Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 23, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1898
Page 2
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Wonf* for Other*. «4tttucJe tot the benefit KeehTed from Dr. Miles'Ntrv- fae prompts me to write, that Others may learn of the efficacy of this grand medicine. I »uf- feted extttme nervous exhaus- tton,which rendered me unable ib Work. My nerves seemed to be'on edge' and I had much lassitude. I began taking Dr. Maes' Nervine and steadily Improved and now am enjoying good health. Mr*. Rev. F. M. L«cy, Fortvlll*, Ind. 77 . DR. MILES' ervine it told by all druggists on guarantee, fint bottle benefit* or money back. > Book on Mart and nerves sent free. Df.Mllw Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind, OOK S! Germany's Iron Chancellor. Bismarck, .__™ from the Gorman by Sidney WhH- ,F. R. O. 8. Author ot "Imporlil Oerm- Teotonlo Studies " An ao uratu and * " i aooura'e account ot the Iron Chancel- >ri unap preached by anything before _. on tho BUbJeot. Nothing ban bcon to make thla monumental publication a memorial of one of the most estraorol- "polltloal careers In the history of tho Britl Quarto Volume. >M page Illustrations In oolors. nuitmlona In the text, Waahlngtoa Star saym "This book, truly the most magnificent works over pro- tin * tingle volume, appears at an opportune * * It Is luxurious In Ita wealth of * Ho elves tho volume an bis-. pub. Prlon. My Price i Telluzc edges. 1 8.00 $4.00 f Morocco • " ' ............. • ^ 00 3M [SSSSoo...... ............ • 1200 600 j»itra._Do8crtptlvo matter free. [fngton's Frontier Sketches. 9 handaomoit plotarlal of tho season. Hlio rUln. Japanese vallum binding. Ollt - Boxed. Prepaid, $1.90. Cyrano De Bergerac. h, by mall Me >,„, The Little Minister. Doth, by mall »c SHEET MUSIC. ? Undo, per copy, by mail 7e 140*1 Muslo, per copy, by mall He ii'lO* Muslo, per copy, by mall Me ': CaUlofue and Munlc List Free. ADDBE8S rederic Dahlstrom, II Van Buren St., Chicago, III. MASTBR'8 SALE, of Illinois, county ot Madison, 88. the Circuit Coart, October term, A. D., , Ia,Cnanoery. H. Boil* and John L. Boals, partners aa name ef M. H. Boala 4 Bon,va Henry Bmma Pauline Medo and Hattle Mode. w for Mechanic'* lien. " notice U hereby glron that by virtue of Ot the Circuit Court of Madison ooun- and entered at the October term, A. thereof, In the above entitled cause, Mlgned, Muter In CUano'ry of said Illsell at public auction to the highest best bidder, on lAY, THE THIRD DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D., 1696, hour of t«m o'clock, in tbe forenoon of • ', at tbe north door of the City Hall In the city of Alton, In the county ot , Jn the Bute ot Illinois, the following }realAitate,to-wlt: • '•two (M) feet fronting on North atreat i hundred and fifty-four and one-halt 'it deep off the north end ot tho east B south end of blook No, five (S), in „ . North Liberty addition to the city ot i. situated ID the oily ot Alton, In the ooun- Madlson, and Btato of Illinois. Bald lot, to* of land, lying next to and. south of lot " (fronting on North street) In slid blook j of sale—All cash on day of aal •.' loompllanoe with'ho terms of salt, and proval of the report of the aald master oourt, a certifies e ot purchase will be the purchaser or purchasers which will Urn or them to a deed for tho premises •jplrttlon ot fifteen months from the day e, unless redeemed aooordlrg to law. ' JOHN P. MoOlNNIS, Maater In Chancery, I DAVIS, Sol, for CjBplalnants. IONTHLY SUFFERING. BMd I ptitw an symptoms of xnu deran|tn«nU that corrected, Th« nun- ioB opwate ! BUMtrnatlon pafaleM, It puts tht dell, — I organ* In condl- I do their work properly. •top* all ttU pain. * any woman suffer . w month when Wine l*!U rtUmfaer? Zt » at th» drug atore. »'t you get a bottle ( , tu caMit requiting BtlQM, addres*, gly- MBS, "Th* Ladle*)' TSedteL* Co., i Tun. .jfiltfMtee* bl IHBTBLBORAPH PRINtrNO COflPANY. •-' i. J." 1 i ii i ; _ J ^ WEDNESDAY EVK., NOV. 23. MOTICB TO ADVERTISERS. rot the rear IMS we shall charge the IngraSs for ttaSsltit notices In our local ool <unBil pun LIN*. Btotle insertion.. . .................... '?«Sts' fSree to «re Insert ona ............... s Su Blx to tirtlre Insertions ................ • ton "' •UTlfl OF ADVKRTIDfKO. TuMdlNT,— M cents per Inch first Insertion, and» cents per Inch for each subsequent Insor"» per inch first month thereafter. per inch first month, 11.60 per tnoh each th t II per inofc tor the first Insertion, an per Aon for each subsequent insertion . and 60 cools INNOR fOlfi VALUABLE TRANCHISES GRANTIU. Mlulitlppl Valley Hallway Co. and Alton Railway * Illuml/iatlno Co. Obtain Their frttet After a Lono rioht.-Capt. H. B. Starr Appointed Chief of Police. Oonncll adjourned at 12:30 last night after a etormy seasion. Tho trouble began when the reading of the ordinance granting the franchise to the Mississippi Valley Railway Oo. began and It was kept up to the end. There were two factions in tho council each representing tbe interests of his respective favorite for municipal franchises. Tony Young and Denny Noonan fonght the ordinance at every point and during Its reading interrupted Mr. Klunk at nearly every sentence to have a change made. The friends of the ordinance were lead by Aldermen Volbraoht and Yager. The antl-Mlsalsalppi Valley ordinance aldermen could muster only six votes, Alderman Young, Burton, Noonan, Davia, Hoffman and Bowman. The meeting was an adjourned session of tbe regular meeting Nov. 8 ( and some unfinished business waa acted upon before tbe matter of passing tne ordinances granting tbe franohl sea waa taken np. A petition from Sixth atreet prop erty owners was offered asking tbat they be permitted to build taelr own sidewalks. Mr. Young stated that the property owners had been desirous to construct their own walks but bad been unable to secure the grade from the City Engineer. The contract bad been let to Wolf, Manpin & Curdle The petition of the property owners was granted and they were given per mission to go on with the work. From property owners on north PI asa atreet: that a pond between 19th and 20th atreets be drained. Referred to Street and Alley committee. Mra. Anna Topping asked for per mission to construct a private sewer on Alton atreet. Referred to Sswer committee. Mosea Rubenstein bad a petition, In it enumerating bis own good qualities and asking tbat the case now against him In the courts, for violating tho Jnnk-ahop license law, ba dismissed It was moved and seconded that tbe case be dismissed and then the Mayor took tbe floor. He stated that Ruben - ateln ia a moat flagrant violator of the ~ vw and has a good scheme to evade paying bis license. Rubenstoiu takes a change of venue from the police court to 'Squire Nathan's court where tbe cases are dljmlssed, because Justice Nathan does not like the administration. Mr. Volbraoht again moved the prayer of the petitioner be grunt ed. Mr. Young charged favoritism was shown In enforcing the license or 1 dlnance and a committee consisting o Messrs, Young, Volbracbt and Burton was appointed to investigate. The Mayor ruled tbat tbe matter came under the bead of new business and muat be laid over. Mr. Young ap pealed from tbe decision of the chair The vote on suspension of tho rules was 7 to 7. H. 0. Priest et al asked tbat the Big Four be compelled at once to move Its tracks from the alley between Henry and Ridge atreeta. The peti tion waa referred to tbe Street and Alley committee and counsellor with power to act. The School Board reported tbe ap polntment of Qeo. H. Smiley as trims nrer of tbe board and he was oon firmed. Mr. Yager moved tbe Iminedint consideration of tne two street rail way .franchise ordinances and her tbe row began. Mr. Klnnk, who was a MUalselpp Valley man, started to read tbat com pany's ordinance first. Tbe oppoal tloii tried every means to secure a de ferment of action on it but lost out by a vote of 8 to 0 at every point. Mr Yuung had BO much to aay tbat be did not alt down very long, remain ing standing for convenience take. Ills llrat plan to ao- cure postponement waa to objec to tbe Iron poles on Henry atreet bo- Ing pliced In the middle of the street; also to tbe Mississippi Valley Oo. giving a bond and moved that a certified check should be substituted aa security. To permit these changes he wanted tbe consideration of tbe ordinance poatponed to the next meeting and bis motion waa seconded by Mr. Bowman. Mr. Noonan thought tbat a street