Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 23, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1898
Page 1
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SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. 14, IM«.)t ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, NOV. 23,Jt8g8. TEN CENTS PER WBBK Oive the People a Chance lo Patronize Yon-Yon Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. || !•" '""»=g«agaaae»aBa STANDS Any w»y yon look At It, ThomWnvln-WmiiinB Paint nt-ando. Wulto lend paint covers well, but It clmiko and rub« off. Kino pslnt Ipronds well, bill It crncks mid pools olT. NellUof one Blono make* a durable paint. The 8borwlu-Wllll»m«Pulut oombluo tuo best qunllllea of both with tho nlgucm skill. It eontalns the best lend in tho bent proportion, the best isluo Iti thebcdl proportion,and tho best oil und drier nud color, oil In the bout proportions. From every point of vlow Itstondscom* parl«on with lend pnlntor xiuepoint. Itatanda wboti exposed to the weather and linrd wear, It etiuids alone-every can fully gtwranieed, und behind llio guarantee all the resources and the reputation of tbe Company. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS to specially prepared tot every kind of pointing. OH tlio right kind for Fourwork. Go by the label. A |>raclloiil track on piilntlni; fret. f«e SWHW/W-W/U./AMS CO., PAINT « OOLOS AMKCft*. MZ»St«w»rt Avo., Chicago j al«o Cleveland, New York ami Montreal. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. WILL ACCEPT Spanish Commissioners To Re- calve the Authority. HVKNTV MILLION DOLLARS A IUIT. Matter of Life and Death it often fe w baths'- yoT hnvo your rbyaiolana prescriptions filled promptly an<Jjao(uraieJy. We make n specialty of our prf soi-jption department, and phyticince preEcriplioMn and family recipes are filled from pure, fresh drugs, DEd in the moat careful and cxoct manner, and our prices are fair and equitable. Marsh's Drug Store. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets f just the latest things our, and the prettie t tu be had. Rugs of ail kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable h;u e'lolJ g •och we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HO WELL, 117 West Third Street. 7. W. BUROBSS~ - GROCER, Cor. Sixth and Alby stt Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple. Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and-Coffee?, etc. Telephone 69. Free Delivery to Part of the City. any We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspecc our lin^ of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks, Our stock is more complete arid our prices, lowei than evtr before. For good goods at low prices ;r deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SUTTER 210 V> Third Street. S0N J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Under lakers and Emba Inters. Second Street. Opposite City Hall. Alton.'JII. .Story TliHt (tenor Monltj-o ttlon Hud Ko- fiiKml lo Conllniif! Hiii i'eiim) NegotUtlon* Wrm n rulio -Tim (juii-ii ItegoiU I'union- nlly In Favor of Accopllng the Tcrmt t,ttl<l l.on-u \iy Itiii Unltml Hliilim (lonim- in«int—Inlfifvlnw with Hcnar Ojoilib Paris, Nov. 23,—Jt Is thn prevailing opinion Iicre among diplomatists that the .Spanish peace commission .will receive Authority from Madrid to accept the term? offered Monday by the Americans—the cession of the entire Philippine group on payment of J20.000,000. "No one cftn foresee what the cortea will do." This was the answer of Senor Ojeda, the principal secretary of the- Spanish peace commission, when asked It thn American ultimatum will be accepted. Senor Montrro Kios, the president of the Spanish commission, frowned as he listened to America's final note at the Joint session. When the reading was ended ho said, curtly: "Hpaln does not need until Nov. 28 to answer. She will present her reply Wednesday." Ni>K""nUtms tint Dlncunf Inmrit. The story sent'out from Paris that Montero Hlos had declared peace negotiations at an end was wholly without foundation. In the communication the United StiUes refuses arbitration, but offers 120,000,000 In Bold for the Philippines and such a sum as may be agreed upon for an Lslund of the Caroline group, or enough land on a strong Island there for a naval base and cable station. The American commlalsoners proposed to give Spain until Nov. 28 to accept or reject these demands, which were translated at the session In full by Interpreter Ferguson, but