alJAo 12-incb Emersdn gang ROADSTER. TOURI.VG COUPE. TUDOR SEDA.V. FJORD. 2 lj24 TOURI.VGS. i UD.SOX.,1 I Touring, winter; Priced 6 yea^s .•\. Honk, one raiiei west, • ith .Moran. ! lbs., gjedtle: l^low. t mile Mll.K t'OWS—Three extra ones, just fresh. I W. .-V. • i nillarpe. Kans., phone 77. i .'.JR .MULES—Good: workers ' se^U cheai). Phone| 990F24. isitoRTHORX* COWt-^Fre.sli. | for '|.'<:ile. Lee .McVey.. l|~iHarpe, iKans.. one 746. 2."i Coach, duco finish, i N^' rri-ivM MULES—4 years qli): II trade for cattle. Chas] i,oii, Lallarpe, pllonfe. 744. 2 1924 TOURI.VGS. .sfrUDEBAK 3R, 1926 CO.\CH., We Trale or Give Very '219 S; WASi Willie ones aim uiatix uuro, « Into Acces lerles. Tires, Farts 131 j, J, goodjnllk co^.JJj^ [tacr. ED PART|S—For Paige light |' "pj^il ^tT ^'and SuiipUes 1 U.'iED PAR-^S—For Paige ligM >lx; 32x4 tires; several batteries. liila AutoJV] Eisy Terms. I WORK TEA.MS—Two good I <ines, Ijoijc mare ii year;^ ,old; oiie| set i w|>rk harness: oneivride tin f.-ag- PHOXE ISO I (>i|; one narrow tirelwagoij: two walkina plows; oriii gang plow. .1.1 (-. Butcher. r. PIGGY sows— Will farro IT Jn a i wfek to throe wejeks, red jines, white ones and black ones; 3, ex- BUSINESS SERVICE BnlldUit h remodel ami I'oiitmrtInK I» CARPENTER WORK—Wanted, new ng. Phone 1072J. laundering 24 recking Co. Pho. 7S2.! Ji.VHY iCHICKS—Sljite Accriertited.' Hirred, and Whitt' iRocks, ItJ I. Reds,'While W.vandoitil.s. White Uegboriis. AVe ar< i-'ii lbs. of Ideiil Starting] Kiiee with each l<i<>.,chicks for at the Hatchery. .Alijolione mil. .itrc 'Stoiie lountjaln fre 2iifi chicks or •nor<». j Ideal ; liitve ^.he i)est coal aiii^ oil i er^t oil the market. jCome them.. Custom i batchi |r.i"gg. Sturdy Cbfck Ha 33 for I'i jHill. ngle; t'en- LIVE STOCK i Ponltrj I ad Supplies BABY ^HICKJ and Wfiite W'yi HlCK^S. C. R ;j I. Rec: y mdottes. Mrs. J. <£ .McKinBev', 5 iiiles north, [iVj east! LaHarie. Phbne 688-2. ELECTI 10 HATCHED CHICKENS —All leading varieties; | lowesf possible pri es; . also | custon^ hatching. Qu lity Electric Hatch ery, Ga^. Kank • ' Long WANTED TO tie anii hogs. Bnsli n«ss t and DESK-fSmall able for homd $13.00. oppoyi^e Postjiffice. TYPEhfRlTERS FOR! SALE.—Rel or tMde. AC ilng friiachlues, aiy make, tary j H Hoorb ALFAl bale.d 48 yiiig 60 iilld r ght. old. good MSfks. j I large. or Mor- Hungi ESlt^TE FOR Basli^ss lV<ip4rty for SaJei 82 BRICK JUILDLXG—Two story, at 212-214 .X. Jefferson. Iola:lor wiU exchange. Th|e. R. L; Thompson Agency] ' LAMAY GROCERY—At 401 ^est street. For B days beginning 18th. . I will lell groceries fat cost. : No sales li!ss than. Sac. ed, "phone 640; i If interest- andiLand for Sale 83 >AR.M-|80 acres for iiale or rent; Improvjed. Aliio wagt^n. team;and harness; some feed. , W. P. Kennedy, lola R. i. Four liiiles west. 4i HlGHEStr MAfRKET -fPriCes paid for crckm, e jgs and j poultryi Oar triick an 1 chick^ cpops ard at your aervi e to pick tip poulil try. Bai ker Pi odnce Co. Php. 65Si SOSE I E'TTE t—Start yonr babj^ chicks ( n Tbo i. Southard| Starting and Gr iwing Buttermilk Chick •Puddin for s le at your; grocer:^ or R. a. McKijiney Feed Store. PULLETS-r^l.T A\'hite W'j-andotte and oite rooster, part aije layinii ror.sa6?. Phdne 964F12^' WanledfJJTestock ^Y— AU kinds ca^ J. C. jButcher. MERCHANDISE Article I for Sale | CHUNK WOOD—For-sale] $2J;0. tiriibei or $3. 15 delivered. A. Swinfird. Pljone 518. L'ND 4 \ND H BATING STOVES Reznots and furniture, good W new. dheap. 4<elleyjaqteJi iMiee Eanlpment iroll top desk, suiil or ofi3ce. priced riord'sj Cigar Stoij Publlt stenographer. n)o nd multlgrapb work doii 10-11. cverJtjlobejyoUiieisi Pnri, Feea, FcrUlIiers FA H.4 the bd HAY Aj.N'D FODteER—Baled praltiej hay aiud kafi; j^ilaj^pe^ghon \ Ho^sr^bld fi^fidsT TO 1 have furnit jCCREASfe—My bjisines.s slaisiied the prices on n brei Brytion Furrittiire Stotrei crop. RADIOS—One tube south t -adio. $1 ».i of Sant I very ni Morap, Kan.s SEED ROT.\T(] first brize All out off 26 entries Phont ;945F3. grfR- SHIEDfe—Home lb.; - home .. grassl 20t- lb. of fi^ld iseeds piemen t Co. Y—For sale,- rn. Phone 969-2 fodder. , tola ah C. H. Wray- Radio Eiinipment foot o n ACFiES—Wlell improvetl, priced right; will sell or exchange. Ar- buckiri Real Estate. Piqiia Hill. 160 ACRES—Pjairly well Improved, close io good toiwn, $40 per acre; terms.! M. A. Schlick. Houses for Sale ELM. A 201—4 take liar fOr. fil-st payment. In-I Stateof Kansas, on the quire 776W. room house; will after 5 HOUSIi ;—Five rq ble girage, goo Reuth BUHBA.X—16 , 4 roomj good w IVi Mrs. Emma SU pastuije, • iiouse, house. wood. To 81 so 'Titfe: i !h^ Stat ss. In R. .W. Kari^as. writ Njotice LEGALS OF APFOliTpEXt Exeeatrix. Kansas, A|^n Couptf, matter of thte eatatp -See, late of Alien Conaty, E OF APPO^NTMEXT is hereby givan. That on the 'four :h day of Febrfiary,! Ai D., 1927. th ! undersigned was byj the Probate Court of Allan County, Kansas, duly appofntedj andj qiiall- fied lis executrix of thjc estotiB of R. Wl See, late of Ai: deceased. All parties i^terestfei^ said,"estate will take ^notice i and govern iheinselves aclordlngiyJ _^i^.\ft'r^HA^sraL% Jxecutrt mm at len Oojuiity, >OTIt'K OFFINAL SEfTTLEWJST . in the Probate CourJ in arid said cojinty, .In tlje matter of tlJe estatej DarWinj Leer, deceased Creditors • and ali-odher per^ inlerested in the afoijesaid esi are lier'eby notified that 1 shall ply to the Probate Court in for saiti county, sitting jat the Cif Hbuse in lola. CountM of . AI o'clock or phone HOUSE^Sii. roijim moilern. with two lot Browii Febrriafy; A- Di- 1.9271 for a ^ full ! and iinbr settlement ofl said estiate, and i'or an order finding and jad- judgnjg who are: the h^rs, devisees for of ions ate ap- . ind,. art • en. 26th day of s. Jaoki;<)n Realty. Co.. over I and legatees of said-d ... Tl'.. d.