The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 31, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1891
Page 2
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Tho Postville Weekly lleview J08TVTLLK, SAT'DAT, OCT. 31. ARE THE FARMERS SINCERE P W. IT.BTJRBIOK.Bditor. Mnttrtd at the Pottofflu at PosMltt as 4 ttni-tlats Matter. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor, HIRAM C. WHEELKR, of Sue County. i"or Lieutenant Governor, (JKO. VAN UOUTKN, of Tnjlor Coimtr. For Supreme Judgo, S. M. WEAVKK. of Hardin County. for Sunt. Public Instruction, HENKY SABIN, of Clinton County. l*or Railway Commissioner, HUNK T. CAMPBELL, of Jasper County. SENATORIALj.TICKET. For Senator -JOlli District, F. Y. WIIITMOBE, of Fnyotto County. COUNTY TICKET. Fo: For Representative, J. S. BBYSON, of Pnlnt Crook. For Treasurer, V. I). BON AN. of Frencli Crcok. For Sheriff. J. B. MINERT, of Makcc. Superintendent of Schools, J. V. RAYMOND, of Union rrnirio. For Supervisor, N. J. QUANIJAHIJ, of Watorloo. For Surveyor, A. R. PKESCOTT, of Post. For Coronor, I. E. NASH, of Ludlow. POST TOWNSHIP TICKET. For Trustee, C. B. BACIITELL. THE ISSUES MADE UP. An the lawyers would say on submitting n case to a juilgo or jury, the political issues aro mndo up, tlio arguments aro practically all in and next Tuesday tho decision will bo rendered by tho rotors of Iowa. It is morally cortain in advanco what that judgment will bo provided tho republicans generally throughout tho statu turn o*U and voto. Hero lies tho only danger. There being supposably no national issues involved, and it being a busy time for farmers, there is danger that too many of them will husk corn rather than go to tho polls. If they do tho ticket is in danger. If they voto thoro is no doubt but 10,000 is the minimum republican majority that will bo recorded. And for this reason wo want to impress on each individual republican tho absolute necessity of his voting this yoar. In many respects the coming election is far mora important than next year's election will be. Everybody is perfectly satisfied that tho voto of Iowa will be cast for tho republican electors noxt yoar. Nothing can prevent this, llonoo in this stato noxt Tuesday's elcution far transcends in importance I lie election of next yoar, even from a. national standpoint, for It lnrgoly determines tho number of ropublioan congressman Iowa will havo under tho uow apportionment, and Bottles tho question of whothor or not Iowa will bo Michigan- ized. Don't you bolioTQ that tho domocrats . aro making this suporhuman campaign solely for tho repoal of prohibition. This is scarcely an element in tho desire that dominates tho leaders of that party. It is simply a ruse to got anti-prohibition republican votes. All wo ask those republicans to do is to consider well what they art doing. If they have deoidod to permanently sunder tboir alleglanco to the republican party wo havo nothing to say. But if they think they oan bolt n»w and thus throw tho oxecutivo and legislative branches of our government into democratic hands wi'hout poroinneot injury " to the republican party, wo want to tell them that they" cannot do it. It will take years to undo tho mischief of ropublioan defeat this (all, and it may havo such a bearing on other statos at to jeopardize tho presidential election ' Wo want to say a final word to ail who are republicans on national issues, and that is there is not a particle of room to boll this yoar, no matter what our ylews may bo on local slate issues. When the stato is rcdlstrlcled and tho next presidents elected it will bo.tltviQ to air our grievances, if wo havo any But until tins is done wo must be olther republicans or domoorats from • national standpoint. Every republican will bo expected to do ids duty next Tuesday. The oyes of tho wholo Uni ted States are upon ui and we shall be judged by the ballots we oast. Let tis each and all aeo to it that they aro straight, unadulterated ropublioan bal lots. For several years now the farmers have raised the cry that they havo beon ignored by tho old parties, and