The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1927
Page 2
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REGISTER. WEDKUJSDAY EVEIMGI FEBRUARY jtS: 192^. so fai- Jipart hing true— lliifaiy beurt woiild nut ! 1 -^Ull tell you] aome| {ilobody Btaods as high \ Aa yclu. i • ^hen K e were near' • I. ."iray- A tJili g like IhlB. , Ifi be arriiia you'd answer It, W IU J i^kl .Ht. I Kta afk-atU of Ufe.aii4 >ovo I And. too. II «|» airaid, ufli. HO i4frBld Of ytii }fnt whi Uh. HO H li'iic' II way, « you m ! ^•hat I wonX any ^brn you're ..1 I near. •, \ • . > Nobody Htauds an higli i A» you. my deiir. -^Mary 'Carolyn pavics . ' York Suii. Ilinner for MethodlKt i° ivir - T&e It^dies .or the F;ifi t MeJUiodLst EplBcopai churclij wer; bo |<tes8e .s last night at dinner in Comt ^li. Dient to 'the meniljers < r the choir and the music ccjmmltee of the church, their w'lvi>s, hijsbandB and sweethearts intlttjled. (The color Hcheme wa ,'j W 'hite. Th»' long jable^ rated w't'i yellow streamers, yellow " ItBrpleces of yello*- bal ; ferns. ' Dr. O. L; Garlinghouse was tbastmaiiter, giviiig a number- of htraiorous .stprie.s. Thq flrstj toast was by Mr. L. H. Ject being J'Our SWee|L ,He said that iu ifder unbiased opinion | of 1 cnji Hafe- n my heart I - in tlic' New hdell-s Gnlld MeetN ivilss Enola Green and.Miss Loraine Gr^en were hoateaaes last jiiglit to .the nembera of Fidells lUild of the, First Presbyterian hurch In their home, E08 \South troet. .j,; I , , . . .Viiis Dapknje StodgtiUl. president, vast in cltarge of lb«' devotional. lerio;]. iMfnK Viola palgarno gave b« letiMa on ''Korea." A vocial IfDo I (otlaWMl and J refreabmenis ^«re: nerved.. ^ - . Mr, J. B. Plgls, proprletoi: o{,tli«' ifundWlcli. ;ln'n. iZ Bant' llackaoii vcniie, wia hoal laat night at a ah<-« in tt« ii. W. A. ball to the aKkctball t «am. made upj of Jiia tnployeea. Sixty couples lenlnyed : le dance.. . The^ |)eriiosnel of ,tjje team Is: .'\|[es«r^. Maiurlce Hargravc, Ho ^er I>uffee, Qjeii Syauses, William yellow dnd . were deco]and 1 white c4ndl |e8 arid cen- nduliui and iVisba|rd, bis sub- L Singers.", to give an knusid one should kiiow nothing about music; He Otbbrwise hi" wpujd be said-he kne-.y npahing mu^ic but uniioun'e.d t was chaii'mau of tlio Jli I mlttee of the cliurjch fu days.. However, be pji-o at ojlce ifv [isicatcom- the t'arMer ed him.self a master iu tlie aril of tjompllmeut- .Mr.s. lit' c |K. W; Hag- loir ; spokf, ihn steady tiuul I She is ilri' har- of tiiB .ser- lioiri imem- . i Ing the fine choir. ; ilund, dtryctiir of — {lauding tile siugeri) and growth of the orkaniz trys to use mii^jc; that miony with the thoughtii 1 jmxns. She praised the jbers for their faitbfuidess to the Cb.urcb 'aiid their ; co-o]Jeral(ibn iu i .lbe work. The Uev. .1'. I i voiced hii] apprei:iatjun < "and Hie spirit of t^f i and played an pai;t>of- worship. ."Music," )u\ .sjiid. apmething thut is reach the heart 4t folks. in t