after Montero Rlos' impatient remark about not needing so much time the Joint session was adjourned until Wednesday. Spanish Secretary Ojeda said: "America proposes to pay J20.000.000 for the Philippines. We regard It as ridiculously Insufllcient considering that we raised $40,000,000 on the security of the ^lanlla customs alone. She adds a promise that for a number of years not specified she will admit Spanish mer- clmndloe and ships to port on the same terms as the merchandise and ships of the United States. No FrlondK und Helpless. "We regard this part of the proposal as of very little, if any, value. This condition, no doubt, has been put in at the suggestion of England—not of Ger-. many, for she Is favorable to Spain." When pressed for his opinion as to ultimate action on the American demands, he said: "Jt Is for the Spanish government to decide what to do. I do not see how we are to avoid yield- Ing to them. We have no friends and are apparently helpless in the matter." "Is the queen regent in favor of accepting them?" "Personally, no doubt, she is," answered Senor Ojeda. "But she will be gulded> hy the government and the cortes and nobody can tell what the cortes will- do. I am not a politician arid have no Idea," "If Spain accepts," was asked, "how long will the commission sit?" , "In that case," Senor Ojeda responded, "there will- remain only matters of detail to settle, for which seven or eight Bluings shojald suffice." No Ituforom o to Cuban Debt, "Was there any reference in the American communication'to the Cuban debt?" was asked. "None whatever," replied the secre-> tary, "but our answer next Wednesday or Thursday may refer to it. No article of a treaty has yet been finally drawn." "Has America asked for one of the Carolines?" "Yes. She proposes, to buy a small coaling station there." Senor Ojeda's demeanor was that of a man much depressed. The Spaniards were prepared for America's Insistence on the demand for the Philippines, but are surprised at the form of the latest proposition, which virtually Is an ultimatum, and at what they consider the inadequate con.pcn alien offered. Senor T-ieon y Castillo, the Spanish ambassador here, met with a serious carriage accident In the Champs Klynees. The vehicle struck a klofk, the horse ran away and Castillo jumped out, being hurt about the h ail and arms. RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream 6f tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powdett OK the greatest menacws to health of the pratnt day. HOVM. OAKINO POWDCH CO., KSW TOBK. Ohio State Senator Testifies in His Own Behalf. TELLS OK MANNING DIVORCE CASK, ((•inline tin' meeting or to any open fllnaKiTC'nmr.1. It was stated Unit the next meeting would talse place Wednesday. The cabinet discussed the mutter and It wan the Judgment of the members that thorc will be at lonst one more meeting ufter WcdnoHday If the Spaniards huvc concluded to reject the American proposal. An to Dlxorilori In Porto Klcn. Washington, Nov. 23.—The war department hns received a dispatch from General Brooke, about the reported dlH- ordei-H In the Island of Porto Hico, as follows: "Advices received dally from San Sebastian and other troublesome regions. Disorders were reported from that part of the island Immediately after it came Into our posacRnlon, but I have had It thoroughly patrolled and am still patrolling It. Everything qult-t for three or four weeks. Several bandits have been killed or wounded by patrols. Reports very much exagcer- ated. Every point has been heard from and quiet and good order prevails." Illoi* Oalmfl » YJciol'y. Madrid, Nov. 23.— General Rlos, governor of the Vlsayas Islands, telegraphs that he has severely defeated the advance lines of the insurgents, who are fortifying the shore agrainst an expected attack by the Spaniards at Hollo. General Rlos adds that he has shot twenty- five captured rebels and condemned Bixty-nine others to hard labor. General Rlos cables from Hollo that the natives of the Vlsayas Islands rebelled because the Americans pretend that the Islands are to be annexed by the United States. He declares that he could crush the rebellion If the Spaniards ruled. Soldiers Killed In Street Fight, Knoxvlllc, Tenn., Nov. 23.