ns a result they havo beon for somo lime industriously engaged in the attempt to organize new parties, all of which havo proved signal failures. Tho greenback pnrty was to do wonders for tho farmers, but that party's sun set boforo it had fairly risen. Then the peoplo's party undertook to build itself up on tho ruins of tho greenback parly, but it uever got beyond tho stngo of incubation. The last effort of the farmers is through '.he farmer's alliance, and this will cut no figure in Iorva politics. But tho republican pa~ty lists givon the farmers full recognition this year, and has given thorn the lion's share of tho nominations, from the top to tho bottom of tho ticket. Tho candidates for both governor and lieutenant governor aro not farmoiv by proxy, but tire-genuine, simon puro farmors, their only interest being identified with this great branch of our citizenship In this senatorial district wo havo a practical farmer/or n candidate against a professional man, and for representative we have a life long farmer against a life long lawyer. Now our farmer friends havo an opportunity to prove whether they moan businoss and de.siro tho recognition of their class, or whether llioir former opposition was simply for tho purpose of defoating the republican party and playing into tho hands of the democrats. They hayo an opportunity to sccuro not only a farmer executive but a farmer legislature, and the only quoslton is will they voto to secure it next Tuesday? Tho republican party lias dealt more than liberally with them this year, nud it believes it will appreciate the .silualion and make a clean sweep of the ticket. Nothing loss than this will bo a rolnrn for tho conlidonco reposed. Wo shall havo implicit faith that they will thus act for their own interest and tho interest of the stato until we are forced by the results of noxt Tuesday to chango our opinion. ONE of the most faeblo and sickly attempts at turning llio tide in favor of Gov. Boies and tho democrat!* ticket that has ever boen brought to light in this campaign was tho assertion of Gov. Boies that in the ovent of his election and tho election of a democratic legislature the staie would not bo gerrymandered or Michiganizud! What a statement for a goyornor to make! Forestalling the action of a legislature before it is elected, and promising in adTAnco to tako an action^ in direct opposition to what any governor of any party in any sta!o has over dune! Gov. Boies has no power to sny what tho next legislature will do, nor has ho tho right to say what measures ho will veto if elocted. Tho democrats of Iowa would not allow him lo veto such a measure, if passed by a democratic legislature, and he has no idea of thus set ting tho will of his party at defiance. It is only a cheap oluotioneoring dodge, an assertion made in tho hopo of secur< ing a few disaffected republican votes. Keep this firmly in your mind: If a democratic governor and legislature are oleetod next. Tuesday tho stale WILL bo gerrymandered in the interest of democracy, and it WILL bo Miahigan ized, and Gov. Boies will bo powerless to provent it. Tho only way to provont it is to doteat the democratic parly, and this will be douo J. S. BUYSOK , republican candidate for tho legislature, was visiting in this part of tho county last week. He is one of tho solid farmers of tho couuty, and has beon for forty-ono years. If tho farmers prefer a farmer to a lawyer in the legislature thoy will voto for him next Tuosday. If thoy profor tho Ww yor of course they will not. If thoy vote for him in any ratio which wo bolievo they ought to he will bo oniily elocted. Wit again urgo that ovory votor in Post townkhip and this section of tho county, regardless of party, should vote for A. R. Proscott for surveyor, ns a compliment to a good citizen and competent man for tho plaoo. Thoro is no money in the position to any man who has othor businoss, but Mr. Pros- •ott could attend to it as well ns not and ho should bo olootod, WHAT IS the reason that D. D. Ronnn should not bo eleoted tronsurerf Ho is in every .sense as good a man as