tells the attliiule. iippre iatl Ml, Iu Bplrallon |iud e il lirih." L. ikoeulg, l .iTbe orjjunlMt, Mr.i. R. was not IforKoiiiiiiIn t abproclation by ili- spi ; 'Mr. E. j). Land^rhalri imuilc coiiunltttM', niuitf u| »rid xalled the ladies w ed and .Hervcd tliiildlnin banque^ rooiii to rledelvt ibataka from 'the (j ;uf8t,s ill. Wlshard re.'ipoiided w the c Roll cal •was "Contemporary prejudiced. about Col ilsmitli f th (I cljoir lusii sung he )hu?c"h ••eXUr>'.!<.HeS ie MOIll to aiu .'iic 10 Wjiy of :ikel.H. riliun-jiyr the sliart talk lio pBf'iiar- • Il to the a-vbte of Mks. L. litir b; talk, lioirjit thK Hilglund, own. -Miss Be is A^urtin; .Mii * Koberta Brizce, Mrs. Tlie members of "dinner were': .Mrs. director: Mrs. Marliii B ICldra Brovvu. .Misls JMrs. Floyd l^lHott [Waren.r,-. .Mrs. JolUi, iTroivbrldge, Mis.s .Margutrlte 'Huff, JMlBis Margaret RoUerts, Mi.ssiFlor-' ence Fuhk. Mrs. pene: I illbe; Mrs.- Waiter Slaudliu, MrsL Ly e Warner, Miss Hakfel Close, iMr. El 'T..and, Mr. H^haisi. Funk. Mr. cjlas.' J^unk. Jr., Mrj R. L. KoenlgJ Mr Ora| Duncan, Mri C. C. Thohias Mr. Carl Sarten, iMr. G. W'. Fen more, Mr.; Harry Bishop, Walier :rick and Gordon i-Coldsm.ith.i Tie .music committee menilrersi wei e: jilr. E. D. Land. Mr. F. G. h; wyer and Mr. Ira: jB. Kelley. The guests present \ ere: Mrs. E. D. Lahd and son. iE. 1 ., jr., Mrs. F. G. Lawyer, Mr«. lira D. kelley, Mr. and I-Mrs; W. f H; Hont. .Alr.s. Cbas. Fiink. Mrs. X )rii D mean, Mr. Dene Biilbe, Mr. Walte • .Maudlin, Mr. LyleAvariier.' Mr. K W. Hagi lurid, Mrl Martin BrOwn, Mr. Floyd j3111ott. Mr. .lohn Braze-, .Mrs. C. C. Thoirias, Mrs. (;. W. Fenlmorc. Mrs. Harry Bishop, .Miss LiiciMe Hagltindl Miss Biilal Re mert. Dr. aud Mrsi. 0. L. itiarling loiisi^. Mr. L. H.W'jshard. tl4e i^ev. and Mrs. C. I. Goldsmith aaidj.Mr. and .Mrs. J. V. Roberts. : • i •> •> <• ' j, W«iuab *)t IV'nje Mlsslonarj- SfK -Iety The regular meeting c t the Svo- m^n's Hpnie Missibnury'society of the VW^t .Methodi>jt Epitico 'pal jchurch was held ycMer lay after- •jnoon in the clioir ifoon otj the thuri'.h, with Iht-' ylce president', - Mrs. H. n. Ridgcw'ay In chai'ge. , The hymn. "Stand ll'p or jetiun'' opeiieil the tneellii(; iiiil klrs. K.' G; ! Ltiwyer led the dKvbtloirilji. .Mrs: John Bnizi-e aiul M I^H . R' ». War-" ncr cang a du<>ti "A^!i4llnl•d of .JeiiUM." .MrM. ('hits. JKIe.i uman uc- connmiiylnt. Mrs; W'. Ili Andersuu revl.w <(l tlie firtlCilliUple from the text bonk/|i«i-^Hitl>J<'fl b lux' "The Nation ii;iii| "Wlial Heil for -the S(a nut e nil let; w.-ia ii/iid »iy .Mrs ^lie hyuiii . td the pioirani., • : The" fulliiwiuK hjiHt/ ilw- Riilral Aca'demy Mirt^il •Bl«:-st Jie .sipi Kill lie [Tie'' tlos- Mrs] L. H ThQiiips(iu,- : iind .Mrs, -Cot: Church."' I H Doing I." a leaf- d Elliott. •s served Wishard, Irs. C. I. refreshmen Mrs. >M Coldsniith •-' JolinBOB.Ile|rjsli|| , dary Olivia Joliijsnn, if Moraii . anJ William Regel^n.jof Oils. Colo- were unit*d In marriage' eaterday "In the Christian church jarsonage by the pastor, the R4V . J E. Reynolds. ! •Wrse." .Mrfs. Chas. F. Scott gave a Ik on "Contemporary Poetry." The state convention of P. E. O. wtlll be held iMarch 26. 