—Zeb Patton, private In company C, Third North Carolina regiment, colored, was shot and instantly killed In a street fig-lit. Patton became engag-ed with a number of other soldiers in a row and firing began. Major Walker, commanding the battalion, ordered the guards and u sqund of armed ollicers to the scene. Then Major Walker ordered Patton to surrender and on his refusing to do so the squad fired Into the throng of soldiers which had gathered. Patton was instantly killed. Several other soldiers were wounded, but none fatally. General It ill 7, UlviTil Iteloiuoil. Barcelona, Nov. 23.—The Cuban general, Ruiz nivera, captured by General Ha.rna.n3cz de Velasco In March, 1897; and a. prisoner In the Montjulch fortress here since the beginning of the present year, has been released. He has gone lo Paris, VAATIAL LAW AT I'ANA. SITUATION CUIIA, r IH'purfinent l>y Commencing Nov. 18tb, until further notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Price*: All our INORAIN CARPETS from the cheapest to the Best all WOO!B at a reduction amounting to 15 per cent. BrnsaolB Carpels and Velvets enough for a room at cost prices. Bring in your measure. Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley's Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. "IP AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEBD," TRY SAPOLIO. Extensive Kcjturti t Our Com Washington, Nov. 23. — The Cuban evacuation commission has made quite extended reports to the war department concerning the siluntion In the islands, relating: largely to cumjis, the conditions «ii'l pranosed slles for United States BurrlH.ins, as well as suggestions as to supplies for the army ond other mutters of detail which must be considered before an nrmy la Bent to Cuba. Ono of the moat Important features of the Inter rt-ports Is that the evacuation of the Island by the Spaniards may taka r-luw sooner than first anticipated. The cuinmlhslon has been Informed that thirty Spanish transports are now on their way to Cuba and that they will be able to take away n large number of troops. These transports are expected to arrive in Culm within a short time. The war department Is now making arrangements lo send troops to Culm as soon us the Spaniards evacuate and will be ready to occupy different points as fuwl us the Spaniards move away. rr«vl»li>!>» for .Sljiri l/itf </'u)i«u«. Washington, Nov. 23.— The commls- »«ry department lias dispatched the •learner Drattcn from Savannah with 700 tons of provisions for the starving people of Cuba. The Hrutlun will leave a portion of the cargo ut Havana and then will sail to Matar.zas und other points, C'tthlutfi'iiut from Jmljre Duy, Washington, Nov. 23.— At tho c,abln«t nifci'tliiK u brief cablegram was read which had hei'ii sent from Paris by Judgu Day. U was substantially In accord with the newspaper reports of Monday's proceedings, although no rof- urunce was made to any excitement *t- tfu*£i«a • o«iv». TTie beet BAlvt> lu the world tor outs, bruises, sored, aloera, salt rbeam, fever sores, tetter chapped bands, ohll- btaliifl, oorna, and fill >kln eruptions. and positively cores pile*, or no pay required. H la guaranteed to give perfect sntlafftotloo, or money refunded. Price 86 cento per box. For ule 8. Marsh. Alton and Upper Alton "Tbe worst cold I ever bad In my* life was cured by Onamberlttln'e Cough Uemedy," Mtya W. 11 Norton, ot Batter Greek, Oaf. "This cold left roe with a cough and X WAI ezpector- atigg all the time. The remedy cured we, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to u»e It, tot It will do theni good." Bojd by TS, Mw*i. and 8. H. Governor Tanner Deeluren That the I>ls- lurliamre There Must Celine. Springfield, Ills., Nov. 23.—Pana Is under martial law. Governor Tanner has taken a firm stand, from which he will not receilc, and the rioting, lawlessness, and other disturbances' must cease or the entire National guard of the state of Illinois will be sent to suppress them. The people are publicly commanded to turn over to the military authorities at Pana all Ilrearmti In their possession, and unless they comply all will have to suffer the consequences. Governor Tanner has received reports from Pana, informing him of the conditions as they exist. Late In the afternoon the executive decided there was hut one way to quell the disturbances which have BO terrorized the little town and destroyed its business. At 6 o'clock in the evening the proclamation declaring the place under martial law was Issued and duly signed by Governor Tanner and James A. Hose, secretary of state. "Military," or "martial," law is what the best people of Pana have wished for fur several days. The miners, however, are opposed to it, although they have anticipated such a thing for three days. •lull Delivery at Juliet, Jollet, Ills., Nov. 23.