his competitor, and he hits already hold the ofllco throo tonus. Give another good man a chance. If tho republicans of the south half of the. oounty stand solidly by Mr. Ronau ho will surely bo olootod. Will you do it, and If not why nolP - As tho papers have all published their last issues before election look out for oiroulara and boomorangj on the ere of election, too Into to be contradicted. Swoli arguments (P) should always bo thrown asldo and no ors- donoe given them. If thoy wore anything olse but llos thoy would be circulated earlier, It is seldom nowadays that auoh n th!n» i« done, but it sometimes Is, when a man's or a party'* oaso gets desperate. Watch (or them, FAHMKBS are very busy plowlug and ;liuiklng porn but every one of them should take the time necessary to deposit their ballots noxt Tuesday, tfhe democrat* always do this, and it is ..oerjWloljr up greater hardship (or ropub- Jjgwjujj' thrtft democrat*. ft wo do not *?%»^f/ r &° election* this year it will bo 3' 'mWrilu • liooftiisB wo let tho elootlnn tra ibWiiie we l«i tho election go ' *W 0j?ft.p5M!a<>nlIal eleo- rim WE fool tint it is ontiroly unnecessary to say another word as to sheriff or oounty s'.iporintondont. They have each hold the ofllce but one torm, havo made good and faithful officers, are entirely satisfactory to tho people, and ought to bo mid will unquestionably be elected. Thoro is no reason in tho world why thoy should not bo. IT IS always in ordor to warn votor to look out for bogus llukots. Not many of them aro liable to find iheir way into tho ballot box, but a half doz en, or ovon less, might ohango th result as to some candidate. No mat' tor which tlokot you vote soo to it that you are not humbugged out of your choice. OUR CANDIDATES. [LnnsinR Mirror.l Tha 1 ; the republicans of Allamakee county, in convention did their work wisely and well is attested by tho excellence of llio ticket nominated. The candidates whoso names will be found at tho head of our oditorial columns, aro, without oxcoption, men worthy of the coutideuco and esteem of the public, and entitled to tho suffrages not only of their party, but ol all free and independent voters. J. 8. Bryson, our candidate for representative, may bo classed among the old settlers of Aliamnkeo county ami during his long residence here ho has proven himself a man of worth nnd character. Possessing rho nativo elements of success ho lias succeeded in a. 1 business way, and is among ihci most successful nnd prosperous of farmers, but while cultivating Ins acres ho has not failed to cultivate his mind, and his anga of information, grasp of facts, breadth of ideas and clear judgment make him a man well qualiftod for tho 1 ofllce for which he has boen named. As an intelligent faimer he is a true representative of tho farmori and their merest*. Everywhere known as n man of honor and integrity, in touch and sympathy with tho rural people, ho could always bo relied upon as a foo of motiied tyranny and oppretiion no matter in what cot poralu name, monopoly or combine it might bo manifested. He 's truly a man of the people and for llio people nnd ho should bo elected. Many years ago Mr. Bryson's father roprescntod this county in tho legislature with honor and credit, nnd the son is a chip of tho old block. 1). D. Ronnn, who it is hoped will UL 'cccd Mr. Dougherty as county treasurer, has but two things against Ids candidacy and theio are Ids opponent's prestige of three terms in ofllce, and the insane thoory with some that cor­ tain uion wero born, predestinated and foreordained to hold ofiico for life. But notwithstanding these discouragements, Mr. Ronnn is displaying the proper spirit of pluck and energy in making a gallant contest for first plaoo in tho race. In point of natural ability, education, businoss training and habits lie thoroughly competent to fill tho ofllce; ns a good democrat said on tho street a day or two ago: "as woll qualified ns his opponent." Is Mr. Dougherty very genial, conr.eous and gentlemanly? so is Ronau; was hu reared from childhood up ou the classic ground of Fronch