railway should not be laid on Fifth street where "ladles, and buggies, and carriages and women" were all mixed In dire confusion. The vote on laying the ordinance over to the next meeting waa 8 nay a and 8 ayee, and tbe motion of Mr. Young waa loat. Then by a vote of 12 to 8 It waa decided to go on with the consideration of tbo ordinance. Meaart. Young, Noonan and Bowman Raid that tbe ordinance waa a • new one atid should be laid over. Mr. Yager and other* contended tbat it WM not and It waa ao decided by tbe uaual vote. Mr. Bowman, aa a laat reaort In op- poilng tbe pMBage of tbe ordinance, declared that the ordinances wore not numbered properly, and abould therefore be laid over. It WM found tbat tbe MlialMlppl Valley ordinance wae nojt numbered, but tbe clerk ttated ta*t tbe original ordinance waa num. b«r«dMidtb«t the one offered waa •Imply AU *m«nd»a ordinance, it moved that tbe clerk " ind theooB- sideration be proceeded with. By a vote of W to 4 Mr. Volbracht's motion carried, The comptroller read the report of the committee on the whole, or the "Irish wake," as Mr. Noonan called it. Then the ordinance was read by tho clerk. Mr. Young wanted tho company to give a certified check to guarantee tho city to be harmless In the expense of moving the A. K. A I. Oo. tracks. Mr. Young moved that the girder rail be specified for use on the road. Mr. Noonan deelrod that all curves at street Intel sections and all upacea at switches and turn-outs be paved with vitrified brlcit. Adopted. Mr. Young wanted a certified check that the company would refund to >roperty owners on Fifth street, Its share of the coats of paving the street. The check IB to bo filed when work Is begun. Objection was made to the using of freight care, and It was opecl- led that they be "light" cars. Mr. Young objected to a $1,000 bond lng given to guarantee the building of the rood, and demanded that a cor- ,lfled check bo substituted. Mr. iowmnn amended this motion by adding an extension of time to June , 1»00, within which tbe road shall be completed and accepting the obapge o a certified check. The vote was 10 to 4 for a check. Then Mr. Noonan moved that Mr. Bowman's motion to extend the time five months, be laid on tho table, which was lost. Mr. Noonan moved that the "lobby- atfl," meaning the representatives of ;he two companies, be removed from ho room. At tbe finish of tbe reading of the ordinance Mr. Volbfaoht moved tbat t be passed, but his motion was lost, and It was voted tbat tbe other ordinances be taken up first. The Alton Railway & Illuminating Oo ordinance was next taken np and was picked to pieces, Similar changes to the ones made in the Mississippi Valley ordinance were made in tbe Alton Railway and Illuminating Oo At tbe finish of the reading the second Mississippi Valley ordinance for franchise on Third street to Bldge was taken up and read with changes to make any extra requirements to conform with those of tbe first ordinance. A second ordinance for the A R. & 1. Oo. WPS read extending Its franchise for SO years, and then the motion waa made to suspend tbe rules to pasi one Alton Railway & Illuminating Oo. ordinance nod one Mississippi Valley lUilway Oo. ordinance The first was passed by a 13 to 1 vote Then the M. V. Co. ordinance was passed unanimously. The Sixth etreet railway ordinance and tho Misaissipp Valley general ordinance were then passed unanimously. Oapt. H. B. Starr was appointed Chief of Police to succeed Sheriff- elec Knbn. James Hagan was appointed policeman in place of Officer Long who was hurt in tho Big Four wreck Then tbe Judiciary committee re ported tbat it would recommend tba a special assessment be made to pny A. H. Foster for tbe Second stree sewer, tbe ordinance for which wa Invalidated by a technicality. It was moved tbat tbe report be laid on the table but tbe motion was loat and tho report referred to a committee. Spnuieh are preparing to le themselves down to accepting tbi terms of tbe American Commission era. It will surprise no one If thi news cornea tomorrow that Spain ha accepted America's terms. Spaniard are evasive; are alow about sayinf yes even when they are really Oesir oua of saying yes. Spanish dlplomao; canelsta chiefly in putting off the ev day hoping inaome way