* I ' ^ : J' t T . T*' 's Drug Store. om modern, dou- id location. John Suburban for Sale 87 acres, 1.') acres house, barn, milk ell of water, ben miles North Cotton- Cuppy. lola'R2. Exchangej-Real Estate 88 FOR EXCHA.\('.E—$3,000 stock groceries and fixtures in good town; Walk iola ^iroperty or ';grass SO. W'hat have you? The Allen Coiintv Investment Co., Kel- lev H\>M BIdg. lola, Kans [UASSIFIED DISPLAY HENNllNGER'S ' FUR1S[ITUKE STORE >E «1 <;OOI»S BAKGAJN LIST Large Oak Cbif^etfobc--—?2.w.00 Day Bed and Pad/ S13!»0 Bowtoot V .M Sl.)eri{e(ls--.-.-$ir..Otl Walnut Radio Vanity Dierfsers $2.'..00 'abiuets LJ $10.00 9x12 Oi ental Rugi r.SED 5-tube,, $17.50; .00. -AV; r: " Fe Viaduct. Japliet Seeds, PMnts, Flowers SWEH^r CLO\'iER-r-Scarified. rjewi e. Walter St trohg. ES—Irish cobblers: n County Fair 19 Jim AV. Wy grown Red Top. in English See us foi- all ki Allen County ld26; :in; blue ac ui; ? :dS m-i REAL ESTATE FOR REjJT Basinefis P aces for Kent GAR.VIGK-And ^. C and gluing Food called o lie f yith Slart- Wc Ibr'fjod- and 4c rent,;either tdgethcr or, separalteq doln^ good bijsiness. Xor.tii Kentucly or Farms and Mnil for .1—.-Mso .someone td 80 ACRE FAR cut ledge, .'^•e .\. I). I Morrl.sjoni half ulle east and 2-V, iiouth_(ias. I ~~\ =-'t^'— - —t- 7! Houietl IIOUSJ with •:—I nK)i>i garage. HOUSE—Mod oiii gooil Phon i^'inditiof 1129W. tares and Desk RiMihi IE ROOM*—Over Palace S lOf Inqiilie at Palace S lot Doilg'e Hiolb'rs Car;!- Giaham.l rothers TruckfiJ ELLIS MOTOR COMPAWY Phone filling sJtation for EH Inquire lolic 141.1 Rent for R «Dt moderij, close Cull phone 397. 7 room fioii.s'f dose to s(jii:i Combinhtion Bookcase . $7..'>0 iport $15.U}( jrt $10.00 Dining: Riiom Tables-_$4.0| Im. l >ajther Davei ..Sanitary Dave-nj) Safe i-i ^-l$3.0!) Square Kitclier^ Used (; Prince .«is Dresserl Walnut Big Br4 [as RaiigeF. .- ^$2 .=>.o|) Dresser! $l:l.5« AVardrobe ^^„-$16.r^ ss Beds d $4.0|0 Used VJacuum Iwiisber _-J $8..T» Good AThite Sewikig .Machine-_$7..">0 Twin ijaby Buggkr _-_-$.-..(*0 , HENKINGER'S FUkNIIIUiRE SlIORE AVBst M A IUJSON STREET 02 In. we stor (HH>ltS Administrator of' tli Darwinj Leet. deceased •ceasedl J. T. TREDW-V XOTR'E OF FINAL SH The I State of ; Kaji County; ss. In said In estate TLE.AI^.NT Isas, Allen of Gate iJeg Breakiaat Table:!.._|6.0ti Gas- Ranges, 4-bilO $22..'iu Round AVashiug I iiaehine $l2.."t0 Ga.lvan zed AV'asb ng .Machine. .JS-IO All-Col|ton .Alattri-sses Si.oO C.x9 Fe t Base RJigs $300 9x12 Fpit Base Rugs . $:->.00 9x12 linoleum iiug $l^.r,u 9x12 Floral Rug,| Axmiiusler-$28..';0 Axminl3tfcr-$28.30 BARtJAIN LIST the Probate Cou^ti in and for cojunty. I the