Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 16, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1963
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING DAVID CRANE By Creig Flessel ISUPPOSt WWE/M. K3OOO. ; ElinNAND«ar SHOULD BE «ER£/Wy MINUTE. I BONDER. IFMR.OWNE COULD HELP ME. I /IM TOO, JINNY. LOVED GOING P1/C6S WTH KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola .'lWNS DMS*SIHS AND JOHNHycCU/SRE ABOUT TO CONSULT AN INFORMER... MEET HIP FOO LEE, JOHNNY/ THE CUSTOMS BfffS WATCH SHIPMENTS RETURNING TO ME, BUT NOT THOSE SOWS OUT.' AND 1HW5 WHERE YOU SET INTO THE ACT, KID... LITER- AUV/ YES, 1 SHIP EXPFNSIVfi TECHNICAL BOOKS TO HON0 kONS TO BE REPKODUCEP CHEAPLY.. FOR SALE HERE AT CUT- RATES, TOY PAN/ HE WIU PENX fT WITH PEEP FEELING.. BUT HE KEEPS HIS FELLOW ORIENTALS IN POVERTY BY PEPPIINS LOTTERY SLIPS/ MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16^1963 By John Patten M I'M SURE RUNMIN'OUTOP IDEAS ABOUT HOW TO MAKE THEM KIDS STOPHATIM'MB, What Is the Eye Made Of? FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry THE PRIDE OF EACH CONTRADA- EACH SECTION...RIDES ON THAT RACE! WE CONTEST IT WITH OUR LIVES! ITOU SEE. SIONORINA DALE! CITY OF SIENA IS MADE UP OF SEVEN TEEN SECTIONS, EACH A MILITARY CITY WITHIN ITSELR WE WERE ONCE A PROUD REPUBLIC! BUT NO MORE..! INSTEAD OF WAR. WE NOW PLAY GAMES! LIKE THE GREAT PALIO TOMORROW... JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbing THISONE TAKES VI TOU'RE AOJT1E, THE BAIT«,FAST-'\| I'M LOOKING- FORWARJ7 ALMOST TQQ ] TO A IONS WORKIN& RELATIONSHIP.' WONPBOUL, B=KAM-'THAT WIU MAKE A FINE WHEN ONE HA5CDME A500SET01HE BRINK A9I» ONE KEAUZES HOW SHORT LETfe NOT MAKE BUSINESS PEAK KKSTTi *— ITHOUSHTWEMISHT SETSTARTEPONYDUR EYE-WITNESS A003UNT ON THE TRASIC EVENTS THAT LH7 UP TO YOUR THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith •Ox Say Matte. Atan&nte he CWPKBUE. OP W\TTtt«Aa SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney THATMUSTBE? DfFRCULT LANGUAGE. 'HE MUST BE\OH,l DONT A SMART MAN j KNOW- TO SPEAK FT. , T/H^'sPEUED'^ 1 ^^" WITH TWO PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates WESDENT/STTS HAVE REALLY BEEN BUS^ SUSARl WE HAVE MORE THAN IOO PIECES OF SPACE DEBRIS (N ORBIT! WHAT DOVOU THINK OP THAT DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney you said ft! * ...but why? TO 6IVg THE AIR' To fire someone; to give him f/ie royo/ heove-ho; to brook on engagement or on/ ofher form of dismissal. This phrase goes back a number of yean to O/cfe England, and at first meant literally to puf someone ot/f of door*. Win The 15 - Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your Questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Linda Blazak, 14, Beaver Falls, Pa. The human eye is like a camera. It has an adjustable opening to let in light (the pupil); a lens which focuses the light waves to form an image; and a sensitive film (the retina) on which the image is recorded. Inside each human eye are about 130,000,000 light - sensitive cells. When light falls on one of these cells, it causes a quick chemical change within the cell. This change starts an impulse in a message that travels through the optic nerve to the "seeing" part of the brain. The brain has learned to know what this message means so we know what we are seeing. The eye Is shaped like a ball, with a slight bulge at the front. At the center of this bulge is a hole called the "pupil". It looks black because it opens into the dark inside of the eye. Light passes through the pupil to the "lens". The lens focuses the light, forming a picture at the back of the eyeball. Here, instead of fllm as in a camera, is a screen of light- sensitive cells, called the "retina". Around the pupil is the "iris". It is a doughnut-shaped ring colored blue or green or brown. The iris can change in size like the diaphragm of a camera. In bright light, tiny muscles expand the iris, so that the opening of the pupil is smaller and less light passes into the eyeball. In dim light, the pupil is opened wider and more light is let in. The entire eyeball is surrounded by a strong membrance called the "sclera". The whites of the eyes are part of the sclera. The sclera is transparent where the eyeball bulges in front. This part s called the "cornea". The space Between the cornea and the iris is filled with a clear, salty liquid called the 'aqueous humor". The space is shaped like a lens. It is, in fact, a liquid lens. The eye's other lens is just behind the pupil. You can see what happens when this lens changes shape. When you look at near things, the lens becomes thicker in shape. When you look at distant objects, the lens becomes thinner. Of course there is much more to the eye and to the process of seeing than we have discussed here, but this is a quick, general idea of this remarkable organ. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. Why is a lollipop like a horse? 2. What is bought by the yard and worn by the foot? 3. What is the difference between a bad boy and a postage stamp? Answers 1. The more you lick it the faster it goes. 2. A carpet. 3. One you lick with a stick, the other you stick with a lick. TUB TRICK BOX Make the outline of a. house with ten toothpicks as shown in the first picture. The house faces to the left. Now challenge your friend to make the house face to the right by moving only two toothpicks. How to do it is shown in the second picture. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, 'Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Carol Burrus, Sapulpa, Okla. MANILA — Exports of scrap iron are to be curtailed by the Philippine government. Don't miss the new Church and Religion Section in the Telegraph .... Appears every Saturday! RIVETS By George Sixta TRUDY "Now, don't forget, Ted—on your way to work, drop that off at the cleaners." Okf£>M* True Life Adventures L.OW CALORIE DIET RJSACH THE FOWAO WITH HIS -T MB WSHSS AfiT NO* HS HA© A MAHKEKJHO CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer 25 39 33 47 v/r HORIZONTAL 1. skill 4. eagle'e neat 9. South American wood sorrel 12. going over again M. common value 15. worships 16. orchestral musician* 18. the turmeric 19. strong craving 20. harem rooms 22. automobile 23, float of logs 26. king (L.) 28. heavy weight 27. the outcome 28. symbol for actinium 29. caustic 91. note in the seal* 92. Italian playing card . SI. mountain on Crete 85. entire amount 87. Roman bronze 88. playthings 89. vacation homes 41. Malay gibbon 42. change* 48. written Inverse 46. pedal digit 47. small particle of soap 49. conclude 60. excess of solar year 01. bishopric VERTICAL 1. macaw 2. primary color & site of the lungs 4.onth« oeesjt«rrog*» tivetx- clanwtloqf 0.U.8. state (abbr.) T.deduo* 8. shield 9. musical drama* 10. meticulously 18. war god 17.foremo«l W.fop» 3l.oiymplo jnun«» 38. toddler IO,p»W notioM M.«nniy Answer to Saturday's puzzle. : W. large mrttriw .OrtmUl OMU0 41,attlo leave <r.« .»Fr dmt'i school AVWH t Maw vf ivlulloni M wtnntM* <e 19W. Xtaf 7*»tur«s Synd,, too.) OBVPTOQUIPS alptwlwl .Latv rtvw OPHPBOJB Oil* PO i»DPCJHO BOARD

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