—Five prisoners escaped from the Will county jail by sawing two iron barn from a second- story window. This jail delivery Is one of the most noted ever know here, and the recapture of the escaped men Is doubtful. The men who escaped ure John Bprocco, Michael Combs, Frank Edwards, George Welch, mid Frank Howell. Sproceo Is an Italian and was awaiting trial for murder committed In this city two months HBO, and Is supposed to be the leader. Combs was waiting trial for robbery, Kdwards, Welch, and Howell for attempted robbery. Hirer Klrnmer Sunk. New Orleans, Nov. 23.—The ulern wheel steamer John K. Sliced, on her way from Cincinnati to New Orleans, sand at Belle drove plantation, seventy-five miles above the city. The bout can be raised. Her freight above deck IB dry. The Speed was in command of Captain A. C. Hnzlrtt. Thu boat belong" to the Memphis, New Orleans and ('Ini'lnnatl Packet company. She was the largest freight boat In the line. _ "I." ICirntl IIuiKluotnr Killed, Chicago, Nov. 211."Benjamin F. Bchwlmm, n conductor on the I,uke Street JSli.-vateii railroad, was killed by being Ktnifk hy one of thu motors at the Humllii avenue station. He had flnltihcd work a/id gone to the station to turn In Ills dny'H receipt**. Krhtt'lnmi was tTWBbiK the trucks und Old not notice the approach of u motor switch- Ing a number of cars. He was dragged under the wheels and was deud before the fur tonlil U< Hl.opxrt. Twit Alurn Arii J>i>uil. ColiimbiiH, i).,Nov. S3.—A special from PufIwmonlh, O., buys two mon; victims of the powder explosion Hmxluy at Butler, u suburb, arc dead, being George A. Purvutum and hln wife. Another child, a Klrl, will die. Wi-gumm put powder In the stove thinking It wan Hue coal. Dr.Bull's Cure* 4 Cough or Cold In rlik CoiwumpUonf Thli 4* •— famouj remedy will cure By fit n. you. Doctor* recommend «7| *~r" it. Price 25 «nti. BoM by «B diuegUU, Induced the Wiittinn In tlio Cn»e, Wlicme Nnme 1* Wllhhelil, lo <ilve Up $10,000, Bl*«rll»» til Which, (he Wltneim «ny« rrofei'illitRH of tho Dlili.irnifiit Cane nt Clovi'tiinil, o. Clfvcliiiiil, Nov. K.— State Senator liurke «-iii< a witness In the disbarment proceedings ns-nlnst him. Ho Is charged will) ctiriilatlnR Ncamlnlotm stories RgaltiEt Judge Dellenbaugh. He teBll- fled that he was Introduced to Mrg. Manning by Judge Dellenhaugh In the (otter's private oflloe and that the latter there told him all about the Manning divorce case. Dellenbaugh said a defective had shadowed Miss , who had alienated tho affections of Mr. Manning, and there was a good case against her. He said he had looked It up and knew she was worth $20,000 anyway. . HP said she ought to pay at least $20,000. Continuing, Burke said that upon .the suggestion of Judge Dellen- haugh he had gone to sec Miss , and that she had stated she could not raise $20,000, but finally agreed to pay $10,000, Settlement Made. "I went hack and reported to Dellenbaugh and Mrs. Manning," said Burke, "what had taken place. Mrs. Manning did not want to take $10,000, but Dellenbaugh said we had better take It. He and I left the room together. Miss ——.satd she would make Ihe first payment, $5,000 In cash. Dellenbaugh said our fees had been one-third of that amount. He said he would take one- third of It and I should take two-thirds. The next day settlement was made in my ofTie^. On that day," continued Burke, "I drew up a release which Mrs. Manning signed. I gave It to Judge Dellcnbaugh. I told him Miss wanted a receipt and a release and a promise that If any divorce proceedings were besrun her name should not be mentioned. He told me to draw it up. I did so and gave it to him July 8. It was signed later by Mrs. Manning. After the settlement I met Judge Del- lenhaueh and gave him a check for $2,000 for Mrs. JCdlth Manning. He indorsed it on the back, 'Edith Manning, by Dellenbaugh, her attorney in fact.' " Burke here produced the check. fiuve UK: Judge $1,OOO Cash. "What else did you give Dellenbaugh?" asked Attorney Foran. "I gave him a check payable to F. B. Deilenbaugh for $1,000. He said he preferred the currency. I then went to the Dime Savings bank and drew a check for $1,000 in favor of myself and indorsed by myself. That was July 8, 1895. Here is the check." Burke pro- .Uured a check. "I then had life check cashed and took the money over and gave it to Judge DollenbauKh." Burke then went on to give the dates on which he had collected the several notes given by Miss and paid Dellenbaugh his share. "It was agreed," he said, "that the name of Miss should be kept quiet. Along about July ]fl or 36 Judge Dellenbaugh said he had a hold on the proprietor of a Sunday paper and could keep the matter quiet. I know that paper was quiet." REVOLimOSJW SALVADOR. Ilomliim* anil Nicaragua Furnluli Troopi Panama, Nov. 23.