The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1927
Page 3
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Kitrall Broce ry at; !ihe State andi "V/est street, unable to ib« at the^ storfc count of ihii'health. linrts it In^ccssary to sel at groceries and ts' n^w (hem out at :oat. • j, ; —See Jac c GrKfin, Anierirwn ; U-ummer • anjl Henrjcbs as Mynheer ijiosch i 1. idmilliJ of Junior iHigh Schpol-rFebj Mrs. Jame:; Smith an I — ito Lariaxpe • this hijorni IR t«j visit their mUhei anils Rt indn^ofher. i^irs. Miry Bircli, viho i flu —Jasti Ilka Ani^l I'oodiCake. Van H^ozier's Bread, i I or 16c. It. K Clark, fiot'^ i-tri|asiiror of :hc JMlKHburl-Kansas Sljiiipi-rs Ladvimirf^ )jo:<'rd, was loi klni^ after ' tki- IntjirivHti of ni'<! • (il-Knul/.iilion li<i(! Tiii.'Hda C( nducts a c irnen of 8 ill and On ac- Laniay his stock selling r., sis an 1 Dolpha Hcrfogeu- 1 iollalid" at uary 18. soil went ill jof the - -DrJi Kr foot H|l«<'iill • l /inK, wodkcnf.-il iirphtn. < (hiirK'" ifor 17 AV (llffdrirM Ml N (l. Iiirit lie iiriimn the roinlt lioic ff)lit. WpfincsilH li . 1) Wofi ilhur fH|ll<-)l<'l- I 'lltll Hi MiKllHOI ti'phy! lif til Sfiulli Keniii II oir limy, u f<jw Ht<'(l(>l|JK lit if whi<-.h W: . ^ * RI K VHudrvIlir Shim ttLl i>ai>rp Rr:UI >i:<l<' iiriiM, hiiii- No I 'Xlra . I 'honc rila Il.ilry y Hlro'j^ days (ip , I u na)l. I > a very .Mr.ahd Afr.s. U. W. ijopening of _,7 .North EJm street left the first oi the week 'for Catarina, Tex., for visit with their daughter, Mrs. fi^ra Barber and family. —MarceUing and Shampooing. Mrs. John Keyscr, Phone 597. .AIr.s. Leopard ].,ott i f .•Jlft Soufh Ntalnut streiet. left y«-sti>rday for .\ udLson. Kan., to visit Mrs. (lar- )11. Mrs. Carroll formerly lived ia -'Iolu. ihc Na >h Kans IS I — i Herman Th^Icn, Jr.. of Motor rnmpany, went tri :Cily rtiis afteimoon to attend tlie autoniobite show. —Harper Bi°lding is a very si c- cessful .composer in the Juu or High School operetta, "Windraijlls of Holland," February IS. ^ The Mt.ssos raulinc Criwell f nd Pauline Green of Chanu e visi cd friends in lola yesterday. .\ (tendon .M. B. A. — Meeting tomorrow night, nahi:- ing after mooting. Good atlcjid- ante desired. Mrs. Anna ftogcrs has returned home from Kansas (rity where she sppnt a m<^nth with her son dnd wife, Mr. !tnd .MrJ. Leonard Rogers. ^—Sec the $4.70 Spring Hats at Kdwarda ilillinefy. ri TOLA DAJLY jlEGISTER. WEEIjksDAl| EVENWg. FEbRtJARY _. U Cox. M Eye, Ear. Nose and - II. I*. O. K. Socijj riuJi Val.m- iic diiiicc Thursday, Kebriiary 17. Ii)aiii'>: ai nliK-. .Mr. iiiiid .Mi 'H. Kri-di'i irk (i. A'pl lint .MI.NS-Kli/.ali'Ih A'pl IC I IIIIKM I cMliTilliy to Topi>kii, Kalis. You'll cnjiiv tlii< woiiiPii tijioi' horns'in "Wlnilmlllv <if llnllaiiil" I Junior Mlgli Kfliniary l.S. ly Kvt!liing. liail iH-ar! Foster's Starts at lincing' 9:31 O. Hi , Irp fill|liR St a: husinfcss t (,'rday.j • —To Wy pii')ilion! for and otliohs IDorsett ofjthe i)ion in K;i isityr • «r • • • riciuls wli(^ Finan(Je C< llegrcl to 1 |cannot| rijn oij micron bilBlnes8.| yuanking: • •^•ours ,^ ycr Mrs.: Iiogan Jlcy^nold Frances .M Flyer ve: ile 'sas City to there th !y in his!aji)p Theatre. Feb.. It; grocery :in.- , Cities Servit lola. was in .