27 and '2ii at .Marysville Kansas, and the local clapter expeclB to be well repre- nted at tlie meeting. The hostejsses served lunch: and tl e followinjg members were pres- ti t: Mrs. F. H. Anrold, .Mrs. F. S. Battle. Mrs. H. A. Brown, ;Miss H izel Bowlijs, Mrs. Florence Beld- if, .Mrs. C.: ^. Hoyt, Mrs. F. .1. llor- i, .Mrs. J. W. llesser, .Mrs. W. II. •ylinuri, M :8. Paul Klein, Mrs. .1; Powell, Mrs. J. T. Reld. Mrs; as. F. Scitt. Sirs. .lolin Scott, s. J. (!. St idler, Mrs. K. B. Stod^;- 1 and Mr4.P. E. Waugh; • •> • Kiifertain>^ all Birthday Dinner dr.s. Waiter .Maudlin, of ; r.lS N'( rtli Btreit was hostess yesterday at a noon dinner iu honor of the' bi thdays of Mrs. Bert Johnson, of Liliarpe, iini Mrs. Ralph Stepben- MO 1. (itber i;uests were': .Mrs.i Roy H IKS and Ms. C. K. .N'ewinan. .Mis. .Ml iidlin tool her guests on a iiii^tor trjp to Chaniite iu the afiernoori.. •> • • File'rtnln Cuninile C.ruy Tlrele riie Cnniinie Gray iiiissionaiy tailers anil'for a 10 i>er cent s; tax on tobacco. - hu tte for jre- iles Representative Sam Edwards Marshall county, brother of J^hn Edwards of Gree^iwnod county ilior of the present anti-cigar*} . , law. IntTiiduced u bill providing Teller, Lehter Dolliaon. Ra>-mond the n-plstraiion of all tobacco aker and IBsunell Baker. Chapter P. £. d. ^tst(|rliood et yest«iaay afterrioon in the lime of Mr^. JR. O. christian, .loi I-iisi Madison avenue with .Mrs. P. .Mitchell JBSsisUng hostess. . ' /.e A (i Ka III allegiance to the United Statcss if the Icgislatui'e enacts a liiil iiitro- duijed Ijy Rees of Lyon coiirityp A V>fiW hpproprlatlon for celjebiatlori of the signing pt Indian peace treaty at .Medi|.-lne f.rf)dge wiiH proposed l>y .Newkirk of Barber county. The celebration will be XMii. ill October. the the ReglHlratlon of divorces In |the vital DtntlMtlcM bureau of the iaiard of heallti waH proiMMed by I'irk liurHt of'Allen county. Ruinor Is To Get If He Em'IS it A^arner Is 1^ Contract iSets Mark. Dougluitt Hudson and John Connolly, foriiier rcprcMi'iitatlvi'H f oin for aid liourhon iioiiilly. wii-e fined sniok'.iiK Ili the hiniHe. They |i wlUi a|i|ili's. to iite Kansas voters may bo asked vote on an aincnilment to the st (onstlmtion which' woiild periiit two thirds of the nitmbers ol jury in both civil and criminal c is- es to return a verdict. The p 'o- po.sal was offereil by tJetty of K^"" sas City in a resolution handed senate. : Incur.iblc insanity would made an arlditional ground fOr voire under a bill by Senator W; reii of Fort Scott. of (he • Re|ii-;il of the law exernpling College fraternities from taxation was proiioseil li.v .loliiiHcii of Lawrence. A similar liill has been killed tile house. 