The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1927
Page 4
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iational H. SCOTT Btcpnd) Cl^aa Matter. Kkohan^ Ipdrtmenu)! City 9f lola.: eiy Af BfiMttt "Han Cpimty. :.^n<I Hassett. , 15 deats ............70 Qenta , : 47.80 4IAIL ; I Out»lde Allen County Jn« Tear • I • Biz) ft onths Ith^ee UonUi* I : • • la On* ' ear .. J. Hx li onths J, •I h^ee Months Cne iJIonth vl al ^dltoriaft la -Pfcu . KaaM «rDai It Buraaju '»f Congrecs ol d Dallyj ~ Pre4t The; A isociated Pre! s is exdusivelyl <fil<)d to the' ise I it republication all tie^a dlsp: tcbe: Credited to 1 not 1 otherwise ci*d ted • In this Btidj: also the.)6cal news AU right* ;patch<;.<i in. AU ior rapul here REGISTER Poitofflea city!^^^arp« : W.00 iijo ilM Alien! County r ...14.00 Sz.oo 11.25 .SOc Aaaeclatlon. eiatl9n. I^eague. Qlf)$ulitloi|. ' the Worid. Asto^ation. N I E MBER ASSbCIATEO PRESS. Tbe {Register carries the'Assodiited report. by tpeclal leased wire. Jbitcati 1 this J>a iWlsheffW ion of htre- ipe- n are also reserived. ] Bi\)le Thought for Today.. iis lovei one Hi of pod.— I .Joh WHA Bill Jiiarj- Dieni whii liave th Tilii'lte v .|li<4 tli.'if i .s till! n^^ Itli' (I Wlilt rHE|{ VAX speaking ejeoerally the piclc.s men n. The (ionveutlon p ir own opinidns. )iD of the wiiole ivernnient be|tter KOvc.h tiieiu, iKnoilng the fulla ' ^ utiil |v liiinH of pujular, opinion! lijc tkisMltiK hour I ml Have, tbr III) iliKlr min:vkfH. iMr Jy reb ••• andrjij w4 •wiiert |Tha And Si,'dtel; as h I H .of crlatlo countries. |\Vht( have serve^l ,llie in^n who luad lielw«en I lulled by a p (( liy a con jeen, aiiil'hl ii perliiielit II you wan which l8 j >r vane 6/ is the quei^tion. (he answeij lo in I he ^istoify of all ol or ihj? in<>n who followeld it? lAiii the wliUI |lt :i Ixjurii gs, thinking ind going in tiine ti<in %llicther.the W 10 lb I d th ve At lis hem.or against tiiem, |served tlie people' best, that is although as wliat direct |it a mjan Who l^no US man know.'j N^ind is l>lowiug, b| haveJhis heaijinBS way is'nortb. [i the men wh^ have kept th Jr Btr^-iifcht till t ic the flight dinc- jind wjaa blow! ig w »o' .M!r. White sa; s. kie.stion is nik all one-sidtd. riiiwis the leisson Ithe-people lea arpiiijent. But if they had elect ih litiie bjiiik do ])OI thebi o.iith a mi.stakt rn^ hctifrl th< oil it. dbj|an(!. th are] to of tllid colip cbupei cOn! iTtlo cha • tee 'Of wail day sintl iit Williamspc^t, Pa. Kye ie was in lits t ^ens Mr. Schu mac he I- has been :ei%aged in rail .j-oadine. For the iBjost part hiit Hic| has been wit I'oad fadtt leleL Paciki tlceA I adm TJnifi tehiflj. Pad ^nd laHi- ddnt, tH another: for ^ove 1 4:7. " OK ^'O.Mf A iper. >ri- who represent cks |il is fairly rl^presentative and in goyernnient'people nuke |(>wn inistttk ; B and profit by ()r is g( veroinvnt beter y,ihv, (joiiriscoiis men firm les of eo- A. llf- le rekults -iisijal- Imary and those enilcin is sound subBequent lln- While's tinrilysifl of (lie to liiore get SQi iifi- Ivaluable a coiripasa? t is Writ the Unl her dedjo- Anjerira bdst public Dpin J. Pd he way it loo is the bfisl d. Thai -is one side of t lie d sht sort of man at a.jgiv^n It and place thcj mistake mig no li; ve been mad^ and the lessen loirncil just the same! That th< Ol lieri siile of ijt. To our Wi y ot ihi ikin^t. l<i citefjusi one exaiii- pj<. it would have lieen a whole .I it for llie-peopje of Kansas if .'gislature of 1900 had stotd I ;ainst the wind of popular op ^nicHi and refus 4 to enact Kuuranty lav .JBut tbcy didn The people, made their ow roistnke—and thejlpsi official r« that up to (i 'five and one jare \yilling to o sides to thei ate it has co: -third millioli concede ther|e question. Bii way of thin tint the catiae primary is he cause of |tely sustaine Jed that the prj ^r vanes and i passes. riiian of tlie exei born sixty-five hopelessly loj he conventio when it mary produceb [the conventio i t . Dr. Nicholas Murray BtUIer fives (t out tb|it ot course Cajvln Cpol- idkfB will not be a candidate. in 192i^.,fpr the r«a «op tli^t alrea^^ IjB-j#nrioK bis second terpi apd.Wili not attempt to violate vtfae .unwrltr tfn;Iaw of the-Republic.I^y .