to evade th results of their own misdoing. How over they will accept, as it is eitbe accept tbe American terms with $20, 000,000, or take another licking with out money and the loss of more terri tory and possibly an indemnity cash. COL. ROOSEVKLT testified before th War'Inveatlgatlng Commission yc torday as to bis experience at Santi ago and at MOD tank Poltit. Th Colonel's testimony showed that near ly all the inconveniences and sever ties endured by tne aoldlcra were du to the inexperience of (the aoldlera oflloera included, and tbe baste wit which the men were sent oft to Cuba Tho investigation will serve a goo purpose in one point, If in no other— that la, changing the system upo which our army is organized 1 In an awer to the question aa to the futur Ool. Rooaevelt said: "I believe a the difficulties we met with will b obviated In the future if tbe Nationa Guard were trained aa are tho armle of foreign countries. Qlve them Ion marches. Let them mass at San Aa tonio and move to Qalvestou or som other place. March them to a por and embark them. No matter, if: does coet money, let them be trained Etoh year let the army In peace b put through tbe experience It raus meet In time of war." Thanksgiving Services. Tlmnkflglvlng services begin to morrow with a sunrise prayer meet' lug of tbe Christian Eadeavorera ol Alton, at the Twelfth etreet O. P olmroh, tho hour for service being 0:30a. m. Tbe Uiiluu'Thauksglvlng services of the churches of the Ministerial Union will bo held at the M. B. church at lo:30, with tho sermon by H-JV. J. M. Qalser. At tho C. P. church at 3 o'clock tbvre will be the goapel in pictures to tbo children, and a service for all al 7:.Sn, with atereoptloou views of the life of Christ. At tbe German Evangelical church on Henry aud Eighth streets, at 10 a, m. tomorrow, there will be Thanks giving services conducted by tbe pas jr. Ksv. Wm. Haokman. e Wtixn you taktt Hood's 1'llls. TliuVltf, uU-foah- oni'il, «uj(ur-eoateU pllfi, wulcli u>ar you'all to pleooa. are mjt lu It wltli HocHiV Easy to Utk« Hood's and ('nay to o|ter«t#, (• truu ul lto*r« I'lltt, which are up l» Unto In uvitry ruipvot- Safe, curtain anil euro, All' 0. J. Hood « Co., Lowell, Matt, Saturday, Nov. 19th, I no West Third ft., and 317 Belle st. Both stores have been stocked with ho latent of everything in the lines ,ml we earnestly hopo the public will ,pprcclate our efforts to have in our midst A GOOD CHINA STORE — AND — A GOOD TOY STORE. We have worked very hard for months to this end. Everything Is marked in plain figures at the very owest prices and we respectfully so- icit a liberal patronage. Wo invite til to our Openings NEXT SATUR)AY, NOV. 19th. UPPER ALTON, Miss Sadie [Jarrett of St. Louis, Is visiting friends in town. Mrs. A. M. Jackson ia entertaining Miss Stella Beardslee of Carlinville. Messrs. W. and J, J. Eldred are vlt- ting in Tliomasville. Osman Swart 2 injured an eye last evening while practicing foot ball on he college campus. Dr. Lemon was called and pronounced the injury a very painful one, but not fatal to the sight. Air. Martin Paddock and Miss Mary Brown, both of East Alton, were united in marriage at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon by Kev. James Osborn, at his residence. The following Shurtleff students left today to upend the Thanksgiving holidays at their respective homes: 0. A. Abrams, Taylorville; Will Benner, Woodburn; Harry Teitsort, Virden; H. Ueuer, Fosterburg; John Taylor, Taylorville; J. A. starkweather, Di vernon; V. 0. Stewart, Canton; Lee Starkey, Bethallo; Bert Smith, Palmyra; O. E. Heel and Miai L'bbio Heel, Woodburn. George Jacoby, a lad who lived In the country north of town, is just recovering .from a brutal ssstMilt of which he was the victim ft few days ago, but the detail*" of which are not made public. He drives to town every day to attend school and on the evening of the one on which the assault was committed went back to the stable just M dusk to hitch np the rig. As he emerged from the shed tt boy with whom he had had a quarrel several days before and who w«s lying in wait for him struck him across the head with a heavy Umber. Jacoby became unconscious and the boy, frightened at the result of his act. placed the injured Ind in the