1 I ' ' ' I Roadside "lyellliig" parties would be «'iirliP(J under a hill sponsored by the Thief Assoclu- lioii and introduced in the senake by llegler of Wichita. It wou|ld make unlawful the parkiiig of iiiiilor car on a publiit that two c:n:i could not pass. i|cle of the K eiitertal First ChrlHtlun chinch lied last night In the lie'of Mjii. J. W. Hesser' and i|u. Carrie ThomaM, <ir» Eaat Jack- 1 avenue. 'he lessor was led by MI MS lla- "Siiffrqn III the HUbJei't oT India, er The le .isori St. Vuleiitlne lies Were played and ivefresb- nts weTi' served. Tweiit'y-elgbt niHinlMTH we'e present. PS .Ket-onA Rrld(re Lunrliipun Mr.'i. Ileniian Tlioleii. jrL. aud ]s, S. A. Bjixby were lioateksea at fccond laige bridge luncheon in home of the former, Sout^li jk .street, jj-esterday afternoon, jflie decoratfouB, talleya and place us. were jsuggestive of fieorge sbington'iii Wrthday. Favors at dge were jrecelved by Mrs. Lloyd [rter, MVS. f!. B. Stodghill and s. J. D. MlUelbach. \DI) LIFE TO YOIR YEAR.S.' ^As well e withowtl LI ani ovbr all our as years to your life, health is burdensome I the lack, of it casts a shadow 'activities. Foley Pills, diuretic ^timnlant to the kid- nets, cause a regular, health-glv- Ini; flow, carr>ing out of the body In a natural way. that waste mat- tei. wJiich, if not jirompUy. re- m< ved, spreads ."Its poisons ihioughout 'the entire system, to th< detriment of Iipalth. Bodily aclies., severe pains; a run-down comlition of j the; sy.^tem. Inevitably rertults. Avoid ^Ms. Ask for Foley Pil|s.. diuretic—Brown's Drug "ihe oldest book in the world is that (if Ptali Hotep, the Egyptian, corlipiled 3166 B. C, and preserved in Paris. Tlic :5iii:ile passed: and, sent o the lioii'.e a bill to alM-iltsb tiie board or ioiilr(d of the • Kansis .soldier.'.' home at Dodge City ai d the • .Mother Bickerdyke home KllKWortli, placing their contril under the state board of adralnifi- tialion. Dare D«vU ' Warner • may be planning to lir jak the world 's record for the nqj iber of milen driven, under similar circumataricea, daring 120 hoani. I D hta pcMent endurance drive I D a 'Star Sedan which in HponRC red by B. T. Barber, local Star Dlatjibutor. Those trho have followed him moHt cloHcly Hal' that he has maintained a high a vrage rate of apeed aud that he v (11 build up more mileage than the average person HUppbses, ^It is spld thtt a very attractive 'C ^pntract • has b< en of-fered Warner If he acts a new record In this trip. It will Htlmulat! Warner to do his best. If true. The two factbrs which cut down Ills speed are that ne spends much of hlB time in lola. Hupboldt and other nearby to vns where the traffic regulatiorin govern his rate of speed and tha he carries many passengers. Etch I^ad of spectators, of cours«, requires him to make, two or more sctoipB with los« of tiipe which btherWitfe might be spentfln driving. The goesses received so far, running into several hundreds, vary from a iriiriimam of about 1500 to a maximum of aliout 4500 