§s)cins for-9 third, it is Dotttbr Sutler'^ theory that whenfever « mMi takeif the,oath of President he beylas a Presides ial term, and ^l9ce C^l- idge has: taken that oath twice h^ therefor^ now; |8,in his qecond P^t now comes Hoii. Leslie.Sl^w, ex-.Secretary of the Treasurj^,. w|tb a bran new idea., |te points out the fact that.thejConstitutjon di^cs not provide th;|t the Vice-President Bhall become President' uj^n • ^e. death of the latter, but shjiin merely assume bis duties. Here is the provision: "In; case, of the renoval of the Pr«8i<)ent ^rom office or of hiq d#||th, resignation or Inability to discbarge the powers and duties of the said office, the same shall deyj^ire fln the vIce-Pjesldent." ^ccojjdjng to the interpretatipn put uppn t^ls'provision by lifr. Sb ^w. it was QQt necessary for Mr. Coolidge to.ia^ the oath of office as President end even though ^e took the oath he did not In fact become President but . remained vicerPresldent; until til* installat^pn in 1925 .after, tbe election of 19J;i. From' the .death of Mr. Harding pp- til March 4, 1925, Ifr. Coolidge yrf^B merely "discharging the pow/ers and duties'; of the office of Prfsj- dent, according to Mr. .3baw, " hut Was not In fact president beca^ise he n'ever had been elected to that office. . ' This tfieory pf Mr. Sht^w's is In- ReniQU8,;and by tbe strict letter of the Const I tut Ion is well founded. Over against ft, however, stands the unbroken practice of 150, years, which has been to regard the Vice- President who enters upon the du- lles of the President following tbe death of the latter as th^ President in fact, ^tist as much as If he. bad been elected to the office. And that is the View the people always have •AfeeiB. • • But whether upon such BUCCA^^ sipn the fr^tion of a Pr^slde^^I term served by the vice-President r>hall ihe regarded', as a fnll ternj. h §.B never been tested pr settled, iinles! it may be said to have been settled by the defeat lof Afr. Roosevelt in 1912. T}ia^ was 9ot a fair lest, however, for he ba^ bimsje|f declared be regarded the three and a half years he served following the death of President McKlnley eis his first term, and BO oy his own vrords when he again sought the office he was dellb^ately and nvow- <^dly seeking a third, teran« But suppose Rotsevelt bad served three imonths. Instead of three years of the McKinley term. Would either tte or anybody .ielse have considered that he was running for a third term If |ie had offered himself for re-election in 1908? 'VVe believe tbe unanimous . answer would be ".No." , So It would seem to depend a great deal on how much of the un­ expired term of the deceased President the Vice-President has filled whether or not the country woujd resent his candidacy for a second election In his own right. ^1n the case of Mr. Coolidge, he served as President less than half a Presl- AJBY 16. jj 927. Your- Amounts taxabit indebti h certaii No. 26. bald or acirifed , year 192G as ii tejrest Idness are iledi ct ineome in^ determining net inctime. h items mdney boi sopal expi ed for estbte. If [ured by home, pa&l on su4 deducted, be evi exceptions, froml include Interest rowed to defray uses and money the purchase oi person ovjcs lieu or mqrtgak4 ^he amount of ii^ indebtedness ni However, interesd inent, or