-^iUlrcd yes- The ic'.'v. W. K. Mllb-r of Win- ijii'ld-ls preaching at llie Fri'e .Metli- idisi chnri-h on \"(irll| Tblnlislreot liliis wcfk. The ni>'etin»;s begin al •r'.o o'clock. Kv.-ry <me is invited' !l|c) attend these meetings. —Try It once—yon will have -no i lather. Van Hoozer'8 Bread. , K. H. Crook of llie .Vi-oslin Valley j n<'ishborii«od, was at th|' Cftiilily Clerk's office in the C <Mirt House his morning on Imsinehs. . Mr. (!"rciok is dork of lola township. signed my jmmissionor advise tliat of other ioii. 1 am. rcspectfilly. 11.. W. nl'on left < II; and Miss n llio Oil •day aftjerno )n for Kaii- speud the [will iseb Hfjrry I.auder •arant' 's Hard T«» H M I CTC . _ j many ;|ieoi^le wlm n thiir ^lill )K' seii- lealied. pridf thcniHolVcs < ppfwonal i-reaiiliiii wear doling a wli son Iwiihout' being ;.\h|pson (.'li-aiiiTs Plionci mr. c. c; ma nag -I in fllsljrirt liaiiy, iola y (if liis I'iu 1„ ;cil of .fioplil iV tlic \Vi<lll of till' pelci ivliK u business 'siei|(tav. lie w e. Mr. It. F family while herej - Frank girl iii;l'\V Benson I is I indnrill:i of Junicr. High School Fel^ruary IS, • i At(i-n1lo« < —This is an ;apbeal (if .\lcCiiok Post x6 att mcelinRs. These niee expression of onr zeal and all it stands for. Aniiy has always tiiih against allifo ment. otthor- intcdnal or external. Through the aoprtcia ive generos- ily of tljis cpmnjiinilty ' re have been given uj^beiaitifnljhon e wherd we ttuumeet in cdmfprt, and now let •-^v by .'ijpr zeal jsbow t lem that the flame ^f palriotiim hat inspired us to offer our li'i-es u itet'eiisc of the Union .'stillj burns Como out. Boys, and let Us Tallj around tlie l-'lagr i U i , • (j. C.lltLT().\. t'osti Comniamler. •s. di leck. AVhile —"Don't" fail to SCO the ^ new SweH Sixteen" Garment-s at Hat- jie Wells Corset Shop, for srawing girls and juniors. 1! S. Wash. , .Albert Davis left this morning Ipr Kansas City to attend tlie aulo- liobile show. -Treat your Piano an .i musical i'nstrunioni. j Have it tuned .every 6 moijths. Gall T. O. Canatspy. , Pattie. Hie small diiilghter of Mr. Ihe ShulKTt jjjnil Mr.s. C. i". IJelvie, ;»20 .\orlh MJV 'ashinston iivenue. is.ill,-,of the measles. ; Mr. and .Mrs. l-:d Liggett are in liiirliiigion. KaiiK.. Kvlay visiting I Ijif.'ir son, Karl Lig^ett and fdni- ily. \ I • .Money to loan on n^-il c.stilc,' easy lernis. no commissibns. ,''"he tola Building Jt Loan Assoeial on. ()rganlzod dn 1SS3. .Vew local Ion .Southwest Corner of Square. G E. Pees, Sec'y. .Mrs. KoH Johnson, of Welda. >iho liiiw been visiiing her brother lii- liiw. Will Joliiis'in of near Geii'vii. al S<. .biliiiM rh'ispltal, . rctitrjed lliilne Ihi.i atlcriioiiii, Ili'itNlnidon >«liee. J''nr I lie purpose of regfstra ion li.e offire of llie CMy Cl«;rk of the City of tola. Kahsart. will be upen from X o'chick a. ni. till 1" o'ctock p. m. beginning Febrimry 1$. D'S and closing February 2:t. lfC'7. All tifos'.' wlio did not vole at the ( en- eral Kleition held last' .N'ovemtier, or who have changed their ilesi- (lonce since, must re.glster to entitle them Id vote at the con iir.; Primary to !)•:; held .March Sih. and the Citv Klection to be held on April 3. VJ21. U. L. McNIICL, City CkrL That spring has A man was seen ot day wearing a str iw hat. No. it wasn't an ad for t|ie.dealers. D.. BpacUUat. Tbroat. Everett Reade a id family spent .Monday evening i t the home of -Mr. and .Mrs. Ed Liggett and lis- • r the 69th — , , University over the radij. —Dr. Montgomerjr, Chiropractor, tola Laundry ^Bidg. Pbuna IM. Mrs. A. .