Creek? so was Ronan; was ho a clear bonded, bright eyod son of tho Emerald Isle? so is Ronan. Where merit is fairly balanced rotation in the matter of official favors is tho reasonable rulo. Of court 0 it is conceded that Mr. John B. Minert is to be his own successor in tha sheriffs oflice. He lias had tho ofiico but ono term anil by long honored custom is by courtesy entitled to the second. Beside the administration of his oftioo has been such that bo has added largely to his list of friends who gave him a good majority two years ago. A larger majority will now be but a well merited compliment. For in the affairs of his office Mr. Muicrt has by careful management and by good judgiaonl looked to tho saving of motley to the tax payers of tho county instead of seeking lo niako every dollar possible, and lighten tho burden of litigation. A genial an I courteous gentleman, possessing a tin* senso of the rights of all men, ho has never used the power of his ofiico with hardship or oppression toward any. But "with charity for all and malice toward none," ho has done his duty honostly, justly, fairly and impartially to tho sal'ufaclioii of all fair minded" men and is not only entitled to 11 second term by courtesy but has won it by genuinu merit. Such will bo tho verdict of the people. For superintendent of schools the contestants of two years ago aro again in tho held, and the outcomo will bo llio .same, only a Utile more so John P. Raymond needs no introduction from us. Ho is one of nature's noble men, ns straight in charatlor as he is in body, and as good as ho is long. In his onu term of ofllco ho has demonstrated the fact that ho is tho right man in tho right place at tho head ot the educational affairs of the comity. Mr. N. J. Qunudahl for supervisor is a good representative of our Scandi navian citizenship. A country merchant and thorough ousinuss man thoro is no question ns to his qualifications Those who know him havo for him none but words of praise. In fairness tho nor'.h part of tho county is entitled to rcprosontiitiou on tho board. His defeat moans iv board wholly from tho south end of the county. Eyen tho voters of the south portion should bo content with a two to onn representation Mr. Qmindahl is an old soldier, an item in no sir. all degree to his credit. Mr. A. B. Presoott. for surveyor, is Postvillo's old time postmaster, n- man by his long residenco, woll and favorably known throughout the county. As to our candidate for coroner, Mr. I. E, Nnsh, of Ludlow, wo understand that ho is n man who enn sit on a body ns hard as any man in the county and if he wants to, let him. Memorial of lira. Christopheraon. Mrs. Caro'.ino Chrislophcrson was born in Norway, June 17lb, 1841. She came to Chicago in 18G7, where alio lived till fall of 78, at which limo sho came to Postville niid on Cliristmasduy of tho same year was married to Hans Christopherson. They had succeeded well in lifo and had just completed an attractive place of residenco in Post township, when on her way to church a few weeks ago Mrs. Christopherson was thrown from a buggy and received injuries from which sho never recovered and from which, in connection with other physical troubles of long standing, sho linal- ly died. It was evident to till who knew her that sho was a good, pious woman, n devoted wife and kind mother. Modest and unassuming, her piety manifested itself in actions rather than words. On tho 12th inst. tho funeral was hold from the Bethel U. B. church, of which alia was a consistent and faithful member. A long procession of carriages followed the remains to the Postvillo cemetery, the plnco of burial. A huibind nnd four children, itl» othor relntiycs and a wido circle ot frionds nro left to mourn, histinct- veiy, when loved ones nro thus taken from us, we look to heaven for consolation. Tho words of Ihe poet offer such in the following lines: ^ 1 "When the parted strcams'of liTo ' "* Join bcyowl all jarring strife, And tltc flowers that withered lay ltlossoni in immortal May— When the voices hushed and dear Thrill once more the raptured cor, We shall feel, and know and see God knew better far titan we." ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Myron Correspondence MriiON, lo.. Oct. 21, 1891. That surprise party got surprised. David Smith is having a now granary built. Miss Merlie Cook teaches our school this winter. Austin Ewing had tho misfortune to loso a good horse. Mrs. Case, of Lono Rock, Wis., is yisiting friends here. Mrs. A. V. Reynolds js visiting relatives in Chicago and Waukegnn. Hall Roberts' hotiso occupied by Andrew Davis is undergoing repairs. Miss Tina McClinlock, of Prnnkvilte, is visiting her sister. Mrs. Jas. Ewing. Tho new school house iu the Evergreen Dist. is being built, to lie ready llio tirst of December. Corn husking and potato digging aro in progress, also a general gathering iu of vegetables for the winters store. CIIAIUTT. F. J. BECKER, M.D., HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SUIIGEON. Ofllco on Second Floor of Purkor'i Iinltdlng, hear l'oitoflics, 1 'oBtTiUo. IOWA. BR. J. S. GREEN, niTSICIAN 6 SU110KOX, Office and Knsldoncu Southweft par of town. All tails promptly attonded J. SHEPHERD, M. D„ PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, C. B. rHH«IOH HXA1IIMII). Offlc* ftk reiiilcuco on Oreon Rireot, ittond houio Entk of A McNeil's Hard waro. L DANIEL A. JERALD, 3ynercla .arLt Tailor, Postville, Iowa. All work warranted io give satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. wu. sfrnpifnao. j. 1. sHnrnanD. BHEl'HHItn BKOTHMIR, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Insi:r*nco Agouti muT Collector!, Authorized to praotico in all tho courts of tho ttato. Office OTPI Ijtcn'i itoro, brick block. POSTVILLE - * IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHir B. HART, Propriotor. Opposite - Postvillo - State - Bank. Nono but tho best meals purchased. Everything in lirst-clast shape. Courteous trottiucnt to all. Prices alwajs the lowest. Monthly Statomont; of Farmers' . Oroamory for September, 1891. Amount of milk delivered Stfi.QjB No. pounds of butter nuuie 33,^9 Average No. lbs. of butter per lob of milk *)i Total net receipts for butter 5,350.63 Total expenses for month 1,066.03 Average net price of butter lb ^,.... Average selling price for month per lb ... Average cost of hauling per hundred... Average cost of Mf'g per hundred, including hauling, fuel, labor, tubs, freight and commission Price per hundred lb. of milk paid patrons 23 25 1-5 -83c The Union Creamery paid Fred Thorn a 7Ge per hundred for milk delivered for same month. Deduct 12o for hatti­ ng and wo find a difference of li)c in favor of Farmer's creamery. JAS. OUR. J. A. HAVIRL AND, "Veterinary Surgeon, l 'OSTVILI.Ib, JOWA. Office first door East of the Connuor cial Home, Green St., Postville, Iowa A duo set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practico Calls promptly answered B 'RED ©. K. GMNTON. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash, and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any "building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. GiLOT£i£Z£TG« Fall nnd Winter of 1801-93! Von will find us at the (op in the mercantile business. Von biiyors of Fall and Winter Clothing, Hats, Caps ami Fur.Goods are about lo supply yourselves with Suitable Selootions for the Coming Season's rttiuireiilents. The itlea uppermost in your minds is to gal .something Good nr.d Serviceable at tlio Very Lowest Price. 'With all of you it conies down, to a ipies- tion of tlio right place to go; no trouble about tlotitliii"; that you want goods cheap, but a good ileal of trouble, iu deciding what firm will do the best by" its customers in litis direction. WE WILL! That's to tho point, is it not? Ami why not say it wlivn'wo'havo the goods ami make the prices every time. Wo are going to do business right through on this basis—(Jiving Good Honest Goods at the Very Lowest Prices. You will lind ns proparod to pluaao and certain lo carry out our promises. We aim at not only having the KrighU'sl ami Freshest Assortment, but to havo it practiced, dcuirablo and popular in every respect as well. Wo are conlideril lhat wo have the gootls you want and lhat. onr pricus are just as satisfactory as the goods. You are invilod lo come in and satisfy yrurself on this point. Very liospeclfiilly. J. H. GRAY—THE CLOTHIER. RAILROAD TIME-TABLES 4:.').'; p. m • S-.Sii a. m. 11.05 n. m . 