erest th enced by a iliortgage to i*reou deductible. quently iniiebtedue»s is by U(] urity. interest friinU or tes without jadd i • laid on , behalf of ilelalive where lliTi legal oliligation on the dark of NEWS NOTES FROM COiONY Hlgii* .of -«prlnv In FlHhln t Smark Built by Kn «>e|>|>pl and r^rri. son—Hazlett FlHhinir for. LodKHl Drill Toolt. dentlal'term as the successor to Mr. Hording. He lias been elected president but" once. If be should become a candidate again be may be defeated, but the sentiment a third term will have nothing to do with that defeat. X THE BAY'N XE»'.S. tinas M. Schumacher, the ne^ utive coramid the Westfern Pacific railroad years ago to|- h the big rail] sJKstems west of] the Mississip ieareer at thr ! serving as i began his Of the>ladderl ph operator, tarakem^ and fireman. Hl.s' first ecutivt! position i-amej he fas miide vice president of thrt i & Rio Orand railroad comp i San FraiicJscp. had a bromj fitering the afi and Soiitiiernl fche Chicago, liock Jsland & •Railway, j and Srilithwestern Syiitem. of which hied be hUs b mportant ex In 1909, wheri Emboldened ^ by tie courage of the California man vho . shot an opponent at golf whjn they coul((l- n't agree over the score,, Rolla Cly- aner, of the PI D^orpdo Times, puh- aicly serves notice that he intends to shoot half a dozen fellows with ,ti-hom he regularly plays if they jilon't <iuit holing out long putXs on bim. ^ye haven't ony objections to Rolla's following the California exr iample part' of the way, on the general principle that some golfers ought to be 'shot, but we certoinly hope he will not go nll~ the w^y and kill himself as the Califbrnign did ,-,31 least not until we have given, him (he trimming he has had coming to him the^ past eeverai years! and Westerr pnle.s, with of- Siqce then inei^t part In airs of tJie Pacific sys- the El Paso en the presl- Geor|;e Afarhle. of tl^e' Ft. £|<^0U Trihijne, 'b]f much 9e^r <;MW of Scriptures, las fiA ^lly 4Mf HP th^t tyi>og.f^hic il error he said be ooj^e had seen, {e finds U {n « w |d^y circiflat^ elliilDO ipub)ifhed'in.l901 by Nelson And Sons, in Acts 2:23 where Jhe ietter *'"t" ^ppej^rs, instead of "f" In the word "crucify," making It re^d "crupity." Mr. Miy- ble ^piiid do wejl Bible as a rarj <.h/»i lo bang on to ty. A ^lejbo^ist ediiciatlonal conve'^- tfOB ;ln , Nasiiirllle , the other dgy adopted ft respli^tlpn opposing legislation of fipy.kind tbe intention of which is to restrict Instriiction along any line of acience. And In Tennessee f (Mrs. W. E. Paytoijl COLONY. Feb. l.'>.-^prSu^ Is In the offing. < Cliarley Kiioe ipel was seen hauling a.load of lui iber and inquiry developed the fact that he and ,Rey Garrison of the di ug store squadron, plaii building u fl§hlng smack at thej Colony el Ipy^ds. Knoeppel is a: depiity gai ae warden and will ilso Import a 1st of young fish from , the N i^nescali neighborhood dud stock De;r creek pnd he may need the boat to ,feed Ibem fpr awhile. The bpai will be hig enough to hold both I uoeppel end GarrisonHond all the ilsh they catch. .John Post said the} bought lumber enough to build i house. Besides the men who will do the designing and constructing Colony is always'able to furnish ten or fifteen spectators who pffirivalu- ablej suggestions as to ch: nges; in l ^ilanb for sea going crafU. There was 9 school boar 1 -teachers' meetii^g at Garnett Saturday ^nd Colony .schools,, having the bnly instrumented aiid tf^aiaed orr chestra in the county, too t about thirty of the> youngsters, up to strut their stuff. They scored a hit, 'tis said. Tbe roads have been to igh ^o- Ing for many moons but t looks now as if they will be tn velable again. Cars have been' stitjking at the south end of town whjre tbe subway