\. Millei went to Humboldt on the .noon train to spend a few days, witi her daughter, jllra. E. A. Brauchor ant family. Members oi I'. C. T. . —Council Xo. 454 and Traveling I Salesmen don't fo >-i «»t to call J. o. .Majors. Phone 127^. rr surely "came' the streets lo- RAIL STOCK IS UP ON WET 6.1927. nors! mo nonnc ro4d tiv shAre in to (tri lis H. K. Mr;-. C. X Tonkin (if Colony a business ' visitor in lola mornihg. Ml i --Lr'lia Grace Sw;irisoii as Vrow llertogejibosch in '•Wiuilmills of Ijolliind" makes a very iiltractive niolliT. At Junior III K I I School ^'ebni.u-y IS. ; .Mrs. t.'eorne Wea.^l .iliil .Mrs. Will yoiintj of Moran ; speni yesterday >viili Min. Harlan Taylor. T^i) .N'oitii toil wood sireel. F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. Special attention given DI B eases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and i Physiotherapy. Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phonesr-H7 and 705. IV a J Ihis^ Mr. and ^Irs. L. .Vorthrup knd Mrs. D. P. Northrup arrived li ime on the afternoon train from a days pleasure Texas. trip to Galveston. —Dr. A. B. Twadell, OBteopjath. Nevr Globe Bldgi Phone 191. • Mr. and .Mrs. Seward Bi-xby and .Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tholen. Jr.. went lo Kansas City thjs afteriijoon •o attend the .Motor Show. .Mrs; .Mary F. Ross and Mrs. . Fiiiley went to PIttsliiirgi Kans. Wlav for a visit with friends. i , .Mo., sales a and Jop- -hlRhl com- vlslior . In I lie giiesi (;ri;;gs a'ld lokiii;: fiir a Holland " al HESS, S. C. Mr.i. J. G. I .Mitchell, who has b>!en visiting her l >rother8. Homer and Clem Epperson and their families, returned; to hur home in Frc- dnniu today. .. snjiall gairiH tlrs ^as (jffsi^ futther I ow at thii lo)v 19*"' Li H of AltiB Ellis, of tbc Ellis Motor Agency, and Paul p.'eyman. sales manager for -Vlr. EjflH, are both In Kansas City uttehdiug the automobile liitow. I .Mr. S. T. Uyfcer, proprietor of the popcorn iitund lieur the Itamsay store, who liuH betin ill of flu for -evcral duys .^M reiioried better today and may soon be able to return to his work. F. .S". Swearingei iiiid .M. L. Mc Cliiy of the L.:S. B istard sales and Mervl(;<? force Of tlu Frigldalre. left ^ yesterday for iJoplin, Mo., to attend t^--> a Frigldalre slervlcfe st-hool. Ill Of light lutl erii. Canadian Pacific. .N' ilvw I, Redaiiig second j preferr imlf 'ittsbiirgh and W<(st Virgin w4s . lid up :i or more poiiils.- caiv ikan<«u >i (fly LitHtnc-k. Ka l.sii.i City. Feb. lOJ II'. .S. |)ij >p. Akrif'uliurei Calile li.i'.oii: si Russell Boy with the Ellis lola. made a |er. who is connected .Motor Car service In businless trip to Sav- thc dirt roads and in place: able. oubnrc yesterflay. Mr. Boyer says are Sn fearful shape are I almost inipass- f.ittle r ?ick Weait or .'.