rig and started the horse for home. The animal walked a block and stopped and some time later paeeera by investigated and found the boy sitting bolt upright but cold and still and to all appearances dead. Ho was given medical attention and taken to his home but did not recover consciousness for 10 hours. His skull was fractured. Jacoby is a nephew of Judge B. R. Burroughs. Henry A. Ulerkes attended the Odd Fellows Grand Lodge »t Springfield last week as representative of the local lodge. There has been a remarkable sequence of accidenis ac the coal mines in tbis city of late. There have been three instances of a coal car fall ng down the shaft and in two cases a human life has been the penalty. A couple of weeks ago at the Home Trade coal mine a car ran in at the top of the shaft and plunged downward to tbe bottom, dragging with it the topraan, Frank Bayer, and crushing his life out. Las', week at the new Henrietta shaft a car got beyond control at the pit top and fell 300 feet to tbe bottom but the man pushing it let go and barely "saved himself. The last of the trio of casualties occurred Thursday at the Madison mine. A loaded car was being pulled off the cage by John Reid, the weigher, wbeii tbo cago moved up. Tbe oar clipped into the shaft pulling Raid with it and mangling him almost beyond recognition. His funeral took place Saturday morning from St. Mary's Catholic church and was largely attended by tbe miners. Wm. Friedboff, an aged farmer living three miles east of town, died Friday morning from asthma. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon from the German M. E. church. An eloping couple came here from Worden Saturday and were duly and satisfactorily made a unit. They were James Bannon of Virginia, and Effle Kmnikin of Worden. The elopement was caused by the opposition of the bride's family to the groom. James Nnun, another of Edwardsville's soldier boys, arrived home last week on a 20 days furlough, from Ft. McPherson, Ga. August Qolaoh of Belleville, and Mrs. Fredericka Linna of Masooutah, came bete Thursday and were married by 'Squire Barraolough. Each was 60 years old and each had been married three times before. Backaches, Headaches and Nervousness are Mesiagts for You. most people ft tuoknohe leem* »torr 510); ilng, to Iw got rid of by "working It off." itlmflBlhe p»ln <lo(>« "work Off—BOITI*- Tom plo thh Bomotl i»m «.«•«. „*,..,«.- — --times It does not. Whetbnr it doos or not thnuRhtfcil pnoplfl should oomo to undorslsn* that a backache la n wsrnlng that U not ti Be noHloctpcl without d»<i(fer of con'.rio'lng n m»- ense that will limit life to ft few months, or may p v<Niiiio B"«rng. . . . ICfdnoy troubles hare been batter understood of Into years, and kidney troubles In relation to rheumatism and neuralgia Is only beginning to bo fully comprehend? d. Tne klanoyn are filters through which the blood passes, and If they got out of order, the blood remains Impure tnd every oart of the body suffers. First toe ncrres toll the isle. A backache gives warning. Time han fully proven that thousinds who otherwise would surely have died, have boen reitored to hoalth by Morrow's Kld-ne-old.. Th* manner in which this medicines sots It illluitrttted by the osdoof Mrs. Voter Hollrung. 702 Race ;t., Alton, 111., who says: "Iwas troubled with rheumatism for some time; my suffering was terrible, at times It was almost Impossible for me to bear It. I had a severe pain In my back j at times the pain In my baok was so severe that I could hardly get up or down. 1 could not Bleep at night or rest any time. I was told of Morrow's Kld-ne-olds and what benefit they had been to others who had suffered aa t did, but I could scarcely believe It because I had tried everything under the sun that was recommended to mo fo cure kidney trouble rnd rheumatism, and they did me no good. But 1 thought I would try Kld-ne-olds andl got-abox at 8. H. Wyes' drug (.tore. I was greatly surprised when In a day or two the pain began to leave me ax If by maglo, and aftor a time I felt perfectly well and have continued to feel so ever Blnoe." Kid-no-olds are Yellow Tablets (not pll s)and cure kidney ailments, nervous' eaa, oto. Liver- lax arc small red pellets and cure constipation. Kld-no-oldsMctsi Urerlax 2A