miles for the 120 hours of driving. Thire is a wide variatii ^n .also In the number of miles per gallon of gasoline which Warner will average. Here, too, there are two varying factors which effect the ultimate resuH. .The first is that, the motor in thje car never stops and so iconnumes considerable fuel when tlie car i^ still and l.s not t • niLung any mileage iThe otherljla tUe <«briation lb his s >eed. This dttrapce ruii, jot couLrsejj la not e< ottomy rria land trie vesiilta .mjUl ni t dhow tlie best possible!mileage. Regardless of a complairit which hid been registered thji uayar of H impoldt. -lo iis«;; Fnssman. hi a given WBrner' peiimlssion to ui e jhe streetB of HUtribpItft. Sojne or e mtt that Warner Was kb chained tn the wbe^ | that ^ could ^Qt pi opl ^tly control his carij Howevier, tl] e ^haia with whloh' Ike is haiiid- ciff ^d gives Him pleiit]f'f «r oppor;- tuptltv to control his; Car under kll ci-camstanceH.] -I | I .Mil Barber, Star ogen^ says that the ^\jxT which Warn^rj is drivinK, Is aj strictly ijtock model with Sn6 isteclal equipment.! j other than bi mm -rs and' warmer*' for tbls drivel Th* motor In! jhe car Is ho dJ fe |ent from any | < ther Stor "four" motor,; .Mr. Barlier main- ta nn SC(^TLAIjf](> 14.—Fred Cunrilngharii visit ejd at Honser; Cation's Thursday. da| Sniff, Mattie DlHpborg, Lulu Cuppft and Grandma LIbby visltl at Arthur LH >by'8r .Mond'ay. : Jane Wlapbbrg Is very sick wUh m« astes. i ! Vlll H UBS delivered! hogs to _ m«r Price ofi Elsmorej Thursday for H..C. Pollet. : Ir.; and Mrs.i Georgei Bjnssell TiJB- Itel at Grover Russell's Wednes- daf. ; i I • j . I rarl Cation | anil Gllliert- .called on David Catlon's| Fridaly.- i Vil^red Mclnjtyrie ahld 'amlly V I JB- itel 4t George| .Mclntyre s SundaSy. Frank Gibson 'rind lAl jert; l«siB- manni were, dliiner gubs^s at Joltn GlI son's Wednesday. . : Ir4 Russell JDarnoId i^sited lait we ik I at Wllfre<l .Mclntyire's .-while .Mr Darnold wris In Bartlesrllle qn bus iute. i "hbmas Cation, Sr.;- 'called Daf'idi Cation's I Sunda}- jafternopn. Mr. I and -Mrsi l.«8ter Cationja^d Hri. ^..e.ster Brjigg called at I>av Cation's Tue.sday evening. I • • r - • :f y " AND^ CitlZENS iraltei^ jCtowtfll hind Fan^y HaT{> Sole knd WUl Move lo |Fuwik l^Itt and Persoui^K LAHJ^£. Kabs., Feb. S15.— Th s CroareU sale wai held to^ Mr. and Mrs. Ci owell and famil ' • , where thfy hav > ptoperty qri. Sout will move to towij purchas«d the Washiniitqn kno\|rn as thtjf'Barner doodwlQ place. B. C (hitrtla hu4 bought ijtie Fish ar bank-upt stock of furniture a Bronion and is moving l{t: to th store he -e. —Resi rv'ed serits on I/>nls AMHIams ejntertainn day VDf)\ ning. Mrs. (eorge sJHee for PBrjjons to vi .ill with heij and fan daughte^, ly. left sit the .Mrs. Ci e fo tint FrI "Tuesda •eek-en irl Zink Mrs; Jrick home. In LaHarp4'' the samf Toni Bishop returned to he today. 