work caused two ni y/ fills, •but these spots dry out |iukkly. The farmers who still have corn in: the-fields are active' and JotS'Of ear corn is coming to thee evator Some of It is I muddy. Tbe e is a ^ot ot kafir that has not been threshed—and 'Spring workj is' in sight. I ,Mr. aiid Mrs. Paul Hdlzapfel driive down from Kansas C Ity the last of the week to spend Sunday with his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. P. C. Hdlzapfel. Paul trai ed his sedan for a new coaCh at Ottawa on the'way do^'Q. Ed WbUery- is hptiic frcjm the Texas oil fields where he iorked as a rig builder and tool dresser. He doesn't have much to ^ay for that territory from the stai dpoint of employment. H^rry Hazlett, drilling k mile east of AVestphalla, has 'bee 1 on a mean fishing Job for several we^. A water sand settled a roil id the toojs at Mhouti a thousand U et. ' A brapd new rppe c^ble was : traud- ed iat the 60U-fQot level wh m the knives that wpre to free t|i tools for fishing, stuck. The cas,li g was set: ai-oupd the tools and slips worked over 'tliem ami th?n the pulj pii the tools wus aided by .'lO ton .Jacks 6n tbe casing—bit they still stuck. .After several wteks of vain effort it was decided ti drill by them aud then again try taking tb'em out of the hole. Eigh y feet more will codiplete the t«M that was dry to thd point of trou lie. C ross C urrents (A. C. S.) We heard! of a red-blooded Tex man the ot le^r day whoj absolute] refused to Add the word "obey the, piece be ttpenks Ui the weddli|g ceremony. Bravo! • • « Possibly the legislators are mlsk Ing <a bet. We hear that pillow b e has bad heen discovered effect on Juveni (Fern Roney) Feb. . 14.—the Home W irkers held an all day meetliig Th irsday at Mrs. Russell's. ^Mr. aiicl i^IrciW. H. Nichols soent Thursdj^y.AtilAe J. U Roney home. The iQfirlyiej Sewing club met with, ilrs, ^ha^wiplt Sa urday morning., l^^. §yverud was present at the, l^eeiting.' , W. P. Arched ,ylsited .bis son, Herbert Archer and family, in Olathe. .1 Th^fe waja .a. sroaU attendance at church Sundayj owinf to th ' -bad weather. iLfct'a have a larger at- tendapce next Sund:>y. The Garlyle jqhrlstian Endl?afor members are goini^ to Uberty Spn- day evening to organize an Endeavor Society therel Mrs. ^Ibbltts of Wichita wll! hold \V. Cr T. U. Institute : Tu jadjjr at tbe church. ;, Monday ^venln'^. feh^rqjiry reception for Uie Harllnfp w held. Everyone is liivitod. yfTB. Roney spent Moa4 »y Mrs. WIngler. fighting have a nerves. John p. Rockefeller gave awaV a whole handful of shiny new dime s the other dayi^It's all right, tbougi —we understand he can borro f money :on hia life insurance if D <f has to. • • • » Ty Cohb, after deciding to qui changes his mind and reluclantl r signs a contraclfor some $70,00) to.Play ball ajiother year. We wonder how much of it he feels he owep Publicity Agent Landls? * • • 6abe Ruth, incidentally, insist that he is worth more than elthe Cobb or Speaker, but we doubt it. :To the best of our recpllection. P. A. Landls has pever heen abli to do anything for tbe Babe beybnt fining him for barnstorming aftei a World Series— which was reallj scarcely wprih the amount of the fine. . « • « • George Wafblngton's mother gave{ hira a pen ki Ife for good conduct First ve know some Impious biographer wli tear down all our patriotic'Idea s by dlscoverinj he used the Ijnife to earv school desk. initials In the Mr. and M^-s. NEWS NOTES OF GAS cin Kerv NHrr K. Slbbllt,^ Ntole iuritr, lfer« for W. V. t. IV InKtltule-T ^nrnn Ke^ : I tvms from .3'euiii. payer cases |a loan ^ince ,int followis t sujiject 10, need m] is con.^l credited an Fob- exampi taxpayer's yeir 192U i Fred Heinz were 121. 