0:10 p. ni .9 :.')fj p. in • • 12.10 ». 111. On and utter Sunday, June 2a, lgso trains on the C. M. & St. P. Uy. will cave Postvillo as follows. ooixo KAST. Passangsrs. No. 2 No. -i (night) Freights. No. 7 Way Freight No. !) Time Freight No. 11 Time Freight... (.1OIK0 WEST. Pasfiengers. No. 1 night No. 3 10:a5a. ni. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock .. ..11:03 a. m No. 0 Way -LSD p. m. No. 12 Milwaukee Stock .6:10 p. m. All Freight trains mentioned, rieept No. 12, carry pnssengers when pjpviil«il with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor nnd Cnlmar ii. K. WJlirP, Agent. B. C. E .11r .R. R. QENTO^y j ME? A llECOliAll DIVISION. Timo Table in effect June H. 18S/1 Passenger going North... ,'i : lo. I' 11 ." " South. 4 :20. " Freight. " North, 2:4, r ., P. M J. E. PKKiiT Ageni. A*!c my iinoncs Tor W. I.* lionfffnn fttine*. If nol for nnle In your plucn t\nk yon,- ileulot' lo noiid for ciititlciffuc, socui'o !hu ngoncy, Rtttl avt tlicm for yon. iSf" TA Ii.22 NO NCIlSTlTUTK.-eS -: -PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origina. Post­ villo Dray Line I am prepared to doitll kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at tho service of tho public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling. In town or country promptly done. —•Lizzie Huberts, Cora Miner, May Perry, Mrs. John Sanders, Addio Sanders, Sara Proscolt, Anna Kaston and Alice Totherly, all good and good looking Postvillo folks, took iu the Templo of Fame at Wankou, on Thursday evening of last week. Thoy hud an onjoy- able time, but think of tho aching hearts of tho boys they loft behind thorn! - S. li. Finney was up from Fayette this week ami sold tho Ellis farm to Frod lloins for $-15,00 per aero, 'i'liic, wo believe, closos out all of Mr. Finnoy's intorcsts here. lie is building a new residenoo at Fayollo. DECOBAH RKFUBMOAN! - "In October, 1885, llio doposits in the banks of Daoorah amounted to $350,000. In Ootobflr, thU year, they aro S7O0.OOO. Thoy have doubled In »i.\ years, tho very years when this loss was going on among the farmers of the state. The br,nket'i agree that two-thirds of thii money is owned by farmoi'o." "RRfffistsssiejW Yov onn't po»»fWy do any .bettor, If you Igan towards republigBoIsm at ,a|l than (a,vote, the entire ropublioan ticket .without a soi'Btoh, Thtre {« not a •MVv._.'..._S^i WAI7KON ITEMS. Dr. Shepherd is here this week us one of tho board of pension oxaniinors. Mr. II. O. Miller, a very pleasant and entertaining gontbman, of Jackson Miss., was tho guost of T. C. Modary last week. Win. Holahan, £. Hughes and Chas, Harris wore up Saturday to tuko in tho races. The pool seller could not iuduco tho boys to speculate. Maggie N. was tho winner of the rnoo last Saturday. Host time, 2:37}. The race wits n disappointment to the guar antso committoe, and attendance much lighter than was expected. The rendition of the Grooian Temple of Famo Thursday ovoning by the ladlos of tho M. E. church drow a large house Tho costumes were very handsome, tho difforont oharaotors wore woll presented nnd tho audience soem- ed highly ploased with tho oiitorlaln- niont. Tho new photo rooms of Huffman & Barnard (2nd floor of tho new Meier block) aro vory hatidsomo and tho light is such that they oati do work ruin or shine. Mr. Barnard while at work in roar of building Tuosday mot with quite an acoldont, falling from a ladder a dlst&neo of about 15 feet. He will bo obliged to uso a orutoh for the noxi week or Ion days. Barnard hall was crowded to its utmost capacity Tuejday ovoning to hoar tha Hon, A. O. Rankin, of Fa., dismiss Die political Issues of tho day and explain "Why tlio Republicans 'Should Win." For almost throo hours he held the audience under tha otasest attention, was very gentlemanly In his lomarks and his nrgurooptt were clinchers. His speooh was tho best we have had here for years. ' OO«D WOOP OSiHIiT. 