10 spend r. lusher day after a busin Mo. • ] • Charles Denton the Litiies Brothers eral years : Is noW r (turned 88 trip Home to tb: Joplin, who has been a gsfrage for sev located 1 in th4 rear o£.i zontini^e Frank dold . Mrhere ^ome. The regular Miss a tiome VIrs. WII .Mrs. W light an4 er,. Mrs n lola, Hope jiuite ill W.. T. /roved 11 Mr., an« eturried ^f the wl jn Fort r Mrs. J. lalcom, jS -red Mai iloush of qlnner w lolcom 4-'Ioud .Mr. I aughter I ome of Irom I oon. The W. lollars Saturday. the] are mwred his Oklahoma his family irtll Ini iTroieU to R4yai: sjessloa Tuesday afi Opal Mejek has n^tuiiiied af tier I !a visit with Mr. iand SHUlotan at BluelMo^d. 1. A. liicka.«peB 't atituTday Sunda^r wilh her daipgh- OUa borcli -and Ifaially I ind helped care iok: little Eliine BuTCh who bab been with tfaje ntoaalea. j. : Stbttt atin riemainii Im- bealthL , |M Mrs. ^ M. CoWniala nave home after spemlidk part ater at! the soldiersi home odge. j L: M.. Carpenter. Vrs. [Emma Mrs. Peter /ohnaolri.j Mr. som^Qf jlola and Mr. jSam Kansas City took $4Uiday th Mr.l and Mrs. Oeoirge and called on Mrs.. ^ancy be^or^i retarnlng hooie. Mrs.! Loren Meek and and bf Mapleton TisUedj Mr. and Irfrs. Eriiest Frijlay unitll Monday at .the Meyer after- C. T. U. made aboot ten their bake sale ilast fKom ofjDoors 'fe man needs a sturdy lhe .i Spartan Art- Pjxceptionany suited its i strength land lEIimtnatimi 7s , IIOITSK TO APPROVE SKEDhOAN MEASUR WasbiuKtim. Feb. ItS. (API TliroiiKli a practically iinanlino^s aBreeiiii'iil. Ilie house af;rlciiltup coniiiiilK'e .shortly will approve th .'<orbei'kjohiisoii ifS.OOO.OUU . He^d loan bill and urge its speedy enaqt- nieiil. The iiieusiitl* already li pUt<>el| tlie senate. KC Baking Powder for best results [ in your baking i Sain^ I^ce ' for over 35 years 2S ounces tor t. WHY PAY WAR PRICES? i Guaranteed Pure There's a Svay to end jcolrf^ BO quick an^ efficient that vre paid! ;i,OUU,000 for it. That way is HILL't It stops colds In ' 14 hours, bhbc :s fever. Opens the! "bowels,'Hien odes the entire system. Mlfllans < mploy It becaose ft 'brings bich' promp^, comiJleie li-eanlts. Go tr It now. 4i 26 Viear.s of Siicces.sful .Merchandising in lola. : JE kiJneya erf ilte«. If they properly^Uiere ention jof toxi^ iIooa.AduU, iiid, sometimes, headaches,! oftM» evidence- function is t uminK or accretions. Eacbj . more people IvJalue of Daa^i diuretic. Scarcely a nj ^ywhere but users. •hbQT.' .ti«: alrc^ the itigani •Tc^mptonuc Furuier ili and the dItiSn. l5: e &tiijusiastic he Wood inb to func- ^apt to be poisons in languid Ifccl- toxic back- dizziri«3S < fSimp-,-^ iff en found scaAtir prissajge. • jreai; more ' leaiioitag , Pil/Sr a ii]|thmcan- ic^: 6t ham- hau iniariy. 