ot« at druggists or mailed by John Morrow Jb Co., Chemists, Springfield, O. _ __ It has been tally demonstrated that Ely's Oream Balm Is a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold In the head, This distinction has been achieved o jly as the result of continued ano- ceesful use A morbid condition of the membrane In the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying ana healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be mailed for 50 cents by Ely Brothers, 60 Warren street. New 'York. It spreads over the membrane, la absorbed and relief la immediate. A Lady is not gowned well unless her STAR COURSE. Plat Open for Redpath Company Monday Morning. The plat for reserved seats for the Redpath Company will be opened Monday morning at 8 o'clock at tbu Association rooms. This will be the strongest concert company that baa ever visited our city and no one can afford to mies it. If you have not secured seats do so Monday morning. Yon cau not afford to miss such artists aa compose this company: Helen Buckley, soprano; Wm. H. Rieger, tenor; Mary Louise Clary, contralto; Arthur Bereaford, bass; Adoiph Ros- enhecker, violinist; Hugo Frey, accompanist. Season tickets, $1; reserved seats, 15,20, 25c. Remember the pint is open at 8 o'clock next Monday morning. Quit coughing is easy enough, if you take Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Hciney. It cuts the mucus and allays the inflammation so that there is no inclination to cough. It soothes the bronchial", and is strengthening to the tbront and lungs. All good druggists sell it. The three-year'old boy of J. A. Johnson, of Lynn Center, 111., is subject to attacks of croup, Mr. Johnson says be is satisfied that the timely use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, during a severe attack, saved his little boy's life. He is in the drug business, a member of the ilrm of Johnson Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines for throat and lung diseases. He had all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to his call, but selected'this remedy for use In his own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because ho knew it to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnsou says this is the beet selling cough modiolnu they handle, and tbat it gives eplendid satisfaction In all cases. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. Kat Forming Oxygen. Dr. Bell's I'iue-Tar-Iloney cures coughs and coUs and soothes the air passages. It heals the bronchial tubes and strengthens the weak lungs. It I builds up the tissues and enables the blood to receive its proper supply of oxygen. Texas. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Kail- way Co. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 6 and 30, with final limit of return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for bomeseckers, tourists and investors to vl«w for themselves the great resources of the State. For further information address John L. Williams, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo, $100 Reward $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in ito curative powers that they offer $100 reward for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Oheaey & Co., Toledo, O. Soldi by druggists, * Try Grain- 01 Try Oraln-OI Ask your grocer to show you a package of GRAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as welt aa the adult. All who try it like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is make from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-half the price of coffee. 15o and 25o per package. Sold by all druggists. SIDE. A Case of Kidney Disease Given Up by Four Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for lost, a, neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. Today she is able to walk several miles without fatigue. 