—Late advices from Salvador, via Nicaragua, Indicate that the revolt Is more serious than at first thought. It may involve all five states In a general uprising. According to advices the real object of the movement is the overthrow of the federal republic, which was organized Nov. 1 at Amapaln. To accomplish this Re- galados called In the aid of Guatemala and Costa Rica, who always viewed the union of Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras as a constant menace to their sovereignty. The rebels are now In possession of all the departments, with the exception of La Union and Snn Miguel, the latter a stronghold of Horaclo Vlllavlcenslo, who -la a candidate In opposition to Regalados. The federal government la hurriedly mobilizing Its forces to march against Hegalados. Honduras Benda 4,000, Nicaragua 400 and the federal district of Salvador 2,000. The movement Is backed by capitalists who are well- known military men. A cable censorship has been established at La Libertad. GetStroni IT A system which has become run down by the try ing weather of the |3ast summer is not in a condition to meet the severe winter of this climate and will easily fall a ()rey to disease unless a proper tonic is used. Dr.Williams'Pink Pills for Pale People are the best medicine in the world for build- in J up and strengthening an enervated system. Do not confuse these [>ills with ordinary purgative pills.They do NOT act on the bowels.thereby further weakening the body.They build up the blood and strengthen the nerves. Major A. C. Bishop, of 715 Third av«., Detroit, Mich., Is « well known civil * engineer. He says : "When I bad my last spell of sickness and came out ot the hospital 1 was a sorry sight. I could not regain my strength, and could not walk over a block for several weeks. 1 noticed some articles in the newspapers regarding Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, which convinced me that they were worth trying and I bought two boxes. 1 did not take them for my. complexion but. for strength. After using them I felt better, and know they did me worlds of good. I am pleased to recommend them to invalids who need a tonic or to build up a shattered constitution."— Ditreil Free Prtst. The great success of Or.Wi I Hams' Pink Pills for Pale People has led to many attem^ts-at imitation and substitution.Thegenu- me are always sold in packages like y this,the wrapper being printed in il ft red ink on white paper. At all druggbts ordirectfrom the Or. Williams Medicine Co^chenectad^.Y.,50 cerUs jjer box. yards at this particular yard. Among other things It was charged that employees had been paid what is known as "time and a halt" for ordinary time. There are many other allegations of like character. Injmiullon Denver, Nov. 23.— An Injunction was Issued yesterday by Judge Johnson, of the district court, restraining the International Association of Machinists and its officers, and the striking machinists formerly employed by the P. M. Davis Iron Works company, from Interfering In any manner with the nonunion men now employed in the shops, •nd from boycotting the company. KemalnB or Goueral liuell. St. Louis, Nov. 23.— The body of General Doncarlos Buell, retired, U. S. A., who died In Louisville, has reached here and Is lying In state in St. Francis Xa- vlers church, where many people took a last look at the dead officer. We Have an Elegant Line] of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. Court-Martini for a Naval Contractor. Washington, Nov. 23.—The navy department has ordered the trial by court- martial of Naval Constructor John F. Hanscom, In charge of the construction department at the League island navy yard. This Is one of tho first re- sulls, aside from the summary discharge of u number of employes, of the investigation conducted by Lieutenant Knapp, Into charges that there had been gross violation of the rules relative to the employment of labor In navv llubsou Fays Off tlio Washington, Nov. 23.— Lieutenant Hobson has just lifted a mortgage of $6,000 on the home of his father. He earned the money with his pen. He has proved as successful aa a writer as hti was as a sailor. Clilnauiun Cntied b-j a Fire. San Francisco, Nov. 23.