'Ask\yoUr iDhmticto'i 4~»ro.M£» Ch AVOID UGLY The Spring .Shades: Mpnkt'iislcin pueoi's Blue, ''ameo 'astitlioH Red m The Siii-ing .Shades: Tifjcr Lihj and Of Coiihe Black, and White Attractive Color Combinations Rule the Spring- S12.50 Nature's palette lias in.spired the lovely -colors in new Spring Hat.s. Each • model is a picture iii it.self—the very latest thing in millinerv chic. rirow cbuid JL JL crystal for prst compare? you really obtain est satisfaction. table if you by comparuqn ctn best value and ^eat- Goiod buying starts diere. The same holds iby comparing the jyou really choose like best. 18 Folger's Coffee World's coffees, matched flavor. jPolger's u the hjigfiest tn le virith coffecl i Only favor df coffcjoi can ie onie coffee you with nsaking logical. the supreme of the It has a marvelbusi un- £aih' * grain of coJB^ in grade,: m£hest the Fo easy w; xne Coffee omorn nu>ming drink ustng^ me thirld again^' You wl or the other. Thaf« 4ir, is Igcr Coffee y to shop foi y6u| the have: riext been TheIfolgwC|offeeTest: D 'ow pjqrnini the.cpffee morning decidedly fav o^one bi ind The B^st Cbffee Wins. using] It is ctffee. •i4kFolder'k difukFolgW's - nphts. A pimply^ fiace will not much lon^r if you geti , pr. Edmmrds' Olive TaMiits, dwold begp to dear afti I taken the tablets a few ' I Qeansethe blood, b , with DrJ Edwards' Olive soccessfidspbstitute for dik no sickness or pain after th k„ ; Dr. Edwards' Olive Td ^lef .«±ich calomel does, and i j tivdy. but'ltheir action): •afe jnstead of severe and: No one fho takts OliV evercursedjwitha "dark •badbreath, a dull, liah, feeling constipatlou^ torpi Tpsitico or pimply fact, , Ijive Tablets are a pu^t ., , con^X )unjd hii.Necl with ofi^re'oil? know thenn by ithtir olive colori • 1 D|r. Edwards spent yehijs tients afilicte'd with liv coDiplaihtsj and Olive TiiUltf >i Jmnienaelyeffectivenriuli. r Cor ia we&l See huW iniicl adlaad Joojc ISc. 30c, Ok. iiiv : IP ibanasyou pack-nge of Si The,skin |rr.jyou have and'liver Xahlefi. the ond;jtfa£re '8 iiig them. ' s do that jud: a{ effec- ^entle and irritaqh^ p tTabkts is •ojvntiite," ••nojg <!K )dT liver, bad vei ^etable Hmdng pa- and| bowel 4a are the fdkejnightly beitjer you mm SMIrritt Apply Zemo,Heair ~ toUi Easyi I TOien appK^d as directed tively and dulckly stops : heab Skin jlrritations, iSc. Wonnds and Chafing. Zem< cleafases Jmd soothes the deah, dependable, hi venSent to ti^ any time. ions k-i([uid. Z ^mAeffec- :dhirte, Jahd res. Bums, ppe&ates.' ^km. It IS a Juid coo- and 51100. It Us from coHt from work At worf, any enteita! bor -lhas coughp. If you ar<) yoii mar. pr6to<itlonj reDlstuncG Take that the ated that loses three a year.' n the "movll [nmont. If yo cold and iir Ifl full of gj fbt in good Ibepbmo 111. T y^u can have against diaci siilendld berba^ BrtcfzeK •ma 4id . eon io bu loulcJ ahd dltU^ id asb j forced. 1 DltlPIERCElS (miMK MEDIUM ^ISCbVER\ 1 It increiscis tbe appetlts, stlnu- Utes the {dijgestion,i help i to c a- rich i&e bIo<|d aud to imi rove t^a health^ generally. Procnre Iti from your idrugglit In 'either liquid or. tabli -t. form Wijlte Efr. Pierce's Inv.illd sj HqtM in BatTalo, Ni Y., if you de iB-e tt^

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