0 11 be with afternoon vlsltot-s at. the John Bol- Ing htyne Sunday ^and' called oft Scott Wilson a fewimoments while there. Mr. Hllson Is in very poor health. Mrs. EdnA W^ilson and llildred went to Bar lesvijie Salnrflay to visit with th; home folks and to see her broth »r, J- B. Couzins', who with his fami|iy Is leaving ifbr California iu: his car. : Edna pnd Mildre(I return !d Monday evening from Bartles^UIe. ! Mrs. Vffa., Scott has two liens setting so weiwilL know where to go to eat fried :hicke~n by and by. Mr. and . M rs. Fred Menzle and children visitei ot the parental Scott home 1 ist Sunday. • Dave King and faipily were afternoon visitc rs at Mr. and Mrs. Scotfs. Mr. and Mis. McPherson and Mr. 'and Airs. Mi rphy of lola visited at the Erneit Clayton home last Sunday. TliieG. W. 1;. met with Mrs. Klv- ett .Thursday. Piecing quilt blocks was the prde • of the day. "rtiose present were: Mrs. IJlin, .Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Re 'S. Mrs. Percy, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs Boling, .Mrs. VIoI.a Carter ^d tie two ^Irs. KlvetfsJ as hostessies. Hfrsi' Ctktpr joined the G. W:.C. Th^ club Will meet with Mrsi eia rence Mui^hy February 24. :and I he roll call Will be answered witl a funny story.—Reporter. (.Mrs. A. F. Hblten) GAS CITY. Feb", il.";.—A physician of LaHarpo was culled to pee ilit Ibaby daughter of Mr. and .Mr-'*. John iGum'fory. who Is 'quite ill of brou- fhlalj pneumonia, ; j Prayer meeting, at tbe| .\I. K fhurch Thursday night, 7:30. Everybody come. i L. C. Curry left last wtek for Mr^estern Kansas oil busine.^s. I Miss Ferne Curry epterlal ied the Willing Workers of tbl .M. E. Sundoy school at her home Hunda.v. •The gue.stii were: iljrfjla Mae]Snave- iy, Frances Sherwood. Leotit Hamilton, Ilia Morgan,! and C'larine Johnson! M . ! I Mr. and Mrs. Sberuiah ,picker ion motored to Colony to visli the former's mother, who s quite III. I Jobi) Beeding spent Mondliy and Tuesday in Kincald dsitlng with his sister. j Mrs. Maude Smith aid .MIrs Het- ile Perkins were ^ui day {dinner Mosts at the A. Fi Hollten home. The Ladies' A|d ojf the .M. E. urcft ivill h^ve an all-day meet- Ihg Wednesday at tlie home c fi Mrs. it. S. Qeble in EastjGJis. ! Quite a number \ frpm he re' attended the fourth iquSrterly conference at Trinity M. li chukh in loia Sunday mornluig. j i -Mr. and .Mrs. R. S. Goble -rislted Sunday in lola w|th their laughter. .Mrs. Cornell aofi family. J. E GItfIn returpfd Friday night from the Rio Grandie Valley. Mrs. Mary Rak^r oil Woodston. Kans., who formerly: lived here, is hl-re visiting frlenils; lArthur Beeding bfiiParker is visiting his parents,! .Mr. and .Mrs. )l4hn Beeding. ! i The ladies of the commiiiiiry are inlvited to attend tlie W. C. |T. 11. meeting Friday afternoon iij the home of .Mrs. Edward Russell. In the evening begliiiiing at' 7:30 o'llflck, at the .M.|E. church, the RM-; .Mary E. Sibbitt: state lecturer fob the W. C. T. U.; will spealf. I Itnl * issued lien, nialde evi on per- 3or- real ^i^ney on ilncqeil. deduqted. i is jter- ceijvei I I • * * + *|* + + ^. + EEAL EfeTATE !rR4NSFI I ally .from Office lol t Ab|tract Co. + * + * + * + BS * of • V .Ajagdalf'n DhlrUh. of *^ei-. ir.. twp. 26 erly I.. SKemaii (Fel^ruary 15. 1D27) Deeds. Dietrich, et al. tf !;o:{. S'-'. of S>.j of nd .N 'i of XKV, i\i R K, IS; Ilii<k. siimle, to $1. lots 1. 2 iind )li'.<4 Add. 10 lldn Jost ."Viyia U. Knimery. wiilou. ii UriiKgemaii. .St, Uoscph'.- Claude S. lia 11... to .\l > ajid all of Dubibolilt. $1 $1. loisM and r,. 1114 Add. to lliiiiiliol [iJariielt and wili- \V. While. W'i: lot C. bio k -to. (jii ;iMMi. Paul and I -S, '.Mora II Clily. $2iiti. Jj S. Sutc to Ifirst .\ai K ill Park iiiiiji at SK Park Plai 400 ft.. X II, giniilng. .