•I'i .S'oiKh Walnut street Is c«infincd at, home this week on account of an attack of chickenpoxi Dlcjk is the grandson of Sheriff H. b. Smock. I —I i ^ . .Mr. F. 0. Benson, president ot the Chamber :of Coinmcr( c. presid- eii at the noonday [luncheon today for tlie first rime in several weeks •lining which time he' has hccn confined to the house! with an attack I of the flu. The men were glad to I see him back-agaiii. - ten Mr. C. S. Ritter St. John's hospital) ^surgical treatment, yesterday, having A. to- who went into January 21 f'Jr | was in his office ' made a <iuick satisfactory recovery. • I -] ' ; S(^nding a check for renewal of i siilMariplion a .MJ>ran subscriber writes: "Please [send your good pancr another year. I have read it for so niaiiy years that 1 have formed i\ habit t don't want to break as long as no ot'.ier habit the (Highly apiiroyt^s i habit 'and it is glad to know that It has beionje i('hro|nli; with about t.Oiil) families. 'oniipidrs. to members ^nd all Post ings are an [for the Flag The Grand stolid at atten- our gbvorn- Mk-s. AVilliaih KJiapi makiingi her home wit ter in G: riyle To*nsh fore, finis it ,iniionv< tend meltings In l-«la. as a mciiber of the b( .ird <if direct J--:.. 111....,,... thuu tors' (it. liie pl;i( Iwen rillt'd by .Mrs. O, L- Ga.-i the Cjatrijegie madd :th!e ai lin^hoi library and vacant has pointmcnt of so. Whaf a Ppclinjr faction Theri: is always, adiracdive. They •conomical keep their appear^ce jlong after See the n THE ndw colors. YUu will lik? who is now |i her daugh- p and there- 'hient to at- has resigned of Satis- in Wcar- Oi^r Kin>{.s- comfort- land which be) rej-j iw ones in . live." There is Register so thor- if as the Register for the Star poes Warner It Will For You! ; W^rner^s Star d Stock Model It has been rumored that the Siarj Sedan in ^yhich — .... , , . , , ,r»rv-i - i .,J "Dare Devil;" Warner is ihaking his pO-hour endu drive is equipped with a "Supered" nhotor. This is not time. rance s model IS a Star The Star which Wiirner is di-iviiiff is a stock in every respect with the exception )f th6 bumpeifs and heater. The motor."and every other m3ch ^nical parv, itock model--exactly like that found I in every •Four" Sedan. ^ ' . At the completion ofi the run ful details will be pub- iii^hed regardinp the condition of th j motor, numoer of. miles driy.en, amount of gasolin^ an(! oil consumed, etc. Any ipersoii or cjealer is invited t o ride with Wa rner, to follow: him during: the drive, and to inspect the car at the end of the drive. , ^ ' ' Lowcdst Transportt ition Built tni Ouxmt^ MotorJ B. T. BARJBER pjione 515 211 West Street he :er Rumorsj Brin^ Advance in Shares On Street Today. I : I ; .S'ew York, Feb. 16. ;(.\Pl—Riii- Irs of fur her inip'orjant an- emenls concerning jii«w rail- t-ombina ions rcvi|:ed .-fpe'cula- uthusia m for t)»e \ railroad i which led anotliet udvauile llay's stick market. Induj*- shook I iff their i-a'ly h«a\|i- ness and nio\ ed forwald with' the rails. I allhough a few jsifl spoils cr<^PI^d out 1 o 'Thi' weekl> ... ported the fS^th cous(!]CUtive weik in operuttons. bpt .stock pigs steadjf $11 /S^lslsb; top J11.T5 m 140 10 150 lbs.; bulk 170 to 230 bs.: Jll aOiRll 65; light lights up IB $11.7 i: des ruble l24U lbs. np $11. 50CM1.- 5: pat king sows |io.o (i ®io .7 ;. i Shfep 2. 00; ki ling c asse.s ; 10c to l^c higier; top lambs $1;5.'J5; fed lots mostly $li.S5@13|2o; i top ewes; f S.S5. Clilrngo IlTestofk. Ciiicago, Feb. It. CU- S, Agriculturfe)'Hogi i:t.OUO low: topj$12.15 p ire and thtre. istcel tride reviews to sonij? ••xtent by [ig in. pi'iiies, which lavtil reach ,'oi sideralile mystery^ siirroiindj?d iurlhcr acciiniuliition.'of Wn- ^..