3ffQTB!-^-TI|ls qonesjjondento oaum too Into tov. our last Jssuo.—Eu. • On tho written invitation, of Cons- taklo Tuller wo visited Wankon on Tuosday (as a witness) but had no timo to sou anybody. Wo did, however; lind time to dispose of a good diuner at tho now Slilor house. -W. S. Wobster has ti G4 fcot drilled well chuck full of water. Aug. I a ig did tl.ojob. —Remember the Tin nor danoo thoir hall to-morrow ovoning. —Mrs. Lassey has sold hor farm llireo parts, for $50.00 por aore. at THIS IS MY SONG ! Granite Cemetery Work, Iron IToncos, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will lintl it to their advantage t i examine M. V. Kidder's Grnnilo Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing lirsl-class work at as low pneos as can bo procured in the country. If lie lias not called upon you drop him a curd at Uecorah anil he will be pleased to visit you with Design* and samples of all kinds of Granite, at the lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. L. STROEBEL & SON, — vnoi'niHTons ov • Postville Boot and Slioe Store. (IT AUUBTIIOKa * HOLTIUt'B OZ.D BT1XD.) Havo a full lino of Boots, Shoes, Slip- peis, Rubbors and everything kapt in a No. 1 general shoo store. Custom work and vopairlng noatly and promptly done. Every pair warranted. Wo keop no shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pirns. J. P. SMITH, V. P, JAS. McKWEN, CASIIIBK. CITIZENS STATE BANK, POITVIIXE, IOWA. PAID UPCAP1TAL, $25,000. ' Do a General Banking Businoss. Buy and sell Foreign mid Pomeslio Ex- dhnngo. Accounts of Farmers, Merchants and others received and oaro- fully protected. Interest paid on Timo Doposits. Investments made for outsido parties on favorable tonus. FOR CASH! 1 will sell Watches, Clocks and Jewelry at the Lowest Figures oversold Northeastern Iowa. ' Watofc, Oloofc : and, Jewelry Repairing,. Made a Specialty. All work warranted. Spectacles tor every variety ot oyns; Call and gel) my prices. TONY MAUSHAW,,, >; VostTlllo, - low*,. Consumption Oured. An old physician, retlrod from prao- tioo, having had placed In his hands by nn East India missionary tho formula of a simple vogotablo romody for the spcody and permanent euro of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung A mictions, also a positive and vadioal cure for Norvous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after having tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of oasos, has felt it his duty to make it known to his suffering fellows, Actuated by tills motive and a desire to relievo human suffering, I will send free of olmrgo, to all who deslro Itt thU'reoipo, in Gorman, Frond), or English, with full directions for pro. paring and using, Sent by mall by addressing with stamp, naming this paper, \V. A. Noras, 820 Power's Slock, Uooltaotor, N< X- 48yL S3 WHY IS THE p DOUGLAS Ti»L BEST QH02 IH THE WQM.0 FOR THE MOHCTf I It Is t\ ti'MUl«i« limn, >rlth no tor •?* . Ur»iA I to iiuii iht>f»»i; ;»&Uo «t bett fisn <utf, »>;(«•» I itu <1, Mul l>tvr.:,it vxalt mov* then cf ,'v« i tirmt* (ii'tiit un'j uth*v mattit/uctttrtr, J> • •i*o'l alinvc fotllnc from ftl.W In $i.M. 1 UNIT 00 (Jrmilno MRml-noTvfil, tit Ti!Mt I «^%>n tln.'e e*«r oiraved far *'jual» ti$r.*h I I.]ipirV>:l ilvioi hkh eott frim it.W lo Ji'J.C*. CS/l <»0 Hiuut-ScvrcH \V*U (Ji**, ^ua <*", nTJ'hi'n rlyliili, uoihrorlRlilc f.U'l (luri.»l*. Tin ^«*\ tt>M-!iis.tlf sV»«« coiith:.'; friun *S.tO In J'<.'>-\ ri'.Kl J,fflt-rC'rrri»rsr.M i*«tr {lient: ur.a»\!l. If -ZJ, filliUOtU 111*1110. ItDVT.r tllt'«(l «lltt- ifuit aire- t >/io i»alr »rJU «owitT»i,-. fiim ritll'i nn LeUor atins over ctft:*i K<m£mm this prlii; Irlftl "will <.''»::»hit:* uho -ifwxt a sljnft fi>r ccn'furt nii^ *r.r»(i:t. C?,t^> *43 uml WorLln^inan'u fkw lixva j;Ivcn ihtr.u u v.-ill Tf«*r no <-U:<:r nii,t». e rtUff? nutl M-lwiul »bo»» Uv 2> worn hy tlio hnyt rvrry wiirrc; tf;*y c*'.l <m tlieTr merits, n« tho liicri. i ( , .i.ln:r ss.W\ ^liuw. ?? OirRiiac HI.'I.DO Ilni;j(--*3MO(l haw LaCBWi I^JO Dtitt^ulA, very tlytlsti: o-juol:ro'.;r,i liiijifiitcil KIKWH cnatliiK from yl.'O tu tC.i". Mlaton nro tlio haul Urn* l>(ir.RDl.n. Stylkh M.IK !