— A three-story building" in Waverly place, occupied by Chinese, was destroyed by fire and two inmates, Wong Quay and Wong Gow, were burned to death. Chu Ouey, who occupied the basement, rushed from tho building und drawing a knife ran amuck through the crowd, cutting Police Officers Knight, Gallway and Harrison, but not Inflicting serious wounds. He was captured, and It was found that his own body bore several dangerous stabs pre- pumubly Indicted by himself. The man had been crazed by the lire and may die. West Third Street, Fire and Water-Proof IMITA1 TBB EICBiHCE OF SVIUI' OF FIGS la duo not only to tho originality aud simplicity of tho combination, but also to tho care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to tho OALIFOUNIA Fio SVHOI- Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all tbe importance ot purchuHliiff the true and original remedy. As tho geguloo Syrup ot Figs is manufactured by tho (UuroitMA Fia Svnm> Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding tho worthless IroitttloBS Hmnufaeburcd by otliar parties. The high standing of the CAM- FOIINIA Fia Hy«ui* Co. with the medical profession, and tho sntlsiuctlou which the genuine Syrup of Flge has jfivea to millions of families, make* tho name ot the Company a guaranty of tho excellence of it* remedy. It is far In advance of all other luxutlves, 08 It acts on tho kldiieya, liver and bowels without Irritating or weakening them, and it <)<x>« uot gripe nor uauHC'uU). In order togut its beneficial effect*) please remember the name of Uie Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRyP CO. •AN riuNoue*, c.i MDUVUU, By. »«W TSaUC, If. W. Two Farniont Frozen tu Death. Springfield, Mo., Nov. 23.— George and Ed Cotter, married farmers, were found frozen to death near Ash Grove. They went to Ash Grove und drank considerably. They Htarled to their farms uud were caught In the blizzard. It Is supposed tlml_they fell from their horses. COBUI Klcii'n I'rcgliltml Arrive*. New York, Nov. 23,—ltafael Ygleslas, president of Costa 1'tlra, has arrived here on board the Atlas liner Atlal, from Port Limon and KlngHton. With President Yglesias were Kicardo Yg- Icslas, his brother; Colonel I.eonzo Ko- nllu, aide-de-camp; nr. Antonio Oues- tlunl, and Oenerul John 8. f.'acemuiTt of the Costa Til run railway. The party will slop nt the Waldorf for a few days before proceeding to Washington. Bhortly after the Atlal left quarantine for her dock she was boarded by Colonel William Carter of the war department, repreHentlng; President McKlnley, lo welcome President DROOPS Gravel ^Composition '» ROOFING MA TERIALS tUauftotured br JOHN M. SELLERS, of c t. Louis, Who bu lately roofed tbe following build) ern' Tobacco Wirehoute, and Lamp's Brewery, ulldlng, Drop • poitil lo 01 call on ..outturn Hotel, New Manteii' UOUM, U Tb* oheipeit and beat roofi mr pi OB C. MACK, AOT. Corner Shields sni Rozta Streets A I to a UlKOKUEIt IN lIUNtUKIAN DIET. Vlolvut 8<:<mf» I'orco tin' I'roBlilviit tu Or- dor tliu NttMHJon ('(omul. Uudapest, Nov. 2L'.--In tliu lower house of the Hungarian diet the opposition again ruined the ciucHllori of the IK'MUI monument, erected to the memory of the Austrian gcncrul, Ilenlzl, and 418 soldli-rs who fell while defending the forlro»H ngiiHiHl the Hungarians In 184'J. The imUier was brought ',ll> tu obstruct the buulness of the chamber. The president of the chamber, Dr. von Hzliug>l, suspended the hitting. After live IneflVrtUdl attempts to r«- Kunia hliHijii-HH, illKordt'ily und violent prunes l>eln^ IDCCHHUIH, tho Ht'HHJnn was Bdaln suspended. At 10 o'clock ut night a further attempt to resume led to u similar uproar. In the meantime the police Imd dUperBi'd large crowds who gathered outside the unterhuus. At 11:30 o'clock, amid tile Jeers and shouts of thu opposition, the pivsldent declared the nesslon Mnully closed. Kven then u number of students remained In thu galleries demonstrating nolnlty with whistled. The rlngleadere Imvt been ur- Henry Watson, Contractor and Byilder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone. Curbing, DoorsiHs, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwayi oa bead. Alto J Ue«l«r la Cement, Lime, 5and and Plaster Park . 514* Trucks Running Into tbi QuarrlM. Telephone No, 31. A i Tp/^M II I * Residence 6a8 Alby it AUJUIX, !JUL*j x ^alirtL i'. ,^S »?

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