•t ,;..K „-iti, ' vttiiiiti,.' r'Mx-^%Lt which, with Atlaiitic Coyjst liiion Pacific. Kansas City IV .'d a. on I .iMiU: elioiee liCaly slei rs o 2r.c lilgli.T: fiulier fji-d sljerlt mostly steady; niedlnm ki|id |iy|sl(iw: S I M- siock (ini:: luills. vealers jileady to and cal\es 1 I. weigh «jll-SO?«l:^ laughter nlost 210 ( I kid foy 150 to; 160 . ulk weijhtier h(^gs $il.«t, 11.70; <nosl pa( king sows JlO.fiO i?flO.S5: heavies % heavy w njedium tll.60(fi IE (f/12.1.^:' jlight lidht $n.r .il <fil2 ;i5; pjiking feows $ 0.40(7fli.ii0; the siaMKhterj pigs $1 .25f/ 12 .111). Cattle il,000; n ost killing cUfss- es steadji; seveial loaiis heiivj^ fitniy fed bulloc ts $12.:]": in -be- iween griides hea -y steers $Hi.3ufi 1^.75: miist yearliics SlO .oo doivn- $T.25'? prosfects |li.Oi»f> li.mi And; stickers aid feed( rs nioj;tly o|r lieht jrealers lo paetors. \ Sheep ^fi.OOO: i pening {fairly jac- c. fat lUmbs sti iKber; early hii packeil!^ $12.S.'',' avy laiiilis $12 iw.mifi she elves J7.S9 ''(iS .r.l»: abed'wel'llers; fil s: bulk 110 to 10: '< itrong- pigs upward to iio 240 111. butch •ight hcbs $ll.^^(?illpi Dept. of market LIER TO START AC <iOSSi ATLA J ^TIC: iRome, FJ-'b. 16. |(.\P)—Command- France CO de ; Pinedo, of j Italy, dtw enga; cd in ja four cont\iient flight, expected to start' acros^ trie :lantic.o( ean at;S o'clock tdnigljt. Vom Boloma. Portuguese Guinea, 20O libs, weishl $ 12.00; rs $l!l.K5| .1 hopes tjo reach I'ort .\atal[ Br "- "•"'hours.! The distance is i —If the -vd to suit ugly shipe riot make a peachj— lise does riot stay on lon| enojugjh' '.ler called 10.50 and beltiw .90; right $11.70 I M face powder u—does not kpep that away indefinitely—dries |your skin colcjrful jliko ry this new . wonderful Special Fr 'nch Process KJtce .Ifow- MELLO-GLO. •ou ri <)w Reirieni- 'ier the haine MELLO-GL(). There's like iti. Cook's Djjug. Store. ng to around jir;< rong a hie kind $12.2.';. urlchimKed: siockers an(l feedijr?: choice LSrift p^iund^ beeves al 1; other heavies at $11 2.' "V/ ; bulk fed steers $siliii'!i I 'l..- li; I weicht Ijeifers $9,511. j jHocs n.OUO: j mostly ;l (lc hiKli<|r: 81^.01!^ Up more on J ight weiKh^s; Lilti J<| lil Mr. (it l'l"i S I liccn 111. \ .—For Classifiel Company of Interna SPECIAL SYMPH(^J<Y i FEBRUkir llk.wooierl larulis T( l:!.:!.''»: Ifew biads ;sr .«il:i.'iri; culls p strbitg: the: fat $!i 111! bid on j tei' ilInK Iambs Ian $12 .r .ii'i l:i .00 for de«lra imeiliun finishers aiouiii< prompt I Columhs •all. two yenr-olil ijaimiilei Ind .Mrs ' Clifford Murphy nth Till d r-lri el. wbni lia is repoited better t(jday rtsults use ' thi ional Entertainers nSTM MEMORIAL THEATER iln(]^pen(lenc£, Kansa Neat Sale W«idnesdiivl Februarjl ICtfi. I IwharFs^ Trices: 1*1.10; *M!.->, ViS.2ti, ^••i.7.-.|. Indndiig iux. \ .MAIL «>;i{I»KKS ><I1>. Drug (o. DRYCOODS'-WOM EN'S WEAR-MILLINERY >ur(lini|i «ldc« formerly «<•<•« pled! by lOLA'S POPULAR tyERFAShj PRIIN^TED ZEPHYRS Janirs 1 STORE Ii-liardson 'jildren S|.'lls rcjr per yard ilarly al '50c 1. Spcrially priced r ir this week 39c Your m wiejf' back if thev fade 4)elightf fng foi jlly refresfh- |.spring wear Jovely print.