>t*i, <'nu(lon.—Roe tli&t \\\ 1„ lMnivlnn' nr.iiw aud urlco tro stampoil on Hie bottom wt c&ch aliuo. W. L. UuUULAii, Urockton, Mtrfl. . . • SOLD UT LUHMAN - &l - SANDEBS. AllWarYd !Fir©k©©p©rs. [Succosiors to Guy & Co.] Watches, Clocks jewelry and Optical Goods, Also a complete line of Silverware, Artistn' Materials, Stationery and School Supplies. Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty I PRICES REASONABLE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We iuTito you xo oil on us and see for yourselves. YOUH3 HSSPBOTPULLY, W. J. H/IOKS X GO. TO ITS QUI AL FARLOH. NBAH THE V08TOFKKIE. I cordially Invito now palronago, Give us a U'ial tov a month. Loawj our manner ami way of doing the busl- uess. I bollevu ivo can pluaau you. T. PAKKKU, Prop., Pogtvillo, Iowa. Tin) euros wlilHi aro bolng cfTiiotecl by Di-s, Slnrkey & Paleii. U»29 Aruli St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Nournlgla, lironotiitli, Itlioum- lUism, nnd nil ulironio <li«o«so«, by lli«ir Compound Oxygen Treatment, aro indooil marvelous. * II you nro a sulluror from any tlli- oaso which your phrelulnn has failed lo euro, write for liifi'ii'iimlloij about tills trentmen'. nml iln-ir liouk of -M0 pages, giving :i lilsinry of Compound Oxygen, its (nitint mul vviili ni/mi'voiis teMlinonlnlM from imilimt.'). to w'liom ^you iiriy riifor for allll furlliiu' lnf'>rma- t'lir., ivi-l lio prmnplly suul, vvithoiit ohnrgi'. ,* t Thin hunk, lusldo from il» gmii merit as n inuilli'ii! ivork. giving. n» h iloe.i, thu r>s-iilt nf ynnr« of study nnd (ixpnn- oneo, you will Ilml a vory Inturosiiug ono. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I BOHULBB J3&09., Vrop*. '^a-Jmiro opened a Now Moat Mavke In tho Mott building opposite tho post- olUoo. whore wo. shall koop a full «»- «ortwent of tho best of rooats at the lowoit prloes tho market will aflord. Wo solicit an imueotlon of our stoolc and manner of doing business apd In­ vito (t fair an nro of your patronage. Drs, STAREBY & PAL3N, 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 120 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. Plooao mention tliia paper. 4m STATIONERY, Don't forget, whtjn you want plain or tanoy Statfionery, that the Review otHoe is the place to get it oheap. O. P.. DARLING. (Sucueasor toOarltiig <&Stiles.) — DI'.AI.I'.It IN — Wind Mills, Tmnps, Tanks,Feed Mills, Corn Shellers &c. In wiml mills I furnish pimiping siul geared mills combiiied, mid both tUol and wood pumping m'.lls. Ofllon nm! shop IIlit <liior smith of Hoy & MeNoil's 'hardware store, Vo§t- Tille, Iowa. POSTVILLE LODGES- OLIVE BItAKCHlLODGEWo. H9 KNIGJ1TS Of Pi'TIUAH. Moolaon thu second mill fourth l 'iiil»y «T «nin ^ imoh month. VBltiug bvotLrrn In good itmd atwayfi wt'fooiuo. 1UHIUB OIIB, 0. O. CHAB, BKULTON, K ot 11 ti H NOBiE LODGE No. 51. A. O. U. W. The Loyal Amdunt Onler of United Workmen meets llio Second and Vourth Saturday ovenings in each mantli, in the Musonio Hall over tho Brick Drug tore. JOHN WKI.ZBX , M, W. JAMUS 1'jsitrtr, Kcconlor. BROTHERLY LOVE ILOEGE. No. 304, A. /. iB A. M. ltcguliir meetings on Tuosday oren- 1118; on or before tho full of the moon. All brethren in good standing aro cordially iiivlloil to ni tend. E. I). STILUS, W. M, Wu. MOTT , Seo'y. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONQItEOATIONAIi,—ltev. N. h. Burton, r »s- toi. Prouoblnti ovory Bununy ivtlO.flO A .M. nml Y:!)(! V M, Enbhtith Bcliool imjnodinttljr nftor inomlug iorvJoo. Y. p. B, C. K, mtsts every Sunday ovoning nt 0:15. l 'raj-or M««». tug WeduoBday evoulugs. MHl'HODISa'.-Rov. iB.'J.ILookwooiJ, Psitor. I 'roaoliing" Borvlocs ovory Budflay at 10:1)0 A M, and 7 :B0 V. M. BaWmth School Imniodt- ntoly uttpr moralng eotvlso. 'tho EuworiJi Iioii(juu svory Bundivy ovoning at 0:00 o'tiogk, • Pruyorin'ootimj «vory WedneiUny ev«nlHH»t . 1 toa O'QIPOU. VO« at« cuno^tly'iuvlteiV

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