<\l of SE lor. N 1:1 H. Covt tt.' and wile .'S.' ll.4il IIOIIUIII.' lot ilie and wifi-l Kake ouul Kalik of fol lace Add.: J cor. of :'lot (;; in Add., tiii S 10(1 ijt., rf ft., E :4«0 ft. t o begijiiiiiig r40b |ft \it lol G'iii said' Plate Add., dh. S i:}.". ft.. W 4i irO ft. (11 begjiinin Conning CO. "CAPTIVE" CLOSED |BY N.Y,PROPUCERS New York. Feb. 16: (AP)—Shortly before ^time for the legal curtain tp rise on a "court' room matinee" of "The Captive,!' one of three plays raided in lastj i week's stage d^an-np campaign, producer.'! of the production annoimced thatj they i had 'di<cided It would be "unwise anil impolitic" to coiijlnue the run of [the :play. f j ' JThe shoemaker's lalsf Is so-ci from liie Saxon word last—a' XUtakea I4ca«ity. We b^d !a mrglar in our bouse last night."; "Did hi iet abytbing?'; S>i should, s ly he did. My wife thought it Vo> ine coming In late frdm the lodg«, and he's in the h«s- pltjal.r • t - apply giiAw- oiled ifoot- lu (tail not be de the irjvmentj amounts ^•-gift. i-resl n]ay be lat interest r he income talx^ t be received in uctively received w] 1 held subjeill intere.-iL creiilitt aviugs accouiit ilur income for that bin ble, OSS [ttjrest be' jleeef j?dg- the 're- leijced tioiial chsh. t iien all.; o a I the ar. 'lot j ^^^4^4^^^^^^ '^"^^^^^^^^p^- Gi ip, ^oei za and many Ptaei 1- "faJaa beg a as a commo^ d.; Price JOc Hi* bocb thUalguatitn ; Wasjiingtoq at Bought pBiills Plaritatjfpn^ With 5?o acres cf land in Fredenck bounty. Virginia, a . * snrtcri | Gforge Wijhiiigton builtlup bi^ r^l.^sQte holdings to ijJS acrti ; before he was : I years of |age All: lis 9an<l vras paid for u it! > IDOC)! : earned as a surveitor. • j ] ' I No mean achievement in Color biys—even if 4i5 acres co«« .oolv iii pounds—or J?6q.oo. if f • Throughout his lifeWashingtor .jHowed a tare abiliti ti hand1< ! money and property—mining ti^ i itSnty brug him posse sens thai I oeant added comforts, conveniences security. | ' I t Today's banting (icdities maite juicb care eatia duo v^r bcfon j Tor ambitious incii and w^n^ -IIATINKK.S 2:U(f p. m. Uaily = Home of Better Picinn.^ n Last Times—Doni Miss M great star inatHrilling film of the drama back of jttie fblot-lights ^ O I Salur^iiy i; |o 11 ICH'ES !i:fNI p. m. S()ll torn Poll I Aesop's Topics of; Admission, Chjldren.^ IQe,' Adults 30c i ^hursday a id Friday < Dolores Ccstello in Bride of IH^ Sttirm atinees ICi pVights 10c ^^^^^ S^mHqw Quick Relief Cqrhea I ^ON'T tlUnk gu. Ihckrtbun. Ud 1-/ diBcomfort after I eating ve 1 "I otltiiig to bother abbut .'f ; Ulteyj mean ttaat yidur bowela are : ndt working properly.; | There's wMte matter in your atfynaah, poifooing It 6ut. Mr. W. A. BpW of S39 Sixth St*, Nef Cumberiaad; I>a.; aaya: fia4t|juic8juatnuide outofmei Iwaainbad!' mj itoBufch being otit ^letit^waapoor, " woiildgiv^me tw >, addTit! would or atoopi thia aura wait a lattMpik Aa OMACH BUilN FORT •A fter ^ven bottles of Plant Jm'ce mkr d gestibn is perf« ct, and I never suffi r p unsip nay sort 1 can Lend pversn 1 h t thiaga all day I have nenrstrengt 1 ai id en ;rgy." j Gen ly, natiu- Jly, without gripin 5 o) disc opuort, I laJut Juice .itiTi i yi (ur St ainach on to do its work. An 1 It 8 j>Ie tsant and easy to takd. AotJ lag but he product^ of th»" wbods ind fields in Plant Juice. ' 'Aa|c jfo|tr dnn gist for the! origiiu I DjUing ism's Ph iit Juice, with bv^efr tmrty tigUB T?po ation. | Dallit dhatn% PI anr Juice siiiliiiees -I'lctures (>nly 10c- and Hfrt l'Jctiire!| lOc aiid I On the Stage- e.'itra I Herbert Rawlin- A oil in ^'Tfe Phan-$ tables tile I)ay, Sttiirpn" hnd 20c; dnd 25c J^lils-Vancepileniid TONIGHT AND TillfcgDAY The Jolly Oldfield Players Oif tr "MAGGIEIAND blGGS" I

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