matter of tjije estate of. John' H. Marvin, decea.j Creditors and all otoer persons: Interested in the 'afoijesaid estate: are hereby notified tha ply to I the Proliate C5^ for said county, sitcingiMt the C^urt: House jin lola, Countj^' of A|Ien,: State of Kansasi on the 26th dasr of . Kebruaiy, j\. p., 1927?. for a tall: and final settlement ol .said ^s ate, ] and foi- an order finding and ad-: judging who are the hsirs, devi lees aiul legatees ofi salil jeceased. A. A. HOapEMAN, ~ ' " .Administrator; of; tlie estate of .lohu' H. Marvin, dec used. ^ yUTtCE OF APP( h'TXESfP. i Kxeeulor' | State, j^lleu-Coiinty, S3. ' •. • . In the^ matter f)t the estate? of Mary A. Drake,, laiie of Allen Countyi Kansas. Ii • I -NOPIUE OF APPOINTMENT. Nqtiije is hereby giVen, that on the 29tb day of January. A. i D., 1927J the undersigned] wa.s by the Probate Court of i Allen Coaniy, Kansa!^. duly appointe^d and qiiali- lied ;ai« Executor of tihe estate of Slary A. Drake, late of Allen Goun- ty. jleceased. All nariies Interests, ed ill'said estate wil ; take notice' and goHfern themselvw accordingly- w F. E. DRAKfe. Executor. ( 'ubiisbed in T ie lolaiDallv Riig ster February ll6. 19271. NOlllffej^F APPIM.N 'rME .NT Executor I. State oj' Kansas, AWft] Cnnnfv. ss. In :th!e matter of JUe Estate ot .Mary: B.. Burhrte. la^el ot Allen Co!fnty,| Kansas. NOTICE OF APPf .N'otic Probatjj Ki »n .4 »s tied hs Mary County teresteil in said , estate will nofice CLASSIFIED D cordm^.v. (2) is-: A V kve have on hand at preseiit the lij^sij have ever had that must be; inoveiliKJ k cars thdt are now coining in. IWO »<»!» l9S(i IHllt iiiKis II 6 J> tlCiS Kl'H! Two New F^K|» THICK, ciib iwMly and •^»erytblng. Two IIItKi fe is hereby g Men, That/ on •he llth day of Fel )Euary, fi. D. 1927,! the unjjersigne l .ihwas b>-j tlie. ~ • ' ' Court" of A 1 jfn; County. dnly appointietri and qiiall- Executor of ;the Estatje of LNTMENrr. If. Burhite, la deceased. li of .Allen -Alll parties in-.' hnd' govern t JOHN (3) 2. lemselves ac- R. PERG-Y, Executor. 'LAY scd Car, Is as Depei Dealer Who SM OPTIONAL USED CAR VAiJUES' dkble as the \iV. SFDAX, Miiie ns uen. iV. SPORT KOADSTEIt, n933 I)<IDf;E (-Oi'I'E. a reiil buy. ;iK SEI»A\, wortili Ihe.rtibbey. rtJtt.* IHtlt'iiH TOfKIVf.', Mllnter tii iK COl'P*:; a reiil ser*lifedble cur. ,K SPORT KOAIi.STER, MOBILt: HEOAMJ a real 19 :26 E^NCX COACH; <<li|rli tn:, FOK T I KOAI»STEK , n FORIi <'ftrPE .S, tij- nsed real biiy. same ijs FORI! TOI'KISitiS. ytifTih lightly used. Io iks and runs III) y. >iew. 'must nitiyr. F(>HI» COIPES. b'ejl ciliter| good cheap FoiM tonriiiK move.! iV" trade or S'll rm easy terms. It! assortment f make room t\>i i)ur new i r Jised cars II real value. lIKe new. and roadrit*} take r4 that ve .• I.

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