1 feel we would have lost her if It wns not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Bold by E. Marsh and S. li. Wyes. o AT0 T' o : acix .A. . B«an th. ^j) ll» KM Via Harc *l*ays Bought Signature of The paat waek has been very favorable to the farmers. Corn husking is under headway, but the corn is not as good as was expected. The protracted meetings came to a close last Sunday. Rev. F. M. VanTreese will lecture at Paradise church, Thursday evening, Dec. 1, on "The Possibilities of Young People." v After a ten days sojourn in Kansas, J. B. Hickman has returned. O. W. Simmons is visiting in Pierce City and Lebanon, Mo. Miss Imo Hard is visiting Miss Rose Ashford In Plainview. Miss Asbford leaves for Montana in a weak or two to be gone a year, Prairie Moon Orange is putting new bitching racks around their lot. How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when you feel a cold coming on, take a dose of Foley's Honey and Tar. It never fails. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey acts as a balm to the lungs, cutting the mncas, allaying the Inflammation. healing and strengthening. It will cure a cough or a cold in one night and exhilerates the lungs against the inception of disease. 25o at good drug tores. No euros no pay. • It has been folly demonstrated that Ely's Oream Balm Is a specific for nit- sal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been achieved only aa the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by tbia purifying ana healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be malltd for 50 cents by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren street, New York. It spreads over the membrane, is absorbed and relief la Immediate. Bougtt - o y Tin KM ¥»" Haw Alway Signature •f FALL andWINTER 1899. I he most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received, btyle, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Corne and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, ua West Third st Signature of ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Administrator of the estate of DANIEL W. COLLET, late ot the county of Madison and State ot Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before the County Court of Madison the Court HousOi In Edwardsvllle, at the January term, on the first Monday In January next, at which time all persons hav- Ine claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having tho same adjusted. All persons indebted to sala estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 19th day of Nov^A. D.^ Administrator. fits well. We have all the new styles in thes'ecelebra'ed makes.' P. D. French Corset, styles jjo, 248, 786, at 97?, $1.75, $2 7$ and $;.{o. Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets, styles, M Paris shape, M long waist, L long waist, A Paris shape and Model bust, at $i and $1.25. Kabo Corsets, styles 356, 548, 572, jij2 End high bust, at $i. Flexibone Moulded,especial- ly made for stout figures, $1.5:0, $2, $$. C C C— 998 — 4>, Corsets the best in the land for A otei* HO TEL MADISON, A L. DANIELS, Proprietor. Second and BastODsta. Alton, 111 R. R. EXCURSION RATES. P rt Worth, Texas, acd return $24. .C ft A. Doc. 8 and 4. T he Burlington to Colorado, to Pueot Sound Points. California and Horaoseekers Exonreions.— NOT. 1st and 15th 1 * and Dec. 6th and 20th, via the Burlington. R EDUCED Rates to Northern and Western rosorts now In effect via the C. & A. R. R. and connections. The Burlington Route best line to all northern * norteorn and western summer resorts. Cheap ratoe now In effect. For InformatlOBap- ply toJ. B. Thomas, A^ent. T HANKSGIVING DAY—For the above tho C. & A R. R. will sell excursion tickets at a low rate to stations within 150 miles on Nov. 24th. Return limit Nov. 25th. T hanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 24th— Special excursion rates via Big Four. Tickets will bo sold only for trains of Nov. 24th and within a radius of ISO m los of starting point. Returning good unt 1 Nov. 25 h Inclusive.—G. H. Hamilton. i (n alourti 'Minnesota, Tennessee." Virginia/West Virginia and Wisconsin, via Big Four. For Information and tickets call on G. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. T ho Burlington's Through Car Service—Palace Sleepers and Chair Cars (seats tree) to Kansas City, St. Joe, Omaha, Denver, Billings. Rook Island, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Pan Fran- olscoand Los Angeles, Ca Ifornla, Portland, Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, every Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call or address J.B. Thomas, Agent. F or California Tourls s—The Burlington Route has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, personally conducted (by a Burlington Route Agent) every Wednesday tiom St. Louis, and Thursday from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and SaniFranclsco. The route la via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with 08 per cent sue shine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partiou- H omeseekers* Excursion ac very loir rates via Big specified points fn Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa. Kansas, Kentucky, I/oulalana, Michigan, Minnesota. Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, Tickets will be on sale Nov. 16th, Deo. 0 2U, Jan. 3-10; Feb. 7-21, March, 7-10. For full Information apply to G. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. HorneseekorB 1 Excursions. — Upon certain 1 'dates of October, November and December, tbo C. & A. will sell excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Northern Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ne» Ueiloo, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tbe reductions In rates are ot sufficient Importance to merit the attention ot prospeotlTe travelers. ForpartloularacallonO.Q. norna, Ticket Agont. PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Three lines or lea> under this heading' One time, U cents i three dajs, ttoentsi one week MoMtii additional times same rate, oast) down. FOR 5AL& COR SILF .. taodluai site sale,Mutler make, • cheap. Applv at this office. pOR BALE.—OW papers r toe Tcuoiuri office. At POR 8ALE-AJ1 in need ot ktndunc wood can r be suppll»d by telephoning No. U, lUlnoli Boi factory. N per load—B. MTU • F OR SALE—A Farm tour miles northwest of Utohfleld, 160 acres. Mo an acre. For particulars address O. A. Brown, or M. 8. Brown, Brlffhton or T. n. Brown, Alton, IU. tttf M. MAHONEY, NSUKANCB AND REAL ESTATE FOR IALB. Two-itorj double brick twtJUaf 10 MOM fprlng (t. B-rooffl tm&e dwelling o& ronntalo at, H-room brick dwelling OB Belle at. f-rooB frame dwelling OB State at. t-rooti) friuv Jw«!Un5 rite flfatt Upper AMor. One-itory t-r*QB frame ivaUUf, 9» WUUaa ' fiftiMft WMI lie* of Mala atml. Me «WMJ Two-awry f-room frame dwelllaj on Bill W-aore tract o*ar IMwariaVllU (ftoietM. One itory a-rooH brio* «w*UUf, oorltt ntt «-roo» truie «w*Waf. ear, AAf Borta ot Bill M G. D. Chicago Corset Waist at Special $1.75 J. B. French Corset, short waist $1.25. Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin undershirt and drawers must give way to heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to yourself. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores. If it is not the best, bring it back and get your money. This shows the confidence we have in our underwear. H »A«WUTZLEI?« .JRsk W ^ wmmmmmmmmmBi^ The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street THIS WEEK. SHOES! SHOES! New Shoes, Stylish Shoes, up to date Shoes, food Shoes: Shoes for men, Shoes for women, Shoes for girls, Shoes for boys; Baby Shoes, Grandma Shoes, Grandpa Shoes, Shoes that have soles under them. Good shoes to tie to—impossible to get on your uppers if you buy cur shoes. Shoe Hung np Prices Oat Down. Oar Show Windows are a study in Shoe economy. We have hang these' np so that he who runs may read a lot of ahoer enough bargains which are best samples of hundreds of others within. There is only one way to beat our low prices and that is to ao bare foot. Look at theso for Ladies' and Misses: For Ladles the celebrated Plngree and Smith, J. J. Latteman & Co., and Wright & Peters Go's «2, *2.50, 43 np to 85 going at 98c, 1.29,1.79, 2.46 PlDgree & Smith composite Shoe in tarns and welts going at 1.79 and 2.09 Misses' and Children's School Shoes in heavy Dong.. Viol Kid and Box Calf. How ta thla going at S9c, We, 77c, 99, $1.29 Men's Cordovan Oalf, Kangaroo Oalf, Titan Oalf, Jona Oalf, French Oalf, King Oaif, Box Oalf, Willow Oalf, values 94, 95, 96, 97; go at $2.98 Boys' In same, going at 98c, $1.29, Sl.fiO PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DON'T MISS THEM0DELS Sacrifice Sale . 3d and Piasa sts. Licensed HRCHITECT MM* «*Mai*t4 Dnuf fauna*. PSXtf #^ Iff W* tlP» »TRBBT,

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