^ I 'ou will want tiie.sp practical fabrics fof ;i great varie- )ver.s. c|raper- tive purpq.scs :olor.. I l)U will ^^jlIll iijc-^i- |ii<tvi.i<.ai xc>.>i>v.i ijy of—fur your rlrPf^sc.>< and ji'prons, dren'.s frock.s and rontpi'i's—for cij.shion c if.s. table -scarf.s, and a in the home. Guaranteed ab.soluttjly fast New Sprmg Millinery JJis.s .JIcKibben ha.s returned fron[i the Milliiiery JIarkeLs jwhere .she purchased complete liite of the newe Imodes kt Millihery Prices Come • let her show range 'inand ybii. froim' $2FS11.50 OUR ItOWERl PRICES WILL sJiVE Y 6 U MONEy. -j-strikii gly novel in pattern, re.splendeint in their many glowing (jolor.s, fine yet arnaz- ingly sturdy in weave. disc mum Rii .Ka crati bppor ularl Sale Will| End Tn celebratirg th Birthday hat hjt.s bee n .calrehilly T*,.:i:«L. .1 c»-..,' . Utility and I Store is a Saturday, jFebruarj b 24th Saving.s aijd lo [lirdve :again th [i im Dortaht part bfjthe grcateslico-op jbirthdjav selcctct we offer mjeVchaii- to give yo li j Max at ybi 19 o .sy.stem <f retail Drug Storepi. This i.s ii reji, tunity to .stcure values on- items u.qd regf in yoiur hone, i . i ; You Save With Saf4>^ at Your Kexkll Drug Store ^ : T 6 H.ET Gooiisi 25c ?| T J Icuni for _ 25c .IfmteeljSoap for I j. \ ---- 50c .JJontecl, Face Powder fojr \--^~-- — 50c Harmony Co-oa.Butler Cold Crcfim — ;25c Glycerine an! Rose Water }_-!— — 75c rlilac Vejjetil - I L_^--J_.L-- .Sl.OO! Toilet Wat jr. Arbutus. Georgia Rose, Lilaf: .'J5c ([ream ;of Alniondsifor L_ ! S1.0(^ Georgia l^osc Body Powder. 50c Whisk iBrqoins. each _—J-^ aflc JonteeFiCoid Cream Face Powder- ----i REXALL REMEpiJES .50c Rexall j.Orde-lies for _-- .50c I^exall Healt i Salts for -L _-.-jl 7.5c -llineral Oi! 'or ^i. i —!_ .50c d'herrv Bark Cough Syrup __i$1.0(i Rexall Pe| tonal Sprin* Tonic I- I ' j (3 for $2.25] 7.5c Puretcst Rubbing Alcolfol for 50c Rexaliana (; new one) Cough Siyrup 2.5c RekalliTootl Pajjte for __-_-i-L.. 25c Puretest Castor Oil for i-L.- SPECrAI >4-50c Bay Rum, iiOc Gille te Blades, .-li>c ^r-5{)c J -7^c L__23c L-_79c I _:»«: L_.39c j ; .U_-'|9c; i_-79c ; j I • L-_4iJc J__JJ9c L --19C i9c FI!f .'Bsf .4l 50c Hallcrafl Pound Paperj 7 TIOl^ERY ^.;i9c ^4 — . , 2 .sheets, .50c Hall^Haft Envelopes, both for Li..-— 7.5c SyinpHony Stat onery for _J_J. pj.. Major Statiofiery f )Ojr ...\'-... - —-U' FOR THE HAIR Rexall 93 Hair iTonic ' ' 50c 50c 50c 35c 1 Shampoo, for _l jHair.Fix for. _-L — JPockei Combs for : i l >EtrAI .4-50c ^Jai- teum, SOc Gille te Blades, i«?e J Shaving Cnaih and Neiv GilWttfe Razor, afl for 98c I i^UN 'DRlis AND H '0 USEH 6 L D NEErSI ,; 10c Wash Cloth's, foiirifor — — ' 2.5c Toblh ^Brushes for . i -l .3.5c Bobbie Combs ft|>r -.-^-----L 25c Men's Pocket (!ombs for S.1.0^ Electric Curlinbr Ironsl for _ Sl'.35 Pint Thermos Bottles for $1..56 Desk Sets for 4 -1---^$1.0<) Chamois Skinsi for $1.7 i Hot iWater Bottles for _-J 25c Rc.valt Cold Tablets for __.-L--_^ 75c Rubbing Alcohol. Rexa 1 S2.0) Hot Water Bottle foii _ — ; (Guafanteet for 2 yijar.s.) CANDY SPECI|AI^ 50c Wrapped Carairtel.ii for -i-J fi5c (Chocolate Covered Chtrrics >: SI.2-7 Liggelt'.s Chociolates for __L-L--Sl .of^ Liggietl's Ch,ocblates for _. L — 10c Chocolate Bars. 2 for 1- . 5c Siigar SVaf er, Sf ojr „ j Li;79c ._4^c .J 79 C r_39c ._.39c —39c _J23c

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